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I have been very much excited since the time I had seen the Maryam's wedding fiasco On SBS.I decided to write an OS for this track.Finally I'm here with a long OS on ASYA.
This is my first ASYA OS.It could not come up like the way I had wished it to be.But still I'm posting what I've written.I hope you guys may enjoy reading it.I shall be waiting eagerly for your kind feedback.This is the surprise about which I had talked yesterday.Kindly share your criticisms and appreciations.


Asad saw Zoya getting buried up inside the earth alive. Two pointed knives were held below his chin so that his one wrong move can kill him. Watching Zoya is such a troubled state stirred something in Asad's heart. This girl was totally mad. She has put both of them in so much danger for someone who she hardly knew. Is this girl for real? He thought. One of the goons while putting the mud on Zoe's face said: Such a beauty is getting wasted. I wish I could taste her just once. He bent down to caress Zoya's face and that was it.

Somewhere a volcano must have definitely erupted sensing the rage in the eyes of Asad Ahmed Khan. He pushed away the people that held his shoulders with all his might just like he did when Firoz troubled Ayaan. He snatched the knife from one of the goons kicked him and shouted: Don't you dare touch her with your filthy hands. All the goons left Zoya and attacked Asad.

Asad felt as if he if was burning from inside because of fire. Zoya lied in the grave that was dig for her with her closed eyes. That innocent soul was going to pay the price of her life for saving his own cousin from this man who had raped his cousin sister. He looked at Maryam's fianc with fire in his eyes.

While Asad and Zoya ran away from the goons Zoya told to Asad everything about what Maryam told her. Asad thanked Zoya in his heart for saving his sister from an animal. He was quite surprised at the selflessness of this girl. He always thought that they are completely different but isn't she just like him in doing anything for solving anyone's problem.

Asad first grabbed the collar of sherwani of Maryam's would be husband and punched him on his face.

As: How dare you ruin my sister's life? You monster.

He kicked him in his stomach. The other goons came and he fought with all of them. One by one Asad managed to out all the goons down and rushed towards Zoya.

She was still unconscious. He lifted her up in his arms and ran a bit far away from those good for nothing animal and his followers.

Asad noticed the jeep with an open head which the goons had chased them. He put Zoya in it and zoomed off. After reaching far distance from all the troubles he stopped the vehicle at a side.

He noticed the scratches on Zoya's arms and wound near her elbow. He didn't know why but seeing her in this condition brought tears in his eyes. He called her up but she didn't respond. He was extremely worried for her. He kept a hand of his beneath her head and lifted her face a bit. He touched her soft cheeks so softly that it seemed as if she was a doll of clay that could break on his touch. He called out her name once again: Zoya please open your eyes Zoya. Everything is fine now. We are safe plz open your eyes.

Zoya gained consciousness slowly. She half-opened her eyes and murmured water.

It seemed as if luck was not on their side this eventful night. A few drops of water fell upon them and Asad looked at the sky sarcastically as if saying: Great' Now only this was left.

Zoya opened her mouth to take in a few water drops that fell on her lips and slowly she gained some energy inside her.

She sat properly on the seat while Asad moved back hesitatingly.

As: Are you ok?

Zoya nodded and just then she noticed that blood was oozing out from the side of his forehead and arms.

Zo: Mr. Khan the goons

AS: Don't worry everything is fine now. I took care of them properly.

It has started raining. We need to find some shelter. Let's go.

Zoya nodded with a smile.

As: It has started raining. We need to find some shelter. Let's go.

Zo: Allah miyan what's wrong with you Mr. Khan? We are on a deserted road. On our left and right side forest is present, where will we find shelter?

As: Ms. Farooqui plz don't panic. We can't spend the night in this vehicle na. It seems as if a stormy rainy night is on the way. I'm sure we'll find something in this forest.

Zoya started to get out of the vehicle but was surprised to see Asad standing by her side and offering his hand. She took it reluctantly and got down. As she stood upon her legs, she felt a shrill pain in one of her legs.

Asad got concerned immediately watching her flinch in pain.

As: Ms. Farooqui are you alright?

Zo: yeah!!

They both started walking but Asad noticed how Zoe was limping on her one leg while walking.

As: Ms. Farooqui I think you have hurt your leg somewhere why don't you check it?

Zo: No it's ok Mr. Khan. I had hit my leg near the knee with a log of wood while running. It's fine.

Asad didn't look convince but they kept on walking by Asad holding her from her shoulders and her one hand in his. Till this time it was drizzling very slowly.

A loud sound of thunder scared the daylights out of Zoya and she hugged Asad tightly.

Asad was taken aback by this sudden gesture of Zoya.

His hands automatically moved towards her to hug her back but stopped just before he could embrace her. This man really had great control over his heart. He wondered why he felt as if his own heart has become alien to his brain all of a sudden.  As she hugged him more tightly with the second thunder, he experienced weird sensations inside him. Since he was wearing a kurta with the top two buttons of his kurta being open, her hot breaths touched his chest making lose control over himself slowly. He slowly detangled her from his body before he did something stupid like hugging her back.

Zoya looked at him embarrassed.

Zo: I'm sorry who I'm not used to all these thunder and lightning much. Aapi used to tell me a lot about the rainy season of India. We used to have snow there in the states but rain was not much frequent.

