Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Daily Discussion Thread : 12th Jan Finale

Autumn. IF-Sizzlerz

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Star Finale Star
Hello Everyone :)
Thumbs Up

DDT: This DDT is for daily episode discussion wherein everyone who is watching the show can post the happenings, incidents etc from the day's show and then discussions ensue on these happenings.
Updates: Our coolbie gypsy2525 will give us regular update and gypsy2525will be updating. Smile  

It is a request to all members not to post before gypsy2525 reserves her post for update and also not before the episode begins.

 All such posts will be deleted. Every day episode starts @ 9 pm I.S.T.

A humble request to all members not to chit chat in this DDT thread as many members like to read about members views on the episode and sometime they find it hard reading about it if there is lot of general chit chat across the pages. Hope you all understand.

About the show: The recordings of a couple of days are edited and encapsulated into an entertainment package. Hence what we get to see may be discontinuous and incomplete truth.

Every day the DDT will be posted before the episode begins by BB6 DT. Have patience, if and when it is late by few mins. Embarrassed

IF COC and BB6 Section Rules are applicable for all DDT posts.
Please go through them.

Remember : "The only way to win an argument is to avoid it."

Suggestions are welcome.
THANK YOU Big smile
Enjoy & Have Fun!!!
BB6 Development Team.

Finale Update: gypsy2525Naiina will be updating today. As there was some confusion about availability of regular updater but now both are there so both updates below :)

Please let her reserve the Update post and kindly do not post till the episode starts. Thank You Smile

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.MissAmerica. IF-Dazzler

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Bigg Boss Season 6

Bigg Boss recalling this season's history and important aspects of this season..
Salman enters dancing on a remix song of BB6 TRACK +dialogues of his films. .
Salman greets everyone and says we had a grand opening and today is grand finale.He calls names of all 4 remaining contestants.
Salman projected to BB House..
He praises Niketan and Sana for looking good today.Salman asks who will win today?I know answer of Imam..Imam says Inshallah..LOL
Sana says one from Niketan and Urvashi
Niketan says either its me or Sana/Urvashi..
Salman says the person who got least votes will get out first.

*Salman back to stage*
He welcomes Prabhudeva and Remo from ABCD.They are performing on some songs.
after their performance,Salman joking that you two finished my dancing career.LOL
He tells ABCD is first 3D Dance film..
He asks Prabhudeva to dance some steps as he's their guru..Salman and Remo sitting with folded hands..
Talking about ABCD promotion..
Biddig bye to ABCD team,Salman says our members are trend-setters and showing clips of Imam's harkatein,Dillu-Pillu stuff,Sapna's ullu banaya,and some popular one-liners ny contestants..
Salman says today we need more power for women and showcasing this,we welcome Sampat Pal with some other actors.
Pooja Gaur,Rati Pandey,Rashmi Desai,Asha Negi, dances on Durga Maa sanskrit shlokas..Sampat Pal enters.
Salman asks her to tell one name..Sampat refuses..on forcing a little,she says Imam knows how to play game so maybe he can win.
Salman says they completed Vishal's hasrat which he told before leaving but he got a company too..
Vishal and Karishma dancing on Ishq wala love in garden area.
Salman welcomes both of them..Salman asks today's date from Vishal..Vishal says 12.Salman says u promised something for today..Vishal says About dating??I felt attracted towards her inside the house,she's really sweet girl..I would love to be her friend instead.
Salman asks about winner-
Salman says its time to get one out.
Yana dancing on garden area with cage on Aaja zara kareeb se
Salman says dekhte hain Yana cage me kisko baahar laayi..Niketan enters..
Salman asks to ex-housemates.Mink and Kari shocked and said they thought he must be winner.Vishal says Nik won lot of hearts.Heart
Nik recalls earlier moments in house.He says Salman speech for him during Rajneeti task made him feel honored.Asking about winner,he says anyone but not Imam because Imam don't deserve to win..

Some Comedy show promotion..Tusshar Kapoor and Neha Dhupia promoting their show.
*quite boring promotion*
Salman comes and greets them.They approached Salman for hero's roleLOLSalman refused..
Finally Nautanki Circus team left..
Salman again projected to house--
Salman asks who didn't expected Nik to be out?Imam says Nobody.Urvi says he was my closest buddy in the show..Salman tells about some awards-
Phuski bomb award-Nominations
Niruha (Imam ko dhamki)
Rajev (Urvashi and Imam fighting)

Popat Award-Nominations
Rajev(singing poem for Sana,Sana not interested)
Aashka(not recognizing her mom's voice)

Imam for behavior in padosi house
Sapna for changing behavior for Siddhu

Doordarshan Award

Rubber award
Delnaaz for constantly 14 saal speech.

