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Mahasangram Episode Take

Today's much awaited mahasagram ... hmmm ...I m really confused with the epi Ermm .. firstly these merger epis just loose the connection ..so a bad idea Thumbs Down ... I mean u might get trps for it but the point is as viewers do we enjoy this khichdi  .. I dont think so Stern Smile... Yash's birthday merger episode was classic and one of the best on Indian tv because Mittals handled it and so the quality shows but not all PHs can handle such mergers and today was a real example of things going totally wrong with no connection whatsoever OuchOuch ...Hving said that I feel QH track was better handled today than PV track but Monday mayb opposite ..so will wait and watch for it ... Smile

Court room custody scene where Ansh's custody verdict is given by a game of trust was silly and not at all logical Smile

So Coming to the court custody climax which is one of the important tracks of our show , its a pity the way it got a rushed ending just to hv these merger episodes OuchOuch ...Ok  I still  loved the underlying msg that CVs wanted to give with that bhalu game which judge called game of trust where Prashant throws away Ansh because he pisses on Prashant but Yash goes and hugs Ansh and so Judge gives custody in Yash's favour ..all good but my point is from which angle this looks real and we love PV because its real and not a fantasy story ..right ?? Approve  I even doubt this is written by PV CVs  since that other shows Mother was in the Jury panel giving the verdict , so its obvious that CVs of that show handled it and they hv no idea of the sensitivity of PV track Smile..

This bhalu story in court is too far fetched and while msg in the end is good because a true father will never throw away his son just because he pissed on him but if I see from a realistic POV , then it disappoints because from PV I expect more realistic approach and I would hv been happy if judge made the decision by directly asking Ansh about it rather than putting Ansh through that dark room test OuchOuch... How can a judge decide a kid's custody based on a 4 minute game ?? ConfusedConfused.. Life is not a game after all Dead.. And what did the judge say ..Ansh loves both fathers equally and he is given to Yash just because Yash does not throw him away when he pisses ?? Confused... So what about Ansh's decision then ?? Confused... How can judge conclude Ansh's equal love for his fathers even without asking Ansh about it ?? Confused...So court case looked like a big joke to me Ouch  ...

Also I dint felt the connection because it kept jumping between 2 shows and AarYa's sudden holiday in Mangalpur right after court case looked so rushed just to merge with that other show which I dint like Dead ...I would hv wanted to see more of confrontation between SP and Yash but instead Gayatri asks them to go to Mangalpur for holiday leaving behind all the other important issues and within seconds they reach Mangalpur too ConfusedConfused...

Only part I liked in the courtroom scene was Aarti-Yash emotional hug once they win the case ..I loved how Yash carasses Aarti's back trying to give her the comfort in his arms Embarrassed...But knowing 4 Lions directed it , I m not really shocked ..they hv done PH.D in different types of hugs LOLLOL...

Lagg jaa galeee sequence was dreamyy and passionate but misplaced Smile

Coming to Lag jaa gale part ..I know 4 lions r genious in romance and so we hv a nice passionate Yash-Aarti sequence with fabulous camerawork of Hrishikesh Gandhi ClapClap and Yash's bedroom eyes Embarrassed and all those little gestures like Yash pulling Aarti's dupatta , carassing her hair , then both sitting and going to sleep in each other's arms EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ..all very dreamy Day Dreaming but somewhere I dint see Yash but mayb a little glimpse of MSK (GC's previous character) there which I guess is because 4 lions r directing that part  Ermm .. I m saying this because Yash is not someone who will do such bold intimate romance with Aarti in front of another couple outside Ouch .. Yash-Aarti r more of private couple and all their romantic moments hv always been in private like last week we saw AarYa statue romance which was so passionate but in private because Yash is a private person but then I know his character got compromised because of the merger Disapprove ..

