SS~A Midsummer Night's Dream~EPILOGUE PG 47 (Page 6)

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Originally posted by poo_j

Intriguing!!!Clap Loved it!!!Big smile So many things happened in this update..Gulaal hates Kesar..Cry But hope Kesar will save her and win her by his unconditional love!!!

Looking forward and thanks for writing an excellent update..Smile

Poo there are lots of reasons For this hatred..Next updates would simultaneously unfold the events...Thank youHug

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Originally posted by nneeiill

piu n kirAN...

first chapter is very interesting
lots of elements..i particualry love the way  u desrcibe the beauty of the sand dunes,moonlight etc etc...
so prince kesar aditya was in gurukul ...interesting...
Thank you...The narrative is inspired from the magical work of DOP pre leapEmbarrassedand Munda Gurukul gaya tha shastra and ran shiksha jo leni thiLOLEmbarrassed

i have a feeling dushy is responsible for gulaal's father's death n has created some misunderstanding which makes gulaal hate kesar .
anshumaali's character i loved..particularly her possessiveness for kesar
he he...I knew tujhe achi lagegi wo..she is a very layered characterEmbarrassedand me abhi nahi bataungiEmbarrassed agey bas raaz hi raaz haiTongue

and geesh n kiran ur vms are way too good has left me yearning for such a show with neil as lead Ouch

hai naEmbarrassedOh I so wanted Neil some period show..Neilu arti humari phooti kismatCry aisa koi nahi hoga

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@ Arti abhi nahi likha reOuch kal pukka karungiCry ..aur rawat se paapi Shocked LOL rawat se paapi ek aur kesar aying Valentine's day pe WAIT AND WATCH..Till then enjoy the sweet paapi  princeLOL

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5 years ago in Rashipur'.

The summer sun rose high above the sky after noon adding to the sweltering heat wreaking havoc on the  lands with pitiless ferocity, but all was cool and delectable inside the courtroom of the palace of Rashipur-the oasis in the heart of Rann of Kutch. The dry wind seeped through the damp swaying khus curtains, inside the hall. What a brilliant end to a whole someday. The Jyeshtha purnima had brought forth with it ,the much awaited Puja of their Kuldevi and The Maharaja had left no stone unturned to make it a grand affair ,the puja followed by a huge mela and finally at the end of the afternoon ,the guest from the neighbouring Rajya's sat on rich and exotic silken rugs ,embellished with emeralds and Rubies ,intricately decorated with the finest gold threads ,sipping the cool and soft blends of the local fermented drink hinted with the dash of rose'Her feet laden with a thousand ghungroos joyfully tapped on the furry rugs, the tiny pearls bouncing at her swirls, the courtesan was the best one could ever find ,people called her Tallia- a  young bud '

The prince's cheered and rejoiced, the women from behind the silken translucent jharokhas whispered in hushed tones too. But the one person who actually again seemed disinterested was Prince Kesaraditya, who could never find any sort of pleasure ogling at women. The dance did not please him; in fact, he found it a shame and insult to womanhood. Being unnecessarily dragged to the fair and celebration of their neighbouring Rajya, on being invited by the Maharaja of Rashipur, Revji'Kesar was angry a bit. He glanced at his father and his cousin Dushyant accompanying him .Both were happily enjoying everything, but he was bored to death. The strong fragrance of the summer juhi flowers made him crinje.Everything was so feminine here.He want a fresh breeze of air, like riding a horse or something. The ambience almost choked him. Turning 16 had been fun, with the announcement of his being the future king, he was thrilled and nervous. Every day his time passed in practising his war skills and reading scriptures and books. Never had been a great music lover, but a flute was his best friend, whenever he had found some moments of solace from his tiring day. Yawning, he rubbed the scarce lining of hairs on his soft face. He kept on wondering, when he will become sturdy and rough, like his Brother Dushyant. Everyone just petted him like a boy whether his Choti Ma or his best friend and Bhabhi Anshumali'

He smacked his head in boredom, while the others drooled and ogled at the dancing courtesan. If only he had listened to Anshumali and stayed back, then he could have been easily saved from this long torture. He breathed a huge sigh of relief as he saw the evening sun setting.Ahhh only the night and he will be away back to his routine. A sudden crash and a smothered bass echoed in the whole room. The music came to a halt, the feet of the courtesan stopped and Kesar came out of his trance unable to understand what was happening. There was ruckus and commotion in the whole room. Some sprung up from their seats while some ran here and there.Kesar's eyes widened clueless. A rustle and the tinkling of anklets and a sharp cutting crystalline voice slapped his ears, "Aye aye  ...ruk jao'.".Her long fluid veil flowed behind her as she ran from her to there,the golden yellow lehenga ,which she had crumpled in her hands gave a snaek peak of her glistening skin of the ankles,she ran helter skelter,the anklets ,amulets and the bangles creating the perfect symphony running behind something-A pair a peacock pehean pair ,as tiny as small timid birds,just learning to flutter their wings',"Aye aye aye ,ruko,..she ran wildly, toppling vases ,bumping against people and there was commotion everywhere.Maharaj Revji froze with shock and confusion unable to react so did the other guests including Kesar who stood there like a statue of stupor unable to move or react ,still bound by shock, thrill and spell. The entire thing was so sudden that he could deduce nothing but stand watching her antics'.. He was supposed to react but instead he saw an ocean of liveliness, boundless and dazzling flowing in her graceful form as she ran behind those tiny birds her face covered with a veil and all the pearl linings of her heavy jewellery danced and tinkled to her movement. In whatever direction, she twirled and ran, he felt luminous waves were rising. He felt as if they bore down upon him with a loud roar as if to swallow him up. In an instant her charms were upon him. He stood there with parted mouth watching her intently.

