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ARHI SIMH... CHS 44, 45, 46 UPDATED! PG 66

ziya-farhannish Senior Member

Joined: 01 April 2012
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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 2:30am | IP Logged
cmy first ff guys!! please let me know your views!!


The story is same as in ipkknd till the part on the terrace when khushi tries to commit suicide and arnav confronts her...

Please comment and support me!

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ziya-farhannish Senior Member

Joined: 01 April 2012
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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 2:30am | IP Logged
index of chapters

chapters 1, 2 and 1
chapters 4, 5, and 6  pg 2
chapter 7 and 8  pg 3
chapter 4
chapter 5
chapter 6
chapter 8
chapter 13 .. pg 9
chapter 14 11
chapter 15 13
chapter 16.. pg 15
chapter 17.. pg 17
chapter 18..  pg 19
chapter 19.. pg 21
chapter 20.. pg 24
chapter 21.. pg 26
chapter 22.. pg 27
chapter 23.. pg 28
chapter 24.. pg 29
chapter 25.. pg 31
chapter 26.. pg 33
chapter 27.. pg 34
chapter 28.. pg 36
chapter 29.. pg 38
chapter 30.. pg 40
chapter 31.. pg 42
chapter 32.. pg 44
chapter 33.. pg 45
chapter 34.. pg 48
chapter 35.. pg 50
chapter 36.. pg 52
chapter 37.. pg 54
chapter 38 55
chapter 39 57
chapter 40 58
chapter 41 60
chapter 42 62
chapter 43 64

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ziya-farhannish Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 6:29am | IP Logged

Chapter 1

Khushi was silent all the way back to shantivan...she had been different at home too...she had hugged garima as if she would never be returning home..kissed buaji on the forehead with silent tears and rushed of to meet bauji in his room...arnav watched with curiosity as well as anger...she did not reply, he had thought ..if she had been innocent she would have, wouldnt she?...

it took him all his patience as he waited for almost an hour for her to come out and finally when he barged in he found her sleeping in baujis lap..

."what the?!"...

But bauji did not look up...when he checked he found bauji also sleeping with dried tears on his face..the whole family is one of a kind...he thought now of whether bauji had been really asleep bcoz it had been difficult for arnav to pry away his hands of khushis shoulder when arnav tried to carry her to her bed.and the look tht came nxt was almost pleading as if asking arnav not to hurt her anymore...garima and buaji had taken her behaviour tht as she must be sad to be returning to shantivan away frm them and so had tried to cheer her up  saying they will visit her soon..

the car screeched to a stop...why was she quiet?dammit! 

"so, it seems u have no excuses made up in your bag,isnt it""were u that confident u would never be caught?...

khushi was silent...she waited for a while before answering 

"you werent questioning me back there,were u?""NO,  u were giving your verdict,it couldnt have been any other way because THE ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA has decided it was so""and me KKg THE golddigger DARE contradict him?! nope i have no whatever u think is right mr. raizada and believe me when i say this i share the way u feel abt this marriage..i cant wait for the six months to get over and for u to throw me out of this marriage"" .

arnav was shocked!he was angered...and an angry asr was a bad sign..

"so i was right wasnt i?"..

"oh! are u asking now?!...what will u do if i tell u that u were wrong??can u rewind things and remove the pain and disgrace i suffered??"

khushi was getting upset now and he saw her trying to calm herself down by breathing deeply as if to say something..arnav smirked..she didnt have any idea of how exctly he had found them on the terrace, did she?but before he could get a word out she said quietly

"its ok Arnavji, it must be DMs way of telling me that hiding things from u were wrong...i knew the bonding between di and u , i did not want to hurt you both. but i guess i was wrong..anyways u dont have to blackmail me anymore..i will do anything for anjaliji as much as my jiji..""

"what the" 

now what did she mean by that?"and he saw her deciding to say something tht seemed to be difficult for her 

"i ll wait for six months until anjaliji is safe for the truth"

oh! this sentence crushed arnav  "  the truth?!"it was still true"she looked up into his eyes and she could see what he was thinking but no she decided she would not tell him of her was for him to find out himself!!...atleast she knew the reason now..she thought..

end of chapter 1

so tht was it my first chapter!
hw was it?


nks entry and more people come to know of the reason behind the wedding!

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Nice start
I am already wondering what will happen when nk will enter the story
Please PM me when you update

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ziya-farhannish Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 2:51pm | IP Logged


The ride to shantivan ended too soon for both of them..khushi wanted to know more about the question in arnav's eyes while arnav was starting to get a real headache with all those unanswered questions going about his head.

"chote!"' eversmiling Anjali came to greet them at the doorstep.

"di,why r u standing at the.." the question was never finished as he saw shyam moving out with luggage in both hands and a smirk on his face .

 "oh! He is going to finish some work somewhere'.so I was just seeing him off'.but y did u guys come back so early?"Anjali questioned,

 "exactly saalesaab'weren't u planning to come a few days later?"the snake interrupted with the devil grin. And arnav reacted by pulling khushi closer to his side but before he could retort another voice came from behind shyam'

"who  jeetaaji'..i wanted to go home for a few days.. so I had asked khushi to be here"

Everybody turned around to see the always subdued payal a little agitated about something. .And payal gave shyam a glare that didn't go unnoticed by arnav.

 But she let go of the expression very quickly and smiling to Anjali..

" di i was about to ask u to help me convincing maaji'I just called home and maa said bauji is not well'seems khushis leaving distressed him"'"I already talked to naani about it"'

"bauji'"khushis whisper interrupted her'"are pagli!...y r u still at the door?'s nothing baujis fine and I'm going na'I'll take care and call u soon.."payal replied looking at her sister lovingly..

