Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

KMH~The Mohabbat Lives On..

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Tumko chuke bhi chune ko karta hai dil
paake bhi paane ko karta hai dil
aawaargi aane lagi
saason mein khushbu chaane lagi
Dil pe deewangi chagayi iss kadar
bandh aankhon se bhi mujhko aaye nazar
Kaise Kahe Hume Kitani Mohabbat Hai
Haan Mohabbat HaiHeart

19th January 2009, began a journey of love in its most surreal form.. a journey of loving, losing, yet loving.. A journey that we lived through the eyes of a lover who loved with every fibre of his being.. A journey of two people who loved to fight with each other, but together fought their way to love.. A journey of two hearts.. A journey of Arjuhi.. A journey that showed Kitni Mohabbat Hai!!

Ek Pal ke liye Zindagi de di..

Ek Dil ke liye Duniya..
Bas Itni Mohabbat Hai..

Kitani Mohabbat Hai.. A name that brings a smile to the faces of those who believe in love.. A feeling that strengthens the faith in happy endings.. An emotion that made the non-believers believe and dream of a fairytale, a lovestory as beautiful as Arjun and Arohi's.. A show that left a mark.. That today, after 4 long years, we Mohabbatians cherish the bond of love.. Remember every moment of this scintillating, magical journey that gave us smiles, tears, goosebumps, laughter and unending memories..

A love saga filled with love, hate, trust, faith, misunderstandings and circumstances that drew them apart time and again.. But with love as strong as that Arjuhi had for each other, not even destiny could keep them apart. True love always finds its way, fighting life in every form, compelling the almighty to grant victory.. The way they fought their way to love, to each other, inspite of the adverse situations is what makes one fall in love with KMH and Arjuhi.

Characters that redefined love, the freshness of the story and the sheer magic make KMH stand out from the rest!

KMH became the first show to come up with a 2nd season on public demand! Speaks volumes, doesn't it?! A show achieving such heights of popularity being on a not-so-popular channel.. Our KMH, most definitely a trendsetter!

And if that's not enough said, then we'd love to tell you, it's a show so loved across the globe that it has been translated in various languages among which KMH has become widely popular in Arabic as Sajan-al-Hub(Prisoner of love), to be telecast in Arabic-speaking countries! *applause*

Many romances have been shown on the TV.. But KMH is a breath of fresh air.. It made the first knock on our hearts with its unmatched Brilliant music score, soothing, mesmerizing, an identity of KMH in itself ! Also the ring tone of Kitani was a massive hit.

The promos! What do you define them as? Creatively written, artistically shot, beautiful taglines in voiceovers.. A piece of art, each one!

The dialogues, heart touching, heartwarming, heart wrenching.. So beautifully worded, when you hear the characters voice those, you got lost in their worlds.. It was almost unfair, the kind of impact those lines could have on you!

But what makes KMH really special is the uniqueness of Arjuhi.. Arjun, Arohi and their love.. Selfless, Unconditional, Sacrificing, Timeless, Undemanding.. They gave new meaning to love altogether..

KMH believed in the power of simplicity.. The story was kept subtle so the viewers could easily relate to it and the scenes didn't become over-the-top for the today's intelligent audience.

It wasn't stretched to a point where the magic would've begun to wear off.. Or the viewers would tire of dragged tracks! It left is with an unfulfilled urge.. Only to come back hot and striking and explore a new world of Mohabbat!

Call them Dil ke lutere or Ishq Mareez? They not only were madly and deeply in love with each other but also stole our hearts and left us infected by their love.

And if all this made it a complete package, a perfect team of writers, directors, actors was a treat! And especially Karan Kritika, without whom Arjuhi could never be the same!

That being said.. This thread, a dedication to Kitani Mohabbat Hai.. A small vote of thanks to the makers and everyone involved for giving us this to treasure!

Teri saason se hi meri saasein chale
tu hi dikhe jab bhi ankhein khule
dekha falak dekhi zameen
koi nahi tumsa kahin
aa tujhe khud mein mai iss tarah lun chupa
ke Khuda bhi hume karna paaye juda
kaise kahe hume kitani mohabbat hai
Kitani Mohabbat hai
Kaise Kahe...
Kitani Mohabbat hai..Heart

We'll let our Awesome twosome Introduce the Saga to you..

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The characters make or break a story, they say.. And characters like Arjun and Arohi not only 'made' KMH, but took it a notch higher.

