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As Long As I Live Thread 1 (Page 116)

kratzyfan IF-Rockerz

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ilovepyaar IF-Sizzlerz

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"Aarti, I need to see you."

His voice. That darned voice... it made her want to collapse in a heap on the floor and cry her eyes out. It made her want to beg, beg for him to come back. Her aching chest felt like it would explode. How could she feel this way? After all these months, how could she still want him so much?
"I -- I," she started to say, desperately wanting to see him, to feel him again.
Before she managed to say anything else, she felt Yash's strong arms wrap around her waist. She felt his nose nuzzle her neck and she wasn't able to speak. Suddenly all of this felt wrong, it felt very wrong. She was horrible.
She felt tears escape her eyes and she pressed end on her phone before she could say anything. She couldn't do this. Not in front of Yash. She felt Yash's lips on her neck and she felt dirty. Forcefully, she pushed him off her, causing him to stagger backwards.
She picked up her bag and started to head for the door without saying a word to him.
"Aarti!" he called out. "What happened? Sorry if I did something wrong..."
She was out of the door before he could say anything else. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks.
You did something very wrong Yash, very wrong. You and I. We were very wrong. I can never forgive myself.  
"Aarti?" she heard Prateek's confused voice in the distance, reminding her that Prateek was Yash's brother. What would he think now? What would everyone think? Could she get any worse? She ignored him and kept on walking.
Once she was outside, she felt a hand grab her arm.
"Aarti, let me drop you," Yash said from behind her.
She jerked his hand off and walked faster, unable to look at him, unable to say anything.
"I'm sorry!" he said again. "I'm very sorry. I promise, I'll ask before doing anything next time."
She wiped her eyes with the back of her arm before turning around and facing him. She looked him directly in the eye and whispered, "This is never happening again."
Yash looked shocked. She closed her eyes. She didn't want to answer his questions; she didn't want to tell him what happened. He looked so innocent. It was way too hard to hate him, when it was her fault, all her fault.
"It won't," he finally said, "If that's what you want, it won't."
"Did I really hurt you that much?" he asked guiltily, looking at her swollen eyes.
"No. You didn't hurt me," she muttered.
"Then let me drop you home."
She nodded. "Fine."
When they were in the car, Yash broke the silence.
"Aarti, are you sure everything is alright?"
 "Everything's fine," she said firmly.
"Should I pick you up tomorrow?"
"Pick me up?" she asked rudely.
"I mean to teach you."
She squeezed her hands tightly together and nodded.
"Okay," he said, slowing down outside her hostel.
"Thanks," she said quietly, and left the car without looking back at him.
She ran into her hostel room and shut the door quickly behind her. She took out her phone and looked at the number that had just called. Should she call back? No. What position was she in to call Prashant right now? She was a horrible person. She essentially cheated on him. She knew she wasn't together with him anymore, but her heart was still with him. Nobody said that you needed to be in a relationship to cheat on someone.
She looked into the mirror across from her bed and felt disgusted by the sight in front of her. She was the world's most horrible person. She was a bloody cheater!
It was early, but nevertheless, she squeezed her pillow tightly and cried herself to sleep. It was something she hadn't done for months.
The next day, she worked on Calculus with Yash at the library. They behaved formally with each other, pretending the last two days didn't happen. They spent a few hours studying, before Yash dropped her home and she gave him a reserved smile.
This went on for two more months. They met up nearly every day and studied. But they left it at that. He was just her tutor. Not her friend, not her boyfriend, not anything. Just her tutor. He didn't mean anything else to her.
There wasn't a night that passed by in those two months in which she didn't wonder what Prashant wanted. She answered his phone call and met him in her dreams, imagining that he wanted to get back together with her.
After the two months were over, she started to block him from her thoughts again. She became way too preoccupied with university to dwell over him for too long. She hadn't told Mansi or Sunita about Prashant's call or her and Yash's closeness. She wasn't ready to share any of that with anyone just yet.
