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ARHI SIMH... CHS 44, 45, 46 UPDATED! PG 66 (Page 2)

abika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 3:30am | IP Logged
wow intresting pls con sooon

ziya-farhannish Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 12:44pm | IP Logged



"AAP AAGAYE?...par u told me u will come only after two weeks" a surprised Anjali asked shyam who was being ushered in by HP. 

"why?!, I cant come home early without announcement?"..shyam was barely concealing his annoyance'

"are aap tho bura maan gaye'I was only asking"'

"sorry ranisaheba ..bas kaam ka tension tha aur aap pe nikaldiya'sorry" 

shyam tried his best to cheer up a pouting Anjali'but he was seething from within'he was frustrated..he just came to know that police had frozen his accounts after having charged a case against him which was filed by buaji. He was not afraid of losing the case'he will win since has had made sure that no evidence exists for his stay at lakshminagar. and as for the few witnesses, nobody says no to money'do they?. But what worried him was the mess that will be created at shantivan, he would be able to convince them of his innocence as usual, it wasn't difficult to fool them'but after that he would have to be extremely careful and might even have to discard his usual activities and even the money that was being given out generously by rani saheba might start to be noticed .argh! y did this have to be so difficult if trouble stared by saale saab was not enough! He couldn't even see khushiji these days! where is she?..

"rani saheba'.where is everybody gone?"

"chotte and khushi has left to pick lavanya at the airport 'she is arriving today at 4..nk bhai has also arrived and has gone with them'I don't know y he does that'chotte seemed to be really annoyed with him..almost insulted him but he still refused to be left behind and got into the car and left with them'khushiji was in tears seeing chotte scream mercilessly at nk bhai..i wonder whats with chotte nowadays!...oh and payal and akash will be with the guptas for the weekend'seems shashiji is worse now'I do really hope he gets better'nani and mami has gone to visit him at the hospital"'

shyam nodded but his mind was already working'something in what Anjali said dint fit'what was it?


            "NK! FOR THE LAST TIME CAN U PLZ STAND STRAIGHT!!"...arnav was exhausted.. they had reached the airport a while ago and there seemed to be no sign of lavanya. Khushi  was unusually mum which bothered arnav and NK was chirpier than usual which irritated arnav to the core'why was he so insisting to go with them?...ever since he had arrived he was following khushi like a dog! That's exactly what he was doing'and arnav was sure if he had a tail he would have wagged it happily jogging behind khushi'arnav checked his phone and saw di calling..

"yes di'.oh he has arrived?so early ?ok'.no lavanya hasn't come out yet'I don't know whats taking her'ok I will call u  bye".

."Who has arrived? " NK quizzed as soon as he switched it off..

"shya'..jeetaji'",what arnav wasn't prepared for was the sudden paling of NKs face and his protective glance at khushi..and then NK was suddenly mum' Arnav looked behind to see khushi looking down and fidgeting with the dupatta'Did NK know?...but how?

"!!ASR!!", "KHUSHI!!" lavanya waded outside through the crowd with a five pieces of luggage!


 "I CANT BELIEVE IT!!"'..nani felt weak

"and sasumma I DON'T BELIEVE IT'.DONT'.HOW on earth can we take the word of these low people on our sweet handsome damaadji?!!


"nahi akaShbitwa nAhi!!"


"saasumma aap inke baton me mat aayiye  ye lo..'"

"jee...samdhanji ko jo teek lage...par hum humari bitya ko nahin jaane denge us ghar main wapas!"..hollered a usually meek bauji .turning to akash "beta hume maaf karo'isse zyada humse umeed mat karo'usne meri jaan lene ki koshish ki thaaki khushi ko apna paaye'aise aadmi ke saath mere bachiya rahein ye mujhe bilkul manzoor nahi!!"

"ghabraiye math! If damaadji is what u say he is 'he will not be there much longer and also if chotte has forcibly married khushi due to this reason'I will take the rest of the decisions in my house'Namaste!!" a devastated nani got upto leave.

"rukiye naniji 'I want to tell u something"payal stopped her and took her into the room and explained how she intended to bring everything out in the open.


that was chapter 4 !!Dancing

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Shayam is back nice !! Shyam had Case filed against him ?
Oh ! Payal Want's to bring everything out what will happen ?
Continue soon
Thanks for the PM
abika IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2011
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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 2:10am | IP Logged
wow intrtesting con soon
loved it
thaks for pm
ziya-farhannish Senior Member

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 12:41pm | IP Logged



"Oh my god!   U both look so cute together!!,  u know what khushi, I knew before I left ki both of you were simply meant to be together,soo in love!!!"

NK snorted at that and coughed hardly trying to disguise it. All three of them turned to look at him  

"And who might this be?"..

"leave it , lavanya whats with all this luggage?..  arnav tried tugging at the luggage as if trying to figure out how to fit it into his car.

"oh come on ASR u haven't changed one bit.and chamkeeli what is it with u and u and silent??"

"nk don't just stand there, help me dammit!"

"sorry nannav mere bhai'its your friend'I think u should do it yourself, chaliye khushiji get into the car ..its not good to stand in the sun for so long.." to say arnav was shocked would have been an understatement.. nk never refused like that .. he was always that helping gene like khushi did..

Both la and nk reached together for the door'but nk was too preoccupied in his thoughts about how to keep  khushi away from shyam once they reach that he did not bother to acknowledge lavanya and got inside and shut the door behind him. Lavanya stamped her foot to which khushi smiled..

