Pongal Virunthu!!! Done!

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Pongal is coming!Dancing

Preparations are going on full swing across the world among all tamizhans to celebrate the harvest season, a thanksgiving! 

So as usual nanum ethavuthu FF panalamnu yosikala...illa...sathiyama...nan ethuvumai yosikala. Appo than nama Haritha akka enaku oru PM anupi, Ai ponnu, oru FF seinthu ezhuthulamnu sonnanga...Ithu pothumai namakuTongue

The most highlighting factor was they are actually giving a virunthuLOL after we had decidedTongue!

And so, a FF by HARHEM and GISELWink!!!


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Our hero, Tamil after getting ready for office  is sitting across the hall having his coffee waiting for his wife to drop her in the collegeyawn. Lavanya sitting beside him is having her share of coffee with their lovable mom thinking of her next module on how to torture her son and daughter in lawfrustrated. Thulasi is getting ready for her college. She feels a little tired due to the trimester symptoms and getting over with it as its going to be a good yearEmbarrassed. Their symbol of love, their fortune is growing inside her womb. Though a mother feels tired physically due to the fatigue and nausea, the happiness she is going to receive after this would make her forget all her tensions, worries and difficulties she might have to undergo during the pregnancyEmbarrassed. Praying to see her bundle of joy soon in this world to be enclosed between her hands she touches the womb with the sort of ecstasy and curiosityEmbarrassed. It became her daily routine to feel the presence of her baby though there undergoes stages of physical growth in the womb. She feels the touch of the baby in her womb and talks to the baby, "Kanna.. epdi da irkea? chamutha irukanum. amma college poyitu vanthu nammaa nerya pesalam.. nalaiku vera pongal,namma ellarkuda sernthu romba jollya enjoy panuvom.. seriya..Embarrassed

Tamil comes inside the room saying, "Ena kuttima? Time achu, enum kelambala?" He notices her standing in front of the mirror with her hands on her stomach, smilingwave.

She turns to look at him, "Han! Ready ga! Polam" and she takes her handbag. Tamil looks at her lovingly, blank for wordswave, who is wearing a saree and glowingEmbarrassed

Tamil, "Ena kuttima? Thidurunu sareethinking." Thulasi, "Innaiku Pongal celebration than, class lam kadaiyathu." hurry up!Tamil walks towards her, "En kannai patutum pola irukuraised eyebrows." taking dhisti for her, "Appo inaku college poga venamraised eyebrows." Thulasi controls her smile, "Ein?" Tamil, "Summa than! Class miss agathilathinking. Aprom.." Thulasi, "Aprom?" Tamil, "Illa..." Thulasi looks at him and smiles sarcastically, "Ena?" Tamil, "Illa..Nama kolantheiku oru kiss kudukanum pola iruku.Shockedhee hee" slowly holding her handTongue.

Thulasi, hits him lovingly,"Azha paru! Kalan kathalaiya romance moodku vanthutu neenga patuku office kelambi poiruveinga, nan matum inga irunthu ena panurathu?hee hee." Tamil, "Avalo thena? Nanum innaiku officeku katuraised eyebrows." Thulasi, though smilingraised eyebrows, "Apdilan onum theva illa." making it clearly visible that she wants him to be on leaveTongue.

Both of them come out smilinglove struck, much to the annoyance of GWEvil Smile.  GW turns her face on the other side. It was a surprise for Tamil that his mother didn't open her mouth from the morning as he usually hears her complaints and curses as an archanai for the morning quota..LOL.

