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Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Devon ke Dev Mahadev Written Update 13/1 And the Winner is...!!!!

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Mein aa gaiTongue
Along with Mahadev Family beautifying Kailasa and my Idiot box...Embarrassed...and the full family drama...for the first time we are seeing the whole family drama in DKDM na...such a long journey na...from that Complete Bairagi to this Complete Family man...Let us see if Raymonds gets the hint and takes Mohitwa in its Ad...''The Complete man"TongueEmbarrassed

Eerrr...chalo Fan girls ...come back from your day dreamings..and let us get geared up for the race!!!

Get set GGOOO!!!!

Mahadev sitting at his regular place and telling his sons ...(For a change the whole clan is not gathered around them..and it is only family meet...Thank God for time..Goood timeTongue) he tells them to leave their egos and prejudice and jealousy aside and to compete to prove themselves to their own selves...not to the world...he also tells them that all three of them are equal for them as parents and none of them is more or less favourite...(I love how both Ganesh and Kartikeya are standing side by side...the height difference between them is too cute...)

And then Mahadev cheatsShockedWinkLOL...I mean he tells them that just like all three children are everything to their parents, their parents should be the whole world for them too (*hint**hint*Tongue heaving hinting going on) but ofcourse, only Gannubhaiya is gonna take that hint...

Kartikeya all gets in to that big brother mode and tells that Parvati should feed Ganesh as Ganesh has lost his tooth todayyy (Hehe Kartikeya nice gesture..but we all know that the tusk is not the teeth with which Gannubhaiya eats...Tongue) Parvati gets all emotional and gives all three children a group hug!!! (Mahadev is like...Where is my hug, ParvatiTongue...??? Poor Mahadev...alll alone sitting there and watching themOuchLOL)

Indra and his bakwaas...getting happy at how Kartikeya did what he wanted and now he will win the race...all devtas are like he is underestimating Kartikeya who had defeated him prior also...but our bundlebaaz Indru is so fond of gravity and falling face first on the earth (MEEECry) that he dismisses every objection and  says that although Kartikeya is goodd at fight but in a running race...he is bound to win (NAturally you are bound to win any running are an expert in running away in any difficulty...Angry)

On Kailasa...Alll the mice are gathered and wondering how will they complete one whole round...Ganesh is hearing all their discussion and then Kartikeya comes and tells Ganesh that tomorrow they will be competitors, but today they are brothers and so he advises him that a ride is only strong as its rider, nothing...not its speed or size of the ride, but of the ability of the rider...and that is important...
Ganesh is all happy hearing this and says that since he is younger he cannot give blessing but he can wish well to his brother and does so...Kartikeya gets all happy and says that the one whose entry in the world has brought so much good...his good wishes are bound to come true...

The Asurs are getting angry as his plan failed ...of creating an obstacle in Raja Bali's Yagna...

The Race:
Indra on his Airavata is all proud and hefty as everyone hails him...but Kartikeya enters in styleClap and everyone starts hailing him...everyone speculates on who will win...when our chhotu Ganubhaiya comes on his mouse...(HE looks so absolutely cute...ekdumm small and Golu molu entering the race with these giants...and I also love how Kartikeya looks at a proud and indulgent brother...I like this touch that the CVs have given Kartikeya...he actuallly feels protective of Ganesh...and actuallly looking at cannot help feeling cute he looks)

Indra and his nonsenseDead starts as he tells Ganesh that he can lend his horse to Ganesh as he would not be able to compete on his ride i.e. Mice...

Kartikeya is getting angry but Ganesh deals calmly and says that Indra is being generous but he cannot leave his ride for the offer of a better one (A tight slap across Indra who is the epitoomme of selfishness...wish Airavata had started clapping at this with this front feet and thereby thrown Indra on the groundAngry )

Ganesh further tells him that the ride is given to him by his father and he will never go beyond his father ...ever...Embarrassed

And it begins!!!

