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Case: Raaz Ungli Ka
Story: Naila Chogle
Director: Salil Singh


Scene 1

A girl is seen reading a newspaper in the morning when the doorbell rings. A parcel is lying outside the door, but she finds no one else there. She opens the parcel and is shocked to find a jar filled with a liquid and a human finger lying inside it.

Scene 2


CID team checking the jar…and the parcel. ACP wonders if the finger belongs to a lady or a man when Abhijeet finds a letter in the parcel. He reads out the letter, which said that if money isn't paid, the head of the man would be sent in the next parcel. ACP asks Mayuri if someone from her family has been kidnapped. However, Mayuri informs them that she stays alone in her house and her husband had died of a heart attack almost 5 years ago. She adds that her husband was never kidnapped before his death and that his fingers were intact when he had died. ACP checks the cover of the parcel… The courier stamp, date and addresses were faintly visible. They could decipher the date, which said January, 2011 i.e. 2 years back. Mayuri informs the team that she had shifted to this house on 14th February 2011.  ACP asks if she knows the old owner of the house… to which Mayuri says that she only knows a broker named Sanjay who had told her about the house. CID team decides to meet Sanjay and the courier company.

Scene 3

Abhijeet visits the courier company and scolds them for not being careful about what they are sending. One of the employees says that the goods to be couriered are always checked before they are approved. CID team asks them to check their records and let them know who had sent that courier 2 years back. The employee confesses that they have records of only the last 8 months. Abhijeet further asks if they know who had delivered the parcel to the address this morning. The man says Mohan had visited Tilanknagar(The place where the parcel was delivered) in the morning… At the same time, Mohan tries to leave the room…but the man asks him to wait... and also Abhijeet orders him to answer his questions. The man confesses that he had delivered the parcel but had no clue that it had a finger inside it. He adds that in the morning while working in the gowdown with his colleague, he had found this old parcel. The colleageu suggested him to inform their Boss about the parcel, but he thought he would be in trouble if he informs his boss… so decides to deliver the parcel himself. Abhijeet asks them if the remember who had come to the office with the parcel but none of them could reply. Abhijeet notices the cctv camera…and asks if that was there even 2 years back to which the officers reply in a yes and they show them the footage.

Scene 4

ACP along with Sachin and others visit Sanjay's office. ACP asks him about the house that he had arranged for Mayuri 2 years back. CID team asks him about the previous owners about the house. He checks his records and says it belonged to people named Mitali and Ranbir Kaul. He adds that they had sold the house as they needed money urgently. ACP asks if both of them had come to the office to which he replies that only Mitali had come as Ranbir was out of station.ACP asks if Mitali seemed a little tensed or upset to which he says a yes. He gives them the present address of Mitali- Amar Apartments.

Scene 5

Back to the courier office. Abhijeet and Freddy check the footage of 13th January 2011 and find one of the employees named Kunal had received the parcel from a girl(who had covered her face with a black cloth). On interrogating, Kunal confesses that he needed money that time and thus had accepted the parcel. He says he doesn't recognise the girl. They zoom up the videoshot and check out the girl's nails.

Scene 6

A girl is speaking to someone on phone. She asks the man on the other side to give her the details of the clients and the profit that they had given to her company. ACP and his team reach there. The girl is none other than Mitali. They ask her if she was hiding something from them…but she refuses. They ask her if her husband was kidnapped 2 years back..but she says that nothing like that happened ever. Ranbir enters. He also says that he was never kidnapped.  ACP asks them if they stayed in the house at Tilaknagar. He says that it was belonged to him then. CID team says that 2 years back a parcel was sent to their house which had a finger in it. Ranbir says that all his fingers were safe and he has no idea about the parcel. Ranbir and Mitali ask them to investigate at the courier office. On being asked the reason for selling off the old house, they say that they had a loss in business and thus had to sell off the house to clear their loans. ACP wonders why they have shifted to a even bigger house, if they had actually had a loss at the business. Ranbir says his business of Import and Export has been giving very good results since the time they have shifted to the new house. Mitali says that she works as the Boss of the Aryan call centre.

Scene 7


Shreya suggests Daya that Ranbir might have some idea about the crime. Daya agrees and predicts that Ranbir might have had been kidnapped 2 years back… but might have managed to escape somehow. Also, he might have cut the finger of someone at that time but later sold their house and shifted to a new house. Shreya adds that they might have blackmailed the family members of the person whose fingers were cut and might have asked them for money.

Abhijeet and Freddy enter. Abhijeet informs Daya that a lady with nail art done on her fingers had left the parcel at the courier office. Shreya says she had noticed Mitali's nails too…and even she had nail art done on them. Daya wonders if the person whose fingers have been cut are alive or not. Daya asks Shreya to find out if any one was kidnapped from the area where Mitali stayed then. After sometime, Shreya comes with the information that someone named Riten was kidnapped from the same area 2 years ago.