"Aye aye aye'.hatiye'.",a sudden crash and Kesar found everything rolling around him, She dashed across his bosom ,hurting his ribs in the best possible way with her elbows and the impact of the collision was so Sudden that she misbalanced and fell right into his arms. As quick as the lightening, his hands encircled around her slender waist and the other held her arm holding and stabilizing her in his strong grip. Her bosom heaved up and down in rhythms near his bosom brushing him sending him into some incomprehensible realms of profound insanity. He could smell his fragrance .Never had the fragrance of fresh juhi flowers allured him until he found her. His heartbeats quickened beneath his hurt ribs which threatened to choke him in excruciating pain, but instead it gave him chills .as he was mesmerized by the very essence of her. He stared at her veiled face intently and quickly passed into a trance as the diver slips into a fathomless deep. His whole body which was relaxed till now became slightly rigid .There was twitching in his muscles and nerves but there was no movement as both his hands lay around her waist. Her fine tissue dupatta rubbed across his body as he held her in his arms   absolutely motionless and her fingers buried in his warm biceps trembled. Her fingertips were cool on his skin and almost caused him to gasp. Kesar slightly tilted up his face to look at her more carefully as if trying to burn the veil with his eyes. But all he could see was her plump and luscious lips which  were parted in a beatific and indescribable wonder ,disclosing the gleam of her white teeth.Kesar's heart almost flipped with incomprehensible urges and feelings as he looked at her in a trance. Kesar felt trapped in those lips. There was something in those parted lips which no painting would ever would have been able to reproduce.

Kesar's world became completely blank, only thing visible to him were her lips as he found himself  intoxicated without even a sip of alcohol, rolling in an ocean of ineffable joy.

"Kshama kijiyega..." her crystalline tones brought him back to reality as her hands slipped from his fingers and she stood back with a jolt parting from her.

Kesar stared at her flabbergasted sensing all the eyes in the entire room fixed on them, some princes rolling their eyes in suppressed jealousy. Dushyant gulped a huge sip in a go and licked his lips staring at her slender waist.

"Aye aye'",she saw the birds running but before she could run ,Kesar completely alert jumped and grabbed them in his hands, while their wings fluttered and handed them over to her'

His heart felt a huge thud as he saw her lips thinning out with a sudden joy of contentment'.

"Oh dhanyavad Raj Kumar'Ye Meera hai aur Ye Govind 'meera ,Govind Rajkumar ko pranam kijiye..Pranam Sweekar kijiye Rajkumar",she caressed their feather ,pursing her lips .Kesar's heart flipped, danced and somersaulted amused by her and stared at her dazed as if no one else mattered to him.

"Rajkumari Nirjaaa",A roaring voice broke his trance ,"Yeh sab kya hai'",Maharaja Revji's cheeks burned with embarrassment and rage.

"Kshama kijiyega Pitaji..parantu yeh sab us Kartikeya ki karni hai..Wo inke peeche teer dhanush lekar bhag rahe the inhe marne k liye ..aur bechare wo yeh dono yahan bhag k aa gaye aur'",She bit her lips in frustration Realizing what she had done.In her quest to catch those birds which were her life ,she never realised when she had crossed the boundaries of her part of the mahal barging right into the courtroom surrounded with men. She adjusted her dupatta and clutched it more tightly.

"Nahi Pitaji,",he glided into the room from behind running with his tiny bow and arrow pointing towards Gulaal ,five years old Prince Kartikeya rolled his eyes," Yeh Gulaaldi jhooth bol rahi hai'.Humne nahi mala Inhe'.",He nodded his head innocently.

Kesar felt like laughing looking at the tiny prince adorned with pearls and rubies with a gold stddeb bow and arriw in his hand.

"Acga Jhuthey..Kitna jhooth bolenge aap'",She pinched Kartikeya and he hit her back'.

"Gulaaldi Jhoothi'",He stuck out his tongue..

"Nahi aap jhoothe'.",She hit him back.

"Bas Kijiye. Bas kijiye aap dono'Yeh koi tareeka nahi hota hai.Nirja Kartikeya to bache hainparantu aap'..Kshama mangiye Rajkumar Kesaraditya se '",he roared.

"Haan LajKumar Kesara'Kesal'..hmm",He scratched his haed trying to pronounce his name..

"Kesar chalega'",Kesar found him so adorable and he instantly held him in his arms.

"Rajkumal Kesal'Gulaaldi ko bahut bada waala dand Dijiye..Taki wo humein kabhi pareshaan na kar sake",He pulled the hairs of his chest which were peeping from his V-necked royal kurta, "ye kya hai Palantu'hamalein to aise baal nahi hai'.."

Kesar's eyes widened as he grimaced in a bit pain but smirked,"Jab aap bade ho jayenge to apke bhi..",Kesar blushed as looked around people staring at him.

"Bas kijiye Kartikeya neeeche ayie Aur Nirja..Kshman mangiye Rajkumar se'",Maharaja Revji roared again and Kartkeya slipped down hiding behind Gulaal's pallu clutching her lehenga looking at Kesar .

"Wo'Humein Kshama',Gulaal handed over the birds to her dasi and folded her hands.

"Iski koi avashyakta nahi hai'",Kesar cut short her statement and stepped forward completely forgetting others.

"Avashyakta kaise nahi hai'Nirja Kartikeya aap  dono shigra hi yahan se jayiye ab ..Nirja 18 saal ki ho gayi hai  aap parantu '",Ravji fumed.

"Arey rehne dijiye..Bache shararat nahi karenge to hum aap karenge..",Sensing the unease of the situation,Maharaj Someshwar stepped trying to intervene, "Jayiye Rajkumari'..",He signalled her to go and Gulaal chewed her lips and holding the hands of Kartikeya ran away while the king and ordered to get the room cleaned up. Dushyant smirked remembering her swaying pert bottom and gave a moti mala to Talli .Kartikeya looked behind and waved a goodbye to Kesar and Kesar was amused looking at both of them.