~ek lamhe mein ek nazar aisa asar kar jaati hai ki vo aakhari saans jaane ke baad bhi nhi jaati..,aisi hi ek nazar lagi thi ek tanha insaan ko...mein akela tha...azaad tha...khush tha mein, mein ye kaha jaanta tha ki meri raato ki neend ud jayegi, aur uski wajah hogi ek ladkhi, woh ladhki jiski ye kahani hai~

Arjun Punj

A man who had everything and yet nothing.. A prince of a barren land.. An heir to a fortune of loneliness.. A so called heartleass man with a heart of gold.. A good man with a bad past. His past had broken his trust and was left hanging on by just one thread, one
relationship to call his own..his father. The center of his universe or actually his whole universe and its God! Arjun's empty world had just a slight connection to the humane emotions and this heart warming connection was his friendship with Salil..their parents were business partners, but Arjun and Salil were the real partners.. Buddies in friendship, in loyalty, in trust, in understanding.
Arjun had shut and locked the door to his emotions, allowing no one to peek in the dark recesses of his heart. Words like love sounded hollow to him, trust a cruel joke. His present had only bitterness and future dark till he met his ray of hope..Arohi! And he was never the same again. She first got his attention, then won his admiration, earned his respect and finally captured his heart. She transformed him into a lover beyond human expectations.
When Arohi entered his world, she did not impact it, she simply turned it upside down. Every belief he held firm was questioned. Every rule he followed was broken. Every notion he held strong was falsified. And he couldn't help falling.. Slowly yet
steadily, with each passing day.. More and more in love with her. Every moment he was awake trying to spend with her and every moment asleep dreaming of just her.

They say the mighty fall hard. He never realized how and when she
changed him, from a ruthless non believer to selfless worshipper.
A man who happily sacrificed his all to stand by his love. He lost his
identity, even himself..for her. A man any girl can only dream of.. Understanding every heartbeat, removing the slightest frown, supportive every moment, encouraging every act.. Offering just one thing.. Unconditional, Undemanding, pure love.
A rare character to find even in the world of fiction. Undreamt of
in real. He reaffirmed everyone's belief in selfless love in this cynical age.
Arjun Punj, those who have seen him, will always secretly hope to
find one someday.

~arohi main tumhari zindagi ki sabse badi sharmindagi hi sahi par tumh meri zindagi ki sabse badi kamyabi ho..sabse badi inspiration..what the hell tumhi toh meri zindagi ho~

Arohi Sharma

Arohi.. A musical name.. A legacy.. A blessing from her legendary
father, Pandit Hariprasad Sharma. And this gift of an ethereal and beautiful voice was the
foundation of her dreams. The dream of being a famous and accomplished singer, making her father proud. This was her only ambition.. Her only desire.. Be it day or night, with eyes open or closed. A simple girl with a simple world. Her
universe comprised of her icon, her well respected, highly principled and morally superior father and her two younger sisters, Sur and Antara. Another pivotal character in
her life was Purvi, her best friend, confidant, elder sister or sister in law.
Arohi.. A beautiful name for an equally beautiful girl, both inside and out. Simple yet smart, responsible yet impish with mischief, sincere yet dreamy, loving yet strong, humble yet dignified.. She was a perfect daughter, sister, friend and a
good human being. Her father's legacy of music and honor, her family's loving support and her dream were her only pillars.
Everything she held dear endangered, the day she met the well known, powerful yet reclusive business tycoon..Arjun Punj. He was her destiny but it took her a while to realize the same.. As her initial dislike for her arrogant 'sadu' boss gradually transformed into respect, admiration, adoration and finally love. A love beyond human boundaries.

Arohi's love for Arjun changed her world completely. A love that brought joy, support, understanding and also shattering, numbing pain, tears and grief. Arohi's boundless love for Arjun stood strong and tall through all trials and tribulations that a harsh world and a harsher fate threw at them. The changing times, or places, or destinies or even relationships could not alter or weaken this girl's love for her man. The way she stood the test of time and won every time won the heart of millions. Her character setting an example for girls to follow. A girl any father, sister, friend, lover would dream of and be proud of.
Through her sheer determination and courage, her never failing will, she not only fulfilled her dream but also won her dream love..finally achieving her destiny..her Arjun.

~Kahi kisi mod pe agar mujhe koi esa mil jaaye jisse mein bepanha pyaar karu...koi esa jisse me kuch kahna pyaar ke jaisa ho to me kahugi ki ek dil ke liye duniya de di bus itni mohabbat hai~

~Jis kahani ki shuruat acchi nahi hoti zaroori nahi ki woh kahani acchi na ho. Kuch kahaniya aisi hai jinke shuruhat aur anth mein bohot faraq hota hai.Mein woh faraq mehesus kar raha hun Arohi~