"but still"'khushi did not seem convinced 'she looked at arnav..arnav nodded once and started to talk but payal interrupted firmly

"I insist, I want to see bauji and if necessary I will call"..and arnav was surprised payal never talked to him unless necessary and here she was looking him in the eye and speaking so confidently tht he couldn't contradict her without making a scene!

Even the rest of them seemed surprised but payal had eyes only for khushi'she went to her ..took her by the hand and led to her room helping her with the luggage'after settling khushi into her room and insisting she take rest,  payal returned to the living room to find shyam gone and arnav fussing over Anjali abt her medicines and rest'payal waited for Anjali to move upstairs and before arnav could return to his room'she went upto him.

 "I m going home for two days and I requested akash to come with me since I want to take bauji to a better hospital urgently'has akash talked to u yet?"..arnav was caught ofguard again  with a more intimidating payal than the usual meek one.

"No. its ok . I will talk to akash about it and get the work allocated to someone else"

"ok and one more thing, I know u r buzy with looking after di and all that but can I request you to make sure khushi is safe until I return?"'arnav was again shocked by that question. what did payal know?

 "what do u mea...''

"SCREEECH" the question was never completed as they rushed outside to see what tht noise was'





And finally the noise went down as the biker tht dropped nk home left aas soon as he saw arnavs glare..

"That was soo coool..wasnt it?where r all the rest payal babhi?"

"naniji has left for the satsang and maa is in her room sleeping Anjali and khushi just left for taking rest in their rooms now'oh! akash has arrived...I am leaving for buajis today...nanheji do take care of khushi will call as soon as I get there..."        she nodded at both of them and rushed out before arnav could even stop her..

He decided to follow and stop her but turned back and started walking faster towards their room as soon as he heard "KHUSHIJI,,,,'I AM HERE'!!"



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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2013 at 4:23am | IP Logged
What will happen with nk's entry I still don't know waiting for the story to unfold
Does payal know why Arnav and Khushi got married
And why is nk saying that her nanhe ji is back ?
Little confused
Nice update
Thanks for PM
Do continue soon..

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ziya-farhannish Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2013 at 8:14pm | IP Logged


Khushi sighed. She did not know what was worse.arnavji 's doubts regarding her and that snake or his doubts regarding her and poor nanheji'..she watched apprehensively as arnav paced the room with the angry expression etched on his face'.arnav had barged into her room right behind nanheji and gave him an earful about some noisy bikes and threw him out before he could even register what was happening'and thus the pacing had begun'khushi did not know what to do as she waited with fear on what was coming next'after a few more min.s of angry pacing the speed considerably lessened and finally tired of everything arnav fell on the recliner and started to relax further falling into a tired sleep. It was only as she saw his steady breathing did she relax and bent her head back onto the headrest to doze off herself'

Meanwhile... Things were taking a different turn at the gupta household'akash was looking warily at his definitely buzzing wife' payal was busy rechecking plans which had been very cautiously worked out a day earlier by herself'then looking around ,buaji for once was silent and amma was with bauji in the other room.


He could not believe it'.he had not done when payal had come tiptoeing to their room one day and informed him to prepare himself for the shock he was about to have and then told him about jeeju being an impostor and staying at the gupta house. He had been about to laugh it off when she told him that shyam was khushis former fiance and continued to tell him of how they got to know about it and broke off the engagement. 

He started to get angry for not having been informed about it earlier .payal stopped him and asked him with a raised eyebrow to inform his brother and sister of the matter if he was so capable. Akash had fumed, got off the bed and rushed to his brother who was screaming at somebody on the other end of his phone. He gulped and decided to inform Anjali instead'but as soon as he saw her, she was smiling holding her hand on her tummy..he just couldn't go up and inform her that her world was based on a pot full of lies'as he stood silently cursing himself he saw arnav disconnecting the call and moving towards him'he prepared himself to speak up but again arnav spoke to him 

"di looks so happy doesn't she?, sometimes I feel everything was worth it to see this smile"'''"akash...i will destroy everything that comes in her way of happiness " 

And akash shuddered at the feel of his voice as it carried onto him and neither noticed both their gazes moving toward the angel who was giggling whispering something in Lakshmi's ears'

Akash came out of his thoughts as he saw maaji steering bauji out of the room and he went forward to help'but was shocked when he saw baujis hand rise slowly as if to say no need..

"pp..payalbeta maine thumse kaha tha na khushi ko waha pe akele math aana .." payal stood up

"nahi bauji, who akeli nahin hain' nanheji unke paas hain..unhone humse kaha ki..

""NK?" akash was surprised..

"jee'I called him up to see whether he knew anything about shyam but he did not know about that'but I happened to get a different shock"..

Payal went silent again'

"akash'do u know y khushi dint tell us about the wedding?"'akash looked up'"coz she didn't know herself'""jet ...arnavji  forced her to marry him and that too a six month wedding by which she has to leave shantivan after six months!


"Yes akash'and do u know how he made her to do it''.. by threatening to break our marriage" "but NK doesn't seem to know why this rushed wedding took place and he assumes its bcoz of shyam"

Akash  was at a loss for words for every new thing being discovered

 "how'how did NK know?!"

"oh that he told me he had accidentally left his video recorder on and has the entire recording of arnav threatening khushi'he checked out the vids only after reaching Sydney and even though angry, he said, he had decided to keep his silence for khushi and then arrive at the end of six months when she might need his support, but when I called he was more than willing to come, in his words, "for his dear friend khushiji..."".



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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 3:03am | IP Logged
Nice update
Can I suggest you something please edit the title like - "Arshi ff- Somwhere..." and if you can mention how many chapters are updated
So nk know few things and is here to help Khushi his best friend lovely
Thanks for the PM

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