New Ariya OS: Dil Mil Gaye.. :) 11/1

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NOTE: Yes, that's me.. Read it.. (Do not Ignore..) WinkLOL

Okay then, here I am with the next story.. This was supposed to end in a few lines and here I am with an OS.. It is an OS.. though I'll be posting it in consecutive posts..


As you may already know, this OS is again on Ariya.. However, it's not only about Ariya..
They say God sends us down in pairs.. It's for us to find the right one.. However, often it so happens that in spite of coming face-to-face with the right one, you sometimes feel that it won't work out.. Coz real life is way too dramatic than the reel one..

And that is where catalysts come into picture.. They may be parents, siblings and in most cases, friends..

This one is also dedicated to all my besties and my sibling for having stood by me when I needed them the most; for having smacked me on the head for having considered letting go of someone I held dear to myself.. I can never thank them enough for that..

Okay, so you get the picture, right? Big smile

Alright then.. Let's begin a new journey.. All parts coming up one after the other.. Stay tuned!

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Heylos! Here I am.. Well, this one's an achievement in itself, since it's a record first time that I've written ann entire story in a single day.. All thanks to a cancelled conference! Here's the end result.. Hope you like it.. Big smile

P.S. There're two-three surprises in the later parts.. WinkBig smile


He sat in the dark house with only an eerie silence and Jack Daniel's for company.. Shree's words continued to resonate in his ears,
 "Rathore Sir, woh.. Ri has sent an invitation.. Sir.. woh.. actually.. She's getting married in two days.."

A lump rose in his throat for the umpteenth time since he had heard the dreaded news.. His jaw clenched as her face danced in front of his eyes..
He clutched the glass harder and then flung it in a far corner of the room and watched the alcohol spread onto the marble flooring..

He grabbed his cellphone and dialed a number,
"Mujhe do ghanton mein yahan se pick up kar lena.. Main chal raha hoon.."

He slumped on the rocking chair and closed his blood-shot eyes as a pretty dimpled face flashed in front of them, yet again..

Tere bin.. main yun kaise jiya
kaise jiya tere bin..

lekar yaadein teri.. raatein meri kati
mujhse baatein teri karti hai chandni

tanha hai tujh bin.. raatein meri
din mere din ke.. jaise nahi..

tanha badan.. tanha hai ruh.. namm meri aankhen rahe
aaja mere ab rubaru
jeena nahi bin tere..

tere bin main yun kaise jiya
kaise jiya tere bin

Elsewhere, she tossed on the bed restless with sleep being the last thing on her mind. She lifted her left hand and glanced at the white rock sitting on her ring finger..
Tears welled up in her already swollen eyes and she pressed her chin into pillows to prevent her sobs from being heard..
Riya felt as if her vocal cords had paralyzed and only a whisper left her lips, "Arjuunn.."

Kabse aankhen meri.. raah mein tere bichhi
bhule se hi kabhi.. tu mil jaaye kahi

bhule na mujhse.. baatein teri
bheegi hai har pal.. aankhein meri ..

kyun saans loon.. kyun main jeeun
jeena bura sa lage ..

kyun ho gaya tu bewafaaa mujhko bata de wajah..
tere bin main yun kaise jiya
kaise jiya tere bin ...

Next Morning, the ETF had reached Advocate Kapil Mukherjee's palatial residence at Dehradoon. They weren't surprised to see the place bustling with so much activity.. His elder daughter, Riya was getting married today..

The ETF members exchanged uneasy looks and walked into the lawn to be greeted by the bride herself..
She had sprinted towards them the moment, she had seen them alighting from the car..

The men stood still, as they took in her form. She no longer looked like the bubbly, pretty, nerdy research specialist that she had been a week ago..

This girl in front of them, clad in a pale pink churidar had hollow eyes.
Her smile lacked warmth and her eyes were fixed on the blades of grass as she introduced them to her parents..

"Aur yeh.. ACP Arjun Rawte.. My' Boss.."

Arjun's head shot up at the pause between the last two words and he saw Mrs. Mukherjee nod in disappointment..

And so it was decided; that the haldi ceremony would be held in some time followed by a lavish wedding ceremony at night..

Few hours later, she walked into the lawn clad in an orange and gold saree; her skin glowing after the turmeric and sandalwood paste had been washed off..
She joined the team, her extended family for a cup of coffee before she headed up to her room to get dressed for the wedding to be held tonight..

Riya felt his heated gaze on herself and shifted in her seat uncomfortably, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.. Rathore decided to put an end to the tension prevailing there and cleared his throat,
"Congratulations Riya.. Humein toh pehle vishwas hi nahi hua.. I mean tum chutti lekar ek haft eke liye ghar aayi thi aur achanak tumhari shaadi ka invitation card mila.."

Riya glanced at Arjun and then turned to Rathore,
"Hmm.. Yeh sab itna jaldi ho gaya ki mujhe aapko batane ka mauka hi nahi mila.."
Arjun balled his fists realizing that the explanation was meant for him..

She looked away and picked up a cream cracker,
 "Mom-Dad ne Prateik ko pasand kiya.. Humare family friends ka beta hai.. He's a doctor settled in Boston.. Usse ek conference ke liye jad hi wapas jaana hai aur isliye yeh sab itni jaldi mein.."

Shree and Chottu exchanged worried glances and Shree finally spoke up,
"But, Ri! Shaadi ka faisla toh tumhara apna hona chahiye na? Aise kaise bina mile; bina pyaar ke?"

Riya bit her lip and lowered her lashes; she could feel his anger rising every with every passing second..

Mrs. Mukherjee walked in with a tray of lunch for everyone and settled down next to her daughter, patting her head,
"Prateik bohot hi accha ladka hai, Shreekant.. Hum uski family ko kaafi saalon se jaante hain.. Aur Riya bhi.. Dono ek saath hi school gaye the.."