Overall I loved the lag jaa gale sequence ..KS-GC looked beautiful in Hrishikesh's camerawork  Embarrassed, chemistry was out of the world ClapClap but my only issue is lack of privacy in AarYa romance which made me uncomfortable while watching the whole sequence  Unhappy ...Also just when Aarti-Yash got Ansh back with them , instead of spending time with Ansh , both romancing outside  looked a bit weird too  .. well all in name of merger ...sighhh Ouch

Yash waiting outside for Ansh whole night with pain and worry in his eyes ... the true PV for me today Thumbs Up./...

So the only part which made me feel this is my PV was the scene where Yash whole night waits outside Dubey house sitting on staircase shivering in cold  ,all for his son Ansh because he cannot go home leaving Ansh all alone with Prashant that night ClapClapClap.. Loved the pain and longing in both Yash and Aarti's eyes for whole night for their son Ansh Thumbs Up...

Overall I m not too satisfied with the PV parts today in mahasangram episode  since missed that realistic touch ... But I feel Monday will b more of our style PV because it will b directed by Mittals team Embarrassed..So waiting for Ansh kidnapping track and lets see how Prashant will make this Mangalpur trip Amangal for AarYa Ermm

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Thank you jyo!! LOVE the title Embarrassed

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                                            A LIAR BEGINS WITH MAKING 
                                        FALSEHOOD APPEAR LIKE TRUTH, 
                                     AND ENDS WITH MAKING TRUTH ITSELF 
                                               APPEAR LIKE FALSEHOOD

No truer words have never been said when it comes to Prashant Dubey. 


Ever since the day he tried to get Aarti & Ansh back by marching to her sasural with Kaki and he was left humiliated cause what he thought would happened didn't (Yash turning his back on Aarti) but instead Yash stood by her. 



Prashant has been claiming to want to be a father to Ansh when in reality he is just using the little angel to get to Aarti. 

The former even went to the extent to try and rewrite history by telling Ansh that the reason why he wasn't there for them was because he was away trying to make money for him and Aarti when the reality is that he left them for another woman. 


Prashant made Aarti out to look like the culprit and him the victim in Ansh's eyes...the former even tried to make the innocent child think that his parents marriage isn't real. 



P didn't only play the victim in front of Ansh but as well in front of the judge who is handling Ansh's custody case. It didn't take Prashant long to twist all of Aarti & Yash's past mistakes and made them out to look like irresponsible parents when the truth is they are the most responsible parents in the world who would give their lives for their children. 

Prashant doesn't know what it means to be a parent, he doesn't love Ansh no matter what he says...the former just sees Ansh as a prize he has to get in order to make Aarti suffer for her so call betrayal. 

If P was a loving father, he would have seen that the best thing for Ansh is to stay with Aarti and Yash cause disrupting the child's life would only harm him.  

                                                     LIARS ARE ALWAYS 
                                                   READY TO TAKE OATHS

In a finale act or should I say in a final farce during the hearing proceedings, Prashant begs Yash to give Ansh back to him. He even goes on to beg the judge the same saying that he promises that he will never marry again and that he will give Ansh all he properties and love.  



How can Prashant love Ansh when he doesn't even respect the woman that brought him into the world...He misbehaves with Shobha, if a man doesn't respect his mother he can't love anyone not even himself. 


                             LOVE, IT'S A SHORT WORD, EASY TO SPELL, 

Yash Scindia is fighting for his son Ansh as well but not because he will get him anything but because he truly loves him. 

Yash has been there for Ansh whenever he needed him whether it was to a school race, saving him 4m danger or just because he wants to be close to his son.




The former will fight tooth and nail for his son and he will defend his wife Aarti from anyone who dare talk ill of her even if that person is his father Suraj Pratap. 

More than being hurt over his father's betrayal now Yash is angry and has lost all respect for SP.



The love Yash has for his little family is a beautiful, pure and unconditional. 




Can't wait for tonight's episode...Let the "set my screen on fire" begin Wink Embarrassed Big smile


A great MahaSangam episode maybe I'm the minority or maybe because I enjoy both shows so I liked it sure there where a lot of QH but we can't do anything about that now can we?! Wink 

It commences with Qubool Hai Scenes...Zoya who is dressed as the bride calls Asad's phone, the latter tells the former that he is attending the wedding so he can't talk to her right now...Zoya asks him to please look at the bride which he does and realizes that she is the one dressed as the bride.

