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1/16/2013 Written Update complete

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Ratan Singh's Haveli:-

Ganga  is putting her son to sleep, humming a lullaby . She remembers Jagaya's yesterday's  words to her and she thinks over them Tears stroll down her cheeks,remembering those words and understanding them but she  again gets back to her son who gets disturbed and starts crying  when  Ganga  is rudely called by her mother in law.


Anandi comes to Choti maa and Sanchi telling them she has made food for them Anandi asks  permission from Choti maa to go to Singhs  she needs to talk with them .She didn't do the right by leaving the Pag Phera ritual  and coming from there without  even talking with them properly. She needs to apologize to them  regarding her yesterday's behavior .Choti maa  gives permission to Anandi to go and   also asks  Sanchi to go with her. But Sanchi refuses citing an excuse that her friend is going to mail her some important notes and she is very busy . So Anandi alone leaves, As Anandi leaves Choti maa  asks Sanchi it would have been good if she would have gone with Anandi , she would get some outing too  but Sanchi says she is not interested to stay with Anandi's  family where all the topic of discussion among them always is Jagdish  .Sanchi starts spewing venom about Anandi  that Anandi is so concerned about her ex husband she refused to do pag phera ritual because Jagdish left home. Choti maa  says its not about Jagdish Anandi is disturbed about the pain of her family as their son is not with them there is no one to take care of them . But Sanchi doesn't see sense into  Choti maa's  words and accuses Anandi's family too of suffocating Shiv with their love and distancing him away from his own family. Choti maa says that what Anandi's family is doing is out of  sincere love   Sanchi tells  Choti maa that Anandi's preference is her family  and will always be her family not them and   it is never going to change even after 10 years and leaves saying when no one cares about it why she should ? Choti maa is worried at Sanchi's behavoir 

Badi Haveli:-

Anandi apologizes from Singhs regarding her yesterday's behavoir  saying that she was very disturbed   Dadisaa says that they aren't angry but can understand  her care and concern for them . Bhairo says that they are very sad for Jagaya's departure, and  it is indeed very difficult for them to spend days counting when he will come back to them but they have no other  option but to wait for him to return. Anandi says that she would ask Shiv  to take this matter seriously and find Jagaya Then says that she doesn't need to say much Shiv  himself proposed to find out about Jagaya. Sumitra says that she doesn't think its ok to involve Shiv in this. Bhairo too supports Sumitra's words. Dadisa too supports them saying that this family's problems affecting them  would be an injustice to Shiv and his family.  Bhairo says Jagaya said he will come back Basant too agrees that Jagaya didn't leave for forever he  has written in his letter that he will come back soon  Anandi understands this and says she won't ask Shiv to find about Jagaya. Bhairo says that Jagaya  will come on his own and they shouldn't force him  to return. Dadisaa doesn't agree here as she  wishes to get him back as soon possible on his own don't know when he will come back  . But Bhairo disagrees with it saying  let Jagaya come on his own it will  not be  good to force him come  back if he is not ready .No one is angry at him now  no one will stop him now from coming to his house we have forgiven him  and he knows it He has taken this decision to go thinking what is right so we should  respect Jagaya's wish to complete his penance in his own way  and then return home with grace . All are relieved after listening  to Bhairo's words 

Ratan Singh's haveli

Ganga is making chapatis in the kitchen and then goes out to feed her family. She hurriedly gets back to her work in the kitchen. Padma  asks Ratan to eat nicely. All family  together reprimand Ganga for being lazy  and scold her to get the chapatis faster. When she comes in front of them, they again get on their usual behavior of scolding her   Ratan looks at Ganga with lust .Ganga leaves. then again comes and  after giving chapati to Ratan looks at him with anger and hate which Padma notices and signals Ratan who scolds Ganga to look at him with respect keeping her eyes down. Ganga leaves from there in anger  to her work    Just then the child starts crying and Ganga is restless hearing him crying, while working in the kitchen. She comes out hurriedly  to feed the baby, despite her mother in law telling her to feed the family first. But Ganga says feeding baby is more important and leave from there with baby  After Ganga leaves, the family starts talking bad about Ganga   that she looks for ways to get rid of work all the time. Padma  too cribs when she is asked to get chapatis for them.

Ratan's father asks Ratan as to whats the reason that they are still bearing Ganga in their house They should throw in her some well or some forest to get rid of her . Ratan says that for now, she is a free servant and to their advantage. His father says that they should keep in mind that she's getting increasingly attached to her son.and can one day become trouble for them  Ratan assures his dad that as soon as the baby gets a little older, and doesn't need his mother anymore, he wouldn't hesitate in throwing her out of the house. to hell .Ganga, hearing this, from a distance, is shocked to hear them.

