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~$ YOLO - With The CC's $~ J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 3

Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

I-F Crazy Creatives Head
Joined: 24 March 2008
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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Radha: Woot!2013 is here. Cool And with a new year, the CC's come with a new edition of Kolaveri Chat With The Crazies!
Sami: *shakes head* Radha, we've changed the name of this thread. D'oh
Stuti: Yeah di! So your line was actually, "with a new year, the CC's come with a new thread, YOLO - With The CC's!"
Aashifa: Now she wanna photo, you already know though, you only live once: that's the motto, YOLO Cool Drake is the sh... you know.. the.. best. Big smile

Jot: Whatever.D'oh Let's move on, shall we? Big smile

First segment: The Crazy Creatives Library
Second Segment: From Books To Movies
Third Segment: You're The Producers!
Fourth Segment: The Movie Titles

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Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

Joined: 14 June 2007
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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 2:31pm | IP Logged

Books books books! Reading books, textbooks, all sorts of books. Welcome to our bookalicious edition of You Only Live Once with The Crazies. Tongue

Radha: Attention team.
Jot: We have an important announcement to make.
Rani: Excuse me excuse me excuse me.
Radha: What is it Rani?
Rani: Some CCs are so studious you know?
Jot: That's a good thing right?
Rani: No! May I narrate my story?
Radha: Yup shoot!
Rani: Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen...Enemies and friends...brothers and sis...
Jot: OMG! Cut to the chase man!
Rani: Sorry sorry...So I asked 3 of my lovely CC mates to tell me about books they are interested in reading this year. And you know what? I got the most boring answers ever...well at least from two of them. I mean they are so studious and I admire them for that, but yaar kuch to creativity daalo. ROFL

I am not a big reader at all. The only books that are a cup of my tea are my textbooks. LOL If there is any book that I would read, they would my textbooks. They educate me so well on all the various subjects I take. Books may be interesting to read, but they just don't go so well with me. I love my textbooks and you should too because they educate you so well. My favorite textbook is Chemistry. I can read that book for days and days. Day Dreaming Chemistry is a must in a girl's life. Wink ROFL

Man I second my mate Stuti. And I don't want to repeat all that she said. But I agree with everything she said. Textbooks enrich you. They make you a more educated person. And a person cannot live in this world without a little bit of knowledge. My favorite textbook would be the accounting textbook. Accounting is a tedious and very hard subject, but the textbook makes it fun and enjoyable with all those accounting examples! It really helps you grasp the subject better! So folks open up those textbooks and take them seriously. They are actually very helpful believe it or not! LOL 

I actually have a list. Woot woot. I have 4 books that I want to read this year.
1. The Life of Pi 
2. The Help
3. Harry Potter (The Final One)
4. Guzzarish

Sami: Nice list Aashifa!
Aashifa: Thank you.
Radha: I'm actually very impressed by Stuti and Yuvi. I never knew they were such study-alochics. That's so good girls. I'm proud of you! And Aashifa darling you have one lovely list. Hats off.
Jot: Yo Ranz what about you...
Rani: I want to read Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Day Dreaming Oh and Ek Haazron Mein Meri Behna Hai...And Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gaum...
Jot: Failed attempt at creativity.
Rani: Wacko That was actually brilliant, thankyouverymuch.
Jot: Yeah whatever.
Rani: It was unique yaar. And you watch I'll create those books one day. And then you will be left stunned.
Jot: Boring...
Radha: Ok ok...Enough! So lovely members of IF, you've had your dose of the CC Library. Time to share your library with us. What books are you interested in reading this year? Share away.

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sami01 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 May 2007
Posts: 15184

Posted: 22 January 2013 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Now folks how many of you love to curl up with a good book?
Isn't it an awesome feeling?
Snowy night, hot chocolate, burning candles and a story to die for!
Magical castles and handsome knights..
And how many of you thought that
alas this book was made into a celluloid
A picture is worth thousand words and moving picture
is even more powerful

Crazy Creatives thought of bringing a special segment about books that were made into films!
Sami :the crowd looks big
Jot:roll my eyes this girl
she better pick my fav
Thousands of books were made into films
but some stand out
Please note that this is not a official list.

The Top 10 films are what we CC's thought would be interesting for all of us.
So feel Free to Add any movie you feel should have been there.
We are including some famous films, some fun films and some just films!!!
Cinema at its very colorful best!

So friends first and foremost film' that comes to mind when we talk about books is the Saga of Scarlet in American civil war era!!
A book by Margaret Mitchell

1939 Hollywood classic,
a major box office hit..
Gone with the Wind

We are Bollywood fans so how can we forget Bollywood here?
Many famous novels were adapted into films!
Bimal Roy had brought Sharat Chandra into life and many stories of Tagore were also grace of celluloid.
But we decided to choose a recent blockbuster based on Chetan Bhagat's story:
Three Idiots.


Now friends lets go to France and relive the tragedies,poverty and human suffering around the French revolution!
The story of goodness among despair and sufferings.
Humanity at its best and worse at the same time!!
Victor Hugo's Les Miserables has been made into classic many times.
A timeless story a must watch for all of us.