Everything came back to normal in a few minutes, The mujra continued,people cheered in the same manner,Talli twirled around, this time her attention focussed on Dushyant, who doled out gold oins at her. The only one left dazed was Kesar as he replayed and recalled the moments of her crash umpteen times at the back of his mind. The lingering fragrance of the juhi flowers filled his heart, seducing him in the most unimaginable way .His yawn had turned into wonder, his anger into mirth and his boredom into uneasiness. He gulped a huge sip from his gold chalice ,something he did in the spur of the moment, something which he had never did in his entire life trying to soothe his parched throat and dry mouth. His face wrinkled in terrible lines and the bitter liquid burned his heart. Breathing heavily he glanced outside the jharonkha just beside him. The summer warm wind had turned into a much cooler one as the purple sun sank in the faraway horizons but his heart stopped beating for he saw a sight beneath which was no less than a dream for him. The world went blank for him as he saw her ,her face hardly visible but her glittering lehenga marking her presence, her long tresses flowing behind her without the veil as she ran far in the gardens with her friends with those peacocks no bigger that lightening streaks from such a far distance. Kesar forgot to blink his eyes as he saw the golden lehenga climbing an imli tree, sitting on its branches ,her feet hanging and swaying as she relished those imlis.The twilight had set in painting everything in its opal haze ,faintly visible was this princess who had strung some unknown chords in his heart. Kesar suddenly fell deprived as if he had nothing in his life  till the day he met her.


Kesar stood at the window and wiped a lonely tear that had escaped his eyes remembering all this .That one day his life had changed forever but he never knew that all the excitement would end in this way. He stared at his behind. She now lied there peacefully snoring deeply. A huge sigh of relief escaped his lips .Last few hours had been dreadful for him. He felt as if his life had ended the moment he had seen her drenched in the pool of blood .But now everything was all right. He walked towards her with a heavy heart and sat on the bed besides her'Looking at her pale face. There was once such warmth in those plump lips of hers which had made his heart flip but now they were cold and faint blue.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he touched her forehead.


"Rajkumari theek to hai na'Asha karte hain aap yeh baat..",Kesar rubbed his palms in anxiety looking at him.

"Aapko vachan hai Rajkumar aapka yeh sewak kabhi bhi yeh raaz nahi bolega'parantu Rajkumar ..humne sara zehar nikal diya hai aur hathon mein patti bhi kar di hai parantu aap ko rajkumari ka dhyan rakhna hoga..Khatra to tal gaya hai parantu abhi unka sharir shithil hai..inhe aushadhi aur aram ki avashyakta hai",The  trusted rajvaidya  tied the bandage around Gulaal's wrists and gave her medicines.She was still unconscious'

"Aapka hum kaise dhanyawaad karein..",Kesar's voice choked as he held the Rajvaidya's hand.

"Arey Rajkumar aap mujhe lajjit na karein yeh to mera kartavya tha. Yeh to aapne mujhe sahi samay par bula liya warna aaj'",The rajvaidya consoled him and walked away.

It was the last count of the night,minutes before the break of the dawn when the sun would rise brightly again dispelling  the darkness. The whole world was lulling in a deep slumber but Kesar was in pan. IMMENSE AND TERRIBLE PAINA sharp stinging pain gripped Kesar as he recalled THE Rajvaidya's  words. If only a few minutes late. He would have'He shuddered at this thought. Tears coursed down her cheeks .His voice choked, He loosened the buttons of his sherwani,breathing heavily crying at his helplessness. He threw away his sherwani trying to breathe as he sat beside her on the bed crying ,he held her slender cold hands in his palms and cried, "Apne aisa kyun kiya Gulaal'.

He stood there thus for a long time .His body hurt and his eyelids drooped and he did not realize that his emotionally drained body gave up and he slept beside her his face near her midriff as his head slopped.

"Yeh sab kahan se aa raha hai'",The bright orange sun slowly rose above the horizons and Anshumali stopped a dasi who was holding a tray in her hand walking towards the kitchen laden with fruits and the milk in the silver glass'

"Woy eh Hum Rajkumar Kesaraditya  ke kaksha se lekar aye hain'Hum subah roz unke kaksha ki safayi karne jate hain parantu..hahahha he he he'",She giggled.

Anshumali was shocked ,the milk glass was full .Her blood was boiling in rage and her heart sank with fear, "Theek theek bata parantu kya'",she tried hard to mask her anger.

Thinking for a second,she gave her a ring, "Sari baat bata '."

Grabbing the ring with greedy eyes ,she smirked, "Wo roz to hum Rajkumar ke kaksha ki safai karte the parantu aaj to unhone khud hi ye cheezen bahar rakh di'humein bhitar ane bhi nahi diya parantu maine bhi thoda sa jhank kar dekha tha kyunki darwaza thoda khula tha haahaahah"

"Kya dekha tha..",Anshumali as furious.

"Wo mere darwaze par ahat karte hi rajkumar ekdum se chaunk gaye the 'Wo Rajkumari k saath ha-ha Aram se'unke kamar k paas so rahe the'.aur phir meri ahat pe uth kar unhone apni shewani bhi pehni 'Sara karma bikhra pada tha main jyada to nahi dekh payi parantu han rajkumari ki chunar aur genhe sab neeche bikhre pade the..baki main dekh nahi payi'hahah Lagta hai Rajkumar sari raat soye hi nahi theek se'",She grinned like a fool.

Anshumali felt as if someone had stabbed with a thousand knives and her bloodshot eyes fumed with rage, "Acha theek hai ab apna kaam kar'"

Gulping a huge lump in her throat ,Anshumali breathed heavily like a mad bull on rampage and walked angrily towards the other part of the palace.