Tamil, "Ennama? Ethavuthu saptutu irukiya.. romba silent ah irukira?LOL"  GW gets angry, "Aama da.. naan vaya thoranthalum kutham thorakalenalum kutham..Tongue"  Tamil, "Aiyyo nee pesama iruntha ethavuthu nadanthudumo nu bayamairuku athu thaanLOL." Thulasi , Lavanya and Tamil smile at her. GW starts to counter him when she hears the car stopping near the gate. Nitish comes in with bags of clothesSmile.
Nitish, "Tamil epdi irukeenga... enna ..sister epdi irukeenga?" Thulasi, "Naanga nalla irukom. Veetla ellarum epdi irukanga.. avangaleyum kootikitu vanthirukalam la?Smile" Nitish,"Ellarum nallarukanga. Appa Amma Bangalore poyirukanga.. Charu kannu muzhichita avalku ninaivu thirumbidichu.. elaryum recognize panna arambichita.. athan amma appa poyirukanga..worried"

Two face fell as their smile slowly turning off  hearing the news about CharuDisapprove. Tamil, who wanted to remove that name from his happy life of kuttima getting to hear about her and that too, while Thulasi who was expecting her life to proceed smoothly with the  new arrival of their baby soon in their lives, gets worriedDisapprove. GW's face lits up hearing about her "Pranasakhi Marumagal". GW, "Mappillia.. Charu gunamayitala? habba kadavule  ennoda prathanai veena pogala" Lavanya, "Epdi irukangalam ippo?" Nitish starts narrating...

TA looks at his worried and insecure Kuttima's face. He wanted to cheer up her as she would surely be down after getting to know about Charu. He didn't want his kuttima and kutty baby to get worried and skip enjoying the function. Thulasi had never had an opportunity to celebrate with happiness at her home all these years. Their life from the marriage day has not been so smooth too. Its been only for a short while he has seen his wife in happiness mode. He plans some sweet surprise for the pongal day tomorrow. He makes up his mindEmbarrassed. Tamil, "Seri Nitesh! Enakum Thulasikum time aachu. Naanga kilambarom. Evening papom.." Thulasi looks at him enquiringly because just a second ago he had said that they can be on leave but now, but she follows him without questioning himDisapprove.

Tamil and Thulasi leaves in their bike. Tamil notices that she isn't even asking where they are going inspite of them just discussing to be on leave. He could clearly see that she was so disturbedDisapprove. He tries to talk to her normally about  the baby growing stages to even about the admission of their child and her studies. Her disinterest was evident from her monosyllable answersDisapprove. They reach her college, "Po kuttima. Friends kuda celebrate pannu.Sleepy" Thulasi just nods still not smiling, "Approm. inaku class mathiyanam veraikum than." Tamil nods silently, "Seri nan vanthirein. Manasa potu kolapama poi enjoy pannu. Approm enaku sakara pongal eduthu vechuko. College students apdi epdi than samaikiranganu pakanumaiSmile. Sakara pongala illa poster pasaianu.ROFL" Thulasi smiles at his cute joke and hits him, "Kalam full a nan thena samachu podanumEmbarrassed. PathukureinLOL." Both of them laugh and Thulasi goes in heaving a sign of contentment and Tamil looks at his watch, mind voice, "Enum 3 hours thana? Cha! Elathayum sikrama pannanum."I don't know and he drives away.

