Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

NY OS Contest|| Voting Round

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There were three categories- Signature, AVI and One-Shot.

  • Since everyone wouldn't be interested in voting in all the categories, there are three different posts for Voting.
  • We have received a total of 6 entries.
             And now you have to make the best one win :)

  • Do not advertise your OS by Pm or any other unfair means. It will lead to instant disqualification.
  • You CANNOT vote for your own entry.

You can Vote for only 2 Entries.

  • If you vote for more than two, your first two choices will be counted.

If any OS is missing please PM me.

The entries are posted in the next POST :)

- On behalf of MB Dev team

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Entry 1

The Tidal Sand clock

1st January, 1991

Panaji, Goa.

She wrapped the shawl around her and opened the door of her room. So many times had she felt very glad for her room being quite detached from the other rooms of her home & having a staircase, which directly led her to the gardens. It gave her a chance to continue her daily rituals of sneaking out of her house and go to the place she loved.

She felt the chilly wind hit at her skin, giving her Goosebumps. The winter winds ruffled her hair and whispered against her ears, as she slowly & noiselessly walked out of her home. It was sometime between too late at night and too early in the mornings, and probably the time when the whole city is slipping into deep slumber after a night long party, welcoming New Year. She still could see the ruins of crackers, and beer bottles dumped on the street, as she walked along the now deserted lanes.

The darkness of the night wouldn't fade away until after an hour, by when she would reach her destination. She started earlier today, because she truly wanted to be there at the beach, and watch the darkness fade away when the sunrises, she wanted to feel the positivity of it all. Today, she wanted to embrace the sunshine when she watches it, she wanted to embrace a new beginning.

She almost made a jog while she was just few meters away from the beach. The joy of watching the endless sea before her always made her breathless. But today, she felt a mad rush. She wanted to embrace the winds, the water, the birds; which just flew over her head.

She ran fast, not paying any heed to the sand that slowed her pace down. She let the shawl fall off her, as she ran into the coast, only to stop at the threshold. She watched as the waves ran to touch her feet, only to stop just an inch before her toes. She walked forward, just a tiny bit, wanting to feel the salty waters tingle her skin but to no avail.

This time when the waves crashed her ankles, kissing her anklets, she closed her eyes and let her head fall back, trying to imprint it in her memory.

She opened her eyes, and saw a blurred vision of the endless sea before her. She raised a hand to touch her cheeks, which now had a wet trail.

Fourteen months, fourteen bloody months have passed since the day she'd kissed him good bye. 14 months. 427 days. 1248 hours since she'd felt his arms around her. She felt like laughing at the atrocity of it all. She, of all the people had counted the time he'd been away. She, who had always been a cynic and rolled her eyes at the concept of falling in love at the first place ended up falling, and fell hard.

She bent down and touched the anklets, which were his gift to her.

"I want to listen to these jingle every time you come near me, I want to sense your presence even before you'd let me know. I want to see listen to the tinkling sound every time you curl your toes when I kiss you" he told her when he tied those anklets around her feet and kissed each of them. Never had she thought that that'd all she'd be left with, his memories and memoirs.

Wiping her tears stubbornly, she looked at the endless sea before her and walked towards the shore. The waves took away a layer with them, every time they kissed her feet. Her feet moved further into the sea, and felt herself being relaxed. She wanted to shed all her thoughts, all her inhibitions, just as she had shed the shawl behind her. She didn't want to care about the world or their sayings. She didn't want to listen to them saying that he would never come back. She closed her ears trying to block the pitied looks & words of her friends and well-wishers. She won't believe them. She'd never. He'd be back. He should. He promised.

"I will be back, successful. I want to make a name for myself, craft my career which would wipe away the title of being a bas***d. I want to grow to a position when the society would identify me for what I am, not caring about my birth. I want to be in a position where I would be able to ask your hand before your dad. Will you wait for me?" he asked at this very place, before he left to craft his future. She gave him his answer just by pressing her lips to his in a silent promise.

He pulled her close, locking her in his embrace and after an hour or mere seconds, he loosened his grip, and without another look, walked away'

Each day, each night she spent with the hope that he would be back, but last night, when everyone was embracing another New Year, she spent her night, fighting her demons.

