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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the first edition of Samjhe ya Samjhaun Weekly - the Newsletter for the Arjun Forum!

A huge thanks to all of the members who have volunteered! It wouldn't have been possible without you.

And before we continue, we want to also give a shout-out, a huge thanks, to Mahi for successfully running the NL!

And here it is! We hope you all enjoy it!

NL Team


C R E D I T S :

Summary of the Two Episodes: S.Stephy
Scene of the Week: polly_03
Emotional Scene of the Week: polly_03
Action Scene of the Week: -sree13-
Dhaasu Moment of the Week: funkylicious
Bromance Moment of the Week: arianaabyss
Raute Moment of the Week:
Rowdy Rathod Moment of the Week: arianaabyss

Chupke Chupke [Arisha] Moment of the Week: ...Mithuz...
Picture of the Week: purecure
Character of the Week: purecure
Dialogue of the Week: ..Naina..
Surprise Package of the Week: ||-Shilpa-||
Blooper/Loophole of the Week: -sree13-

FF/SS of the Week: samiya.059
OS of the Week:tani23
Signature of the Week: ..Naina..
Avi of the Week: Aliya_begh
VM of the Week: Aliya_begh
Discussion Topic of the Week [Only for threads related to discussing the show]: ||-Shilpa-||
Arjun Star of the Week: Aliya_begh
Special thanks to Love_Arnie, funkylicious, and ankita2804 for coming to our rescue at the last moment. Thank you ladies for all your help.


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First Edition of Samjhe Ya Samjhaun Weekly
Jan 12, 2013-Jan 18, 2013


Saturday Jan 12th episode
Reincarnation: Manoharlal's death.
Episode 44

Arjun and the ETF team come across this case through a little boy, Vansh who claims that he is are-incarnation of a temple priest, Manohar Lal from a small village and that his death was infact a murder and not an accident as has been concluded by the villagers.

The boy implores Arjun to bring justice for his previous incarnation's death!! The ETF team check out the facts mentioned by the boy and surprisingly, they find it to be true. So they go to the village to investigate the case.

In the village, the ETF team find out that Lakhan Rao, a rich tyrant had paid Manohar Lal's son, Brijesh a huge sum of money for getting Manohar to sign over the temple property to Lakhan Rao just before Manohar's accidental death of falling into a well where he went to take a bath late in the night. And in the aftermath of the property transfer, Manohar Lal's assistant, Bhola loses his job, and he and his daughter end up working as slaves to Lakhan Rao.

When Rathore, Aisha and Chottu arrive to investigate Lakhan Rao, they see him trying
to molest Bhola's daughter and they save her. They question Lakhan whether he murdered Manohar Lal for the temple property, to which Lakhan points out that since Manohar had already signed over the temple property over to him, he really had no need to murder Manohar. Nevertheless, Lakhan gets arrested for slavery and his attempt to molest Bhola's daughter.

The team then investigates Brijesh, who had left the village after the transfer of temple property. He admits to have taken his father's signatures by deceit but claims that he didn't kill his father and was not present in the village at the time of death; and the ETF verify this fact to be true.

The ETF team then suspect Bhola to be the murderer since he was the one who knew very well about the priest's nightly bathing habits at the well. Bhola too confesses his crime once he realises that his game was up. Bhola apparently had committed the crime since he was under the false impression that priest had sold off the temple for money, and thus taking away Bhola's only livelihood. At the end, it was revealed that the little boy, Vansh came to know about this case through his father who is a travel journalist, and it was Vansh's over-active imagination that cooked up the story of him being a reincarnation of the victim!!

 Sunday Jan 13th episode

Ram Naik is murdered
Episode : 45
Credits: Star Plus

Ram Naik a retired police officer and a private detective is murdered. He had been investigating Rajdeeps insurance claim and Romilas background. Arjun finds out that Romila is Shamshers girlfriend and captures him. He informs Arjun that he had seen Ram Naiks murder. Arjun finds out that Rajdeep had committed suicide and it had been mentioned as an accident for the insurance money. On enquiring Girish he informs Yasheshs involvement in Rajdeeps case and Ram Naiks murder.


Credits: polly_03 

The Scene of The Week is undoubtedly the scene where Aisha teaches a lesson to Lakhan from the Manohar Lal / Reincarnation episode. ETF rescues Bhola's daughter from Lakhan when he had been trying to force himself on her. Aisha slaps him hard and Rathore drags him out of the house to find his goons waiting outside. Once he was with his men, Lakhan challenges the team and tries to misbehave with Aisha as well. Aisha immediately grabs his hand and twists it so hard that he actually screams in pain and then she kicks him hard in his guts. Immediately Lakhan orders his men to attack them but team ETF overpowers them and arrests Lakhan.