She glanced at Arjun, "Aur beta, pyaar ka kya hai.. Woh toh dobara ho jayega.. Iss waqt humare liye, Riya ki khushi sabse zyada important hai.."

All five of them hadn't missed it..

Arjun's patience was hanging by a loose thread that was threatening to snap any moment.. He exhaled sharply and their eyes met that very instant..

His, questioning her decision.. While hers, pleaded with him to end her turmoil..

She jerked back when her mother motioned her to come along and left the place without a single word or even a backward glance..

Jhatka laga?? Wink Tongue
Scroll down for more..
Big smile

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Okay.. Time for Surprise no. 1 & 2..

Few minutes later, Arjun composed himself, stood up and headed upstairs towards the terrace.
He needed to get away from everything for a while.. His guilt and pain had become unbearable now.. It was choking him..
He stood against the railing, leaning onto it..
The last three years flashed in his mind..

Their first meeting.. him snubbing her.. her attempts to console him.. them bickering everyday.. her slowly developing feelings.. his changing attitude towards her.. his attempts to push her away.. her attempts to hang on to him.. his helplessness turned into anger.. their first kiss.. him ignoring her.. her hurt eyes begging him to stop her once.. her leave application and now this!!

Today, as he stood at crossroads of life, he couldn't help but feel helplessness sink into his bones..
For the second time in life, fate had struck and had snatched away his happiness..

He heard a couple of muffled voices behind him and couldn't help from eavesdropping since one of them belonged to her!

Mrs. Mukherjee:  "I'm sorry beta, woh galti se maine.. But I'm really happy for you..
Prateik is a nice guy.. Woh tumhe bohot khush rakhega.. Aur tum dheere dheere iss sab se bahar aa jaogi.. Tum unhe bhool jaaogi.."

Riya bit her lip and latched on to her mother's arm,
"Mom.. main unhe kabhi nahi bhula sakti.. He's my first love! Jab se maine pyaar ko samjha hai, jaana hai, bass unhi se pyaar kiya hai.."

Riya's mother held her shoulders,
"Lekin tumne dekha na, unhe iss shaadi se koi fark nahi pad raha hai.. In fact woh toh yahan tumhari khushiyon mein shareekh hone aaye hain..
Tumne bilkul sahi kiya hai, beta, iss shaadi ke liye haan karke..

Ab tum zindagi bhar toh unka intezaar nahi kar sakti na.."

Riya leaned against the window panes,
"It's okay Mom.. Aap chinta mat kijiye.. Main theek hoon..
Main aapko ya Dad ko sabke saamne sharminda nahi hone doongi.. Yeh mera faisla tha aur main isse har haal mein nibhaungi.."

Mrs. Mukherjee walked out of the room, closing the door behind her..

Riya stood in the middle of her room and paid her last respects to his memories.. Yes, it was next to impossible for her to stop loving him; but she had to give it a try.. For her family's sake..

Rabba mere.. Ishq kissi ko.. aise na tadpaaye..haaye..
Dil ki baat.. rahein iss dil mein.. hothon tak na aaye.. na aaye..


3 hours later

She sat decked up in a magenta pink lehenga, adorned with precious stones, artfully done make-up and tears streaming down her face..
Her younger sister, who had just walked in happened to realise her turmoil and walked up to her shutting the door..
Avni hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek, "Ab bass bhi karo Di.. Stop crying.."

Riya spun around and hugged her baby sister, her best friend and confidante.. She cried her heart out on  Avni's shoulder until her tears had tried up..
Avni parted from her and dabbed her face with a tissue,
 "Di.. Ab bhi waqt hai.. Please don't do this to yourself.. Hum abhi jaake Dad se baat karte hain.. I'm sure woh aapki baat zaroor samjhenge.. He loves you a lot, Di.."

Riya gulped a glass of water and managed to finally stop the hiccups,
 "No Chutki, it's too late for it.. Main sabke saamne apni family ka insult hotey hue nahi dekh sakti.. Aur phir aisa kadam uthane ke liye, mere paas koi wajah bhi toh nahi hai, na..

Tumne dekha na.. He hasn't even spoken a single word since they've come.. Unhe koi fark nahi padta.. Woh saare pal, jo humne saath guzaare the, unhe bhulaana unke liye kitna aasaan hai, hai na..

But anyhow, main ab kamzor nahi padungi.. Bass afsos iss baat ka hai, ki mera pehla adhoora reh gaya, Chutki.. Adhoora reh gaya.."

Avni couldn't stand her tears anymore and sprinted downstairs into the lawn where the guests had assembled.. She found them standing in a corner with stern faces and walked towards them, determined..

Rathore had been frustrated now and slowly his frustration was being replaced by rage.. He saw Arjun's bag flung over his shoulder and waited for him to speak up.. And he did..

Arjun glanced at the brightly lit palatial residence and her words echoed in his ears; he had no reason to stay back now..
Contrary to what people believed, he did have a heart and there was only so much pain it could possibly bear.. And hence, he had decided to leave..

He found his colleagues, now friends looking at him in disbelief and cleared his throat,
 "Main wapas jaa raha hoon.. Mala he sagla aavdat nahi.. Tum logon ka jab mann bhar jaaye to aa jaana.."

He had just turned around, when a strong palm landed on his shoulder.. He looked back and saw Sameer Rathore glaring at him, like never before..
Rathore grabbed his bag and threw it down on the floor,

"What the hell do you think of yourself, Rawte?!! Jo mann mein aayega karoge? Tumhe kya lagta hai, tumhare aage peeche koi nahi hai? No! You're wrong!
Tumhara yeh bachpan ka dost ya ab tumhara Chief, jo samajhna hai samjho, tumhe aise jaane nahi dega.."