"This is madness Madhu," her sister yelled at her. "Can't you understand he's not going to be back?"

"He will come. He shall come" she mumbled, only to infuriate her sister further.

"Then where is he? Where the hell is he?" she asked shaking her by her shoulders.

When she all but stared blankly at her, she left her, while she fell down on the floor, her hands curled into a fist, tears rolling down from her eyes, but no noise escaped her lips. She felt her sister crouch down before her and lift her face with her hand.

"Madhu, you have to move on. If Rishabh really hasn't cheated on you, he should've been back by now. You do realize that mom and dad are talking about your alliance with the Chaudary's. What would you tell mom and dad if you deny the alliance; that you're waiting for a guy who had went to a place he never told you, and you don't even know if he'd ever come back or if he's alive at all'"

She opened her eyes and found that the water touched her waist now.

"You don't even know if he'd ever come back or if he's alive at all"

"'if he's alive at all" The words rung in her ears, making her numb. Each day, she came to the beach, in search of him, with a thin hope shimmering in her heart that she would meet him at their meeting place. She knew somehow that he would know where she would wait for him. Every morning she spent here waiting while every night, she stared at her roof, wanting the night to pass by soon, so that she'd go back to the beach the next morning. Never had she thought he would cheat on her. She might even doubt her loyalty if needed but not his, never his.

She looked at the skies, and smiled. If at all her Rishabh wasn't there in this world, there's no point of her being alive.           

"I am coming Rishabh," she mumbled as she took a deep breath, only to leave it forever'

Just as she was to close her eyes and submit herself to the aqua blue demons, she heard a faint whispering of her name. She turned around, with a pounding heart. How could she not recognize that voice?

She felt her eyes fill up as she saw him after so many days. There he was standing with his rucksack on his back, his eyes looking at her form scared of her actions. The bag fell from his shoulders as he ran towards her to cover the distance between them.

He wasn't anymore how she remembered him to be. His face held scars, he looked thin and pale, yet the reality that he stood before her safe and sound made her make a mad dash to his inviting arms. Her hands locked around him, and she buried her face in his chest, her body shaking with suppressed sobs as the pain in her heart dissipated and the endless questions she was seeking were finally answered. She felt his hand passing through her hair, and his tight vice like grip around her petite form conveyed his own fear of losing her, for witnessing her almost giving up her life.

They stayed like that for some time until they felt each other's heart beat calming them down, giving them a much needed assurance of the love that is now in their arms.

"I am home" he told after a very long time, and she pressed her face further into his chest, as she let the words sink down into her heart and imbibe there forever.

She could never forget this New Year which bought a new life with it, for her.

Entry 2

I Will Love U with Every Beat of My Heart


Pearls of water were adorning my wet hair as I stepped out from a fresh morning bath. Today was the first morning of 2013 a New Year which once again reminded me of his eternal promise. With a blush of his name on my face I allowed my fingers to touch my most priceless possession; MY SPECIAL ROSE PETAL RING. My memories danced in unison with colors of the ring as the breeze gifted me wings of sacredness to relive the night of my life wherein destiny had gifted me the most divine blessing'MY RISHAB.



