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My Dear Readers,

Here is a KR SS .. I had been thinking of this from quite sometime now .. It would be mostly from the girl's / Kria's POV .. what she feels getting in an arranged marriage .. and then new house .. new family .. and most of all .. a new person called "Husband" share everything with him ... 
Is it so easy ..?

Her fears .. her anxiety .. her apprehensions .. 
Want to try and bring out all that ...

Now sure if similar topic has been already written on ..

Happy Reading and please don't forget to  like and comment ...



Chapter 3 (First Night) - Page 26

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Chapter 1

 "Kria Beta .. aaj sham ko ladke wale tumhe dekhne aa rahe hain" Kria's Dad said ..

"Papa .. please .. no .. I hate this fashion parade .. I had told you .." Kria wailed ..

"I know Beta .. but Mr. Singhannia is a friend of mine .. his wife saw your photo on .. they have 2 sons  .. Vikram and Reyaansh .. Vikram is 29 and Reyaansh is 28 .. Both have done MS in finance from USA .. and are now working with their Dad .. Mrs. Singhannia ne tumhe Vikram ke liye pasand kiya hai …

"But .. Papa .. "

"They are very nice people .. promise you Beta .. I won't force you at all .. but just meet them .. they all had come here for some family function so they are coming tomorrow .. "

Kria's aunt came and hugged her .. Kria already had tears in the corners of her eyes .. which girl wouldn't ? .. who had been rejected by last 10 guys who saw her ..

Her aunt lovingly stroked her back .. she could understand the pain Kria was going thru .. Rejection is something very traumatic for any young girl of marriageable age especially a one without a mother .. "Beta .. maybe this is the right guy for you .. " she said warmly ..

Kria looked in her eyes .. but unable to stop her tears .. she ran to her room …


Kria was sitting infront of the dressing table and was looking at herself in the mirror ..

She hated this whole session of the boy coming to the girl's house to see her for marriage .. it was as if she was a doll in a gift shop .. everyone coming over .. looking her thru .. asking .. khana pakana toh aata hai na .. kya yeh dance kar sakti hai ... iske lambe baal hain .. modern nahi lagti .. chasma hai .. contact lens kyon nahi pehnti .. job aur ghar dono kaise sambhalegi .. job karne ki kya jarurat hai ..

She tried her best not to remember the weird reasons for which she was rejected ..

She simply hated everything about this .. but she knew all her friends were either married or engaged ..

She had turned 26 this year .. a concern for her Dad …

She was a simple , well-educated but a reserved and shy girl from the very beginning  .. she hated makeup .. she hated lavish jewelry .. her dressing sense was simple .. she loved indian wear rather than western and she generally preferred subtle colours for herself ..

Even though she was from a rich family but her Dad had instilled good family values in her .. He never believed in showing off .. he taught her that more than outer beauty .. the beauty of thoughts and heart is more important ..

But .. maybe somewhere these values didn't matter where boys were concerned .. this is what Kria had come to believe .. and even her friends had tried to put this in her head .. but how much ever she tried she could never lie nor pretend .. so she was firm in her mind  .. she would appear in front of the guy as she normally is … or how she would be after marriage ..

She didn't want to show something and then do something else ..


Draped in a beautiful green saree with golden border .. tops in her ears .. a kada in her right hand and a watch in her left .. Her waist length hair loosely tied in a clutch clip on her neck .. a slight touch of lipstick and Kajal outlining her eyes behind the thin frame of her specs .. Kria came down with her aunt..

Kria's Dad introduced "Kria beta .. this is Mr. and Mrs. Singhannia .."

"Namaste " Kria said softly folding her hands ..

"And these are .. " her Dad continued ..

Just then Chotu came with the tea and snacks ..

Mr. Singhannia interjected " Mr. Ghai ..why don't we leave the children here and go out in the garden to enjoy our tea "

"Sure .." Kria's dad said ..

Kria looked as her Dad and Aunt left .. she slowly sat on the chair which was infront of the guy who was wearing the blue blazer ..

She hadn't been introduced to them .. she didn't know what to do .. so she sat with her eyes looking down .. waiting for him to speak as it was always the custom ..

"Hi .." the guy in the blue blazer said ..

Kria looked up at him .. she saw him smiling widely at her .. she smiled hesitantly "Hi .."

Again there was silence ..

She saw from the corner of her eye ..the other guy in the grey blazer had already picked his cup of tea ..

"Which is your favorite colour ?" the blue blazer guy asked ..

