Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?


Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 January 2012
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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Finally this show will end. unfortunately, the show did not do justice with its viewers and not even with the actors.
I followed this show as it was a voice against women torture and later i came to know that harshad will be entering, then i was very excited and interested in the show. Both Raghav and Siya did become my favourites, and amazing performance by harshad and sriti. Will always remember the show for my favourite harshad and his once again popular pairing with sriti. 
The show had a great cast and great actors too, but its the channel and productions loss that they could not utilise it properly. I just hope the channel now regrets their mistake of promoting a show with a wrong concept and does better in their other shows as it is a black mark on their reputation when both the leads have quit the show and now the show is shutting down.

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Well...the whole show for me was...viraj, viraj and viraj. When i came across the news dat KB wud b comin in d shw..which was actually previously titled "amar prem", i was soo soo happy jus bcz of d thought dat i will b seein my KB after so so long tym..i missd him soo mch after he left KZK..jus wanted 2 c him on screen..n he was bak wid a bang wid a classic role of "viraj".

About his performance? d more its said is less..he did a superbly amazing job n justified his role..actually he won d role by his performance..oh he was a treat to watch..jus pure treat!Embarrassed I knw m bein biased 4 him..but dats wat i feel whn it cmes 2 him! he was an abuser..i knw but cant help lovin n jus purely lovin him!Embarrassed He jus takes u away wid himslef..whn he acts he jus makes u 4get evrythin else..wether hez bein positive or negative..he gives such a life to his role..its hard 2 not luv him! I knw  i hv diverted 4m d show's comments 2 only KVB..he jus makes me do dat!LOL

The show has been a path breaking one initially..a gud..a rlly rlly gud concept..n Sriti's role was jus out of d world..she jus got into skin of her character Jahnvi n  made d character come alive. Her chemistry wid viraj was jus...WOW..a big WOW! Dey complimented wid each odr soo well..dis was a lil different chemistry..n abuser n a victim..still dey wer a treat to watch..her xpressions her acting evrythin was jus straight 2 d point..it was like dis role was made 4 her only..i cant imagine any odr one in her shoes. It was Jahnvi was only 4 Viraj...n Viraj was only 4 Jahnvi.Embarrassed

Viraj..wat 2 say abt him? (i knw i hv came bak 2 him againLOL). His acting jus fell out of his eyes..more dan his words or expressions...lyk whn he was abt 2 say sumthn u cn c it already in his eyes...d most xpressable eyes of him,.Embarrassed His possessiveness obsession..was so well xecuted by him..i jus fell short of words whn it cmes 2 talk abt him. For me he was a charmin abuser...EmbarrassedLOL

I watched diss hw 4m vry beginning..(though not on tv..mom was watchin agneepathLOL) I had 2 download d 1st epi..i ws soo frustrated,,,bcz i waited soo sooo eagerly 4 18th dec n dint xpect i had 2 c lyk dis...urrrhhh...LOL And i wsnt disappointed at all! Viraj made his mark 4m d vry 1st epi..spclly his sarcastic dialogue whn Jahnvi was shw running away 4m him.."Itni rat ko jogging nahi karte..kal subah hum 2no chlenge"LOL, He is such a sweet poison,,his dialogues,,one liners..wer jus awesum 2 hear n watch..n his voice...uffDay Dreaming. I liked n loved all Viranvi scenes..dey wer so fillled wid compassion..der was n unseen bond between dem wich made dem evn more powerful. I jus luvd d scene whn jahnvi was goin away during his treatment but cud nt go n came bak n dat cute hug dey had..was soo beautifulEmbarrassed Jus wished dat was tru..wich nvr happend..Cry.