He dug his fingers into Arjun's arm,
"Tumhe kya lagta hai, hum yahan iss naach-gaane ke liye aaye hain? No, dammit! Hum yahan tumhare liye aaye hain.."

Arjun's head shot up at that and found Shree and Chottu standing behind Rathore, lending him support.
He opened his mouth to protest but Rathore beat him to it,

"Bohot ho chuka, Arjun.. Ab bhi waqt hai.. Jao aur roko usse.. Ek guilt ka bojh lekar itne saal jee rahe ho, ek aur bardaasht nahi kar paoge.."

Arjun realised there was no use running away; they already knew..
He freed himself of Rathore's grip and turned around,

"Ab inn sab baaton ka koi matlab nahi hai, Sameer.. Riya ne faisla kar liya hai.. Maine khud usse apni Maa se baat karte hue suna hai..
Maine bohot der kar di.. Aur ab meri yahi sazaa hai ki main zindagi bhar apni khushiyon ke bagair hi jeeun.."

Rathore shook his head and grabbed his best friend's shoulders,
"Yeh sazaa tum apne aap ke saath saath, Riya ko bhi de rahe ho..
Kya tumhe waqai mein dikhayi nahi deta, ki woh iss shaadi se bilkul khush nahi hai..

Aur yeh kya hai.. Tum aise Hindi filmon ke hero ki tarah kyun baat kar rahe ho? Maine bohot der kar di..
Be the man  that you are, Arjun! Maine aaj tak tumhe Bhagwan tak ke saamne ghutne tekte hue nahi dekha hai, phir aaj tum kismet ke saamne kaise haar maan sakte ho? Go and get her.. Jaao Arjun.."

Arjun looked up and saw his colleagues hopeful faces and he made up his mind.. He would not let her leave again..
With Roshni, he had been helpless, but Riya, he still had hope..

He would go straight to her and confess his feelings.. And if he'd understood her silent pleas correctly, he knew her answer already..

He nodded his head slightly and was about to turn back when a soft voice called out to him, "Arjun ji??"

He spun around and saw a girl in her early twenties, standing in front of him with moist eyes..

She held the pleats of her saree and walked up to him,
"Main Avni.. Riya Di ki chotti behen.. Mujhe aapse kuch important baat karni hai.."

Arjun and the others were surprised to see her there.. Arjun nodded his head and motioned her to step forward. She glanced around and spoke,

"Riya Di ne mujhse aaj tak koi baat nahi chupayi hai.. Lekin iss baar poori baat batayi bhi nahi hai..
Main nahi jaanti ki aap ki kya majboori hai? Lekin please, agar aapne kabhi bhi.. ek pal ke liye bhi meri Di se pyaar kiya hai, toh please unhe yahan se le jaaiye.. Please iss shaadi ko rukvaiye.."

Arjun was taken aback at her straightforward talks and fumbled for words..
She realised his hesitance and spoke up,

"Di jabse Mumbai se lauti hain, bohot upset hain..
Aur phir jab Mom Dad ne unke saamne yeh proposal rakha, toh woh toot gayi thi..

Maine khud dekha hai, unhe baar baar aapka number dial karte hue, lekin pehli ring ke pehle hi disconnect kar deti thi..
mere khyaal se woh apni jagah sahi bhi thi.. Woh kehti toh aakhir aapse kya kehti?"

A lump rose in his throat as he imagined what Riya must've gone through in the last few days.. He felt a soft palm on his shoulder and looked up at her and saw a familiar pair of eyes pleading with him,

"Main Di ko bohot achhe se jaanti hoon.. Woh yeh shaadi sirf Mom aur Dad ki baat rakhne ke liye kar rahin hain.. Lekin woh kabhi khush nahi reh payengi..
Kabhi Prateik se pyaar nahi kar payengi.. Kyunki unhone apne hisse ka pyaar toh kar liya hai, hai na?"

Arjun slowly shut his eyes and a tear rolled down his cheek.. He composed himself and held Avni by her shoulders,
"Tumse kissi ne kaha hai, ki tum Riya se bhi zyada baatein karti ho?"

She chuckled and smiled at him, "Hmm.. Di humesha kehti hain.. Lekin ab aap aur der mat kijiye.. Samjhe.. Ya Samjhaun?"

Rathore, Shree and Chottu burst out laughing at that, while Arjun grinned and walked away, after thanking her..

Okay.. Part 2 also done!!
So, did you get the surprise?? no?? AVNI!! Rings a bell?? Yes, that's me..
Well, I couldn't think of a name for her sister.. and hence decided to play cupid myself!

P.S.: My first ever VM on Ariya (Shana).. Hope you liked it.. Big smile

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A portion of this one may feel familiar to those of you, who've read it on the WOTW thread.. Big smile  But, there's a lot added stuff as well.. Smile Here's the most awaited confession! Hope I've managed it well.. Smile

She heard the girls whisper and disperse slowly and turned around.. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him.. He looked absolutely breath-taking in the crisp all-black three-piece suit..

He walked into the room and locked the door behind him..
She looked around, not being able to withstand his heated and piercing gaze and ultimately lowered her lashes in anticipation..

Arjun crossed his arms across his chest and walked towards her with his eyes fixed on hers.. She walked backwards, clutching her veil until her back hit the wall..

He stood in front of her and blinked his eyes a couple of times, taking in her beautiful form.. She looked absolutely stunning in the bridal lehenga..
Precious pearls and gold adorned her ears, forehead and her neck.. Yet, he felt something amiss..
And now that he reflected upon it, he knew what it was.. Her eyes!

Her eyes had always spoken volumes.. He loved they way they twinkled whenever she laughed at Shree and Chottu's antics, when she did something special for him and especially when he set his eyes on her..