The priest starts the ceremony, Zoya is tensed under the veil...he asks the groom if he agrees to this weeding, the latter replies yes...the priest proceeds to ask the bride "Zoya" if she agrees to the marriage, Asad is tensed as well when he sees the men from the groom side get impatient...Zoya finally speaks up and says that she isn't comfortable with the marriage and runs away with the men in her pursuit...haha seriously Zoya always gets into trouble wherever she goes and this is the third time she said no to getting married enough tough this time it wasn't her wedding LOL LOL...I like what she did for that girl cause who in their right mind let's their daughter marry her rapist??? Angry Angry Ouch Dead

As she comes outside, a bike stops in front of her and she hesitates for a sec but then she jumps on the bike when she realizes that it is Asad...the angry mob (goons) are on their trail, Asad manages to outsmart them by taking a route to the forest...Asad ditches the bike, he and Zoya proceeds start to walk...they are both tensed...Well Mr Khan, Zoya thought you were a secret agent so this is officially your first undercover mission good luck Tongue Big smile LOL

(Scene switches to another QH track)

Back to Zoya and Asad who are at the police station in Mangalpur, they try to tell the officer that their lives are in danger but the latter doesn't take them seriously...While Asad and Zoya are debating whether to tell everything to the policeman, he gets a call asking him to detain them...the man complies...Seriously there is corrupting all over the place, I guess money speaks louder than their conscience Angry Angry

While behind bars, Asad reprimands Zoya for always landing into trouble as she tries to tell him the entire story about why she did what she did...Asad tells her that she shouldn't have such a problem with the institution of marriage, they argue and to shut her up Asad tells her that it isn't her fault by her parents' leaving Zoya hurt...Damn it Asad why do you always have to bring yup the family card? if you took the time and look at Zoya every time, you mention family you would see that the hurt in her eyes Ouch Ouch Ouch

Scene switches to Punar Vivaah

In the courtroom, the judge says that it is important to know what Ansh wants so he wants Ansh to spend one night with Prashant, Aarti gets up and asks the judge not to do that...She tells him that Ansh is a child, she worries that P would get Ansh wrong...the judge adjourns the court. 

Yash goes to comfort her, Aarti is looking at The Dubeys and Yash to make the judge understand that she can't leave Ansh with ...Aww my heart was breaking for Aarti the way she just jumped up out of her seat and the plead in her voice, the tears just did me in Cry CryCry  

Just then the kids come in, they all hug Yash...the latter tells Ansh that he will have to go spend a night with the Dubeys, the little one wants to know if he'll have to be alone there...Yash tells him no that Shoba maa and Dubey will be there with him and he goes on to tell him that he will be back tomorrow...I love that the first thing that Ansh did was ask if he will be there alone cause he wanted his sisters with him Heart

Ansh bids adieu to PayPal and Yash and he goes up to a crying Aarti and asks her if she isn't gonna tell him goodbye...Aarti wipes away her tears, she turns around and tells him to take care and to listen to Shobha and Dubey...aww my AarYa little family was sad watching Ansh walk away like that Ouch 

Ansh walks over to P and tells him that today he will go with him, P hugs Ansh and gives AarYa a devilish smile while looking at a crying Aarti...Pfft that man has no soul, enjoying seeing a mother away from her child but damn seriously Vineet has been awesome with the evilness Clap Wink

Scene switches to the police station (QH)

The goons come to find Zoya dressed as the bride and orders the cops to kill Asad and Zoya...The latter protest saying that it is illegal, Asad shields Zoya when the angry mob gets angrier.

Scene switches to the other QH track

Back at the police station again (QH)

Asad and Zoya are being put in handcuffs, the latter tries to protest again but the angry mob and the corrupt cops are not listening just then Asad's phone rings, Zoya pushes the button and shouts that she and Asad are in trouble and need help...The cop switches off the phone while Asada and Zoya are being dragged out of the police station.

