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Enter at your own Risk 2 (..::AnSh AT 100::..)

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ginu: what is this place.. itna adhera kyu hai yahaa?Wacko
adi: right muje bhi yahi pucchana hai parr yeh bhi puchna hai.. ki ham sabko koun lekar aaya hai yaha.. kaise jagah ye yeh..Confused
ritzi: wahi to acchi khasti so rahi thi mai... sapne dekh rahi thi rk ke.. utha diya aur yaah par lekar aagye. .what is with this place...Ouch
vedo: sare at members yaha hai.. mera romanctic os adhura hi reh gaya... koun hai.. aur sare at members ko is tarah se kidnap kyu kiya hai..Cry
suddenly the heard some voice...
khushi: koi merri baat sunta kyu nahi hai.. ktini baar kaha hai.. bina permission ke at mai aana nahi chahiye to kyu aate ho tum sabAngry
suchi: omg khushi tumneShocked
supriya: khushi tumne hame kidnapped kiyaShocked
pia: aur ham sabko yaha par lekar aayiOuch
anji: bad khushi bad.. aajkal tu duck ka kaam karne lagi.. Angry
nivi: wahi to mai bhi kahu.Don ka kaam wo khushi ka naam.. but hame aise uthaya kyuConfused
neha: omg khushi kahi tumhe merra pm to nahi chahiye is kel iye chupke se utha layi.. bol deti mai teri liye hot and happning os likh deti... Embarrassed
Ginu: agar lu hi chahiye tha to mang leti.. mai khud aakar de deti is tarah se kidnapped kyu karna thaWacko
ritzi: bilkulOuch
piya: wahi to... mai kise thread mai kisie baja rahi thiWinkBig smile
malika: ufff ye shiv kitna handsome haiDay Dreamingaur fir bhi ye log muje use dekhne nahi dete..
meli: parr don ji kaha hai... don ji ko pata hai khushi ne hame kidnapped kiya haiConfused
vedo: khushi hame keh deti ham sigggy bana deti.. winner siggy bhi banti hu.. kyu kiya aisa.. mera shiv ko hug kane ka scene chal raha tha... Cry
khushi is reallly angry now.. here they arre taking non stop.. she shout angrily.
khushi: chup rahoAngry .. muje khud nahi pata muje koun at mai lekarr aaya.. to tum log kaise aaye muje kya pata..aur sab yaha parr hai to wo pyari firangi aur tista kaha hai
pp: i am here khushi... i dont know i try to wake a tista.. but she seems to not to budge moreOuch
all together: whatConfused
khushi: ye log.. abhi tak. .jis mai kidnapper usko lekar aaye hai.. usi bori mai rehkarr so rahi hai.. uth ja.. ghode bech ke so rahi hai.. chal uthAngry
tista: omg khushi tum subah muje jangane aayegiConfused
vip: oye at ke confuse.. sun khushi tuje subah nahi jaga rahi hai.. ham sab at mai haiBig smile
sou: but ham sabko at mai koun lekar aaya hai.. i mena khushi ka bhi kidnapepd.. who didConfused
suddnely they here vocie of someone...
DON: don ke bajay ye anokha kaam koun kar sakta hai... its don.. who kidnapped you all
all: omg don did.. but whyOuch
DON: simple.. tum logo ko uthakar.. yaha par kaam mai bharti karna tha..  at celerbation hone ja raha hai.. 100 ka participate koun karega... Evil Smile
khushi: muje kidnapped kyu kiyaAngry
DON: mera rule sabko same hai... isliye at maker ko bhi kidnapped karrna pada..but abhi do mehman aane baki haiWink
milindrose: whoConfused
Don: chill realaz anshul part 2.. but where is that... at ka balak var.. use bhi kidnapepd kiya tha.. dikha nahi.. oye wo raha...pia ko appreciate kar raha hai.. waise buddy.. this is ansh appreciation thread not pia apprecciation threadWinkLOL
rehan .. wo ok..Ermm
suddnely new two borry to land on floor.. everyone watch with awe.. and then all the at members stunned for while and then. .started dancing
both confused faced watch don...
anandi: hame yaha park yu laya haiShocked
shiv: pata nahi kina kaam hota hai muje.. upar se anandi ko bhi patana haiShocked
anandi: muje patanah hai ya fir jagya ki yaad aarahi haiAngry
shiv: aisa nahi hai anandiEmbarrassed
don: yaha par tum logo ki apprecation at 100 par kar liya hai.. tumhara aana to banta hai. .right anshians??Cool..
all: rightStar
don: do participate all. and dont let these two to run away..
ansh: whatShocked.. 100 AT... we are happy to particpateEmbarrassed.. after all our love to completed this stage with you.. love you anshcian very much.. we saw how much everyone love us.. how vedo adore us and run to hug  shiv most of the time.. how khushi test all knowledge of wickpediaTongue.. knowldege of ansh moments.. how don to make create shya because it will increase our love.Embarrassed. how malika write.. 22 and more then os on usBlushing.. how pyari firangi love all despite everything she didnt understand hindi that muchSmile.. how suchi become anandi's most dedicated fanEmbarrassed... and how she support us .. how anji tu scarticly reply to everyone for us.. and many more .. we love anshcian what you are.. now time to go bacck.. that for being aus there... and completed.. 100 AT... our love to grow with at lets celebrateParty

