Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

||YR-Celebrating the GLorious Milestone of 4Yrs||

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Haan koi chori chori mere sapno mein aaye haan yeh dil anjaani dori se bandha jaye ,vishwaas hai ghat bandhan jaanmon ka yeh pawan bandhan yeh toh Ghar aagan mehkata hai '.

Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai


Born on 12th Janaury 2009 the day when we started to bond with Yeh rishta ,came and don't know when and unknown bond bonded us with Yeh rishta which kept on growing and became strong at time we ourselves wonder that aapka aur humara "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai "

Yeh Rishta is something which beyond just a show ,it is a story of couple

story of love, respect, understanding , building relationship ,finding joy in other's happiness and it just goes on and on this just make Yeh rishta fall apart from other shows where each and every bond a mother-daughter/mother-son ,

Father 'son /Father-daughter , brother 'sister, friendship and of course the Husband-wife relationship has been shown in dept  and this ability to capture so many relationship has enhanced made viewers always love the show more

Today 12th January ,2013 the proud moment for entire team of Yeh rishta to that it has completed 4 superb years and still rocking , we the members of India-Forums and from viewers of Yeh Rishta

Wishing the entire team a hearty congratulation and wishing them a luck to continue winning hearts this way .

 Credits for thread

Introduction- Preksha

Story so far- Rasmi,Janvhi

Naksh relationship-Preksha

Naksh & Duggu relationship- Sonali

Fans journey- Sonali and Kamudi

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Characters Of The Show

Akshara - is a simple and sweet girl who has been brought up in a traditional Marwari family. She is the only daughter in the family in three generations; and therefore, she is adored and pampered by everyone. Nonetheless, the rules and regulations for her are the same as they are for others. She knows her limits and has never disobeyed rules. She is not a chirpy girl, yet has a lively nature that comes across through her expressive eyes and her attitude of accepting life just the way it is.

Naitik Singhania - Handsome and youthful, Naitik is a typical son of a Marwari family. Well educated... yet somewhere tied to the customs and tradition. Naitik being the only son in the house of daughters was the most pampered and fussed over.  Though he is also a sensitive soul who cares for others and never hurts anyone, there is a certain pride in him for being born a boy! Together as a couple Akshara and Naitik will embark of a journey where both will have to shed the facade of being the people their respective families and ambience made them and accept each other in their most natural elements.

Naksh Singhania - Akshara and Naitik's son

Varsha - Akshara's best friend, and is as lively and innocent like her. They share every girlie secret, their grievances and sorrows together- she is Akshara's 'true soulmate'.  and is a more practical, confident and self reliant person than Akshara since she does not have the security blanket of father figure or brother over her head. Varsha has been regular in Akshara's house and has fallen in love with her brother Shaurya. 

Shaurya Shaurya is Akshara's brother, Varsha's husband and Ananya's father, who is very loving and helpful. Shaurya shares a warm relationship with Akshara but they do not share every detail of each other's lives. He projects a I'm your big brother image and has even kept his romance with Varsha a secret from her.He trats Naitik as his brother. 

Vishambhar-  Vishambhar is Akshara's father who loves his wife and Akshara too much. He is also a very good Sasur(father-in-law) and supports culture and manners.

RajshriRajshri is Akshara's mother who always seems to be in tension. She is very sensitive regards to Akshara's in-laws.

Daadi - Dadi is one of the most favourite and closest of Akshara. She always solves big problems very easily and advises her family members always.

Omkar Nath - Vishambhar Nath's younger brother, Omkar Nath is a nice man. Fondly known as Omi Chacha by the kids of the house. He first didn't believe in God. He is little strict but good at heart.

Sunaina - Sunaina is Akshara's aunt and Omi's wife and Anshuman mother. She treats Akshara as her own daughter.

Anshuman- He is the youngest child in the house. Anshu is Akshara's cousin and Omi's son who is under the age of 15. He is loved very much by his aunt Rajshri.

Mahendra Pratap Singhania - Dadda Ji is a strict man and head of Singhania family who supports his culture and manners.

Kaveri  Singhania -  she is Naitik's 'bhabhimaa',daddajee's wife. Bhabhi Maa is the first Bahu of Singhania family who supports Akshara more than Gayatri and takes full care of her family..

Rajshekhar Singhania-  Naitik's Father,Akshara's father- in law. He believes Akahara is his own Daughter not Daughter-in-law. 

Gayatri Singhania Naitik's mother Gayatri is Naitik's mother who loves her children and Akshara too.

Nandini Agarwal- is Naitik's cousin, Mohit's wife and Bhabhi Maa's daughter who was affected with polio. She loves Akshara very much.

Rashmi Deora- Naitik's sister who loves Yash Chopra films. She discusses all her problems only with Akshara. She is married to Nikhil who is modern than Singhanias.