More QH's scenes (the other track)

Back to Punar Vivaah 

At the Dubeys, AarYa come...Shobha hugs Aarti and tells her to keep herself together, she asks Aarti t come in and talk just then P comes and tells them to stop...P ask them where they are going, her says that the court gave him one night with Ansh and that he doesn't want anyone to come between him and his son...Please Prashant stop calling Asnh you're son, for the last time your are just the sperm donor, destiny used u to give AarYa their first son so he could be able to unite them so thank you for what you did now move aside (sorry I couldn't resist) ROFL ROFL ROFL

Shobha tells Aarti than Ansh will always be in her life and asks her to stay strong for one day and she promises her that she will take care of Ansh and leaves...P too leaves and site down watching AarYa...We know that you will take care of Ansh Shobha maa Tongue Smile 

Yash tells Aarti that he understands her pain but it isn't wise for her to be there and that it is bets for her to go home while he stays back, he puts his hands on her shoulders and asks to tell PayPal that Ansh will be home with them soon...Aarti holds Yash's hand and asks him to take care of himself, she leaves and P who has been watching them all the time gets up and is looking at Yash...Awww I loved how Yash reassured Aarti that their son would be back with them soon, Aarti took Yash's hands without hesitating...I love the comfort they have now Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed...P looked like a stalker even though he was at his parents' but he is just creepy the way he kept looking at AarYa and when Aarti left the look he gave Yash Dead 

(Scene switches to QH)

Back to Punar Vivaah 

Aarti and PayPal on the upper floor at the SM, they can't sleep so Aarti is playing with their hair and crying cause she misses her two guys...Prashant is giving ice cream to Ansh while Yash is sitting on the stairs outside in the cold at the Dubeys', Aarti lies down on the bed crying, Yash is shivering outside and Prashant plays Ansh holds him and have a devilish smile on his face...Aww just one night and my Little AarYa family was all broken while the evil P was enjoying making them suffer...My heart was breaking for PayPal and AarYa Cry Cry Cry

Back in Mangalpur (undisclosed location) 

Zoya and Asad are in a storeroom when the former is screaming her vengeance, the latter asks she to be quiet and tries to figure out a way for them to get out of there so they can report this to the higher authorities...They both go different ways but since they are tied together they end up intertwined, Zoya tells Asad that she found something...Asad comes and their close proximity makes Zoya tensed, while they are discussing a plan they hear the goons approaching...Asad finds a crowbar and gets the window open just as Asad gets outside the goons comes into the room to find them escaping...hehe Zoya looks like she was about to pass out or more she looked like she was about to kiss Asad when they were so close Wink Embarrassed 

Back to Punar Vivaah

The next AM, Aarti is outside the court area waiting for Ansh and Yash to come...They arrive and she is very excited happy to see them, AarYa family is whole again as Yash and Ansh come to join them...Aarti asks Ansh if he's ok to which he gestures yes, Payal tells Aarti that she wanna use the bathroom...Aarti tells Yash that she is taking the girls to the restroom, they leave while Ansh and Yash stay back.

Ansh starts coughing so Yash goes and gets the medicine for him from the car, as Yash is in the car Ansh sees a big diamond and goes behind it...Ansh runs and slips just then Dilshad (Asad's mother) picks him up and Yash comes running, Dilsad reprimands Yash for being irresponsible she goes away leaving AarYa worried...Hmmm where did those huge diamonds come from??? Confused Confused I understand why Dilsad reprimanded Yash cause it did look bad from her POV Tongue

Back to Mangalpur (QH)

Asad and Zoya are running for their lives, they were able to outrun the goons...Asad showed Zoya the extent the goons will go to to stop them from leaving, they reach a small local dhaba...Asad calls the mechanic and asks him to send the car to the location he gave him, he tells Zoya that they should spend the night there because the car will be there in the AM ...They go to get a room, as they are standing there waiting to get tend to...there is a romantic song playing on the radio, Asad turns off the radio and then rings the bell upon seeing that no one isn't coming Zoya continually rings the bell...haha poor bell it was crying for mercy the way Zoya was hitting it and the annoying look on Asad's face was priceless LOL LOL