I dint like at all whn Raghav entered shw..it spoiled d shw..spclly dey cud hv shown viraj's treatement n he has been changed nw..but jahnvi doesnt beleive him nw..n if dey had 2 bring Raghav also..dey cud hv shwn Viraj gettin bak 2 Jhanvi but dis tym wid tru love nt wid his tactics. However viraj was d gem of d shw he dint let his acting rot away wid tym...he kept intact wid same energy..passion..dedication n sarcasm..he was one anti hero dat d tellywood wud starve to get in future..he redefined anti heroism..Embarrassed

As d shw is gonna end today..i jus wish him n alll oder co stars all d best 4 future...N for KB...wayyy to go..keep comin onscreen regularly..n make me feel powerless again wid dat mknee numbin smile of urs...EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

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doyelpakhi Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2006
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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:33am | IP Logged
DSDDSB - started with the of potential of not only spreading a social message but gave us the hope that it will deal with the intricacies of human psychology, will show how childhood incidents shape the personalities,  and will strike a balance in showing characters who are humane, rather than gods or demons.

But Alas! It FAILED miserably.CryCryCry

Sanjog Gupta, who was supposedly one of the channel heads, used to say in Twitter  that SB was Jahnvi's story and her emancipation... Raghav and Viraj were just part of her life. He hinted that the story would be a battle between Viraj-Jahnvi and Raghav Sia. We were given hope Sia will be more stronger, were told that we will see the complexities of Viraj's past , the nuances of Ragjav Sia relationship, there had been indications that Komal would play major role in Viraj's life, but what did we get ultimately?

Thumbs Down

Where did we see Jahnvi's emancipation? Whatever she did was with Raghav's help and when Raghav went out of her life, she has to concede defeat. Of course, Sriti and Harshad leaving the show made a big difference, but can't blame them for leaving it because the plot was going haywire!

It was quiet clear, that the channel changed their original plot in the middle - in fact , the channel and the production house always seemed to be in a dilemma whether they will show Viraj as ultra black or as grey. Suddenly, they thought of making the leap, bringing in unnecessary characters and finally destroying the serial.

I just wish all the best for the actors and crew for doing such fab. job for more than a year Clap ! Hope to see them soon in other projects!

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doyelpakhi Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2006
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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Can anyone please tell me if Viraj's past or his childhood was shown in the serial or not?

I didn't see the serial for some time .

Please Please Please tell me

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.Vrish. Viewbie

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 12:34am | IP Logged
^^^ Doyelpakhi, no, that was never shown.
.Vrish. Viewbie

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
I'll be honest.  I was previously an active follower of Sriti in Rakt Sambandh and b4 that, in Jyoti.  When I first read about the theme of this show, I sighed, since it would be somewhat of a rerun, again of Sriti's character being tortured by her first husband and then rescued by her second.

After watching a couple of episodes, it was clear that it was too gratuitous for my tastes, so I stopped watching.  I was really disappointed that I couldn't enjoy watching Sriti like I enjoyed Sudha or Vrinda previously.  Unlike others, I had never heard either of KVB nor HC b4, and honestly, neither of them impressed me in the way that Alok Narula or Naman Shaw previously did, but that's just me.

When Jhanvi finally escaped from Viraj, I started watching w/ hope.  Initially, I liked Raghav and hoped that Jhanvi would soon open up to him and slowly recover and tell him everything.  However, I just didn't like the way Jhanvi's character evolved.  Initially, she was too intrusive in Raghav's family affairs, which frankly was none of her business, and that's when my enthusiasm for both Jhanvi and the show started to decline.  Also, I liked the initial Raghav - the rugged mechanic as well as Sundar, but once Raghav started listening to Jhanvi, I just lost interest in him either - while I don't like guys being abusive like Viraj, I don't like guys w/o minds of their own either, and Raghav let himself get tied up too much by Jhanvi and her stupid kasams.  He was great when he acted on his own initiative, but insufferable to watch when he acted as per her wishes.

The other thing that killed it for me was them dragging the stalking chapter of Viraj.  In this part, by delaying her disclosure to Raghav about her past and thereby subjecting the entire family to risk by Viraj,  Also, like I said elsewhere, the PH was too caught up in the personal TRPs of the actors, instead of trying to make a compelling story that attracted its own TRPs in its own right.  For instance, the only reason to have Viraj in the story once Jhanvi escaped was KVB's own popularity; in real life, which this serial must have been trying to emulate if it was trying to send a broader social message, abusive husbands don't usually get to bribe everyone in the police and have unbelievable supernatural powers the way Viraj did.  Similarly, if the Viraj chapter was not complete, the Raghav chapter should have been delayed.  Also, Jhanvi could have been helped just as effectively by Sanjay, as he proved during his return in the Ananya stretch.  The show was simply wrecked by showing Viraj as omnipotent and omniscient as he was, w/ only Raghav capable of stopping him.

