Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

SS : Finding Love Last part pg 15

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Finding Love ...

         Its been 2 years since Radhika graduated from art school in America and returned back home to Vridaavaan . Shastrijee sent his two daughter Vishaka and Radhika to America to live with their uncle Susheel and to pursuit their education  .Vishaka got into modelling and Radhika graduated in her art program . Since then they both parted , Vishaka lived in a condo by the beach and Radhika stayed with her uncle Susheel who was a retired pilot. ..Radhika loved to paint since childhood and her art always got appreciated . She had her own art studio in California where she painted and kept all her paintings.  

Ever since the day Vishaka caught pneumonia in childhood her parents were more protective and lenient towards her , this only made her to grow up as a spoilt brat . Radhika always felt ignored in childhood  from her parents and would start painting to take out her sadness and anger. She discovered her talent in arts when her teacher chose her painting  to participate in a contest .

Radhika was very mature in her teen years and took care of Vishaka whenever her mother was busy , but as they became adults they drifted part .

Radhika was staring out at the sunset coming out her thoughts hearing her mother
"Radhika..are you ready ?"

Radhika smiled nodding her head

"It would have been nice if Vishaka could have made it to you engagement .." Devki said little upset

"Me too'I try to contact her but she's always busy ..I just gave up " Radhika said finishing sliding  her bangles on her writs

"..Vikram is here waiting downstairs.." Devki said drifting the topic

"I'm coming ..5 more minutes.."

Radhika smiled remembering meeting Vikram through her parents , he was a wealthy  son of business man  in Europe .His father own a construction company in Europe , so Vikram was financially secure . He also liked Radhika and with her parents permission he would take her out . She thought he was a really nice guy always buying her flowers and taking her out to dinners .

 Devki and Shashtri really liked Vikram and proposed to get engaged to Radhika ..This idea was making Vikram uneasy but he accepted reluctantly. His parents couldn't make it but his aunt was there while they arranged the date of engagement ..Radhika was happy but sensed a disturbance in her heart , she ignored that feeling and went ahead with the engagement ..

Radhika was about to walk out when Vikram entered ..He left to America for 2 weeks but promised to come back on the day of the engagement..


"Radhika 'I cant do this .." He said gazing in her eyes shamefully

"I don't understand? What happened?" she said feeling tears on the edge of her eyes

"I know you will hate me for the rest of your life but ..I cant do this '"

Radhika observed his expressions carefully
"Is there someone else?" she asked trying to control her tears '

"Radhika 'I. really loved you and "

"Stop ! Stop lying ! Tell me the truth right now!"

Vikram took a deep breath "Look Radhika ..before coming to India ..I met someone , and she's amazing. .."

Radhika frown her brows feeling disgusted!

"I wanted to tell you earlier but '.I didn't know how to say it ..your parents already started the preparations for our engagement .."

Radhika took a deep breath wiping her tears , she couldn't believe this was actually happening to her .She felt little dizzy and sat on the bed ,..

Radhika sipped on the glass of water and looked away .."who it?"

"who is what ?"

"who is the girl you've cheating with me?"

Vikram clear his throat and rumbled something
"what?" she asked confused

"It's your sister .."
Vikram knew that Radhika and Vishaka didn't have a good relation together and was scared of Radhika reaction when she finds out ..

Radhika was completely shocked! How could Vishaka do this to her ? Her own sister!

"did she know ..about and me?"

"Yes .."
This only made her tears gush out more , her own sister ?

"For how long ..we're you ..both seeing each other ?"

"A week before coming to India "

Radhika  sat down there pensively , she felt anger and revolt  rising within .She got up and slapped Vikram across the face .

"you coward! I don't ever want to see you again! "She said furiously and ran out her room in rage ..Devki walked in and saw Vikram standing there holding his cheek.

Radhika ran across the temples and the river banks wiping her tears ..She was wearing a gagra choli with her duppata loosely over her shoulder .She  felt betrayed by both Vishaka and Vikram , how could Vishaka do this to her ! Oh ya! She forgot , she was now a model and went out with half of the men in California! Radhika swore under her tongue out of anger .

Radhika couldn't stop her tears and aggressively removed her flower over her braid and removed her jewellery giving it too a poor lady walking by ..

She just sat there watching the pink Horizon and the sun set ..She felt the wind trying to cheer her up and dried of her tears over her cheek ..She took a deep breath and looked up at the sky and smiled tearfully knowing that maybe God had something else planned for her .

After a while she realised it was dark and didn't see the time pass being so lost in her own thought ..She saw someone further away near the river bank walking gazing at her ..This made her uneasy and she started walking but then sensed the man following her so she paste her stepped through the stairs of the river bank .She could feel  her heart pasting fearfully and her throat was going dry .  She was even scared to even turn back thinking the man will hurt her . She was literally running when she felt something sharp over her feet .
"ahh" she moaned in pain a

"will you relax"

She heard a man's voice yet very calming

She was on the floor in pain and glanced up only to see young charming guy with boyish features .She was breathing heavily gazing in his eyes that were very sharp yet had a charming spark .

"Here..let me help you "

"I ..don't need your help .."she said coldly

He smiled watching her look at her feet painfully  , he saw her long lashes flickering , she had round brown eyes with innocence but they seemed sad . She heard his foot steps walking away and felt really lonely .There was no one their to help her ..few minutes later she saw him again knelling ..