Nandi draws the start line...and then Mahadev Parvati with Ashok Sundari and the other deities appear there...Mahadev announces the terms of the race again and says that the winner will get the privilege of being
'Pratham Pujya' ...

They start the 'Shankh Naad!' and the competitors all race ahead...they all haiil them but as the dust settles they see Ganesh standing right at the starting line...
Ashoksundari tells him to get started with the race...Ganesh tries to be real fast but he could not go fast...and suddenly there is darkness...Rishi Kashyap tells them that Suryadev is participating in this race and hence the darkness (Logically it should be increase in the speed of day and night timings naConfused how can the world go dark should be shorter day and shorter nightTongue)

Indra and Kartikeya seem to leading and Indra torturing the poor Airavat's ear by his nonsense rant...The Asur is getting ready to put obstacles in the race...

All the mice are telling Ganesh to leave for the race but Ganesh says that he has promised himself that he will perform his daily worship ...and he cannot skip it..they advise him to finish his pooja and get started with the race or he was bound to lose (I like their spirits..even with all the competitors half way through the round...and Ganesh sitting tight at Kailash, they are hoping he would winLOL)
Indra, true to his colours, decides to break the rules...he and Agnidev conspire and Agnidev starts throwing Fireballs at Kartikeya...and Kartikeya is engulfed into a ball of fire...Kartikeya understands it...and tells Indra that he has cheated again..but he will still lose...

All the competitors are trying their best and Ganesh is busy worshipping the Shivlinga...the mice tell him to get on with the race...he tells themm that all the devtas are busy in the race so there is no wind, no light...he needs to maintain the balance in their absence...
He blows wind through his trunk and so the wind starts blowing...the mice ask him that now he will also provide light?? Ganesh says that Kailash is the center of light in the mountain will enlighten the whole he takes a 'diya' and lights it and takes it to the whole world is enlightened...

Kartikeya manages to come ot of the fireball and overtakes Indra...he takes a different route and so the copy cat and blind as a bat Indra decides that since Kartikeya has decided to take this route it must be shorter...(Just like your brainAngry) and he follows him...the other devtas follow Indra thinking the same...

Kartikeya watches this but suddenly gets hit by an arrowOuch everybody watches with horror...then they realize that the one who is shot at is the Asur who had taken the form of Kartikeya..and KArtikeya had shot down the Asur..he tells them that the Asur had wanted to divert them from their destination ...but he has killed him now...he reprimands them and tells them to win the race on the basis of their ability and hardwork...and not cheating and using underhand ways...they all start racing again (Indru actually grabs the seat of airavata as if it is a gear...LOL..Indra! Airavata needs to be handles with Ankush ...not a motorbike gearLOL)

On the Race line we see Ganesh coming and everybody says that he has not been in the race as he is coming from the way from Kailash...just then Kartikeya flies in (O God...I love the actually gives him the feel of a successful warrior!!)

He gets astonished seeing Ganesh and asks him whether he had not participated at all...Ganesh tells him that he had participated but he had not gone round the world...and he had prepared a garland for him as he is bound to be the Pratham Pujya...Kartikeya hugs him...and then alll the other competitors also arrive...Kartikeya and Ganesh turn around to look at them (They look so cute glaring at Indru and others...both brothers standing strong against the world!!!LOL)

Everybody hails Kartikeya as Prathampuya shiv Putra...Mahadev tells them that it is Shiv Putra...but not Kartikeya but Ganesh...Kartikeya is all astonished and so is everyone else...

Precap : Kartikeya lodges his protest against Mahadev' choice of winner...Mahadev says that for being Pratham Pujya one needs to be intelligent as well as sympathetic too, and who is better than Ganesh in this matter...

