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'WHISPERING HEARTS "..... Chap - 6 ; Coming soon !! Surely :)

patakaguddi Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Friens, i m planning to write a SS again. i really wish, you all would support nd like my  work the way u did earlier. OK, so the title of my new SS is   "WHISPERING  HEARTS" HeartHeart


" Haye mere Rabba... ye kya faltu ka syaapa ho raha hai..." . Why,,,why,,,, why,,,,why does it always happens to me, everytime ?? This girl is never around tht moment whn she is needed the most. Oh God, Where would i found her now... What shall i do. " A young girl of about 21 years, muttered to herself angrily while frantically  searching for someone.

"Where the hell are you,,,,yaar,,,. AGGH,,,,,this stupid phone battery had to get dead now only,,,, DAMN IT... "  she stomped her foot on the floor getting paranoid.... "Before something terrible happens, I need to rush and find her at earliest"

Saying tht, she took quick steps to go to recreational room. While proceeding in tht direction, she caught a glimpse of someone at the cafeteria. Breathing a heavy sigh of relief nd wiping the unbound sweat off of her forehead, she quickly moved towards tht person taking giant steps in tht direction.

" Where the hell have you been yaar ?... Do you have any idea, how absurdly i was searching for you everywhere for the past 20 minutes..."....She screamed angrily breathing at an erotic pace..."Are you even aware of what is goin on ? What the hell is happening around you,,,, what ruckus has been created,,? ,,,, The  other girl looked at her confoundly nd bemusingly but before she could utter a single word, she was immediately shushed in b/w... " Why the hell this cafeteria, the corridors, are all deserted ? ...where is everyone ? Do you have any slightest idea what is goin on downstairs on the ground...looking into her eyes, she yelled angrily but with a tinge of fear and apprehension.
" Do you know tht UV & SAM 's minor brawl has turned so ugly and violent tht both of thm are hell bent on killing each other.  They are  fighting  ferociously bleeding one another to death. And the reason they both are fighting so deliriously is " YOU." ...yes,,, its true both are fiercly battling with each other, just to prove themselves worthy enough of you nd ur friendship... The girl looked at her aghastly  and astoundedly widening her eyes in shock and disbelief ...

"W,,H,,,A,,,T,,,, ??  UV and SAM ??  NO, not again,,, (She screamed loudly in distress)  Once again, they both are fighting with one another..,,.Lekin, UV  theek toh haina,,,, aur sam...???. Tum  sach bol rahi ho na ??"""  She asked the first girl in extreme tension nd worry nd could manage to mutter only this whn tears rolled down to her cheek tht had already clustered in her eyes.

YES" ... replied the first girl.  "And do you even know, who is the main culprit behind their violent act ? Who has instigated them into a  fight ...( the other girl looked into her eyes questioningly as if she knew what answer the first girl  will give in to her)..."YES ,...Whattever is happening is all happening because of  " HER" ...because of tht witch,,, tht bloody, spoilt, brat nd evil girl,,,,,tht "Manyta"...nly Manyta is responsible for the outbreak of their  fight"...

The other girl looked at her nd yelled ...."What nonsense is this ??? What crap are you speaking about MANYTA ..Atleast think twice before you speak nd accuse someone like tht"... She screeched loudly... 

" I knew it,,,i knew tht you wont beleive me tht easily but atleast have trust  on me, ur best friend yaar,,,, both UV & SAM are hell bent on killing each other cause of  only tht  bitch MANYATA ...tht bloody as... (before she could complete)... 

"MIND YOUR LANGUAGE Dear ",,(the first girl was shushed in b/w by an unknown guest)... "Dont ,,JUst DONT  Degrade MANYTA like tht . If u are her best friend in the same manner i am manytas friend...I wont tolerate any degrading words against hers,,, u understand tht,,,,,,u better understand...NHAI TOH... (both the girls turned around to see tht they were welcomed by a third person,, )

"OH, so its you.huhn,,, expected, bas tumhari he kami thi.,,,,Nahi toh,,,nahi toh kya  Jalaj ?? what will you do ???, manyta ke tarha hamari bhi ladaai karwaoge kya...,,hmmn...(answered the first girl sarcastically nd shoutingly)

"DEKHO  tum aise"...(before jalaj  could speak any further, the first girl questioned her...."thts enough, i dont want to hear anything frm u... Just tell her the truth JALAJ, was it not manyta who had instigated UV & SAM to  fight...wass it not tht  bloody manyta  who was putting the fuel into the fire,,,,,,u only just tell her the truth coz she is nt beleiving me.."...The other girl looked at jalaj for her answers ,but jalaj does not have any answers to her questions nd instead shifted her gaze on the floor...  the other girl understood ..
"AND if you still dont beleive me yaar, thn u can go nd watch by yourself , how tht brat  MANYTA  is taking enjoyment in this serios combat."......(answered the first girl irately looking into her eyes directly)

And, Whitin a span of second all three of  thm zoomed off frm there...