Surprised by the question .. Kria's eyes widened .. she hadn't expected this .. this was never the first question .. she had come prepared for this session and was thinking it would be like how it always was .. generally the guys started with their one way train about what they do .. what they like .. what kind of life style they have.. what kind of a girl they want.. For the first 15 mins this goes on .. and Kria already knew that rejection was on the way ..

She looked at him and frowned ..

He smiled again and asked "What's your favorite colour ?"


"Hmm" he looked as if he was thinking something .. "So it means that you didn't want to meet us .. your mood was off and so you are wearing this green coloured saree ?"

Kria's mouth fell open .. she stammered "No its not like that "

He grinned again .. "Then how's it "

She just couldn't help but bite her lower lip and smile .. how had he deduced so correctly and easily ..

This time her smile was genuine ..

"Chai ?" he offered her a cup ..

She took it ..

The guy in the grey blazer asked .. "You are a Chartered Accountant ..rite ?"


"Impressive " the grey blazer guy smiled at the other one ..

Again the blue blazer guy exclaimed "My My …"

Kria again frowned at him..

"I mean .. CA is a tough course .. even I tried my hand on it .. but left it .. I must say you are very intelligent and hard working to complete it ?"

Kria didn't know whether it was a compliment or a taunt ..

She gave a short smile  ..

"You working ?" he asked ..

"Yes .. My father is a CA too .. I work in his firm .."

"Would you like to after marriage too ?"

"I would love to be independent"

"I like that" he simply said ..

Now for the first time Kria looked at him closely .. he had a honest smile .. she felt she liked his smile .. his eyes seemed to be warm .. his eyes seemed to be asking her to open up .. speak up ..

She knew whether he accepts her or rejects her .. that would be secondary .. at least she thought they would part amicably  .. she even felt that they could be friends ..

"Kria .. do you like video games ?"

What's wrong today .. she felt she was sitting for a surprise test in school and questions beyond her imagination were being popped to her ..

"No .." she said making a face .. infact she hated it .. but she tried to be mild ..

"Oh .." he seemed to be dejected .. he lost his smile and made a 'O' with his mouth ..

"What happened?" she asked with concern ..

"Currently I play against the computer .. but after marriage I thought it would be fun to have a partner in that "

She actually felt like laughing out loud .. but she controlled and smiled .. one thing she noticed .. he referred twice 'after marriage' .. was he sure that they would get married .. why was he referring then ..

"I love to play chess" she said ..

"Even I love it .. bet you can't win against me " he said raising his collar with his hands ..

She again widened her eyes in amazement .. how confidently he was saying this .. "I am not sure if you should make that statement without playing .. " she replied with equal confidence ..

"Hmm .. ok .. lets keep that for later "

It almost felt like he was challenging her .. and if they got married the first thing he would do is open the chess board and challenge her .. that thought itself made her smile ..

She noticed that the guy in the grey blazer said something to the guy in blue in the ear .. and left ..

"Well .. what do you love the most in food .. something you just can't resist"

She felt so funny .. for the first time the guy was asking about her .. the whole conversation was on her ..

She didn't have to think much on this .. her all time favourite food .. which she could eat any time of the day and night .. "Pani Poori "

"Yummm.." he licked his lips as if it were watering .. she had never seen a guy this kind of a reaction that too when he had come to see the girl for marriage .. it was always so formal .. so serious .. so dull…

"Especially if its on the road side .. and its raining heavily ..isn't it ?" he said ..

She didn't know why . but she started enjoying this conversation ..

She nodded vigorously and smiled widely for the first time ..

"So .. you love rains ?" he stopped smiling and said ..

"Yes .." she had meant to stop there .. but she didn't know how come words just poured out her feelings .."Pehli baarish ki woh bheeni bheeni khushbu.. " she inhaled .. "khidki se haath nikal ke barish ki boondo ke saath khelna … thandi thandi hawa ke saath jab halki halki barish gaalo ko chooti hai .. Main bayan nahi kar sakti mujhe kitni khushi hoti hai" she said dreamily ..

"Lekin abhi toh tum ne apni dil ki baat mujhe batayi" he said smiling and his eyes shining ..

Kria realized what she had said .. she felt embarrassed .. she had never shared things which were close to her heart with anyone on the first meeting .. and especially a guy ..

As if he understood what was going thru her mind .. he said "Ek aur cheez add karna hai mujhe usmein ?"

She looked up at him with a questioning look on her face ..

"Garma garam chai and paneer pakode "

She burst out laughing along with him ..

After a while he asked "Don't you want to ask me anything?"

