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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 9:31am | IP Logged

   Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 9:31am | IP Logged
The only guidelines are:

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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                              ANGER IS THE ENEMY OF NON-VIOLENCE 
                           AND PRIDE IS A MONSTER THAT SWALLOWS IT UP

Suraj Pratap Scindia is a pride man, who is very angry at his daughter-in-law Aarti Yash Scindia for lying to them for so many months. 

He can't tolerate the fact that the one person he trusted the most broke his heart the way she did.  



In all his anger towards Aarti, SP forgot all the good she did for his family since she has been married to Yash. 


And just because of the blunder she made about keeping numb regarding her past status, Aarti and her little family within the family have to live separately from their loved ones. 



It pains Yash & Aarti to be away from their loved ones but in order to keep the sadness from completely taking over the life of their children...They have decided to always keep a smile on their faces. 

But by doing so, SP and Co assume that they are happy living apart from when the truth of the matter is that Aarti & Yash and their little ones are heartbroken over their current situation. 



Not really understand how Aarti and Yash work, SP decides to separate them vowing that he will bring Yash and PayPal back into the family while Aarti and Ansh will leave their lives forever. 



SP doesn't wanna forgive Aarti...But have he and the rest of the family ever stop to think and ask themselves why a woman who values and respects relationships would lie to them?! NO THEY HAVEN'T

                                   THE WEAK CAN NEVER FORGIVE.

SP talks about never forgiving Aarti but have he forgotten all the times the latter has forgiven them for their misdeeds. 



Aarti Yash Scindia is the strongest person, I've met no matter how many times life knocks her down she always gets up, dusts herself off and tackles life with a smile.  


At the beginning she was alone but now she has Yash by her side...Their love and their children are gonna be their biggest strength throughout this ordeal.   



                                   LOVE IS BEING SILLY TOGETHER.


Fab tittle Samana Clap Clap

A great episode Clap Clap Clap

It starts with Aarti and the kids in their room, Aarti is putting up a collage of the entire family, she tells the kids that they were missing their loved ones, right?! now the whole family will be with them...the kids are extremely happy...I love the collage, it is so beautiful...even boa is in oh well she is apart of the family despite her constantly trying to hurt them with her taunts and negativity Ouch Cry Heart

Aarti apologizes to SP & Gayatri pic, she says that she is sorry, to please take them back and that they miss them...the kids also say they miss them...Aww those three Little Angels are so adorable Heart Heart 

Aarti comes to kiss Palak, she holds her face when the latter tells her statue, they kids are all dancing around the former...Ansh asks if he should tell a joke to which PayPal replies yes and he does, Aarti wants to laugh but she doesn't and Palak tells Ansh that their mom didn't move...Ansh tells better jokes than his pap Yash Tongue LOL

Just then Yash comes and sees Aarti in her statue position, he asks the kids what is going on, Palak tells him that Aarti isn't moving...Yash tells them to tickle Aarti but the children tell him that not how the game is played, they can't touch her...Yash tells them that he will make Aarti laugh, the latter who is still in her statue position looks at Yash who comes towards her and starts making cow noises...Since Aarti didn't move he starts making funny faces and she still didn't move...Awww Yash was so darn funny the way he was making those faces and the cow sound when he put his thumb on his nose Embarrassed Embarrassed LOL

Yash tells the kids that Aarti isn't moving, they say that he won't be able to make Aarti laugh and decide to go out on the terrace to play...They leave and Yash turns to  Aarti and tells her that she has given him a tough job but just wait a see what he does...He walks towards her while Yeh Dil Hai plays in the background, Yash kneels down next to Aarti on the bed and keeps on looking at her while the latter gets nervous as Yash is getting closer...oooh I loved the way Yash just started walking slowly towards Aarti and when he was looking at her, Aarti was wondering what the heck was he up to LOL LOL 

Yash blows wind on her neck and she moves, Aarti tells Yash that's cheating to which the latter replies that everything is fear in love Aarti and just as he's about to hold her the kids come in running saying statue...Awww AarYa looked so cute in that statue position with Yahs's arms semi close around Aarti...Have I told you how much, I love those three angels...they always have been playing a crucial role in getting AarYa closer Wink Heart Heart 

Aarti and Yash look at each and with a nod of the head they both jump off the bed and starts to run behind the kids but Yash tells Aarti statue and goes behind the kids while Aarti stands still...OMG Aarti looked like a beautiful Egyptian statue, Goddess Aphrodite has nothing on Aarti Embarrassed Embarrassed 

The next AM, the phone is ringing at the SM, SP takes the call...it's Ansh's teacher, she tells SP that Ansh got injured and that he got a bandage...someone should come pick him up, SP hears Ansh calling out for Yash in the background...He's about to call Yash but then he remembers boa's words and tells the teacher that they don't share any relation what Ansh and disconnects the call leaving the teacher confused...OMG SP, I was really holding on to the little patience I had but after hearing an innocent child crying out in pain for his father instead of doing the humane thing you turn around a did the monstrous thing Angry Angry

The teacher check for another number and called the Dubey's house, P picks up the phone and the teacher tells him that Ansh is hurt...Prashant says that he is coming and hangs up the phone, Shobha comes and asks him who was it on the phone...P leaves without giving her an answer...P has no respect for his parents especially his mother, so how does he plan to be a father to Ansh? What values will he install in him? How to be selfish, rude and disrespectful towards his elders? Confused Ermm Ouch

Prashant reaches the school and he goes to get Ansh who is waiting but the latter is looking angrily at him, the former asks him what's the matter and why to greetings for him...Ansh tells him that Aarti will be angry to which P replies that their are friends and reminds him about how he helped him an Aarti in Lalitpur...Ansh flashes back to the Lalitpur incidences.

