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PSH NL Express #8

daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Phir Subah Hogi Express # 8

Welcome all to the 8th Newsletter of our forum Titled as
PSH Express for 1st to 14th Jan 2013


Rating & Picture of the Fortnight - Omaramdas
Best & Worst Scene of the Fortnight - Vinnie
High & low points of the Fortnight -Julie
Blunders/Bloopers of the Fortnight - Payal

Most Romantic Scene of the Fortnight- Ash_arti
Disappointment of the Fortnight- Julie
Emotional Scene of the Fortnight- Sandy

Summary of the Fortnight - Chalhov

Scene of the Fortnight- Ash_arti

Ratings & Picture of the Fortnight by Omaramdas

A Very Happy New Year to you all as this is our first NL for the year !

Ratings of the week: Star StarStarStar    4/10

Picture of the week: Totally love this pic - not really the situation though.

Best & Worst Scene of the Fortnight by Vinnie

Worse / Most Disgusting Scene " :
 It may be a grim view on the realities of life, but the scenes  with Digvijay and his father  was the most disgusting  hands down.
 Thakur Jwala Singh  watching his daughter -in - law with lust  in the privacy of her bedroom  was positively blood crawling.  That entire scene itself  was handled badly by the creators...instead of handling the situation  delicately , we have Reva  who caught him in the act, and instead of warning him against watching his daughter -in -law in a bad way...she in the end tells him each man should look after himself and not care about any one else!
 The Phone conversation scene  after that one is even more disgusting., where Jwala Singh is seen telling Digvijai  after the  Puja in the temple to send Kuhu to him.  Both father and Son could not have been any more disgusting!
 Another  scene I found  puke worthy , was  Kuhu insisting telling Maa Thakur that she will go back to her husbands house, because she loves him, and what he has done is what all other thakurs do, but none of thier wives have left them. The message that love is a sacrifice  is sadly misused in this show!!!

Best Scene :
Sugni exposing Digvijay her entry into the Haveli where she played the part of a Bah Scorned brilliantly!. Her condensing voice, even slapping Kuhu for effect.  When she told  Kuhu that even if she warned her , she (Kuhu)  was not listening to her any way a smart way to remind  Kuhu that  she was warned but still jumped into the fire! Thanks to Sugni Kuhu was saved from a worse fate than Champa, for it was clear her husband came with plans to send her to his father.
 Another  brilliant scene was at the end of the week between Vickram and his sister-in- law Suman in his room here she tries to black mail him, and ends up leaving after Vickram tells her  if she tries  to play him like a puppet she will loose her own fingers.  Reminds you of a rat trying to tame a Lion! 

High & low points of the Fortnight  by Julie

High Points:
  • We have more of Thakur Jwala Singh in the show and there is the new angle of TVS holding them to ransom. How Jwala plans to get back his property from Vikram should be exciting to watch if it is handled properly.
  • We also have Nagania and the mamas back and at least they have remained true to form by tricking Suman.

Low Points:
  • There is so much of lusting within the family to gross anyone out
  • Kuhu, a very educated city bred young lady, deciding to stay with a husband who abuses her is not a good message to women. We need to see these women stand up for themselves.
  • Champa's rape case was tidily wrapped up and shoved to the side, instead of being dealt with properly especially in light to what happened recently in real life. The CVs missed out on a golden opportunity to deal with a rapist in a storyline and really empower women.
  • We are back to square one with this TVS-Sugni-Aditya triangle.

Blunders/Bloopers of the Fortnight - Payal

1.       If you look at Friday's episode the drop zone of where the mangal sutra fell is nowhere near where Adi jumped. So without anything to protect his eyes from the muck in the lake, Adi swam underwater to the drop zone ,found the mangal sutra and swam back underwater to roughly where he jumped in before coming up for air. Even a professional diver might struggle!!!
2.       I can understand that Adi would be cold but they have the car which presumably has heaters. Would it be not have been easier to  get in the car, turn on heaters so he gets warm and drive home then go into a rundown hut?
3.       Adi come out of the lake with mangalsutra but he is dry !!!!  (this has happened before when Sugni fell in the lake near the temple. She was wet when TVS was pulling her out, they fall on the ground for a few seconds and in that time her chunari/clothes were dry)
4.       If you look at Friday's episode they did a panoramic view of where of Adini were standing. No hut/house in sight so where did it materialise from - magic?
 This hut/house has only one small window and no doors?  Its bright and sunny outside but semi dark inside (I assume this was to create" ambience")
5.       The hut/house has nothing but a bed and a blanket - seriously?
6.  I assume it was dust Sugni saw falling from the roof before the beam fell. (It cannot be rain as its was bright and sunny outside).
7.   So the central beam that's like a tree trunk is rotten and falls but the bed made of wood is fine?