Mohit Agarwal -Naitik's childhood friend who later weds Nandini.

Nikhil Deora weds Rashmi and loves her too much and belongs to a modern society who dislikes cultural traditions of the Singhanias.
Rukmini -Mohit's mother who weds her son in Singhanias family for money.

Rajendra -Rashmi's father-in-law, who is modern and little arrogant.

Rama - Rashmi mother-in-law, who treats her as her own daughter.

Gopi daadi - Gopi is Dadi's maid who came with Dadi after Dadi's wedding.

Dhaniya - Dhaniya is the comic relief in the household. She is cute, lively, and also the gossip queen. She loves Bhola but each time she tries to win over him, she is unsuccessful.

Bhola - Bhola is also Maheshwari's housemaid and loves Akshara as much as his own sister.

Maha Raj Ji -the loyal cook of Singhania's who helps him in every condition whether it is good or bad as he doesn't leave them when Singhania's leave their mansion.

Girja- She is a new servant of the Singhania family.

Nani - Nani is much opened mouth who always try to disturb Varsha. Nani is Rajshri's mother.

Shankari Tai- Match Maker who fixed Naitik-Akshara's relationship

Rituraj - Akshara's was-to-be fiance and He is also Naitik's cousin

Bindiya - Rituraj's wife who always is jealous of Akshara and her popularity.

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On this occasion, let's do a quick recap of our journey throughout the Four years!
Story So Far

The backdrop of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai is set up at Udaipur.It starts with a groom hunt for akshara, akshara who is just 19yrs old, her family specially Rajshri(her mother) wants her to get married, but akshara is very upset with this, she questions her mom doesn't she love her and why she wants her to leave this house(but she didn't know there was someone who would love her more than anybody in this world).

Akshara finds out about shauraya and varsha's feeling for each other, which leads to their marriage. Again the question of akshara's marriage comes, she chooses one but confused whether to marry him or not, whether this is the same guy she is looking for and many such questions. Akshara agrees to get married, but the groom rejects her, she is upset again.

Again during the festival of Holi, the alliance of Naitik Singhania comes to Akshara. All are ready to introduce Naitik and his family.  Naitik has said yes for the marriage. All rejoice hearing such great news.Naitik confesses his liking towards her. Akshara too admits that she is ready for the marriage.Naitik and Akshara goes on their first date outside her college,then naitik takes her for date to have an ice-cream .Daddaji doesn't want akshara to study but on naitik 's insistence akshara is permitted to give her  exams. Naitik extend a helping hand towards Akshara for teaching her .

Naitik and Akshara used to meet regularly in college with the help of my frnd varsha and his sister's Rashmi and Nandini (didi)... Naitik used to help  Akshara with studys. One day Naitik got upset seeing Akshara  talking to a guy. this led to a small fight between them. Akshara was upset,Naitik realized his mistake n came to  house by climbing up the pipe and reach the terrace.  Naitik apologizes for his behavior and then while going he gave a kiss on her cheek.Akshara is surprised and embrassed. 

Naitik wanted to meet akshi but he gets vey late, Naitik comes to college and find Akshara sitting, he goes near her. Akshara breaks down on seeing Naitik and cries on his shoulder.  Naitik is embarrassed but later gentle hugs her consoling her.  While dhaniya's procession is going on Rashmi calls Akshara out and take her to an isolated place where Akshara meets Naitik.  Naitik gifts akshara new ring. Wedding functions start, after the pooja Naitik pulls Akshara aside for a stolen moment and he confesses his love. Akshara ask him what if he starts hating her for her faults but Naitik says that he will still love her. 

Then arrives babloo aka Rituraj, who is  naitik's cousin and akshara's first selected guy for her .He confronts akshara at mehendi ceremony and akshara is deeply upset by naitik's behavior. She writes about her feelings for naitik  in a letter and asks bhola to give it to him. All the wedding function are taking place naitik and akshara are tensed.Akshi leaves for her sasural heavy heartedly, naitik is not talking to her she speaks her heart out and naitik understands her feelings for him.

Everybody in singhanias are out at a function, akshara decides to have special night with Naitik, she does all the preparations, special decorations, food everything. Naitik arrives home but not alone, along with his friends to paly video game. Akshara is upset, sad and even angry at Naitik's behavior. Naitik senses this, his all friends leave, Akshara tells him he has wasted everything, Naitik agrees saying there's still time and they can enjoy it. He carries her to the room, they have a romantic moment, their first samarpan and finally both speak their heart out and  love for each other.

 Akshara plans for a surprise by wearing a night gown and both naksh share romantic night.   Akshara tries tell to Naitik  Nandini and Mohit feel for each other but  all goes in vain. Groom hunt for nandini begins by the family, since they are not aware of Mohits and Nandini's feelings.Things went wrong and naitik came to know about Nandini didi and Mohit's relationship . Naitik revealed the truth infront of all and  everyone in the family blamed Akshara for keeping nandini's love as a secret. Akshara  tried to explain naitik about the situation but he didn't care to listen to her words. In his anger, he told akshara to leave the house.