The scene was scripted and directed well and goes on to prove that "Aurat ki kabiliyat par kabhi shaq nahi karna chahiye". Lakhan as a typical dominating male chauvinist mistook Aisha for a feeble lady with whom he can have his own way and soon got a befitting answer to his actions.

Credits: polly_03

The Emotional Scene of The Week is from the Manohar Lal / Reincarnation episode again when Chottu accepts the sweets from the village lady. When the team reaches Chopri village to investigate Vansh's claims, a woman comes running and claims Chottu as her son. Chottu refuses to recognize her and the team looks on bewildered while the lady continues with her claims. Later on, another lady comes and tells them that the woman had gone mad in grief after she lost her son at a very young age and since then claims every other person as her son. Chottu is visibly affected by the incident and later on, when he met her again, he accepted the sweets she had brought for him saying "tu bhi toh meri aai jaisi hai".

The scene goes on to show his large-heartedness even to complete strangers contrary to his intimidating physique.

Action scene if the week:: in the last two episode of 12th & 13th january its obvious to select the one & only fight scene that is when Aisha,Rathod & chotu was fighting with lakhan rao,the landlord of the village & his goons. the main reason behind to call it action scene of the week is aisha's fight with him. lakhan rao was trying to molest a woman & its a treat to watch that he is bitten by woman only & make him get that what the hell he actualy belongs from that is jail..A huge applause to aisha,the chief in true sence Rathod & chotu.

Credits: funkylicious

Funniest moment of the week. There were two funniest moments of the week

1)On 13th Episode there was an incident where Arjun, Rathore and Aisha leave the ETF cabin and Shree with the help of his fingers and question Chotu simulatenously "Sab saath mai ja rahe hai kya" and Chotu answer "Nahi"

And Shortly Shree actions different ways.ROFL

It's the actions that made the scene more funny.LOL

2) When Shree was told to do all the research work by night and in the morning the scene was Shree bring walking in with his laptop and almost cursing Arjun. But Arjun interrupted him on purpose appreciating Shree's work.

Credits: Love_Arnie

The Bromance Moment Of The Week is The'Good Job' Scene between The dashing Super-cop ACP Arjun & Tech-geek Shreekant. Arjun gave a lots of work in very less time, leaving an shocked and equally irritated Shree behind. But, his twomere words of Appreciation not only worked wonders and made Shree's hard-work cherisable but also brought a sweet smile on the gadget freak's innocent face. Just like an elder brother who pacifies his younger brother after a round of scolding. So, the Bromance moment is undebatingly The 'Good Job' Scene of PI Murder Case.

Credits: funkylicious

When Arjun points out the difference between British and American English and that the spellings 'Organisation' and 'Organization' has been alternated. And they come to the conclusion that the report is made by two different persons. That was turning point of the case.

Scroll down for more pleaseSmile

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Credits: ankita2804

We have two Rowdy Rathore moments of the week.

 First one is definitely going to be the one, when Rathore beat that Lakhan for his attempt to rape that poor girl. We already have seen his care and soft corner for the girls, so how could Lakhan would have get saved from his anger. He was fuming in anger and this could have been seen through his eyes. The way he ran upstairs after hearing the girl's scream and  held Lakhan's collar to punish him... my heart was like .. Ohh, that's a Rowdy Rathore moment..

Second one is totally different from the first one.. we had seen him fighting, fuming, arguing,,, but last sunday we saw his emotional side. He was so emotional when he went to tell Ram Nayak's wife about the death of her husband and even told Aisha to console Mrs. ram Nayak. He is doing this duty from so many days, but no one could know that how much pain and helplessness he feels while informing people about the death of their relatives. This moment just touched my heart once again...


Well, I don't think there is a need say "Tada" for this. Undoubtedly it was the compliment Aisha gave to Arjun in the car, DIRECTLY TO HIM.

Aisha ' Kamal ka intuition tha.

Arjun's charm has managed to capture this Strong Female Cop, who used to initially consider Arjun the reason behind her failure of the Drug mission.

But, there is more. Aisha was shocked to hear when that person agreed with Arjun's intuition, and later her eyes spoke the unsaid lines ' "That's why he is called ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte"

And from the Saturday, of course no one can deny to overlook the mutual understanding they shared in Aainsh house, (when Aainsh denied to see Aisha),THROUGH THEIR EYES.

And Aisha complimented him by saying to Aainsh mom ' "Aapka beta kalib hato mein hai"

Well, now waiting for more exciting Chupke Chupke Moments!!


