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Whatsayabout therelationshipofkripa&angad

kisse_ki_nahin3 Newbie

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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 6:07pm | IP Logged

(Sorry i needed a catch line to attract people to read this.Confused)Hey guysSmile! I am very sad that we will have to wait 3 more days till something mast and zabardast will happen in kyphCry!!!!!!! To keep you all company, I am going to write and continue my fan fiction so no one is boredSmile. I Believe that Ekta Kapoor did a good job from the pune scenes to the scene where angad confesses his possessiveness to kripaWink and applies lipstick to her mang putting them into a unknown unnamed relationshipConfused. I am going to include this into my story and start writing from the part where Kripa is "washing" not wiping the lipstick from her forehead or should I say mang. This is what happens in my story :

Kripa comes out drying her hair and she goes to the mirror. She notices that the lipstick is not gone. She tries to wipe it off with the towel but it does not come off. She poutsCry(still crying) and asks herself why is it not coming offLOL. She tries to forget about it but can't. It keeps her up all nightOuch. She thinks about what angad did and why. Finally she gets some sleep but only a few hours. She tiredly gets out of bed in the morning because she remembers that she is to meet Mishti and Prithvi at the caf. She takes a shower and goes  to the mirror and notices that the lipstick is still in her "mang". She thinks about what to do about it and decides to hide it under a hat till it wears off. She wears a white shirt and black pants and a v- neck sweater on top of the shirt with a at the ones that have the brim going down. She does her hair into two pigtails. She looks like a school girl just the same way she looked in nainitalEmbarrassed. When she gets to the caf, Mishti and prithvi are waiting with .... obviously Angad Smile(mishti always invites him because she is infatuated to himWink. Mishti compliments Kripa that she is looking very cute today and Prithvi agreesEmbarrassed. She slowly sits down and looks at angad in a very disappointed lookOuch. Angad does not respond with eye contact. He can't face her. She holds her head up with her hand. Mishti asks what has happened. Kripa replies that she did not sleep well yesterday. Misti says that she will get fresh coffee and breakfast for anyone. Prithvi and angad are ignoring each other for what happened the other night. Prithvi does not know what to say to Kripa because angad is there so he excuses himself because he need to freshen up a little.(Mishti is the only energetic one today). Angad thinks about what a coward Prithvi isEvil Smile(how mean). As Kripa's head keeps falling because of tiredness, angad notices that the lipstick mark is still there. He directly says that, So as I though, you do like mePig(what a pig but our pig). Kripa tiredly says that she tried to but it will not come off. He replies "maybe it is destined that we have a relationship between us"Clap. Kripa says that there is a relationship between them, it is nor of love or friendshipOuch but it is also not a relationship of hatred. It is also not a relationship of hatred because there is something between usSmile. She decides to leave to leave and says to angad in a very care free way "will u please tell mishti and prithvi that I am very tired today, I apologize for leaving and I will see them tomorrow"LOL. Angad is about to commentAngry but Kripa picks up her finger and says "I know you aren't my bloody servant but I am asking this as a favor from a "friend" of a "friend"LOL. Before she leaves, she says "please" in a very sweet childish wayEmbarrassed like nothing happened yesterday. Angad is struck by the cupid's arrow of attractionWink and seems confused. That's all for today but I will be back tomorrow. Another day without kyph but a day with my imagination. Hope you all had fun reading and if anyone did not read the first 3 scenes of my fan fiction please read the bottom so you are not confused.

Love everyone's one and only plus lonely,

- kisse_ki_nahin3Smile

SmileIt all starts from the rain sceneCry(raindrops of sorrow because they still aren't in love) -

