Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

virman os u'll never understand

naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:28am | IP Logged

virman os

you will never understand...
scene starts after the vadera women are done with their batting and now its turn of vadera men. shlok was an easy target and all the women managed to bold him in the third ball. now it was turn for virat to join viren. so vadera brothers were on the crease. virat was playing well as in everytime he was hitting a four or a six. manvi was getting worried on seeing virat play that way. so she gathered all the women in a corner...
manvi : if these vadera brothers will play like this,
we will surely lose... we have to do something... remember all is fair in love and war and this is a war... and we have to win and if we have to win, the opponents have to lose... i have and idea ------- and she told her idea to all the ladies and they agreed...
now virat was on the batting side and vanshika maa was about to ball. virat was looking very confident  and was literally enjoying the moment of playing cricket with his beloved mom.
vanshika threw the ball and virat was about to hit the ball when he hear manvi whispering his name. he turned around and saw her unconsiously lying on the ground. virat threw the bat and went towards manvi. he kept her head in his lap and patted her cheek... all the men also got worried and in the meanwhile, all the other ladies started laughing... and shouted " out... "
manvi also opened her eyes and winked at virat. virat understood that manvi n all the other ladies played a prank to ball him out. virat tore away his eyes from manvi's and stared at others with bloodshot eyes. without saying anything. virat got up and went to his room...
viren tried stopping virat but he was probably in no mood of any conversation. viren understood his brother and let him go.
viren : i think its over... he is nt going to listen to anybody now...
manvi : jiju your brother is such a cry baby... dont wrap up the game, i will just go and bring him back... its my left hand's game..
manvi smiled at eveybody and made her way to her...oops their room... but somewhere in her heart she was scared to face virat... handling the furious and angry virat was much difficult than handling his chep or rude avatar...
manvi entered the room and saw virat sitting on the couch with his hands made into a fist. this mere sight gave manvi an indication that her husband was way too angry and he was trying damn hard to control his brewing anger.
manvi : virat...
virat : go away...
manvi : listen to me virat...
virat : just leave me alone right now...
manvi : virat please for once listen to me atleast...
virat : for god sake manvi... leave...
manvi : it was just a prank... stop making mountain out of a molehill...
virat stood from the couch and looked straight into manvi's eyes and shouted " i am making mountains out of a molehill... ohh really...??? " and smacked his hand on the glass painting on the wall...
manvi (shouted) : virrattt... its bleeding...
manvi was about to take a step towards virat when he signalled her to stop showing his hand which was already bleeding badly...
virat : stop right there... dare take a step towards me...
hearing the noises, all the vadera made their way to virman's room...
viren was the first one to open the door and he saw manvi standing just a few step away from him, her back facing his and virat showing his hand... no bleeding hand to manvi asking her to stop. viren was hell worried on seeing blood oozing from virat's hand.
viren has always been like a father figure to virat and virat has always been like a son to him. he couldnt see his little brother in pain. he always made sure that virat never got hurt and now the same virat was standing in front of him with his hand badly hurt.
viren : virat... what happened to you...??? bhai dont panic i will call the doctor tight now...
virat : bhai... i am fine...
viren : virat its bleeding... u know i cant see you like this...
vanshika : viren is right virat... show me your hand...
virat : mom please... i am fine...
vanshika : you are not fine... virat...
jeevika : virat maa is absolutely right... mannu say something na...
kadambari chachi : haaye ni it must be hurting very badly na...
virat yelled at the top of his voice " stop it... cant you all just excuse us... i want to talk to my wife... and i am fine and i would not die because of my hurt hand... so please..."
everybody was confused seeing virat react this way. he never reacted like the way he was now. vanshika was in tears by now, viren put his hand on her shoulder and took her out of the room...
all left leaving virat n manvi alone in the room and hoping them to sort out things soon.
manvi was numb now, tears continuously flowing from her eyes and her hands frozen.
virat : it was jusk a prank wifey... dont worry...

manvi came in her sense sthe moment she heard his voice.

manvi : dont worry...??? how am i supposed to relax and not worry when my husband is hurt and is in immense pain... you are hurt, but i am the one feeling that pain... how can i not worry about you virat...??? forget it, u can never understand...