and the light music and dance.. start..
..::khushi and don::..
Once again... we comeplete new step and new dimention.. of this at..we are proceding with lightening speed.. our ansh realtionship to growing and become strong more then every.. how much moment of them we witness. and same the time we witness bonding between us.. tthe freindship we share in this at..along with our crazyness for ansh.. we rocked.. and we run ourr at.. together.. so.. make sure.. we will do the pagalpanti again and agian.. to finding more chanced to celebrate together... cheers and congratulation all.. and lets welcome in celebration... & now look  at with the pov of pyari firnangi...Party
..::Yasna's thoughts::..

I have never watched soap operas. I have never liked them. I loved and I still do other types of series like: Friends, How I met your mother, Will & Grace, Roswell, Castle, Big Bang (I love Sheldon!!!)

In the last 20 years my country was "occupied" by southamerican soap operas.  The pattern was the same: she is poor but in reality she is rich only she does not know it, she meets rich handsome guy, they fall in love, there is always one bad rich girl who makes their love impossible but every each of them ends with a wedding and happy end. It is enough to see the first epi and you already know how it will end. Boooring!

I moved from Serbia 3 years ago and I lost touch with its TV. My mom had been telling me from time to time about some Turkish and Indian series she was watching. And that Indian one was quite different than many other series she had watched before. My comment was like ein? Indian?

 So this summer while I was in Serbia, in order to spend as much time as possible with my mom I started to watch "her famous serie" . It was when khadoos CS entered, and I still did not have much information about entire story, but what I noticed was that those 2 actors have amazing chemistry. A nice Indian dude and a beautiful indian girl, without even touching each other were transmitting a strong emotion. Well they got my attention for sure.

 Once back to Seville and still on holiday I had a lot of free time. Seville is one of the hottest cities in Spain and during the summer  being in your apartment with air-conditioner on is the only option during the big part of the day.  Nobody wants to go out with 45 C'. So I discovered that the epis they are showing in Serbia are like 3 months behind the ones in India. I spent afternoons and afternoons on my sofa (air-conditioner on, of course) watching the epis, without subtitles, without anything (that is dedication). Just the actors, me and a language I have never listened before. 

I managed to understand some things, body language and face expressions helped, but I needed something more. So I found IF and its written update. For some time I only limited to reading WU, but then again I started to need something more. I had one new world opening in front of me, new culture, new religion, and new customs. I had so many questions to satisfy my curious nature and I needed answers.

So I decided to register'First topic I got in and stayed there (thank you God for that) was that shadi thread. It took me some time to start to talk, I did not know how people will react. First I started in the evening (night in India)'in so called night-shift, with my 3 musketeers Sangi, Vedo and Vip. They helped me to open up and start to talk, and just about the time I relaxed and my super-hyper-mega extroverted personality (according to my friend who is psychologist) appeared I got to know about the existence of" limitation issue" . If you think it took me back you are sooo wrong. There they were, my 3 musketeers, to post for me, the very first persons I interacted with, the persons who will always be very special to me. With them I made my first steps within the forum and I will always be grateful for that.  Thanks to their friendship and patience I got courage to step up and participate more actively in the thread. I am sure they already regretted it , but too late girls!!!