A Heartbroken Akshara leaves the house dishearteningly.She came to Maheshwari's but didn't spoke a word about what happened.

                                                                                                   to be continued below..

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Shattered akshara was trying her best to hide her feeling but on occasion of ganguar while making murti akshara is not able control she runs inside the room and burst into tears then shares it with Varsha,later in Singhania house gayatri informs dadaji that Akshara left house as Naitik told her to leave and she advices Naitik to read the letter akshara left behind for him ,but Naitik in is anger refuses to read and then finaly via Shankari tai Maheswari's come to know the exact reason of Akshara staying and Vishambar goes to meet dadjee  where clash views ends up dadajee disagreeing with vishamber and worsening the situation later somehow circumstance make Akshara come to Singhania house for shivratri pooja in-order to save the family from embarrassment where dadajee observes few things and later with family decides to

make both Naitik-Akshara re-unite by Making them sit and talk and solve the problem themselves and so they call Maheswari's eldes to temple all plan to make them unite the first attempt on day of holi Dhahen goes a waste the next day it is holi when Naitik celebrates in happiness with friends who make him drink bhang and the result of drinking bhang Naitik goes to Akshara place where he throws color on akshara and greets her family and then Naitik demands for more bhang and akshara family agrees against Akshara's wish and by the time Singhania family tensed with Naitik sudden disappearance calls Maheswari's who inform about Naitik being there so singhania's rush there,later circumstances lead to Naitik provoking akshara to have bhang and she drinks and Naitik drags AKshara to her room and locks door both the families are

shocked and decide not to disturb and resolve the matter and in room both in drunken state share all sorrows fight and then both take 7 pheres again keeping candle stand after which Naitik again drags out and to Living room where both families waiting and Naitik asks Akshara forgiveness and for being rude to her and to both families as well and all are happy dadajee orders Naitik to take akshara with due respect tomorrow and Singhania's come home happily in night Naitik is restless so gayatri bhabhimaalong rashmi Nandi tell Naiitk to go spend time with AKshara and Naiitk goes to akshara place hiding via climbing the balcony and both Naitik akshara go on drive in the night have some moments of love

Next Day Naitik brings akshara back with due respect and days pass by here dadajee sends Naitik to daman for some work but along Akshara , hence it was mini honey moon for Naitik and akshara where by mistake akshara goes missing and unable to connect naitik but is rescued by mohit who was in Daman for some office work

Baisa visited Singhania Sadan, she is very strict about the traditional culture,she was very disappointed with Akshara when she came to  know that its was  akshara who supported, and ultimately made Nandini marriage with Mohit who is Naitik's Firend and younger than Nandini. This time nandini  was also at Sainghania Sadan as she and mohit had misunderstandings.Baisa blames akshara for the entire thing, and Naitik couldn't control his anger and spoke rudely to Baisa she got angry and left Singhania Sadan..  All family members were disappointed with Naitik regarding this..

Rashmi's marriage got fixed with Nikhil.. Suddenly Naitik got crisis in their business and they needed to make some immediate payments to the clients... Naitik and daddaji were unable to raise the money at such short notice. The Clients threatened  of complaining to police.  Akshara managed to convince naitik to accept for the help from Vishambhar. Naitik accepted as there was no other way. The clients were paid. Daddaji wasn't aware that  the money from Vishambhar not Maheen ji (Daddaji's friend).  Sooner everyone came to know about this, and got very angry on Naitik and Akshara. Naksh  requested so much for forgiveness but daddaji was no where near to be forgive them.

He told  that Naksh always wanted to do whatever they want  so he made the batwara of the house... he told that no one should restrict Naitik and Akshara in anything and will be separated us. Business got divided into 2, the kitchen got divided .Everyone stopped talking to Naksh.  Naitik was there with Akshara always, helping her in the kitchen, cheering up Akshara.. Naksh  were always together, indirectly it made them come even more closer.
 Varsha delivered a baby girl...Akshara named her "Ananya"...  Days passed on like this..

One day Daddaji got a heart attack at that time no one was there in the house except Akshara. Akshara droved the car and took Daddaji to the hospital... Daddaji slowly started recovering in the hospital. Naitik and Akshara arranged meeting between Nandini didi and mohit, they cleared their misunderstandings.
 Daddaji got discharged from the hospital.After reaching Singhania Sadan  he  asked us to forgive Daddaji for misunderstanding Naksh and separating them from them...everyone were so happy  finally..