I was heading back to America and my friends had arranged a small farewell cum New Year party for me. We were a group of 5 really close buddies but the heart of this group was undoubtedly our pair' Rishab and Madhubala aka Rishbala; we were perfect together. His attitude and my innocence blended majestically like rhythm and music. I was the answers to all his questions and he was my light in dark lonely paths. Our conversation never fell short of words and silence was a medium through which we shared the deepest secrets of our feelings without accepting them openly. I promised myself not to miss him a single day because my soul had accepted the fact thatI WOULD BE LOVING HIM WITH EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART TILL I BREATHE MY LAST. The party was going on in full swing but my eyes were desperately waiting for his arrival just to hear one confession from him stating that HE WILL MISS ME. I couldn't imagine a love confession coming from Rishab's side even in my dreams he wasn't a man who would believe in the serenity of love; he was different and his uniqueness had forced my heart to become his slave. Trish, the drama queen of our group suggested a game where we would discuss our NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS and the possible ways through which we would be breaking it. The idea of the game was silly but I knew, Trish was doing this to cheer me up. We were just about to start the game when my soul got scented with a special rose clad essence that the breeze carried with it. There was no need for me to look behind; the unheard sounds of his footsteps had already knocked the windows of my soul making me aware of his presence. I lowered my eyelashes and blinked them carefully inorder to hide the dew pearls that were threatening to escape the boundaries of my eyes. I can't lose his friendship by confessing my love for him I repeated these words in my mind. I was just about to greet my Prince Charming when I heard his declaration. "Guys let me inaugurate this game by stating my NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS" My hopes of hearing " I WILL MISS U" got shattered as soon as I heard this statement. He gave this game an upper hand and did not spare a second to wish me even once how can I expect him to miss me after my departure?


He placed an open box that contained rose petals on the table and picked up one petal from it. "NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS break before their existence is established but tonight the promises that I am going to make will be a lifetime affair." His eyes moved in my direction and got transfixed intently with my mirrors as he went ahead to declare his first resolution. "From this moment I accept the existence of the Almighty as all my prayers have been answered the day u entered my life" My heart started to thud dramatically as I heard these words. Was he trying to tell me that I am a blessing in his life? Before I could conclude anything Rishab picked up another rose petal and merged the first petal with it by tying them together in a small knot "From this moment I promise to be your dream, your hope and your strength; I won't put anything else in the world above u till the day I breathe my last" I could die numerous deaths to hear this statement once again but deep down my heart I was scared what if this turns out to be my illusion? A third petal got united with the first two petals as Rishab started approaching me; his eyes were still intently locked with mine. "From this moment I happily give the ownership of my life in your hands; my world, my soul and my heart is your slave from today" My breaths had become uneven as Rishab was just few feet away from me. "U are free to walk away from my life but today u ought to know I would wait for you endlessly until eternityRishab united the edges of the rose petals with the last member and made a unique ROSE PETAL RINGout of it. He went on his knees and placed his right hand on my head and continued'


"The day I met u; the search for the beat that matched my own got a mesmerizing conclusion as u are the one who was always desired by my heart

The sculpture of our love that can be seen through the blending of our shadows makes me realize that your hand was always meant to fit mine

The moon might occasionally hide behind the curtains of the clouds but the miracle of our togetherness can only light a majestic lamp whose glow successfully touches the divinity of the Almighty

The flow of time might stop'.the fragrance of the breeze might vanish but the splendor of our relationship is eternal

The magic of togetherness might slowly fade away'the trust on love might slowly make its way but always and forever our destiny will stay united in a magical way

This miracle started with a beat of heart that united two hearts which were always meant to be one

I have to confess today'

Oh my special stranger; you are the true essence of my life

Oh my love; you are the divine blessing of my life

Oh my beloved; you scattered the beauty of smile in my life

I fail to express my feelings in words' I shiver to pen down the precious reality of your soul with a magical feather as I know all my efforts will be in vain

You are a valued creation of God who walked into my life and made it worth living

Love is an incomplete version to give words to my feelings'

A lifetime is not enough to bestow u with the shower of my true emotions

I may not be good with words'.I may not be perfect for u but I have to confess




Tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks as he slipped the unique ROSE PETAL RING in my finger. I fail to remember what happened next but I knew I was cocooned in his loving folds as he dedicated a beautiful song for me that described my importance in his life'


"I wanna grow old with you

I wanna die lying in your arms

I wanna be there for you

Sharing everything you do

I wanna grow old with u

I wanna die lying in your arms'"


The song made me realize that I was always meant to be Rishab's Madhu and'.