During my 2 months journey through shadi thread and later AT many things changed. I became Mahi's biggest fan and Ansh twin baby girls flag bearer. I met a lot of new people. With some of you I interacted more, with some of you less. But every each of you contributed to what I am in AT now. You accepted me, helped me whenever I needed it, embraced me and made me feel like at home, made me feel like one of you. Your patience, explanations, translations'all that means a lot to me. You girls opened my eyes and taught me how to watch this show and I am really grateful for that.

 Grateful to my Ginu for all her LU, for understand me, for accept me and love me just like I am. Couple of days ago I realized we were born on the same day, 11th October. It explains why I connected with her the way I did.   Myraa'.hm'when you feel you can share some sad or very personal details of your life with someone you barely know, and you get understanding, support and love'.well that is my dear Myraa for me. Supriya, always so patient, always so caring. I took really serious your promise and waiting for you to keep it ;) Uma (adi2512) as I once told you, how I will ever thank you for all the love you are showering on me, for all the questions answered and all your support. Arya and anshurg5, another 2 persons I interacted a lot, always ready to translate, to explain and to listen. Love you for that girls!!! I love appy's , Malika's and Tina's analyses. I always learn something new from them. About the show, about Indians, about myself.  My favorite angry bird Piyu, so intelligent, so beautiful. I am thinking about her every day and I am so glad she is better. I felt really bad coz I was giving her ST a day before the accident, and I promised to myself I will never ever give ST to anyone (a note on the page 13 of AT84 is for her). Hope she will joined us again soon because we all miss her.  Neha, my spanking partner. She is smart, she is sensual, she is hot and above everything she is naughty!!! Thank you for supporting  my naughtiness!! ***spank spank*** for you dear. My 2 amores Tistaa and ritzi, so dear, so curious and sometimes so innocent. Love you chicas! I like Anjy's evilness. Sometimes I am really looking forward to her to come and give some comment that will put us on the ground all! Anjy I bow to you!! The very first to understand my affection for Mahi was Sheena(shopaholicNY), my dear partner from the nightshift.  With Savz_uniqueblis  I developed some very interesting ideas for CVs, including some new recepies for Anandi. Enough of halwa please! Then our 2 "bosses" Khusi and Don. Khusi, our Anandi, was the first who supported me in my Ansh twin baby girls madness, and I must admit her support gave me the wings, otherwise I would stop with that long time ago( now don't blame her girls, how could she know..) And Don, Shiya's flag bearer,  just the way she is, is more than necessary for controlling my vivid (not to say naughty) nature and I appreciate it. Somehow in the same time when I came to AT, Sou (GoldenDew) left for her vacations so we did not have a chance to get to know each other. Now, when she is back it is real pleasure to have her around and I like talking with her. Pal and Zarna I enjoy reading your stories and love your writing styles. I found Ursh in NBTNMKK forum  when I participated for the first time and her presence there meant a lot to me. Slowly I am building my relations with Nivi(dixie123), Aditi (Blushing), 55shobha, mellifluous, milindrose, pri_kinmuk, umam,nya_ansari and I am looking forward for our future interactions and the opportunity to get to know each other better. There are still AT members I did not have much contact before but this is just a beginning of the journey and I am sure our paths will cross'

 It was quite easier to write about others, but what could I tell you about me? According to my friends I am sooo Amelie sometimes, I am culturally inquisitive, language lover. According to myself: I love pinha colada, sunflowers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Chavela Vargas,  I love Portugal, Harry Potter ,olives, hugs. I love my family and my friends. I love my Serbia, her people, her nature. I love Ivo Andric, Mika Antic, Momo Kapor, Milorad Pavic. I am proud that being Serb is something I have in common  with the greatest scientist ever - Nikola Tesla. I think Novak Djokovic is the best tennis player in the world'

To finalize, couple of days ago I stepped out of BV forum for the first time and participated in NBTNMKK forum. I can say I was lucky again and I met some nice people there too. But one thing is sure. AT is my home, Anshians are my family. Being your PP, DP, SP, BP is an honor for me. Your friendship, consideration, patience make me feel very special. I don't know if our paths are going to cross and if we will be able to meet ever, but I want all of you to know that this phirangi loves you and will be always here for you.

P.S. I know I cannot write as nice as you girls and I apologize for that.

P.S.S. The most lokpriya family goes to all of you!