The attendant is very happy to meet a honeymoon couple but Zoya corrects him and tells him it is not what he thinks, the man continues to talk and when Zoya tries to correct him, Asad stops her by taking the key from the man and leaving...that attendant sure was very talkative, the more Zoya tries to clarify his MU the more the man kept on going LOL Big smile

Back in Bhopal (Punar Vivaah)

In the courtroom, Dilsad comes in and Aarti remembers her calling Yahs irresponsible and to tells a worried Yash that she hopes it doesn't affect their case...the judge introduces the jury, Dilsad is one of them... the judge says that teh jury will give their views on the case also and after Ansh gives his statement then the verdict will be announced.

The judge goes on to say that they have spoken to Ansh and he cares for both Yash and P, it is difficult for a child to decide in a case like this so that's why the case's decision will be in the form of a game...the former goes on to explain that the game will go on for four minutes and that both Yash and P will have to dress up as a bear and come near Ansh...whomever makes him feel safe and not intimidated will get custody...LOL I must admit that I've never heard of such thing before but it's his courtroom so I guess the judge can make up his own rules Smile LOL

He goes on to say that whomever breaks the rules by revealing their identity will lose, Yash gives Aarti a look and leaves as well as P...Aarti in self thought prays to the Goddess and says that she has faith in her that she will not let evil win over good and that she will let Ansh stay with her and Yash...I love how constant whenever she is at a crossroad she always turns to her God and her faith doesn't get shaking it just gets stronger Clap Heart Heart

Ansh is playing in the playroom with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse when he throws the ball and goes to look for it as he turns back around he finds himself alone in the room, he gets scares cause the lights start flickering and two bears come into the room...They call his name and Ansh gets scared, Aarti pleads with the judge to stop the game but the latter asks her to keep herself together...Aww that was really painful to see Ansh so scared, it reminded me of the time G3 locked him up in the storeroom and Aarti pleading as well just did me in but like the judge said I had o hold myself together even though a tear rolled down my cheek Ouch Cry Cry

Ansh goes in a corner and calls out for Aarti and Yash, Prashant goes to Ansh picks him up an upon realizing that he peed himself puts him down in disgust...Yash takes off his mask and rushes to Ansh asking him if he's alright...So much for wanting to be a father P just because Ansh wet himself you rejected him...what do you think happens when a kid gets scared?? You can never be a parent cause you're all about the superficial aspect of a child like when he is all clean and healthy not the real side like when he dirties himself of gets ill Angry Angry Dead 

At the dhaba in Mangalpur (QH)

Asad and Zoya are in their room, the latter is feeling uneasy seeing the how the room is decorated, she then gets scared when she sees Asad with a hammer, he tells her that it's to break the handcuffs...Seriously Zoya, Asad won't kill you no matter what he says he likes you Tongue Wink LOL

Back in Bhopal in the courtroom(Punar Vivaah) 

The judge says that it is true in the game that P has won and that Yash lost, Dilsad gets up and tells the judge that despite being Ansh's step father, Yash loves him more than his biological father P therefore Yash should get custody leaving AarYa shocked...ha you guys should be that shocked AarYa, I know that she reprimanded Yash when Ansh fell but she saw what we all did both sides of a story and she gave her honest opinion Big smile 

The judge says to P that he is a father but considers his son's pee dirty?? he goes on to say that the court gives Ansh's custody to Yash leaving the latter, Aarti, the Dubeys and G3 happy while P, SP and boa are fuming...Yash hugs Aarti, the judge tells Aarti that she has chosen a perfect father for Ansh...Bravo Papa Yash, you won...No one can't take away your son from you, Ansh is legally and rightfully yours Clap Clap Heart Heart 

