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:: AarYan Express #17 : Chupke Se ::

VishaD. IF-Addictz

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AarYan Express 
P U N A R   V I V A H   W E E K L Y    N E W S L E T T E R

#17th Edition : Chupke Se


Hi Everyone, its our first edition for the new year, Hope everyone had a splendid New Year Celebration. And i'm sure you guys must have seen that we had some change in the NL team with new members joining us. Thank you to our members who have left the NL team for the contribution done and warm welcome to our new members Smile

  C r e d i t s : 

The weekly newsletter will not be possible without the effort of the following members. So a big round of applause for them Clap

Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week : Visha_Dhami
Awww Moment of the week : Amanda_18
Funny Scene of the week : maha9 (Backup : shubhika124)
Best Dressed Character of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: Amanda_18
Picture of the week : anu93
Shocker of the week : maha9 (Backup : shubhika124)
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : anu_93
Hottie of the week : shubhika124
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Siggy of the week : Visha_Dhami
Avi of the week : Visha_Dhami
Icon of the week : Aanchal
Prediction of the week : Visha_Dhami
VM of the Week : Visha_Dhami
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*
Most Active/Popular Post : shubhika124
Rating of the Week : Visha_Dhami

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And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter Team. Thanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug





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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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31 December 2012

The Scindia's get delighted on learning Aarti's wellbeing. Aarti and Yash indulge in an argument.  She further confesses him the truth of her past.

1 January 2013

Yash thrashes Aarti with his annoyance after learning her confession.  Prashant's mother urges him leave his house on which Prashant express his annoyance and pesters her as Taiji brainwash Prashant that he has all the rights over Ansh and Aarti to which they decide to go to the Scindia house.

2 January 2013

Shobha panics, while trying to prevent Prashant and his aunt from creating a trouble in Aarti's marital life. However, Prashant manhandles her and lock her up. Aarti, on the other hand, decides to confront her truth to the Scindias. However, things turn out differently as Prashant's aunt reveal her truth to the Scindias. Suraj Pratap hence, proclaims Aarti to leave their house.

3 January 2013

Suraj Pratap gets angry on Aarti after learning her past. Satyendra and Shobha apologise Suraj Pratap in Aarti's favour. Yash tries to convince his father supporting Aarti. Suraj Pratap stays stubborn with his argument further bursting upon Yash. Yash assures his support and affection towards Aarti.

4 January 2013

Aarti and Yash relishes their affectionate moment together. Yash clears Ansh's understanding of their relationship with each-other. Suraj Pratap proclaims his anger for Aarti and Yash and hence warns the Scindia's to not maintain their relationship with them. Prashant's aunt provokes him to get back Aarti to their family while, Shobha urges him to not ruin Aarti's relationship.

7 January 2013

Yash's kids urge to meet their grandparents while, Yash clears their understanding and assures Aarti of their wellbeing. Prashant rages in isolation to acquire his relationship with Aarti and Ansh. The Scindia bahus gets stunned on watching Suraj Pratap in the premises while sharing affection with Ansh.

January 2013

Suraj Pratap arrogantly ignores Ansh request to have the jalebis. Yash cherishes Ansh by assuring him to get him hot jalebis. Prashant pops up at the Scindia's residence to meet Ansh but involve in a quarrel with Paridhi. Prashant further enrols in an argument with Aarti after claiming his rights over Ansh. Maya tickles Aarti's disturbance by considering Aarti as the root cause of all the problems caused. Aarti however feels guilty.

9 January 2013

Aarti gets disturbed on facing Maya's arrogance. Aarti holds herself as the cause of all the issues caused. Suraj Pratap notices Aarti's love for Palak and Payal. Ansh, Palak and Payal accidently drop their ball in a bunch of other kids playing around at the mandir. The kids behave harshly on Ansh's request to return him the ball. Prashant provokes Ansh to take an revenge from the other kids. Ansh hence, hurts the kid who behaves arrogantly with him.

