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The Impenetrable Heart thr3(ArshiFF)THR#4 link146 (Page 74)

soaringskies Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 9:53am | IP Logged
amazing update jenny...!!!Smile

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IPK007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Part 31

Khushi was done taking a shower and now changed in her blouse and petticoat, she stood in front of the mirror blow drying her hair.

"May be I should get it shortened.." she thought.."It's too much trouble.."

Arnav called from outside, "Khushi are you done? I have to shave and can dry your hair outside.."

" minute.." Khushi said before gathering her clothes and hair dryer and stepping outside..

After drying and brushing her hair, Khushi started working on draping the sari around her...something she hadn't done by herself ever before..

Soon Arnav emerged, shaved and showered and was ready in 5 minutes...looking dashing as usual in a black blazer with a white shirt underneath and a black silk tie..

As Khushi made the 10th attempt to get the pleats right, she wrinkled her nose appreciatively smelling Arnav's familiar cologne..

After getting ready, Arnav settled in his recliner and called Aman...

" Just checking if everything's all set for the press conference.."he said

As he sat listening to Aman, he gazed at her wife, struggling to get the sari draped around her properly. She flushed with frustration, moving her hair out of the way, impatiently..

Arnav smiled a little...she looked adorable..when flustered..

"Ok sounds good..just try to be on the same page as the PR people...and keep me posted.."

Putting his cell away, he got up and walked up to Khushi..."Need any help..?

"Khushi shook her head first...then said "Could you hold it like this , while I make the pleats..?, desperately..

"Sure.." Arnav said suavely. As he stood patiently as Khushi finally got her pleats right, he smiled a little..." Love can indeed reduce anyone to anything..."he thought..

As Khushi  smiled with satisfaction and said, " Finally"...Arnav snaked his arm around her silken waist and brought her closer..

"How about a thank you..?he said gazing in her eyes with his caramel ones..

Khushi smiled sweetly and said ,"Thank you"

Pursing his lips, Arnav said, "That's not the kind of thanks I am talking about..."

Smiling shyly, Khushi stood on her tiptoes and putting her hands on his shoulders, touched her lips against his waiting ones..

Giving him a light kiss, she waited, wanting him to take the initiative to deepen their kiss...

When he didn't, she made to withdraw to be stopped by Arnav's hand on the back of his head..

"You know..what I want Khushi.." he said  huskily..

Looking deep in his eyes, Khushi took a deep breath and cupped his face gently with her small hands.

Touching his firm lips again with hers, she slowly parted them and coaxed his lips to part too..

Arnav's pulse raced as he felt the tip of her tongue feeling his lower lip tentatively, and his control slipped..

He kissed her passionately and hungrily, caressing the softness of his bare back and waist with his insistent hand..

Breathing heavily, he raised his head finally and removed her pallu from the shoulder...

As the pallu fell on the floor in a heap, Arnav plunged his head to nuzzle and kiss her neck and chest, exposed liberally by the neckline...his right arm around her waist still..

He felt a surge of excitement as Khushi threw her head back a little to give him more he nipped her lightly in his passion, Khushi winced but didn't push him back...

His eyes intoxicated with his urgent need, Arnav raised his head and said, " Lets forget about the party arm is actually feeling much better today.."

Out of breath, Khushi caressed his cheek lightly, " No that's not right...they will mind...we can't just not show up at the last moment...AND...your arm is not 100% better yet...and I am not going to let you take any risk.."

She smiled naughtily, "So... you are not allowed to prepone your SR..., Mr Raizada, I'm sorry to say..."

In the throes of s**ual frustration, Arnav was not amused, " Ok...then get ready quickly..." he said irritatedly..

He looked so much like a sulky little boy that Khushi couldn't suppress a giggle..causing him to glare at her icily, "It's not funny.." he said..


The dinner party was in the grand Ballroom of The Taj Land's End in Bandra...Khushi had been surprised...she had expected a small dinner party at Nandini's home.

As they walked down a corridor towards the Ballroom, with Khushi holding on to his arm tightly, She looked up at him and asked, "Do I look okay?

"You look more than okay and you know it..." Arnav smiled down at her..

Indeed, Arnav had been unable to keep his eyes off her, all the way to Bandra...The 'Ashes of Roses' color suited her...Wearing the lace sari with her new pearl set, gifted by Arnav, she looked dainty and ethereal...She had applied light makeup carefully...and her long, thick hair cascaded down her back making her figure look even more petite and delicate..

They were welcomed at the door by the newly weds, Nandini and Ajay..and shown their seats..

The ballroom looked striking in the muted lighting...with opulent chandeliers, gleaming marble floor and beautifully decorated tables.

Each table had a black table cover and an arrangement of purple orchids, submerged in a tall,clear, water filled glass vase ...Accompanying the flower arrangement were scented candles burning in hurricane lamps..

There were four matching chairs with black covers and purple sashes, with each table..

Khushi felt a twinge of apprehension, not being used to such grandeur...she looked at Arnav as they settled in their chairs..They were seated with Nandini and Ajay, right at the very front..

He looked different and had his 'public' face on...grim and distant...

"Arnav? she said feeling a little scared ..