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Our next location is Deepa's house...A
 lady enters her  house. Praba is sitting and watching TVtv.  Indira is cutting vegetables in the hall. The lady, "Ena Indira? Puthandu vazhuthukalSmile! Epdi iruka? Mappilla epdi irukaru? Unaiyum mappillai yum veetuku azhaikalam nu vanthein. Pongal varuthula. Pillaigalai yum kuttitu vanthiruSmile." Indira gets up. Praba also reduces the volume of the TV. Indira, "Vanga chitti. Epdi irukeinga? Kandipa varom." The lady, "Ithu yaru? Deepa oda mappillai ya? Ingaya irukanga? Oh, thala pongaluku kupteingala? Neenga busy na parava illaConfused. Nan Deepa purushan veetula kondaduvanga nu nenachein athan ungala kupudalamnu...straight face" Indira looks at Praba speechless. Praba looks a little annoyed and gets up. Just then Deepa comes to the hall looking worried, who has heard everythingsad. Deepa says, "Vanga patti. Illa Pongala nanga enga veetula than kondaduvomconfused. Aana Ammava pakanum polla irunthuthu athan inga vanthomGeek.
The lady, "Oh! Seri seri. Appo vanthirga Indira. Nan kelambirein." Indira, "Enna athukula? Coffeecoffee saptutu ponga." Lady, "Illa vera ela sontha karangalaiyum kupudanum. Marakama vanthirunga. Deepa una kupudalunu kochikatha maAngry." and the lady leaves. 
Praba goes a little angry into his room. Deepa looks at him, worried and follows him. It was unpredictable on what he had got worried and angry. She had no choice other than to pacify him and streamline things between them to lead a peaceful life. Praba sits on the bed, looking a little annoyed, angry, worried; a mixed feelingrolling eyes. Deepa goes and stands next to him.She hesitates to start.
Praba, "Nama veedu na? Ethu Deepa? Nan vazhanthu ippo government ta irukai athuva? Illa Sundari amma veeda? Illa jaila? Ethu nama veedu? Sollu Deepa? Ethu nama veeduchatterbox?" getting strongly emotional, "Na anatha, Deepa. Enakun yarumai illa. Appa matum un kuda enaku kalyanam panni vekalana, nan nadu theru la than ninurupeinDisapprove. Yarumai illama." and starts crying.The tug in his heart and the pain in his heart moved Deepa's heart. Each and every word was true. It was the duty of the partner who can be a strength and support to their spouse at the time of distress.

(Pic by Hollie)

Deepa puts a hand on his shoulders. He holds her hand still cryingsigh. Deepa slowly sits next him, "Ena ga ithu chinna kolantha mathiriEmbarrassed? Ena prechanaya irunthalum atha serious a edukama irupeingaLOL. Ithuku poi." Praba, "Illa Deepa", rubs off his own tears, "Enaku urumaiyana sontham intha olagathila una thavara yaru?Embarrassed" Deepa looks worriedly at him not knowing what to tell him. Praba turns and looks at Deepa who looks at him with equal pain, and then (slow motion) he hugs her without giving her a moment to reactraised eyebrows. Deepa opens her eyes in sudden shockhee hee, not knowing how to react. The first time she feels the hug his touch. It was as if he was keeping his burden, his pain on her shoulders.She was skeptical on how to react and thinks of letting herself out of his hands.
Praba doesn't let go and continues cryingraised eyebrowsHe has never behaved so intimate to her.She couldnt resist herself seeing her husband's despair.Whatever name you call it but the relationship of marriage is truely based on the love and care which they promise each other to provide mutually. She wanted to keep her promise by supporting her husband. Deepa slowly brings her hand towards his shoulders with a bgm of heartbeatsWink.  When she decides to hold his shoulders, the phone ringsat wits' end (Cellphones should be banned in bedroomsTongue; if it is Suchi, I'm going to kill herAngry!). Praba comes back to reality and they let go of the embracehee hee, looking down speechless and expressionlessTongue

In the next ring, Deepa takes the phone and gives it to Praba. Praba wipes off his tears and takes the call, "Hello Tamil! Sollunga?..." he looks at Deepa with a astonished lookthinking. Deepa doesn't understand the look and inquires with her eyesraised eyebrows, "Kandipa vanthirom! Seri Tamil!" and keeps the phone down smiling. Deepa looks at him wondering what had brought a change in him. Praba, "Tamil pongaluku veetuku kuptu irukaru. Thulasi akkaku surprise kudukanumam.Embarrassed" Deepa smiles, "Tamil sir, eppovumai apdithan. Birthday na surprise, Anniversary na surprise, ippo PongalukumaWink? Haha. Seri kulichutu varean. Nama kalambalam. Ukanthu azhuthutu irukatheinga. Poi ready avunga."  and turns to go. Praba looks after Deepa as she goes out of the room with a towel and gets up with a determined look and goes outGeek.