He silently vowed to himself to bring the twinkle back..

Riya waited for him to speak up and was heart-broken when she saw him gazing at her like she meant the world to him..
Her heart wanted her to let go of everything and melt in his arms..
While a soft voice at the back of her head reminded her that it was too late.. She could never be his..

She gently shook her head at that thought; correction, she will always remain his..

Arjun saw tears welling up in her eyes and gently lifted her wrist adorned with heavy blood-red Choora bangles in between them.. She gulped her tears, not wanting him to see her cry..

He sighed and finally spoke up,

"Four years back, I lost Roshni and a part of me died with her.. Phir bhi main saansein le raha tha.. Roshni ko insaaf dilana meri zindagi ka maqsad ban gaya tha..
Lekin zindagi se rooth gaya tha.."

She looked on as he slowly led to the bed and made her sit on it..

Her brain warned her of the consequences of this conversation.. But she couldn't get herself to stop him..
She'd waited three long years for this day.. And now that it had finally arrived, she couldn't help but pity herself..

He tugged at her fingers lightly, alerting her.. Their eyes met and he spoke up once again,

"Phir ek din, I met you.. I used to find you annoying and would often wonder ki koi insaan itna nosy kaise ho sakta hai..
But it was only months later, that I realised, that it wasn't you that was annoying me.. Having led a reclusive life, I was finding it difficult to adapt with you being around me..

Your presence was enough to light up a room, when you were around.. Your smiles would erase everyone's frowns.. Your jest for life would make me want to give life a second chance.."

Riya glanced at their entwined hands resting in her lap and dabbed her face with a tissue, almost every two seconds..
Arjun looked up at her and she saw traces of moisture around his coal-black eyes.. She immediately looked away, as her heart broke into pieces at the sight of him crying..

He cleared his throat and resumed speaking,

"Jaise din aur mahiney beete, mujhe ehsaas hua that you weren't nosy, you simply cared for me..
Each time, you ordered a tea for me, or looked out for me while we were on a case or even asked me to stay safe, I was reminded of Roshni..

Aur mujhe yeh gavaara nahi tha.. Main tumhe Roshni ki jagah nahi lene de sakta tha.. Main Roshni ki yaadon ke saath dhoka nahi kar sakta tha..
Isliye, main tumhe apne aap se door rakhne laga..
Lekin main galat tha.."

He felt her fingers curl around his palm and entwined his fingers with hers.. She blinked her eyes, signaling him to continue..
She saw a small smile playing at the corner of his lips and wondered what he was thinking..

He shook his head and spoke up,
"Main galat tha, Riya.. Tumne meri life mein apne liye ek khaas jagah bana li thi.. Bina Roshni ko wahan se hataye.. Lekin phir jab Roshni ne khud mujhse aakar kaha, ki ab main usse azaad kar doon, tab mujhe iss baat ka ehsaas hua, ki tum mere liye kya maaine rakhti ho.."

Riya bit her lower lip and sighed, to keep her sobs in check.. She knew what was coming up next.. Arjun grazed his thumb along hers,
"Uss raat conference room mein humare jhagde ke baad, jo hua.."

He saw her blush and look away and couldn't smile at the memories of their first kiss.. It had been impulsive and their piled up frustrations and feelings had been vented out.. They both couldn't help but chuckle inwardly at the memory.. There had been nothing romantic about their first kiss.. It had been laced with desperation and possessiveness..

Arjun had been mad at her for having gone alone with a suspect and landed herself in trouble.. He had grabbed her and pinned her to the facts board, the moment she had set foot into the deserted conference room.. She had been shocked out of her wits at first but had complied once she lost herself in the heat of the moment..

The end result had been more confusion and hurt on both ends..

He tightened his hold on her fingers as he spoke,
"Tab I got carried away.. And ended up hurting you.."

She frowned and sighed at his naivety.. Her brain wanted to yell out to him, 'You didn't hurt me, duffer.. You kissed me thoroughly!'

She saw remorse written all over his face and the ignorance on his part after that night haunted her yet again.. But now, she knew it wasn't remorse for having spent an intimate moment with her..

He heard her unspoken words,

"'I've never regretted any moment spent with you.. But, it dawned upon me that I was a broken man, incapable of giving you what you so rightly deserved..
Mere saath rehkar tumhe sarf dard, takleef aur aasoo hi milte.. And that is when I decided to let you go.."

Riya's eyes widened as the meaning of his words registered.. She looked up into his eyes expectantly; Does that mean he..??

Arjun smiled at her innocence and lifted their entwined palms to his lips and kissed hers softly.. The muffled sobs escaped her lips when she realised that he had loved her all along..

She'd been a fool to let go of him.. She should have latched on to their love.. She should have fought for them, both..

One glimpse at her henna-decked palm and she was jolted back to reality.. It was too late..

Arjun felt her stiffen and looked up,
"Lekin aaj jab tum mujhe chodkar jaa rahi ho, toh pata nahi kyun, mujhe bohot dard ho raha hai, Riya..

Iss baar agar mera pyaar mujhse chiin gaya, toh main she nahi paaonga.."

There it was! He had said it'

She gulped and clenched her eyes shut, as fresh hot tears ran down her lightly pink tinted cheeks..
She had just made up her mind to free their fingers from his grip, when his next move numbed her..

He rested his head on her lap and whispered,
"Mat jao na, Riya.. Please don't go.."

She felt a hundred shards of glass pierce through her entire body; maybe that pain would even be bearable compared to what she felt at the moment..

Every single cell in her body, screamed aloud to forget everything that was happening around.. the wedding.. Prateik.. everything!

All she wanted to feel was Arjun.. being with him.. close to him.. never having to lose him!

