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The Impenetrable Heart thr3(ArshiFF)THR#4 link146 (Page 5)

SamiyaIPKKND IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Congrats on your new thread dear :)

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faree IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 12:52am | IP Logged
and waiting for updates 

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IPK007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Part 27

Ria's spoon stopped in mid air as she stared at her friend, wide eyed..

" You're kidding right"

When she was finally convinced that Khushi was indeed serious, Ria shook her head, " You are working till 5 tomorrow...when are you going to get time to get ready..."

" Aditi Aunty is coming tomorrow..she'll help me..." Khushi said.." And you'll come...right.."

" Of course.." Ria said hugging her .." How can I miss your wedding, though I must say your fiance is very high are too sweet to put up with it...!


Next morning as Arnav was getting ready to be discharged, he was surprised to see Mr Vijay Singh walk in...

"I came to see if you needed any help..." Vijay said...with a half smile...

Sitting down in a chair, next to Arnav's bed, he continued seriously, "Actually, I also wanted to tell you that I talked to the DIG police and also the Chief Minister...and so far all the fingers seem to be pointing towards the person, who was on top of your list of suspects..."

"Madhav Rao"Arnav said with a look of distaste on his face...

They were interrupted , when the doctor came in with the discharge directions...

"Keep the sling on...Mr Raizada...that will stop you from moving your left arm too much...we don't want the stiches to break before these stiches are buried, self absorbing you won't need to come back to get them removed..."

"Continue taking your pain medications and antibiotics...and remember...most important thing is to rest your arm...for at least 1 week...and give it a chance to heal..."

Arnav wondered what the doctor's reaction would be, if he told him about his wedding...due this very or no sling...


Soon Arnav and Vijay were settled in the back seat of his car...heading towards his apartment...

Vijay waited patiently as Arnav called his manager, him a long list of...instructions..." And I will be working from home for at least a you will be in charge of most of the meetings.."

As Arnav hung up finally, Vijay asked him, "How were you so sure that it was Madhav Rao, your uncle..."

"It's a long story...Mr Singh...will tell you some other time..."

Arnav's mind went back to the time he had gone back to Mewar for the last time...This was 3 years ago and he had just returned to India after spending 5 years in USA, doing his undergrad and then MBA...

Dreading to go to Mewar and face painful, heartbreaking, memories...he had decided to settle in Mumbai...and had singlemindedly, started laying the foundations for his business..

The person, who came back from USA was radically different and hardly recognizable from the 18 years old, boy who had left Mewar..

23 years old, embittered, trapped in the darkness of inexpressible and unmeasurable grief of loss of his only love...Arnav was kept going only by a plethora of negative emotions...revenge being on top of his list...

As he was tentatively making connections with the underworld, to hire someone to eliminate Keshav Singh, he had got a call from his mother in Mewar...

" Arnav, your father passed away...two hours ago..." The Maharani's voice was flat, unemotional devoid of any attempt to show any kind of regret at the passing away of her husband of 24 years..


Dressed in white, as Arnav ignited his father's pyre...late in the afternoon...he felt a twinge of guilt at not being able to shed a single tear for him...

After the funeral, he had felt exhausted in mind, body and spirit and out of their own volition, his feet had taken him to the terrace...

"Our terrace...mine and Khushi's.." his tired mind had thought..

It was nearing dusk and the sound of the fluttering wings of the returning pigeons greeted him..

Gazing at the multihued clouds in the horizon, he could almost hear the melodious sound, Khushi's payal adorned feet used to make, when she used to run across the terrace to him...

He had walked over to his abandoned playroom and opened the bolt...with slightly, shaking fingers...

" Why are you doing this..Arnav...?, a small sane voice inside his head had asked him...

He was shocked to see his room...that had not been touched by anyone since 5 years...since Khushi had left for Bhopal...because of his own strict  instructions...

The room was dusty and  heavily, cobwebbed and he could barely make out the forms of a few of his favorite things...his telescope..., the giant antique globe, the hourglass, the sundial...the old gramophone belonging to his great grand father...

As he reached the top of his bookcase to get a dusty book out, something had fallen to the floor...

His face turned white as he stared at it...It was Khushi's old doll...

Dirty and broken, with stuffing coming out of a few ripped seams, the threads that had formed it's smile had unravelled...

As he stood, feeling a tide of intense pain wash over her...he heard someone come inside the room..

It was his uncle..

He noticed the tears in Arnav's eyes..." Still pining for that girl...are you..."

His lips curved in a smile, " I know just the thing to make you forget her..."

With his brother and his partner in, as well as sponsor of, his depraved lifestyle gone, Madhav Rao had decided that it would be prudent to suck up to the next Maharaja...

" Let's invite some hot items from the Shahpur area.." he had continued repugnantly..

As Arnav clenched his fist, he continued..."Come on Arnav, don't tell me that you are still a are ruining our family name..." his uncle had broken into loud laughter..

Looking at him with disgust, Arnav started walking towards the door..

"Didn't your Khushi give you any?

Consumed with fiery hot rage, Arnav had turned around sharply...

Walking up to his uncle in a few swift steps, he had hit him on his cheek with a closed fist..." Don't EVER say her name with your dirty mouth.." he shouted..

He was overcome with madness, remembering, the bruises on Khushi's face...and the numerous times she had hid in this very room, running from his dirty intentions..

As Madhav fell on the floor, he hit him again and again, losing all faculties of reason..

Madhav was nearly unconscious, but still  he didn't stop...

A group of servants, came rushing to the terrace, hearing the shouts and the cries..

They tried to stop him..." Let it go...Yuvraj don't want to kill him...he is your uncle...Yuvraj ji..."


This was his last visit to Arnav couldn't bring himself to face the painful memories associated with the place again..