virat : exactly my point... you can never understand it manvi... you can never understand what it feels when the love of your life, your life partner is in pain... you can never understand how it feels when you can do nothing to ease that pain... you can never understand what it feels like when you have to just stand in a corner and see you love struggling and fighting for life... you can never understand how frustating it is... you can never understand how much that feeling of helplessness sucks... you can never understand that there comes a stage when that helpnessless takes over your senses and leave a deep scaron your mind and soul... you can never understand because you never went through it... i went through it goddamn it and i know how it feels like... this pain that you are feeling right now is not even 1% of what i felt when i saw you fighting a battle against cancer, against destiny... not even 1% manvi... i lived that pain... i lived in the fearing of losing you forever... i know how it feels when a fear grips your heart and you just cannot do anything.. not even expressing that fear... the fear of losing you gripped my heart in a way that cannot be expressed by even using million words... every moment i saw you struggling in pain, i wished i could ease your pain and take it away from you... whenever you went through the chemo sessions, it was not only you that went through the pain, i felt that pain equally... the pain of seeing my love in pain and the pain of not being able of doing anything... everytime you had side - effects of those strong medicine, you dont you what i went through.. everytime my heart skipped a beat and my breath hitched... everytime you felt weak, i felt like giving you every ounce of energy i had in my body... everytime you closed your eyes, my heart ached and prayed to god to keep you safe... i couldnt sleep at nights thinking what if you need me, what if nobody is there to take care of you, what if you never opened your eyes in the morning, what if you never smiled at me, what if you never called me chep, what if you never hold my hand again, what if i could never hold you in my arms again ... i dont know how many sleepless nights i spent standing at your doorstep and looking at your angellic face... i dont know how many times in a minute, i prayed to god to save you and give you power to defeat cancer... i was literally dying every second thinking what if we lose this battle... my love would be lost forever, my world would collapse there n then, i would lose each and everything... but i never showed you how weak i was from inside... i always showed you that i was so positive, so strong but i wasnt... because if i ever broke down in front of you, you might have also lose all your strength and positivity that u were holding onto... but you know what... you have no idea what i felt like manvi... it was just your prank but it took my breath away.. when i saw you lying on the ground, i felt as if god has again turned cruel on me and our love... i felt as if i would lose you and this time may be forever...
manvi was at lose of words... she knew virat suffered along with her due to her illness but she didnt had a bleak idea that he suffered to that an extent... she knew he was scared but she never knew that he was scared to that very extent... she always knew that he immensely loves her but today she came to know that no word in the whole universe would ever be capable of showing the depth of his feeling for her...
manvi took steps towards virat and hugged him. it didnt take virat even a minute to understand what her gesture meant. he understood the million words that her hug spoke... he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards him... he knew what she was feeling right now...
virat felt his tee getting wet, he separated manvi from himself and cupped her face. he wiped her tears and made her look at him...
manvi was crying feeling the pain she unintentionally gave to virat, then she felt his hand cupping her face, then wiping her tears and making her look at him... the moment she looked in his eyes, she realised no guy could ever love her the way this selfless guy does... no guy can ever stand in front of her loving and caring husband...
manvi : i love you virat... i really love you... i didnt mean to hurt you... i would never want to virat... i never realised i made such a blunder... i would prefer to die rather than seeing you in pain baby... you are my everything... i fought cancer and won against it only because of you... because i wanted to be with you...because i wanted to live my whole life with you, because i wanted to love you n cherish you all my life partner... please forgive me if u can... and if u cannot, i will do everything in order to make you forgive me... please virat... scold me, beat me, do anything you want but please talk to me... i cant stand your silence virat... it is killing me...
virat : shut up...!!! just shut up... i love you too manvi... just stop crying baby and dont do anything like this ever again... and if u repeat it, then i would slap you...
manvi: haawww... you will really slap me...???
virat : haww... are you really going to repeat it again...???
manvi : no no... not ever in my life...
virat : now please bandage this ded futiya... its hurting like hell...
manvi : oh yeah...
manvi bandaged his hand and later on kissed his hand and then his forehead...
virat : ahhh...
manvi : what happened...???
virat : it is hurting here also... (pointed towards his left cheek)
manvi understood and kissed his cheek... then he pointed towards his right cheek... manvi blushed a little and kissed his right cheek as well... and then as expected virat pointed towards his lips... manvi leaned forward and virat closed his eyes... their lips were inches apart when manvi shouted " raat ko... chep... " and was about to run out of the room when virat hurreidly held her hand and pulled her towards him... he was leaning close to manvi in order to kiss her...
manvi : virat not now... tonight.. i promise...
virat : manvi... kiss delayed is kiss denied...
manvi : chep its not ki --
virat kissed the love of his life and she also replied with equal love and passion...
the kiss was their way to saying each other that " i do understand you my love... "
ps : another idea that cropped up in my tiny miny mind... wrote it in an hour... my fingers are paining like hell...!!! LOL
i know its a little senti senti... Cry i tried to pour out virat's emotions...
kaisa lga...?????????

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.Yamin. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Yayy...first to comment...
Naina...u r really great..where do u get these ideas from...n writing it in one hour...wow...
N coming to the os it was really an awesome os...   
Angry virat was treat to read... loved it to the core..u really described the virat emotions well..
His pain was clearly seen throughout the conversation...end was so cute...naught virat... Wink ...can't wait even until night...thank u so much for the pm... Smile

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miria Groupbie

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:39am | IP Logged
cool os thnks post me another one later

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abhilasha143 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:40am | IP Logged
It is awsome OS yaar. Love ur writings so much. I wish to get a scene like this in the show may be i am over expecting...Please write more. Love you for ur amazing stories on virman. Sorry that i am not commenting everytime but i like ur stories so much.

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kriyasree Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Nice one naina
loved it

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by miria

cool os thnks post me another one later
thank u... Smile
naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 June 2012
Posts: 13818

Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by abhilasha143

It is awsome OS yaar. Love ur writings so much. I wish to get a scene like this in the show may be i am over expecting...Please write more. Love you for ur amazing stories on virman. Sorry that i am not commenting everytime but i like ur stories so much.
thanks abhilasha... Smile
yes dear u are over expecting... Tongue
its ok but if u will not comment how will i know u lyk a particular thing or not...
princesshelen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Fab os yaar...
Hope this scene happen in the show too
It would be good to c...
Luved the care virman had fr each other...
The entire convo was superb
Thnks fr the pm

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