Mohan, in his bed, talking on his phone, "Kandipa mama! Enum 2 hoursla anga irupom." Kalyani comes into the room with flour in her right hand and looks for something in the shelf with her left hand. Mohan, cuts the call and turns to look at his wife searching for somethingraised eyebrows. Mohan gets up from his bed and slowly hugs her from behindhee hee. Kalyani, who doesn't expect it, gives a shock cry, in the process making the things in the shelf to fallhee hee. Kalyani then beats his hand, "Aiyoo! Ena Mohan ithu? Ippo onuku rendu vela." and sits down to pick the stuff which has fallen. She notices he isn't answering and looks at him to see him standing there sulking. Kalyani gets up, "Ena?" Mohan, "Onum illa, eppa pathalum vela vela. Eppo than romance pannurathuhee hee." Kalyani smiles at him sarcastically, "Azha paru.." Mohan continues, "Mama, Thulasi akkaku surprisekaga Pongal celebration vechurukaru. Namala vara sollurar. Amma permission tharuvangalaErmm?

Speak of the devil, the devil enters...Padma enters the room, "
Ena satham?" and sees all the items on the floor, "Aiyoo aiyoo aiyoo! Oru porula olunga vekka theriyala. Iva lan sikanatha pathi pesura. Intha porul elam ithuka munadi iva pathurupala?not listening" Mohan, "Amma, Ena ma ithu? Ipdi bedroom kula vara. Po ma velilahee hee." Padma looks shocked at both of them. Kalyani and Padma stare at each otherLOL. If looks could send daggers, that could be termed as a war between their eyes.

Padma, "
Poren da, poren. Ein di inga nikira? Itha clean pannitu. Mava arachitu, poi samayal velaya paru. Po." and she turns to go. Mohan, "Amma. Innaiku Kalyani samaika mata. Neeya pathukoErmm!" Padma, "Ein? Maharaniku enavan? Pongal anaika ein samaika matalanErmm?" Mohan, "Amma. Thulasi akka veetuku Pongal celebrate panna porom." Padma starts to say something. Kalyani, "Enaga ithu? Pongal a nama veetuliya kondaduvom. Anga poga vendamShocked." Mohan and Padma look at Kalyani surprise because Padma had expected to tell her the sameTongue. Padma, "En di ethayumai correct a panna matiya? Athan kuputurukangala, porathuku enavan? Dai. Ivala kutitu poitu vadaLOL." and she leaves. 

Mohan looks at Kalyani, "Super Kalyani! Amma vaiyalai poitu vara sollavechu ta!" Kalyani just smiles, "Ithukuda ungaluku kaga panamateina?Embarrassed" and she keeps her hand on his face lovinglyEmbarrassed; flour on his faceI don't want to see, "Achacho! Nan ready aga poren." and runs outLOL. Mohan, keeps his hand on his face, "Ai. Nilu!" and chases her, only to stop because MM and Pavithra are in the hall; smiling at them. Both of them smile sheepishly and Kalyani goes to the kitchen. Mohan with flour still in his face, "Pavitra. Ready agu. Thulasi akka veetuku poramSmile."

Deepa is drying her hair wearing a nighty, when Praba comes back into the room. Deepa, not turning to look at him, "Enga poneinga? Enum ready agala?" and then she goes to her wardrobe, "Ena saree poda? illa atha pona Sunday thena" Praba, "Deepa!raised eyebrows" Deepa turns to look at him, "Enaga? Enum chumma nikureinga?" She then notices a cover in his hands and that he is standing hesitantlyraised eyebrows, "Ena ga?" Praba, "Athu..thita kudathu!raised eyebrows" Deepa keeps her hands on her shoulders, looking at him as if a mother is looking at her naughty kidEmbarrassed" Sollunga! Thituratha approm pakalam. Ippo ena pannuneinga?" Praba looks up and gives her the coverEmbarrassed. Deepa takes it and opens it and looks at him and then at what is inside and then at himConfused. Praba goes near her. Deepa starts to say something. Praba puts a finger on her lipsShocked, indicating her to be silent. Her lips quivered with the sudden unexpected touch. It was electrifying for both of them sending shivers to the spine. Prabha somehow regained his senses and  looks into her eyes, "Deepa! Please, ethuvum sollatha. Ithu than nan unaku kudukira modha giftEmbarrassed. Evalo selvachu? Enga irunthu ivalo panamnu ketu mood out pannatha pleasehee hee." Deepa looks at him surprised and nods yes slowlyTongue. Praba, "Sikram ready airu. Enum 1 hourla kelambirlam.Deepa looks at the saree he had just presented her and smilesEmbarrassed. The first gift on Pongal from her husband, his change in attitude towards her and his attempt to be closer and intimate towards her.. all this made her gain confidence on him hoping for a good future from this new year on this auspicious ocassion...