"HMMN,,OK lets do one thing guys,..lets make this bet a bit more enjoyable and interesting... The person who will reach this marked line first will be declared the winner of this BIKE race... alrite.
BUT...LEKIN...PARANTU... there is one  condition in this pact.
the person who loses this race will be declared  the "LOOSER".
So tht person,,,tht looser,,,,,, In front of everyone, In front of  the  whole DAMN college,  will paint his face with black colour, getting down on his knees holding his ears... He will also oplogise to the winner by confessing  out loudly --- I AM A BIG TIME LOOSER , I DONT DESERVE RESPECT---- atleast 10 times sitting in tht same positiuon...
SEE,,,,ITS SO SIMPLE...So,,,whats say guys,,,,wouldnt it be fun,,,huhn"... a girl said acrimoniously but  with a cheerful  yet nasty smile on her face...

Meanwhile, all three  of them have also reached there nd all heard what this girl just said now...

SAM & UV looked at the girl confoundedly. Looking at UV furiously, SAM responded confidently --  "I accept this bet"  nd saying tht he exchanged a look with the girl . Both of thm passed jubiliant nd cheerful smile to each other... Only some seconds had been passed by, whn the girl questioned UV...

" WHOA,,,WHOA,,WHOA,,,,, WHAT happen MR PRINCEY ??? Are u scared or what ?  WELL, we all have heard tht people belonging to your clan nd tribe are often very bold, imprudent, brave nd  courageous but looking at you it seems as if what all we have heard is not at all true...UV was looking at the girl with fire in his eyes... I never knew tht u would be a sissy,..who will take hell lotta time to accept just a simple bet...SHAYH !!,,.(after few seconds)...  GUys, I think we are just  wasting our time on  this cowardice...who surely does not have enough potency nd guts to accept this minor challenge,...MR princey u are just good for nothing,,,, friens, i think tht indirectly he has also accepted tht he is a big time failure...???  .... The girl looked at UV with rage in her eyes nd thn  passed him an evil nd conniving smile. 

Saying tht, she started going out frm tht place...Some of the students tht were gathered around them had started making fun of UV by laughing at him... But neither did he move an inch frm his place nor did he budge. The girl had taken just  a few steps backwards but she was immediately taken aback whn two strong masculine arms pulled her in his embrace strenuously...She was shocked to see it was UV who had pulled her into him forcibly...HE stared at her in extreme abhorrence nd disgust nd  thn roared loudly,,,,,loud  enough to make everyone hear...

" I accept ur each and every  condition...MISS HUNTERWALI  BUT  in tht case I have a condition too."... UV said with venomous look on his face while mininmising the  remaining  distance b.w thm nd thn before saying anything further UV looked at  "ONE"   of the girls who all had joined thm later nd thn after a brief  eye lock of some seconds, he shifted his gaze once again  towards the girl who was now satnding in front of him....

"IF I won this race thn  I,,,,,,, thats YUVRAAJ UDAYVEER SINGH of JAIGARH  will kiss you...  MISS MANYATA  SINGH  in  presence of everyone, in front of the whole damn college,"...

Hearing what he asked for , MANYTA as well as each nd every person present there looked at him shockingly  with their eyes nd mouth wide opened... 
Seeing her body getting numbed, Uday looked at her venomously nd thn as usual passed her his signature smirk...
Pulling  MANYTA  more close  towards himself, he growled  loudly with utmost disgust nd aversion...
"JUST BE READY TO KISS ME MISS HAAN NAHI TOH......:nd thn he winked at her nd once again passed her his evil smirk...

So tht was the prologue of WHISPERING HEARTS"...Hope u liked it !!  please do ignore spelling/ gramatical mistakes ...thanks !!


#   Character sketch is down below this post.

#  Anyone who wants to receive an update PM,  plz press Like and send me buddy request  !     


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Chapter 1 -  Page 17

Chapter 2 - Page 28

Chapter 3 - Page 35

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patakaguddi Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Character Sketches

# SAMRAT OBEROI   or  (Sam , Sammy)

# MANYATA SINGH   or  (Mannie)



Shritama Mukherjee

Rishika Mihani

Other main characters

# VIJAYENDRA SINGH  or  ('Vijay)
Mark Farokh Parakh

Ankita Bhargava

# PRANJAL or  'PJ'
Abhishek Sharma

Vishakha Dugarh

Aditti Chopra

Kunal Bakshi

Other Major Characters


Amit Behl

Shahbaz Khan

Anita Kulkarni

Rajesh Jais

Anupam Bhattacharya
Papiya Dey

Shahab Khan

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IcyToasters IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
OMG yeppi yeppi just post it niri.Now I cant wait rey...

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vampire12345678 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Awesome I am so so happy
Aww u are most welcome and GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE
So saloni is this the same story u had told me ONCE??
I hope it is I LOVE that's plot
Best of luck for ur this STORY


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MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Iam very very very interested...
i love your writing n trust me your ff was one of
my favourite iam glad you are starting another ss n da title is mind blowing totally bindaaas:P

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chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
hey nira Hug, I'm on for reading anything from you Tongue.Like the final ending climax of PKHTNIK which I so whole heartedly disapprove of, but still I read it till the very end, till the last word, only for your amazing writing  and breath taking storyEmbarrassed

I'm glad to know u have an idea in mind and want to pen it down, I'm ready for a new Manveer journey Tongue

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Archi02 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Niri you're a amezing writer and I know your ss will be a fabolus one. So please update soon. I'm waiting.

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Priya46 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 5:20pm | IP Logged
can't u continue pyaar kia...Love that ss

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