Very rarely any guy asked her this ..

There was one question which had been running in her mind from a long time ..

"Do you prefer US or India ?"

He thought for a while before answering ..

"Well I stayed in US for 4 years .. I did my MS and then worked for 2 years ..I must say education wise .. work wise I really loved it there .. I learnt so much in those years .. I can't imagine I would have done that here .. But I can't deny that my heart is where my family is .. I love it here a lot .. I can't exchange this for any any price .. " he said it with a serious tone ..

Kria gave him a nod and a smile .. and they continued with their general conversation ..


In the garden ..

"Bhai saab .. I really love Kria .. She is a very sweet girl .. I just hope my son likes her too and she likes my son .. " Mrs. Singhannia said hopefully ..

"I really hope so too .. " Kria's Dad said .. He really wanted his daughter to be happy .. after what she went thru in the past with so many rejections .. she had lost herself .. her confidence ..her smile .. her laughter .. He also knew how difficult it must be for her to share her feelings with her Dad .. a mother is someone who is needed most for any girl by her side .. that one person Kria didn't have in her life ..

"Arre beta tum aa gaye .. baatein ho gayi ?" Mrs. Singhannia asked ..

"Haan mom .. I liked her .. " then he saw everyone looking at him with eagerness .. "Mom , main aapse akele mein baat karna chahta hun "

"Sure .. " she went with the guy with the grey coloured blazer ..


She had a sweet smile playing on her lips all the time .. she was asked to go upstairs after her meeting and the elders wanted to discuss something .. she kind of knew that it was an yes from the guy's side ..

Her Dad had taken her on the side and asked her .. she had nodded her head .. she had blushed for the first time .. and he had kissed her forehead .. "Beta .. I knew you would like him" .. This made her blush more and she went to her room ..


Kria went up to her terrace as the whole Singhannia family was leaving and her Dad and Aunt were at the gate waving them off ..

She was standing behind the pillar so that she doesn't show herself off .. but as she saw him bend his head to get in the car .. she came out a bit more to look at him .. suddenly he pulled himself up and looked up and caught her eye and smiled and winked .. she felt as if she had been sneaking and had been caught red handed .. she turned red and hid herself again behind the pillar ..


She lay on her bed with her head buried in her pillow .. her heart pounding .. she kept her hand on her heart to slow it down .. but it didn't help .. she had never felt so nervous before .. is she really going to get married .. she just bit her lip again and clutched the bed sheet tight .. She just didn't know what to do .. she just felt like hiding herself somewhere .. she felt so shy today.. yes for the first time in her life .. she wanted to go and hide her face in her mother's lap .. she missed her so much today ..


"Kria" .. her Dad knocked on her bedroom door ..

She took a deep breath and quickly composed herself and opened the door .. "Haan Papa"

"Beta .. they have said yes .. and they want the engagement tomorrow itself and marriage in 3 days .. "

"WHAT" her heart hammering  .. yes she had thought of getting married .. but so early ..

"I told them that engagement is fine .. but marriage in such a short notice .. I am not sure .. they called their panditji .. and the next good muhurat is only after 6 months .. And that time Vikram is planning to do a course from London .. so he will be away  .."

"Vikram is going for a course " she was surprised .. how come he hadn't said when they were talking ..

"What do you suggest ? "

"I am fine with what you say Papa " she said ..

"So kal sagaai and 3 din mein shaadi .. " he hugged her .. he had tears in his eyes ..

"Papa .." she was already sobbing ..

"Shh .. Mera baccha rota nahi hai .. " he cupped her face in his hands lovingly .. "Tum khush ho na .. " he asked ..

She lowered her eye lashes .. "Yes Papa .. but .." she looked at him with fresh tears .. He understood her fears.. her qualms of leaving her father alone .. her worries of going to the new house to the new family .. everything happening so fast ..

"Woh bahut acche log hain .. tumhe bahut pyar se rakhenge "

"Papa .. aap akele .. " she couldn't complete ..

"Of course not .. teri Buaa hai na .. mera sar khaane ko .. " he smiled ..

She had to laugh ..

"Papa .. main aapke bagair kaise rah paaoongi .. ?"

"Itni badi ho gayi hai meri beti and darti hai .. akele kaise rahoongi .. kuch bhi .. sab tumhe itna pyar karenge ki mujhe bhool hi jaoogi"

"Na Papa " she shouted .. "How can you even think that" she said giving him an angry look ..