One month before the final exams, Aarti and Yash were in the library. The thought of Yash graduating and leaving her behind made her feel sad, but she knew it was for the best. She had often stared at Yash, finding him incredibly attractive, wanting to get closer, but managing to stop herself each time. She had to control herself. She couldn't cheat on Prashant. Not anymore. Never again.
"Can I ask you something?" he asked her while checking over her solution to a complex question.
She nodded.
"We've gotten distant, even though we meet almost every day. Why is that?"
Aarti nervously looked away and felt her heart start to beat rapidly. "Uh... I just... it got awkward," she told him. It was a lie. She didn't feel awkward with him at all. In fact, she felt very comfortable. She wanted to spend more and more time with him every single day and she wanted to tell him that, but she reminded herself that she was cheating on Prashant. This was the only way she could control herself.
"Okay then," Yash said. Aarti knew from his tone that he didn't believe her. Why should he? There was no reason to believe her.
He went back to looking at her solution while she looked at his lips, wanting to get closer, wanting to touch them with her own.
Prashant, she thought to herself and was shaken out of her reverie once again.
Before she knew it, the final exams had passed and the results were released. She checked the bulletin board until she saw her name, and a huge smile crossed her face. Aarti Gupta, top of the class in calculus III, 100%. Whoever said that working hard made the impossible possible was right. She got a cent percent in the subject she was weakest at! Although she was expecting a high mark because she knew she had done her exam really well and wasn't stumped on any questions, it was a pleasant surprise! Yash had prepared her very well.
"Yash," she whispered, feeling like the world's happiest person. She needed to share this with him. He had to know!
She called him on her mobile. "I need to see you!" she said happily.
They met up at a park. As soon as Aarti saw him, she felt her eyes get teary. She suddenly felt like she was seeing him in a different light.
"How were your results?" she asked, trying to conceal her excitement, and attempting to sound as sane as possible.
"Normal," he said with a shrug. "How were your results?"
"Normal meaning?" she asked, curiously.
"I graduated with high honours."
She grinned widely. "Really?" she asked, happy for him. She wondered how on Earth that was normal, but then remembered that it was Yash Scindhia she was talking to. Of course it'd be a normal thing for him.
He smiled back at her, "Yeah. How were your marks? How was calculus?"
"Yash," she said breathlessly, "You... don't know how much I... how much I need to tell you this. You are amazing."
She walked closer to him and held on to his biceps. They were very hard. He was so muscular. "I got a hundred percent in calculus, and got high honours in everything else!" she shrieked happily.
She threw her arms around him and pressed her cheek against his. He hugged her back tightly. "I'm so proud of you," he said with a big smile. His tone proved to her that he was genuinely very happy. He was just as excited as she was. She felt her stomach do flip flops when he said that. Suddenly, her achievement felt more rewarding.
She moved her face off his and looked into his eyes, seeing honesty and truthfulness in them. She didn't know why she wanted to say I love you to him. She didn't know why she wanted to hold him forever. She didn't know why she wanted to go closer than ever. It might have been what she felt in the heat of the moment, or she might have genuinely felt all of this for him. Right now, her mind and heart were both way too fuzzy to care.
She couldn't think of anything else except her accomplishment and the man who made it possible.
She crushed her lips against his and didn't for one moment, feel guilty about it. In fact, she forgot why she was supposed to feel guilty in the first place. This, right here, was what heaven meant. This, right here, was all she wanted.   
He kissed her back passionately. Months of pent up sexual tension got released as they kissed. They wanted to get closer to each other; they didn't care about the consequences this time. They needed each other badly right now.
Yash broke the kiss and led her towards his car. He opened the door of the backseat and she got in. He followed suit. She thanked God that Yash's car had tinted windows.
They carried on with what they were doing before, except this time it got a hundred times more intense. Their breathing got heavier and their hearts were pounding feverishly.  He reached under her shirt and pulled it up over her head, as she started to unbutton his. Their lips were fervently moving together as they struggled to remove all the clothes that were acting as a barrier between their bodies. Just as Aarti was sliding his shirt off his shoulders, Yash grabbed her hand to stop her.