Choti maa appreciates the jalebis that Anandi's family has got for her, Anandi is happy but Sanchi as usual giving irritating looks to Anandi  Shiv arrives and Choti maa decides to surprise him with the jalebis. Shiv comes and says to Anandi that he has got a surprise for her, and asks Anandi to guess. when she cant, Shiv shows the jalebis that he has brought for her. Sanchi says that his surprise is spoiled since Anandi's family already gave her this surprise only. Seeing Shiv disappointed at this  Anandi says that  sweet how much more always  looks nice she will taste his jalebis also. This cheers up Shiv  when Anandi appreciates his jalebis are tasty . Anandi says she will mix both jalebis Choti maa is very happy with Anandi  handling the situation so well Sanchi just  irk 's at Anandi When Shiv asks Sanchi to have some jalibies too Sanchi says she don't eat food with so much calories but says that she will try Shiv's brought sweets  takes one jalebi and  leaves.

Shiv asks Choti maa that he needs to go for a surprise checkup on some health care center and orphanages in near by village and if  he   could take Anandi with him. CM says jokingly that he shouldn't beat around the bush, just to get her to agree on taking his wife out to spend some time with him, and that he should do whatever he decides, since Anandi is his wife. Getting her permission, Shiv thinks to himself that hopefully if his  guess is right then  today  he will put all of Anandi's and her family's tensions to rest and spread cheer on their faces.Screen freezes on his face 

Voice over :- Love is not an expression, but a feeling that is felt by one lover for the other. Therefore, when one is upset or troubled, the other one always keeps trying things till he/ she finds his/ her partner at rest. Such is the beauty of love.

Precap: Shiv and Anandi  go for the visit. there a girl denies to take a frock and instead asks for a blanket for her doctor bhaiya. When Anandi asks her to get her doctor bhaiya, she says that he's currently treating a patient. Anandi says no problem they will take it to him  and they  go inside with the girl and are surprised to find Jagaya there, who himself is shocked to see them.

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Thanks for the update Mahi.

Bhairon was bang on today regarding J's leaving home. He is the most fair and sane character of BV. He respects and appreciates his son's decision. I also liked the way Sumi-B-DS explained to Anandi about how she should keep J's matters away from Shekhars and glad that Anandi understood.

Saanchi and Meenu's convo was very good as well. Saanchi's questions were right in their place. It's one thing that she does not like Anandi but her questions were sensible and justified based on the given situation. 

So Shiv finally managed to spot Jagya. And this time his real intentions are to bring peace in his own life, more than that of J or Singhs. Smart step Collector Sahab. His ways are indeed different Thumbs Up

Ganga's in-laws are not fit to be called humans. Hope Ganga takes some bold steps after hearing J's words. 

I am not very happy to see J coming back home on AnSh's insistence, but let's see how the episode unfolds and how convincing it appears.

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Thanks a lot.

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Thank you Mahi! Smile

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Thank you for the update

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Thank. You

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Thanks 4 update...2dy epi ws awesome...

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Mahi - Thanks fro the written update.

It is a very interesting epsiode as far as the conversations between Sanchi and CM 

and the one  between Anandi and Singhs.
These conversations seemed like the pages from our very own BV forum.LOL

I think we as forum members both critics and supporters of various characters should congratulate ourselves.LOLWink

CM BS and Sumi were the voice of sensibililty.

I hope Anandi's critics are satisfied with the episode.Singhs happen to be her maika and it is not her fault like somebody said in another thread that also happens to be her ex saural.Her current sasural knows that when it accepted her as bahu.So they should not pose additional problems for her.As for balancing act between maika and saural that oly time and experience can teach and Anandi is a good student of live and has been a so since her early years she will learn to balance her attentions in both directions.Today's jalebi scene is a good example of that.It may be a small thing but she realised the need to address her husband's disappointment.

Annadi grabbing the Jalebi packet from Shiv was the best scene for me- That shows how far she has come.She did not want to touch the jalebis he bought for her sometime back because she was reminded of a similar incident with Jagya.Today she was grabbed the same jalebis from Shiv because she couldn't bear to see his crestfallen face and the disappointment.I hope this spills into other aspects of her life too in a very similar manner.

Ganga's husband and parents in law seem to come from the same stock.

For Ratan women mean  only one thing they are something to be used and get children out of them.Yesterday when he was looking at Ganga from toes up the burns and the bruises were not visible to him only her his lust was visible to him.

Today his parents see Ganga only as servant and one who bears children.They only want the son she has given birth to and the enjoy the comfortable life that comes out her hard work.
Third wife of Ratan seems to fit into the family well.

Hopefully she gets out of there soon even if she runs to a jungle also it doesn't matter because that surely will be a better place fro her than her current abode.

Shiv seemed to have located Jagya.I wonder how he is going to convince him to go back with him.Will he take Ganga back with him?I hope he does.

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