However, one look at herself in the mirror and she realised she couldn't be selfish..
She couldn't risk her family's honour.. Now that she had taken a decision, she had to abide by it.. Or else, the consequences would be terrible..

She slowly freed her fingers from his and cradled his head,
"Sir.. Baarat pohonchnewali hogi.."

Arjun's head shot up and he stared at her bewildered.. She slowly parted from him and walked to the mirror..
He saw her dab her face with the tissue and realised that she had made up her mind..

She saw him looking at her in the mirror and turned around,

"Aapne bohot der kardi, Sir.. Main apne parents ko disappoint nahi kar sakti.. Agar yeh shaadi nahi hui, toh unn dono ki bohot badnami hogi.. I can't let them down.. I have to do this.. Aur Sir, mere faisle ki wajah kahin na kahin aap bhi hain.."

His eyes looked into hers questioning her.. She shook her head slightly and took a step towards him,

"Aaj agar maine shaadi se inkaar kar diya, toh sab aapko blame karenge.. Aap par ungliyaan uthayenge.. Aur yeh, main hone nahi doongi..
Aap mera guroor hain, Sir.. Aur main aapka insult hote hue nahi dekh sakungi.."

Arjun's brain sensed her resolve and he quickly covered the distance between them.
He held her by her arms and pulled her closer, nodding his head in negative, "Riya'"

She blinked back her tears and cupped his face,
"I have to go.. Lekin aap vaada kijiye ki aap tootenge nahi.. You will live Sir.. Aap jeeyenge.. Iss desh ko ACP Arjun ki bohot zaroorat hai.. Promise me, ki aap haar nahi manenge.. Please Promise me.."

She paused for a while, catching her breath..
"Main aapko kabhi nahi bhula paoongi.. Aap humesha meri duaon mein rahenge.. Aur main aapki, hai na?.."

His heart was thudding wildly by now.. Her words sliced through him and he drew her closer nuzzling into her neck,
"No Riya.. You can't do this to me.. to us!"

She felt his tears on her skin and slowly parted from him, cupping holding him by his shoulders,
"Please Arjun Sir.. Mere liye aur mushkilein mat badhaiye.. I have to go.."

And before he knew it, she had sprinted out of her room towards the prayer room..

He slumped on his knees, defeated!

So, confession kaisa tha?? Tells tells.. Sad ho, ending padhkar.. Cry

Scroll down for more.. Smile

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Time for surprise no. 3.. Another VM.. WinkEmbarrassed Will post later..

So, shaadi hogi, ya nahi??! Ouch 

Part 4

She felt his tears on her skin and slowly parted from him, holding him by his shoulders,
"Please Arjun Sir.. Mere liye aur mushkilein mat badhaiye.. I have to go.."

And before he knew it, she had run out of her room towards the prayer room..

He slumped on his knees, defeated!


An hour later, a gloomy Arjun stood in the with Rathore, Shree and Chottu all sporting disappointed looks.
They were indeed saddened when they found that Riya hadn't given him a chance.. But then, they couldn't blame her as well.. In fact, they were far from blaming her..
All four of them were proud of her, for having been brave enough to take the step..

It had taken Arjun strength from every single muscle of his body to drag himself out of her room.. And now as he stood in the lawn, waiting for the bride to walk down the stairs, he couldn't help but pray for her happiness..

He had never doubted her love for him, though she hadn't verbally acknowledged it even today.. Yes, it was going to be difficult to deal with her absence in his life; but there was nothing he could do about it, now..

Rathore had himself asked Arjun to leave if he wanted to; because he couldn't watch his best friend and the supercop shatter anymore.. However, Arjun had stunned him by choosing to stay back.. He'd said,
 "Nahi Rathore, agar main yahan se chala gaya, toh Riya yeh shaadi kabhi nahi kar payegi.. Aur main usspar ungliyaan uthte hue nahi seh paaonga.. Isliye, main yahin rahunga, uske saamne.. Uski taakat bankar.."

They had been stunned at first at his decision but couldn't help marvel at the inner strength ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte possessed.. Their respect for him had gone up by several notches today..

Arjun felt a soft palm squeeze his shoulder and spun around..
Avni stood there with tears streaming down her face and folded hands.. Arjun held her hands and wiped away her tears..
She sobbed and spoke,
"Aapne nahi der maine kar di.. Mujhe pehle hi aapko sab bata dena chahiye tha.. Riya Di ki stupid kasam ko tod dena chahiye tha.. I'm soo sorry for both of you.."

Arjun nodded in negative and patted her head,
 "Shh.. Don't blame yourself.. Tumhari koi galti nahi hai, issmein.. And why are you sorry? In fact, you should be proud of your Riya Di.. Hai na?"

She moved back and wiped her tears.. Arjun saw her smile..
She wiped the last tear and turned to him winking,
"Aur aapki issi ada pe, meri Di flat ho gayi thi, hai na? Kya mera bhi koi chance hai?"

Arjun chuckled at her at hit her head playfully,
"Badmaash.. Jaao.. Riya ko tumhari zaroorat hai.."

She walked away silently praying to the Almighty; for only a miracle could stop the wedding now..

Sometime later, everyone turned to the stairs as the bride descended down the stairs, surrounded by her parents and the rest of her family..

Riya had entwined an arm with Avni's while her other palm was tightly gripped by her..
Avni had followed Arjun's advice and as predicted by him, Riya had held on to her, drawing support from her..

She took one step at a time, with her eyes scanning the entire room for a certain ruggedly handsome man.. She sighed when she couldn't find him and the heavy burden came crashing down on her shoulders..
'Woh chale gaye? Sach mein chale gaye? Ab main? Main yeh kaise kar paaongi?

Come on Riya..Don't be selfish.. Do you expect him to stand there and watch you wed Prateik?!'