Arjun Singhania

Arjun Singhania.. Just the name is enough to evoke fear in some hearts, respect in some, a grudging admiration in others and a challenging fury in the heart of the law makers.. While there are plenty of feminine hearts that just skip beating when this name is mentioned. Arjun means power.. Raw winning power! A force that rules.. A quiet storm that breaks! With this name comes the heart stopping personality, the devil
may care attitude, the swagger, the arrogance, the all knowing deep eyes, the confident smirk and a fearless man. The law called him a criminal.. The best of all. Unchallenged. Unbeated. Lethal. Dangerous. The society knew him as the rich, powerful yet enigmatic and reclusive son of Rudra Pratap Singhania, the son that laid the foundation of his father's criminal empire..making him the undisputed Don of the underworld. Destiny called him an unfortunate orphan. He was born out of darkness and bred by the callous indifference of a selfish society who cares a damn about an orphan.
Living on the streets, learning to survive through sheer guts and courage. Simply put, he had no options. Life gave him few choices. It was either snatch or starve, hit or get hurt, tears or tear apart, kill or die. And Arjun survived. With the help of his constant companion, the ever faithful gun. The gun that he played with as a child, that entertained him as a toy, the gun that taught him how to fight back, how to intimidate, how to terrorize and eventually how to rule. His only human hope, his anchors, Billu and Makrand.
Arjun never forgot the day, Rudra Pratap Singh, stepped into the orphanage and so into his life. Rudra like a true ace maker recognized the young lad's worth. That fateful day Arjun was not adopted.. He was sold. He readily enslaved himself to his father. Rudra Pratap Singhania was God for Arjun. His word an order, his wish a command. Fearless Arjun founded Rudra's unlawful business empire. Yet he remained an orphan. Lonely and forsaken even in the midst of a big successful family.. Longing for love, thirsting for a few true words of affection, Dying for a hug, a smile, a glance of love.. Anything!! Cuz this beggar couldn't be a chooser. The fates were not all that cruel. They gifted him a loving grandmother and an understanding sister!
And then came love, stormy, uncontrollable, passionate, intense..Arohi. She entered his world like a tornado.. Noisy, rumbling, mischievous, naughty to the core and shook him up. It was as if she dragged him live n kicking from his dark world to her world of bright sunshine. She was everything he had always wanted but never dared to dream of. And inspite of his ruthless suppression, his so called hate, his rock hard self control, his determination not to give in.. He fell head over heels in love with her. A love that changed him.. That transformed his life, his world. And for this love, he went to all lengths..he left all, lost all.. So that he could win all.. his Arohi.

~hum dono ek dusre se alag jarur hai...ek dusre se nafarat karte hai par esa kuch jarur hai jo hume ek dusre ki taraf khinchta hai~
Arohi Alhuwalia Singhania

Imagine sunshine, smile, spirit, happiness, fun, mischief, courage and love all wrapped up in one package and that package will be..Arohi Ahluwalia! Its a big name, coz it belongs to a girl with a big heart and a bigger attitude and she comes from a big happy family.. She was a Princess.. Born in love and born for love.. Pampered with her family's affection and bred with their adoration.. She was the apple of the Ahluwalia clan.
She was born in a family of law makers but make no mistake.. She was a law unto herself. She did not follow rules, She made rules..
Hidden behind that fun and frolic, were honest, straightforward morals. The high morals of her noble, brave and honorable Daddu that were inbred in her. Inspite of all her mischief, she knew the difference between right and wrong. And also knew that it took unfailing courage to choose the right path. Arohi was the pride of the Ahluwalia's.. She was ruled by her family's wishes and so not for her the typical lovestory.. Like a good little girl, she had plans of marrying the boy her family selected for her.. A boy next door, charming, good and honest.
Well destiny played a prank on this prankster.. Cupid fooled her and how! Arohi Ahluwalia, belonging to the family of law makers, ended up with the ultimate law breaker.. Arjun Singhania!! She was literally..physically swept off her feet when she met the man of her dreams or in her case.. Nighmares! She fought him every step of the way.. Whenever they met.. Sparks flew, arguments flowed, heckles rose, fights erupted and went out of hand.. But there could be no other love for such a feisty and spirited girl.. They were a perfect match..made in heaven..or hell! Ultimately acknowledging that it was love that
bound her and Arjun in this unbreakable everlasting bond.. Her love for Arjun crashed her
into heartbreak.. Led her to one misery after another.. Left her shattered with betrayal, hate and mistrust.. But she learnt to battle it all.. To bear it, fight it and survive
it. Even when her man left her alone and betrayed at the alter, this spirited girl refused to break down and cry. She was no weeping willow.. Arohi was a fighter and a winner!! She gave tit for tat and paid her opposers back in their own coin, replying them back in their own language. Unlike some, Arohi did not believe in problems, she
only believed in solutions. Arohi rarely shed tears because she was too busy plotting smiles. She was today's woman in every sense of the word.. Her courage an inspiration for the rest.
Her love for Arjun gave her the courage to fight, taught her the patience she had always lacked, won her the maturity that allowed her to battle life. She battled all
odds.. Be it her own fears, her man and ultimately her whole family.. Standing alone yet tall, for what was right, for justice, for her love.. her Arjun. Her story had to have a happy
ending, coz she wont let it be any other way. This princess fought and won it all in the end!