Scene 8

ACP, Freddy and Nikhil visit Riten's house.A lady introduces herself as Snigdha, Riten's wife. She says that Riten was kidnapped 2 years back and hasn't returned after that. ACP regretfully tells her that they haven't got any information about Riten yet… and informs her about the finger that they have found. Snigdha becomes nervous and wonders if the finger belongs to Riten. CID team asks her if she knows Mitali and Ranbir to which Snigdha replies that Mitali was Riten's boss and he used to work at her call centre. ACP receives a call from Salunke. After the call, ACP tells Snigdha that the finger belonged to someone who was suffering from Diabetes. She breaks down as Riten too was suffering from Diabetes. They decide to interrogate Mitali once again

Scene 9

ACP visits Mitali at her office while she was in a conference. She orders others to leave the room and asks CID if they have come to know about the finger. Initially, she refuses to recognise Riten but when Freddy shows her his photo, she recalls him.  ACP accuses Mitali of taking the parcel to the courier office as well, but Mitali refuses. She says that many other girl have nail art done on their nails that doesn't bring them under suspicion.

Scene 10

At the parking lot, Freddy wonders why would someone kidnap Riten who wasn't even very rich. ACP orders them to check Mitali's phone records for the 13th Jan 2011.

Scene 11


Mitali has been called to the Bureau. Abhijeet shows her the phone details which said that the day Riten was kidnapped, she had spoken to him for 8 times. She refuses to accept any of the accusations. Finally, she confesses that she and Riten were in love with each other since college days but she got married to Ranbir due to family pressure. So after few years, Riten joined her call centre and they had decided to elope. She says that they had planned that he would take out all his money from bank and give it to her and she too would give all her savings to him. Although she had given all her savings i.e. 25 lakhs to him, he never returned with his money. ACP asks about the bank that Riten was supposed to visit. She says it was DKL bank.

Scene 12

Trio visit the bank manager. He informs them that Riten had not taken out any money from his account in the month of January 2011. Abhijeet suggests that Riten might have eloped away with Mitali;s money but the manager interrupts and says that Riten had taken out an amount of 3 lakhs from the Pune branch of their bank the year back. Abhijeet receives a call from Tarika. She informs him about the address that was faintly visible on the parcel cover. The address belonged to Pune as well.

Scene 13

Rajat and Vineet visit the Pune branch of DKL bank.The manager here says that money wasn't taken out by Riten but was taken out by Mitali. He shows the photocopy of Mitali's PAN card which they had taken while she had taken out the money from Riten's account. Rajat wonders why Mitali is constantly hiding something or the other from them even though they have met her 3 times.

Scene 14

ACP, Daya, Vineet and Rajat visit the address as informed by Tarika. They reach an old empty house outside which a car was parked that seemed to have been untouched since years. They wonder why the owner didn't appoint anyone to maintain the house or the car. They decide to interrogate the neighbours. One of the neighbour informs them that the house was occupied by an elderly couple who vanished suddenly 2 years back. He adds that they didn't have any other member in their family so there was no to file a missing report. ACP tells him to be more responsible as a neighbour in the future. On being asked, the man says he doesn't know anyone named Riten… and says that he only remembers a guy who had come to visit the couple before they had vanished. The same guy stayed at their place as a paying guest around 6 to 7 years ago but then shifted to a different city. However, he says he doesn't recall the guy's face. They decide to check the house.

Scene 15

Inside the house, they find the furniture and other stuffs in a mess. Daya finds some money and jewelleries in one of the rooms and wonder why the couple left the house without their precious belongings.  Also Rajat informs that the agreement papers of the bungalow was not found anywhere. ACP asks him to find information about the broker who had brought the paying guest for the elderly couple. He also suggests his team to check the backyard garden once before leaving. After a lot of searching, ACP finds an axe and some white hairs on it. They guess that somewhere in the garden , the ground might have been digged. Vineet finds the spot which might been digged. CID team is shocked to find two skeletons; one belonging to a man and the other that of a woman. ACp predicts that they might belong to the elderly couple who stayed at the bungalow.

Scene 16


Trio and Freddy enter Bureau and find Salunke sitting there. He confirms that the skeletons belonged to 2 senior citizens who were murdered. Right then Shreya enters with the details of the guy who used to stay with the senior citizens as paying guest. ACP is shocked to see the details of the guy.

Scene 17

We see a girl speaking on phone saying that she would be waiting to meet him a said location. Her face is invisible to us.

Scene 18

The girl is seen waiting when a guy(Riten) comes in a car to meet her. She is none other than Snigdha. He says that they should avoid meeting each other at least till CID is handling the case. Right then CID team arrives. Riten tries to run away in his car but CID team catches him and the girl.

Confession:  Riten confesses that he wanted Mitali's money and so he along with Snigdha made the entire plan. He knew Mitali would give away any amount of money to save him. When asked about the finger that was sent, Riten says that the finger belonged to a stranger whom he had found on the streets. He cut his finger, killed the man and threw the body in the jungle. Riten adds that whilee his stay at their house after receiving Mitali's money, he had to kill the elderly couple as they had come to know about his wrong deeds. ACP gives his Phaansi dialogue and the episode ends! 

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