She shrugged the thought away and inhaled sharply, It's good he went away.. Ab shayad unhe thodi kam takleef hogi..

She felt a tug on her fingers and her eyes followed Avni's..
There he was with his hands crossed across his chest, with his eyes fixed on hers, beaming proudly at her!

That was the last straw!!
Tears came streaming down her face and her knees buckled..
Does he love me, so much that he is ready to witness it all and that too without a hint of pain on his face? Am I really a fool to throw away my love for him?

Will Prateik ever love me as much as Arjun does? Will I ever be able to do justice to my marriage with him? Am I not playing with his life as well?

She knew Prateik was a very good guy and would keep her happy all her life, But will she really be happy with him.. without Arjun?

She knew the answer to the second set of questions, way before they had cropped up! It was a big NO!!

She will never feel happiness ever again.. Her emotions had ceased to exist the moment she had walked out leaving Arjun crying.. Tears and heart-wrenching pain was all she was left with now..

And before she knew it, sobs had escaped her quavering lips alerting everyone around her..

Arjun flinched at the site of her breaking down.. Every muscle in his body urged him to run up to her, gather her in his arms and take her away from here; alleviate her pain..

He realised he had been mistaken.. He should have never stayed back.. He had added to her woes..
He felt Rathore's reassuring hold on his arm and looked on..

Avni held on to her crying sister, sobbing herself,
"Di.. Di.. Please.. Sambhalo apne aap ko.."

Mr. and Mrs. Mukherjee were shocked to see their daughter in such as state..
Her father had no idea about what it was that was bothering his princess, while her mother knew better..

She wound an arm around Riya's shoulders and mumbled soothing words into her ears.. But deep down her heart, she felt responsible for Riya's plight..

She blamed herself for the turmoil her daughter was in; but she'd never been aware of the fact that her daughter had finally found her soul mate.. She'd been under the impression that Riya had fallen for her boss and it was another case of hero-worship.. And hence, she had been against encouraging Riya..

She followed her daughters gaze and saw Arjun fighting back his tears, she cursed herself for having brought this down on her own daughter..

Riya felt her sister and her mother, tug at her arm, her fingers.. Their words fell on her ears, but they failed to make sense to her..

All she could see was him; standing defeated and helpless at having lost his second chance at love.. She'd never really realised the gravity of his feelings for her, until this moment..

Her breath caught in her throat as she realised that she, was the reason the supercop Arjun Rawte was in tears.. She was his weakness!

Another sob escaped her lips and something within him snapped.. He heard the guests speculating and decided to put an end to it..
But he needed to tell her that he loved her, one last time, before he walked away..

Riya saw him move and froze! No, he couldn't leave.. She'd die if he left her, right now..

Every sane thought flew out of her head.. She mustered courage, overlooking everything and everyone in the hall and took a step towards him when his next gesture numbed her yet again..

He flicked away his tears and blew her a soft kiss, nodding his head in negative, pleading with her to stop crying..

However, it ended up doing more damage.. And she sobbed hysterically..

Arjun couldn't bear it anymore, spun around on his heel and strode out of the wedding venue..

Avni and Mrs. Mukherjee saw him leave and the very next instant, Riya had slumped on the stairs between them..

The sobs had stopped, tears flew out of her red eyes and her eyes were fixed on the door, through which he had left.. It was as if she had given up on life!

Her mother was terribly scared and patted her cheeks, trying to draw her attention.. Avni, patted her sister's hair, consoling her; her eyes scanning the room for the others..

Rathore saw her motion to him and the trio hastily walked up to the stairs, making way through the bewildered guests and the bridegroom's family..

Shree and Chottu's eyes welled with tears at the sight of their bubbly friend's distraught face..

Rathore sat on a step below her and held her hand, "Riya.. Riya.. listen to me.. Can you hear me, Riya?"

Mr. Mukherjee stepped forward upon seeing the ETF Chief in tears.. He knew something was terribly wrong..
He bent down, "ACP.. What's wrong?"

Rathore looked up at the concerned father, "Sir.. She's in shock.."

Okay.. more tears!! I know.. But did you notice Avni was hitting on Arjun??!! WinkEmbarrassed 

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Wokay.. let's put an end to their tears.. Big smile

The guests and family members were heard speaking in hushed tones..
Rathore turned back and barked at Shree,
"Arjun ko bulao, dammit!! Chottu, usse ghaseetkar yahan lekar aao.. Right now!! Go!!"

Riya's mother moved away and leaned against her husband, narrating everything..
Avni couldn't move away because, Riya's fingers were still entwined in hers..
She rested her head on her sister's shoulder, sobbing herself, calling out to her, begging her to respond to her call..

Rathore cupped Riya's face and made her look into his eyes,
"Riya.. Look at me! Kuch nahi hua hai.. Kuch bhi khatam nahi hua hai.. Arjun yahin hai.. He'll be back.. Bass tum himmat mat haarna.."

She heard him mention Arjun's name and absent-mindedly looked at him..

Rathore gulped his tears and couldn't help but marvel at the couple's love for each other.. Here she was half-dead merely by the sight of him having walked away from her.. And Arjun, he knew Arjun's plight would be worse..

He strode out of the lawn and had walked into the parking lot.. Her crying and disheveled face haunted him.. Arjun leaned on the bonnet of their car and clenched his eyes shut to attempt and get rid of the disturbing images..
However, they failed to leave him.. The last three years flashed in front of his eyes..

He walked to the driver's seat and pulled the door open wanting to get away from the place.. He had just lifted his foot to sit in, when her words from evening echoed in his ears,

Aapne bohot der kardi, SirMain apne parents ko disappoint nahi kar sakti..

Aap mera guroor hain, Sir.. Aur main aapka insult hote hue nahi dekh sakungi..

I have to go.. You will live Sir.. Aap jeeyenge..