8. The policeman that came to arrest DV said that Sugni has lectured him on more law than he has read in 10 years. Sugni has been educated to a cetain level in a local village school. So how would she know soo much law. Also if she knows soo much law should she not know that Sardhakai is illegal and therefore surely her battle with her family in the early part fo show could have been easily avoided by saying she will report them to the police?

9. Up until last week Adi/Sugni have always gone out of the room to use the bathroom. In fact on 14 Jan episode Adi goes out with a towel just before Sugni sees the crack in the mirror and returns just after. BUT in friday's episode they have an ensuite !!! What is this Room of Requirements at Hogwarts?
10.In Monday's episode the only way Adini end up in the position they did on the floor (ie. the same position as on the bed) unless they are both contortionists.

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Romantic scene of the Fortnight by Ash_arti

1st Scene

Adi brings a box of bangles as a gift to Sugni seeing which she gets excited. Adi makes her wear it while sugni looks on lovingly.Adi promises to be with her always & protect her.

2nd Scene

Sugni cooks for everyone soon after MS accepts her as bahu. Sugni asks Adi to give her shagun when Adi puts sindoor on her forehead. An elated sugni says this sindoor and mangalsutra are her biggest assets.

3rd scene

Sugni is worried about bad omens while in kitchen when Adi comes and hugs her & gives her courage. He then takes her to river bank and buys flowers for her & they share a romantic time together.

Emotional Scenes of the Fortnight by Sandy

Scene: 1.

Kuhu arranging the clothes in the wardrode, Digvijay suddenly appeared behind Kuhu, cover her mouth, twisted her hand behind
her back, and questioned her about, what has she told her
Family about him.
Kuhu was hurting, terrified, weeping and pleading to Digvijay to
to stop hurting her, cause she loves him immensely.

Scene: 2.

Digvijay and Kuhu arrived at a beautifully decorated old Haveli.
Kuhu was excited, looking around at her surrounding and thinking
that Digvijay loves her and has changed.
Digvijay led Kuhu into a room, she was confused and shocked to see Champa in the room all decked up in bridal attires
Digvijay explained to Kuhu, that she will have to performed Champa's Sardhakai.
Kuhu tearfully pleaded with Digvijay, but he threatened her.
Kuhu was heartbroken and emotionally upset, as performed
Champa's Sardhakai, placing Sindoor on her forehead, and Mangal Sutra around her neck. Digvijay looking on elatedly, he told Kuhu
that Champa is now his Bedni and she will spend the night with him.
Kuhu weeping bitterly, pleading, apologizing for knowingly and unknowingly committing any mistakes that may have hurt him.
Digvijay angrily pushed  Kuhu away telling she he never loved her.

Scene: 3.

Sugni entered the room and caught Kuhu from falling and push her away.
Sugni applauded and complimented Digvijay for his cleverly laid out plan in deceiving everyone and wanting to destroyed Vickram and his Family.
Sugni feigned hatred for Vickram and Family, and told Digvijay, she will joined forces with him and take revenge from them for ill-treating her. Upon hearing that Kuhu was bewildered and shocked at Sugni for betraying her Family. She was furious and hurt at Sugni's nonchalant attitude.
Kuhu angrily approached Sugni and was about to slapped her, Sugni grabbed Kuhu's hand before it reached her face, and smacked her in the face. Kuhu was stunned and hurt.
Digvijay forces Kuhu to consumed alcohol, but she refuses. He told Sugni to give it to Kuhu, Sugni grabbed Kuhu's head and forces the alcohol down her throat.
Kuhu was heartbroken, and upset about Sugni and Digvijay behavior towards her.

Scene: 4.

Digvijay and Champa are outside the temple arguing. Champa demand that he to marry her. Vickram and his Family heard the
truth about Champa's and Digvijay's relationship.
Everyone was stunned and angry at Digvijay for hurting and deceiving them.
Vickram angrily aim his gun at Digvijay, but Kuhu ran infront of him and prevented him from getting shot, instead Kuhu was shot in the arm.