Soon akshara got the good news that she is pregnant. Though she was very happy with the news but scared what could be naitik reactions after knowing this.  Finally Akshara manages to break the news to him on Naitik's birthday.
Naitik and both family members were happy with the news... All started taking care of Akshara specially Naitik .

Unfortunately,  Akshara had a miscarriage and Naksh lost their child . When Naitik broke this news to Akshara she was  devasted and heart broken with this. But with Naitik 's  and  whole family support to overcome it. 

 Naitik planned a surprise trip for Akshara to Mount Abu...  Akshara wassurprised with Naitik's plan though their car stopped in the middle ,they  couldn't reached their destination. However, they enjoyed a lot by being with each other.. Naitik and Akshara shared some nice moments with each other. At midnight, Naitik arranged a watermelon cake for Akshara. Naitik promises Akshara that he will give whatever she wants.akshara tells  him that she want a baby in their hands by her next birthday.

 Rashmi's marriage happened well..Sooner Akshara comes to know
she is pregnant again. She feared about what happened last time . She broke this this news to Naitik. He was so happy to hear this,Naitik supported Akshara always. It was time for their  2nd anniversary. Naksh planned a surprise for each other.  They relived  their  sweet memories of the past.

Time flew by Akshara was on her 6 month Naitik that he has lost a lot of money in the market, and that he has no more hopes..Daddaji is sure that he and his family would be able to find a way out of their financial crisis. Akshara believes that Naitik is the world's best husband and father. Naitik's family is depressed due to their financial situation. Akshara is shocked to know that their house is being mortgaged. Vishambarnath and his family come to know about the Singhanias' crisis. Vishambarnath requests Daddaji to allow him to help them, but Daddaji refuses. Daddaji believes that it is their family's problem, and that they will have to face it on their own. Daddaji declares that he and his family would have to leave their house soon. 

The Singhanias are shocked to know that they would have to leave their home . Singhania's get emotional while leaving  their home. Akshara is sure that they will get back their house. Vishambarnath and Rajshree request Daddaji to stay at their house rather than stay at a lodge. Daddaji accepts Vishambarnath's request. Daddaji and his family is welcomed by Vishambarnath and his family. 

Daddaji decides to shift to the new house as soon as possible. They reach their rented house. Naitik needs to leave for Mumbai urgently. Vishambarnath's family plans to send food to Daddaji's family. Naitik is upset to see his family trying to adjust in the small flat. Slowly Singhania's adjust in themselves in the small house.

Naitik got an offer through sneha to design jewellery for wedding..Akshara convinces naitik to give a try on this as it is very good offer. The designer naitik had appointed rejected the project at the 11th hour. Daddaji asked us to reject the project. but naitik wouldn't give up.Akshara designed jewellary to help naitik Later Naitik sees those and he is impressed by akshara designs. Daddaji like the designs but when he came to know that Akshara designed it he told No.Naitik,akshara,Gayatri,Babhi maa convinced Daddaji .

The client praised Naitik for doing a great job with the jewellery designs whick makes Daddaji feel extremely proud of Naitik. Naitik accepts the offer from Trishal Jewellers and the deal is finalized by Daddaji and Rajshekhar. Naitik returns home after having a successful business meeting with Gautam Rathur. He gets a big business deal worth Rs.1 crore with Trishala company and he shares this good news with his family. Naitik brings home the 'Singhania Niwas' nameplate to give his family a surprise. After hearing the good news, the Singhania family celebrates this ocassion. Naitik tells everyone that they can soon return back to their old home. 

The Singhanias wish their neighbours goodbye, Daddaji proudly gives the keys to Naitik and Akshara and requests them to reopen the family home.Singhanias return back to their ancestral home and mark their entry with prayer in the temple of their house. They reminiscence about the memorable moments spent here.

Akshara and Naitik are anxious about the delivery. Naitik's family anticipates Akshara's delivery on Sankranti. Singhania and Maheshwari's celebrate Makar Sankranti at SS. During the celebrations Naitik  gets tensed after receiving an upsetting business call. Naitik tells Mohit that he is upset as he has to attend a business trip in Pune and that he may not be with Akshara during her childbirth. Naitik also share this new with Gayatri , she advices Naitik to inform Akshara about it.

Gayatri and Rajshri are anxiously awaiting Akshara's childbirth.Akshara gets upset when she hears Naitik talking to the client and agreeing to leave for the business meeting immediately. Akshara and Naitik both get emotional. Akshara with tears in her eyes sends Naitik for his business trip.

Akshara faces labour pain. Akshara cries for Naitik and Rajshri while the Singhanias rush her to the hospital.Daddaji informs Maheshwari's  that Naitik has gone for a business trip all are upset as is upset. Naitik wishes that he could be with Akshara during the childbirth. Akshara tells Varsha that she is scared about the delivery. Naitik talks to Akshara over the phone.  Akshara anxiously waits for Naitik while her family members stay by her side to console and lend her comfort. Akshara recollects the special moments with Naitik and cries, she refuses to have the baby without him. 