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Sudha, who is just completing making the kolam in front of Thulasi's houseSmile, "Einga antha panaiyum eduthutu vanga."
Puvi, "Itho vanthutein!" bringing the pot.
GW looks at Puvi, with her usual contempt, "Elam ein neram. Nan petha rendu pasangalam ipdi pondatti dasan aitangalai.Angry
Sudha gets up looking sharply at GW. 
Just then ironically, Nitesh brings a chair for LavanyaLOL, who is standing and tieing the sugar canes together, to keep it over the pot. 
Sudha and Puvi look at this; GW also looks at itLOL
Sudha and Puvi look at each other and smile. 
GW becomes angry and goes inLOL
Sudha goes in. 
GW is sitting in a chair looking angryDead.
Sudha looks at her and then goes inside the kitchen and comes back with a knifeShocked.
She goes towards GW, who looks alarmed at seeing her come towards her with a knife, "
Sudha, "
Ena athai?"  and then smiling sarcastically, "Intha function mudirathu veraikum nenga sirichitei irukanum; illana..." and she rubs the knife with her finger to test the sharpnessShocked. GW, a little scared now, because she very well knows what she is capable of, "Illana..." Sudha repeats, "Illana...Ama intha kathi nala sharp thena?Shocked" GW, "Ama! Ein kekura?
Nitesh calls out from outside, "
Sister! Karumbu veeta kathi kadaikalaya?
Sudha, "
Itho iruku! Varen!" and then she turns to GW, "Hm. Veliya vanthu sirichitu irunga. Thulasi varambothu ethavuthu kundaka madaka pesinenga avalothanLOL." showing the knife to her and she goes out. After a while, GW also comes out. Sudha cuts the sugarcane with so much force, looking at GWLOL; making it very clear that she will suffer if she is in her normal 'GW' mode when the whole family is thereLOL. GW smiles in fearLOL.

On their way back home in the bike, 
Thulasi, "Enaga? Half day permission poteingala?"
Tamil, mindvoice, "Full day katu than.", tells her, "Illa kuttima! Itho lunch break la una kondu vitutu nan thirumbi poiruven."
Thulasi becomes sadEmbarrassed, "Permission podunga, please."
Tamil smiles to himself, but, "Illa kuttima! Romba vella iruku. Innaiku mudiyathu."
They cross a guy selling sugarcane on the road, "Ein ga vandiya niruthunga."
Tamil stops the bike. Thulasi gets down, smiling. Tamil looks puzzled at her, "Ena kuttima?"
Thulasi,  "Atho karmbu;"
Tamil smiles at her childishnessEmbarrassed, "Seri ein kuttima illamala!" and gets down from the bike.
They go near the shop, "Rendu karmbu kudu, thambi. Evalo?"
Thulasi, "Rendu yaruku pathom? Konjam neraiya vanguga."
Tamil smiles, "Seri!" in the process checking for his wallet in his pocket. The shopkeeper gives the sugarcane to Thulasi which she accepts happily. Tamil, "Kuttima! Purse a bank laya vechuteinu nenakureinShocked. Atha thirupi kuduthiruCry; nan varambothu vangitu varen." Thulasi unwillingly gives it backCry, "Seri vanga polam" becoming sad and goes to the bike. 
The shopkeeper, "
Ippo thena vangitu ponein ga. Athukula?Shocked
Tamil motions him to be silent and winks at himAngry; making it clear that he has money and is playing with herWink.