The picture which grabbed hundreds of eye balls, the tentative and hypnotising smile which made heads turn around. Undoubtedly, it was none others than our own Arjun Suryakant Rawte Urf Shaleen Malhotra's picture brought to light by


This week Ayesha has caught the attention of audience by her capabilities of being perfect cop and admirable human being. At one hand, proving and showing the women power, she accepted and appreciated Arjun's intiutions, on the other hand. With varied attitudes, leading and co-operating with team, won hearts of the audience with varied but simple characteristics.

Credits: ..Naina..

Sunday, January 13th - Episode 45

"Iss police ke naukri mein, agar mere liye koi mushkil kshan hain, to woh yeh hain, jab mein kissi se jaake ye kehta hoon, ki iss duniya mein koi apna na rahan" - Rathod

I found this particularly meaningful because we as viewers, as the general public, never take this more serious, more heart breaking part into account when thinking about what police do. We always imagine them fighting, solving crimes, etc, but I thought this was meaningful. We see how it hurts Rathod to have to do something like this, that no matter how strong all of these indiviuals are on the outside, they do have a sensitive side to them as well, a more "human" side, making them more human to us as well.

Credits: ll-Shilpa-ll

For me the surprise package of the week is our very own ACP Arjun Rawte and his rare smile. I found his joke to kids he was talking to about law and it's long arms very endearing. Here was our angry young man smiling because his very simple statement about his long arms made the kids laugh. The last time he smiled so openly was when Riya had complemented him and said to him that she wanted to be a officer just like him. Although this smile with kids was not as open as the one he bestowed us with in the past, it was still just as endearing and just as surprising. Hope to see more of these smiles on him in the future.

Credits: -sree13-

okay i dont know wheather you people will agree with me or not but sunday's epi it itself was a full of loopholes. let me explain my pov..first of all in any accident case even though its an accident but after full verification by police insuarance agency gives insuarance money to victims family & in this its seems there was no police varification regarding that accident.. first of all yashesh the son in law of victim rajdeep baveja & his friend that is the VP of some ILI insuarance planned the suicide to prove in a accident & hence they removed the fencing of road with spanner & push the car into the pit..& then again screwed up the isnt it seems like a fairy tale that the car flied on air & fell there or if there is any point that the fencing was left on the road unscrewed then how didnt police investigate the point that if the car hit the fencing then it would be fell into the slop of the accident place & broken??? so does that mean there was no police investigation or if so then no insuarance company will return insuarance money without the legal death certificate & police verification in accident it seems to be the biggest loophole this week..I hope you would like my point.

Scroll down for more please.Smile

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Last but not the least, it is the best part of our NL.

Congrats to all the creative members of Arjun forum.

Credits: samiya.059

FF of the week is  Zindagi Milegi Dobaara par Pyaar by vidya.anand.

The story has reached a point where Arjun And Reva have married.
The beauty of this FF lies in its simplicity and the way vidya has put down the little things between a husband wife.


AriYa FF: Zindagi Milegi Dobara..Par Pyar.. Thread 1
AriYa FF: Zindagi Milegi Dobara Ab Pyaar Thread 2

Vidya here is your prize for the best FF of the week.


'Maine Mere Jaana Kabhi Nahi Jaana' by Sinner.girl (DISHA)

Our forum is always flooded with a large number of One-shots. I m glad seeing the participation we are getting in the forum. I read many OS from 12 january, 1 OS which grabbed my attention, the most, was 'Maine Mere Jaana Kabhi Nahi Jaana'
atleast I have not read something like that ever. It was about Roshni's feelings, the trauma she went , when she was on the verge of losing her life. Each and every precise detail, how her eyes closed, the pain she was feeling that time were very nicely written. 
What I liked most was,Roshni repented that she is somewhere responsible for Arjun's condition. She is feeling sorry for leaving him all alone in the world. She was upset for Arjun, as she was not able to fulfill her promise, the promise they made each other, that they will live together forever...
Maine Mere Jaana Kabhi Nahi Jaana

Here is your prize for the best OS of the week Disha.

Credits: ..Naina.

The best siggy of the week was created by ankita2804

Ankita here is your prize for creating the best siggy of the week.

Credits: Aliya_begh

Avi of the week by shilpa di!
It s perfectly captured scene avi..and even it got max likes!

Credits: ||-Shilpa-||

Discussion topic of the week was the post made by our very own aliya_begh aka Aliya. Her post on Rathore in the reincarnation episode got the most likes and comments so I picked her topic as discussion topic of the week.

Topic:Dn't angrey me..i'm RATHOD!

Aliya here is your prize for posting the best discussion topic of the week.

Credits: Aliya_begh

Arjun star of the week is shona14 for making most comments on actors' profiles.

Shona here is your prize for making the most comments on the cast profile.