Asad looked at Zoya with a strange look. He was mused at her liveliness. They have just escaped from the death bed and here is she back with her banter talking about the weather. She has got a limp in her leg but that hardly matters to her. She was a person who enjoyed every single minute of life unlike him who didn't know what exactly the meaning of having fun in life was. His gaze was fixed at her while she spoke with an amusing smile on his face.

Zoya looked at her six packs and said: Allah miyan what's wrong with you Mr. Khan? Where are you lost? I'm calling you since the past 5 minutes but you are busy staring at me.

Asad was embarrassed. He himself didn't know what made him loose his mind over this girl.

As: Miss Farooqui, it will soon start raining fast, we should hurry.

She nodded. Suddenly it started raining heavily. Zoya lifted up her dupatta and covered herself in it placing it at the top of her head. Asad looked at her and tried to move forward a bit fast. Since he was holding her by the shoulder, the one end of Zoya's dupatta sheltered his arms from getting wet. She moved fast matching his pace. She shivered a little and her eyes got teary watching no place of shelter in sight. She looked at Asad who was getting completely wet in the rain. Zoya's breath stuck in her throat.

Kuch khaas hai,
Kuch paas hai,
Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,
Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,
Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,

She has always felt a strange pull towards him. She does not know why but her brain can't stop thinking about her jahanpanah. Right now he looked sooo amazing..

Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,
Kya yeh bahar hai, kya intezaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad..

Asad's wet hairs that fell a little on his forehead and water dripping from his head to his cheeks,lips and skipping down his throat.Zoya felt a weird desire to caress his face. A sudden roar of thunder brought her back to earth and she immediately got concerned for her Terminator.

 Kuch khaas hai,
Kuch paas hai,
Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,

Asad was stunned as Zoya stopped walking and covered both of them inside her dupatta by placing it around the head and shoulders of both of them.His eyebrows raised up asking what was she doing?

Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,
Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,
Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,

Zoya: Allah miyan what's wrong with you ? Why are you giving me such judgmental looks Mr. Body builder?

Asad rolled his eyes and caressed his forehead with his fingers getting annoyed.

As: Miss Farooqui will you please care to tell me what are you trying to do?

Zoya: I'm just trying to protect both of us from getting wet.Now walk fast.We need to find a place before we  get wet completely.

Asad nodded but instead of looking forward their eyes got locked.Their heads inside a single dupatta just few inches apart from each other and their eyes locked made them appear as if they were immensely in love with each other.They forgot to blink their eyes as their lenses got hooked.But soon their eyes lock broke owing to the rattling sound of the rain on the trees,stones etc  making them feel awkward.

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,
Kya yeh bahar hai, kya intezaar hai,

They moved forward together in the shelter of Zoya's dupatta.The dupatta cover didn't help them much as the strong wind directed the rain towards them and eventually making them wet from the front blow.

Asad spotted a hut after walking for 20 more minutes and they immediately rushed inside. By the time they went inside the hut,they were completely wet.Asad looked at Zoya who looked a bit disheveled and attempted to place her dupatta on her front. They both were completely drenched.

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad..

Zoya looked up after covering herself properly and found him staring at her.Asad looked away and said:I think no one is here right now. You wait here. Let me find some clothes for both of us.Zoya nodded.

Kuch saaz hai jaage se jo the soye,
Alfaaz hai, chup se nashe mein khoye,

There was complete darkness inside the hut apart from a lantern. Zoya felt a bit scared but she ofcourse could not show her fear to Akdu Ahmed Khan.

Asad returned back with a maroon coloured lehnga.

As: I could find nothing for me but you can have this.Please change fast otherwise you'll get sick.

Zoya didn't know why but she felt elated hearing the concern in his voice for her.

Zo: Mr. Khan but where do I change?

Asad looked here and there and found an ugly piece of black sheet lying at a corner. He took it and placed it at the two corners of the wall at a corner of the hut.

Zoya hesitated a bit a but then she removed her dupatta, placed it at a corner and then went inside to change.Asad looked away immediately as she removed her dupatta.

Nazrein hi samjhe yeh guftagu saari,
Koi arzoo ne hai angdayi li pyaari,

He was tensed by the signals that his heart passed to him today. She looked extremely beautiful in the green suit and now her wet form increased the wishes of his heart even more. For a while when she stood there in reluctance, he noticed how the water drops kissed her cheeks and then vanished beneath the hollow of her neck. He gulped as he saw her removing her dupatta.Her kurta was stuck to her petite figure enhancing her curves and he could not help but adore the gorgeous lady infront of him. She looked absolutely stunning. Even in her dismantled form, she appeared so pretty.Asad shifted his eyes away as he saw her moving forward to change in the arrangement he has made for her. He moved towards the lantern to dim its light removing her discomfort and stood in such a way that his back faced him.

Zoya noticed Asad's back towards her as her eyes could see from the top of the shield that he had made for her.She smiled at his thoughtfulness. He was behaving like a true gentleman this time. And she won't deny that she was enjoying his attention and concern. Somewhere in her heart she felt that she is loving this new form of her six packs who is getting worried for her, fighting for her to save her life and then sensing her discomfit and trying to remove it. Jahanpanah is not so bad as she thought. A smile formed on her face as she put the dupatta on her shoulders.

Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,
Naa inkaar hai, naa iqraar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad'

Kehna hi kya, mera dhakal naa koi,
Dil ko dikha, dil ki shakal ka koi,

As she removed the black cloth from the wall, she noticed Asad removing his kurta and holding it in such a way so as to get rid of some water out of it.She forgot to breathe as she noticed his well- toned muscles and his biceps as he held the kurta tightly.Asad felt Zoya's presence and turned around.

Zoya's heart pounded as she saw his white vest pasted on his skin owing to the rain.Her eyes lingered at his body from top to bottom.

Dil se thi meri ek shart yeh aisi,
Lage jeet si mujhko, yeh haar hai kaisi,

Asad jaw dropped as he saw Zoya looking sooo beautiful in the red lehnga.She looked like an epitome of beauty.He checked her from to bottom. Her dupatta was placed on both the shoulders and fell down on the front till her waist.His eyes caressed her slender figure while she herself cherished her macho man with her eyes. Both of them came to their senses with another sound of thunder and looked away from each other.

kya yeh khumaar hai, kyu beqraar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad,
Jadoo sawar hai, naa ifteaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad,
Pyaar hai shayad..

Zoya walked to a corner,placed all her hairs on one side of her shoulders and started to dry them with her hands.Asad noticed that she was shivering a little and he tried to look for a match box to it up a straw and some logs of wood kept at one corner of the hut.

Kuch khaas hai,
Kuch paas hai,
Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,
Ra ra re'na na na
Ra ra ra ra..
Na re na..
Pyaar hai shayad
Pyaar hai shayad

AS: I'll try to put a bonfire here.

Zoya: ok. Mr. Khan please do it soon. I'm feeling cold.

And that was it. They were back to square one.

As: Miss Farooqui I'm not your servant who you'll order to work fast.

Zoya: Allah miyan what's wrong with you Mr. Khan why are you always so judgemental?

As: Miss Farooqui no one orders me ok.

Zo: Mr. Khan I just agreed to what you said. I didn't mean to order you. Allah miyan

Before she could complete her beloved pet line, Asad moved to another corner of the hut and after a bit of search he found a matchbox and lit the fire. He placed his shirt beside it and sat down near it.Zoya also came at sat at the opposite end. Asad's heart groaned inside as she began the visual torture again by drying her hairs. Her closed eyes, wet lips and damp hairs in that beautiful red color of the lehnga made her look so tempting. Asad was a man after all. He could never imagine such wild desires in the worst of his dreams as he felt for Zoya right now. He got frustrated. What the hell was happening to him? Why has Zoya suddenly started to affect him so badly? Why can't he just look away from her face? Why does he feel to touch and caress her wet face and hairs? Why does he feel like holding her in her arms forever? Why does he feel that this moment may stop here forever and he may simply look at Zoya like this all his life? He acknowledged the fact that watching Zoya so much near to death had scared him very badly. For a moment he felt as if he would lose her and if that had come true, he realized that he must have died too from inside. Something is changing inside him. He was changing. Out of a blue, he has suddenly started getting worried for Ms. New York.

Asad got completely annoyed with the battle between his mind and brain with so many questions. He got up from his seat and stood near the door of the hut watching the rain pouring down heavily. Zoya noticed Asad staring at the rain. He was still in his wet vest and trousers. She got worried for him. He might catch cold.Atleast he could take off his vest.

She went to him and said: Mr. Khan you will get cold if you don't change. You can at least get rid of this vest. When it gets a little dry you can put it on.

Asad looked at her strangely.

As: I'm fine. Don't worry

He said a bit rudely. He was not happy with the fact that a girl had the audacity to empower his brain for such a long time. He was not a man who fancied women. He was simply happy with his work, mom and sister. For not even once did her consider love to be beautiful and dreamy. He was never ever ready to be a fool like his mom and ruin his life. He believed that he can never fall in love. But this girl has suddenly begun to break the chains around his locked heart. He never knew when she had made a space in his heart for her. He really cared for her and this fact was eating him up. She was a problem, he reminded himself but today when she saw her near to death he would not deny that he felt has if someone sucked life out of him. What was this strange feeling? He was getting more and more irritated with his thoughts about Zoya and that is when Zoya came up with a suggestion.

His reply surprised Zoya. Few minutes ago he was no nice to her but now he is back again in his AkduAhmed Khan mode. But Zoya was Zoya. She can't let him stay like this. She has a habit of getting worried and helping people. She can't get rid of it even if her zille ilahi gets her pinned inside four walls.

Z: Look Mr. Khan this is no time to argue. You can get sick. Please take off this vest and get inside near the fire.

Boy did she know she was raising his temper. By the look of her eyes he knew that she won't give up. He got inside, removed his vest and sat near the fire. Zoya did a victory dance in her mind and walked slowly towards the other side. But by mistake she stepped upon her lehnga and Asad stood up in an attempt to save her from falling over the fire. This resulted both of them landing over a heap of straw with Zoya beneath Asad. As they both got hold of her erratic breath due to the fall, her black gorgeous orbs met his greyish blues and they got lost in some other world.

