Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?


Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

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criticaleyes Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2013 at 12:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Vrish.

I'll be honest.  I was previously an active follower of Sriti in Rakt Sambandh and b4 that, in Jyoti.  When I first read about the theme of this show, I sighed, since it would be somewhat of a rerun, again of Sriti's character being tortured by her first husband and then rescued by her second.

After watching a couple of episodes, it was clear that it was too gratuitous for my tastes, so I stopped watching.  I was really disappointed that I couldn't enjoy watching Sriti like I enjoyed Sudha or Vrinda previously.  Unlike others, I had never heard either of KVB nor HC b4, and honestly, neither of them impressed me in the way that Alok Narula or Naman Shaw previously did, but that's just me. (1)

When Jhanvi finally escaped from Viraj, I started watching w/ hope.  Initially, I liked Raghav (2)and hoped that Jhanvi would soon open up to him and slowly recover and tell him everything.  However, I just didn't like the way Jhanvi's character evolved.  Initially, she was too intrusive in Raghav's family affairs, which frankly was none of her business,(3) and that's when my enthusiasm for both Jhanvi and the show started to decline.  Also, I liked the initial Raghav - the rugged mechanic as well as Sundar, (4)but once Raghav started listening to Jhanvi, I just lost interest in him either - while I don't like guys being abusive like Viraj, I don't like guys w/o minds of their own either, and Raghav let himself get tied up too much by Jhanvi and her stupid kasams.  He was great when he acted on his own initiative, but insufferable to watch when he acted as per her wishes.(5)

The other thing that killed it for me was them dragging the stalking chapter of Viraj.  In this part, by delaying her disclosure to Raghav about her past and thereby subjecting the entire family to risk by Viraj,  Also, like I said elsewhere, the PH was too caught up in the personal TRPs of the actors, instead of trying to make a compelling story that attracted its own TRPs in its own right.  For instance, the only reason to have Viraj in the story once Jhanvi escaped was KVB's own popularity; in real life, which this serial must have been trying to emulate if it was trying to send a broader social message, abusive husbands don't usually get to bribe everyone in the police and have unbelievable supernatural powers the way Viraj did.  Similarly, if the Viraj chapter was not complete, the Raghav chapter should have been delayed.  Also, Jhanvi could have been helped just as effectively by Sanjay, as he proved during his return in the Ananya stretch.  The show was simply wrecked by showing Viraj as omnipotent and omniscient as he was, w/ only Raghav capable of stopping him.

The show was badly planned - aside from not knowing when to move on, it had no idea of what it wanted to do next.  For instance, Raghav & Jhanvi painstakingly gathering evidence about Viraj's collusion w/ Shekhawat, only to have that video lost in the cab.  What sort of a retard put together that plan?  And finally, when Viraj did get incarcerated, the PH had no idea about how to do w/o him, which reflects poorly on their storytelling abilities.  The story only improved after Jhanvi's death, but not before they subjected viewers to really morbid scenes of Viraj abducting and romancing Jhanvi's corpse.

However, by the time that a new PH came along and introduced viewers to a fresh cast and storyline of Ananya and her cohorts, the damage had already been done.  The connection b/w Ananya and Jhanvi simply due to the heart donation defied belief, but since there was nothing much to salvage, they kept showing Viraj as a god as long as the serial looked like it would run, but made Ananya alone the person capable of handling him.  But the moment the decision was made to shut down the show, Raj, who was previously a weakling in front of Viraj, suddenly became his equal - knocking him unconscious and helping Ananya disappear w/ Jhanvi's body.  Otherwise, showing Viraj continue his stunts, such as sabotaging Ananya's show, and even on Friday, getting his video to Ananya's boss and having it transmitted, made it look like the serial needed Viraj's endorsement to condemn domestic violence.

To twist the byline of the serial when it aired, may no viewers ever be subjected to a serial like this one.