The birds  chirped and now almost a greater part of the morning had passed away. Kesar sat there beside her and changed the damp cloths on her forehead. She was mumbling in high fever, "Ma..Kartikeya'.Maa'"

Her voice pinched him to the core .She was suffering in pain and her suffering made him curse himself. He was helpless  and he could not tell anyone what happened. The one whom he had waited for his major part of life was in pain and he was helpless. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he caressed her cheeks and held her hands.

She opened her eyes suddenly with a jolt ,finding his hands on her cheeks. She felt as if a thousand serpents rolled over her body on being touched the man whom she loathed every second of her life.

"Ab apka swasthya kaisa hai'',Kesar placed his hand lovingly on her cheeks again and this time she sprung up from the bed pushing him back, "Dur hatiye'.",She stiffened and the whole earth reeled as she touched her forehead and yelled, "Kyun bachaya humein Kyun'..Humein nahi jeena ab ..Humein nahi jeena'"Saying this she looked around and jumped towards his sword and pulling it out from its ruby studded jilt was about to herself again when Kesar pounced on her holding her hand trying  to pull the sword back, "Yeh kya kar rahi hai aap'..Apka dimag to theek hai'..pagal ho gayi hai kya'.'

"Han haan pagal hog aye hain hum'

She pushed him back          and hurled the sword at him attacking him, "Humare sameep mat ayiyega. Warna hum apni jaan de denge'.",Burning in anger she  attacked him, Kesar ducked and yelled, "Gulaal hum apke pati hain. Kya kar rahi hain aap'",Kesar jumped pulling another sword hanging  from the wall and defencing her attack. The swords clinked and clashed and yelled, "theek hai yedi shastra k anusar hum apko nahi maar sakte to hum swayam hi'.",Gulaal held the sword and was about to hurt herself, When Kesar quickly grabbed her and she struggled and both of them fell on the bed .He pinned her on to the bed hands stapled, palms up. Gulaal struggled and yelped, "Chodiye humein chodiye'"

"Kesar bha'.",A voice and a knock on the door startled both of them and Kesar instantly recognised it was Devika'

Gulaal yelped ,"Jane dijiye huein'"

"Shh",He hushed her placing his hands on her mouth tightly and Gulaal winced beneath him.

Kesar bha. Darwaza kholiye sab apke barein mein puch rahe hai'.Pitaji aur Dushyant Bha bahar gaye hain Riyasat k daure par..aaj baki k sarein karya aap hi ko sambhalne hain'.mante hain bhabhi kai salon baad ayi hai parantu'ab agey se wo yahin rahengi..ab to unhe chhod dijiye.."Devika giggled.

Kesar struggled to keep Gulaal pined up and yelled back breathing heavily, "Aaap jayiye Devika sabse keh dijiye hum nahi ayenge..Aur haan sab se keh dijiye hum apne Kaksha mein hi rahenge koi yahan akar humein pareshaan na karein apki bhabhi bhi nahi ayengi'.",Kesar breathed heavily as Gulaal was struggling like a fish kept out of the tank.

Devika giggled and walked away and Kesar now stared back at her. Her face was inches away from his. Her warm breaths wildly fanned it and her bosom just crushed beneath his .He could sense her rapid heartbeats as she fluttered her eyelids but gave up fighting .Her body loosened ,so did her grip from the hilt of the sword and it slipped from her hands making a sharp noise. Kesar looked at her dazed and she equally stared back at him. The noise of the sword falling startled both of them and Kesar realised her from his grip looking at floor. Gulaal straightened up ,curled up like a ball stiffening and hugging her knees burst into tears while Kesar looked at her helplessly.

"Arey Bhabhi aap Kesar bah k kaksha mein mat jayiye'",Devika Stopped a furiously pacing Anshumali .

'KYUN..',She rolled her eyes.

"Wo Kesarbha ne kaha hai ki Unhe aur Bhabhi ko koi pareshan na karein wo aaj sara din wohin rahenge'haha  Lagta hai'..Bhabhi ne Kesarbha ko apne vash mein kar hi liya'.hahah",Devika smirked and walked away leaving Anshumali torn apart.

Tears of anger raced down her cheeks, "Apne wo dudh kyun nahi piya Devarji'.Kyun'.."          

"Gulaal, akhir kya hua hai? Hum aap ka yeh vehvaar samajh nahi paa rahay, itna ghusa, kyun gulaal? Ap kyun khud ko kasht de rahi hen? kya ap is vivah se khush naheen? "He sat beside a crying Gulaal placing his hands hesitantly on her shoulders.

She hunched her shoulders shoving his hand away and stood up and cried , "Khush !! Khushi aur hamara naata bohot samay pehlay hua karta tha rajkumaar Kesaraditya !! aur kabhi aap ne kisi vastu k hriday men bhavnaen dekhi hen?",After walking a few steps away from him ,she turned around staring at him blankly with cold eyes, " Vastuon ka toh hriday hi nahi hota rajkumaar, aur hum bhi is vishaal mehel men padi aik vastu k samaan hen jisay aap jesay raja maharaja apni avashakta k liye le atay hen"

Horror paralysed his limbs, Her bitter words sunk in his ears like poison. He was utterly shocked and he walked towards her, "Gulaal !! aap janti bhi hain ap kya keh rahi hen, akhir yeh sab vichaar aap k man men ayay kaisay, ap is tarah khud ko haani kyun puhanchana chahti hen'.."

She gave him a mocking smile.Her face gleaming in a contemptuous smile "Hamara woh adhikaar kahan hai rajkumaar k hum koi vichaar apne man men laa payen, humne kaha na hum aik vastu k samaan hen aur aik vastu ka vichaaron se koi sambandh nahi hota. Vichaar toh ap jesay rajaon k hotay hen !! bohot khush honge na aap k hamen jeet liya aap ne !! akhir hum aap ka puruskaar jo hen, dusray rajya ko khatam kar k apne rajya men milanay ka puruskaar !!"