Zoya's one hand was present on his bare chest while the other was rounded on his neck whereas Asad's hand held her shoulder while the other was placed on her bare waist. During the fall, her kurta of the lehnga lifted up a little exposing her waist on which Asad's hand landed. Asad felt an electrifying current in his whole body because of Zoya's touch on his six packs while Zoya's heart thudded rapidly as his hot breath fanned her face. Asad's eyes drifted a little and cherished her quivering lips. Her heart skipped a beat and chills ran down her spine as she noticed the object of his gaze. Asad had lost all control over his senses. He didn't know why but he was dying to hold her in his arms all evening. And now she was in his arms. All his values, beliefs, culture etc., blew away like a wind. His heart simply desired one thing-Miss Zoya Farooqui but the irony of the fact was that he himself was unaware of his true feelings.

Zoya closed her eyes in anticipation as he adjusted his face with her lips and bend down a little. She moaned as his hand caressed her bare waist. She clutched his back more tightly and dogged her nails in his six packs as she felt his lips just a millimeter away.


A loud sound of thunder broke their trance and they both were shocked. Their eyes were wide-opened. Asad immediately stood up cursing himself for such a sick act. He felt disgusted of himself. He looked at Zoya worriedly wondering what she thought of him. A smile formed on his face as he noticed the color matching the color of her dress on her cheeks. Her eyes were fixed on the ground. She was blushing. He smacked his heart mentally for jumping with joy. Suddenly they felt awkward. Zoya was stunned by her body's reactions what passed between her and jahanpanah a moment ago had left her confused. Mr. Six packs was about to kiss her and she readily gave herself to him. Allah miyan what's wrong with me? She thought. She didn't have the courage to meet his eyes.

Asad took a heap of straw and spread them on one side of the fire. He did the same to the other side of the fire. Zoya was still rooted at her spot looking everywhere but not at Asad.

To break the silence and awkwardness between them h said: You can make yourself comfortable on that side and I'll rest here.She nodded and both of them lied down on the straw. Zoya giggled as she saw Asad getting irritated by the straw owing to his cleanliness mania. Asad glared at her and she stifled her laugh but then broke up cracking completely.

Asad was glad that things had turned normal between them. He had never imagined behaving so untraditionally with a girl. He wondered what was wrong with him.OMG!! He was now thinking like Zoya and even uttering her dialogues. He concluded that he was going crazy.

Zo: Mr. Khan please don't mind but today you have to forget your obsession for perfection and cleanliness. You have no other option.

AS: Wow!! Thanks for the information Ms. Farooqui. I never knew that I was option less.

He glared at her while she giggled.

Zo: by the way Mr. Khan you are not that bad as I thought.

As: Mutual feelings Ms. Farooqui

Zo: Mr. Khan I'm sorry for landing up in such a trouble.

As: It's ok Ms. Farooqui. I know you risked all your life for my sister.

They talked while facing each other lying at a good distance from each other with the fire in between them. Time and again Zoya could not help but notice his six packs and admire his well-maintained body.

She was enjoying this short human like conversation with her zille ilahi for a change.

As: Ms. Farooqui can I ask you something? Didn't you think about your safety even once before Maryam?

Zo: Mr. Khan everything happened so quickly that I didn't have much time to think. Maryam was ready to commit suicide. I could not let her die or marry that disgusting person. I just thought that I'll save Maryam and followed my heart.

Asad smiled sarcastically. All along his life, he has followed his brain apart from the times when he met Ayaan secretly and did something for his ammi/Najma. Maximum times he looked at things logically and didn't react towards anything just in a minute.sh was completely opposite of him. She would listen to her heart and just take an action without listening to her heart even once.

Zo: Mr. Khan Allah miyan what's wrong with you. You are again lost somewhere.

As: Sorry I was just pondering over something.

Zo: Mr. Khan why do you always misinterpret me?

As: Because you don't think before doing something. You just act plainly without thinking whether it would be right or wrong.

Zo: Mr. Khan have you ever heard the word of just live in the moment? I simply act because I think I should just do what I feel is right. Why should I care about the future when it is unknown? Life is meant to have fun every single second, you know..

As: Life is not all about fun Ms. Farooqui. It brings along my trials and tribulations as well which may break you into thousands of pieces at times.

Zoya didn't fail to notice the distant look in his eyes.

Zo: Mr. Khan you don't need to safeguard your heart under the four corners of a wall. Let it beat and breathe properly. I know you have sealed your heart from the outside world. Why don't you just live in the moment and enjoy life?

Asad was surprised at the sudden focus of the conversation between them

As: Ms. Farooqui you know nothing about me. I'm happy the way I am.

Zo: You may pretend to be happy Mr. Khan but people close to you can feel the hollow in your eyes. They can see the mask that you put on all the time. They know that you smile for the sake of smiling and the genuine smile on your face appears very less.

As: Ms. Farooqui enough of the philosophical thoughts. I think we had a big day today. Let's sleep now.

Zo: Good night

As: Good night.

As Asad wished Zoya good night, he noticed that Zoya was shivering from cold.

He immediately stood up and went to her. Zoya stood up as well seeing him so concerned.

As: Zoya you are shivering. We don't have any cover for you. Let me check if you have fever. He checked her forehead and senses that it was a bit warm.