Having said that, I wish Harshad, Sriti, Mala, Vinay, Karanveer and every one else who was in this serial all success in their future shows or movies.

Excellent post. What more can I say? But to think that I'd been following your posts all this time not knowing what exactly you thought of the show. Your point of view is interesting and it had a few surprises:

Especially, @ Bold (1) to (5).

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SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 January 2013 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
The Serial Was Good. It I Enjoyed It. Other Times I Didn't.
This Was My First Life Ok Serial.

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snowflake. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
Umm... this show & the forum will remain special to me until I exist on IF :p 

I used to be a huge fan of starone and all Dill Mill Gayye/Miley Jab Hum Tum type shows... I never knew I would get hooked to Life Ok, cuz I still believe this channel replaced my favorite channel *rant* but oh well LOL

The show started off really well, I still remember my first day in this forum... I didnt knew who sriti jha was, and about KVB, he played Prem in KZK, thats it.. That cockroach & the electric shock scene scared the living daylights out of me LOL but slowly I got used to the so called DV they showed till the end Ermm

Karan, undoubtedly ruled the 'negative character' title for the whole year, all those critics/popular/jury awards he received for DSDDSB speak everything about how well he played VIRAJ DOBRIYAL. 

Nowadays I see people commenting like, Viraj has gone monotonous...OTT and what not...when a couple is shown romancing onscreen...no matter what scenes they do & how many times they do...its called entertainment... while if this guy is being evil throughout so he is labelled as monotonous?? LOL anyway! I am really glad that he didnt get Jhanvi/Ananya, cuz people like Viraj deserve strict punishment... plus I hope in real life no woman faces this much drag for the justice... I'm a big Prem-Mukti fan, but I cant say I liked Viraj-Jahnvi  LOL

Sriti, OMG! after Rati, I have the biggest girl crush on this woman...she is so perfect at everything  she made us cry... she showed what romance is *although timings were horribly pathetic Dead*... her smile... her gestures.. her voice *pitch <3*... any & everything about her is just FLAWLESS.. where was she hiding LOL I mean, I saw her work for the first time in DSDD :p  

Harshad, I used to ship his pairing with Anupriya in Tere Liye Day Dreaming I was so damn excited to see him back onscreen, but as they say family is the biggest strength and the biggest weakness as well, soon after Raghav - Viraj clash track..out of nowhere Raghav's family showed up... a family where strangers (Sia - Viraj) were welcomed and allowed to talk & walk like a family member... A family where a 5 year old kid knows that his father was violent while the head woman has no clue about her son... and the show went downhill :(

If viraj is OTT (he tortured his wife, his eyebrow gesture, his hair style throughout the Raghav-Sia-Viraj track, Unniyal drama, then Komolika track... jail-escape thing, mental case and the latest dil ne jise apna kaha ) then so is Raghav (his family, his powerful dialogues but powerless acts [at no point he was able to defeat this Viraj, completely... but his dialogues were mashallah se SOLID], what else...erm ya! that fake marriage thing, kidnapping, and those once in a while wale eyelocks & the BG music *This show wasnt IPKKND ki kahi bhi they can start Rabba ve*) Both the male leads *characters* were equally ___________ <- whatever you say!

Screenspace is one issue I have to agree with, Raghav's caliber went to trash cuz of the stuffing provided by his family members... and unniyal/rana drama... also Viraj got more scenes in that duration.. but now I feel Raghav's character wasnt even needed in the show,  it seems like he appeared in the show for romance, but what is necessary??? NO... they should've shown a stiff & reserved character instead... 

Then came Ananya-Raj track LOL well, the actors were fab but this dil ne jise apna kaha adaptation with a twist became boring and exciting at the same time... glad that this mice race ended.

On the whole, story was disappointing but the whole main cast & the cameos were brilliant <3 Sriti has recently joined Balika Vadhu... I hope Karanvir & Harshad too make a comeback soon Big smile

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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by harshu.sundas

Final thoughts on the show's end 4m my POV is actually, i m blank, as d show ended for me way b4 back in november.