The possessive hold of my husband's touch decorated my present with mesmerizing colors of love. "I love u Madhu" Rishab whispered huskily as he decorated my nape with naughty butterfly kisses. "It has been 2 years Rishab yet the essence of this ROSE PETAL RING is still alive" He teased my senses with a visible lovebite and answered; "The essence of this ring will never fade Madhu as this ring represents the duration of our relationship i.e. ETERNITY' The ring has no start or an end similarly our love will only keep on blossoming with the passage of time and this truth will remain unchanged till the end'"With this sentence Rishab once again slipped a fresh ROSE PETAL RING in my finger. Ever since our marriage Rishab made it a point to gift me a new ROSE PETAL RING along with my Good morning Kiss making me a proud owner of 730 such unique rings... Every ring was precious but my first ring was A PRICELESS POSSESSION since it reminded me of the New Year night where my Rishab had made a resolution of our love for a lifetime' if it hadn't been that night and the ring then maybe today an important part of me would have been left incomplete' My thoughts got interrupted as Rishab played a song on his mobile'. "I wanna grow old with you I wanna die lying in your arms'" I fell in love with my man all over again and what followed next was a soul searing kiss whose intensity and passion went on touching the heights of divinity that couldn't be explained in words'.   


Entry 3



All of a sudden, the studio was filled with bright lighting illuminating the room. 


There was a buzz of noise as the cameraman started to turn, focusing onto the hero. Behind him, a sound person picked up a boom pole and hovered over. Instantly, everyone silenced letting the entire focus stay on the hero and the hero alone.


Rishabh Kundra, better known as R.K the superstar looked into the main camera, closing into his features. He gave a confident smile, his eyes fixated onto the same spot. "Pyaar. Ishq. Mohabbat. It's all the same thing. Once it happens, no one can ever replace it."

"But Ajay, how can you say this?" The lead actress came into the main limelight, just as R.K started to walk away. She whimpered, trying to not let tears fall from her face. There was a pause whilst the camera was fixated on R.K's character just as a spot boy gave glycerine to the actress to mock tears. 

"Like that infamous quote; Hum ek baar jite hain ek baar marte hain. Shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai, aur pyaar, pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai." The camera panned towards the female character who started to shake her head furiously as R.K's character stood still. He closed his eyes before opening them back, calming himself. "Bas, sirf ek baar hoti hai..."

She started to cry, again the camera zooming towards her, going from mid-shot to close up. The cameraman zoomed back, so that both of the characters were shown on the screen. She tightened her fist, mouthing out a "No," just as R.K left the scene. She let go off her emotions and fell onto the floor, crying in despair. 

"And, CUT!" 

The spotlights were switched off and the camera stopped rolling. Everyone complimented the two actors as R.K made his way to his special area where his friend and secretary Bittu sat drinking some tea. "Sir, how amazing was that set? What incredible acting!" He chirped.

R.K nodded as Bittu served him some tea. He took a sip, noting it's taste. He frowned before sipping again. It tasted familiar. "Bittuji, who made this tea?"

Bittu smiled cheekily. "Ji, Bhabhiji ne." He pointed towards the outer door where Madhubala Rishabh Kundra was talking to a few others. R.K stared at her, a bit too long just as Bittu started to clear his throat. "Surprised?"

He didn't reply but left, walking towards his wife. Madhubala turned around shocked to see her husband staring at her. She smiled, blushing away. "What did you think R.K? That I will do whatever you say? Nehi!" She turned around to speak to the other workers but was stopped by R.K who held her arm and dragged her to a quiet place. He pushed her against a wall, keeping his own arm over her to stop her from escaping. "R.K? Naraz ho?" She smirked as he watched her.

"Why didn't you listen to me, Madhu? I told you to stay at home, so stay at home! So why did you need to come here, especially alone? Yeh tik nahi hai Madhu!" She smiled, listening to him say her name. There was something about the way he said it: almost sweet and passionate at the same time. She was mesmerised in his trance, there and then. 

"So what did you think? That I would stay at home, that too on New Year's Eve alone? With you? Bilkul nahi!" She shook her head, trying to hide her smirk as she tried to move out of R.K's trap. He pulled her back, holding her into his arms. He looked into her brown eyes before trailing onto her succulent lips. 

"Really? So you come here, nearly midnight for New Year's, just to be with me?" He whispered into her ears.

She blushed before looking into his eyes. "Of course, did you honestly think I would stay without you? And besides, I don't want any other girl to be the first one to say Happy New Year to you." She frowned, faking annoyance.

