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Holaa!!! to my dear Arjunians and Ariyans... I know I've absolutely lost my brain, mind and my imaginations thinking over Arjun and AriyaLOL okay I wont blabber muchLOL I'm here with a new OS which was requested by my dear ABBLOL... I truly don't know if I have penned upto her expectations. So, who better to judge than you guysEmbarrassed
Okay m done.. here you go read it..Embarrassed
Aftermath of The Dart Shooting
A girl stared out of her window smiling inwardly as she watched a newly wedded couple arguing over nothing. The argument displayed to her was more of love than anger or sadness. It was playful and childish argument.


The great words once spoken by ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte, thinking about that particular quote her smile widened with each word.

Few months later...
'Rawte, do naye case aye hai jismai se ek tum lead karoge, and dusra mai' informed Rathore firmly.
'Par Rathore' Arjun tried saying 'No par's Rawte already waqt bahut kam hai humare pass' interrupted Rathore.
Arjun sighed in frustration, 'Riya aur Shree tum Rawte ko assist karoge, jabki Chotu mujhe' Rathore distributed the jobs.
Shree smiled at Chotu while he frowned, 'Yaar mai humesha Rathore Sir ke saath kyu hota hu' whispered Chotu into Shree's ears while Shree turned around and his smile had turned into a huge grin he looked at Chotu teasingly

Chotu walked off annoyingly. Riya mockingly asked Shree to stay away from Chotu, even then Shree smiled shamelessly.

The trio discussed about their case, 'Shree pata karo ye Don Ikr, konse pub konse sher sab kuch pata karo' demanded Arjun. Riya tum apne shooting skills practice karo said Arjun ' Sure Sir' replied Riya obeying.

'Aadarsh ETF member' mumbled Shree under his breath. Arjun heard Shree but ignored. They worked from the office studying the case file and preparing for the evening face off.before twilight hit, Arjun was informed on Shree being wanted by Rathore for his case. An hour later,Shree had joined Rathore there Chotu was still upset with Shree though in his heart he was happy to have his little bestie working with him.Riya had no idea about Shree's transfer to Rathore's case, and Riya had been shooting Darts instead of practicing her shooting skills.

Arjun saw her aiming the darts on the dart board with full of enjoyment, and passion. However, Arjun had lost his temper immediately; firstly because Riya disobeyed him, secondly because she was in her own happy world.

'Riya...' roared Arjun with his hands resting on his hips, and his eyes widened in shock. Riya had jerked up as she heard Arjun's voice that was scary she muttered sighing.

'Sir' came her immediate reply.

'Maine shooting practice karne kaha tha aur tum ye kya kar rahi ho' questioned Arjun

'Dart shoot kar rahi hu sir' Riya replied hesitantly, she was a little bit scared as her heart was pumping blood faster through her body in result of the sudden call.


Arjun made a face at her sarcastic answer 'Abh chale hum late ho rahe hai'

'Sir, voh Shree' she questioned Arjun.

Arjun gave her a hard glare and said 'Voh nahi ayega toh tum nahi chalogi kya'

'Sorry sir', apologized Riya. While she followed Arjun as she made a face behind his back. It was after months, that Riya had being annoyed and upset by Arjun.

Their ride to the pub was quite, but just before they reached Arjun broke the silence 'Voh Rathore ne Shree ko emergency ke liye bula liya' he said softly.

Riya had enjoyed the ride to the pub she replied with a 'Hmmm' which angered Arjun furthermore.

Riya and Arjun walked in casually as planned, the SUV they travelled in didn't have an ETF logo.


Riya sat on an unreserved table while Arjun sat never the bar counter. Both pretended waiting for someone, however they were observing the pub closely and intently. Though they were metres away and didn't speak, however their eyes met every now and then.

When Riya spotted their prime suspect Ikr's assistant she glared at Arjun while she eyes directed the way. Arjun was impressed with the super observant skills Riya had developed in a mere of six months.

