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~Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu Reviews ~

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Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu - A heart-tugging family entertainer

IndiaGlitz  [Friday, January 11, 2013]

If Mahesh Babu seems to be the most important star, be it in terms of the screen time or the number of lines he gets to speak, it is Venkatesh who takes a lion's share in SVSC's story.  It is around Peddodu that Srikanth Addala weaves a drama full of modest emotional highs and lilting moments.  Do not even expect a story, or even regular cinematic characters, for you will be badly disappointed.  It is neither a Karan Johar family entertainer where a marriage or love affair creates a rift between two emotionally mature members of the family nor a Krishna Vamsi film where the family members wear their hearts on their sleeves and they habitually huddle around the elder, letting the cameraman to leisurely capture their over-indulgent moments.  The film follows a format of its own, without its share of episodes  of  anti-climactic and climactic nature that are believed to be so mandatory for any movie.

While watching SVSC, one may need to pay special notice to Prakash Raj's honest character and Venkatesh's unsocialising behavior to better take the threads of the eventless narration (even the defining moment, involving the father and his two sons minutes before the climax, is a logical culmination of this element).  Prakash Raj, the father of Peddodu and Chinnodu, believes in being a good human being first.  His elder son's immaturity and obstinacy do not affect him even a bit, because this ordinary old man is sanguine about the future of his sons.  To his harmless mind, savouring the good Pandit's sermons on Bhakti TV and thoroughly but internally believing that leaving everything to Lord Ramachandra's divine care is the only best thing we can do.

Peddodu comes with a typical attitudinal problem.  His uncle (Kota Srinivasa Rao in a brief role) has just retrenched him from his little white-collar job due to recession.  Now jobless, he is whiling away his time, letting whoever advices him to think about his future know that he is not willing to change his attitude.  He seems to be deceiving himself, but thinks that people around him are actors.  Yet, he is loved and respected by his family members and he shares a special emotional rapport with his brother, the ever-so-friendly Chinnodu.  Seethamma (Anjali), who has been brought up by his parents, has been in love with him for long.

Chinnodu is jobless like his bro, but he is emotionally alright and unlike his moody brother, has fun with his friends and the new girl in his life (Samantha as Geetha).  He is the kind of person who sits on a moving elevator and says to his friends that even he is 'coming up' (a metaphor for rising in life).  Even though he is seemingly disappointed with his bro's stubbornness and self-delusion, his love for him has always kept him from chiding Peddodu.

The good father, very self-contented and always wearing a smile on his face, never advices his sons.  Good things just happen to him, as he is a rare human being who doesn't think twice to sacrifice his life to save a life in danger.  Jayasudha, his wife, is a good wife and mother, who shares with her husband with glee her auspicious dream in which God Himself gifted her two pious objects which symbolize the good future that her sons are going to enjoy.  But she can't muster the courage to remind Peddodu of his responsibilities.

Seethamma is a child at heart.  She loves Peddodu and says to his aunt, Jayasudha that she will marry her son the day he calls her by her name.  She enjoys the Ram-Lakshman type relationship between the two brothers.

The story has place for one (only one) arrogant, self-priding, jealous character - played by Rao Ramesh.  He is the estranged and angry brother of Prakash Raj.  He has a disdainful attitude towards Raj and his family, as he thinks that they do not know 'loukhyam'.  He insults Peddodu once, he admonishes Chinnodu to ask his bro to mend his ways, but they pay him back in same kind.  His daughter, Samantha, is in love with Chinnodu.

There is a conflict in the story and Peddodu is at its centre.  Every time he wallows in anger or dejection, Chinnodu is there to share his emotions with.  At times he shouts at Chinnodu, but there comes a point when Chinnodu talks at him, thereby triggering a change in Peddodu.