~Arohi to god: lagta hai upar koi mujhse bohot pyar karta hai   Arjun to Arohi: lekin yahan niche koi tumse uperwale se bhi zyaada pyar karta hai!~

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He gave her the world.. She gave it up for HimHeart
-Arjun Punj, Arohi Sharma.

They belonged to two different of fame and fortune yet meaningless..the other of simple mediocrity yet happy..and when they met, they created an upheavel. Misunderstandings were waiting to happen. The initial dislike strong and mutual. Arjun a confirmed woman hater despised Arohi's forced presence and Arohi's simple soul could not stand the arrogant, heartless rich man in Arjun. Fate conspired to bring them together, making Arohi work for Arjun. Then started their journey of arguments and agendas, of realizing the true shades of their characters, of appreciating the hidden depths, earning respect, gaining admiration, getting attracted, trying to fight and control the emotions and then slowly but surely falling in love through various interesting incidents. Their gradual realization of this beautiful emotion is a treat to watch.

Deewane jo lehron ke khilaf behte hain, pyar ke har gham ko haske sehte hain, kya ise hi mohabbat kehte hain?

 The path of true love is never easy. Time and fate tests their growing love with different circumstances like Arjun's lack of faith, his past that has a strong connection with Arohi, the parental pressure of dislike,  life threatening situations. Even when fate forces Arohi to change tracks and shift locales, the love story continues albeit in varied, mistrust, friendship, tragedy and comedy playing their roles. When Arohi decides to move to Mumbai in order to chase her dream and leave Arjun and her heartbreak behind, unknown to her he accompanies her, watching over her like a guardian angel, silently standing by her, protecting her from harm, solving her problems, helping her in each and every possible way, so she could achieve her ambition. Thus, the hater Arjun transforms so much in Arohi's love that he reaches the ultimate pinnacle of self sacrifice and loses even his identity to help the other. Places change, circumstances change, seasons change, relationships change but one thing that remained unchanged through this show is the eternal bond of love between Arjun and Arohi. Eventhough  their love was tested in heart breaking ways and with shattering  circumstances, their love not only survived but flourished, and  eventually triumphed. In this modern day and age when affections are  reduced to a clich...Arjun and Arohi redefined the parameters of  romance in a classic tale of selfless, everlasting, all enduring love.

~bichad kar mil jaate hai, jinhe milne ki hasrat hai, jahan tak ab nazar jaaye, mohabbat hi mohabbat hai~


When the eyes see something beautiful, the heart wants to see it again and again. This is why Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2 happened. Arjun and Arohi were ethereal, irrestible and the viewers just could not have enough of these two wonderful lovers. With season 2 comes the fear of repetition but this show impossibly turned out to be equally unique, fascinating and heart gripping. Afterall love is glorious in all its it the gentle soothing pastels or the vibrant bright hues. This show highlighted the passion, the intensity, the hilarious humour, the scathing depths of love, showing us a totally new facet of actions and emotions. Love was redefined as a thrilling adventure lasting a lifetime.

If KMH1 showed us sacrifice for love, KMH2 showed us Fight for loveHeart

Tumhare saath toh saaza bhi zindagi hai, aur tumhare bina zindagi bhi zindagi nai hogi..kaise chod ke jaa satka hoon tumhe..i love you arohi.
-Arjun Singhania

 Arohi Ahluwalia..a happy maelstrom that sweeps the whole world with sunshine...vibrant and sassy..a girl of today with an attitude of incessant chatterbox of a prankster..and above all a family girl. She is the princess of the big and cheerful Ahluwalia family, and she returns their love multifold. Her family is her universe and for them she is the center of it. Her upbringing not only filled with affection but also with high morals and honest principles which are a natural in a family of lawmakers. And her future very clear in everyone's mind..her marriage to a man of their choice.
Arjun Singhania..a man of raw power, sheer magnetism. The arrogance, the confidence, the fear and respect he generated around him was a force to reckon with. The undisputed Don of the under world, he was a huge uncontrollable headache for the law makers. Rich, powerful, a man of few words and more actions, he was an enigmatic heart breaker too. Few knew he was the adopted middle son of Rudra Pratap Singhania, who had picked him up from an orphanage at a young age. Rudra's wish was Arjun's command and Arjun was the foundation of his father's illegal empire. Inspite of being a part of a big family, Arjun remained an orphan at heart, thirsting for love, affection, approval and understanding.