Arjun smiled at Riya but a girl who sat nearby misunderstood Arjun's smile and she was indeed Ikr's girlfriend. She walked up to Arjun, and talked to him. At start Arjun wasn't keen on talking to the girl but soon as Riya's eyes widened he played on with the girl. He talked and bought drinks for her, while he also explained that he didn't drink.

Riya looked everywhere but Arjun, though her eyes secretly watched Arjun through the corner of her eyes. Arjun's smile had widened into a huge grin  as he enjoyed watching Riya's reaction.

Suddenly Ikr's assistant walked up to Riya, he suddenly touched her hand forcefully though Riya didn't react as he was one of the persons they wanted. She carefully heard what the assistant said and nodded while she slightly glanced over Arjun.

By the time Riya got up it was Arjun who had started walking towards Riya with Ikr's girlfriend by his side. Though he didn't like her holding his hand, but he had no choice as Arjun had learned that she was Ikr's girlfriend. However, Riya didn't know.

Riya held the glass of orange juice in her hand, her grip tightened as she watched Arjun walking her by that girl on his side grinning ear to ear.

Little did she know that Arjun was just playing along for the sake of their case, Arjun walked pass slightly pushing Riya.

The drink had spilled all over Riya's dress; she fumed in anger and turned around. But before she could speak Arjun was gone. 'Mai abhi aayi' informed Riya to the assistant and walked her to the washroom where she cleaned her dress.

Riya immediately send Shree a picture and asked him to clarify who it was as she could feel something fishy about Arjun's latest behaviour.

As soon as she received a positive reply from Shree, Riya walked out of the washroom more confident like never before.

'Chale...' she asked the assistant ending it with a super cute smile and wink. Meanwhile Arjun had met Don Ikr as his girlfriend had easily guided him there. Ikr was super angry on his girlfriend's behaviour. Though she was just playing around with Arjun, Ikr couldn't control his anger.

'Toh hojaye'' asked IkrArjun looked at two muscled man's hand wrestling. 'Ye toh mere bayee haath ka khel hai' Arjun said mockingly.

Ikr's blood boiled, he clenched his teeth and balled his fist in anger. Then he turned around and saw a bunch of people betting and playing dart's seriously.

'Abh isse bhi nahi bolege kya' asked Ikr sarcastically.

'Nahi bilkul nahi' replied Arjun with a smirk playing on his lips. Arjun undid the hand Ikr's girlfriend had wrapped around Arjun as he walked towards the Dart board.

Rules ?? questioned Arjun

'Rules yahi hai ki hum ten rounds kehle ge aur marks add up hoga' informed Ikr's girlfriend as she walked over to Ikr.

'Baby I'm sorry' said the girl to Ikr, but he ignored her completely. Arjun's smirk widened with that.

First was Ikr's chance as Arjun couldn't be bothered on arguing to go first.

Ikr hit bull's eye at the first one, his men started cheering their Boss aka Don.

It was Arjun's turned and he did the same i.e. hit bull's eye on the Dart board.

Soon Riya walked into the room and watched their play closely, though Arjun had started losing his concentration whilst losing his points,  as he hit 75 points two times. 

Riya didn't like Arjun's play; Ikr smirked instantly when Arjun hit 75 points the second time.

'Something's wrong'' muttered Riya to her inner self

She noticed Arjun's legs getting unstable, she quickly rushed to him 'Arjun'' she said worriedly.

'Riya' voh they drugged me I think' Arjun slowly whispered back. 'Tum' anti-drug do' ordered Riya to Ikr's assistant. 'Oye chori tu hai kon re' questioned Ikr

'Teri kaal'.' Muttered Riya as she looked at Arjun with moist eyes. Soon her eyes spotted a bottle half filled with water.

She quickly picked it up, opened it and poured the water over on Arjun's face, and shortly she injected Arjun with the anti-drug that Ikr's assistant kept with him just in case.'Aarey aap ruk kyu gaye, apki bari hai' Riya said with slight smirk and cheekiness

'Tum bhi khelna chahti ho' questioned Ikr..

'Nahi hum inke badle mai khelege' replied Riya instantly

'Ye khelegi' hahaha laughed Ikr insulting Riya.