Salman says we want to show something jisse dekhkar aapki aankhe phati reh jaengi.
Niruha on bike+stylish dressing dancing on Aadat se majboor.Sapna comes in green-yellow ghagra and juda wig dancing on O Womaniya.
Salman calls Sapna.Sapna says am nazuk today.LOL
Salman asks Niruha about about Imam.He replies I don't think Imam will win because he's just entertaining.Sapna tells she wants Imam to win.
Salman says here's some surprise for u.Imran Hashmi enters to promote his movie Daayan.Salman asks film me aapke saath 3 ladkiya hain aapne kisi ko chora?Imran says no.LOLSalman asks about Imran's wife reaction on seeing her kissing.He replies the bhayaanak roop of daayanLOLImran tells her fav-Urvashi.
Kapil enters..after some jokes, Salman comes..
Imam mispronounce Kapil's  name..Kapil says what if I pronounce ur name as Humam??he jokes about Imam's behavior of keeping bathroom clean.
He tells Urvashi that if she didn't have adult children,he would've proposed her..
He then again asks for emptying BB house which was taken in rent from him
Salman calls Sana and declares Imam and Urvashi as top-two finalists.
He welcomes Sana.
Salman jokes about mirrors and asks hows she feeling now?Sana says she's happy.She calls Aashka,Delu and Rajev as her BFF.Salman says lets see a guy wins or a girl.
Some people enters in BB drawing room and dancing.Imam and Urvashi also dancing with them on Dhinka-Chika.
Salman also enters and dances on Pandey ji seeti.Salman takes both of them on stage.
Salman asks other contestants who should win-
Imam's sister-As audience, sister Imam..
Urvashi's mom-Urvashi
After lot of Imam-Urvashi,Salman declares URVASHI as WINNER of BB6.Party
Salman bids goodbye promising to meet in BB7Clap

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MsAnu Goldie

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Grand Finale Clap ...Smile  

Will Miss Bigg Boss Confused...Cry

Bigg Boss Season 6 
12th January 2013
Written Updates

A small precap is shown of the overall season where all the good and bad memories of the season is shown. 
Salman Khan dances on a remix with many songs and Bigg Boss's title track in the main stream.

Salman greets everyone. He Introduces the final four contestants of Bigg Boss.
He says lets not do atyachaar and lets meet these chaar.
All the 4 contestants are sitting dressed up in formal outfits EmbarrassedSalman says..Imam Mashallah acche dikh rahe. Imam compliments salman back. Niketan Mad Hawk aaj lag rahe ho ekdum super model.ClapHe tells Sana ek smile please. Smile
Everyone is asked who do they think will win the show .
Imam : MashaAllah I'll win.
Sana : Urvashi and Niketan.
Niketan : Urvashi, Sana ya mere mein se koi jeetega.Big smile
Salman says Number 4 in voting in gets out. Asks everyone to be prepared.
He says today is ABCD Aaj Bigg Boss Climax Din. LOLSalman Khan introduces the cast of Any Body Can Dance. that is Prabhu Deva and Remo D'suza. Prabhu Deva dances on Ratti Patti of their upcoming movie ABCD. Remo joins in and gives some mean moves. Wink
Salman Khan joins them and the crowds go wild . Big smile
Prabhudeva leans into Salman's mike and says watch ABCD its a dance movie Salman jokes and says fr a moment he thought prabhudeva was saying this is a XXX movie. Big smileRemo says its a first 3D dance film .
Salman asks prabhu to make him and remo teach a step.. Prabhu does a step of Mukkala Muqabla. Salman does a moonwalk.. and Remo and Salman join him . All three have a small conversation in tamil.Embarrassed
Remo says I went to Prabhu saying aap act karoge and he agreed
Prabhu is asked to translate what he spoke in hindi . Prabhu says..Remo ki liye sweekar kiya. Remo finally says its a  3D film hai. 
Prabhu says Samajh sakta hu bola nahi sakta in hindi. 
Salman says every of BB contestant's habit is a trend now..  A video is shown with most funny dialogues of the season.

Salman says ki in chaaron mein sey bahar aanewala hai ekdum alag che tareeke sey..Embarrassed
Everyone gathers in the garden area. Yana gupta enters dancing in a golden cage to  Aa zara . She dances and takes all the members towards the cage . And the cage goes up . Confused