New Promo : Parvati accusing Mahadev of separating her sons...she gives him an ultimatum that if he fails to bring them both back on Kailash, he also may stay out of Kailash (ROFL I am sorry to be insensitive,,,,but I happen to like this total unleashed Woman power...why should only women be working hard to unite the family, it is time men had their shares of the same  responsibility, tooLOL)

And people who were telling me that the CVs have started using 'Sansar' instead of 'Srushti'...See that is the problem...when they want it for the betterment is Sansar...the moment they want to destroy is 'Srushti!!!' ,,,,,Mummmyyy...Bahot Nainsaafi hai...Bring me a peacock too...I also need to take a flight away like Kartikeya and take a free shot at the useless face of IndruOuchTongue

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Jai Shri Ganesh!!

I would have liked to see Shri Ganesh do parikrama around Mahadev and Parvatiji, I saw the puja but they didnt elaborate on the parikrama! Ouch

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lrl fanjeshsaiiii-Srushti-Proud-India

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ME is going great..I m loving it..!!
Ganesh with his Mushak vahan is so adorable.

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 8:59am | IP Logged
thanks dear..
its really been few episodes and tracks i like to watch..
Really the CVs and directors have brought impressing character s to play each role..that has graved in my mind..
KArtikey is awesomely played..

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Tinacool IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 9:03am | IP Logged
The episode was different and loved Ganesha. The family hug excluding Mahadev was nice in the beginning.

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Angel13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Thank you for the written update dear
One confusion
Isn't it that Ganesh walks around Siva and Parvatimata for 63 or something rounds when all devtas and Kartikya goes to world tour I mean race and this is how Ganesh wins and becomes pratham pujya??

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Your update is asusual, amusing. Keep it up shrusti.

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 9:32am | IP Logged

Thanks for the update!  What an episode!!!

I was actually surprised @ Mahadev giving them such a big hint - it actually makes Guha look even less intelligent than he actually was.  In the original story, from what I know, Bappa thought this out himself and after circumnavigating his parents, he claimed the prize, claiming the Vedas as his source for parents == universe.  Mahadev & Parvati were totally taken aback by that revelation of his.  Anyway...

I was surprised at 2 big things - the contest being such a public affair, and Indra and other devas being participants.  I always thought that it was just a family affair (like the start of the episode).  Okay, there is no way that the Ganas could be left out of any function about Mahadev, but the devas?  And all of them being in this race?  Speaking of which, I wish my own school sports (where I sucked) was as easy as this one was for Ganesh LOL

Airavat - wasn't he a white elephant, and didn't he have only 1 head, but many tusks - IIRC, 4?  It was funny to see him.  And who was the deva riding a bull?

Nandi drawing the start line looked pretty funny, but yeah...  I thought that someone would shoot a rifle, but they went w/ the shankh-naad.    Normally, for just a Kartikeya-Ganesh event, why would they need all that, but yeah, if the devas are gonna crash it, it's something else altogether LOL

Although one knows how it would end, it was a torture watching Ganesh & his mushaaks - first he does puja, then he goes to fill up the void left by Surya & Agni, then he goes back to the race...  All the while, i was hoping to see him go around Shiva & Parvati 3 times, but he was so slow that by the time he was done w/ all that, Kartikeya was back LOL

Speaking of Kartikeya, what was he shooting for - the fair play award?  If Sumali's spy was out to lead the devas astray, Kartikeya should have just let him lure those cheats and continued, finished his race and then gone to rescue them Evil Smile  When he was entrapped in that fireball, I was thinking - shouldn't he get a cold from all the heat-cold variations, and shouldn't his sneezing put out that fireball? LOL

Let's see tomorrow's episode.  By the judgement, Mahadev seems to have decided to award the winner not on basis of the competition at all (unlike in the original story).  It's like awarding an IPL cricket match to whoever did better in the FairPlay awards.  I agree w/ Srushti - Parvati's anger is justified yet again.

I too noticed that they've started using sansar in place of srishti.  From what I understand, sansar also means family, and now that Mahadev's family seems complete, they are using sansar instead of srushti.  Although who knows, they may add Ayappan and Manasa Devi further down the line.  If you want srushti's kalyan to be back as an objective, we need another Coolbie (maybe one who can take Minakshi's extra WU day) named Sansar, so that we can create some more 'balance' in the DkDM universe Evil SmileLOL

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