Riya didn't say a word she just smiled helplessly at Ikr she rested her hands on her hips.

At the same time Arjun slowly had started gaining consciousness. Riya didn't at start hit at 75..

Ikr laughed insulting here where as she looked around at Arjun but his eye lids fluttered slowly in reaction.


Few times Ikr had hit 75points but still he was winning and Riya hadn't hit one single bull's eye on the dart board she looked worriedly at the dart board and sent silent prayers.

Ikr laughed yet again 'Tum haarn jaogi toh apne majnu ko yahi chod kehta jana, vaise bhi tumse bull's eye nahi hoga' said Ikr.


Riya got worried and her hands shivered slightly.

She hesitantly closed her eyes focusing on the board. she inhaled few deep breaths and raised her arm in an action of throwing the Dart.

By suddenly she felt Arjun's weak arms stopping her. 'Aise nahi' said Arjun in a husky voice.

Riya looked around at him in shock. She couldn't take her eyes off his drugged eyes that were her drug indirectly.

Ikr watched on to Ariya and thought dono hi hard jayege.

But before he could think twice Arjun aimed at the dartDart board and threw it in a goBefore Ikr could taunt Arjun he looked at the Dart board and watched Ariya.

Arjun was holding on to Riya's waist for support all this long, while Riya's eyes were drowned into his and Arjun's in her's. Even then the Dart had hid on bull's eye.

However their trance came to end with the ETF team walking in and arresting Ikr and his men for illegally using and supplying drugs.

The trio had disappeared with the criminals to the office while Ariya were having flashbacks of what just happened.

Riya had turned crimson red as she thought about it and Arjun at the same time couldn't control his smile.

Riya walked upto the SUV and stood near Arjun where thousands of emotions spoke together. 'Thank..y...'said Arjun while Riya interrupted Sir no need please.


Both of them laughed their heads off for no particular reason, however their hands ended up finding their perfect match..

She smiled at the couple on the other side of window as they resolved their small differences and held each other's hands with love and passion.
The ENDEmbarrassed
NOTE: You all would be wondering how did Riya get in? By my imagination she showed an interest in buying drugs off Ikr's assistant in a big quantity. That is why he obeyed Riya for an anti-drug tab's or inji.
I heartly apologize for any mistakes...Embarrassed

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I am like this >>
You wrote it for me...Dancing I freaking love you SKB
You're the limit of being a wonderful writer
I am speechless... It was amazing.
OMG! I can't express how much I loved this one.
'Voh nahi ayega toh tum nahi chalogi kya'... This small small punch lines(well, for me atleast... I find Arjun's taunting hillarious) this one cracked me up. LOL
And it was too romantic at the end... I blushed like hell...
Their nok-jhok portion was super good.
Specially, when Arjun was enjoying Rhea's jealousy.
You're too good at writing... Kitni baar bulawagi mujhse!!
Keep writing like this...
Love you sistah!Hug

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Hey ...
That was so super cute Big smile
I was smiling all the time while reading this ... Smile
amazing OSClap

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shru dear another os

that too fabulious osClap

and the pub part was too funny and filled with jelous and emotions

and both are teasing each other

and he perposly dashed riya tha ki vo shree ko pic bej sake,

and arjun got drugged and riya helped him loved it

and  finially they won the match...

and i loved car scean too much

happy ending dear

do pen down more dearClap

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kya nam

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this is one of the funniest & cutest OS i have read here Tongue the small small moment between them was so adorable Smile

Shree ko team se out kar diya!!! Wink oh nehi ayega toh tum nehi chalogi kya?? LOL

Riya was practising dirt shooting inspite of gun shooting?? ROFL dart se kya criminals ke ankhe phodh degi ROFL

Arjun was flirting with a girl thats too with don's girlfriend to make Riya jealous!!!! LOL kaash show me yeh scene dekhne ko milta Wink

the end dart shooting was so romanric Embarrassed I couldn't help blushing too Embarrassed

thanks sister for writing such a beautiful OS. keep writing my you Heart

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superb os shru !!!
like it

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fantastic work sis...

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