Kripa tells angad that she will not get into the car till he starts it. It is pouring cats and dogs. He is like whatever and puts his jacket over his face(btw , wouldn't the seats be wet, how can he sit like that). Kripa is standing outside the car soaked from head to toe. Angad looks up and sees her shivering and she looks terrified. Kinda of sick. He thinks in his head, (why is she doing this, why is she so stubborn, she irritates me so much). The Kripa suddenly drops something(whatever you want it to be) and she is about to bend to pick it up as Angad is still peeking at her. As she gets up, out of nowhere angad "jumps" out of his car. You can hear the water splash as he jumps. It glistens everywhere as the camera goes up following kripa. When she is straight and standing up, she is with angad face to face. He has on this stubborn look and she says: "are you going to start the car or what?". Angad keeps looking at her and ..............he picks her up! She demands angad to let her down. He does not listen and goes around the car. He then drops her into the back seat and demands her to stay there.Angry As she is about to disobey him, he turns around and tells her that she dare not to get out of there and she must stay quiet till they get to pune. He says it in a mean but husband "like" wayEmbarrassed. She is shocked of how he said it to her and she remains quiet. As he starts the car, he sees kripa stick her tongueTongue at him with an irritated look. Angad ignores, throws his jacket into her face telling her to cover herself and presses race on the carEvil Smile. The car leaves in great speed. As they are driving to pune, Angad peeks at kripa and notices that she is fast asleepSleepy. The rain stops. Angad then finds a dabba and stops to get food for both(how sincere of him). After he buys the food, he pulls kripa's arm to wake her up. He feels that it is hot and checks her forehead. It is burning upOuch. He gets out of the car and asks a man if there is any medical help around. The man tells him there is a nurse's log cabin a short distance from the dabba. As angad goes back to get kripa, she is missingConfused. He looks all around and notices her dragging herself to a lake. As she is about to trip and fall into the lake, angad runs in super speed to save her. By the time kripa's face is touching the water(the tip of her nose, her hair, the tip of her lips, mainly the tip of her face), angad catches her. His arm is around her waist as if they knelt down as they were going to turn away during a salsa dance. At this moment, Angad sees kripa as if she was about to die from sleepinessDead, her face slightly wet with water drops, her hair wet and sticking to her face. Even though kripa does not notice, Angad has a face that clearly shows that he has just witness the great innocence in kripa's face as if God just dropped an angel into his lap. This is the romantic partHeart.


This is the second part. Hop you have fun reading it . EnjoyThis starts from when Angad catches Kripa(how sweet):

Even though kripa does not notice, Angad has a face that clearly shows that he has just witness the great innocence in kripa's face as if God just dropped an angel into his lapEmbarrassed.(This is the romantic part.) Angad does not know if it is real or fake. He has a look on that is saying, where did she come from she's so beautiful. Just about the moment he is about to touch her face, she falls unconscious. He is back to reality. He notices that it is Kripa he is holding, the girl is hates the mostAngry. He makes an irritated face and tells himself, "Are, ab is ko kahan lajayu mein". Then he remembers what the man said. He picks her up and starts walking into the woods to find the log cabin. As he is going, he gets tired. He lays Kripa on the ground. As he rests, a snake falls from on top. He gets scared and jumps. His back lands on Kripa hardly and she is awaken. As she realizes Angad is putting all his weight on herDead, she pushes him away and says how heavy are you, what the hell do you eat. As Kripa is saying this, Angad realizes that the snake was made out of rubberLOL. He's thinking what the hell is a rubber snake doing in a forest. Then he hears what Kripa says, he turns around and looks at her surprisinglyStern Smile. Then he remembers what she said. He tells her: If it wasn't for me you would have drowned. She replies: I would rather drown than travel with you. At least I don't get scared by a rubber snake(she says this with an "I am scared of nothing look"). Then angad yells bear and she jumps very quickly and hits a tree hurting herselfOuch. Angad starts laughing hysterically. As she is about to something back, Kripa sees something in front of her and points at it. Angad thinks that she was just doing that to make him look stupid until he hears a growl. He turns around A bear is standing in front of themDead. Kripa says "Angad running. The bear chases them and after a while it stops. Angad and Kripa don't realize this and are stilling running. As they are running they keep blaming each other. Then they come upon the log cabin Angad found out about. A kid is playing outside and he notices them. He yells Nana and a old lady comes out of the cabin saying, don't you dare hurt my baby. She realizes it is just a couple. She says sorry and asks the "couple" Kripa and Angad what is it that they need. Angad blurts out that Kripa was sick and a man told him that a nurse lived somewhere in the woods. She replies that she is the nurse and asks who is sick. Angad says that Kripa was but it looks like she isn't anymore. Kripa makes a look that says "how meanAngry" and the lady tells her that just to check she will take Kripa's temperature. The lady takes Kripa in and asks Angad to stay outside. Angas\d then notices the kid again and remembers the rubber snake. He goes up to the kid and asks him if he lost a toy snake the kid says no but he did put a rubber snake in a tree to scare foreigners away. Angad laughs and says Good technique. They become friends while Kripa is having her checkup. Inside the cabin, as the lady is checking Kripa she asks stupid questions such as is that guy your husband or did you guys run away from home. Kripa tells her that they are not a couple and that they are just traveling together. The checkup is finished and as she is about to open the door a bucket of cockroaches fall on her. Today all it is mostly comedy but the next part is romantic.