"ok ok .. hum roz phone pe baat karenge .. ok "

"I will miss you a lot Papa"

"Beta .. " he couldn't say what he wanted to .. he just hugged her and blessed her with all his heart for a very long and happy married life …


Next morning Kria's Dad and Aunt had gone out for arrangements .. the engagement was going to be a small affair .. but he had to anyway make preparations for the marriage ..

In hurry both of them had left their cell phones at home ..

Kria was at home .. she had decided she would wear her mom's red saree for her engagement and her jewelry so she was going thru all that ..

Suddenly the phone rang ..

"Hello" she said ..

"Kria Beta .. this is Anita Singhannia"

"Oh .. Hi Aunty" she said

"Abhi ke liye Aunty thik hai .. but baad mein Ma bulana mujhe .. I would really love to hear that from you" she said softly ..

"Ji" Kria looked down .. she felt overwhelmed ..

"You know Kria .. mujhe ladki nahi hai na .. yeh do nalayak bte toh meri jaan khaate rahete hain .. but tum aa jaogi na .. toh main tumhe beti bana ke rahoongi "

Kria had tears welled up in her eyes .. and she was quiet .. Anita realized that .. so she quickly changed the topic ..

"Oh ho .. maine jiske liye phone kiya tha ..woh bhool hi gayi "

"Kya baat thi Aunty .. I mean .. " she left it ..

Anita smiled ..

"Arre .. Rey ne tumhare liye ring select ki hai .. he wanted similar rings for the bride and the groom .. I hope its fine with you ?"

Kria was confused .. "Vikram ki choice kya hai"

"OH God !! .. Vikram and shopping and that too these things .. sapne mein bhi nahi ho sakta .. "

"Oh" she felt a bit sad ..

"Ok .. aur ek baat .. the ring has a small K and R on it .. "

"R .. kyon  " Kria was totally confused  ..

"Haan .. Reyaansh ka R and Kria ka K .. " she laughed ..

Kria was stunned .. she was almost going to faint ..

Anita continued .. "I found it a bit kiddish .. but Rey ki choice hai toh main kuch nahi kar sakti " she again laughed ..

Still Kria didn't respond .. Anita realized it .. "Kria if you don't like the ring .. its fine .. I can get another one .. "she quickly said ..

"Aunty .. can I speak to Vikram .. please?" Kria was almost on the verge of breaking down .. but she held herself .. she was supposed to get married to Vikram .. but what's wrong with these people .. why are they making her get married to Rey .. she was utterly confused and definitely very nervous ..

"Beta.. he is out with his friends .. arre yeh lo Rey aa gaya .. usse baat kar lo "

"Hi Kria " he smiled and happily said ..

"Hi " .. Kria managed to say ..

"I know it must be real hectic for you .. everything in such a short notice .. " he seemed concerned ..

But Kria was not listening ..

Suddenly she said .. straining herself to the limit to just ask that question .. "Reyaansh .. why did Vikram reject me ?"  she had to know this .. she had the right to know this .. and why didn't he tell her himself .. why did it happen all behind her back ..she felt betrayed again .. she felt as if he had talked to her so nicely .. almost gave her the hope that they would get married and now suddenly he changed his decision .. it was fine if he rejected her .. but why is he proposing his brother to get married to her …

There was silence at the other end .. then Rey laughed and said "Because I liked you "

Kria had tears flowing down her cheeks .. she didn't know what to do .. why does it always happen to her .. for once she had liked someone .. from her heart .. and that lead to her to dream about him and about them .. and now this ..

Rey realized that Kria didn't react .. "Hey .. Kria .. are you there ?"

She wiped some of her tears and took a deep breath .. " Please can you ask Vikram to meet me .. ?"

Rey was confused ..

"Actually he might come directly to your house for the function in the evening from his party .. Is there something urgent that you want to talk to him about ?" Rey asked with concern .. now realizing that there was something that Kria was not able to speak up ..

"Reyaansh .. please aap mujhe galat mat samajhyie .. I mean .." she stammered .. she was finding it difficult to get the words out ..

"Nahi bolo .. what's the matter .." he said softly ..

"Main aapse shaadi nahi kar sakti " she finally let go in one breath ..

"WHAT .. KYON .. I mean .. WHY ?" Rey almost screamed ..

"Please Reyaansh .. " but he didn't let her finish ..

"Why didn't you say anything yesterday .. ??" he was irritated ..

"Actually I thought Dad mujhe Vikram ke bare mein pooch rahe the I said yes "

"What do you mean .. tumhe Vikram pasand hai" Rey asked almost unable to believe what he was hearing ..