He wanted to smile at her innocence, the way she fluttered her eyelashes whenever she wanted something. He whispered into her ear, "Okay, for that you would need to give me something." 

"What?" R.K didn't reply, instead he pointed towards his slightly stubble-d cheek. Madhu looked down, blushing at his wish. "Here?" She looked around, and saw some people coming in and out. She also glanced at the clock, noting that it was a minute to midnight. "Fine, but for that you need to do something for me." He nodded, gesturing her to carry on. "You have to say that Shahrukh Khan line again, please!" She said excitedly. R.K laughed softly, knowing that she was a crazy Shahrukh Khan fan.

"Hum ek baar jite hain ek baar marte hain." He started to say, just as people started to count down from ten till midnight. "Shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai..." He leaned forward so that Madhu would do what he wants. "Aur pyaar?" There was at least a couple of seconds left. "Pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai." Madhu looked left and right before planting a kiss on his cheek. She blushed just as everyone started to cheer and wish everyone the joyous new year. 

"Happy New Year, patni-ji." He said. Madhu bit her lip to stop herself from smiling.

"Happy New Year, Pati-ji."

Madhu laughed, pushing herself out of R.K's arms as she ran away through the hassle of the studio. R.K watched her, his heart thumping at every move. He grinned, This was going to be a really good year, he thought.

Entry 4

A Unique New Years Eve


New year's eve'I was never the type to go out partying with friends. In fact, I'd stay at home and welcome the new year with my family; with Didu, Ma, Malik, and Roma. I had a small family, a small loving family. But I was snatched of that family the day he forcefully married me. Who? Well, RK the superstar of course.

We never got along, we always fought, we always argued over little things, and we despised each other. That was until one day, we both realized we were in love, with each other.

I remember the confession clearly; he backed me into a pillar explaining every little detail he loved about me.


Anyways, I always dreamt of the day I'd be welcoming the new year with the love of my life for the first time. That day had come'




We sat together on the beach, with his arm around my shoulders and my head resting upon his.


"The moon is beautiful'" I sighed.

"Not as beautiful as you," he said passionately.


I blushed and turned my head up to stare into his deep, intense yet passionate dark eyes; I felt myself getting lost in his eyes.

As he stared down at me with alluring eyes, my pulse slightly sped up.

He shot me his endearing, crooked smile, which caused an automatic smile to cross my face.

I felt his finger tap at my dimple, "Your smile makes you even more beautiful," he said just as passionately as before.


I had gotten used to an intense RK over the many months I had been married to him. New year's eve was the first time I was seeing a romantic side to him.


"What's gotten into you patidev? In the filmy mood?" I questioned him sarcastically as his smile continued to play with my heart.

"I'm just in a loving mood. It's rare Biwi, enjoy it," he used his usual sarcastic tone to reply to me.


I laughed in response to his sarcasm as I stood up. I stared down at him as he gave me a confused expression.


"There's one hour left," I reminded him of the party awaiting us back home.

"Do we have to go?" he stood and wrapped both his arms around my waist.

"Unfortunately'we do," I smiled up at him as he sighed and let go of my waist.


He interlocked his warm, soft fingers with mine and directed me back towards the car.




We walked into a crowd of hundreds of people, who hadn't even realized we snuck away to spend time together.

RK walked with his arm around my waist. We came to a stop and I turned to face him.


"We should've stayed at the beach," I yelled over the loud music.

"Let's go back?"

"No RK! Now we're here, there's only thirty minutes left until the countdown!"

"But Biwiii'." RK attempted to give me the puppy eye look but failed.

"Aw'" I slapped his arm, "'nice try! Now pay attention, the host will be speaking soon," I turned to face the stage.

"Arm slap on new years'Biwi, now you need to make it up to me!" he placed his arm around my waist and pulled me close.


I stared into his alluring eyes once again and noticed him closing in on me.


