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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
Hey princess 

I dont if im the first to wish u or not 

But wish a MANY MANY Happy Returns Of The Day 

My wishes and gift at the bottom so check it 

Love u 

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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:50pm | IP Logged

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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Now Gift Time

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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 August 2011
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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
My gift

After taani - rey confessed to each other. They decided to tell swayam about their relationship. On other side swayam thinking of something deeply. He didn't knew when taani & rey entered his room. 
Taa: bhai
Sw: taani rey tum dono kab ayeh 
Re: jab tum lost the tab
Taa: bhai hume aapko kuch bata na hai
Sw: kya taani
Re; taa: hum dono relationship mai hai
Sw: what i mean kab kese.
Re: dude abhi thodi der pehle 
Sw: oh so ab at least tum dono fight toh nahi karoge 
Taa: bhai aap khush toh hai na
Sw: ha taani tum esa kyun lag rahaki mai khush nahi hu
Sw: anyways congrats hugs them both
Ta: thank u bhai
Sw: raat bohat ho chuki so jake so jao.
Re: bye dude kal milte hai bye taani
Ta; sw: bye rey leaves
Taa: good nite bhai
Sw: gud nite taani
After everyone got to know their relationship 
A year later.

In the morning louians leave for Delhi as Rey sister engagement was going take place after a week. She asked rey & his friends too come a week early.
They reach Delhi in the evening. 
Rey's sister: rey finally tum log a gaye 
Re: riddhima di kese ho aap
Rid: im fine ab chalo andar tum thak gaye ho gaye 
All went in.
Ridd: armaan (armaan was talking to someone on the phone just got done when riddhima called him)
Armaan turns louians shocked except taani (sharon is there in my os. Sharon played by S.K im sure everyone knows whom i talking about) 
Louians: karan sir 
Ridd: rey karan nahi armaan 
Ar: hi guys 
Louians: hi 
Gi: ridz how many more do i have to try
All turned & looked at girl all were shocked.
Rid: kriya stopp wincing abt it
Yup the girl was kriya. She has completely changed has long hair till her waist her color is this
She was wear lengha. She saw louians but ignored them.
Kr: but it's heavy & this is the last one im trying
Ar: kiddo u look amazing in it
Kr: ammy explain that to ur would wife that anyways i go change quickly as im starving after trying this count less no. Of dresses.
Kriya left for her room than a guy came down stairs.
Ar: kya hua arjun (arjun is kriya's real brother; armaan is her chachu son older than both kriya & arjun)
Arj: bhai kya unnati aur sab a gaye kya.
Unnati's name pricked someones heart. (Im sure u guys guessed who it is)
G: di mujhe bhook lagi hai 
Ridd: arohi bas do min. Kriya changed karke a jayeh fir khalege ok
Aro: ok
Kriya came down in a tank-top & shorts with ankle socks
All went to the dinner table taani was about to sit in kriya seat 
Arj: sorry miss ...
Taa: taani
Arj: sorry taani but wo meri behan ki seat hai 
Taa: oh sorry mujhe nahi pata tha 
Arj: its ok
Kriya sat next to arjun. 
Kr: muma bhook lagi hai 
K' mom: la rahi baba 
The servants, kriya's mom (priya singh) & her chachi (anjali) brought the food 
Pr: tumhara dad abhi tak nahi aye
Kr: i dont know muma
Ad: kya nahi pata bacha (aditiya singh kriya's dad & rajveer armaan's dad)
Kr: dad mum was asking if came from office or no.
Ad: hmm
An: yeh lo tum dono ka fav. Pasta
Ar; kr: thank u chachi; mom
Arjun took noodles in the fork forward it to kriya. Kriya ate it. Louians were looking at them. All finished their dinner. Youngsters sat in lawn were talking except kriya & arjun as they both messing with eachother. 
Ri: kriya 
Kr: what 
Ri: yaar gussa kyun ho rai hai
Kr: nothing 

Keep thinking 
Sorry for errors 
Love u
Once again Happy Birthday 

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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:51pm | IP Logged
Ri: yaar gussa kyun ho rai hai
Kr: nothing. Sneeze
Arj& a voice: bless u
Kr: thank u
Arj: shonu u ok
Kr: ya
Kriya was sitting next to arjun. A bit away from others
The guy came & sat next to the 2
Kr: uday where were u
Ud: sorry princess
G: hey kittu. The girl came sat next arjun on the other side
Kr: unnzie u both know u r late
Arj: unnu i need show u something
Arjun took unnati with him. Arohi was really jealous of this 2
So was rey seeing kriya really close to uday.
Arohi, riddhima, & armaan left as they were called by the elders
Swayam was first one to speak up.
Sw: kriya
Kr: yes Mr...
Si: naam tak bhool gayi apne best friend ka
Kr: huh look miss. Whoever u guys r i dont know u guys. & my bestie is uday not him she pointing at swayam.
Re: i dont believe this. That u can drop to this low level.
Kr: look mr i have already said it i dont know u guys if i would have known u people uday would have known u too.
Ud: clam down princess don't take stress its not good for u.
Arjun & unnati entered by that time.
Arj: kya hua shonu
Kr: bro. They r saying i know them but i don't remember them.
Ud: shhh. He hugged to clam her by rubbing her back.
Kriya was quite. Arjun unnati left as they both knew kriya would only be clam with him. Louians also left as they had seen enough
Uday pulled her back after a while only too realize that she sleeping. He picked her up took her in directly to her room.