"Haan .. actually pehli baar mujhe bahut accha laga un se baat kar ke .."

"Tumne Vikram se kab baat ki " he asked confused ..

"Kal hi .. aap bhi toh the wahan par " she said finding it strange that he doesn't remember what happened just yesterday ..

"Oh .. tum ne Vikram se baat ki .. aur mujh se ?"

"Actually Reyaansh .. I am sorry .. maine aapki taraf dekha bhi nahi thik se.. " she was keeping her fingers crossed .. she didn't know what was going to happen next .. she could almost see the strain between the 2 families just because of her .. she thought of her Dad .. how is she gonna explain this to him .. she just didn't know ..

Suddenly something dawned to Rey .. he smiled mischievously .. he wet his lips and said in a stern voice .. "Yeh tumne thik nahi kiya Kria .. you should have told your decision yesterday itself .. now itni saari tayariyan ho chuki hain "

She cut him short…" I am really sorry .. please"

"Ok .. Main dekhta hun kya kar sakte hain .. Main Vikram se baat karta hun .. and I will ask him to meet you as soon as possible .. ok ?"

"Thank you" was all she could murmur..


Chotu came to Kria's room .. "Kria Didi .. Reyaansh aaye hain .. aapke room mein bhej dun ?"


Kria was really tensed now was just 1 hour for the function .. she didn't even tell her Dad anything ..she had expected Rey to do something .. she had been waiting for Vikram's call or for him .. she was getting tensed as the evening was approaching .. and now Rey has come .. she felt disheartened .. maybe he has come to say that everything is cancelled .. Vikram is not interested in getting married to her .. she almost felt her eyes getting wet again ..

Suddenly the lights of her room went off .. "Chotu .. lights ko kya ho gaya .. " she spoke worriedly ..

"I think main fuse ud gaya hai .. " he spoke solemnly ..

The tone made her shiver ..

She couldn't see him as there was darkness .. but due to the moonlight coming thru the window she could see his silhouette .. his broad shoulders .. his chest out and head up .. he was standing there with so much power she felt .. and here she was trembling with fear ..

"Hi Reyaansh"

"Hi Kria"

She waited with bated breath for him to speak ..

"I talked to Vikram .. he is not interested in getting married .. "

Her heart broke .. she turned her back to him .. she was fidgeting with her fingers ..

"Kria ..kya tum sach mein mujh se shaadi nahi karna chahti ?" he asked earnestly ..

"I am sorry .. "  was all she could mutter .. she didn't know how to face him ..

"No don't be sorry .. but ek baar idhar dekh toh lo " he said ..


She took a deep breath and turned and the suddenly the lights came .. and her jaw dropped with her eyes wide as saucers ..

She just kept staring at the guy who was grinning away to glory and was raising his eyebrows in a mischievous manner ..

"Aise hi dekhogi ya kuch bologi bhi ?" he chuckled ..

"Haan .. I mean tum .. I mean aap .. " she was stammering and struggling with her words .. with her feelings ..her heart pounding away as loudly as if they were the drums playing in her marriage ..

"Thik hai .. toh phir main keh deta hun sab ko .. ki tumhe mujh se shaadi nahi karni " he said with a straight face ..

"No .. nahi .. I mean mujhe karni hai .. "she didn't know what she was saying ..

He started smiling again ..

"You are Reyaansh .. " she finally got hold of herself and asked ..

"Yes .. "

She closed her eyes for a second and turned sideways and put her hand over her mouth and shook her head .. and then started smiling ..

"Tumhe sach mein maluum nahi tha ki kaun Vikram hai and kaun Rey ?" he came to her and asked ..

"Actually .. Papa ne bola tha ki Vikram ka rishta hai .. and when I saw the chair which was kept infront of you .. I thought you were Vikram .. you know usually ladke ke saamne hi ladki baithti hai .. and then you were only speaking to me .. so there was no doubt in my mind that you were Vikram" now when she thought everything she couldn't help feeling what a fool she had been ..

She again started shaking her head and bit her lip .. and then started smiling  ..

"But when did it get decided that you will marry me and not Vikram .." she asked a bit confused again now ..

"Actually we all had come to see you for Vikram only .. but he saw the way I was staring at you when you came down .. and you remember he left us in between when we were chatting .. and he whispered in my ears before leaving "

"Ya .. " trying to remember ..

"He said .. he can see my answer on my face and is gonna go and tell everyone .. "

Kria couldn't help but smile at the turn of the events ..