Prashant asks him to shake hands and Ansh does it half-heartedly, P tells Ansh that they will have a fun day today but the latter refuses saying that he will only go with Yash...After thinking P tells Ansh that Yash doesn't have time for him, he goes to tell Ansh that the teacher called Yash but he didn't come to pick him up...He tells Ansh that Yash was in a meeting and that the meeting was more important to him but for P nothing isn't more important than his son...Ansh remembers Kaki's words about P being his father, P tells Ansh he has something for him and give him the chocolate and they leave...Seriously I knew that he would try to brainwash the kid, poor Ansh is really conflicted...Aarti needs to tell Ansh that P is his biological father but he never cared for him. I'm sorry but the way things are going she can't keep him in the dark any longer...P should know that his sudden fatherly attention isn't about love but pride and loneliness, a parent doesn't try to turn the kid against the other parent no matter how cruel they are Angry Angry Angry Poor Ansh is gonna start to question Yash's love for him Ouch Ouch

Aarti and Yash are in the market buying the things they need, they come across an unfortunate kid who is selling balloons...the boy ask them to buy a balloon, he tells them that their child will be happy and he will get money...Yash takes him and buys all the balloons, he asks Aarti to give the child 1000 rupees. Yash tells him to go an buy something to eat, and he wishes all the children get food, an education and the love of their parents...Aarti too wishes the same meanwhile P's car passes but they don't see it...Awww Yash, I wish the same Smile 

AarYa go in the car and they are thinking about their angels, they reach home and upon seeing PayPal they ask about Ansh to which they reply that he was hurt so they send him home so he should be here, Aarti goes looking for him but she comes back and tells Yash that he isn't there leaving Yash shocked.

Yash gets worries and calls the school, the teacher tells him that Ansh has left with his guardian Prashant Dubey...Yash asks why didn't she call him, she tells him that she did call the mansion first and that SP said that he doesn't belong to them...Aarti asks Yash what happened, he tells her that P has taking Ansh leaving her shocked and Yash angry...The latter leaves...The look on Yash's face when he heard that Ansh wasn't home and the look on it when he found out that P lied in order to get access to Ansh...Deadly!!! Dead Embarrassed

Prashant tells Ansh that Aarti used to love him and how they used to have fun, Ansh says no that Aarti only loves Yash...Good boy Ansh, you know who your mamma loves Big smile

Yash calls Shobha and she tells him that P has gone to his friend's but he hasn't returned yet, he tells Aarti what Shobha said and she is shocked that P has lied...Yash ask Aarti to come with him as they will find Ansh together, PayPal sensing that things are serious tells a worried Aarti that they will look after each other...As they are about to leave, Yahs sees SP watching them from a distance...Aww I love how hesitant Aarti was about leaving the girls alone but they reassure her that they will be alright until they return...Palak is sure helping her parents in their time of need but she and Ansh have always been so mature and understanding for their little age Heart Heart 

SP was going inside when Yash calls out to him and tells him that he could never have imagined that the former would give his punishment to his children...Yash goes on to tell him that because of him, he doesn't know where his Ansh is to which SP replies that now Yash knows what it is like to be away from his child...Is that man for real??? I tell you all that pride of his gonna make him fall flat on his face soon Angry Ouch

He goes on to say that Ansh isn't even Yash's flesh and blood and that they don't even have a year of knowing each other and he is in so much pain...Whereas he is their own son and he chose to go away from them for a woman (Aarti) and that Yash never thought how much it would hurt them especially his Gayatri's heart...SP leaves and Aarti is crying...Awww my poor Aarti is gonna feel guilty for separating a mother and son Cry Cry but SP even though he had a point they did learn Yash to respect relationships and this is what he is doing, he is standing by his wife...Once a man gets married his wife and children become his first priorities so what did they expect Yash to do when they were about to through his wife out the house??? Angry Angry Angry

PRECAP: Aarti tells P to let go of her hand, the latter asks her to slap him...she pulls her hand away and starts to leave with Ansh, when Prashant tries to follow them Yash intervenes and punches P who falls...Yash holds P's neck and tells him the next time he comes around his family, he won't leave him alive...Yash leaves and P angrily looks on...hehe looks like the the most awaited scene is coming next week, I can't wait for next week's rollercoaster ride Wink Big smile

Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary were phenomenal Star Star Star...Their statue scenes were beautifully done, the cow sound and funny faces GC was dong just made me LOL He was too friken cute...I tell you the CVs hit the jackpot when they put those two together Heart Heart Heart

EDIT: I think AarYa gonna have their hands full in the coming weeks with Ansh after that number P pulled by telling him that Yash was in a meeting and that he didn't care for him Ouch

Have a wonderful weekend Hug

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ROFLBig smileSmileEmbarrassedLOL

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Gotcha, am in! Tongue
Have missed the LU for few nights, good thing my PC is fixed now...

Nwei, Nice title Samana! Embarrassed

Fab picture takes Zet!

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Nice Title Samana..

Today going to be tensed epi i can say..

Reserved for my analysis

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Oh my where is the crowd??? Ermm Confused 
Did SP scare them away? Tongue 

@MJ: Thank you Sweetie! Smile

@USManeetian: Hmmm I too want something to happen to Aarti or Ansh before of SP's blind ego but I don't want Aarti to have a MC...At this point with everything AarYa are facing with their family and P if a MC happens it will only hurt our show cause the viewers will say that there is too much negativity and they will tuned out Ouch 

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