The show was badly planned - aside from not knowing when to move on, it had no idea of what it wanted to do next.  For instance, Raghav & Jhanvi painstakingly gathering evidence about Viraj's collusion w/ Shekhawat, only to have that video lost in the cab.  What sort of a retard put together that plan?  And finally, when Viraj did get incarcerated, the PH had no idea about how to do w/o him, which reflects poorly on their storytelling abilities.  The story only improved after Jhanvi's death, but not before they subjected viewers to really morbid scenes of Viraj abducting and romancing Jhanvi's corpse.

However, by the time that a new PH came along and introduced viewers to a fresh cast and storyline of Ananya and her cohorts, the damage had already been done.  The connection b/w Ananya and Jhanvi simply due to the heart donation defied belief, but since there was nothing much to salvage, they kept showing Viraj as a god as long as the serial looked like it would run, but made Ananya alone the person capable of handling him.  But the moment the decision was made to shut down the show, Raj, who was previously a weakling in front of Viraj, suddenly became his equal - knocking him unconscious and helping Ananya disappear w/ Jhanvi's body.  Otherwise, showing Viraj continue his stunts, such as sabotaging Ananya's show, and even on Friday, getting his video to Ananya's boss and having it transmitted, made it look like the serial needed Viraj's endorsement to condemn domestic violence.

Oh, two more things I forgot to add, which is why I'm editing this, although I've mentioned it often during the serial.  One was changing Jhanvi's name permanently to Sia, when she had a sister by that very name, and pretending that it made her stronger, when in fact, Sia would cower before Viraj just as much.  The other was the Rama-Sita theme applied to Raghav-'Sia' - while I supported Jhanvi's right to marry Raghav once she divorced Viraj, I found the comparison odious, to say in the least.

To twist the byline of the serial when it aired, may no viewers ever be subjected to a serial like this one.

Having said that, I wish Harshad, Sriti, Mala, Vinay, Karanveer and every one else who was in this serial all success in their future shows or movies.

Edited by .Vrish. - 20 January 2013 at 1:49pm

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RoyalLEO_Krrish IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 May 2010
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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Concept of the show!
Characterization of Viraaj and then the response of Jahnvi in obviously the days when she was Jahnvi... i feel acting is about reactions that u get from viewers..so If Sriti had not been Jahnvi i had not seen the best and worst of Viraaj which is Karanvir.. so i am really thankful to both of them for breathing in the characters!
I total admire the thinker, the writer and the whole concept of an AntiHero who was on the edge yet was vulnerable enough, and not a TYPICAL type which can characterise him or which can be comparible to any of the antiheros of the televison, so totally in awe of the creative mind who has generated Viraaj Dobriyal!
Lots of Love and very best wishes
to Karanvir, Sriti, Anshuman Sir, Sanjog Sir, whole creative team who has contributed and seen the spikes of success in such a short time.
Thanks a bunch for making LifeOK a national channel & showcasing the real issue and then also showing the process and cure of a victim.

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MahinK Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Only Viraj/KVB..! The theme, characterization, attitude, direction, Sriti and ofcourse KVB! I haven't seen a show this affective on Indian tv before. All that was worth watching and I care about is the first 4 months and KVB's part throughout the year, which had got me hooked till the end of this show. No one could have ever ever ever do justice with what KVB has done to Viraj!! Inspite of being an antihero, Viraj has gained way more fans than bashers! When I had heard of this show coming to an end, it hurt me to no end as I had waited for KVB for years to come onscreen and it would be tough for me to let his presence go this easy. But Atleast I am glad this show did get stretch for an year and 1 month and ended with Viraj! Thanks to all my Virajians for creating magnificient threads on Viraj/KVB and you guys gave me an opportunity to drool, dream and talk about him...! Not to forget the mods have been very kind and really appreciated towards the members...

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