Kesar's blood froze in his veins.Never in his worst nightmares he had imagined such hatred and insult. He grabbed her shoulders in anger, "bas kijiye gulaal, akhir ap ko hua kya hai, aap hamara puruskaar? aap hamari patni hen gulaal !! ap kyun apni tulna mehel men rakhi vastuon se kar rahi hen, ap aik manushye hen gulaal aur hamari patni hen, is mehel men ap k maan samman men koi kami nahi hogi, hamaray liye aap ka maan samman utna hi zaroori hai jitna k hamara"

 "Kis samman ki baat kar rahay hen aap rajkumaar !!",She pushed him back, " kahan tha yeh samman jab hamara rajya barbaad kar diya gaya !! ",She gritted her teeth, "kahan tak hamara samman jab aap k bhai sa ne hamen bhari sabha men ghaseeta !! kahan tha yeh samman jab puri praja k samne hamara bhavishya likh diya gaya aur hum kuch nahi kar paaye !!",Her condescending words echoed in the huge room.Her tears of pain and years of pent up emotions trickled down her cheeks.

 "Is baat se kya matlab hai aap ka? Kya aap yeh kehna chahti hen k yeh vivah aap ki icha se nahi hua? Nahi gulaal, is vivah ka nirnay aap se aap ki icha jaan kar hi liya gaya tha", Kesar's face hardened with anger. His voice and body became stiff and sharp-cutting as a knife.

 "Icha aur vivashta men antar hota hai, kintu ap yeh baat kabhi nahi samajh saktay",She spat on his face ,her face turning red with  rage and helplessness.



"Kya matlab hai Apka'Is pavitra bandhan ka koi matlab nahi hai'..Aaap aaj tak wo panch varsha purani baat lekar baithi hain..Itni kadwahat hai apke man mein'.Gulaal'us din aap hi ne to ye nirnay liya tha'.phir aaj yeh sab'..",Kesar gulped a huge lump in his throat.

"Nirnaya..haan Humne liya tha Nirnay'.Parantu..apne humein Majboor kar diya tha'Humse humara Rajya,Humare pitaji sab kuch cheen liya gaya'Aur aap kehte hain ki..humari Icha thi yeh sab'.Kahan thi humari Icha Rajkumar.. jab apni puri sena ke saath bina kisi karan k humare rajya par vijay prapta karne chale aye the'..Humari icha tab kahan thi Rajkumar..Kahan'..Batayiye hai koi uttar'.Aaap aur apke ahankari Pita'",Gulaal shrieked in anger.

"Savdhaaan Gulaal, "Kesar raised his hand to Slap her but balled his fist in anger pulling it back, "hum apne Pitaji k Vishay mein ek bhi shabda nahi sun sakte..Aur paanch saal pehle jo hua..uske piche ek wajah thi..Apke Rajya ne Maharaj ka apmaan kiya tha'.Us apmaan ka pratishodh to lena hi tha'Hum apne PITAJI KE APMAAN KO KABHI NAHI SEHAN KARENGE'.Galti hui thi'to dand to milna hi tha'.",Kesar's eyes threw glared hexes at Gulaal'

"Ruk kyun gaye Rajkumar'Mariye humein 'Dand to humein apne de hi diya hai'.Apna sara jivan humein is dand ko hi bhogte hue katna hai'Marna chaha parantu ye bhi apko pasand nahi aya'.",Gulaal fell on her knees, "Sara jivan in bediyon mein ghutan mein humein jina padega'"

"Acha'",the barometer of his simmering temper reached its peak. He pulled her hand harshly making her stand , "Bediyan lagti hain apko yeh'To tod kyun nahi diya in bediyon.. ko jaise kal raat apne solah shringar utar kar phenk kyun yeh mangalsutra nahi tod diya..Kyun yeh sindoor bhi nahi ponch diya kal raat hi apne'.Kyun Gulaal kyun''",Kesar dug his nails deep into her arms making her shocked .She clutched the long mangalsutra hanging from her neck and thought hard. Why did her hands really shiver and Why she could not break it last night.? She remained silent with her motionless body stiff in her grip.

"Chup kyun hain Gulaal'",His face became red with anger.His nostrils flared, "Hum batatey hain Gulaal ..kyunki ye bandhan atoot hai'.Yeh yuh toda nahi ja sakta Gulaal'Hum apkke pati hain aur aap humari patni..Yeh baat utni hi satya hai jitni ki yeh dharti aur akash'Is baat ko jitni jaldi sweekar kar lengi sabke liye acha hoga. Arey sirf 16 saal ke they hum...jab yeh dor apse bandhi thi'.Aur sirf dor hi nahi bandhi thi..paanch saal pure paanch saal apse alag rehkar humne sirf aap hi ko chaha hai..Har pal har din. '.Humarein man mein sirf aap hi basi hain.itne salon humne sirf aap hi ko chaha hai '",Kesar's voice quivered in the flow of emotions '

 "ap ne toh hamesha jo chaha who paaya hai rajkumaar,",She thinned out her lips in a contemptuous gleam, " aur lijiye, aap ki yeh chahat bhi poori hui'." She took hold of her chunar n crumbled it in her fist n threw it on his face, "hum khaday hen aap k saamne, aap k paas, aap k kaksh men, aap ki patni ban kar !!Ek patni hone k natey jo bhi humare kartavya hai hum sab pure karenge'",she yelled loudly all the time crying bitterly, " Batayiye hamen kya karna hai !!Batayiye..Aaaj hum apko wo har adhikar detein hain jo ek pati k hone chahiye.. Kar lijiye hamaray sath jo bhi aap karna chahtay hen !! Kar lijiye apni har icha poori !!"

