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The Impenetrable Heart thr3(ArshiFF)THR#4 link146 (Page 41)

abika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 4:38am | IP Logged
loved it thanks for pm
con soon

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aafan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Checking for update...

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IPK007 Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 5:01am | IP Logged
they are so adorable...thank god the guests finally got the hintWink

poor Arnie!!! 1 long weekLOL

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Siya6490 Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Finally they are married.. waiiting for the next update

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aziii Newbie

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Waiting for update hun

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rrd29 Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 9:28am | IP Logged
waiting for next update

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IPK007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Chapter 29

After Arnav dozed off quickly under the effect of pain medicine, Khushi snuggled up to him contentedly, her head resting on his shoulder, one arm lying across his chest..

Unable to sleep, her mind went over the excitement of the last few days and she found it hard to believe that she was actually Arnav's wife now...and lying next to him, in his own room...

Lifting her head up, she gazed at him to her heart's content before turning the light off and laying her head down on her pillow...

Feeling a bit cold, she pulled up the blanket from the foot of the bed and covered them both with it..

She had set her cell phone alarm for 6:00 am as usual as she had to be at the hospital, latest by 7...

She woke up feeling horrible, wishing she had never decided to become a she had several times in the past, at times like this...all she wanted to do was to go back to sleep, snuggled up to ...

" Wait...where is Arnav..? She thought noticing the empty spot next to her...

Yawning and rubbing her eyes, she got out of bed to go look for him...

She saw light coming out, from under the door of the room next to their bedroom and she opened the door a little and peeked inside...It was Arnav's den...a pleasant spacious room with floor to ceiling bookshelves on two sides and a glass wall, with a wonderful view on one side...

Arnav was an early riser.. Showered and changed in khakis and black polo shirt, he sat in a leather swivel chair with his laptop open on the glass top desk in front of him..

Bluetooth in place,he was in conversation with the CEO of a Japanese company, through an  interpreter.

"Thanks for being so understanding...but due to my injury and my wedding...I don't think I will be able to reschedule the meeting anytime before a week at least...My manager will get in contact with you soon regarding our open dates.."

Hearing Khushi, he looked up at her with a smile...and before he could say something, Khushi  had slid on his lap sleepily and clutching his shirt front, buried her face against his neck..

His eyes gleamed with suppressed laughter looking at the expressions on the bespectacled interpreter's and Mr Yoshihiro Tsurumi's faces..

Making no attempt to remove Khushi, he listened first to Mr Tsurumi's japanese and finally  it's interpretation...

" Mr Tsurumi would like to extend his congratulations on your wedding and is looking forward to hearing from your manager soon...he is also looking forward to having  a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with you and your company..

" Thanks.." Arnav said..shutting the Laptop...

" Khushi" he said laughing..

" What..?she said raising her tousled head and looking up at him with sleepy eyes..

" I was having a video conference.." he said with an amused, half smile..

As Khushi's eyes widened and her lips formed an ' oh.."..she looked so kissable to Arnav that soon Arnav's lips were on hers...coaxing her lips to part before nibbling and sucking at her full, lower lip...

" Don't you have to get ready? he asked reluctantly, wishing he could take her to the bedroom and...his imagination ran riot, unspeakably at this point...

" Yes.." Khushi groaned..."I wish I had today off...but no...I am on call today and no one is available to switch with me...and it's the first day after my wedding..." Khushi ranted almost in tears..before getting off his lap..

Arnav hugged her comfortingly, getting up too.." Any thing I can do for you to make you feel better..." he said, feeling a twinge of guilt for rushing their wedding like this..

Khushi shook her head and then looking at the clock, rushed to the bathroom..

When she emerged, changed in her scrubs, she was mad with worry as she was horribly late..

Soon Arnav and her were in the elevator going down...with Arnav telling her about certain impending transport and security related changes in her short...a car with a driver and a bodyguard...

"But there is no need..." Khushi had begun to be interrupted by Arnav..

"There me..." he had said.."Especially after the news  of our wedding is released to the press, later today.."


Soon Khushi was settled in the backseat of her car, with her bodyguard sitting impassively in the front passenger seat...

"Beginning of my new life.." Khushi mused, feeling...awkward...


Arnav had never been so bored in his life...with Aman managing everything efficiently at the work front and Khushi gone to the hospital, he didn't know what to do with his time..

 Ramesh served him breakfast, and overwhelmed with curiosity about the whereabouts of bhabiji, he summoned courage to ask , " Should I get breakfast for bhabiji too"

" Bhabiji is in hospital.."Arnav said absentmindedly ...and then noticing Ramesh's  expression...added..."She is a doctor.."

Later, when the cleaning company came for it's daily cleaning work, Arnav stepped out in his terrace, laptop in hand...

His phone was a brief text from his  PR agency..."News released...assessing response...will get back to you later..."

Settling down in his lounge chair, he opened his laptop, and was soon reading stock market news, when he remembered that he had meant to get a wedding gift for

Soon he was busy browsing online catalogues..looking for a suitable gift for his wife...

After almost an hour, he settled on a dainty, yet ridiculously priced strand of natural South sea pearls, that came with a pair of small pearl and diamonds,  dangling earrings...

About to check out, his eyes caught sight of a net sari, a beautiful shade of pink,...sometimes described as "ashes of roses"...

Two hours later, his bank balance was several grands lesser as he was unable to stop after that..imagining Khushi in every dress he liked...