"Tumhari muskuruhat bahut pyari hai "

She stopped smiling and looked down ..

Suddenly he came on his knees .. "So is Kria Ghai ready to marry this Reyaansh Singhannia ?" he asked .. extending his hand to her …

She laughed .. she was overwhelmed .. no one had ever asked her for marriage this way .. "Very much" .. she said softly .. and placed her hand into his ..

He stood up with a smirk on his face .. "Now am gonna go and tell what you did to all and then we all will have a hearty laugh at your cost .. " he turned to go ..

"No .. No " she caught his shoulder .. "No .. you are not gonna say that to anyone .. " she almost was pale with the after thought of what would happen ..

He came and stood infront of her .. "Ok .. " he looked in her eyes deeply .. "Only on one condition "

"What?" she seemed a bit uneasy ..

"Let that be a surprise after our marriage " he winked and left her standing there blushing ..



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1st oneEmbarrassed

awwwiiieee, sucha cute conceptBlushing

eagerly waiting for the updates Di.

loved it.Embarrassed

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so i loved the update...

i mean its so true to heart...

the way u showed kria's anxiety and evrything... just beautiful...

what the girl faces.. and what she feels when things doesn't work out and everything...

i loved the title... it reminds me of an ad...

then loved the questioning session...

that was so sweet and cute...

the mystery build up... u know who was she talking was so aptly brought up.. never felt that u know something iis missing or u know u were bulding a suspense types that groom interchanging...

awesome di...

i am waiting what rey asks her in future...

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it is awesome.. i really loved it.
eagerly waiting for the next part




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res..unres... OMG Amy...wat a dhanakedaar comeback u've made... Hailaaa... M stunned... Hum logo ki to party hogyi yyaaayyy... LOL ... Nw cmng to ur uppi...toh...o gosh...kitta bada tha... Shocked .. Thak gyi pdte pdte LOL .. Bt d update was like... Wow man... Rishta... Thn Kriyaansh talk... Kria said her fav color n usse usne poora bol dia dat her mood was off n all dat... Wow... Kya sense of humour hai... Shocked ...thn all d masti they did...for som moments evn i ws confused ki Kria ne kisse baat ki.. Tongue ...evn Kria ko bhi ni pta tha... Gosh...kitni innocent hai... Tongue ROFL ...n thn fuse udne k baad uske ghr pe..she came to knw dat kaun kaun hai...hahaha... ROFL ... N dat chota sa proposal...aawww... Embarrassed ... Loved it... Really really loved it... Waiting for the upcoming parts...

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its ausm luved it ClapBig smile




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A Big Res Wink

Unress . Tongue

Wowwiee Amy yaar u totally rocked it yaar !!! Star

This one ws so unpredictable by each passing moment !! Silly

Bechari kriya April-Fool se bi zyada fool ban gyi ... ROFL

And naughty Rey ... Avi se hi gul khilaying ... Blushing

The time i read Vikram ... i ws shell shocked and mujhe laga it's Mere Bro Ki Dulhan tpo story but then u just turned the tables and finally got to noe abt the  teasing and all !!! Embarrassed

Poor soul .. She had a lot stored for her ... LOL

OMG ! The questions asked by Rey ws Hilarious and outta nowhere !! ROFL

About the food ... weather and kriya's opening up to him ...Heart

Avi  se hi achchi understanding ho gyi dono ke beech ... LOL

And eagerly waiting fr Rey and his aftr marriage plans ... Notty Rey!  Evil Smile
The best part ws wen Rey mentioned abt the chess thingy ... ROFL

P.S- Loved each and every part truely !!! Smile

Hearty Welcome back !!! Hug

Ab Crucial slip up bi update krde ...  Embarrassed

Dying to read it further ... Tongue

Jaldi update krna ... And this one too !! Wink 

Btw Loved the title too  !! Big smile

Thanq fr the PM . Embarrassed

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ArSh FF "Badmaash Dill"#4 Chap 32 Page 142 (29/6/14)

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 151 152

sameera_12 1210 69179 13 August 2014 at 2:17am
By Luvforever

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 133 134

sierapomeroy 1066 45660 26 April 2014 at 7:59am
By krusna
love love love(ar,rm,aa)part 5 pg 21updt

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 26 27

mithilalovesksg 211 78962 07 December 2013 at 10:24am
By ksgandjsg21
For my angel FF #1 (Chap 1 to chap 37) 20-05-2013

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 27 28

the-crazy-girl 218 72116 04 October 2013 at 7:52am
By Srilathalolla

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