Prince kesaraditya was hell shocked listening to these words from his  wife of five years. He looked at her with utter disbelief in his eyes. He had not imagined in his worst dreams that his wife for whom he had waited for 5 long years would confront him like this n will use such humiliating words for him and his pure and true feelings. He balled his fists in anger n harshly grabbed her from her shoulders.

His voice broke into hiccups and he stammered in anger, "Aap ki himmat kesay hui aisay shabdon ka prayog karne ki gulaal !! aap samajhti hen k hum aap ko yahan apni ichayen poori karne k liye laaye hen !! agar hamaray man men aisay vichaar hotay toh aaj yahan aap ki jagah koi daasi hoti !! aik patni aur aik daasi men bohot antar hota hai !!! aap ne aaj yeh sab keh kar khud apna apmaan kiya hai gulaal, aur na keval ap ne apna apmaan kiya hai balkay hamara apmaan bhi kiya hai !! aap ne socha bhi kesay k hum aap k saath'.. chiii !!"

He felt so disgusted with himself and shook her violently , "aap ne aik patni honay k maan samman ka niraadar kiya hai gulaal, hum un rajaon men se nahi hen jo kisi daasi ko jab chaha apni ichaon aur avashaktaon k anusaar upbhog karen aur jab chaha usay utha k bahar phaink den !! patni daasi nahi hoti gulaal, patni jeevan saathi hothi hai, jeevan sangini !! jis k saath hum apna jeevan bantte hen, jo hamare sukh dukh ki sangini hoti hai, hamaray jeevan k palon ki saakshi hoti hai, who aik mitr hoti hai, aik sameekshak hoti hai, aik sahaayak hoti hai, aap ne toh patni shabd ka apmaan kiya hai gulaal, chiii, kya aap ko apne aatma samman aur garima ki chinta nahi rahi?"

Gulaal yelled loudly pushing him back while Kesar felt as if he she had been struck with a lightening, "Aatma samman !! Kis aatma samman ki baat kar rahay hen aap rajkumaar kesar !! Hamaray aatma samman ki chita toh vivah k mandap ki agni men hi jalayi ja chuki hai !! hamaray aatma samman ki mrityu toh usi samay ho chuki jab aap ka naam zabardasti hamaray jeevan ke saath jod diya gaya !! Hamaray aatma samman aur garima ko yudh ki aandhiyan apnay sath uda le gayeen rajkumaar, ab bacha hai toh bas hamara yeh shareer, aaj is shareer ko bhi khatam kar dena chahtay thay hum !! isay bhi usi agni men suaha kar dena chahtay thay jis agni ne hamara jeevan jala k raakh kar diya !!Parantu lagta hai apko is shareer se bahut hi prem hain'Apni icha puri kar lijiye ..Ye dhong kyun..Yeh natak kyun'"

"Rajkumari Neerjaaa",He grabbed her hair harshly in anger, "Savdhaan..bahut kuch keh chuki hain aap ab bas'Pehle to apne samman ki nahi to humare samman ki garima bana k rakhiye'..Humein dhongi keh rahi hain aap'.Lagta hai kisi ne apko sikhaya nahi ki Apne pati se kaise baat karte hain'..Aaj k baad hum yeh bilkul bhi sehan nahi karenge'.Apke hriday mein itni ghrina hai to aise hi sahi'Aap humein kuch nahi manti to aise hi sahi'.Parantu aap patni hai humari aur is rajya ki hone wali rani..Ab apki icha ho ya nah ho..Yehi apka jivan hai aur yehi apka Ghar'Dand ho ya Khushi'.Ab yehi apki Niyati hai..Samjhi aap..Aur dobara humse unchi awaz mein bilkul baat nahi kijiyega'.Samjhi'.Warna hum apko dand ka sahi artha samjha denge'Humein chunauti dene ki bhul kabhi mat kijiyega kabhi nahi samjhi aap'Patni hain Patni ki tarah rahiye'Humare upar rajya karne ka prayas mat kijiye ",He pushed her on the floor and walked away in anger gritting his teeth.Gulaal rolled on the floor crying bitterly .

poster credit- my jadugarni geeshuEmbarrassed

The desert heat arose along with the heat of the sweltering sun. The warm winds blew hard  and the rarefied air gave an impression of an oasis which was actually a mirage amidst the sand dunes. Similarly respite eluded him .He had been pursuing a mirage all these years. The house of his dreams was shattered and burnt into cinders. His heart burnt and with anger he fiercely straddled on his horse racing through the stormy winds of the desert with his face covered with a cloth. Only his painful eyes burned with rage. Her words swooped upon him like a whirlwind threatened to choke him. He rode as fast as he could Kesaraditya was furious. The completely shocking bitterness made his heart wrung like  damp cloth .A vice like pain gripped him. The racing of the horse of was so fierce that the momentum did not stop. The oasis in the midst of the desert was right before his eyes and his horse would not stop. It's tapped splashed inside the water and he fell with a loud crash landing in the water. Heat of his body quenched as he banged his fist in the water. But the burning in his heart was too much for him to bear'.It tore him apart. He sat there on the wet ground and wept bitterly Recalling  her harsh words which  made plunged him into cavernous glooms.


She suddenly came in front of him. Her plump lips parted in a wonderful glorious smile, "Humein Kshama kar dijiye Rajkumar'",She folded her hands .Kesaraditya forgot to breathe.The moon had rose full high and she was standing there right in front of her just like she did in the afternoon with her veiled face, apologizing. As if orchestrated he took the remaining step forward and in the spur of the moment ,placed his hands on her pouted lips making her shiver , "Shh '"

"Dhat'",She bit her bottom lip in excitement and fell into his arms. His heartbeat stopped and he could smell the fresh fragrance of juhis '

Her anklets tinkled and suddenly she misbalanced and both of them fell.