It was actually back in 2012, i guess 9th feb, when TB published the article of  HARSHAD entering the show.Day Dreaming
Nd the what, as usual, i went madROFL, and read the show's update and even watched that week's episodes only 2 get myself udated about d story.
Newas, cudnt continue watching the show regularly as nothing was special for me and cud interest me, nd then just kept waiting for his awaited entry which proved to happen after 2 long months of the entry news...
Throughout that phase, what made me very happy was the uproar this forum had on the news of his entry, ppl were pretty tensed/happy/upset/delighted at the buzz, and trust me ever single emo/reactin only added up2 my happiness ...Star

Moreover, the peroformance of HC was sheer brilliant, along wid his chemistry wid sriti.. which once again listed a hit pairing in hi career...
Kudos to both HC and SJ..
Also, Sriti played SIA to the tee, and ofcourse, i salute to her for quitting dis show, she actually gained much more respect 4m me, esp as a woman.
Other actors, esp i loved Neha thats Komal, lovely relation nd chemistry wid RAGHAV as bhabi and devar, i always wtached their scenes wid pretty much smile on my face..
Furthermore RAGHAV and Gayatri.. HC nd his onscreen mother...Day DreamingDay Dreaming...enuff said..


Now cuming back to the journey i shared wid the show. Firstly i will b very much thankful 2 HC for both taking this show and then again quitting it when it became intolerable.
RAGHAV was the only reason which hooked me 2 d show, undoubtedly HARSHAD and his brilliant performance was d icing on the fantastic character of RAGHAV. 

My RPS..Raghavendra pratap singh...Day Dreaming..The blooody mechanic...Day Dreaming

Starting from the wardrobe, to the look, his background score, the dialogues, simply the whole RAGHAV package was just one more thing to go ga ga for..Day Dreaming.he redefined heroism for tv, i must say...
Ohh i just loved the initial epis of RAGHAV, then the way his family was introduced, the way RAHAV nd SIA interacted , everything was very refreshing. 
One thing of this show which i will cherish forever is the RAGHAV nd Krrish bond, hw badly i wish i cud get to see yash and HC once again in some other show. These two were amazing, and definitely took the cake, every scene was frigging beautiful.

As an audience wid much patience, i had always waited for the phase of the show when i cud see a journey of RAGHAV and SIA on their growing married relationship, but unfortunately we never got and the CVs chose to jump into something else, of making them parents of a much older person than them. Definitely the leap killed the show, as every important aspect of the show was skipped.

I basically loved the track when RAGHAV nd SIA faked their marriage, and thus their frendship grew, nd for once atleast we all had got 2 see the evil losing, eventhough 4 a single day.

One more thing i will always cherish, is the great frends i hv got here, apart from the old HC pagals, widout a doubt this show and character of RAGHAV has given HC many new global fans, and to me some more competitors in the Mrs Chopda race... ROFL
I want to say i love u all esp ANA, Diva, and Divs , i jut hope our pagalpanti continues foreva.Hug

Nd nw to conclude wid, the channel was dumb or 2 b precise was blind 2 think ke they cud continue the show aftr ditching the viewers and  the lead actors.ROFL. kudos 2 dem.Dead..  newas, by axing the show , they hv proved our point...nd dats all from me...Big smile

done wid the edit.

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nimi18 Newbie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 5:29am | IP Logged
I started watching the show when harshad entered...enjoyed raghav n sia fresh n beautiful chemistry Smilen to me d show ended when harshad left itLOL

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cherry111 Newbie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Harshad and sriti rocked...good luck for them for their future... still missing raghavi !!!

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premragan Senior Member

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Posted: 18 February 2013 at 1:47am | IP Logged
Will miss Harshad and Sriti.
They were great as Raghav and Sia.

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