A Nobel Prize for literature..
A story of a Doctor in changing Russia..
A self portrait of Boris Pasternak
the struggles a russian doctor/poet during Russian revolution and journey beyond.
Story of Lara and Dr.Zhivago
Beautiful ,alive and amazing story of Dr.Zhivago!

Many of you may feel where are classic romantic adaptations of Jane Austin
But we felt that best Adaptations from books were television series of BBC
so we decided to concentrate on some other genre of films!
But we welcome you to discuss her stories along with bronte sisters and tell us which adaptation touched you most.


A saga of modern day witch craft
. Magic of Harry Potter series
brought some of best films made on this famous series by J K Rowling

The Pianist

World War 2--the most tragic conflict in the history.
The Holocaust -The sufferings in polish ghetto
Story of a survivor of Holocaust taken from his memoirs.
This Polish composer of Jewish origin Wladyslaw Szpilman suffered a tragedy and survived to tell the world of brutal nazi occupation of Poland
a finest film with amazing performance
please watch and share your thoughts with us

A film based on crime themed novel by Mario Puzo is considered one of greatest films of all times
The god Father -
Based on scillian mafia in new York in mid 20th century is film to be seen! The first and second films in the series are most recognized
but you are welcome to watch all!

The English patient

Coming back to the tragedy of world war 2
We would like to share another famous Oscar wining film!
The English patient based on Canadian Sri Lankan writer
Micheal Ondaatanji
The film is a must see for everyone

Now friends lets talk about something magical and amazing
 lions and witches and world of children fantasy!
A 7 book series by CS Lewis
Chronicles of Narnia!
*a chapal for sami came from jot*
Jot: Grrr sami how dare you! Angry
Sami: What did I do ?Cry
Jot: you forgot the most famous series!How could you break hearts of millions of girls?
All in love with Edward Cullen or the werewolf hunk, Jacob Black?!

*jot takes the mike away from sami*

Jot: ladies and more Ladies..
Let me introduce the best film ever made in history...
--The Twilight Saga!

*Radha glares and jot and sami fighting for mike*

Radha: off with you and let me continue both of you!

Friends this was our list but there are many more and add them in your replies we would love to know some more of it!

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Yuvika_15 Viewbie

The Chappal Free Head
Joined: 25 July 2005
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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 4:19pm | IP Logged

Over the years, both Bollywood and Hollywood film industries have made films which have been adaptations of books.

Some have been extremely successful and earned either critical success or commercial success and/or both. While, some have faced some criticism if the audience and critics felt the film makers and star cast could not do justice to the story.
 Indeed it is a hard job to transform someone's penned thoughts into a visual picture for us all.
Have you ever wondered what exactly strikes film makers to produce a film based on a book rather than their own fresh script?
Do you think its a good idea to have books adapted into movies? and why?
Have you ever read a book and thought it had all the essential elements to be transformed into a movie?
The CC team requests you all to imagine yourself as a film maker and think back at books you have read or are reading which you feel could be made into a movie and has the chance of being successful and appreciated by all.

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curledup IF-Rockerz

IF Crazy Senior
Joined: 10 July 2009
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Posted: 24 January 2013 at 8:48am | IP Logged

So all the girls have left, its just you and me know. Yes you. I see you. MAMAHAHHAHAHA Evil Smile Don't be scared I don't all. HAH.

Yuvika: Pipe down Aashifa
Stuti: Yes we are trying to READ
Sami: I'm not you can go on Aashifa
Me: yaay! thank you sami
Jot: I'll introduce the game then
Me: No no I'll do it
Radha: Then please hurry up

Okay okay I'll start, as the name suggests we are playing a game! ^_^ A fun game, we all like to have a bit of fun eh?

Since the theme is movies and books, we are inventing a new version of the 'person above' except its cooler LOL

We want you to invent a movie title using the username of the member above you!There its simple? See?

Nothing to be scared of eh?

So go for it. Let loose have fun and start with me. LOOL! ^_^ LOL don't disappoint me yeah? Shocked

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
Joined: 07 February 2007
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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Absolutely Rocking thread CC's and if there was ever a book that was written waiting to be made into a critically appreciated bollywod blockbuster then it has to be A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth

Edited by -RD- - 29 January 2013 at 6:52am

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Bobbi. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 March 2010
Posts: 16983

Posted: 29 January 2013 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Very well said.
Another movie in the blockbuster classics would be 'Life of Pi' -- YOLO

Edited by Predator. - 29 January 2013 at 5:40am

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-Inferno- Goldie

Joined: 11 November 2012
Posts: 1804

Posted: 29 January 2013 at 6:04am | IP Logged

Have you ever wondered what exactly strikes film makers to produce a film based on a book rather than their own fresh script?
 I think it might be due to the popularity a book achieves and also the content and the story line the author presents.
Do you think its a good idea to have books adapted into movies? and why?
 Though I am not always content with the movies that are made based on novels as they sometimes don't live up to the standards, I still feel that its a great idea. According to me novels bring innovation to cinema. 

Have you ever read a book and thought it had all the essential elements to be transformed into a movie?
 I think "Falling Leaves" by Adeline Yeh Mah is a great novel based on the author's real life story which could be transformed into a film. 

P.S: Love the list the CCs gave, I have read and watched almost every single one of the titles mentioned. Also, I think Life of Pi would be one of the classic addition to the list. 

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