Scene: 5.

Vickram and the Family Members are at the hospital anxiously waiting for any news of Kuhu.
Finally the Doctor came and told everyone that Kuhu is out of danger, everyone was excited about the news.
Vickram and Maa Saheb went into Kuhu's room, she wept when she saw them.

Scene: 6.

Maa Saheb, with folded hands and emotionally upset, asked forgiveness from Sugni for ill-treating her, not trusting and believing in her. Both of them weeping, hugging and remembering their past memories they had together, and promising each other to always trust and believe in each other. Maa Saheb accepted Sugni as the daughter-in-law of the Family.

Scene: 7.

Digvijay furious with Champa for deceiving him and revealing the truth to Vickram and Family. Champa declared she loves him.
Digvijay grabbed Kuhu by the neck and choked her claiming because of her Vickram wants to killed him. Jwala Thakur Singh shoved him away from Kuhu, and told him she saved your life

Disappointments of the Fortnight by Julie

We are seeing alot of negativity these days in the show. We have JT lusting after his daughter-in-law and DV after his elder sister-in-law. 
Champa's rape issue was also poorly wrapped up by having her suddenly fall in love with DV and craving a life of luxury.
Instead of showing us some positive things in the show, they have sunk lower and recycled the storylines as we are about to see more of the TVS-Sugni-Aditya triangle in the upcoming episodes.
TVS has turned into a trigger-happy gun toting man who is back to planning his revenge on Adini.

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Summary of the Fortnight by Chalhov

Part 1


TVS and Sugni have an argument in which she says because of him she got love true love for Adi and she will always protect him their marriage and his life and TVS does not love her as he always hurts her and acts like a devil. TVS does not agree.Kuhu comes for Pagphere and DVS and TJS come to take her back and praise the hospitality in  MS and TVS household. They ask them to stay overnight as they are arranging a party in their honor both agree.DVS illtreats Kuhu  but acts good acts as if he is asking permission from Kuhu and praises her upbringing and etiquette and Kuhu also pretends that all is hunky dory MS gives him permission.Suman suspects something between Sugni and TVS and gives a hint to Bhushan to keep an eye on him during the dance and booze party.

A disturbed Sugni comes to Adi who is resting they have a sweet romantic moment and Adi asks her whether TVS misbehaved but Sugni steers the conversation to DVS TJS and Adi keeps quiet. They promise to trust and protect each other by giving gifts  .TJS has bad intentions towards Kuhu secretly watching her with lustful eyes. Suman comes to Adi asks about the accident and She also gives a hint about TVS misbehavior towards Sugni  to Adi who is angry and goes to TVS to warn him.DVS is instructing someone to bring Champa to haveli and Sugni listens when she warns him he pretends as if she is asking him for money as MS is passing by she hears only the last part of the conversation. MS goes to Adi and asks him to keep his wife under control as she does not want to scold her as Sugni had saved his life.

In the party a Rai dance is shown and all men drink except Bhusan.TJS and DVS flirt with the dancers. DVs is suspicious and asks his father why they are being honored so much but TJS brushes it away.. Meanwhile Bums comes to the haveli  and Adi recognizes him  but TVS comes and pretends he is a thief beats him up and send him away.Adi thinks TVS is getting worse.Suman watches all this meanwhile DVS also flirts with Suman who brushes him away. Adi brings bangles for Sugni and both have a romantic moment. Naganiya takes Suman to the fake baba who is actually Hukum and they both squeeze money from Suman who wants a child on the pretext of arranging a Havan. Kuhu leaves for In-laws place and Sugni suspects something wrong.

TJS DVS take Kuhu to an old haveli  and when she asks a happy DVS TJS caresses her back asking her to come inside. A room is decked up and kuhu thinks its for her but just then a decked up Champa comes in and DVS asks Kuhu to do her sardhakayi on his behalf and a weeping Kuhu does all the ceremonies of sindoor and mangalsutra.Sugni also come pretends that she is taking revenge from TVS family for their misbehavior and praises a surprised DVS and TJS. TJS asks DVS to take Kuhu to the temple as MS and the entire family will come there and they should also go. DVs warns Kuhu not to tell anything to her family and gives her a alcohol laced drink through Sugni before he takes her. He asks Champa to wait there. At the haveli Suman tries to grill a shocked TVS about the thief.