10 January 2013

Prashant appreciates Ansh's mistake and argues with the kid's mother. Aarti apologises to the kid's mother and ignores Prashant. The kid's mother forces Aarti to meet Ansh's father. Yash and Ansh further apologises the kid and his mother. Gayatri weeps while reminiscing about Yash, Aarti and their kids. Seeing Gayatri's misery Suraj Pratap adamantly announces Yash and his daughter to rejoin the family except Aarti and Ansh.

11 January 2013

Ansh falls down in his school and calls home to which Papa Scindia answers the call saying there is no one by that name here and hangs the call. The teacher next calls the Dubey's which Prashant answers the call and goes to fetch Ansh. Ansh refuse to follow him and Prashant manage to convince him. Aarti and Yash learns about Ansh missing and finds out that Prashant had fetch him. Yash is angry with Papa Scindia for being heartless and leaves to look for Ansh.

Its certainly when Yash stood up for Aarti when Prashant and Taiji arrived and revealed the truth that Aarti is a divorcee.

As Papa Scindia ask Aarti to leave, Yash stood by her saying that if Aarti had to leave, he would leave together.

If that was not enough, Yash also said that Ansh is his son and no one can take him away from him Clap

Aww, Moment Of This Week was definitely the moment where Yash came in the nick of time, to support Aarti, That was a moment that made some of us very emotional, if was a moment that made us go awww, just to see our Yashu stand up & support Aarti despite knowing what she did was wrong. Making everyone wish we had a husband who can support us like that. Only now we are sure their Love will success.

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Best Dressed Character will go to Yash Scindia for his superb blue kurta pajama in the temple scene.. simple yet brilliant and sparkling...  

Romance is in the air...,as our Yash & Aarti move separately living in the little room.
I think these two have a thing for bathroomLOL, and counting titles..,Well Yashu was in his romantic mode,romancing his Aarti Ji is the bathroom, I wonder if Palak didn't wake up what would have happen. (Pixs below)

Tax is due, and Aarti tax is far overdueLOL, I wonder when will Yashu get his tax. Yash asking for his tax while washing clothes, OMG! Can this guy get more romantic,Embarrassed   
Pic.showing Yashu waiting for his overdue tax from Aarti Ji..LOLEmbarrassed
I wish i was Aarti, romancing Gurmeet onscreen, Talking about a very LONG eyelock, Yashu is his sexy black vest & Aarti is her dark pink sari, and there she slip and her superhero caught her before she reach the floor.Embarrassed(Pictures those breath taking moment in the bathroom).
And the last romantic moment was definitely the one that everyone waited to see, that's the moment Yash Scindia those 3 magical words that he also wanted to say, those 3 words that have so many meaning, that 3 words "I LOVE YOU"
I LOVE YOU, Those were the 3 words Aarti longed to hear from Yash.
Hi Readers,Myself, Amanda(Ammy) plan to do the Romantic Moment of the Week like this in every Edition for the new year, Hope you guys like it..
Pictures are taken from Punar Vivah Picture Gallery #2

Best Performance was Our Gurmeet Choundary & Kratika Senger.

Gurmeet did a wonderful job as Yash this week, the supportive husband & the caring dad. Trying to hide his sorrow & pain just to encourage Aarti & the kids.
Yash supporting Aarti despite knowing she is wrong, but for the fact that he loves her, & understand how much Aarti loves him and trusting her, was something that stand out this week, as Yash took Aarti side and share there punishment equally as husband & wife.
Kratika knows how to juggle emotions very well, She prove that she is one of a kind.
Loved her laughter..
Mr.Scindia is a man of words, and this week his words were very powerful. He felt betrayed by his babu and give her a punishment only to realised he is about to lose his son also.
Mr. Chetan Pandit did an excellent job as Suraj P Scindia, but the secret remains will he stay on his decision and never forgive Aarti.

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 2:40am | IP Logged

Dialogue of the week would surely go to Yash Scindia for his superb dialogue in Thursday's episode where he said, "sher jungli jaanwar hai.. jangalon me rehta hain.. hum insaan hain aur insaaniyat se naata nahi tod sakte." (lion is a wild animal.. live sin jungles.. but we are humans and we cant break ties from humanity)
I certainly feel this is one brilliant dialogue that has a lot of potential to be used in various forms... it can be seen as the high difference between the characteristics of Yash and Prashant.. Yash is strong yet humane and grounded but Prashant thinks of himself as a lion but instead of taking bravery from that animal, he possesses the wild characteristic of it...
Also, this dialogue can be used in future reference when the 3rd BMT of Prashant comes up...