~Tumara haath mere haath mein hai aur mein yeh haath chodunga nahi. Tumari jaan jathi to Arjun ki jaan bhi jathi. Aur Arjun ki jaan itni aasani se nahi ja sakthi~

  And  when Arjun and Arohi met...the two worlds collided. He swept her off  her feet..literally..threatening to turn her innocent world upside down.  He left a mark on her..visibly on her body..invisibly on her soul. And  cupid had tons of fun throwing these two trouble makers together.  Destiny had a good laugh every time these two chanced to meet. Sparks  flew, tempers were lost, fights erupted, passions went wild and the  audiences rolled with laughter at their antics. And of course  unacknowledged..unrecognized by either the attraction grew and love  bloomed. Not for them the flowery talks and the moonlit nights..there love story was more like a tryst with a tempest. Guns, kidnaps, cops, other suitors, jealousies, aggression..and even hate marriage..all of these and much more were a part of this unbelievable love story. They not only are forced to marry each other against their wishes, try to make each other's life hell, manage to be parents of a cute 6 year old kid, fight cry and smile together and yet again fall in love all over again. Yes, like all sagas of affection there were tears of pain..moments of anguish.. heartbreaking seperations and depths of despair. But they taught us that love can be fun, frolic, mischief, adventure. Not necessarily found in roses and moonlit can also be found in fights, arguments, pulling your partners leg, making them jealous, laughter and pranks..ask Arjun and Arohi. Their love was one of a kind...never seen before..not for them the usual romance...that would bore them to death..their love was like a rocking,  crashing roller coaster ride at break neck speed through life.

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Milke bichad jaate hain jis tarah do raaste nayi manzil ki taraf
aankhon mein reh jaati hai umr bhar ke vaaste tadapti tadap
pyar wo zakm hai jo bhare na kabhi
marke bhi khatm hota nahi ye safar...

If every picture has a story to tell.. A collage has many more..

Moments weave a story and become memories.. Here's revisiting some of the most memorable KMH moments, that took the viewers on an emotional high..

~badli badli si hai fiza, hawaon main hai chahat ki mehek, iss khamoshi main hai iss har ki daastan..keh raha hai phoolon se ek dil..sun raha hai muskaan se ek dil.~

Lift scene

A confession of love. Of innocent sweet, pure, new, budding love. By a man who detested the very sound of the word. A man who wants to hear he's loved.. The innocence captivates, the playfulness fills the heart with joy. And you're left in awe of this childlike soul's declaration of being smitten away by a feeling so unusual to him.

~Agar tum de sakti ho dil ke liye to mein ek pal ke liye zindgi de du, bas itni Mohabbat hai~

Salsa sequence

As their office is abuzz with rumors of Arjun and Arohi dating each other, and their minds insist that the only emotion that binds them is hate, Arjun comes up with an intelligent idea to tackle the situation. Reverse psychology. To pretend, they infact are dating, so the colleagues lose interest. And this pretense throws them together in a dance. As they talk about their contrasting ideas of love, they unknowingly define the essence of KMH.. And a new found feeling begins to capture their hearts, attraction.

~aaj mein bhagwan se ek souda karna chahta hu...apni zindgi ke badle tumhari zindgi chahta hu...agar bhagwan ne tumhe ek aur din b jeene diya to us ek din k liye mein apni saari zindgi daanv par lga duga...apni zindgi ka har pal tumhare liye jiyuga...tumhari khushi k liye~

Accident Track

Arjun was too vulnerable to heartbreaks. His history was witness, the ones you call your own cheat, betray, stab you behind your back. He misunderstood Arohi's love. Just when reality came to hit him in the face, destiny played its most destructive card, threatened to snatch Arohi away for ever. Arjun was broken, shattered in a million pieces.. He promised to surrender his life in Arohi's name if she was given another moment of life.. He gave up his world so Arohi's heart kept beating.. His prayer was heard and his promise kept.

~lutadiya apna sab kuch, bas kisi ke ek khushi ke liye..aakhir kaise mohabat hai yeh?~

~Kaise main apni duniya chodhke mumbai aa gaya, ek  ladhki ke liye...kaise puri duniya ko meri khabar thi ..siwaye usko jo meri duniya thi~

 Arjun, The Guardian Angel. Mumbai.

Selfless love. How could it feel to shower everything you have and more over one person and expect nothing in return?! No acknowledgment of such undying love! Infact only hatred in return.. But the smile never dies. To make your precious happy unknowingly, without even the right to call her your own. Sacrificing life, leaving behind a world of luxuries to struggle for a dream, the eyes of your loved one live! Such is the love of Arjun Punj.

Ek pal ki zindagi dedi ek dil ki duniya
Mohabbat mein hai sirf barbadiyan..
Iss aag ne jalaye kahin
paagal deewane banaye kahin
fir bhi ye pyar ki silsile na rukhe
mar gaye mit gaye par kabhi na jhuke

~achanak hua ek haadsa, jo badal gaya sunheri yaad main~

Fire Scene

A reunion of the purest form. Of souls that never separated. Of hearts that had no independent existence. A promise of togetherness sealed in a hug and kisses. Arjun's existence got life, Arohi's survival got its meaning! Holding on to never let go. Truth triumphs and Arohi sees the love in Arjun's eyes that he kept masquerading with hate only to be her Angel in disguise. Their love emerges victorious, defying every force that tried to keep them apart.