Thulasi still in a mood out; they reach homeCry. Thulasi looks baffled at Lavanya, Nitesh, Puvi, Sudha, Pooja and GW especially waiting for her dressed up and the sugar cane and the kolam. Everyone smiles. Thulasi turns and looks at Tamil with a "ula vanga vechukiren" lookLOL, but again she can't stop smiling, for it was so nice to see everyoneSmileShe was happy to see the whole family together when Puvi smiles at TA assuring that all is set for the celebration.
Nitesh, who was munching on a sugarcane, "Inthaga sister karumbu! Ungaluku romba pidikumnu oru kadaiya vangi vechurukaru ula. Oru masathuku thangum."
Thulasi again turns to look at him with a tear coming to herEmbarrassed.
Sudha, "
Ula poi freshen aitu vanga. Pongal vechurulam."
Tamil, "
Vaa!" and she holds her hand and takes her inEmbarrassed.
Everyone carries on with their work, including GW this timeLOL.
Tamil goes inside the bathroom and Thulasi sits down in her bed; smilingEmbarrassed.
The happiness and the joy surrounding Thulasi made her thank God for fulfilling her Paati's wishes and her prayers. Life had not been so easy and smooth for her but for all the turmoils she had to face from her childhood right from her mother leaving her alone to face the wrath of her father and her step mother on the bitter background of society, she deserved two fold happiness. One of her fortune being her husband who was in the limelight of bringing light to her life and another one her baby who is going to light up both their life and make her life meaningful. Traversing through these thoughts she caught hold of Tamil's mobile on their room which was ringing continuously without getting any attention. Thulasi hesitated to attend the call first as it was new numberConfused. She couldn't help it as she didn't want Tamil to lose as it might be an important call for himSleepy
Thulasi, "Hello"
The receiving end was silentConfused
She could hear soft breaths through the mobile which makes sure that the call is still active. She sensed something wrong or suspicious in the call.
Thulasi, "Hello.. Yaarunga? Ungaluku yaar vennum?"
The other voice, "Hello..Nan.."
Thunder and lightening struck Thulasi's heart as she heard Charu'sShocked voice back after a long time. She was not able to digest the fact that she is talking to the same Charu who was madly and deeply in love with her husband conspiring against her to separate them for eternity with the help of her own mother in law. The same Charu who was so influencial that even the man whom she loved whom she had trusted her life was against her just for the sake of respecting his friendship rather than believing his own wife whom he married after so much troubles, who had  tolerated all the tortures from his mother. Gulping down all the emotions Thulasi made up her mind to be calm and cool as now things are not seemingly against her. Her husband has tasted the medicine of cheat from his friend and he himself has witnessed the truth and reality has stuck on him. She decided not to show off her insecurity and anxiety to anyone. Her contemplation on the reason of Charu's call to TA's mobile didn't let go off her insecurity easily.
Thulasi, "Charu.. epdi irukeenga? Health epdi iruku?"
Char, the lady who always hated even the word Thulasi, just because she snatched the man she loved the most, the man for whom she was even ready to give up her life. But now she was not in a position to argue, not to point out or burst out. Her only solace was to hear his voice.
Charu, "Naan...nalla iruken..avaru.."
Just then TA comes out of the bathroom and saw kuttima with his phone. 
TA, "Yaaru kuttima phone la?"
Thulasi, "Ungaluku than nga. Pesunga."
TA was surprised to see a faking smile on Thulasi's face. She can't fake a smile in front of him. He understood that there was something in the call which made her behave like that. He casually took the mobile and started talking.
TA, "Hello! Tamil pesuraen. Yarunga?"
It was like a brightness flashing across her face for Charu. She felt as if the world which was standing still all these days became livelier by hearing his voice. 
Charu ( stammering with a lone tear on her eye), "Naan thanga unga Charu... epdi irukeenga? Enaku ungala pakanum pola iruku.Shocked"
Terribly shocked Tamil understood the reason behind Thulasi's behaviour. He so wanted to end this chapter from his life. There should not be any continuation for this weird part of his life which would haunt their lives till the end. Thulasi could sense the nervous  Tamil. Thulasi started to move from the room when he held her wrist and turned he to face him and continued talking.
TA, "Sorryga! Neenga nenaikura Tamil inga illa. Thapana numberku call pannirukeinga.Stern Smile"
He cut the call and looked at Thulasi's eyes who was yearning to see the same old TA who used to love to see Thulasi happiness. She was unable to hide her feelings and broke herself into a tight hug and safe under the arms of her husband where she felt secured and peaceful. Tamil hugged her back stroking her hair and caressing her back reassuring her that he will be there for her and wont leave her anytime whatever storm pass by their lives. They didn't need much words to communicate their feelings. Their eyes and their whole body transported the care and love they had for each other. Affectionate a man get towards his wife and more authoritative a woman can get towards her man for the whole life they live for each other. Their bone breaking hug was disturbed by the timely entry of Pooja asking them to come out as everything is ready. He pecked her forehead and cupped her cheeks.
TA, "Kuttima.. nee epavume santhoshama irukanum.. Happy Pongal! Vaa! Veliya polam."