12  saris, 8 anarkalis, 2 lehenga cholis,  several perfumes and handbags later, he finally decided to check out...trying to stop his eyes from veering towards the tab announcing.."Lingerie department.."

15 minutes later, several small, frivolous, lacy items were added to the pile too and Arnav finally pressed the tab for expedited delivery, feeling pleased with himself...


Becoming Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada overnight is no joke and Khushi was just beginning to realize it...Embarrassed by her bodyguard, she tried to walk hurriedly in front of him, trying to keep as much distance as possible between that no one would suspect that he was with her...

Later, eating lunch with Ria in the hospital cafeteria, she stared at the TV screen as if transfixed...

" Mr Arnav Singh Raizada...also known as The Maharaja of Mewar, tied the knot yesterday with  Dr. Megha Kulkarni  in a small,  private ceremony at his Colaba home..the ceremony was attended by close family and friends...Mr Arnav Singh Raizada was unavailable for comments...Our reporter was able to get in touch with his manager, who informed us that Mr Arnav Singh Raizada is expected to meet the press, this coming his ancestral palace in Mewar...The Beautiful Anand Vilas Palace, had been undergoing a massive, multi million rupees, restoration and renovation project for the past couple of months...and is expected to be launched as an exclusive, seasonal hotel...this coming Saturday..."

His PR agency had very cleverly released the news of the proposed press conference in Mewar along with the news of his diffuse media attention...

Khushi gulped and looked at Ria nervously...As they sat not knowing what to expect next...they heard a few hesitant foot steps approaching their table...

"Uh oh.." Ria said..."Here come the first congratulations.."

And questions...hordes of them...

By the end of the day, Khushi looked worn out...what with work and having to smile and say thanks to hundreds of congrats...and being expected to answer, some very outrageous questions..

It was another very busy call with numerous admissions, rushing down a corridor to check up on one of her very sick patients...she heard her cell beep...

It was a text from Arnav, " Call me, when you have time...I don't want to disturb you."

Smiling at her husband's thoughtfulness, she typed, " OK...Love you.."

" I love you too.." came back the reply...


Later that night, there was a brief lull in action and Khushi, sipping a cup of tea in her call room called Arnav...

"What are you doing..still awake...? Khushi asked..It was past midnight..

"Can't sleep.." Arnav sighed..

"Why, is your arm hurting...?

" Wrong diagnosis,...try again.." her husband said huskily, making her blush...

"Well, that's what you get for marrying me at a day's notice.." Khushi said, smiling..after a while..

"What time will you back tomorrow..? 

" Around 12.."

"Good.." Arnav said.."You know my cousin, Nandini, whose reception we went to...they've invited us for dinner tomorrow.."


By the time, Khushi was done with the rounds, it was 11:30 and Khushi felt a surge of excitement run through her veins at the thought of going home to Arnav...

Dressed in her pink anarkali, with her still damp, open hair freshly washed...she sat comfortably in the backseat of her car, enjoying the sunshine coming through the window...

Her bodyguard, whose name she had learnt was Ravi sat in the front as usual and with his face impassive as usual...

"It hadn't been as bad as she had expected " Khushi thought...Ravi hadn't accompanied her inside the patient area, as she had dreaded, but had waited outside after learning that a badge access was needed to be able to enter those areas..


Coming out of the elevator, she almost ran to the front door, her heart beating in excitement...she rang the bell and waited impatiently...

The door was opened by an equally eager Arnav...

She threw her arms around him tightly and snuggled in the warm, firmness of his chest...

Arnav hugged her back tightly or as tightly as he could with one arm and caressed her long hair, flowing down her back...

"Bhabiji" they heard Ramesh say and broke apart reluctantly..."Do you want tea?

As Arnav looked at him with consternation, Khushi smiled at him, "Yes...Ramesh ...I would love to have a cup of tea.."

Ramesh went to the kitchen thinking, she was the best thing that could have happened to his enigmatic employer...For the first time since he had started working for Arnav, almost 4 years ago, he had seen him happy...seen him smiling...and actually being pleasant to times..

This apartment was a home now...Ramesh thought


Entering her bedroom, Khushi saw a score of packages and shopping bags all over the place..

" What's all this.?." she asked surprised..

Arnav came behind her and pulling her close against him...nuzzled hungrily at her baby soft neck.."I just bought some clothes and stuff for you" he murmured, kissing the crook of her neck...

With her skin prickling and her heart beats quickening, she closed her eyes and repeated, " Clothes and stuff.."

" Hmmm" Arnav said nibbling at her earlobe.

Feeling his teeth grazing against her skin, she asked breathlessly " Why?

" Because I wanted to..." he whispered huskily pushing her body even closer against him..

Removing his hand, Khushi turned around to face him..

"Arnav...Aditi Aunty didn't have time to shop because..our wedding was so shouldn't have..." she flushed with embarrassment...

Noticing her embarrassment, Arnav said gently, "I'm sure she will, Khushi...I bought these just because I wanted to buy these for you..." 

" To spoil you.." he added, holding her chin and looking in her eyes..

Khushi smiled at him shyly and then sighing, hugged him, throwing her both arms around him..

Hi friends,

I really love reading your comments...thank you so much for your appreciation...looking forward to hearing from you all...Thoughts, comments, criticism, suggestions...welcome..


Please buddy me for updates..

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priyalovely IF-Dazzler

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Superb update...waiting for this update...thans for pm...

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