The first one hour is a treat to watch.  Srikanth's treatment of the story is definitely refined and classy.  Be it the characterizations or the situations, they are new.  The dialogues, minimal, heart-felt and witty at once, are its biggest strength.  However, after a point of time, the film seems to drag, and picks up only towards the last 15 minutes.  The scenes involving Venky and Mahesh in the second half are a let down.  Venky's uni-dimensional character starts to bore now.  The director has relied on two or three emotional highs in the second half to redeem his film.  For a massive multi-starrer like this, the indispensability of the two stars must be greater than that of any other character (the father in this case).  For example, while Amitabh Bacchan's decision to banish his elder son from the household is the turning point of K3G, it is Hrithik Roshan's attempt to woo SRK back into the fold of the parivar that is the most exciting point.  We know comparisons are not always right, but this is what even an audience who gives two hoots to who the actors are, would expect from a promising multi-starrer.  Towards the end we find Chinnodu's contribution is not very substantial (though absolutely meaningful and important).

The conversations between the two brothers are refreshingly natural.  Venky and Mahesh being very mature actors, they convey emotions through their eyes and expressions.  They exude an understated affection that is real cool to watch.   The director doesn't over-indulge them and it betrays his intelligence.  The first scene of the two actors comes 40 minutes into the film.

The fun element for the mass audience is, undoubtedly, Mahesh's accent and dialogues.  Every young girl swoons in his presence, and he enjoys it.  His ripostes to Samantha are rib-tickling.

The performances are neat and enjoyable.  Mahesh and Venky's slice-of-life acts apart (there is no element of larger-than-life-ness to them), the ensemble cast are entertaining.  Anjali as a lovable Seethamma is cute.  Samantha chips in with some dose of glamour.  Prakash Raj and Jayasudha are at their usual best.  Rao Ramesh slips into his character with ease and plays the role of a rich man with aplomb.  Tanikella, Ravi Babu, Kota make an impression.

All the songs are interesting, except for the Mahesh-Samanatha duet and the Venky-Anjali song (which is old-fashioned).    A song for Samantha was not needed.

Technically, Mickey J Meyer's music is on expected lines.  Mani Sharma's BG score is snazzy at some places.   KV Guhan's cinematography contributes to make the ambience look more beautiful.

The dialogues, co-written by Ganesh Patro and Srikanth himself, are quite impressive.  They tug the heart at a few places.


Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (SVSC) – Review

Posted by Kanchana Devi on January 11, 2013 in EntertainmentExclusiveNews  2 Comments

Hyderabad, Jan 11 (TruthDive): Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu SVSC is a multi-starrer and a complete family entertainer. Victory Venkatesh and Super Star Mahesh Babu have teamed up with director Srikanth Addala for this movie and the expectations on the movie are high.


3.25 / 5


Cast          : Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh, Anjali, Samantha, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha
Director    : Srikanth Addala
Producer  : Dil Raju


Relangi Mavayya (Prakash Raj) leads a simple middle class life with wife (Jayasudha) in a small village called Relangi. Relangi is a kind-hearted man, who gives importance to human relationships and values. He has three children – a daughter (Abhinaya) and two sons Peddodu (Venkatesh) and Chinnodu (Mahesh Babu). Sita (Anjali), who loses her parents at birth, grows up at uncle Relangi's house.

Peddodu is straight-forward and does not bow down to others while Chinnodu is charming and smart by nature. They both are loving brothers and are struggling hard to find a job.

Sita's paternal uncle (Rao Ramesh) is a rich business man, who ridicules Relangi and his family for their poor financial status. Peddodu develops a strong hatred about him and his family.

Chinnodu falls in love with Rao Ramesh's daughter (Samantha), which upsets Peddodu. With the consent from both families, they marry, but due to minor disputes between the couple, they split.

Relangi dies on hearing the shocking news, which leads to the split of two loving brothers. How the brothers split up and reunite again has to be seen on the big screen.


Mahesh Babu, who has given two continuous hits Dookudu and Businessman, has captured a good place in the hearts of his fans once again with his excellent trademark comedy style and the way he has handled the character 'Chinnodu'. A hit with this movie will surely place him in the top position.

Venkatesh has maintained a low profile, giving enough space to Mahesh. His level of maturity in acting can be felt in a few heart touching emotional scenes.

The chemistry between brothers Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu is great.

Anjali has mesmerised the audience with her natural acting and beautiful dialogue delivery. She looks traditional in sarees and has paired well with Venkatesh.