"Wait," he said softly.
He reached into his pockets and grabbed his wallet, he fumbled with it for a few moments until it opened and he found what he was looking for. Looking at the condom, she remembered where she was and where they were going.
She held on to her shirt tightly and put it back on.
"We can't," she said, stopping him.
She could sense his disappointment, but he nodded and put it back inside his pocket. "I'm sorry."
"No... you didn't do anything. I'm just not ready for this."
Yash smiled at her as he buttoned up his shirt.
"It's hot in here," he said, trying to make conversation.
She nodded, feeling light headed. She didn't know why being in his presence made her this way. She slid herself closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.
"Thank you," she whispered blissfully. "Because of you, I did really well in calculus. I would have never thought that I could achieve it."
"No, it isn't because of me. It's all your hard work."
She snuggled in closer to him and closed her eyes. She didn't want to leave. This moment was way too precious... she forgot everything when she was in his arms. It was just the two of them, one Yash, one Aarti, and nobody else.
They sat together and talked until it got dark. Then Yash untangled himself from Aarti and opened the door, but Aarti grabbed his wrist.
"Yashhh, I don't want to go home," she moaned.
"Let's go outside then," he suggested, "It's nice."
It really was. There was a cool breeze and the stars shined ever so brightly in the sky. She laced her finger through Yash's and they walked hand in hand until they spotted a bench. Sitting down, she laid her head on his shoulder again and he held her close to him.
"Yash, can I say something?" she said serenely, starting to feel nervous.
"Hmm?" he asked.
"I really like you," she whispered, her heart pounding inside her.
He let go of her and turned around to face her.
"Really?" he asked, sounding unconvinced.
She nodded. "I do, I really do."
She was being completely truthful.
"Oh, well that isn't a shock. I like me too," he said playfully.
She hit his arm, "Yash!"
He chuckled. "Calm down you bully, I like you too."
She smiled, feeling her cheeks burn. She looked into his eyes again, finding nothing but honesty and sincerity in them.
"Prove it," she teased.
"That's not fair. You said it first, so you prove it first!"
She laughed sarcastically. "Yeah right. You've got to prove it to me."
"Alright, fine," he said light-heartedly, "I'll prove it to you."
He cupped her cheeks in his hands, and looking straight into her eyes, said, "Aarti will you let me show you off to the world as mine?"
Aarti's jaw dropped open. She didn't know how to respond. She liked Yash, she liked him a lot, but she hadn't been ready for a relationship and neither had he. But that was months ago. Right now, she didn't want to say no. In fact, she desperately wanted to say yes, she wanted to be with Yash and only him.
She forced herself to think about Prashant, but strangely, she didn't feel anything this time. It didn't cause her the same pain it caused her a few months ago. Was this what they called moving on? Was this what it meant to get over someone? The realization that Prashant no longer mattered to her was her second victory for the day. Right now, all she could see was in front of her. Yash.
"Yes," she breathed out in response to his question. "I will be yours."
Her heart was jumping around wildly inside of her chest. She felt a strong desire to lean forward and kiss him senseless right now, but he beat her to it. He pulled her body towards him and his lips captured her mouth hungrily. She responded with equal fervor until they broke the kiss and gasped for air. That was when Yash intertwined his fingers with Aarti's, and they sat there in the same tranquil atmosphere for the rest of the night. Before they knew it, the night dawned on them and they fell asleep in each other's arms.
When Aarti went home the next day, she knew what she had to do for a proper closure. She took out her phone and dialed his number. Before she could hear his voice, she said, "I'm ready to meet you" as fast as she could and hung up while her heart pounded violently.


What did you think? Sorry I took so long, but I can't update every week anymore because I've got tons of work to do. I'm on break this week, so you could expect at least another chapter this week, but after that I can't update very often. Sorry! =(

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great update.continue soon

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wow...awesome...yash aarti forever..aarya forever...please update soon saffi

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nice update dearClap

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