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PartyHeartNO 100HeartParty

The perfect jodi : Anandi ShivRaj Shekhar and ShivRaj Shekhar

Anandi is the child bride, married at the tender age of eight, Anandi had to accept and accustom herself to a new family of strangers and accept her roles as a friend, lover, wife and a daughter in law during childhood itself under strict old customs. Now, as a young adult, she faces new challenges as her adulteress husband, failed marriage she tries to carve out her own identity as sarpanch of Jetsar in the world with the support of her Inlaws.

ShivRacomes from an army background and is a man of authority. He comes in Jaitsar as the Collector and is an energetic,well groomed yet impatient self made man of today.

..::The journey till now::..
Their 1st meeting.
Shiv entered Balika Vadhu in typical hero fashion, as a knight in shining armour to rescue Anandi when she was in danger. When a wayward horse pulled Anandi's carriage recklessly, Shiv rescued the sarpanch of Jaitsar.
Anandi's saviour turns out to be the Collector of the newly minted Jaitsar district. This is revealed at a function held to felicitate Anandi. Shiv is praised by to the high heavens which paves the way for his promising work in Anandi's hometown.
The initial discomfort n verbal volleys
Shiv and anandi initially shared a professional bond. But after some sorts of roughness eventually both impressed with each other's different shades and qualities. shiv's frd ashi's words made shiv to realize that his dream girl is similar to anandi. Anandi's simplicity and charm starts affecting shiv.shiv again proved as anandi's savior while stopping a child marriage and got to know that she is a balika vadhu too and his respect towards anandi increased.
Shiv's uncontional love...Anandi's pain...n the ghost from past
Shiv is now completely smitten and even accepts ds's proposal to marry anandi but anandi refused due to the fear of rejection.Shiv understood anandi's pain and decided wait for her and devimaa's final decision...AND he realized that he is in love with anandi...
In the mean while Anandi and jagdish got divorced finally. Anandi agreed to marry shiv to fulfill her mother's last wish. Shiv's family happily agreed with the marriage alliance of Ansh . Due to some pasr revelation jagat broke up with gauri and went to jetsar to get his family n anandi back .he reached at the mean time when Ansh were getting engaged , he stunned but backed off. AnSh finally got engaged without any interruptions.
The failed revenge of her past...and AnSh's unbreakble bond...
Jagiya tried to get forgiveness from everyone but failed and went into revenge mode.By hook or crook he tried hard to create disturbances in anandi's life. For peace in family and to come out from her own guilt anandi forgave jagiya. Meantime shiv confessed his love to anandi. Jagiya tried again last time to separate AnSh and tried to convinced Shiv not to marry anandi but This time anandi chose her future and AnSh come out as winner again.And marriage preparation is going on in full swing.after the haldi ceremony Shiv got arrested in railway forgery which was jagdeesh's crime to trap shiv. Anandi show her unshakable support during the low phase n jagiya surrendered.Finally in "samuhik vivah" Anandi n Shiv got married ... declared as man n wife...
Life as Man & Wife...blossoming Love...still some known & unknown fears

After marriage AnSh tried to adjust with their new life, with their families, with lots of hope. But Shiv promised to give anandi her time n space as she is still being affected by her echo of past. With some new challenges n difficulties...their relationship has started blossoming.