This week's OMG! Moment was Prashant at his best. Come on!!! He wants to be a father and isn't even fit to be one. What sort of father, will teach his child to take revenge. Like what were they thinking?? What does he think of himself he can walk out of Aarti & Ansh's life anything & then walk in back, and except everything to be alright. He needs some like Maya Bua to deal with him.

ArYa's Washroom romance was the BestEmbarrassed

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 2:40am | IP Logged


Undoubtedly Prashant. Prashant is unsuccessful in creating rift between Yash and Aarti so now his target innocent Ansh!
So I would say Prashant is most irritating Angry

Oops, sorry. No Blooper Wink

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Siggy by: JanakiRaghunath

Siggy by:  anu93

Siggy by:  saher_90



By: -ZsterMG-


By: ..Sadiie..


And here is a gift for you Wink :

And here is your gift Party : 

Once again the title is one by the gorgeous hunk Gurmeet. He looked killer in black vest & super handsome in the kurta...as usual. 

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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By : Leevi05

Vm_Tamil Song_Oru Poiyavaadu

By : Sadiie

Teri Ore

Direct Link

By : Mr.Zk

Rab Ne Banadi Jodi


By : abhiya_Crazyluv

Chaha Hai Tujhko


By : maha9

Tumse Hi


By : RG0209

Kiss Me Baby

By : gurmeet-fan

Aarya on Google Google

And here is your gift Party:

Addiction-An ARYA By Thesaurus
Yash married Aarti because he loves her...but she made Yash to take revenge from him!!! Find out why Aarti wants to seek revenge from Yash Scindiya!!!Ouch

Prashant and Yash fight By Yaarti
Prashant gets what he truly deserves...ClapClapClap

AaryaFF:Part7: Strange Dream By Mallika_ZL_kHan
One night, Aarti had a dream that her boss Yash Scindiya spoke to her. Will her dream come a reality or remain a wish?Wink

Aarya SS - You're impossible! By akui1984
Mr. & Mrs. Yash Scindia have arrange marriage by their parents. When Mrs. Yash Scindia is furious with her husband for not telling her that he is in love with another woman...OuchShocked

SATRANGI By Anushaarja
Two strangers meet at a Mazhar, and their life and dreams are changed forever!!!

She was a lonely damsel in distress who is rescued and loved by her knight in shinning armor. 

AarYa FF: THE SPY WHO LOVED ME  by Supransi
Yash is on the mission to protect or destroy the father of the person of a girl he once loved Aarti Dubey.

And here is your gift Party:

By : MelodiousDreams

And here is your gift Party:

With Prashant now going all out to get Ansh back, we should be seeing Prashant making more plans and finding more ways to trouble Aarti and also get back Ansh for him. As per the precap which we saw Yash hitting Prashant, we could also guess that Prashant might hatch a plan for revenge against Yash. With Papa Scindia refusing to accept Aarti and Ansh as part of his family, does this means Papa Scindia would be joining hands with Prashant?

It would be a 4/5 for sure. Why? Because Taiji and Prashant's plan has failed and this have in fact paved a way for Yash and Aarti's love to become stronger as Yash accepts Aarti and they both are very much in love with each another. Despite having to move out from their room, we saw how Yash, Aarti and the kids were bonding so well together. Let it be the statue moment or games, jelebi, they were certainly a beautiful family. And not to forget, we also had some Aarya moments which was well executed and gosh, Yash seems to be getting naughty and romantic these days. Wink

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 2:47am | IP Logged
Hi everyone, so we meet again and this is our first NL for 2013.
Hope everyone had a great start of the year.
I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, Happy Lohri, Happy Makar Sankranti and Happy Ponggal.
If you realized, a few categories are yet to be filled, we would surely fill it later. So do read the NL in the meantime and leave your feedbacks Smile

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