Kesar woke up with a jolt, realizing that he had fallen from the bed. He was in an unknown room. It took him some time to realize that he was in the guest room of the palace of Rashipur.After the events of the day, Gulaal's barging in the celebration and everything he had been left so drained thinking about her that he had decided to sleep early. He was sweating profusely and the summer heat coupled with his storming thoughts made him restless. Getting up from the bed still groggy eyed, He moved out towards the balcony aimlessly and stared at the big bright moon shining brightly in the rich backdrop of the sky littered with stars. He had been a wild lion ' a king of his heart ,but the wild lion felt pitiful helpless as if threatened to be tamed by  Gulaal-the mighty knight's heart was made to dance at the latter's tunes. Her smile, her eyes and her crystal clear voice ringing in his ears made him more anxious. He shook his head violently to wake up from her thoughts maddening his pace furiously but alas of little respite.

It was bright and beautiful. The night sky' .He glanced faraway and was curious as he saw someone running ,someone in a white beautiful lehenga , Her hair flowing behind her ,and suddenly she stopped to talk to someone sitting on a camel. Barely there two minutes she covered herself with a blanket and walked back. The camel too turned away and moved in a different direction. Kesar was curious as her petite frame was similar to Gulaal. He ran through the flight of stairs leading to the gardens below but was startled to see right in front of her and stopped dead in his tracks. Dazzling in a white lehenga ,her face covered with a veil she stood face to face with him looking equally startled. Before he could react ,she giggled, "Kya hua Rajkumar Kesar. Apko neend nahi aa rahi hai'.humare swagat mein koi kami reh gayi kya'"

Kesar was amazed at her honeyed eloquence and replied flabbergasted trying to hide his blush thinking about the actual reason for his restlessness, "Nahi wo'Yahan ..aaj Garmi bahut hai'..",Kesar almost flipped trying to suppress his laugh at his silly reason .

"HAAHA",her laughter as tinkling of bells reached his ears as she flung herself on a swing nearby and said , "Ab hum yeh chahte hain ki hum apke liye pankha jhalein. Aur lori gakar sunayein..Itni mehnat to hum nahi kar sakte'",She swayed on the swing and Kesar walked towards her and leaned on a tree trunk folding his hands across his bosom watching her accentuated playfulness and free spirit.

He felt embarrassed and stuttered,"Nahi wo bas humara matlab.."

"Arey rehne dijiye..hum to yun hi hansi thitholi kar rahe the'.",Gulaal giggled.

"Wwwo..Aapke Woo'Humara matlab hai wo Meera aur Govind kahan gaye'.",Kesar chewed his lips trying to mask his anxiousness talking to her trying to find reasons not to leave that place.It was atrocious ,a shame to invade her privacy as he realised he actually was standing in the women's section of the palace but he did not want to leave the sight of her. He  looked for one reason or the other to continue the conversation.

"Arey'Itni raat ho gayi hai. Wo dono so hi rahe honge'aap bhi na'Aur waise bhi 'Itni raat ko sirf Ullu aur Rajkumar Kesar hi jagte hain haha",She laughed hard.Peals and peals of laughter swinging and leaving Kesar fuming burning with humiliation.

His face stiffened in anger and he gritted his teeth, "Aur aap phir aap kya hain"Kesar rolled his eyes and turned his face away in anger.

"Arey",her lips parted in shock and she ran towards him, "Aaap to bura man gaye Rajkumar'Hum to bas yun hin'Hansi thitholi kar rahe the..Humein kshama..",She folded her hands bowing her head .

"Ye acha tareeka hai..Aaap Rasipur walon ka pehle apmaan kijiye phir'Kshama mang lijiye..Sirf ek shabda hai na apke liye'",Kesar threw glared hexes at her.He knew not why he was angry .Whether it was her jabs at him or whether it was his own restlessness.

"Arey nahi. Hum to sach mein hridaya se kshama mang rahe hai. Apko vishwas nahi hota'hum jhooth nahi bol rahe hain..Sach'Kehte hain Jhooth bolne walon ki naak Chudail kat leti hain..Lekin ye dekhiye. Humari naak to bilkul theek thank hai'.",Saying this and moving her face near to him ,she suddenly lifted her veil and pointed towards her nose. The moment just stopped for Kesar as he forgot to breathe. He felt his pulse leap like a frog and he almost could hear his heartbeats hammering under his bosom. She was fragrant, Just like the fresh morning glory ..pure and untainted like the fragrance of the incense sticks burning in front of an idol. He could now see her in her full splendour. He felt captivated by her earthly splendour as the moonlight bathed her pristine  face which she twitched innocently creasing her brows .Kesar felt captivated by her charms completely floored as if he had seen a Goddess unalloyed, untainted by the vices of the world. A goddess whose flawless beauty was untouched and undiscovered by this world. Just pure as the rays of the silver moonlight that glowed in vibrant detail angelic face. A  curl was drooping down on her forehead  which was adorned with mangteeka and her huge nose ring was touching the edge of her plump lips..

"Kya hua Rajkumar ab to apko bharosa ho gaya na Meri naak to theek hai..Ab to kshama kar dijiye.", Half of her words were beyond Kesar's comprehension as neither his state of mind nor senses allowed him to yet in his heart stirred something small which was about to brew into a storm.

He just muttered, "Hmm"

Gulaal squeezed her eyes sensing his eyes on her and blurted, "Aap aise kyun ghur rahe hain Rajkumar'"

 Baffled at his gazing spree and being caught red handed staring at her blatantly he shook his head,"Nahi main wo'He lowered his eyes and suddenly lifted them locking gazes with her and blurted in muffled tones, "Wo aap k khulein balon mein bahut sundar lag rahi hain.

Kesar was gazing at her with wolfish eyes while Gulaal still seemed to flutter her eyelids in confusion, trying to absorb what exactly happened  and what exactly he said ?Her look seemed to stir in him a vague feeling that he could not construe. But something definitely made him uneasy.