The doctor agrees to delay the operation and tells the family to wait till Naitik arrives. Akshara shouts for Naitik as her labour pain increases. The doctor rushes her to the operation theatre for a normal delivery. Naitik reaches Udaipur and runs to the hospital.Akshara gives birth to a baby boy. Both the families are overjoyed and argue over who gets to hold the baby first. Naitik finally reaches the hospital. The doctor hands over the baby to Naitik. Naitik and Akshara hold their son for the first time and get extremely emotional. The family members holds the baby and recollect Akshara and Naitik's childhood memories. 

Naitik apologises to Akshara for not being with her during the delivery. They recollect the moment when they held the baby for the first time.The celebration begins for the couple as their families, relatives, and neighbours visit the hospital with gifts to see the baby.The family welcomes Akshara and the baby in a grand manner. Rajshekhar and Daddaji decorate the house to celebrate the arrival of the baby. Akshara and Naitik are surprised to see their room filled with baby gifts.Akshara and Naitik get nervous while changing the baby's diaper and clothes. Gayatri and Bhabhimaa share their worry about Akshara and the baby but Buaji orders them to let Naitik and Akshara take care of the baby on their own.

Akshara searches for her missing diary and inquires about it in the hospital.
Akshara ignores Naitik as she gets busy with the baby.Naitik recollects his previous Valentine's day with Akshara  and decides to give her a surprise this Valentine's day.Naitik tells Akshara that he misses being with her and is upset as he does not get to spend  time with her after the birth of their baby.Naitik surprises Akshara by making arrangements on the terrace for Valentine's Day and expresses his love. Naitik and Akshara watch their wedding video while their baby sleeps soundly. The baby starts crying while Naitik and Akshara spend some romantic moments with each other. 

The family is planning the baby's naming ceremony. Gayatri invites Rajshri for the naming ritual. Akshara gets disappointed as Gayatri has selected the baby's name without taking her suggestion. Akshara sees Nandini crying, Nandini tells her that she can never become a mother.Akshara names her son, Naksh She asks for the families permission before keeping the name. Both the families and the guests approve the name and are happy about it. Gayatri shows the family the pendant she had made for Akshara-Naitik's son. Akshara and both the families are surprised to see the pendant with the same name, Naksh. 

  Akshara tells Naitik about the diary she wrote for Naksh and about it getting misplaced in the hospital.Akshara assures Naitik about not getting her diary published. Rajshri and her family welcome Singhania's for the Holi celebration. Naitik pretends to drink bhang and demands a kiss from Akshara. Later on Akshara too pretends to be drunk and makes Naitik dance. Both the families dance at the Holi party and enjoy themselves 

 The editor from Dhanush publication visits the Singhania house and gives a sample copy of Akshara's diary. Akshara and the family are shocked to see the published diary. On Naitik's assurance,Daddaji permits Akshara to publish the diary.The publisher welcomes Akshara and her family for the launch. The publisher introduces Akshara's book and titles it as, 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai'. Akshara is asked to give a speech and she gets nervous. She gives an emotional speech and dedicates the book to Naksh. She thanks Daddaji and Naitik for their support. 

Singhania's and mohit's family learn about Nandini's infertility.Ranjan and Lalita advise Bhabhima to talk to Akshara about  giving Naksh to Nandini. kshara wishes Naitik happy birthday through an audio tape. The family gives their blessings to Naitik on his birthday. The family surprises Naitik with his childhood toys collected by Akshara.Singhania family members make arrangements for Koyal's wedding. Akshara is shocked to hear Bhabhima for suggesting that Nandini should adopt Naksh.Akshara tells Naitik about Bhabhima's adoption suggestion.Later on everything gets sorted and rajan mama leaves SS.

The family celebrate Naksh's annaprashan. Akshara plans a surprise picnic for both the families. The picnic is interrupted by rains. Seeking shelter under the tress, the couples spend some romantic time with each other. Samar, a stranger retrives the purse from the thief and guides Akshara out of the jungle. Not to spoil the picnic mood she avoids telling Naitik about the robbery.The young couples enjoy a romantic moonlight walk after dinner. The picnic ends with families reaching home safely.

   Anshu's birthday party in a hotel for his friends. Varsha and Akshara wear the party clothes that Shaurya and Naitik gift them.Samar tells Akshara that he has her missing bangle. Akshara thanks him for the bangle and putting out the fire that could have been caused due to faulty electrical wiring. Samar captures few photos of Akshara. She introduces him to Naitik. Samar is shocked to learn that she is married to Naitik.