Next morning was long day for all as they started the preparations for the engagement. Kriya was mostly with her trio (arjun, unnati, uday).
Days passed on
Day of engagement. Everyone in the morning running here & there.
Kriya came down the stairs in a sleepy mood. Kriya looked around the full house it was changed it was decorated with different kind of flowers.
Louians looked at her. Someone kept a tooth brush in front of her. She Looked at the person. It was arjun.
Kr: bro. Why is the house so changed
Arj: shonu today is bhai's engagement remember.
Kr: ya i know but why is everyone so dress up from i thought the engagement was at night
Unn: ya the engagement is at night but the pooja is in an 1 hr.
Kr: u r helping me getting ready.
Ri: & u r getting me ready after u get urslef ready.
It was hurting rey to see her with someone. He had realized that he love kriya no else can take her place in his heart. Taani was just an attraction nothing else(idiot). Other side taani was really angry.
In this one week louians tried to tlak to kriya but she wouldn't respond to any of them not even rey or swayam

Everyone was ready for the pooja. Kriya & uday were asked to do the pooja as they were not married or engaged. Arjun was engaged to arohi. So they couldn't do the pooja. Kriya was wearing a plain sleeveless white anarkali. With sky blue duppta. Uday was wearing with kurta.
Rey was wearing same clothes as their performance in viren jeeevika's sangeet. From girl's side rey & sharon did the pooja. (im just making up things i dont know if it is real or not)
After the pooja
Swayam was sitting with his legs in the pool. Thinking how his life has changed.
1st kriya left collage
2nd taani entering collage
3rd sharon accepting her love
4th taani's love for rey
5th taani & rey relation
And last kriya acting as if she doesn't know them.

Sorry for errors
Last part will be updated soon

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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
Res for mishu

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KUSHA14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 6:51pm | IP Logged

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bluelashes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
hi my little sissy b'day today to first of  all happy b'day sissy nd second thing is that today lohri also  so HAPPY LOHRI all of u mujey nahi pta ki app log celebrate kartey ho ja nahi but its punjabi festival so jha to bohat bari celebration hoti hey like today ghar pey party hey wow ok meri bak bak khatam lets start...Wink

HeartPrecious Angel Mi AmorHeart

morning 7 am a beautiful hous pic dey deti hoo jada detail naho deya sakti ...ROFL
front side of house

back side of house

lady to his husband : where is she wha canada main b us ka jahi haal tha kya hoga is larki ka apney bgaar rakha us ko ...
man : oh come on jahi to uamar hey uski masti karney ki karney do na angly ...
angly : bachi hey tabhi kal raat ko bol k gyi thi ki main jaldi a jaugi or see mornind k 7 am ho gye madam abhi tak ghar nahi ayi ...u know what manish tumney bigaark rkha hey usey ...
manish : oh come on angly what big deal 7 hi bjey hey bachi hey or uskey saath uskey dono friend b to hey na ...or vesey b varunika bohat samazdaar hey ...
angly : i know i know kitni samazdaar hey dekho main bohat pyaar karti ho tum dono sey main kisi ko khona nahi chahti or wo jab dekho party party karti rehti hey ...
manish : chill ati hi hogi ..main call karta hoo ...
angly : better u call her kyu ki agar yaad ho to its first day of her college ...
manish : ha baba m calling wait
*beep beep* no one pic call again its *beep beep*
a girl pick call whil holding her hear ...
varunika : auchh its hurting hello ...
manish : beta 7 baj gye ghar a jao abhi app apki mom bohat gussa hey ...
varunika : main ghar pey nahi pohnci then she look roung she sleeping in car ...sorry dad thori jada ho gyi party mey to main car mey hi so gyi ...
manish : beta control on ur habit i love u iska malab nahi ki main kuj nahi boluga ...
varunika : sorry dad ...
manish : jaldi a jao nd wo dono kha hey ...
varunika : look at back seat wo b so rhey hey ...
manish : perfect ab jaldhi ghar a jao ...
varunika : yes coming dad ...
8 am ...
angly : abhi tak ayi kyu nahi call her na ...
manish : she is coming ...
same time she enter in house ..
maish : lo a gyi
varunika : gud morning buddy nd my sweet mom ...
angly whiil holding her ear ..: a gyi mharani ... kya kha tha ki main a jaugi jaldi or morning k 8 baj rhey hey apki jaldi bari jaldi ho gyi ...
varunika : aush mom leave its hurt m asorry wo kya hey na wo party mey ...batey kartey karety pta nahi chla ki late ho gya ...
angly : sirf late app poori raat ghar nahi ayi ..or today ur first day in college or first day hi late jana hey ...
varunika : o sh** cholly leave my ear warna ready kesey hougi ...
angly : ek sharat pey ki agey sey late nahi augi warna party band kar doo gi tumhari ...
varunika look at her dad for some help ...
manish : angly leave na or late o jayegi college k liye ...
vrunika : ha mom please buddy sahi bol rhey hey please ...
angly : fine get ready fast ... main lemon water bhejti hoo or ha apni j drink karney ki adat chod do ...
varunika : mom please nd she leave ...
angley to manish : dekha kitna bogaar diya usey ...
manish just pass a smile
angly : kya hoga in dona ka or un dono ko b aney do ...dekhti hoo main b ...
other hand varunika as soon as enter inher room she switch music player loudly ...(song just can't get enough ..)..
angly : hey bagwan j larki b na ...
other hand kriya in her room dancing nd jumping on her bed
varunika's bed room