We had no VMs to award for this edition, but hope to change that in our next edition. So request to all the VM makers please share your creativity with us and provide some VMs on our beloved show.Smile

We shall be back with the Second edition next week.

Thank you everyone.Big smile

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There it is our new version of Samjhe Ya Samjhau weekly.

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered for the NL on behalf of myself and Naina. We are sorry we rushed things a little but we wanted to get the first edition out as soon as possible. Please forgive us if we caused any confusion.

Special thanks to Naina for guiding me through this for all the banner of the NL, flashing headers, and the winner siggies. Thank you so much Naina.Hug

I would also like to credit Purecure for the emoticons under the heading, I got the idea from her submissions of the NL. She had provided the two with her parts, so I followed the link for the rest. Thank you so much.

Now on to few important details I want to mention.

1. Our NL will be weekly, we will try our best to get it posted on Friday, starting next week.
2. Our week starts on Sat and ends on Thurs, or at the latest on Friday.
3. Please PM your parts to us by Thurs Evening or at the latest Friday morning.
4. If you can't do your parts then please contact the back up person for that category and give try to let them know ahead of time just in case they are also not available to do their parts.
5. If there is no back up for you please PM me or Naina so we can take care of it.
6. For the members responsible for the FF/SS, OS, VM, Avi, and siggie parts please give us a brief write up on why you chose the particular FF/SS, OS, VM, Avi, or siggie, and also provide us with the links to post with your write up so we can post it in the NL.

Once again here is the list of the categories and the names of the person responsible for the particular category.

If your name appears in the blue then you are the main person assigned to that particular category and if your name appears in red then you are the back up for that category.

Summary of the Two Episodes: S.Stephy
 Avi of the Week: Aliya_begh

Arjun Star of the Week: Aliya_begh
 VM of the Week: Aliya_begh
FF/SS of the Week: samiya.059 Backup - shrutisweety
OS of the Week:
Rawte Moment of the Week:
arianaabyss; Backup - funkylicious
Bromance Moment of the Week:
 Scene of the Week:
polly_03 Backup - -sree13-
 Emotional Scene of the Week: polly_03; Backup - arianaabyss
Blooper/Loophole of the Week: -sree13- Backup - kgmu86
 Funniest Scene/Dhaasu Moment of the Week:
funkylicious; Backup - purecure
Picture of the Week:
purecure-Backup- Love_Arnie
 Character of the Week:
purecure; Backup- Love_Arnie
Dialogue of the Week: ..Naina.. Backup - polly_03
Signature of the Week: ..Naina..
Surprise Package of the Week: ||-Shilpa-|| Backup - polly_03
 Rowdy Rathod Moment of the Week:
arianaabyss Backup - ankita2804
Chupke Chupke [Arisha] Moment of the Week: ...Mithuz... Backup - Aliya_begh
 Action Scene of the Week: -sree13-
Discussion Topic of the Week [Only for threads related to discussing the show]: ||-Shilpa-||

Please excuse us if we made any mistakes and let us know so we can correct it for the next edition.
Just one last thing, please don't forget to hit the CM everytime you log in and press the like button on all the posts you read and find interesting.

Thank you once again everyone.

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Congratulations to Everyone on the revamped edition of SYS!!
Congratulations to Shilpa Dii and Naina Di...
Awesome work Everyone!!
Kudos to you all.

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Wonder layout...Kudoos to mahi...
Welcome back News Letter...Hug

Dhaasu moment of week is the best...Shru wonderful yaar
shree's hand indication pic...char chaand laga diya

Hatts off for 
Raute moment of the week..

Brilliant one

Neeli ne Neeli shirt wala Arjun ko Picture of Week of Chun liya...
But HOnestely the smile made so many girls sleepless...Heart

Dialogue of the week..Superb one NainaSmile

Shilpa you killed me with the Surprise package..
Arjun with those long arms and cute smile..He was rocking!!Smile

Agree with you sree...that was a blooper...

Vidya congrats...ZMD rocks! Truly deserving yaar..Arjun and Reva rocks
Dishu congrats..

Anki and shilpa congrats...your siggies and AVI are just awesome..Embarrassed

Congrats to Aliya...Discussion of the week...Hope you come up with more such topics..

shona congrats...

And a Big Huggiieee to all of you for worked for News letter and brought it back!!
It was awesome...

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Great job everyoneClap who has put in a lot of effort for the new edition to come true once againEmbarrassed

OMG sree di I agree with you that episode was full of bloppersLOL awesome job...
Anku congrats for winning siggie of the week...
Shilpa for avis...
oppss yaar I just want to congratulate everyone who wonLOLBig smileEmbarrassed
Now once again I have something to look forward toEmbarrassed
Thank you Shilpu and Naina di for making this possible once againClap kudos to you two...

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