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Thulasi and Tamil joined the family who were busy in taking care of the boiling rice. Pongal symbolically meant to be emerging  prosperity in life. For Thulasi it was harvesting the good memories, cultivating the good relationships and nurturing the good values deemed to be most appropriate according to her nature. Impossible seemed her character but possible seemed her confidence and courage. She looked upon this auspicious occassion to be a stepping stone for leading a happy and a joyous life with all her relatives and friendsSmile.
GW for once looked at her whole family who were jointly involved in this pongal process with an aweTongue. Tamil who had a small doubt whether his wife was fully deprived of her insecurity and tensions passed glances on her. In the process his eyes caught up with the most  beautiful eyes which he adores the eyes of his kuttima. A naughty glint, pure and clear happiness, fearless, confident and bold look with a question on how he can still suspect her look made his lips twitch into a smile. Both didn't notice that they were being watched by another four pair of eyes who were giggling at the oogling session of the husband and wife.
Puvi, "Sudha, inaiku namma mattum than pongal kondada porom nu thonuthuLOL"
Sudha, "Enga apdi sollreenga?"
Nitesh, "Ada enna sister neenga. Ellarum ven pongal sapda aasapata anga ennoda machanum sisterum "kann"pongal sapditirukangaLOL."
TT understood their delicate position of getting teased by others and broke into laughter along with them when they noticed the rice getting overflowed. They together shouted
"Pongalo pongal! Pongalo pongalParty!
While their voice subsided they felt like hearing their echo or rather another five voices behind them. Deepa with Prabha, Kalyani with Mohan and Pavitra followed by Kanagu and Joseph joined them. Thulasi's happiness knew no bounds. 
Thulasi, "Deepa? Kalyani? Pavi? Romba achariyama iruku. Vanga. Ennala nambave mudiyala."
Deepa, "Ein di. Intha surprise ellame unnoda purushanoda idea thena?"
Thulasi looked at Tamil who smiled at her backEmbarrassed. Their looks conveying his message that everything was for her happiness to make her smile, which in turn received tons of thanks through her eyes. Their look was interrupted by Pavi.
Pavi, "Enga mama va koka. Ennoda akka va santhosha padutha avarala thaan mudiyum.Tongue"
Mohan, "Aama. Mama romba expert surprise kudukarthula. Nangalum konjam lessons eduthukanumTongue." Kalyani standing nearby hit him, "Rowdy...rowdyLOL!" with everyone laughing.
GW ( mindvoice), "Ada daa. Vanthuthangale.Ennoda vaya vera katii vechuta intha Sudha. illena ithugalaeylam oru vazhi panirupean." Her mindvoice was somehow detected by Sudha who gave a hard stare at her and GW faked a smile as if she was wishing for a family reunion like thisLOL.
Prabha, "Ama ka. Enaku nu nee matum thaan irukea. Un kooda celebrate pannama vera yaru kuda celebrate panuvein?"
Thulasi, "Eanda apdi sollrea. Naanga ellarum irukom. Ipdi yellam pesathe."
Kanagu, "Seri seri sister, enna sapadu inaiku?"
Sudha, "Enna sir maranthuteengala. Neenga thaan inaiku sponsor."
Joseph, "Athan Tamil munnadiyea sollitanea. Naanga ellam ready ah thaan vanthurukom."
Puvi, "Appo vanga mothala intha karumbua ellarum sapduvom."
Sudha,"Irunga mothala sami padachuta pongal soru kudukarean. Aprom ellarum sapadalam."