Within 2 months of her husband's death, his mother had married Vijay, a family friend...and had gone to live in Delhi...with him...

And so the Anand Vilas Palace remained, lonely and abandoned...standing by Chandra Tal, the crescent lake...for many years...

It was only last month that Arnav had had renovation work started on The Palace, hiring a  team of experts, specializing in preservation, restoration and maintainence  of historical buildings...

His intentions were purely business, turning the Palace into a hotel...


Vijay Singh and Arnav were in the elevator, going up to his apartment...

"Arnav, let me know...if you need any help with the preparations..."

Arnav thought for a while..." I asked Aman to take care of everything...but if I think of something ...I will let you know..."

" Did you call the security agency for bodyguards.? 

" No...not yet.." Arnav replied..

" I'll call them for's very important.." Vijay said..

Coming out of the elevator, Arnav said, " So it's pretty much certain that Madhav was behind it.." 

" Yes...that's the impression I were going to tell me about his possible motive..." 

So Arnav told him in his matter of fact, brusque way..


After the incident in Mewar, Arnav had had him thrown out of the Anand Vilas Palace, that very night...

Using his power as The Maharaja and the sole heir of the Raizada wealth, he had also called his accountant and his attorney, the very next day to stop the monthly allowance that Keshav used to get from his father...

Madhav Rao had filed a court case against him and the case had dragged on for 3 years..

Last week, his attorney had called him, " Congratulations, Mr Raizada...You have won the case against Madhav Rao.."

Arnav had remained impassive, never having doubted that he would indeed do so..

His attorney had then continued, " Madhav Rao's attorney had approached me...saying if you could possibly agree on a small, out of court settlement...based on goodwill ...after all he's your uncle...and he is supposed to be doing very bad financially...

Arnav's face had hardened, hearing that..." Tell him that I have no good will in my heart for him and he will not get a single rupee from me, as long as I am alive..."


It was 7 pm and Khushi was almost ready with Aditi and Ria fussing over her...Aditi had brought her a red sari with gold zari border...

This was the first time, Khushi was wearing a sari and she was feeling very shy and self conscious of her bare midriff and the almost back less blouse...

As Aditi and Ria stood discussing if they should leave her hair open or not...

" please..." That would cover my  back ..." she thought..

After she was ready, Aditi looked at her lovingly and felt a lump in her throat as her mind went back to their first meeting...

" She so...deserves this happiness..." Aditi thought..

Khushi was looking breathtakingly beautiful...

The color red suited her and accentuated the creamy whiteness of her skin..her arms looked smooth and slender, with red and gold bangles at her wrists..

She was wearing Aditi's wedding gold set...a gold necklace and two small jhumkas...and a small tika...

Ria was applying finishing touches on her make up and she had done a good job...golden eyeshadow, mascara, kohl , blush and red bindi and red lip color... Khushi had had a lot of reservations regarding the latter...but she was finally convinced by Ria and Aditi that she was one of the few people, on whom red lipstick actually looked good on...

In the end they covered her head with a matching red chunri...and they had never seen a more beautiful bride...

Soon they were all sitting in the back seat of Aditi's car...going towards Arnav's apartment...In the trunk was stowed, Khushi's suitcase..


It was 8 pm  and Arnav stood in his beautifully decorated terrace with Aman, Vijay and Ramesh...Pandit ji was already there and busy arranging things for the wedding ceremonies...

The garlands of roses and jasmine, lay in a wicker basket, the fire pit was ready to be ignited  for the seven pheras ...

There were fairy lights all around and small, red candles were floating in the pool..

Arnav was dressed in a dark grey suit with a blue shirt under, having refused all suggestions to change in a sherwani...With happiness lighting up his features, he looked strikingly handsome...

The door bell rang...and as Arnav walked towards the door, he was surprised to see his mother open it with a pooja thali in hand...

Arnav held his breath for a second seeing Khushi...and as their eyes met, and they smiled a little at each other...Khushi felt her heart racing...

Things went quite pleasantly and smoothly after that...with Rukmani and Aditi, though not becoming bosom friends being cordial to each other ...and all the wedding ceremonies taking place without any glitch or hindrance...

And so under the stars, and in the surreally lit terrace, towering over the surrounding skyscrapers, Arnav and Khushi became husband and wife..

As Arnav tied mangal sutra around her neck , he looked intently in her eyes...and Khushi smiled at him with her eyes teary ...

Finally, Arnav put a pinch of sindoor on her forehead and tears suddenly spilled from Khushi's  eyes, remembering her mother...No one had longed for or understood the importance of sindoor more than her mother...

Seeing her tears, Arnav got up and pulled her up with him...Uncaring of the people around him, he engulfed his wife in a comforting embrace..

Part 28 on page 23                          

Hi friends, 

Thanks for your encouraging them a lot...

Hope you liked this update...



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AngelTeen IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:23am | IP Logged
They are finally married. Sigh. 

But somehow I feel this is just the beginning of a journey of turmoil and deceit where they will have to support each other.

And also, I have a feeling its actually Vijay Singh who attacked Arnav and is planning something...dunno but a feeling. Lets see.

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soaringskies Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:26am | IP Logged
aww jenny it was emotional in the end...!!!!OuchBig smileBig smile

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agshilpa Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:33am | IP Logged
It's a beautiful wedding. U can feel the love between the bride and the broom.
Very well portrayed .

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AbdulloveIPKKND Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:34am | IP Logged
Finally they are married and I have a feeling that it is Vijay that made Arnav try to kill or maybe his mothrr.

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reshmimohan Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:35am | IP Logged
They r married...Embarrassed
Yay! They r married...
Ok! I sound like a broken tape recorder...
Loved it
Awesome update...
But why do I feel that it's not his uncle who is after him?
Just a nagging feeling its someone closer to him...

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