Suman tries to blackmail TVS but as it is getting late Bhushan calls her and all except Sgni leave for the temple. Adi calls her and asks her to come to the temple. Lot of dama at the temple Kuhu comes with DVs and TJS in an intoxicated contion hugs MS and cries all look at her TJS smoothens saying  kuhu is crying as DVS did not come in time for dinner. Meanwhile police comes and ask about Adi's accident TVS and all say nothing happened so did not file a case. Champa is happy with sardhakayi as she will now have plenty of money and jewelry and Sugni tells her she wont get any respect .Champa calls and tells DVS she is outside the temple who scolds her. Suman tries to again blackmail TVS saying she is a witness and Sugni listens to this .

DVS comes out to Champa and all come to know of sardhakayi and MS slaps DVS. Kuhu supports DVS but TVS is very angry and shoots at DVS and the bullet  gets into Kuhu as at the last minute she comes  in front of DV to save him.All take Kuhu to the hospital and she is saved . MS realizes that Sugni is always right Suman and Rea are jealous. TJS and his wife also come to the hospital. All expenses are taken care of TVS. Meanwhile Hukum Naganiya and tinkliya fight over how to spent the money they fleeced from Suman and Katari also comes and asks his share.

MS comes and apologises to Sugni and plans to give her the rightful place of DIL in haveli Adi is happy. MS wants to take  Kuhu back to haveli but Kuhu does not agree and wants to go to her sasural.TJS and his wife Saroj plead and MS agrees to send Kuhu as a last chance. TVS calls TJS aside and warns him any misbehavior or  hurt to Kuhu will mean his family will come to the streets as he has the papers of the entire TJS property which tey had mortgaged with him. MS wants to give proper  DIL  rights to Sugni TVS is not happy.

MS does proper grihapravesh of Sugni  and Suman  Reva are jealous and TVS disapproving. She then also orgainses a puja during which a bad omen happens and Sugni's red chunari which MS gives her catches fire , Adi  placates her and when they come to take TVS blessings he does not bless them. They then go to the kitchen and have a romantic moment and TVS still more displeased. DVs tries to go to Champa and try to kill Kuhu but TJS slaps him and asks furious DVS to behave otherwise they will come to the streets.

MS is happy with the kheer Sugni made and makes everyone give her Shagun including TVS all give reluctantly. TVS gives her a chain which Sugni promptly breaks it. Adi puts sindoor in her maang and TVS  is angry and thinks he should be the one to do tis had Adi died. Suman comes to him again tries to blackmail him but TVS threatens to kill her if she opens her mouth and the scared Suman goes away. Adi and Sugni are scared of bad omens and TVS .They go to the lake side to romance and  lighten their mood and TVs follows them and snatches Sugni's  mangalsutra  and throws it in the lake Adi wants to beat him up but Sugni stops him.

TVS taunts Adi saying he is weak minded  and cant decide as he dd the same to amrita and Sugni and says he lost the  mangalsutra  but ADI jumps into the lake and finds  it and bring and puts it on Sugni. Sugni scolds him as he may get ill as he is shivering and both go to a hut build a fire and have  romantic  time but the log falls from roof  and they narrowly escape. They go back home and when Sugni puts balm on Adi and as they romance and look into the mirror she finds many cracks. She gets afraid of all these bad omens. Sugni wants to go and pray and as she takes the flowers they all fall at TVS feet and he tells her he is her God and Adi can only be alive as long as he wants. Suman wants to romance Bhusan but he sleeps and she waits to go to the Baba so that she can beget a child.

Best Scene of the Fortnight - Ash_arti

1st Scene

Sugni exposing Digvijay's lie & Champa's sardhakai truth in front of all.

2nd Scene

MS accepting sugni as her bahu & her grihapravesh & all the rasams that a new bahu goes through. An elated sugni finally feels her subah has come as she is now a bahu & patni in every sense.

3rd Scene

MS giving Sugni the house keys thereby elevating sugni to her status and showing that of all the women in the house its sugni whom she trusts the most.

Thank You Chal,Vinnie,Oma, Sandy, Julie and Payal for your timely contributions.Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

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Good work every one

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very nice. nice jobBig smileHugThumbs Up

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Great job everyone Thumbs Up.
It was defintiely a treat reading the lovely newletter you guys did, thank you so much for giving us the pleasure and a big Thank You to all for your hard work.

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Smile Fabulous Job everyone Clap Great editing Aarathi Thumbs Up

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