"Welcome!" we both shot out of our trance and turned our gazes towards the host of the party, "Thank you all for joining us this wonderful evening! Thank you to Mr. Rishabh Kundra especially for inviting us all! There's just twenty minutes until we all welcome the new year together! Please, get comfortable, enjoy yourselves, and feel free to serve yourselves to the food and drinks to my left! I'll be back in twenty!"


RK tugged at my waist until I turned my gaze towards him.


"Madhu! We have twenty minutes. Twenty minutes to get away. I don't know who half these people are at my party! I don't want to welcome the new year with all these unfamiliar faces'I want to welcome it with you. And only you."

"But RK'" he didn't even let me finish; he grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the crowd.


He pulled me up to our room and to our room balcony.

He kept me standing there as he ran back into our room. He returned within a minute, holding a clock. He placed the clock on the railing of the balcony and then turned to face me.


He grabbed a hold of my hands in his and placed them on his shoulders. Then he very gently placed his hands upon the small of my back. My backless dress went down to the bottom of my back, so I felt his warm, soft fingers cross my back. A sense of pleasure ran through me as he pulled me close into his chest.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped both his arms around my waist.

He stared down into my eyes passionately.


"Perfect. Just you and I, alone. Just ten minutes left to the best year of my life, but many better years are yet to come. Madhu, you entered my life this year, and I can't thank you enough for making me feel again. For making me love again'So, I'd like to have the last dance of 2012 with you."


I stared at him, I knew my eyes showed pure love as his did.

I nodded my head as I felt my cheeks flushing rosy red with blush.


He snapped his fingers and I heard music playing. I turned my head to look around at where the music could've possibly come from. I heard him chuckle lowly to himself.


Then we danced, closer than usual.

He kept his eyes on me and occasionally glanced at the time to make sure we didn't miss the countdown.

I laid my head down on his shoulder as we danced. I felt his head lying on top of mine. I didn't even realize how fast the ten minutes flew by.


"11:59," he spoke softly.


I moved my head back and looked up at him with a smile.


"2013'" I said as I smiled and thought about the upcoming year with my husband.


"10, 9, 8, 7'" we heard the loud crowd downstairs, counting down to welcome the new year.


We began to count along with them as we stared into each other's eyes.


"6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1'"

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" we heard the screams of the crowd downstairs.


RK smiled at me passionately, "Happy new year beautiful."

"Happy new year," I replied just as passionately.

"I love you Madhu."

"I love you too Rishabh."


In the next second, his lips were on mine. I heard the sound of fireworks just as our lips touched. I smiled under his lips and thought to myself, this was the best new years eve of my life.

Entry 5

Her Signature Sunshine Blush


Success, Power, Fame are mere adjectives that reflect a part of my persona. As I stepped out of the airport, I was welcomed with a warm embrace of love, oneness and admiration from my fans who had allowed me to become the king of their hearts. I, the one and only RK, was finally back to India after a gap of 3 months with a baggage of success which was glorifying the repute that my name carried with it. My first international movie was redefining all the records of Hollywood; the lady "OSCAR" was embracing my arms as we sailed through the massive ocean of my beloved fans who were dying to get a better glimpse of their favorite superstar on the eve of this NEW YEAR.


Yes, today was the first day of 2013' a new year, a new beginning' I was on top of the world as the carpet of success and honor was beautifying my paths, but, my happiness was incomplete as I was missing the sacred love of my angelic light, my beloved wife, Madhu. My plan of surprising her by arriving a week prior than my scheduled time was backfiring perfectly. I would have been intoxicated with her mesmerizing fragrance at this moment had I informed her about my arrival but alas, this wasn't the case as of now. I entered my car as my eyes were now desperate to admire the signature blush of my darling wife. Everytime I kiss her she gifts me the precious treasure of her special blush' a blush which makes me the most blessed man on this earth just because I AM HER MAN'YES I AM THE RHYTHM OF HER HEARTBEATS AND SHE IS THE FRAGRANCE OF MY SOUL. After half an hour ride from airport I could feel the warmth of her love in the breeze, finally I was back to our mansion and it was just a matter of few minutes before our body would be glued and perfectly jelled with one another. With this thought I stepped inside and the very next moment I lost myself to a living portrayal of divinity. Madhu was standing right in front of my eyes welcoming me with the same blush that I had fantasized during our first encounter at the Nizzamuddin Dargah. Her magical laughter was mingling like a musical tune in the atmosphere as she expressed her happiness on seeing me after a gap of 3 months by submitting herself sacredly in my embrace. My soul reentered my entity as soon as I got shielded in her magical folds. We had hugged each other countless times but for reasons unknown to me this hug appeared extra special' it seemed that today in true terms our relationship was complete.