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. mohinee,  .Ritushree., -Destiny-, -Perseus-, -Ray-, -Swetha-, 
--rashu--, _naksh_raz, 2arna , 55shobha, 5cents, A2ZV, Aakanksha_7,
 AbhiAni, adi2512, ajpudi,andv, anjana_pi, AnjanaYYZ, anshurg5,
 aparnauma, AryaS, ashahai_aamanke, AshBendre, ashred12,
 avantikasharma1, ayesha066, ayesha321, ayushi.luvsid, 
bhavi_shiv, bluerobin, blushing, bonnie7, candyflos, Chitra11, 
chocobear, ChotiChef, chunkysony, cocojatti92, coolgirl3,
 cosmogirl77, covalentbond, deb2002, deboleena.manna, di_vya, 
Dilsha, Dishu, dixie123, diyalover, Don_TheEvil, dsupriya, EAREYE, 
geekee, ghoshmedha, GoldenDew, gurtimasti, hana89, hooked,
 iffan_1, Illyria, ilove99, ILoveDrama, iMadz, J.LO, JazD, Jeca1997, 
jyoti.I, kavishilpa, keertana21, Khushi., khusi_*, kuhu_01,
 kwitkatts, kwitkatts, LadyMacbeth, lavy, liv2laugh, live_life, 
lonelyshadow, lucykaede, Malika,Manshi, Manasi_16, maneta,
, masked2011, mbloves,  MeetPremeer, 
Mehek25, Melliflous, michelle281194, milindrose, mishti31, 
Missesha, momrin, monamie111, Mythical, navyaalex8, 
NDDgirl, NeelakshiK, nilaiza, nitha, nniks, nolla, nya_Ansari, 
oaz30, OliveySOftheart,pAL-pAL, pari117, payalibm, piya_anshian, 
Pjyo, pooja_95, prassy.kavi, Pri_Kinmuk, priyahana, 
Priyamvada, pure_soul, purvim, pussycat, QuagMyred, 
rameeraa87, rehan_oberoi, ritzi12, ritzy09., riyaryan, roberoi, 
romaila, rukhsar.crazy, rusha4003, Saayaniz, sarah88, 
saviani, Savz_uniqueblis, sbadam, sdk10, Serviana, Shahki, Shivanandi78, 
shivani_bv, shivani9, Shoma_, ShopaholicNY, Siberian_pigeon,
 SiriuslySujal, smazzlejoans, SmitaCletus, soni595, sravss,
 sreevask, ssah, Suchi-Virmanian, SujaK, sukanyasylvia, 
sumreen, sunshine244, Surabhi01, sushiani, sweet_shagun, swetha383
tannipartner, TanyalovMusic, tinoo, Tistaa, togepe30, Trisha_magnet
tv_princess, tweetie19, umam, UrshP, vandna12, vasanthimrao, 
Vedo, VerboseG, Vipansh, virnda9183, vishwa19, 
vivacious_priya, wuthering,xaviara

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  • Follow IF rules ' ie no. abusing language, no explicit contents
  • No bashing stuff of any character or member not even for fun - Anyone found breaking this rule will be banned from AnSh AT without any notice.
  • The members list of above can chat anytime in AT as they follow rules in this list.
  • TO the new members, if you want add your name in the list pm khushi(khusi_*) andpratiksha (Don_theEvil) . Till then you cant post or made comment in at its against rules. For other member of forum & not member of at , please do not come to posted your comments of congratulation in at if you are not member of at.. you need to be member first otherwise you will not welcome in at anymore
  • DON'T use big fonts while posting. It will consider as shouting.
  • TO the members of AT, I know everyone want to be first one to comment in new at. But please hold your horses until previous one is not completed. Do not made any comment on new at until previous one is not end., kindly noted do not make any comment under tag of do not post. Either member or non members will be banned from AT without notice.
  • do not directly jump in to conversation. For backup read last 2 ' 3 pages of it. You will get idea of conversation in AT.
  • Don't say only hi or bye, try to mention AnSh in every post.
  • Do not discuss other then ansh and bv show. If you wanted to discuss with your other fav star show your creativity on your cc but not here , though general chit chat is allowed but point to be noted ansh discussion will not be ignored
  • Avoid extra quoting.(not more then 3) ' its decrease pages loading speed and also make post untidy to read.
  • active participation in act is much more needed if we find out your in AT your are coming only for congratulation then you will be out of the AnShians' list.
  • Like everyone comment if possible.
  • read entire page of ansh at.
  • Comment actors profile. its not mandatory but we are appreciate ansh so why not try little effort to raise there ranking to
  • if you have problem with any member in at. them pm khushi (khusi_*). aur pratiksha (Don_theEvil) but dont create issue in at over its. Otherwise if your find created problem in at you cant post in at for month
  • AT member suppose to need remember do not bash actor or actress outside of forum.. if you wanted to only go for one actor.. at is strictly not for you.. you have to walked out from at.. so either behave or walk out.