Zo: I'm fine Mr. Khan. Don't worry

As: No Zoya, you are not fine. Your forehead is warm.I am afraid that you'll get pneumonia.

Zoya felt cold from a long time but now she herself noticed the shivering is starting slightly.

Zo:Mr. Khan Actually I get cold a bit easily and I've been feeling chilly since a long time.But it's ok.The fire is here na. I'll be fine soon.

Asad looked at her unconvinced. He looked at the fire and noticed that the logs of wood shall get burnt up in half an hour. He stood up and looked around the hut to find a few more logs of wood but in vain. The lines on his forehead clearly mirrored the concern in his heart for Zoya. Zoya started shivering more.Asad put the straw on which he was sitting in the fire to increase the heat.

Zo: Mr. Khan why did you do this?Where will you sleep now?

As: Zoya I'm fine.Your health if more important now.The chills seem to increase.

Zo: Yeah! I think I'm going to have fever.

Asad went near her and sat next to her.

He asked her to lie down on the straw while he would sit near her legs at a corner.Zoya was worn out completely owing to the events of the day and now this fever,so she didn't argue for the first time and obeyed him silently.

Zoya looked at Asad who was staring at the fire and it seemed as if he was calculating the minutes till which the fire would last.

Zoya was a girl who always believed in love and was ready to welcome it with open arms. She has been acting quite strangely around Asad these days. She thought about all the instances since she met Asad. Slowly, she realized that she has grown fond of him. He may despise her and call her a problem but it is also true that he has been there for every single time she looked up for some help.He has been by her side like her guardian angel. He was surely her knight in shining armour saving her from all the troubles that landed up in her way.A smile formed on her face she saw lines of worry on his forehead. She loved the affection he showed for her and a small bubble of happiness formed inside her heart.She covered herself more properly with the dupatta as the tremors increased while her eyes never left his face.She was lying so close to man with bare torso yet she felt protected.She was surprised by the amount of trust she has developed for her six packs.Her body started aching and a moan escape her lips as she felt a severe pain in her head.Asad turned his neck and noticed her in agony.

As: Zoya what happened?

Zo: The side effects of fever Mr. Khan.I've got a head-ache.

Asad got worried and his brain started working on all possible things that he could do to stop her shivering and decrease her fever.Very soon the chills increased and alas!! This was just needed.The fire dried up as the woods finished.He himself experienced a chill down his body but thankfully his trousers had almost dried by the heat of the fire. He noticed that Zoya had half-closed her eyes but she was trembling badly. He had no idea what to do. He can't even use water to decrease her fever owing to her chills.Zoya's condition began  getting worse.Asad looked around the whole hut frantically for any cover or sheet but nothing of that sort was present.He went and sat near Zoya.He held her hand and began pressing his arms against hers to generate some heat.

As: zoya don't go to sleep please.If you sleep your condition may get bad.Zoya please talk to me.

Zoya's heart lighted up as she heard him calling her name.The word Zoya looked so beautiful from his mouth. The concern in his voice made her happy.

She tried to speak with her trembling lips:Mr. Khan I'll try not to doze off.The body ache is getting severe.

Asad noticed that her temperature was increasing and so were her shivers.

Suddenly something came into his mind but then it was too much for both of them.He can't imagine to hold any woman like this.He didn't want Zoya to think that he was trying to take advantage of her vulnerable state.But after 10 minutes he decided that nothing was more important than Zoya's health.

As: Zoya we have nothing right now in help to make your condition better.We need to stop your tremors otherwise you may fall terribly sick.The only option left is now to provide some body warmth

Zoya's eyes flickered open completely in shock.She was lying down with half-closed eyes struggling not to sleep.Her breath hitched as she experienced the chills from top to bottom of her body.

Zo: Mr. Khan are you out of your mind? Allah miyan what's wrong with you?

She stuttered while speaking but carried on.Asad was amused to see the stamina in this girl to speak even in such a bad situation.

Z: You keep on giving lectures of tradition and culture and now you got one chance and forgot everything.All men are the same.I didn't expect this from you.

Asad's eyes widened as he realized that she misinterpreted his intentions.

His eyes flared as he got annoyed thinking: How could she think of me so low?

As: Miss Farooqui.

BINGO! They were back to square one.

As: I have no intentions of what your dirty mind is considering right now.All I meant was that can I hug you.You are shivering badly now.From the past 45 minutes your condition is getting worse.You are my responsibility.How will I show my face to ammi if God forbids anything happens to you?I just wanted to hug you so that your chills may decrease a bit but if you have a death wish,I can do nothing.

Zoya looked away embarrassed.Her lips quivered and her cheeks turned a shade of red.Asad looked hurt and her heart ached to see him feeling bad because of her words.

Zo: Mr. Khan I'm sorry and I I '

For the second time this day,Zoya felt nervous. Her heart was beating errtically as she uttered the following sentence with all the strength that she had.

Zo: Mr. Khan I think you are right..I didn't want to hurt you.You you can hug me.

Saying that she closed her eyes tightly while Asad could not help but smirk at her anxiety.He never thought that he would see Ms. New York getting all flushed and apprehensive.