Samantha looks gorgeous in the romantic scenes and songs with Mahesh Babu.

Prakash Raj has done justice to his dignified character.

Jayasudha and Rao Ramesh have performed well.

Director Srikanth Addala's brilliant narration and dialogues, Mickey J Meyer's melodious music, KV Guhan's beautiful picturisation are its highlights. The only minus in the movie is slow-paced narration in the second half.

Director has focused human relationships and has struggled a lot and finally succeeded in showcasing the happy family relationship, their split and again bonding of brothers.


Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu have given a good entertaining movie, with an emotional touch to ladies and family audience. The movie is all about brother sentiment and the first half of the film moves very well with heart touching scenes, comedy tracks and songs.

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Really want to watch this movie so bad!!! Uhhh!!!

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i saw it Big smile ... like many times it happens with cid, the storyline was somewhere dull nd missing but the duo of Mahesh and Venkatesh is just fabulous ... its a sweet film... no mirch masala,action and other stuff ... more like k3g types... its simple,neat and nice. And Mahesh ... haaye Day Dreaming ... he was the showstopper ... i love his style of dialogue delivery, so natural and casual. Venkatesh was excellent in the part he was given ... i loved his duet song with that actress but Prakash Raj, he is such an awsome actor *salutes* !!!
My comment go for it if its been long since youve seen a nice family entertainer and youre waiting for Mahesh dose !!!

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I want to watch this film btw this film is been declared blockbuster right..

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aww...SVSCDay Dreaming

I loved this movie, amma cheti goru mudda la undi  ee movie.

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A Barjatya school kind of movie..sighh a welcome relief from narikai , esaaiye mindless mass movie Big smile 

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This part was copied from the other thread LOL Please read the next post for more ROFL And don't ask why there's another post...the only answer I have is that I'm too tired to know what I'm doingLOL

AHHH I don't know if any telugu movie watchers visit BUT.


(Sorry for the all caps LOL)

I love Mahesh Babu. The end.

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle CHettu Movie Review (Mine)

Storywise - Meh, I didn't think there was much of a plot. Very disappointing. But it's a feel good movie, you feel happy sappy yay as you walk out, and that's it. No serious development of the characters, and there are a lot of scenes which I'm wondering why they were even included...

Songs were good though. I did enjoy those. And they described the relationship between the brothers well (watch out for MB's/Venkatesh's acting. It's very subtle but I really enjoyed that) The idea of human relations, etc was very cutely done. ^_^ But I loved the character Anjali played in the movie! She's one amazing actress! Samantha was pretty and that's pretty much all I can say. She did good in the role she had, which didn't have much scope at all, I think.

Prakash Raj was, as always, amazing, and same goes for Jayasudha. Two absolutely wonderful actors.

And of course MB/Venkatesh, were very good. No serious fighting, but displayed emotions pretty well, I think.

Overall, I would say watch it if you're an MB or Venkatesh fan, but if you're someone that needs a hardcore plot/fighting/typical South Indian entertainer, I don't think this movie is for you. If you're looking for a general feel good movie, that kicks in the senti,then you're good to go. I can't wait for the DVD to come out though cause I will be buying it, the MB fan that I am LOL

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Lols, copied my review from the Last Southie Movie thread...on Radha's suggestion LOL

But seriously though, I hated on it then, well not hated, but wasn't too excited, but it was definitely a welcome change from all the dishoom-dishoom type of movies we're used to as South indian moviegoers.

It really depends on what type of movies you like to decide if you would like it or not. I was talking to other family friends who watched this, and most of them said it wasn't worth their time at all. So I guess it depends.

That being said, I hope it's a super duper duper hit, blockbuster etc. And I really really want to see more multi-starrer movies in South Indian cinema. That part was actually quite amazing. :D


Oh and before I forget, like I said before, the music is pretty damn nice.

My favorite songs are the 1st song [ahh...SO beautiful], and the least three songs :)

Especially that 3rd to last song, it was picturised SO beautifully, during Mahesh and Venkatesh's sister's wedding, and just reminded me of all of the old happy wedding songs [ especially like the one from Varudu and Murari :D]

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