"Kya ",She twitched her face.

"Kuch nahi hum bas keh rahe the ki. Humne kshama kar diya apko'",Kesar bit his lips in embarrassment.

" Phir Theek hai'."She smiled one of her radiant smiles and leaving Kesar's heart ready to explode with a thud, she walked away and his eyes kept on following her until she collided with someone and her chunar feel on the ground. Kesar saw her colliding with Dushyant who was staring at her.

"Oh Kshama Kijiyega hum  bhi na'..",she quickly covered herself and walked away leaving both of them in stupor.

Later that night ,she opened her pages and scribbled with the ink'..with the strokes of a feather. For the first time in her life ,she had met someone who was just like Vasant ,his innocence had touched her the moment he gave her back Meera and Govind gifted by the love of her life Vasant.

Faraway in the other part of the Rashipur Palace ,He mercilessly grabbed her lips in a harsh kiss imagining Gulaal'

"Rajkumari Nirja k liye Maharaj Yogya var dhundh rahe hain'.",she played with the huge Necklace Dushyant had given her..Talli blushed as he played with her hair,"Tujhe kaise pata'"

"Maine apki ankhon mein dekh liya tha Sabha mein apke man mein kya chal raha hai'",Talli grinned.

"Tu to badi samajhdar hai'",Dushyant showered pearls and gold coins on her and took her in his arms biting her wherever he could.



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Dear all,
Thanks for the precious likes and comments..
Princessdisha17poo_jenchanted23prachuryaMR21minizznneeiillKeithuunims23kiran_trudecentGeeshuSilverFairy,  ,arti07

Thank you so muchEmbarrassed...Everyone...Also Please If some new readers SILENT ones too want pms..Do buddy me...Hush hush..Me kisi ko nahi bataungiLOL
And Guys here is it the next update..And Guys Be ready to be blown away by The dialogue QUEEN kiranwa againEmbarrassed I am simply amazed Kiru...You speak Urdu yet Write Such Good hindi...My my...FAINTSEmbarrassed

love PiuHug

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Hi my sweet friends Hug love u all Heart thank u so so much for the response which u all gave yar, really really so glad to read ur replies for the VM as well as for the chapters, n yaar muahhh from my side to piyu for making so beautiful n lovely posters, yeayyy piyu mhaari Big smile n guys the way piyu describes n pens down all the scenes is just so so beautiful, hatts off, hehe yup thoray thoray dialogues r by me too LOL Embarrassed keep reading guys, i hope u all r having a good time Smile

kreas,  poo_j,  enchanted23,  MR21,  minizz,  prachurya,  nneeiill,  

many many thanks again guys Big smile Hug

P.S: piyu mhaari hindi words likhne k liye mujhay kya kya karna pada mat pooch hahaha, i mean shudh hindi ones LOL Big smile thori thori hindi aati hai mujhay bas Embarrassed

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no resBig smile direct commen me waiting since 2 hrs to read this updateDay Dreaming finally its hereParty awww i m head to heel in love with this SS call me wierd but half inside me loves sweet and pavitra kind of lovestory Embarrassedthis one is so so cool feels like i m reading some historical tale  hats off piu and kiran i can totally imagine kesar as kesaradiyta wow i love him yaa paapi se jyada mujhe sweet lagingEmbarrassed
the flashback was amazing so kesar is sweet 16 and gulaal is 18  looks like radha and krishna Embarrassed and wht a meeting i m a goner aww gulaal came running behind her pets and wooh wht a collision she was free spirit similar to the show before leap i would have died if they have showed us something like this there Day Dreaming  gulaal in his arms  ever chirpy and flamboyant princess ...she must have. took away his breath prince to gaya kaam se...LOL
and loved kartikaye he is so adorable ..ouch u pulled his chest hairs choo chweet ...the scene where prince charming caught the first glimpse of her was breathtaking loved the way u wrote ... the comparison with the incense sticks gives such a pious feeling... wow kesar is already loving her with purity so cute i wanna pull his wonder every night he dreamt about her but little did he knew his dreams were meant to be broken ...the person who should have loved him most in the world had not managed to love him at all wht an irony Cry it must be like thousand death to him...i loved anshumali she is possessive for kesar...she was so empty until she met him kesar her best friend her reason to smile his sole companion and now he is taken away from her its not love but its the possessiveness for him thts making her jealous i would love to see her and gulaal;s equation in the future t
he confrontation scene was very well written loved loved loved kesar concern for her and her hatred towards him wht i can decipher is tht she was forced to marry him with lots misunderstanding oh damm u gulaal u were way to harshAngry but more fireworks makes a passionate storyEmbarrassed and i loved this direct dil se kesar he is not a tight lipped idiot he confessed his feeling henceforth Big smileBlushingelse it took ages to confess 16th century ka prince jyada forward che...and loved how he get back to her  he nailed it perfectly mangulsutra and sindoor oh  i had goosebumps wow kesar so damm intense and gullu maiyaa bhi gayi kaam se LOL kuch kuch hoing gulaal or not and i loved how he warned gulaal not to say against his father...he know how to maintain a balance between his family and his love he wont let them cross each other he respected her as she was his wife at the same time he didnt bear any insult for his father perfect man indeedClap
and the last word remain a wife wooh he showed he is the MAN...Clap i m sounding bit snobbish and partial but tht i m for kesarCool...

sorry my post was dedicated to kesar and kesar only wht to do he is such a sweet person cant stop gushing about himDay Dreaming okies i hated dushy and talli i loved devika i loved rajvaidya and i hope u wont bring tht camel here no neverAngry

fantabulous chapii piu and kiranwa take my bow kya dialogue likha mein to fidaHug 

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Iam Loving This SS. (:
It's Really Awsome.

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