Samar tells his friends that he is in love with Akshara.Naitik tells Akshara that he does not like Samar.Naitik tells Akshara that Samar is in love with her.Samar proposes to Akshara and promises to take care of her. A disturbed Akshara shouts at Samar. She asks him to get out of the house.Naitik shows Samar that Akshara loves him.

Shaurya and Naitik become business partners. Naitik and Akshara dances during their celebratory dinner with Shaurya and Varsha. However, he feels guilty for overlooking his family because of the new business. Naksh turns nine months old. He and Shaurya have a difference about a business decision.Shaurya and Naitik blame each other for losing the tender. Both Singhania and Maheshwari families witness their argument at the birthday party. Naitik rebukes Akshara,Naitik and Shaurya's discord affects the Maheshwari and Singhania families.

Akshara becomes suspicious as the manager she starts keeping an eye on him. Shaurya and Naitik draw legal documents to break up their business partnership. Akshara discloses the manager's swindle to Naitik.When Naitik and Shaurya learn about the manager's fraudulent business scheme, they fire him. Naitik and Shaurya realize their mistake.Naitik and Shaurya become friends again.

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Naitik and Akshara two different identities became "Naksh" when on 9th March 2009 they saw each other there started a journey of magic Heart .The journey of love after marriage started from their courtship days when they didn't even knew what love was then slowly  they started connecting with each other and fell in love  or discovered what love and there began journey of Naksh when they got married soon after marriage they faced loads of problem they had small knok-jhoks and big fights has well but every fight or every other misunderstanding just enhanced their relationship and made it into a bond understanding ,a bond unbreakable trust,faith and love, and above all unconditional love for each other , be it crisis or a happy moment its just amazing and one ends up saying

"Pyaar karna koi inse seekhe"

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Naitik,Akshara & Duggu

Hearts Animated GIF Dividers |

A child is a apple of eye for any parent.same is wirh Naitik and Akshara
It was month of april 2011 after lots of hurdles in SS things where back to its places.naitik need to go out of town for a business work.Akshara back home
was suddenly feeling uneasy,lots of weakness and unwell.As naitik was not home akshara alone managed to visit a doctor for a check up .
complitly unexpected and unaware doctor discloses the news to akshara that she is pregnant.listing to this akshara was cmplitly out of the world
The feeling of becoming a mom was just not letting her be on earth.but very next moment thinking that naitik wont be ready for a kid killed all her
excitment .things passed by and akshara dared to disclose the news to naitik. both and whole of SS and MS were happy for them.days passed by and
suddenly after a check up doctor discloses the news to naitik that they have lost there child .which broke naitik complitly same with akshara.
with lot of care and love akshara was brought out of taruma of miscarriage.
           Days passed and finally it was 17th august 2011 when akshara knew again that she is expecting ,Naksh were overwellmed with the news
as after the frirst miscarriage they badly waited for this moment.but akshara was tensed taking her past ,naitik all her side gave her strength and
courage that this time nothing such is going to happen. a kid is always very very special for a parent ,the first miscarriage made this pregnancy way
to special for naksh,this time they were more carefull taking the kid .Just with a taught to talk to the baby akshara started writing a dairy.which
contained all the feelings she going through ,she taught she will gift this to naitik after a particular time.akshara use to share each and every thing
with her baby with the form of writing ,she shared each and everything  every small thing ,she mentioned how badly naksh were waiting for the kid
       other side naksh started leaving the parenthood right from the day they knew that they are going to become 3 from 2 .hours and hours naksh
use to discuss about the kid,naitik use to daily read lots of articles and books and discuss it with akshara .passing all the hurdels the time of delivery
was near very near unaware of destiniy akshara wanted naitik to by her side during the delivery but naitik need to go out for a work.
after lots of pain and worries it was 30th january 2012 .when naksh became proud parents of a baby boy .naksh together celebarted the most
magical moment of thr life.naksh just thanked each other for the wonderful gift ,they gifted each other in the form of a little baby boy.
that one moment made them to forget all the pains and worries they have gone through for living this moment
       The kid was called after many names akshara called him Duggu ,MS called him Chikku and Ss as Lalla,as it was first kid of a generation ,he was
very special for everyone.intial days naksh being the new new parents faced lots of problems,but they very well helping out each other manged the
things ,after a certain days one the Naming cermony .the kid was named as NAKSH : NAitik ka NA aur aKSHara
days passed naksh did have lots of problem taking duggu as this experience was something really new and it was something a very very big
responsibilty of that.But the love for duggu made out naksh as really good parents ,after duggu coming in their life everything gone special very
special for them,they celebrated each a every event very grantly as it was there cutipies first celebrations whtr it was holi,naksh anniversary,their
birthday's ,diwali etc.. any festival and event was celebrated grantly.
Naitik use to try his level best to make out time for akshara and duggu by compliting his work as soon as possible. they use to play with duggu,
take him to park,talk to him endlessly. a small trobble to duggu makes them restless.
time was passing at its speed and in no time duggu was going to turn a year old ,this feeling was making naksh excited they planned up and
celebrated the first birthday very grantly, with lots of dances,games and cake.
duggu also started taking naksh as his parents ,he conved this lot many times in a kid's terminolegy ,by crying out not finding either one by his