3rd Scene

The roaches pour all over herPinch. At first she screams but then realizes that they were made out of rubber.  Angad say whle laughing very hardLOL "who's scared now, see what you get for messing with me." Kripa says, "you did this, I can't believe this". Then she starts chasing angad and angad tries to get away. It is a very big forest. As she is running Angad bumps into a lot of stuff. When she is about to catch him, he hits a tree and falls on Kripa. Frightened Kripa moves and they are rolling on the groundEmbarrassed. When they stop rolling, he is staring into her eyesEmbarrassed as If he has seen a shining starStar up close. She is about to say something but angad does not notice. Then she says with a hurt look saying, Angad you scratched your arm. Angad is like huh? She says "your arm". He stares at his arm and the blood is just gushing outCry. They both get up sitting. Kripa picks up her dupatta to rip a bandage for angad but sees that it is dirty from the ground. Then she thinks of what to do as Angad gets up. Then as she is sitting on the ground, she grabs his hand before she starts walking. She says wait. She rips a piece of her kameez to put on his armEmbarrassed . As she is doing this, the song from maine dil tujhko diya "Bin tere kuch nahin hai" should be on. He keeps staring at her as she ties the piece around his arm. When she looks up, she sees a glimmer in his eyes but tries to avoid it by sayingWink, chale. Then as the are heading back to the cottage, she starts talking. She is saying that they could have gotten a bandage from the nurse. He gets irritated and says if it is like that he will give her the cloth back. As he is about to take it off, Kripa puts her hand on his hand and says, " why are you so stubborn, chill and don't touch the wound, it will get worse. DimwitCensored"

He makes a annoyed face and then behind her back, he makes a strangling gesture as if he wishes to strangle herEvil Smile. She just keeps talking about something while angad calms down and goes from an annoyed face to a relaxed smileBig smile. When the get back to the cottage, they get a fresh bandage for angad. Angad decides to "keep" the cloth kripa gave to himWink. They say bye to the kid and the nurse as if they were all very close and head back to the car. As they head to the car, they decide to buy some food from the dabba. Then they start to head out for pune. As they are driving, Kripa is talking about what will happen in pune while angad just flashes back to all the memories he had with Kripa. Then he hears Kripa saying " are you listening, angad?" He says yes he was. Then she says," Listen I am going to go straight to Nainital from pune. I don't want to go to nainital from mumbai because then dadi and harshini and mishti plus prithvi will tell her to stay back. I want you to forget the bad memories of us and do me a favor. He is shockedCry but asks what the favor is in a sad way She says can you please let tania sing in your next concert and try to be a nice person. He says okay in a very irritated wayAngry because he believes he is not a bad person. She says there is something else. Se wants him to send all her things to nainital. He says "no wayAngry do I look like your bell boy. Kripa says yes. Just Kidding. He says he will get Teddy to send her things. She pouts and kicks her and he makes a ouch kinda facePinchOuch. My scene stops here.

Sorry guys both I must leave suspense to be a good writer. I cant tell everything but I hope you had fun reading what I wrote as the third scene. I request that you tell me when you think it is getting boring and more like the ekta typeConfusedDead. I want to make a totally different way of telling this story.Smile

Kisse ki hona chati hai par,


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happe IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
nice work. i really enjoyed reading it. keep up.
-Sohniye- Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 9:06pm | IP Logged

i loved it..what a cute story..


*Dipti* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
KYPH_fan Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
  I agree with the above posts. Its  damn wonderful story. Smile  I am waiting for the next part
Mrs.Brett Lee IF-Rockerz
Mrs.Brett Lee
Mrs.Brett Lee

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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
It was very sweet and a cute story. Good jobClap
urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
What a great imagination, thanks for humoring us for the next three days.
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