Promise me, ki aap haar nahi manenge.. Please Promise me..

Main aapko kabhi nahi bhula paoongi..
Aap humesha meri duaon mein rahenge..
He clamped his palms over his ears and fell on his knees with an animalistic roar…

He couldn't leave her crying and shattered like this.. To hell with the world and to hell with her reasoning, he was going to claim what was his!

He stood up with a jerk and saw Shree and Chottu sprinting towards him.. Shree reached him first and held his arm, trying to catch his breath..

Arjun saw their white faces and instantly knew something had gone terribly wrong..
He grabbed Shree's shoulders and shook him,
 "Shree… Shree.. Speak up! Bolte kyun nahi? Kya hua hai?!!"

Shree leaned against the car, panting and pointed towards the house, "Riyaa.."

That was it! Arjun sensed the urgency in his voice and sprinted towards the house across the lawn..

Meanwhile, Mr. Mukherjee had managed to narrate everything to the bridegroom's family.. They had all been taken aback firstly, but one look at Riya and their hearts had melted..

They had called off the wedding but had stayed back to lend support to their friends.. The guests had left one by one leaving the two families to deal with their personal issues..

Rathore was still patting Riya's cheeks, talking to her mentioning Arjun's name atleast thrice in a sentence, since that was the only thing she seemed to be responsive to..

Every head, at the venue except Riya's, turned around upon hearing a husky voice call out to her.. They saw a man, dressed in a black 3-piece suit struggling to catch his breath..

Riya's parents and Avni were ecstatic to see him back and glanced at Riya.. Rathore saw him and realised he had come back to her forever..
He held her chin up and made her look towards the door, where Arjun stood..

She slowly lifted her eyes and saw him approaching her, one step at a time..
She exhaled sharply and shifted in her seat.. Rathore and Avni helped her to her feet and slowly walked her down the stairs..

Arjun stood a foot away from her and motioned the duo to leave her..
She stood still, eyeing him affectionately for a minute and then slumped down on the floor..

Only Arjun was quicker this time and gathered her in his arms before she could hit the floor.. He let his body slide to the floor taking her along..

He held her by her shoulders and drew her closer, making her lean against him..

He felt her fingers twitch against the fabric of his shirt and slowly rose to his feet cradling her in his arms..
Riya's parents and Rathore led the couple back into the house and up the stairs towards Riya's room.

Arjun lightly placed her on the bed and rolled his eyes, when she clung on to lapels of his jacket..

Avni scurried out of the room and walked in with a bottle of water and an empty glass..
She poured some into the glass and handed it to Arjun..
He sat down on the bed next to her and made her sip some, cradling her in his arms..

Riya's parents exchanged relieved looks and turned to Rathore, who reassured them that things were just fine, now!
They walked out of the room, leaving the couple alone..

Avni adjusted the room temperature and pulled out a comforter from the wardrobe.
She covered Riya with it and handed Arjun the bottle of water,

"Aap bhi pee lijiye.. Di ki toh aadat hai, sabki saans atkaane ki.."

Arjun smiled and looked back at Riya, who had closed her eyes and pressed her cheek into his palm..
e handed her the bottle and thanked her for everything she'd done for them tonight..

She had just turned around to close to door when Arjun called out to her,
"Waise Chutki, tumhari behen ki issi ada pe main bhi flat hoon.."

He dimmed the lights and knelt on the floor next to her head and lightly stroked her cheeks.. He saw her swollen eyelids and leaned down to kiss them..

Her eyes flew open that instant and their eyes met.. She flashed him a relieved dimpled smile and he bent down to kiss her forehead..

Tears rolled out of their eyes as the realization finally sank in,

She was not going away..
He hadn't left her..

She would be his..
He would make her his..

She loved him..
He loved her..

Happy now??!! Big smileBig smile Aur smiles chahiye?? Wink Coming up next!! Tongue

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Wokay.. here's the final part!! Big smile

Riya wound her arms around his neck and he leaned down and hugged her, cradling her waist in his arms..
She felt his breath against her skin and began crying yet again..

This time, Arjun didn't stop her.. He held her tight and let her cry to her heart's content..
He knew she had to get it all out.. She'd been through a lot of emotional upheaval in the last few hours..

He heard her hiccup and slowly parted from her.. She however, refused to let go of him and gripped his collar even tighter..

Arjun grinned and leaned over her.. His fingers swept away her strands of hair sticking to her forehead and slowly unpinned the dupatta covering her head..
He then lifted her head gently and slowly freed her tresses from the tight bun that held it in place..

She felt his lips touch her forehead and closed her eyes.. Arjun grinned at her and removed the heavy maangtika.. He felt Riya's back arch and parted from her chuckling..

She saw him sitting on the bed, smiling at her and sat upright rubbing her eyes, "Hass kyun rahe hain?"

Arjun tapped her nose,
"Thoda intezaar kar lijiye, Miss Mukherjee.. Abhi mujhe aapke Dad se aapka haath bhi toh maangna hai.."

She blushed and then frowned,
 "Jaiye.. Mujhe aapse baat hi nahi karni hai.. Aise koi jaata hai kya?"

Arjun glared at her, "Aur tum? Woh sab neeche kya tha? Pata hai sab kitne darr gaye the? Drama queen.. Ek baar awaaz dekar mujhe rok nahi sakti thi?"

Riya held his arm, "Agar main rokti toh aap ruk jaate?"

Arjun smiled and held her chin, "Koshish karke dekh leti.. Shayad ruk jaata.."

Both sat on the bed with their backs resting against the headboard and their legs stretched straight.. She rested her head on his shoulder and he played with her fingers..

She smiled as he wrote his name on her henna-coated hands.. And the very next minute, an idea struck her,
"You know what, aap jab Dad se baat karne jayenge na, toh ek hafte baad ki baat karna.."