~Har pal me pyaar hai, har lamhe me khushi hai, kho do to yadein hai, ji lo to zindagi hai, ye mat socho ki zindagi me kitne pal hai, ye socho ki har pal me kitni zindagi hai, kitani mohabbat hai~

Garage scene

The final heartbreak that was awaiting Arjun had Arjun's love been tested to the  pinnacle of it's existence.  Arjun's belief that Arohi loves him and only him and that she has a reason for denying his proposal made Arjun go to an extent of kidnapping Arohi from her wedding and forcing her to tell him the truth, displaying his pain and frustration only making his way to the prison a step closer to the final one.

~woh aag ka dariya tha, jisse guzre the do dil..woh sehra tha gham ka, jahan bichre the do dil, par mohabbat aakhir mohabbat hai, apni raah dhoond leti hai..yeh anjaam nahi, manzil hai..mohabbat ki..issi manzil pe aakar..ek hojayenge do dil~

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SoulmatesHeart as they are called, Arjun Singhania and Arohi Ahluwalia urf Singhania spice up the journey of Kitani Mohabbat Hai making it an adventurous and addictive ride.

Read on for few of the most memorable momentsHeart

~Amawas ki raat thi, lekin jab maine arohi ko dekha to chand ki kami mehsoos nahi hui.~

Destiny moment

Arohi, a believer in love was prophesied by an astrologer, that she would be meeting the man of her dreams..the one who destiny has bound to the stroke of midnight. She wanted her fiance to be in front of her eyes at that instan
t..but she couldn't cheat destiny! As hands of the clock struck 12, she turned to face her Prince Charming, Arjun Singhania..unknown, hidden by a mask.. She hushes him up, not realising that he's not the one she expected..but the one destiny chose for her.. She confesses her heart's feeling, expressing her faith in destiny and how destiny had bound them that Arjun couldn't stop himself but feel the moment.. That moment destiny really bound them together and their hearts recognised the untold connection between them!

~dushmani ki aar main, kya waqt khel raha hai koi aur hi khel?~

Kidnapping Track

Two people so unlike each other..Arjun and Arohi are thrown together in an isolated jungle, when Arjun decides to free his dad from jail by kidnapping Arohi..but as they spend time together, innocence of Arohi makes way into Arjun's heart broken down by life adversities..while misconceptions Arohi had for Arjun cleared to make her realise the good-hearted Arjun.. hate in their hearts ebbed away to make path to a stronger emotion of that made Arjun took a bullet for that made Arohi trust in Arjun so blindly that she walked on the edge of a cliff that two persons who hated the very sight of each other now do not want to separate..

~Pyaar aur nafrat dono ek hi sikkhe ke do phelu hote hain. Bina nafrat ke pyaar nahi hota aur bina pyaar ke nafrat gehri nahi hoti.~

Marriage track

A hurt Arjun, from the pain inflicted upon his sister by Arohi's family, takes revenge by marrying Arohi and leaving her estranged on the mandap..Arohi, who had never seen this side of Arjun was hurt beyond words, but for her family's s
ake and the modern woman that she is, she refuses to cry and decides to give tit for tat..making an entry in her 'sasural' with a bang, fight back injustice done to her, in her dabangg bahu style!! She stands tall in her sasural, despite the fact that her in-laws despised her, her family not wanting her to stay there and her husband whom she loved so much vowing to make her life miserable at every point by taking 'Nafrat ke phere'.

~Nafrat Phere's: Main Arjun Singhania, chand ko saakshi maan kar nafrat ka yeh pehla phera leta hoon. Main promise karta hoon ke main tumse nafrat karta hoon aur humesha karta rahoonga. Doosra phera..main tumhe hi nahi har uss shaks se nafrat karoonga jisse tum pyar karti ho. Teesra phera.. main tumhari zindagi chain se katne nahi doonga. chautha phera.. main har pal tumhare saath saath chalunga, taaqi har kadam par main tumhari zindagi barbaad kar sakoon. Panchwa phera..main tumhe duniya se bachake rakhoonga, kabhi kisiko tumhe koi dukh pauchane nahi doonga kyunki tumhe dukh pauchane ki responsibiltiy meri hai na? Chata phere..hosakta hai ke hum puri zindagi ek saath na spend kare and i really hope aisa bilkul na ho lekin woh jitna bhi waqt hoga i promise ki woh tumhare liye bohat lamba hoga. Saatwa phera, aakhri phera..main promise karta hoon ki pichle 6 phero main maine jo bhi promises kiye hai, main woh toroonga nahi..infact ek ek promise ko nibhaunga. ~

~hum dono ek dusre se alag jarur hai...ek dusre se nafarat karte hai par esa kuch jarur hai jo hume ek dusre ki taraf khinchta hai.~

RTM Sequence

Caution: The temperature of this thread is about to rise. All that was sounding sweet and subtle is going to turn HOT!! A promo that had the viewers drop their jaws and had the telly media in uproar! Coverpages of magazines flashing "Television gets bold".. HOT and How! Our Arjuhi. Chemistry that sizzles.