As he noticed Zoya tremble badly, he stopped admiring how beautiful she looked in such a nervous state and lied down next to her.He slowly lied half above her and holding by the shoulders he embraced her in her arms.Zoya felt a bit better and placed her arms around his neck  and back.It took all the scontrol Asad had from not placing a kiss on her nape and his was head buried in her neck.He caressed her shoulders up and down with his arms trying to stop her tremors.He turned her such that they both lied facing each other.He moved all her wet hairs away from her body and continued rubbing her arms along their length.He didn't fail to notice her hitched breath in his hold and the way her body reacted to her.He was surprised by the reaction of his own body.Zoya gulped as his both breath fanned her throat and his nose nuzzled on her earlobe. Asad groaned as he felt her hands moving up and down his bare back a little.Zoya felt a strange desire in her bod.She was engulfed in the arms of a man who was completely bare on the upper side.Asad's hands slid to Zoya's back and he began caressing her up and down.Only he knew how he controlled himself from not snapping open the doris of her kurta at the back.His mind aroused several wild desires inside him.Her softness was pressed against his bare chest and her hands on his naked back did nothing but aroused the beast inside him. He kept caressing her shoulders,arms and back with much difficulty.This girl's touch was creating havoc inside his body.He has never ever felt so strongly for a woman. Even in the dim light of the lantern,he noticed how beautiful she looked.She was getting pale because of her ill health yet she looked pretty.He shrugged off her thoughts reminding himself that he can feel nothing for anyone.After a while he noticed that she had stopped trembling and moved back a little to notice that she had slept.Her temperature was getting lower.He tried to move back but she had his arms around him much tightly.He was afraid to disturb her.So he decided to be like this for a while till her slumber gets deeper and then he'll move back.He didn't know when sleep engulfed him in its charm as well.

The first rays of the morning light entered the hut and blessed the couple who were snuggled up in each other's arms.Zoya half-opened her eyes as the sun rays directly hit her.She tried to move but was unable to do so.Her eyes wide-opened in realization as she noticed a pair of muscular arms holding her tightly.She looked at Asad whose head was buried under neck.Her heart skipped a beat as she felt his hot breaths on her neck.She attempted to remove his arms after getting off her own arms from his back but he pulled her more closer to him.She got stunned when she something wet on her collar bone.Her dupatta had slid off a little from her shoulder during the sleep exposing her soft creamy skin near the shoulder.She realized that Asad had placed a soft kiss on her collar bone in his sleep.

A blush formed upon her face but she soon came back to reality.She remembered the last night events and turned more crimson thinking how jahanpanah took care of her.The way he tried to revive her back frm her worse health by maintaining her and his own dignity made her respect him even more.She didn't know when her hand lifted up and caressed his cheeks.

Asad felt something cold on his cheeks and got disturbed.He oepend his eyes only to see Ms. Farooqui looking at with a smile and strange emotions in his eyes which he could not decipher rather he didn't want to decipher them. Zoya pulled back her hand anxiously and looked down turning deep root red and Asad realized the reason of her nervousness. He immediately made her free from his arms and they both stood up.

There was an awkward silence between them.But Zoya thought to break this silence as she needed to thank him.

Zo: Thank you Mr. Khan for saving my life.

As: Ms. Farooqui I'm sorry.Last night you had held me so tightly that I didn't think of disturbing you.I thought I'll get off after a while but I don't know when I dozed off.

Zoya's cheeks got pink and she looked at the ground nervously fidgeting with her dupatta.He could not help but grin at her apprehensive state.Finally she was showing some symptoms of being a girl..

Z: It's ok.

As: Let's go now.

Zoya nodded and they both went to the place where they had left their vehicle and zoomed off to Bhopal.

On their way to Bhopal, they fell short of words. They remained silent all the time engrossed in their own thoughts.

When they reached home, Dilshad almost got a heart attack finding both of them in such a dismantled state.

Asad told her the whole story after calling the doctor to check upon Zoya. Zoya simply smiled and admired his thoughtfulness.


It has been a week since they had returned from Mangalpur. Dilshad and Najma were quite surprised to see Zoya so silent. They found her in deep thoughts all the time. Asad's condition was no different from Zoya.He didn't even ask Najma to clean his cup and place everything properly on the dining table. Once Zoya scattered a bowl of shahi paneer on the dining table but Asad didn't even say a single word and nor did he show any sign of disapproval. Instead, he smiled a little watching Zoya looking scared at him. The look in his eyes said: Some things can never change. He simply stood up from the table and went to his room.

Since the day they both have returned, they didn't exchange a single word. There was an awkward situation between them. Both of them were deeply entangled in their own chain of thoughts. They were damn confused about their feelings. Earlier, they used to fight but atleast they talked to each other. But now the sudden silence in their relationship was eating them both from inside. Both Dilshad and Najma tried to ask Asad and Zoya if everything is alright with them and all they got as an answer was an assurance that they were fine which didn't seem to convince both the ladies. They both have found Asad and Zoya stealing glances at each other

One day Asad was working in his office but his thoughts went back to Zoya time and again. His heart filled up with warmth as he recollected how close they were that night. First the journey to the hut was so eventful and then the night in the hut with Zoya in his arms was something that he was not able to get off his mind. He was unable to understand what was wrong with him. He wished he could talk to Ayaan but his ammi's oath restricted him from doing so.Ayaan was the one who could help him with his emotional turmoil.Lately,he has found himself staring at Zoya and forgetting everything around him. He was not used to all this. This girl was working upon his brains and he was just not able to recognize why he felt a pull towards her as if she was a magnet.