"woh ..he is mamijis relation from Sydney, y don't u sit in the front'.?"

 Khushi said opening the door for her..

"no khushi'I'll sit here'hey! Would u mind? Move yourself so I can sit?" nk stared at her for a while and then moved over to the other side. lavanya got in and put two of her handbags on him and started readjusting her make up.  meanwhile arnav had somehow slammed the luggage in and got into the drivers seat'.

"u know chamkeeli,asr, iam so happy now' my parents have decided to get me settled 'and I am going to have an arranged marriage! With all those rituals like u told me khushi'I am here to meet the eligibles my family has found!

"lavanyaji!!i am so haapy for you!"

"what the?! Lavanya you and arranged marriage?!"

 And then they sat discussing the pros and cons of arranged marriages. khushi started to be her old self and the other three started feeling lighter bcoz of that..

"ok I ve got the list right here..let see asr do u know rohit singhania?"

"of singhania industries? no way lavanya' he is too much of a fraud for you"

"ok maan singh khurana'khurana industries?"

"nope heard he was in love with some geet"

"viraat choudhary'.in new york right now his dada is.."

"mr. choudhary'he is not ur type'more of an angry young man"

"nandkishore sharma..australia''''."

"NOWAY!!" came two voices in unision.""see'even he agrees'hw can I marry someone with such an old name!"

"oi,and who would want to get married to u?"

"whaat!!how dare you!!what IS your problem?!"

"my problem!?, iam nandkishore sharma!"

"oh!dont worry'u r removed from my list!"

"u'why would you'remove me 'I'll remove you from my list!!"

" nanneji..what list r u talking about?"

"'my friiends list'yes my friends list"

"I am not ur friend dumbo!"

"how dare u call me dumbo u pathetic murat!

"nannheji...its aurat!"

"HOW D'..""STOP IT YOU TWO!!"barked arnav and received his call.

"speak up aman'I don't have all day or the patience'I am driving "

"sir there is some urgent news I got to know from sources'its about mr. jha"

"I'll get there as soon as I drop these cartoons home."







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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
I guess this was the funniest chapter till now
Loved nk and la's fights
And Arnav called them cartoons
Thanks for the PM
Continue soon
ziya-farhannish Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 4:13pm | IP Logged

Chapter 6


Arnav stared at aman furiously'.how could he have gone wrong?...the news had shaken him terribly!...buaji had registered a complaint against shyam for posing as an unmarried gentleman and tried to fool them into marrying her niece to him'.her niece'.. 'his khushi!...slowly bits of memories started cropping up ..her fiances name was also shyam!...her engagement being broken!...her tears that day'must have been then that she realized shyams faade! the pieces fell together at the right places, arnav started feeling the guilt eat into him'he did not realize as he mechanically strode out of his office room signaling aman with a hand'neither he nor aman could make out what he meant by it'.

                    He  found himself driving home and walking upto his house ' his hand halted at the doorknob'he stood there a few seconds and took a deep breath'no'.. this is not how it has to be 'he was not prepared' he took a few more moments to gather himself and then started to think.. when he entered the house moments later'it was ASR walking into the room'.

          If there was hell, nk would personally make sure shyam was packed tightly into a crate labeled "DUNG" and shipped there'they had arrived to find the family returned from the satsang and fussing over the stupid snake and then they had turned onto the latest nagoona (he meant namoona) and started fussing over her'.nobody except him noticed the snakes whispers and glances towards khushiji and it took him all his willpower not to punch him then and there'.khushiji '.poor thing was shivering scared'what is it that he could do'he had promised payalji that he would look after her without letting shyam know'but he was not sure about that now'..


Lavanya was bothered by what she saw 'ever since they had arrived khushi had been shivering'as if'as if she was scared of someone

'la could not  figure out the exact thing but she had the gut feeling that khushis problem was shyam and she could see that everybody else was blind to this'except'except for the idiot nk. And she knew it because he kept hovering over khushi as if he were her personal angel protecting her from harm'

she amusedly kept watching from the sides and suddenly picked up the few dirty glances that were being directed from jeeju to khushi!...did arnav know?...oh god! She wouldn't have told him most probably scared of his anger!!...

"chamkeeli!!, we need to talk!!"'she pulled khushi from the couch and smiled at everybody'

"I am tired and still want to catch up onto everything that happened'can I take khushi with me?"..

"plzz nani' di'"'.:

NO!,"  nk bit his tongue suddenly for shouting so stupidly'

"umm'no'I want to talk to khushiji about something first !"

"well you can talk to her after I have finished!"

"are u DEAF? I said it was urgent!"

"nk! Lavanyaji! Stop both of you! U have been at each others throats ever since u met!""lets talk together ok!?"

          Saying this khushi looped her arm through both theirs and pulled them upstairs in to her room'.

End of chapter 6


Phew!!i am sorry for the delay 'I was thinking for a better name and came up with "       " SOMEWHERE 'IN MY HEART "..I hope its good!

plz comment and share ur thoughts...

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
Well this title is better and don't stop sending me PM's because I want to know how the story is it takes time to unfold
Don't worry if the response is bad it with be good in sometime I remember when I started my first ff it took time to get readers and sometimes you don't know how many people read as there are silent readers as well
The update was nice
ASR came to know some truth
Continue soon

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