 Arnav turned his face towards her and smiled...reassuringly...She heaved a sigh of relief...Indeed, his smiles, his tenderness, the softness in his nature seemed to be reserved just for Khushi...He had been unable to get emotionally closer to any other human besides his Khushi...all his life...and now he had even stopped trying...

People thought of him as arrogant, hard hearted, cold, sarcastic and  unfriendly ..and he never made any effort to make them think other wise...Even then, he was always in demand in the social circuit, no doubt due to his money and title...

Nandini, Rukmani's sister's daughter, came up to their table and said to Khushi, " Let me introduce you to our family...almost all of them are here today..."...Nandini did not ask Arnav to come, knowing that invariably, he would refuse...

Khushi however extended a hand to Arnav and said simply, "Come with me..."

And he did, causing Nandini to be pleasantly surprised..

Soon Khushi was being introduced to Rukmani's extended family, who all lived in Mumbai...

They were all pleasantly surprised to see Arnav with her, looking relaxed and actually making an effort to be friendly, being drawn in conversations purposefully by his charming wife..

"Arnav has changed...and for the better...and his very charming wife, though a chit of a girl has him wrapped around her little finger.." all the aunties at the party decided unanimously...

Soon a delectable dinner was served and they were joined  at their table by Nandini and Ajay...Khushi discovered that Ajay, though of royal descent was a doctor too and they were of course, never short of conversation after that..

She liked Nandini too and soon they were all involved in a relaxed, friendly conversation, with Khushi drawing Arnav in from time to time...

Khushi's efforts to turn him into a more social animal were not unnoticed by Arnav and he gazed at her lovingly, whenever he got a chance...

Arnav experienced another 'first' in his life...first time, not getting a headache at a party..

After dinner, there was a small musical program, with a famous playback singer, having being invited for the same.

Arnav wanted to leave and had started taking his leave from his cousin, when Khushi said, " Arnav, I want to stay for the program.."

Nandini looked on amusedly as Arnav sat back in his chair immediately..with an indulgent ok...

As the program started and everyone turned their chairs to face the stage, Arnav brought his chair closer to Khushi...

He caught hold of her hand and rested it on his knee..Looking at her eyes, he asked, " Happy?

Khushi smiled at him and nodded...Arnav smiled back at her...exchanging beautiful, sparkly smiles like only two people deeply in love can ...

Sanjay Sargam, the famous Bollywood playback singer, took the mike..." I would like to begin by congratulating the newly weds, Nandini and Ajay...and as a wedding gift to them, I will try to sing a song for Nandini, specially requested by Ajay.." he said with a pleasant smile...

Ajay looked embarrassed at being put in a spot...but he scribbled something on a piece of paper and had it sent to him...

After he was done singing his request, Nandini walked up to him and whispered something in his ear with a smile...

"Ok...I have just learnt that there is another newly wed here, Mr and Mrs I would like to congratulate them as well and am going to sing a song requested by Mr Raizada too.."

There was a sudden hush in the hall, with every one feeling sorry for Nandini...,who they thought will now have to face the wrath of her cousin..

" Sorry, I don't listen to film songs.." Arnav said impassively to Nandini...

Khushi looked at Arnav..." Arnav...I will feel so bad for Sanjay Sargam, who was so nice to give us his time...just write something...doesn't matter..."

Arnav looked at her thinking, then smiling, scribbled something ...

As they waited for the song to begin, sitting hand in hand, Khushi whispered in his ear, " If it's something inappropriate or embarrassing, our SR will be postponed indefinitely..."

Arnav chuckled as the song began...

Hearing it, Khushi looked at him with an indecipherable expression in her eyes..." You remember..." she said wonderingly...

Arnav looked back at her, " Yes I remember..."

 jitne paas hain khushbu saans ke
jitne paas hothon ke sargam
jaise saath hain karvat yaad ke
jaise saath baahon ke sangam
jitne paas paas khwaabon ke nazar
utni paas tu rehna hamsafar

mere haath mein tera haath ho saari jannatein mere saath ho
tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan
tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa

Flashback...Anand Vilas Palace, 8 years ago...

They walked out to the terrace, hand in hand... It was a full moon night and they could hear the music from the party, come floating up to the terrace..

Walking up to the parapet, they stood, watching the party going on in the distance...and listening to snatches of a song being played..

"Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho... 
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho...
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan, Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa"

Hey friends,

Hope you like this update...

Looking forward to hearing from you..



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aafan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 10:11am | IP Logged
He has changed for better. So sweet!all his smiles and nice gestures are reserved for Khushi only.
I am sure Khushi also can see it.
She is her world.
Cannot wait for a small fight which hopefully will bring them closer forever.

Edited by aafan - 17 January 2013 at 9:19am

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AngelTeen IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Awww! Arnav and Khushi are such an adorable couple and I really like how Arnav is ASR to the world, but Arnav to Khushi at the same time. :)

And Sargam is based on Sonu Nigam na? :)

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akankha Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 10:21am | IP Logged
wow!!! another awsm one!!!!

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Drkk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 10:25am | IP Logged
late 2 comment.
Arnav cant keep hs hands off frm khushi. Dis couple is adorable

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rini_kat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 10:30am | IP Logged
lovely update...

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Aparamegha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 10:35am | IP Logged
another soul warming update..simply loved it...

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