Three best friends enjoyed the stumptous feast with their husbandsSmile. Kanagu and Joseph also accompanied in their celebration felt very touching(ShockedDid I notice Kanagu and Pavitra talking a little too much than usualTongue?). Nitesh and Lavanya who terribly missed this happiness all these days expressed their gratitude and thanks to Thulasi who made it possibleSmile. Puvi and Sudha with Pooja had occasions before but they couldn't measure the enjoyment they experienced today with Tamil and his familySmile. The newly wedded couples who were blushing at the tease and jokes made on them also didn't let go off this chance of enjoying with their wives. Happy, joy and cheer are words which could describe their emotion but Thulasi felt contended and satisfied for the fulfillment of attaining a whole family for her. Once she was under the shelter of her only paati who had supported and brought up her inspite of several difficulties and tortures. She could not help but think about her paati at this timeCry. She moved towards her room with her head bend down thinking about each and every word of her paati. Tamil who was immersed in the chatter club didn't fail to notice his kuttima driving herself away from the fun and frolic. He followed her to his room where she was sitting on the bed thinking deeply. He moved near her and touched the shoulders as a symbol of consolation. He was sure that she was sad about something. His touch could be felt as the support for her who hugged him and placed her head on her rightful position on his chest where she used to find the ultimate peaceEmbarrassed
Tamil, "Ennachu kutttima?"
Thulasi, " Paati nyabagam vanthuthu nga. Avanga mattum thaan naan ivlo santhoshama irukanum nu ethirparthanga. Naan ippo santhoshama irukean aana avanga atha pakka illa.Cry "
Tamil, "Yaru sonna? Avunga inga than irukangaShocked. Intha roomla than irukangaConfused. Ena pakira? Una kulla than irukanga. Nama kolanthaiya vara porathu yarunu nenaikuraEmbarrassed? Patti than." Thulasi sat up straight and touched her belly and also turned to look at Tamil asking, "Neejamava?Embarrassed" with pure innocenceEmbarrassed. Tamil, "Ithula ena santhaigam?" She looked at him thinking on how this man sitting next to him was able to make her happy all the timeSmile.
Tamil, "Ena kuttima?"
Thulasi just wiped off her joyous tears and hugged him again; only to get up when she noticed everyone was peeping from the door and laughingLOL.
Tamil also turned to look at them and both of them stood up shyLOL.
Nitesh, "Athu epdi? 3 varushama ivangathan Best Couple?Embarrassed"
Tamil and Thulasi looked at each other and smiled with everyone laughingSmile.
GW, mindvoice, "Athan Charu muzhichitala...enum evalo nalaikunu papom..Shocked"
At present all joy and happiness was what filled the adobe of Tamil and ThulasiSmile and that's what matters after allSmile.


Edited by Gisel - 15 January 2013 at 4:20am

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vjayam Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 11:40am | IP Logged
super FF, haritha and Gisel...
ippo joint effort seems even better...
the FFs seem to get better n better..

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MindFreezer Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Great FF Gisel and Haritha akka!Star
It was very very nice. Thulsi's cute moment with the babyEmbarrassed nice!
Btw Thulasi ennekum pongal venum, my favorite one, so don't forget maLOL

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TTfan Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Good one. Charu's entry through her name in FF too.. superr..Clap well written Gisel and Haritha.. waiting for next parts..

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