nd while dancing she look at watch ..
varunika : o freak m late run baby run (main always ea karti hoo first bed pey chark dance karti rehti hoo or last moment pey jab thora rey jata hey to bhagna shuru hahaROFL)...
varunika geting ready at last at 9am she came down ...nd run toward min door
angly : beta break fast to kar loo ...
varunika : college mey kar loo gi m late mom ...
angley : lamon water to pee loo ...
varunika ; mom time nahi hey app tension mat loo by love u by buddy love u ...
both : love u to sweetie ...
angly : i hope ki uska din acha ho college mey ..
manish : tum jroorat sey jada tension leti hoo she is so sweet sure acha hoga uska din ...
nd both smile
at last varunika reach at ST louis
she parked her car open her arms in open air ...
varunika : i love this new place ...but where is nish nd ammy ...
here both runing toward her
ammy : hey varunika we r waiting for u from last 30 min or tum ab a rhi hoo
vrunika ; u know me guys ...
nish : u looking superb ha ..
varunika : nd u also looking gus
varunika ki dress (same style looking in pic )

nish (same girl ..)

ammy (same girl ...)

varunika : girls complimans dena ho gya ho to chaley class ka time ho gya hey we r late yaar nd mom ko pta cchla na ki maney first day hi bunk mara to we three gonna b dead ...
ammy : ha yaar mujey to aunty k smney janey sey b dar lag rha hey ...
nish : right ...
varunika : chill u know mom shaam tak bhool jayegi vesey kal wali break up party superb thi ha ...
ammy : ha or is nish ney to apni breal up party kar li now meri baari hey ...
trio laugh nd procced toward college enterence ...
boys nd girls looking at them ...
every one talking about them ...other hand trio bussy in chating nd pulling legs ...
varunika ; guys look at watch we r late lecture start ho gya ...
nish : ha but class nahi pta kha hey ..
girls finding there class after 15 min they found there class ...
trio together : mey i come in sir ...
prof. look at them nd whole class also ...
prof. : u r late ...
varunika : sorry sir wo class nahi mil rhi thi
while this 10 people speek together in shock : KRIYA !!!!(ha i know i know kab sey tum log scoh rhey they ki j varunika kon hey hahaha kashu merey bacha ney b poosha tha who is varunika ...)
trion loo at then in WHAT wali look ..
prof : what's going on ...
nish : how we know sir in logo sey poosho app ...
prof : just shut ur mouth all u three come in next time b on time
trio just noded nd enter in class
prof : ok wel come this three new student ...varunika , nish nd ammy ...
trio : hi guys ...
swayam : kriya varunika ...ho kya rha hey ...
neha : kya hoyinf here confusion j to kriya hey na
rey still in shock ...
tanni like : kriya main rou Cry ja hasuROFL apni kismat pey

other side trio chating on there BBM ..nd prof think ki wo focus doing in class but other side 12 people keep talking
prof : see wo teeno kesey focus kar rhi hey class mey or app log boley ja rhey ho ... mujey j assignment kal tak chahiye better jaldi bna lo ..
whole class : but sir ..
nd he leave

thak gyi next part kal doo gi kyu ki ghar mey party hey to bohat kaam hey ...
love u guys
please like nd comment ...
happy b day my little sissy Smile

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