Aarti gets up thanks Yash and hugs him...Wow two hugs in the courtroom and they were real hugs no semi hugs Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Outside the courthouse, SP is standing with G3 and boa when AarYa come to them...Yash tells SP that today is a big day for him, he asks for forgiveness and tells SP that his victory wouldn't be complete if he isn't with him...SP replies that he didn't come for him, he tells Yash that he was there because that what G3 wanted, he goes on to say that he wanted to see Aarti lose and experience the pain...SP leaves from there with boa following him...Seriously SP when are you going to get it through you thick skill that Aarti isn't your enemy and if you don't change your attitude before it's too late, you will lose a lot more than you've bargained for Ouch Ouch

Gayatri asks Yash to don't pay mind to SP's words as he knows SP's anger, she goes on  to tell Yash take Aarti and he kids to Mangalpur for awhile...let SP miss the kids and realize his mistake and come looking for them to bring them back to Bhopal...Yash agrees...ahh Gayatri is a smart cookie after all, she knows what will make SP change...distance Thumbs Up Clap Geek

P who is lurking around hears about AarYa's planning to go to Mangalpur, he says in self thought that after taking Ansh away from him Yash is going on a a vacay, he says that he will destroy AarYa in Mangalpur...Please get a life P, you were the one that lost because you never really wanted Ansh...he was just a pawn in your game and you need to remember that kids are God's angels so whatever you do to Ansh the Gods won't spare you Angry Angry

At the dhaba in Mangalpur (QH & PV)

The goons finally reached the location where Asad and Zoya are, they manhandle the attendant who gives them the info meanwhile Asad and Zoya are trying to get the handcuffs off...the angry mob is heading towards the room, they busted the door open and are shocked to find AarYa and the kids there...Yash holds Ansh and Aarti shields PayPal, Yash asks them who are they? 

The goons ask AarYa if they have seen another couple running this way? Aarti sees Zoya ad Asad hiding from behind and she tells them that if they are looking for a girl in a green bridal attire? well she has seen them a while back, she misleads the goons by telling them that they left in a car...the goons leave and Aarti gestures to Yash who sees Asad and Zoya going back into their room...That's my girl Aarti, very streets smarts Cool Clap Big smile Iloved the way they shield the kids from the goons.

AarYa and Asad & Zoya are sitting together, Yash asks Asad why the goons were after them, the latter replies it's a long story...they were at the wrong place at the wrong time but Zoya says that they have to help when they see someone in trouble...Aarti asks everyone to eat, Asad feeds Zoya and AarYa misinterprets things just then Ansh who is playing close to the table notices the handcuffs, he tells AarYa that he will tell them about Asad and Zoya...Asad gestures to Ansh not to say anything, Ansh says that they didn't watch their hands before eating...LOL I swear Asad nearly died when Ansh said that he would tell AarYa the reason and when he gave that excuse the relief that came over Asad was priceless LOL LOL

While playing Ansh's watch gets breaks, he picks it up and Yash calls him...the little one was going to take Palak's watch but Yash stops him, he tells Ansh that he will buy him a new one...Yash sends the kids to play...Aarti asks Asad an Zoya when are they planning to have a kid leaving the couple awkward, the all go to take rest...Seriously AarYa, you guys sure made them feel a little weird, the look on their faces was priceless LOL LOL LOL

Yash is sitting outside when Aarti comes out, he feels her presence and smiles just then lag jaa gale starts playing in the background, AarYa are looking at each other lovingly...Just then Asad and Zoya come out, they are on the steps..Asad sits down and forgetting that he is handcuffed to Zoya pulls her down resulting in her hand getting hurt...Aww poor Zoya Asad can be so insensitive Ouch Ouch...I loved the way Yash just left up his head when Aarti stepped outside, those two really recognize each other's essence Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Yash and Aarti are playing around, she hugs him and then she shyly tries to walk away when Yash holds her dupatta and wraps it around her, Aasad and Zoya look at each other and then away...Yash twirls Aarti around and she rest her head on his shoulder...she left her head up and AarYa share a romantic eyelock...Zoya tries to fix the dupatta over her shoulder but she is having a hard time...While AarYa are romancing, Asad & Zoya are being awkward with one another if only they would say what they have been feeling for a while now Wink Embarrassed Tongue

