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The Impenetrable Heart thr3(ArshiFF)THR#4 link146 (Page 23)

aafan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
Beautiful wedding. Simple and elegant.

I think it is his uncle only.
Now that he will know about this wedding, he will create problems for Khushi.
He may leak stuff about her past to the press or may decide to blackmail Arnav.

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shutter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
congratulations on the new thread...

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shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
lovely updates.. Arnav culdn't wait for 5 days... poor boy..

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mon4u Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Are you updating? waitingWink

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aafan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 June 2011
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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Me too!!!!

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IPK007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
Part 28..

As Arnav engulfed his new bride in his arms, he felt a sense of contentment wash over never before..."The groom may now kiss the bride" he whispered incongruously in her ear, making her look up at him and  smile through the tears..

Arnav smiled back at her..."Any thing for that smile.." he thought...

The newly married, Maharaja of Mewar sat in his living room, watching the proceedings, with a heightened sense of annoyance..

It was 11:30... and his living room was still full of people, who seem to have settled in comfortably after enjoying a delectable dinner and were now involved in relaxed, effortless, conversation, no doubt due to the indescribable, elation of mood that being a part of any wedding, brings...

The bridegroom's mood was slowly and steadily, turning foul..though...

He stared at Aman, who seemed to enjoying himself far too much, laughing at something Ria said...

Aditi and his mom were involved in a conversation too...he wondered what they were talking about..

Rukmani had just learnt about Khushi's new name and identity and she was actually very pleased with it...there was actually someone respectable that she could introduce as her daughter in law's family to their family and friends..she thought...feeling a tremendous lightening of her mood...and there was no need to rake up her old background...

Mr Vijay Singh seems to be getting along well with Khushi...he noted...

And then, his eyes came to Khushi and lingered if transfixed...

" Damn...she is impossibly beautiful ..." he he gazed at her lazily...leaning back comfortably in his chair...

He admired her sparkling eyes, her cute nose...before pausing for a long time on her pretty rosebud mouth...

Then his eyes  admired the smooth, whiteness of her neck...and arms at leisure...before resuming their travel down south...

Khushi still listening to Mr Vijay Singh was very conscious of his eyes on her...and she flushed with embarrassment..." Really...he is impossible...staring at me so unashamedly...right in front of everyone.."

She turned to look at him with gentle reprimand in her eyes...but the smoldering look in his eyes, made her look away quickly with her heart pounding erratically...

Arnav decided to drop some hints...he yawned...making no attempt to hide it and as he tried to stretch his arms, he winced realistically holding his left  coat sleeve...

Khushi got up at once..."Careful" she said..."Do you want to take your pain"

As Arnav assented, Khushi the kitchen to get a glass of water for him..

Arnav got his pill from his room and then strode purposefully towards the kitchen ...

He heard murmurs of " We should probably get going now" "Arnav needs to rest..." in the living room..

"Mission accomplished..." a voice congratulated him inside his head...

After having opened several cabinets, Khushi finally found a glass and stood in front of the frig filling it..

She gave a start when, Arnav coming behind her cupped her bare waist with his hand and then slid  it forward slowly to rest it, fingers splattered on her midriff...He pulled her back to rest her body snugly against his ...

As her senses heightened and her skin prickled at his proximity, her heart beat so fast thst she thought she would die..

As his right hand..caressed her flat midriff slowly, he nuzzled her ear and neck and whispered huskily, " Why are you so soft...your skin is like silk..."

With her breathing shallow and irregular, Khushi turned around to face in hand..

Arnav took the glass from her hand and put it on the counter...He ran a finger caressingly from her forehead, down her cheek, before feeling the fullness of her enticingly, rosy lips..

As he caressed her lips, sensuously..., he whispered, " When is everyone going to go?

" If you continue to sit and stare at me like that...pretty soon, they will get uncomfortable and leave.." Khushi said with a pout...

Arnav was unable to resist that pout...putting his arm around the bare waist again, he pulled her flush against him and and hungrily claimed her lips...sucking her lower lip...and then parting her lips insistently..."I can't wait..Khushi..." he groaned..against her lips..

Khushi gave him a gentle push, putting both her hands on his shoulders, with her bangles making a clanging sound..." Lets go to the living room..Arnav...everyone will be wondering what we are doing for so long.." she said, breathlessly..

" If they have any sense, they will guess..." Arnav drawled, tightening his hold on her bare waist...and drawing her closer again..

Khushi looked up at his smoldering eyes with her bangle clad pretty hands resting on his shoulders and  her eyes shone with naughtiness..

"Mr Raizada, have you forgotten the Doctor's orders...complete rest for one week..or the stitches can break prematurely..."

"I never follow what the doctors tell me..." Arnav winked down at her, making her blush again...

Hearing Vijay call Arnav, they were soon going out of the kitchen, when Khushi stopped him...grabbing a tissue, she smiled shyly ,wiping her lipstick off his lips...