Arjun chuckled at the hidden meaning behind her words and was curious to know why, "Kyun? Main toh kal ki hi baat karnewala tha.."

She smiled against his shoulder and played along,
"No.. No.. Mere haathon ki mehendi mein Prateik ka naam.."

Arjun's head shot up at that; he grabbed her palms and turned on the lights..
She chuckled at his innocence and saw him trace the pattern hurriedly..

She raised an eyebrow when he gave up,
"What!! Aap The ACP Arjun, jinhone na jaane kitne raids kiye honge, kitne criminals ke haath tode honge, simple si mehendi mein ek naam nahi dhoondh paaye.. Tch tch.."

Arjun heard her teasing him and glared at her,
"Haan toh.. Ussmein comparison hi kahan hai.. Maine unki haddiyaan todi thi, unke haathon ki mehendi mein kissi ka naam nahi dhoondha tha.."

Riya shifted close to him, "Achha baba.. Ab gussa mat hoiye.. Prateik ko chodiye, aap apna naam toh dhoondhenge na?"

Arjun pulled her closer,

"Main toh keh raha hoon, abhi jaakar tumhare Dad se baat karke aata hoon..
Neeche mandap bhi hai aur Panditji ko Chottu uthakar le aayega' Phere le lete hain..

Aur phir main aaram se zindagi bhar tumhare haathon mein apna naam dhoondhta rahunga.."

Riya slapped his arm playfully,
 "Dhatt! Mujhe nahi pata tha, aapko badmaashiyaan bhi soojhti hain.."

He swiftly pinned her down on the bed, "Tumhe abhi mere baare mein bohot kuch seekhna baaki hai, Riya.."

She wriggled in his hold but gave up when his intense eyes met hers..
He leaned down slowly and cradled her head in his palm.. She held on to his collar and drew him closer.. She suddenly seemed to recollect something and looked away.. Arjun frowned and held her chin,

Riya grabbed his collar and pulled him up,

"ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte, this was the last time you had left me.. Agar ainda aapne aisa stunt phir se pull kiya, toh aap hi ki gun se aapko shoot kar doongi..
Samjhe.. Ya Samjhaun?"

Arjun grinned at her threat and leaned closer,
"Chodo.. Bohot khatra hai.. Waise, humari saali sahiba ke baare mein kya khayal hai.. Keh rahi thi, ki mujhe badi ko chodkar choti ko ek chance dena chahiye.."

Riya glared at him and pulled him,
 "Mere alawa kissi aur ke baare mein sochna bhi matt, Samjhe?"

Arjun chuckled and pecked her nose, "Samajh gaya.."

Their eyes locked once more, and this time both knew it had to happen now or never!

She raised her chin slowly and he bent lower.. He gently drew in her lips and kissed her gently, cherishing her and vowing to protect her, even from himself all his life..

Riya's fingers ran through his hair, feeling him and promising herself to never let go of him, come what may!

The turmoil both minds had undergone in the last few hours took its toll on them and the kiss turned urgent and raw.. She felt his palm press against her bare waist, while her fingers fumbled with his shirt buttons..

A knock on the door alerted them, bringing them back to reality.. Arjun drew back and rested his forehead on hers..
They heard a pair of soft voices,
 "Rawte, suhaagraat shaadi ke baad mana lena.. Filhaal bahar aa jaao.."

Riya blushed while Arjun grinned at his best friend's taunt.. He was about to retort back when another voice spoke up,
"Riya Di.. Abhi ke liye Jeeju ko chod dijiye.. I promise ek baar shaadi ho jaane dijiye, phir main khud aapke room ke bahar 'Do not Disturb' ka board laga doongi.."

Riya turned red and hid her face in the crook of Arjun's neck..

He smiled at her innocence and yelled at the door,
"Aa raha hoon, yaar.. Kabab mein haddi kahin ke.. Tum dono ko chodunga nahi main.. Chun chun ke badla loonga.."

He pecked Riya's lips softly,
"Ab toh tumhare Dad se turant baat karni padegi.."

She kissed his cheek and covered herself with the comforter and watched him fix his hair in place..

His eyes held her gaze in the mirror,
"Riya.. Stop looking at me, like that.. Varna Dad se baat karne ke baare mein bhool jaana.. I ain't going anywhere.."

She flung a pillow at him, "Waise aapko ek raaz ki baat bataun? Meri mehendi mein Prateik ka naam hai hi nahi.."

He spun around and saw her smiling amidst tears..

He blew her a kiss and walked out, running behind Rathore and Avni who had been glued to the door..

Riya chuckled at her crazy friends and family and snuggled into the comforter which still had a faint whiff of his perfume..


Okay.. Done!! Kaisan laga?? Ab toh bada bada commentwa kareka padi.. Aur woh bhi individual parts pe!! Samjhe.. Ya samjhaun??!!

I had lots of fun drafting this one.. It's especially close to my heart due to various reasons.. Some of which I can't mention here.. while some i can..

As I've said before, inspiration for my work comes from songs.. This time, there were 2 of them.. And hence, two VM's.. Hope you like them both.. Big smile

Also, it's my first attempt.. And the editing is a bit shabby.. Confused Please excuse it.. Ouch

VM's updated!!!

Those of you who would like to be PMed, please send me a buddy request and I shall PM you when I update next.. Please note that PM's will be sent only to those in my Buddy list.. Please press the LIKE button and leave your valuable feedback.. Take care and Keep falling in love!!

 NOTE: I do not own the characters.. My stories are my fantasies and are based on ideas derived from the show.. My works are only meant for members of IndiaForums and are not to be copied to other sites..

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More  Ariya works here..  Big smile

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Extra post.. Please ignore!!

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