side all the time,by responding to naksh small small questions,by beating up the one who spoke are tried to do bad to his parents ,and by stopping
naitik from going to the bikanair
Naksh and duggu the perfect trio were living a perfect life.naksh by planning up duggu's future unaware of the dissful future waiting for them
A accident smashed out there perfect family, naitik was lead to coma and akshara was lead to take all the responsibility and duggu was much
taken by his dadi.Now naksh's cutipiee is all 5 year old and naitik is back to sense
tough naksh and duggu have missed out their bond but they still share a blood in common which will again turn out things to them
now after 4 years its time for few relations to again have a start .
Now its time when the destiny will again bring the parents and kid which are carving for each others love .

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A Fan's Journey

"Vo kaun hai jise main jaanti hu, par pehchaanti nahi.. jiske siwa kisi aur ko apna maanti nahi"

"kya shaadi ke baad shuru hogi meri prem kahani?" i doubt if there would be any Yeh Rishta fan who didn't get goosebumps while hearing/reading those awesome lines.

Haan Koi Chori-Chori Mere Sapnon Mein Aaye,
Haan Yeh Dil Anjaani Dori se Bandhaa Jaye,
Vishwaas ka hai Gathbandhan,
Janmon ka Yeh Paavan Bandhan,
Ek Pal mein kese Judd Jaata hai,
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai...

Haan Aesi Rasmon - Kasmon pe Dil Balihaari Jaaye,
Ho Apne ho Jaate hai jo Kal Tak the Paraaye,
Armaanon ke Aangan mein Jazbaat ka hai Sangam,
Yeh to Do Aangan Mehkaata hai,
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai...

Be it the first promo, or the background score or Akshara's first look or Naitik's super entry in the show after completion of nearly two months, Yeh Rishta has always had us hooked onto it, so much that it's hard to deciper as to what brought us so close to such a show.Though a first hand account of my journey for the show, im sure any Yeh Rishta fan would feel the same.

It's a proud moment for everyone of us today. that our beloved show has completed 4 glorious years and even better than that, it's still going strong. though there have been moments where we have said that we lost all hopes from Yeh Rishta and that it's futile to watch such a show, the underlying fact has always remain and for that matter, will always remain that we all loved Yeh Rishta from the bootom of our hearts and will always to continue to do so for the rest of our lives. A show like Yeh Rishta usn't to be forgotten so easily and the creative team has proved it time and again, even though one awesome epi follows a hundred bad ones. 

After 4 long years, it's hard for a fan to remain connected with a show as he was in the starting. but Yeh Rishta is unique. and the best of the lot. so many shows came, so many went off air too. but Yeh Rishta has remained the same. and it will forever be like that, God Willing.4 years of a journey hasn't been an easy one for us fans. We have had our share of ups and downs with the show and it's even true that we've lived an entire life through this show.

We have eagerly anticipated moments like Akshara's entry, her prospective Groom, and drooled over them big time. If on one we've jumped with joy over Naitik-Akshara's marriage, we've also cried buckets on her bidai. we've waited for over a month for Naitik-Akshara to become one but we've also expressed our resentment when Akshara left her house.Their patch up on the holi was the most beautiful ever and Nandini's marriage though heavily criticized would always be remembered for it's awesome Naksh Chemistry.

Sneha was always cursed for ruining Naksh's life and later on Akshara was blamed for not getting things right. Though we love Naksh to the core, we never leave any opportunity to gaalofy them or make fun of them when they did something stupid.There would hardly be any fan who'd have not cried when Akshara suffered a miscarriage.

Akshara's miscarriage did take her child away but gave a new Naitik . A caring, understanding and supporting which truly raised expectation of every girl for her future suppose. The way Akshara was taken care by Naitik and her in laws ,made fans to fall even for gayatri Just loved the way whole track was representated 
than came the moment when with Naksh and thr fans got the lost smile back ,yes the very fine moment Naksh 13th july SMP followed by the news that now Akshara is expecting again..