It is indeed a strange thought but I couldn't stop myself from noticing the beautiful white anarkali that my Madhu was wearing. Yes, it was the same outfit that she had worn when I had proposed her for marriage and after that special chapter of our life I had never seen my angel wearing this outfit again. She had mentioned that she would be wearing this outfit when a special day knocks our life. I didn't understand her words especially when I tried to correlate it with this particular day. The New Year was here but why was this day so special in our life? I felt the cushion of her softness slowly moving away from me. I lifted my eyelashes to get drugged in my wife's special blush. This act of mine once again surprised me, as today, Madhu's blush had a divine purity in it. It was difficult to explain the beautiful portrayal of her face but I preferred to name it as her SIGNATURE SUNSHINE BLUSH. Her eyes were one of its kinds but today the twinkling sparkle of her mirrors could force the stars to bow down in shame. The delicate movement of her lips portrayed the same innocence that a newlywed bride possessed. Madhu was always beautiful but I am sure today her beauty was touching the sacredness of the Almighty. I wanted to ask the secret of her "Sunshine blush" but before that I thought of wishing my angel a happy new year. It seemed she was in no mood to return my New Year wish; she hugged me once again and put forth her desire to revisit the Dargah where the first word of our magical story had been penned down. Every innocent act of hers was appearing like a sweet secret for me but as usual the words of my beloved wife were always my first priority. I couldn't resist myself from scooping her in my arms. She hid her face in my chest as slowly a pinkish tinge glorified her sunshine glow majestically. I gave her a new name at that moment "My Adorable Blushing Princess". I kept on admiring her mesmerizing form as we made way to our car. After an hour's drive we were standing in front of the Nizzamuddin Dargah. Her blush got decorated with feathery veil of the sky this was what I thought after reading the glow of her face once again. She held my hand lovingly and looked directly into my eyes, "The New Year is here but we will celebrate it royally after few months Rishab as the best days of our love life is just about to begin in a moment's time... I have been hiding a sweet secret from the last 3 months but now it's time to unfold it in front of u; I selected this place as our beautiful memories have been written here and'"


6 months later,


My restlessness had crossed all the boundaries as time was moving at a snail's pace today. I wanted to be by my Madhu's side but this wish of mine had no chance to get fulfilled. After what seemed ages a confident hand touched my tensed shoulder and mentioned,"Congratulations it's a baby girl" I don't know the exact way through which I expressed my happiness but the very next moment I was standing in front of the 2 beautiful ladies who owned and possessed my heart. Tears of happiness were blocking my view of admiring my 2 angels. I placed a gentle kiss on Madhu's forehead as she carefully placed the symbol of our love protectively in my arms and wished me, "Happy New Year Rishab". Madhu was returning me the New Year wish after a period of 6 months she knew I was a bit confused. Madhu rested her head on my chest as I gently patted the cheeks of our darling daughter.


She started narrating the secret of her late New Year wish, "Rishab, New Year is not just another 365 days but every New Year brings a new hope in an individual's life. Our daughter has entered our world with a hope of beautifying our relationship with a serenity that cannot be matched." "New Year kick starts another journey with the ones who reside in our heart; by entering our world our daughter has once again made us realize that together we are perfect and there are still many beautiful chapters that have to be written by us". "New Year signifies a promise and by cocooning the symbol of our love in our arms we have promised her that irrespective of circumstances our love would always emerge victorious. We will never let any misunderstanding or problems to defame the purity of our love; our bond will only grow stronger with the passage of time." "New Year brings the fragrance of magical dreams with it'our daughter is indeed the most beautiful dream of our heart" In true terms the New Year has entered our life today so Mr. Rishab Kundra your beloved wife and your darling daughter wish u a prosperous year ahead that would be decorated with the colors of love, trust and oneness."