As: That was it.He could not take the torture anymore.He loved her non-stop banter.He missed bickering with her.He missed their stupid fights.He missed her world's most annoying shayaris.He missed her laughter that filled his house with joy and happinees.The fact was that he was dying to see Zoya's old self back.He was missing her badly.Also,he needed to keep his mind straight.He decided to talk to Zoya and ask why she is messing up with her brain.

He stood up and went home.

Zoya was sitting in the living hall when Asad barged in.

Dilshad and Najma had gone to a wedding  of a relative this morning and shall return back tomorrow.The fact that she will be alone with jahanpanah again in this house was making her jittery.The memories of the last night were still fresh in her mind.Only she knew how she stopped herself from caressing his hot six packs.She could not describe in words the solace she experienced in his arms.It seemed as if she can live safely in his arms forever away from the bad eyes of the whole world.She just wanted to be in his arms forever.She blushed a little as she recollected Asad's kiss on collar  bone. The feeling still lingered on and she felt herself tremble just with the thought of being so close to him.

Asad walked in the house and noticed Zoya in the hall.He didn't fail to see that she was smiling in her thoughts.His heart created a bubble of happiness inside him as a question formed in his mind: Could she be thinking about him?the blush on her cheeks seemed familiar to him and he took small steps towards her.

A cough brought Zoya back to earth and she was startled to find Asad standing infront of her eyeing her keenly.

Zo: You are back early.I'll get coffee for you.

Asad nodded and watched her retreating back.

He went to his room to freshen up.He was aware that they were going to be alone tonight,so he thought to talk to her in peace.

As he walked to the kitchen to check upon Zoya,he heard Zoya's voice.

Zo: Aapi I told you na I'm not going to get married until and unless I accomplish my task for which I've come to India.Aapi  why don't you understand that I don't want to get married.Aapi you can't fix my nikaah again without my wish.

Asad's nostrils flared and his eyes burned with anger hearing Zoya talking about her own marriage. The fact of Zoya belonging to someone else broke all the shields around his heart.He walked towards her in rage.Zoya noticed Asad's presence and told her aapi to call her back later.

Zo: Mr. Khan what happened?

She was frightened to see him angry like a lion.He moved ahead while she took a step back.

Z: Mr. Khan what happened?

Before she could speak anything else,Asad closed the distance between them pinned her to the wall wide-opening both her arms on the wall and smacked his lips upon hers.Zoya was too shocked to react but she felt him probing further she lost all control over herself.She responded back matching his passion. They kissed each other fervourly.Asad deepened the kiss while entwining his fingers with Zoya on both the arms and bit her lower lip.There was a mad passion and intensity in kiss. Zoya's head spinned as she gasped by his bite and let him taste her full on mouth with his tongue.Asad licked the blood that flew from her lips because of his bite and relished her whole mouth with his tongue.Their tongues danced together fighting for dominance and they just drowned themselves getting frenzy.After 10 long minutes Asad broke the kiss and attached his forehead against hers.Zoya was deeproot red. Her eyes were fixed on the ground while he admired he aftermath of their kiss on her face.

As: You are mine.Miss Farooqui.Only mine.Don't you dare to think about your marriage with someone else.

Zoya's eyes lifted up in amazement.She noticed the fire in his eyes as he finished speaking those words.

Zoya forgot to breathe as she felt him leaning closer and burying his head in her nape.

He bit her earlobe and whispered: What have you done to me Miss Faroqqui.I can't get you out of my mind for a single second.Why are you messing up with me?Don't you know I'm fire and you'll burn with me.

Zoya registered the meaning of his words a minute late and tears of happiness flew down her face.She was delighted to hear him confess his feelings indirectly.Their arms were still entwined in each other.

Zo: We won't burn Mr. Khan.I'll take you out of the fire in which you have been burning yourself for years.

She said with a hope in her eyes.

He moved back to see her smiling with lots of love and affection in her eyes.

As: What if I hurt you just like my father hurt my mother?

Zo: You are not like your father Mr. Khan. You are your mom's son.You are a person who never thinks about himself over the happiness of his family.You are the person who can risk his life even for a stranger.  You are a selfless man,Mr. Khan.You are the son of your mom and not your dad.

She removed one hand from his grip and caressed his cheeks lovingly.She placed a tender kiss on his forehead assuring him that they will be fine, together.

Asad's lips curved into a smile and he could not help but place his lips upon hers again.his ammi has been telling him for years that love is made for everyone.But he was afraid to fall in love.He was afraid to give pain to someone just like his father gave to his mother.But Zoya was like a sunshine in his life. She managed to take him out of all the darkness that was surrounded around him  for years.For the first time,he was not afraid to love someone. He was delighted to  see that Zoya felt the same about him.This was the first time when he has started thinking about himself,about his life with Zoya.During the second kiss he simply showed her how happy he felt at this moment.He was gentle,soft and caring.This kiss was a promising kiss.As they broke,he whispered slowly while their foreheads were still attached with closed eyes and their nose tips touching each other,I don't know when and how but you have managed to steal away my heart Ms. Farooqui.I think I've lost myself to you.Is this what is called love?