Salman says Yana ke pinjare mein 4th contestant  qaid hue hain... and  Niketan comes out..Cry He's evicted.
Niketan says Kamal hogaya pandeyji Yana ke saath pinjare mein tha aur ab yahan. Big smile Mink is asked why she looked shocked. She says she thought Niketan would win and karishma seconds it too .Embarrassed
Niketan says after Nirahua's eviction I decided that I won't be affected. Nik's mom says bohot acha ladka hai.
Salman asks Nik who he thinks will win now . Nik says Imam ko chor ke anyone could win as he does not deserves to win.! Salman introduces color's new show.. Neha Dhupia and Tushar Kapur come on to the stag and introduce their new show 
 Nautanki ke comedy theater.. Salman enters the stage..  Sab kehte hai Show chalane ke liye keval 3 cheezein chahiye Salman Khan,Salman Khan,Salman Khan..
Salman says Niketan Bahar nikal gaya.. kaun kaun sad. Everyone raises their hands up. 
Salman says BB has announced some awards. 
Phuski Bomb Award : Nominees : Nirahua & Rajeev.. Winner : Paulpachino Rajeev.
Popat Award : Nominees : Rajeev & Aashka.. Winner : Madam Aashka.
Short Circuit Award : Nominees : Imam & Sapna.. Winner : Imam
Doordarshan Award : Nominees : Niketan & Delnaaz.. Winner : Delnaaz.
Rubber Award : Nominees : Delnaaz & Delnaaz only.. Winner : Delnaaz..

Only thre contestant are left.. Urvashi Sana and Imam.Smile
Nirahua enters the stage on a bike.. and dances on Aadat se Majboor. Sapna enters in a punjabi dress starts saying  Ullu Banaya . She dances on Womaniya.. LOLNirahua joins her and creates a mast mood..
Sapna says aaj mein Nazuk hu.. Salman asks Dinesh bhaiya aapke dost Imam finalist hain.. Nirahua says Jeetenge nahi.. as India unko entertainment ke liye rakhenge but jeetanyenge nahi.WinkSalman asks him agar jeet gaye imam toh aapka bharosa hidusta par se utth jaayega ?/ Niruha replies.. Agar jeet gaya tou mera apne sey bharosa uth jayega.LOL
A magician comes on the stage.. and Imran Khan enters the stage to promote Ek thi Dayan.. Salman says Humare ghar mein bhi 
Imran says iss film ke saath century complete hogayi hai.. Salman says jab aapki wife aapki movies dekhti hain tou kya hoga.. Imran says Dayan ka bhayank rup joh hota hai wohi ho jaata hai..
Kapil enters the stage in a police costume.. BB asks him aap kaun hain.. Kapil replies ghar jab khaali hojayega .. He pulls all the contestants legs . He says rajeev ke gaal pe dimples tab aaya hga jab delnaz ne usse munnh se pakadtey hue uthaya hoga LOL
Salman enters the stage  and  Kapil continues to perform his comedy . 
Kapil asks Imam ek baat batao bathroom ki safai mein kya problem hai kaunsa Kadhai Paneer banana hai..  Big smileasks Urvashi that agar aapke bacche itne bade nahi hote tou aapko propose karta.. chalo koi nahi. aap mereko godd le lo as son .LOL
Salman says ab woh insaan joh voting se bahar hogaya.. is Sana He asks her  which three friends from the house will be permanent She  says Rajeev, Delu and Aashu.. LOL
Salman says kaun jeetega.. Marad ki Aurat.. Salman says voting is done and who'll win .. Salman shouts Imam... mein aapko aake bataunga..and adds yakeen maano ki I don't even know who is the winner. and mereko task karna hai to bring them out.. A dance party enters the houses dancing on Dhinka Chika .. 
Salman enters on the tone of Pandey Bajaye Seeti.. Urvashi Dances on the song with full masti..  and everyone exit the house for the last time.
A band patry welcomes the finalists and Salman Khan.. Pandeyji song is still played.. 
old members are asked who'll win.
Sapna : I love madness so.. Imam
Rajeev : Urvashi as she's my small sister. and Imam ki harkatein is not gud..Dead
Imam's Sis : As a audience urvashi, as a sister Imam Clap imam screams love you for that Star
Urvashi's Mom : Urvashi aage aaye as she's done a lot..Star
Salman shouts Imam ( imam reacts like he won ) then shouts urvashi's name. ( Imam says congratulations  ) again popat hogaya...
Salman holds both their hands and announces.. Imam.. itna kas ke haath mat pakdo.. LOLHe finally Announces ---- Urvashi Is the winner..! Urvashi's son hugs her and she cries.. She  receives 50 lakhs and a BB trophy from Salman Khan. Clap

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Guys I think am updating today's episode..Ermm

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keerthibAngel xmythical0o0o0o0o0onishu786sonia_koolkhan.Senorita.

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Originally posted by -Naiina-

Guys I think am updating today's episode..Ermm

ya do that...

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Sharif.Badmaash IF-Stunnerz

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BB showing old video clips of house.
SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Last episode discussion Cry

Gone miss all badly, Nishu, soul twin, don't dare to stop writting to me, warna I complain to ur wife LOL

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BullsEye777 IF-Sizzlerz

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Gypsy, last BB update of the season.. Thank you very much for your hardwork!!!

Today's will be a dhamaakedaar episode..  Have to wait for Youtube uploadsCry

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