These were the last words that I heard from my angel's mouth before she wrote the true definition of "New Year" in my soul by kissing me with a passion that declared her love for me till eternity. I could have sacrificed all my fame, fortune and success just to live this one moment with the 2 gems of my life in front of whom the mighty RK would happily bow down his head without hesitating even for a second. I named our daughter MADHURI as it was a beautiful blend of our names. I was happy to include only the first 2 alphabets of my name in my daughter's identity as it made me realize that I am the one who possessed these angels. Madhuri can never sound the same without "RI" and the union of mine and my wife's name gave me the proud feeling that Madhu belongs only to Rishab and this truth will remain unchanged till eternity' I kissed my angels and hugged them possessively expressing my happiness with the meaningful words "HAPPY NEW YEAR"Our journey had just started'

Entry 6

Adhuri Kahani

I am a hoe

I am piss on the snow

I am a kalakar

A death star

Burning in my own light

Abandoned by him

I have stage fright

Left to feed their eyes

I am stranded

In a sea of opportunity

I need him

I am zero

One with him

There is two of me

You are not a growth

Not a tumour

Not a fetus

You are life springing forth

He does not wish to see me

You will live

I will not give

You will thrive

And I will strive

To make him believe again


"New year, new success. A toast to superstar Madhubala", he pulled out the finest champagne from the liquor drawers. Mascara running down my cheeks, he did not care. A firm squeeze of two fingers and he forced open my mouth. The glass rim touched my lips. He pulled my braid down with all his strength. 

"This is for kissing him, for failing me, for all the nights I spent alone. You hurt me". 


He smashed the bottle on the floor. A shard of glass flung in my direction. He blocked it.

"I loved you". Blood poured out of his wound.

I touched him, he pushed me away.

"I don't want this".I reached for his hand, he jolted my arm away.

"Lies, all lies".

I hit the glass. He grew tense. His blood mixed with mine, we held hands.

"Why'd you do it"?

"For you."

He tended to my injury and I dressed his.

"You betrayed me".

"Did I?"

"You kissed another man".

"You asked me".

"And you did it?"

"You needed the money".

"I needed you".

"Take me away".

"I hate you".

"I love you".

I pressed on my stomach guarding the baby.

"Is this a game to you?"

"I love you".

He dropped a pile of papers on the bed.

"Sign them by tomorrow. I  want divorce".

"Rishabh, please".

"You want alimony? Take the house".

"I am pregnant".

"With his child?"

I picked up a pen and signed with out looking.

"You are free. Happy new year".

Big city, bright lights and I walked alone . New year, old saga; he followed behind. He had done me wrong. It was goodbye forever.



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-SmexyGhost- IF-Sizzlerz

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Piya di this tym me 1st Cool LOL

The Tidal Sand clock

5)Her Signature Sunshine Blush

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my choices are:- 

entry 1 --- The Tidal Sand Clock 

entry 5 --- Her Signature Sunshine Blush 

Best of luck to all Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by colorsluv

Piya di this tym me 1st Cool LOL
uff my sweet sis mera hatrick miss kara diya hehe waise u were asking na when will i update Ikraar by chance I have started typing it:) 

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Originally posted by piya-

Originally posted by colorsluv

Piya di this tym me 1st Cool LOL
uff my sweet sis mera hatrick miss kara diya hehe waise u were asking na when will i update Ikraar by chance I have started typing it:) 

Lo Piya JI! Finally u got what u wanted!

Par ye kya? Ur not 1st LOL

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Originally posted by piya-

Originally posted by colorsluv

Piya di this tym me 1st Cool LOL
uff my sweet sis mera hatrick miss kara diya hehe waise u were asking na when will i update Ikraar by chance I have started typing it:) 
Opps sry !!! Next tym di Wink Really !!! pls update soon na . I m desperately w8ing Day Dreaming
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hey... i am giving my first choice

Entry 2

I Will Love U with Every Beat of My Heart

will give other once i read all

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