Aarti is about to fix her hair when Yash lovingly does it for her meanwhile Asad and Zoya look at each other, AarYa hold each other lovingly...Asad & Zoya lok ate AarYa who are now sitting down on a bench holding each other, Aarti rests her head on Yash's shoulder...Yash holds her and they both enjoy the warmth of being close to one another...ooh I love how AarYa are openly expressing their love for each other Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Asad jerks his hand away and pulls Zoya as well, they share a small eyelock but Zoya looks away and Asad puts her dupatta over her shoulder...Asad darling you need to be more gentle remember she has on handcuffs, you can't just pull her like that and I'm happy that you at least covered her shoulder Big smile

AarYa are enjoying each other's company when the stalker P comes and says that AarYa have mad a grave mistake by taking Ansh away from him, he says that it is time for Yash Suraj Scindia's destruction...Are you for real P? the only one that's gonna get destroy is you...you're just jealous that Aarti found a better husband and father than you will ever be Evil Smile Evil Smile Evil Smile

PRECAP: The MahaSangam promo

Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary were phenomenal as well and Vineet, Surbhi Jyoti, Karan Singh Grover, Zahida and Chetan Pandit Clap Clap Clap but the golden stars go to KS, GC and Vineet Star Star Star Star

I love the court scenes and the romantic moment between AarYa, the emotions those two brought to life were off the charts Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

I liked how Vineet gave me chill with his evil looks...hats off Vineet you were awesome Clap Clap

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smileymj10 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 8:34am | IP Logged

I'm in!!! Thanks Jyo...


Just rewatched the Mahasangram,

Today's episode was just fine for me, a combination of drama, comedy and romance!!!
Est. 30 mins scene for PV and 1 hr scene for QH

Seems like the first scene was the real direction of our CVs, the real drama that we saw everyday is there... I can feel the pain in Aarti and Yash...

The next part is such confusing, I thought all of them got home at SM, but it's only Aarti and Paypal.. Yash was left in the Dubey's house...
And the next morning, they just met in court.
Just wondering, did Yash changed his clothes?? Looks like his wearing the same one..
Well, I guess he have plenty of that shirt with the same kind... Big smile

How come Ansh said he treated Prashant equally as Yash, is that the effect of making him eat an ice cream and noodles??Shocked
Oh, I forgot Ansh is just a kid, he can be easily fooled by the devil!!Evil Smile
Oh, I never thought that there's this kind of game implemented in the court when both biological and stepfather were treated/loved by the kid equally.
The trust game!!! Did such game really exist?! Confused
Torturing the kid first by keeping him in a darkroom with just the two mascott , then they will get the answer...
This scene is kinda loop closure to the episode where G3 locked Ansh..

And yet the true color of Prashant comes out. Thanks to Ansh susu..LOL

The truth shall always prevail...
Dilshad (QH lady) proceed to the final judgment and choose Yash for the custody.. Aarya won!!!

But it's not the end for SP and Prashant yet! Still eager to make Aarti suffer. Am really worried for this woman...

Gayatri send Yash family to the village, but the devil poppinjay Prashant heard them... So he went there too!

The scene suddenly change to the Mangalpur. The merge of PV and QH leads..
The police are searching for the QH couples but Aarti mislead them..
Then the scene switch again..
The kids are playing around while the couples are eating...
Ansh watch was broken while playing (was that the loop closure of Prashant's broken watch?)

Aarya in PDA (public display of affection) mode?! Shocked
Can't believe they do that in front of QH leads. Is that what love makes them?! Or they just didn't notice them..
At least we saw the hugs that we are eagerly waiting for, still loved it though!
TBH, I  didn't find the BG that they played on that romantic scene as good..
Well, I guess it's better to see such scene on the ordinary PV days... You can really feel the romance in it.. Day DreamingHeart
No disturbance at all!! (just the kids) Big smile

Looking forward for Monday's Mahasangam, Ansh was kidnap!
Just hope it's more of PV scene this time...