Though the drama  hyped in initial days of pregnancy took fans to the nerves   and sudden change in naitik's attitude made us cry along with akshara 
but love the house corrupt track  was handeld .It gave fans a strong and supportive akshara .loved the way whole track was handled .But the way naksh owned the Singhania Sadan back was a really delight full moment 

Yet naitik leaving at delivery time drenched many many hearts along with akshara ,fans badly wanted naitik with akshara during her delivery .but the moment we along with naksh have gone through glimpse of duggu watered all our queries and complaints.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai really taught each and every fan alot .initial days of naksh with duggu really framed up each and every mind that kids are not easy and handling a kid is two way job for every couple .2012 after march the way story was moving was really annoying fans ,because tracks were just moving away from the very concept of "journey of a couple"

Now came the moment were bani entered yrkkh omg the cutie pie  ,but had to farwell the cutiee harsh , harsh was really hard to be replaced in hearts .but bani she just just took millions of heart away ,she was just just adorable to watch on the screen , the kid is just a born actor ,the expression ,the smile everything just kneeled down millions of hearts .

Tracks like Rashmi's divorce ,Samar's track, Babhi maa asking for duggu,Shaurya and Naitik's rift taking business just just checked patience of each and every fans though there was really something which kept fans patient that was a small hope that story will surely surely move to naksh and their journey
than came the moment when Naitik's so called london friends came to Sginahnia Sadan. It was just just super annoying moment yet  to get its 1000th epi made fans excited and keep calm,The Antra the one who each each and every Yeh Rishta Kya kehelata Hai  fan hated to the core ,as she was somewhere framing up first ever negative character of Y
eh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai

The way track was in initial day's took fans against Naitik but loved the way track was headed and was just amazing moment to watch how naksh and relation was going to next stage .

The Bikanair trip omg naksh where just adorable to watch , but "The accident" OMG the 27th November Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai started getting heart breaking , It was back with the bang ,the story ,the line up the acting of whole cast was just leaving the audience sobbing till the time Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai was onscreen .

 3rd December ,yes the day Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai took a leap of4 years  with keeping lot many things suspense which was very heart breaking turn, which gave rebirth to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai ,during whole face just a taught of naksh were filling eyes with endless tears , heart was breaking for poor Akshara .even now the taught "how did Akshara spend her 4 years.? " just fills the eye of every fan .

After leap seeing Naitik on bed all numb and senseless was breaking heart into pieces..the crying session which started with Naksh accident was still on .seeing Akshara talking to senseless Naitik was just just shattering moment ,Naksh onscreen was just just enough to brake down into tears .Naksh accident and leap .i can bet the pain which was engrossing in each fans heart proved them ki what is Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai  is Naksh for them.

The delicate hearts were more way shattered when it was shown that akshara was all alone with not even Duggu around her . the missing bond of Duggu and Akshara was making each fan more more restless ..Then came the time when naitik started showing signs ,the first sign gave each and every audience goosebumps .the stretching at that point was superbly annoying ,because it was already getting a month since no no fan have seen him all alive .

The description of the leap and post leap episode is beyond impossible because it is just very painful ,describing Naksh pain was just way to impossible but ya the changes around especially the attire made each and every fan laughing.Leap was something which no YRKKH fan was ready but when and way it came it was just welcomed open heartily. 

 Naitik regained his senses ,the most awaited  moment the way thy were portrayed was just worth drooling at the same time tear shedding moments .
Naksh were complete yet Duggu's absence was keeping them incomplete .Duggu's attitude was just a shock to fans as it was for Naksh ..Besides this would surely like to mention that we do agree we blame production unit for every every small move .

We all always be thank full to whole production unit for giving us Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai for giving us Naksh ,you are the only one who deserve all the all the credit back of making Naksh making Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai..

On such a special occasion it was really very honorable to write a fan journey with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai..


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Heart haan koi chori chori mere sapno mein aaye
haan yeh dil anjaani dori se bandha jaaye
vishwas ka hai gath bandhan
janmon ka yeh paawan bandhan
ek pal mein kaise jud jaata haiii...
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai...
ohh hooo Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlataaa Hai..Heart
12.01.2009 - 12.01.2013 four glorious years and still going strong!! ClapClapClap what a proud feeling Big smileBig smile our sweet, simple, gorgeous, adorable, elegant show is 4 years old now!! Big smileBig smileBig smile
Hearty Congratulation to everyone who is attached to this show, fans, actors and the entire team of YRKKH!!! a big thank u to Star Plus and Mr Rajan Shahi for giving us such a historic show!!! thank you to the hard working wonderful team of YRKKH for providing us with those beautiful episodes everyday!! you all simply Rock!!!  I wish more and more accomplishment for this show and it's wonderful, commendable actors, Hina Khan, Karan Mehra and our cutie pie Shivansh Embarrassed
as a fan how i'm feeling right now is hard to describe...!!! I find myself lucky to be a fan and lover of this wonderful show...Big smile YRKKH is much much more then a tv show for me! it's my life, my heart which i won't be able to live without ever!  in last 4 years YRKKH gave me many things but the most wonderful thing it gave me is some sweet friends Embarrassed to all my wonderful friends congratulation HugHug 
God bless YRKKH with many more years...!! Long live Yeh Rishta...!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai...PartyPartyParty

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