~Bekabu ho chala hai pyar..kahin ye dono chale na jaaye hadh se paar~

~hazaaron uljhane hai pyar ke saath..kab hoton pe aayegi dil ki baat?~

 I hate you because I love you..

Hate and Love are two sides of the same coin.. Excessive hate often comes from unimaginable love! Hate is a strong emotion.. It comes from betrayal by someone you trusted with your life! Loving someone so much, that you hate the very effect the person has on you.. Such is the love of Arjuhi. Beyond the boundaries of Love and Hate.

~kya phir milenge aakhon se sapne...kya phir poochega dil se dil Kitani Mohabbat hai?~

Confession scene

Tired of the hide-n-seek game that existed between Arjuhi..about their love, Arohi seeks to confront Arjun, one last time. She dresses up like a bride..deciding that if Arjun wont accept her love, acknowledging his feelings for her, s
he might as well die. Because living without Arjun is not an option for her! She reminds him of their love..n confesses her love. She asks him whether he trusts her or not..keeping a gun pointed to her head in a true Don's wife style! She warns him if he does not trust her, she would kill herself.. Arjun thinking that she's not serious turns her down, but later realising the seriousness of Arohi's words accepts his love for her.. This heart-touching realisation is sugar-coated for the viewers by an amazing song sequence and the kiss that follows..

~jab duniya ka sara sach maine arohi ki ankhon mein dekh liya,toh main jhooth kyun bolunga?jo zindagi maine jee bhi nahi hai uska agar ek-ek pal mehsoos kar liya.main bus itna chahta hun ki jitna bhi jiyun arohi ke saath jiyun  aur jab main arohi ke saamne,uski baahon mein dum todne ja raha hun marne se darr kyun lage ga?~

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Humara show ek Love story hai..jisme Arohi hai, Arjun hai..aur baaki Story hai
-Karan Kundra

Arjun Arohi, the epitome of 'Mohabbat' were brought to life by two fresh talents, who today have made it big in the television industry! Two incredibly admirable personalities, who worked their way with their charm.. And became our KingK and QueenK.. And today, even after 4 years, continue to rule the hearts of us Mohabbatians..

The charismatic hot-shot Punjabi munda KARAN KUNDRA and the ever so gorgeous, with a smile like sunshine, KRITIKA KAMRA!

KMH traces back an equally interesting story for its leads in real.. Starting from how KMH got its Arjuhi in Karan Kritika.. To how they went on to make a special place in the hearts of thousands as "Karanika".. And how this place yearned to see them back together onscreen! And love holds tremendous power they say.. So they got pulled back to our screens as Arjuhi in the second season of KMH!

Destiny played cupid in Arjuhi's story.. The same destiny had probably found carved the path for Karan! And so our Karan who would've now been an entrepreneur, caught the "Balaji" eye through a fb photo and became Arjun Punj, the entrepreneur, instead!

KMH's creative, Vikas Gupta, had seen Arohi in his friend Kritika, who was already a part of the television industry! Though, she had her doubts, destiny again had the final call.. And Kritika was 'the chosen one'..

The first time our Arjun Arohi faced the camera together was for a look test.. Which our Karan fondly describes as "Mere upar ladki giri hui thi aur fan on tha".. How romantic na?! Nah! Nothing romantic about it when I tell you one was checking if she was "cockeyed" and the other was busy calling him names! But remember our friend destiny?! Yeah! Yeah! It peeked in here too.. And Ekta ma'am instantly felt the chemistry click! And it turned out to be a bad day for the other two girls who gave this look test with karan.. So the chemistry that the soap queen herself couldn't stay aloof from, went on to become the "Mohabbat" in Kitni Mohabbat Hai!

They sure have come a long long way since KMH! They worked for many more shows, sometimes seperate, sometimes their popularity as a pair dragged them together..

Soon after KMH, Karan became Veeru of 'Baytabb Dil ki Tamanna Hai' and Kritika gave face to Prateeksha in 'Pyar ka Bandhan', both on Sony! Further, they went on to put their dancing skills to test as participants of Zara Nachke Dikha's 2nd season that was aired on Star Plus.. While all this time, the campaign for a 2nd season of our beloved show continued, our wish was finally granted.. And to set our screens on fire again, Karan Kritika returned as Arjuhi..