Zoya opened her eyes and tears slipped down her cheeks.

Zo: Yes Mr. Khan this is called love.I love you.

Asad opened his eyes with a wide grin on his face.He pecked her lips, pulling her closer to the waist with the free hand and said: I love you too Miss Zoya Farooqui.

Their eyes met again and this time when their lips met they forgot everything around them.Their lips sucked each other urgently. Asad's one hand slipped under her top by tucking it off her jeans while Zoya snaked her arms around his neck and started ruffling his hairs.Their tongues played together as they kissed each other hungrily. Without breaking the kiss, Asad lifted up Zoya and her knees automatically curled around his legs. He walked swiftly from the kitchen, passing the hall and they both fell on the bed.As the kiss ended, Asad diverted his face to her neck and pleasured her with his soft tender kisses on the whole throat. Zoya has been dying to touch his six packs since the day she has gate crashed his bathroom.Her fngers worked upon his kurta and Asad helped her in taking off in a minute. Along with the kurta,the vest also flew away in some corner of the room.

Asad bit her earlobe seductively and murmered: Do you know how much I have wanted you since the moment I saw you in that red lehnga that night.What have you made me Miss Farooqui?

Zoya flushed while he caressed her red cheeks admiring how beautiful she looked while blushing. He soon replaced his knuckles with his lips and showered her face with numerous kisses.His face moved down to her neck and he nibbled her neck. His teeth grazed her collar bone while Zoya digged her nails at his bare back. She felt ecstatic as her hands roamed around his bare torso while he moaned and grew even wilder with his touches. His fingers worked upon the buttons of her top as he lost all his control feeling his lips on his chest. Zoya's breath got stuck in her throat as he slid his hands inside her top and twitched her rippling stomach.

His other hand caressed her neck and he slowly undid the buttons of her top.She closed her eyes and he stopped when he reached the last button to look at her face. She looked so beautiful and pure.Her innocence was clearly visible on her face.All that was happening between them was new for both of them.He knew that they were moving fast but he was also aware that both of them were dying to be in each other's arms since that night.

He moved up and said slowly in her ears: Miss Zoya Farooqui kya aapko apne Akdu Ahmed Khan urf jahanpanah six packs urf Asad Ahmed Khan se nikaah qubool hai?

She opened her eyes in shock as she interpreted the meaning of his words.Tears of happiness appeared in her eyes.

As: I didn't propose you to see you in tears.Am I that bad love?

She hit his arms with a smile and said: haan qubool hai'

He bent down and sucked her tears taking her in another soft kiss.The kiss that began on a gentle note soon got passionate and they both lost control over their senses completely.Asad's kissed her with all his might while his hands slowly slid off the top to both the sides revealing her front.She moaned as he moved down and bit in between the hollow of her curves. Her hands wandered around his six packs and bare back bringing out all the raw desires inside him. He noticed how she quivered as his eyes checked her feminine curves.Taking all the control he had, he rolled off to other side and closed her buttons.

She was surprised to see him leave her all of a sudden.She opened up her eyes and gave him a questioning look.

As: I think I'll have to ask ammi to fix our marriage tomorrow itself because I won't be able to resist you for a long time.

Zoya smiled and appreciated that he noticed her easiness in taking their relationship ahead.

He pulled her closer to her such that she half-lied upon her and said: I know that no matter how much modern you are from outside,but at heart you are still an Indian.I'm ready to wait till our marriage and trust me it's going to be really hard.

She blushed a little, caressed his chest and placed her head upon it after planting a tender kiss on his neck saying:I wonder where we would have been if I had not let Maryam run away from her nikaah.

Asad frowned and said:Do you know how scared I was to see you so close to death.I think that was the moment when my feelings began changing for you.

Zo: Really.Well that trip to Mangalpur shall always be a journey to remember forever.Isn't it?  I love you so much Asad

Asad: I love you too.

With this two people, whose paths crossed each other by chance,decided to become soulmates on a journey to remember forever..


Love you all


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OMG asmaHeartDay Dreaming i love it...pehle toh as all ur lovelyy posts its hell long n i love long osWink...beautifully written:)

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Amazingly written Asma..I love it!!
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Originally posted by shanakyasharan

OMG asmaHeartDay Dreaming i love it...pehle toh as all ur lovelyy posts its hell long n i love long osWink...beautifully written:)

Karu thanks a lot for such a lovely appreciation dear.
I'm glad that you loved it.
You are a sweetheart ,you know that.Big smile

crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by fly_chick

Amazingly written Asma..I love it!!

Thanks a lot yaar.I'm happy to know that you loved it.
It has been so many days since I saw you here.How have you been darling?
I missed you a lot.

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Really enjoyed it. Hope you write more Big smile

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Originally posted by delena90

Really enjoyed it. Hope you write more Big smile

Thanks a lot dear.I'm happy to know that enjoyed reading this OS.
I'll try to write more in future.
Take care!
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Asma Hug
Long os but loved it
Asad saved her like a hero n thn the almost kiss n can i hug u uff i would die if Asad seriously say tht in serial LOL
Awsum one
N their confession n realization was too gud

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