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Shiv's Entry/AnSh's 1st meeting to Their Rista Pakka dates are on AT 99
AnSh rista pakka - 14th AUG
AnSh Sagaai/engagement - 31st AUG
AnSH Become friends after Shiv gives Anandi yellow roses - 12th Sept
shiv's windchime gift to anandi - 19th Sep
AnSh's 1st dinner date at CH- 8th oct
AnSh day out - 15th oct
AnSh marriage card out n Shiv's ILU to anandi- 31 oct
Shiv asked anandi to marry him- 6th nov
AnSh haldi-19,20th nov
Ansh mehendi-27th nov
Ansh Sangeet-29th- 30th nov
Ansh Marriage- 10th to 14th dec
Anandi's bidaai- 17th dec
Anandi's grihapravesh- 19th/20th dec
AnSh's SR-28th dec
Anandi's 1st gift a sweater to shiv on sankranti and AnSh hug - 2nd feb 13
Anandi realised she loves shiv...dream confession-13th feb 2013

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StarPrev ATs

Ansh at Link 1 to 50 (all in this link)

!!AnSh!! enter AT your own risk!!50!!

Ansh at Link 51 to 98 (all in this link)

StarBalikavadhu Times Newsletter

StarAnSh BG tune by mona

StarAnsh video collection by suchi

StarDont forget to comment

Pratyusha's profile Siddharth's profile

StarVM Gallery by mona

StarVms by sou

StarAnSh FF /SS/OS collection by dixie

Star"Choudhury" AnSh BG song thread n gallery by Vedo

AnSh BG Song (Download Link Added)

~V's AnSh Gallery~

Starrashu shop

Here is new shop is added on this all are request to send you siggy/avi list to this shop so you can get awesome siggies of ansh.. send pictures to her..

Thanking you

Don_theEvil & khushi.

Starshare ur views on AnSh here in colors official website too

Star10 reasons why we love Shiv

Star Our Record Breaking AnSh Saadi Thread

"Welcome in ansh ki shadi leaving behind barbaadi"

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We finally reached the mile stone...This AT 100 thread has lots of plz follow the few more below instruction to make it bigger

# don't res in AT 100...1st go through the thread, all the contest entries...then post ur review n remarks

# no one or two-liners at each post of this AT...u must have proper review and contents .

# no hi, bye, congo

#try not to spam much...try to keep the thread alive for at least a day or two

#using winner siggies for atleast 10 days is compulsory, who won more than one category...have to use atleast one of their winner siggie.

#Now you all can post your respective entries outside the forum.

Main AT Banners- shivu
Voting & Contest winner siggies,Contest Banners- khusi_*(khusi)
Intro OS- Don_theEvil(prati)
AnSh journey till now-khusi_*
Members Awards Vote counting-VerboseG(ginu)
Contest Judges- siggi/avi-dsupriya
          vm- adi
Quiz contest handlers- prati , Vipansh
Know each other better- ritzi
Lay out and editing-khusi & Parti
AT makers-Anjana,Parti,khusi

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Spammer of ansh AT-Gina
and here is the prize
Evil member of ansh AT-Don
and here is the prize
Fun loving member of ansh AT-Gina
and here is the prize

Sweet member of ansh AT-khusi

and here is the prize
Naughty member of ansh AT-neha
and here is the prize
Friendly member of ansh AT-vedo
and here is the prize
Active member of ansh AT-Gina
and here is the prize
Non active member of ansh AT-Sou
and here is the prize
gayab member of ansh AT -Mona
and here is the prize

Serious member of ansh AT-Appy

 and here is the prize
Sensible member of ansh AT-khusi
and here is the prize

pendu/ confused member of ansh AT - ritzi

and here is the prize

Angry bird of ansh AT- Piya
and here is the prize
AC of ansh AT ( who cools down everyone )-Gina
and here is the prize

naye nalevi member( newbie) of ansh AT- Rehan

and here is the prize
Drama queen of the AT- Myraa
and here is the prize

Nakchadi member of AT- Sheena

and here is the prize
Romantic member of AT-Vedo
and here is the prize
Besharam member of AT-  Neha
and here is the prize

Door Darshan of AT ( who just likes others comments but never participate )- Kwit-katts

 and here is the prize

Khadoos member of AT -Don
and here is the prize
                                                                                                                              winner     runner up                  

Spammer of AT



Evil member of AT



Fun-loving member of AT



Sweet member of AT



Naughty member of AT



Friendly member of AT



Active member of AT



Nonactive member of AT



Gayab member of AT (who usually comes to say hi and bye)



Serious member of AT



Sensible member of AT



Pendu/confused member of AT



Angry bird of AT



AC of AT 



Naye Navele member of AT



Drama queen of AT



Nakchadi member of AT



Romantic member of AT



Besharam member of AT



Doordarshan of AT (who just likes comments but never participates)



Khadoos member of AT



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