After KMH2 the journey progressed in two very different directions.. While Karan was working on his debut punjabi movie, Kritika gained further acclaim as Dr.Nidhi of Sony's Kuch Toh Log Kahenge! Karan also went on to host a path-breaking show Gumrah, that focused on the harsh reality of teen crimes in India..

Today karan is a part of Channel V's "The Serial", for which Kritika has been kind enough to make an appearance in..

And while Kritika continues to be the face of KTLK, Karan is working on another Punjabi movie!

The journey gained them a position in the television industry, awards to their credit, many accolades and love as much is difficult to contain!

Their popularity today knows no bounds! One can easily gauge that by the online empire that they have set up.. KingK and QueenK as the fans fondly call them have very active Facebook pages and Twitter handles.. Where they've gone that extra mile to connect with fans! Many-a-times they personally read and reply to the messages.. Have sweet casual chats.. Its like talking to a friend.. So approachable and so so humble! Today, we also know them as themselves, more than for their onscreen characters..

The guy whose attitude yells 'Live Life King Size'.. He doesn't plan, life just happens to him! Killer looks, dimpled smile, eyes like puddles of chocolate, tall, fair, big heart, bigger style, a darling friend, almost a geek in disguise and an amazing sense of humour! That's Karan for you!

Kritika, she charms her way into your heart with just her smile.. Big eyes, 'gorgeous hamesha' hair, bubbly and vivacious girl next door, smart persona, a girl that represents our generation, an impeccable sense of style!

Beyond this, KMH gave them an identity as "Karanika" the cutest pair in the television industry, SBS' darlings.. They gifted each other this wonderful bond of smiles and playfulness.. Never a dull moment! As they continue to cherish this friendship.. We wish both of them all the very best for all their future endeavours, we'll continue to shower you with this love.. And hope to see you "setting our screens on fire" together again, soon.. Shine on!!


The two stars still hold KMH very close to their hearts.. This is what they have to say..Big smile

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12 hours ago
Four years ago I went on air with a journey that changed my life! cheers to kmh, cheers to you guys, cheers to life! @Kritika_Kamra mwah!!

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12 hours ago
Happy 4 years to kitani! Happy 4 years to love! Happy 4 years to a new life! Happy 4 Years to passion! see you soon on the big screen ;)

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6 hours ago
On 19th Jan 2009, we became a part of this celebration called 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai' ..4 years down the line, it's still on !! Thanks for keeping KMH alive! Thanks for loving Arjuhi, Thanks for giving us a season 2. Thanks for giving us versions of it in different languages. Lots of love to all u KMHians out there! Celebrate today.. Celebrate Love!!!!

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Tere Ishq ne Mohe Rang daalaHeart

If you see soft-spoken people around.. If you feel completely at ease with your first post in the forum.. If you're thinking the members are so welcoming and accommodating.. Welcome! You've set foot in the KMH forum.. But that's what people always say about the forum!

Less chaos, lesser fights and tons fun, frolic, laughter.. A virtual home to many mohabbatians who've made a whole new world here, piling memories for four long years, making friends, cutting out the stress from our daily routines only to stress about Arjun and Arohi's lives.. KMH is alive here, relived every moment!

With Arjun Arohi, we at the forum have had a journey of our own! Of  loving a show, of strengthening friendships, of getting tied to two actors in an emotional bond!

KMH forum is incomplete without the mention of 'Ria Ka Adda' and 'Mohabbat Lounge'.. Two homes, one who's address reads KMH forum while the other is the face of KMH2 forum.. They housed everyday discussions, dissection, compliments and criticism.. Such depths have we found in the show, the creatives would probably fail to do so themselves.. LOL Connected with the teams on a personal level, made suggestions, spent crazy amount of time nurturing every moment of the show and loving it to bits!

The writeups and analysis of these 'Daily Discussion Threads' have been well received and appreciated by Karan Kritika themselves..

A token of appreciation from the Stars themselves..


RKA played a major role in the campaign to bring back our KMH to our screens..

Kitani Mohabbat Hai

Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The bond with Kitani Mohabbat hai and the characters has strengthened with the discussions when the show was on air and now the characters are kept alive by our most talented Fan fiction writers in the forum. Hats off to you GuyzHug
The moments of the sagas are relived in every video mix a fan createsHeart

One such dedication for Kitani on it's Birthday<3

Usually shows that run for years are called a success but our KMH ran a short story for years in different countries on different channels.

Almost every day be it on youtube or Facebook or our very own forum we have new fans expressing their awe and gratitude for Kitani Mohabbat Hai and it's stars.

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Thread Development team<3

Write up- Eveline, Pari, Sanju, shibz.
Graghics- Komal, Neethi, olly, Pratsy, Purvi.
Videos- Payal, Shibz, Jhanvi, Shaaly.
Background tune- uploaded by Payal.
Dialogues, poems & songs- Kitani Mohabbat HaiHeart
..compiled by- Anjali & Payal.

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