That's all for me now, sorry for the rambling..
Have a Great Weekends Everyone!!! Embarrassed

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ksfan2 IF-Dazzler

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hey all dc ians...

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Yaaay! =D


Edit ~

Just finished watching the episode.

I still can't get over the court fiasco! ROFL

What are the chances one will come across such an exquisite situation where the judge says "Play Bhaloo and win the case"?


I swear, this will HAUNT me forever! ROFL

It felt as though 4 lions & Mittals executed this together LOL.However hilarious this was, it still had a tiny bit of logic beneath it. There was a lot of mistakes I admit, especially the Bhaloo part and Ansh wetting his pants in fear...LOL
But notice how Prashant instantly pushed Ansh away when he realized he had peed, whereas Yash ran towards Ansh and asked him if he was alright. And Ansh is like "Where were you Papa?" as though he was ONLY Waiting for his Yash papa in the first place but was unable to find him because of the fear! I feel the judge wasn't testing Ansh, he was testing Prashant & Yash!

This reminds me of My Khan's movie, duplicate. Where Bablu (the good) & Mannu (the bad) (+lookalikes) have to hurt Bablu's Bebe in order to prove who real Bablu is. Now, Bablu couldn't bear his mother in pain thus he backed out knowing he has lost the game. (He didn't Cool Bebe knew her Bablu and she gave a tight Kantaap to Mannu ROFL)

In this case, Yash instantly ran towards Ansh forgetting the rules of the game, which included no taking off the mask. IMO, this was a test on the two dads, whether the "Real" father was willing to see his child suffer, which Yash Ji successfully completed!

Prashant merely wants Ansh because he feels the need to destroy Aarti, he feels jealous of everything she has after he had left her. He probably thought Aarti was gonna forever remember him and chant his name but instead she moved on in life.

So yeah, it was a really hilarious episode with so many blunders but that's the only sane logic I can think of for it...but still it was a hilarious thing to show; that too at a court. Come on people, common sense! And what's worse, a judge thinks of such a childish thing :/

Coming to the last scene, okay now..apologies for the reference but...Yeh Yash ji Nai thi..
this was more like Maan Singh Khurana.. =(
Come on 4 Lions, you're making it look as though GC never stepped outta his previous role and continued to play a slanted version of MSK called Yash..

Yash ji does bathroom Wala romance, and the tax pay Wala Romance, not Hug wug that too outside! That's not Punar Vivah! Shoo you intruders ruining Punar Vivah!

Uff..4 lions!
For monday's episode, I want Mittals importing their flavour into QH to get even Haan! Angry LOL

On a serious note, this was NOT A normal Punar Vivah Episode, nothing was natural about it...heck! It's like AarYa completely transformed into some side characters asking Asad & Zoya about planning a family! ROFL

Do'h! LOL!

Though there's a very good thing amidst this.
I got to see Two HOTTIES Together! Blushing

LOL And Of course GurIka! =D Heart

Okay The Promo is gonna take place on Monday I guess, Uff Prashant! Angry


Waiting to see Monday's episode. This one did quite disappoint me, it just wasn't a typical PV episode.

Ps. Yash Ji...

Sadiie x

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@Zetter : Woww I loved that phrase u mentioned for today .. the theme is perfect for yesterday's episode Thumbs Up.. thats exactly what Prashant did yesterday .. he started quite smartly putting all facts and evidence before court but in the end his crocodile tears and fake drama messed it up for him because even a blind man can see who is more honest and genuine in court  .. u dont need to shed those tears to show your love for your son Approve ... Also Yash is fighting this battle for Ansh's happiness which he even told in court ClapClap while Prashant is fighting it for his own happiness which he told in the end about how he wants to b a father badly and so needs this chance blabla Sleepy

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