When Arnav and Khushi reached the living room again, everyone was waiting for them  to come, to  congratulate them one last time, before leaving for their homes...

As Ria hugged Khushi and was about to leave, Arnav called Aman..." Aman can you drop Ria off to her's very late.."

As Aman agreed readily with boyish eagerness, Arnav looked at him thoughtfully and with a glimmer of amusement in his eyes..

Then it was time for Aditi to leave..she was staying overnight at her friend's house..

" Please, no rona dhona.." Aditi said, hugging her tightly and trying to blink her tears away.."The only difference is that instead of the hostel, you will be living in Arnav's apartment.."

" Our apartment..." Arnav corrected her..pulling  Khushi's head to rest comfortably against his shoulder, as she struggled with tears..

Vijay and Rukmani were the last ones to leave...with Arnav having thawed just enough to let his mother give him a hug..


Arnav went to walk with Vijay and Rukmani upto the elevator..

Khushi was picking up some cups from the coffee table to take them to the kitchen, when the front door opened and Arnav came in...

Locking the door, as he stood with his back against the door and looked at her...Khushi felt a shiver run down her back as she realized that they were finally alone...

With her heart pounding mercilessly, she thought her breathing would stop..

Arnav reached for the light switch and slowly dimmed the lights...and then he walked towards her with slow, measured steps...

Gulping, Khushi put the cup back on the table..

Reaching her, Arnav drew her close against his body and Khushi inhaled sharply, realizing the urgency of his need..

Drawing her long hair on one side, his hand caressed her bare back and waist, feeling the supple, softness of her body and sliding his hand down to the small of her back, he pushed her body hard against his..

Khushi looked up at his face in the dim light and saw that his eyes looked intoxicated with desire.

Bending down, he claimed her lips finally, parting them and letting her feel the warmth of his tongue...His hand at the nape of her neck, caressed it cajolingly, waiting for her response..

And as he got  the first hesitant reciprocation from her, he felt a thrill dart through his body...

Deepening the kiss, they both tried to get to the essence of each other, savoring each others taste.

Coming up for breath, Arnav said huskily, "I'm scared I won't be able to hold myself back today..." caressing the nape of her neck with his right hand...

Touched, Khushi  put her hands on his shoulders and casting her eyelashes down, whispered shyly, "What if I don't want you to hold yourself back.."

Unable to believe his ears, Arnav caught hold of her chin and lifted her face to look in her eyes...

His eyes were incredulous, " What did you just say?

" That what if I don't want you to hold yourself back.." she finally said firmly, looking shyly at him..

With a laugh, Arnav swooped to kiss her again with heightened excitement...and this time with such intense, unbridled passion that Khushi felt that she was about to be swept away by a fierce, whirlwind...

When they came apart for air, Khushi said breathlessly, " I'm worried really shouldn' are supposed to rest your arm in a sling..."

" I'm fine" Arnav said and then contradicted himself by asking Khushi to help him take his coat off..

Arnav sat down on a couch and pulled her towards him...with his hand against the back of her waist...his lips roamed over the soft, silkiness of her bare midriff...

As he nuzzled, grazed and kissed, she felt her skin prickle and she  grasped his hair...tighly, holding her breath..

Soon they were in his bedroom...and as she lay down on the bed, Arnav forgot about his left arm in his excitement and bore the full weight of his body with his left arm...

Wincing and this time for real, Arnav felt dizzy as he felt an excruciating pain sear through his arm..

Khushi was tearful with concern and worry...

"let me see it" she said, unfastening his shirt and taking it off him carefully..." I shouldn't have listened to you.."she said worriedly.

Getting  dressing supplies that the hospital had provided from the dresser, she unravelled the bandage and was not surprised to see it bleeding a little again.." You might have broken one of your stitches.." she said..looking at his face, white with pain..

Putting a fresh dressing on, she looked up at him with mock strictness, " Now complete rest for 1 week..." 

Arnav sighed and said morosely, ' This is going to be the longest 1 week of my life.."


Later Arnav was settled in his bed, still shirtless, but changed in his PJ...waiting for Khushi to come out..

Soon Khushi came out, washed and changed in a pink, short sleeved nightie with a demure, smocked bodice...and with  her long hair brushed to perfect silkiness . She hesitated at the door and  smiled shyly...unable to look at his shirtless body

Arnav extended his right hair, "Come here.."he said gently..

Soon Khushi had her head resting in Arnav's shoulder...and Arnav caressing her arm..


"Hmmm" Khushi said and raising her face over him to look at him...

As her hair cascaded down and almost covered her husband's face...he  pushed her hair away, smelling it appreciatively...

" Can I get a good night kiss.." he said sleepily..having taken a strong pain medication.

Khushi smiled lovingly and bent her face down to kiss his both cheeks, forehead and finally his lips..

" Good night, Arnie.." 

" Hmmm..will have to punish you next week now.." her husband said before drifting off to sleep.

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alicepuppy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Yipee...I am the first to commentClap...amazing work dude.

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toeditor Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 12:15am | IP Logged

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