"Here ..let me see.."

Radhika moved her legs away "No '.I don't trust you .."

He smiled boyishly "Look ..I don't know what you thought back there ..but I was just walking to my car .."He pointed behind the tree ..She glanced back seeing a silver car parked behind the trees.

"I got a first aid kit need to disinfected that "He saw the blood poring down her foot but then realised there was a piece of glass stuck

Radhika frowned painfully trying to pull out the piece of glass but she couldn't it was hunting her too much ..

"May I ?" He asked politely

She hesitantly allowed him

"I want you to take a deep breath  .."He ordered

Radhika still had her eyes closed ."Is it out?"

She slowly opened her eyes seeing the man disinfecting it with alcohol ..

"Yup .." He said putting a bandage 

"Are you a doctor?"

He chuckled shaking his head "no.."

"Well. Thank you .."she said with a light smile , it was really caring of him to do this for her ..not all men are caring !

"its ok the way ..I'm Dev " He said casually

She looked at him as if he was anticipating her name ..

"Its nice to meet you Dev '"

He chuckled shaking his head knowing that she wont tell her name that easily

"..May I ask what are you doing this late in the ghat wearing a such fancy clothes?"
Radhika  eyes turned teary and in return  he frown his brows worriedly

"Wait ..wait ..Please don't cry ..I  was just ..wondering ..I never seen anyone walk around here dress like this .." he felt bad making her sad

Radhika took a deep breath wiping her tears "it was my engagement ! But ..he turned me down saying he loved someone else '" Radhika heart felt heavy  yet felt good talking about it .

Dev was shocked "What a jerk! On the day of the engagement ?"


Dev saw her expression sinking , she looked like a little girl heart broken ..

"you know ..its good that your engagement broke off and you found the truth ..or else you would have had a miserable life with him .Your whole life living with a unfaithful man that would have cheated on you anyway .."

Radhika looked at him , he was right ..She would have had a terrible life if she stayed with Vikram .

"you should be happy that you got ride of him ..I'm sure you will find the right person "Dev said giving her a wink

Radhika gazed on seeing his assuring smile , the more she thought about this the more it made her realise that he was absolutely right!

She smiled shaking her head and wiping her tears for good!

"Its getting late ..I should get going "

..He saw the girl trying to get up and he offered his hand . She glanced up and held it hesitantly , she hopped in pain and almost lost her balance and grabbed overr his arm . She felt embarrassed and quickly moved away .."sorry "

"Don't worry about it ..If you want I could drop you .."

"no ..its ok my house is not that far .."

"I could drop you ..There's not problem ..though would have to tell me the way because ..I don't live here ..Just came to see my parents.."

Radhika thought it was a coincidence that they both came to see their parents but she didn't want to reveal too much to him .

"Thank you for everything but I prefer going myself .." She gave him a  thankful smile and  humped on her left foot walking towards her house ..

"Well ..Take care of yourself and remember ..That guy never deserved you .."He said firmly yet gazing in her eyes ..Radhika gazed on and pursed her lips yet smiled ..

Dev was driving back home wondering about that girl , he felt really bad for what happened to her ..He prayed silently to God for giving the girl the courage to go through this hard time and find a nice loyal guy for her.
When Radhika arrived home the guest were all gone .Her mother was on the phone and her father was sitting on the chair in despair .Radhika hugged him and few tears shed down seeing her father like this ..

"Its ok dad..I'm fine .."He moved back holding her hand

"I can't believe your sister could do this to you ? You were always thinking of others but when it was your day of happiness ..Your sister took it from you  .."Shashtri said  upset

" Dad 'I think whatever happened happened for the better ..Imagine ..what sort of problems I would have been in if I knew Vikram real face after getting married to him ?"

Shashtri was still very upset "why couldn't I see this before and do something about it before it was to late ..I feel terrible , because of me my daughter has to go through so much pain .."

Radhika held his hand "Don't worry ..everything will be ok .."

"You sister will not run away with this ! Your mother is trying to tell vishak to stay away from Vikram ..but  I guess she will do as she pleases .." He said looking angry

They heard Devki on the phone

"Vishaka! This is not right what you did '.your sister is heart broken .You didn't think once about your sister or her happiness .."

After Devki hung up she hugged Radhika "I'm really sorry dear 'because of us '."

"Im fine mom .."

"Your sister will have to pay a big price if she wants to stay with Vikram "

Radhika was shocked ""She still going to stay with him after what happened?"

"You know how she is ..she wont listen to anyone but herself "

"no mom both spoiled her badly since childhood and today you see the result .."

Shashtri and Devki knew she was right "This will be something we will regret all our life dear. We know that us being lenient toward her made her become selfish and spoilt '"

"I didn't send her to America to become a model! "Shashtri said disappointingly

"But We are very proud of you Radhika have become a grown woman and a beautiful artist ..".Devki backed up

"Radhika ..we know you haven't received much attention from us in childhood and we will always regret it ."

"No dad 'you gave me enough love and support to becoming what I am today ..If you gave me to much I would have become like Vishaka " she joked to make the atmosphere light

"Oh no ..Please one Vishaka is enough  to handle "Devki said with a light smile

Shashtri hugged her fatherly "You will always be my brave girl .."

Vikram left to America the night itself while Radhika stayed in India for another week recovering from her wound  on her feet  ..She tried hiding it from her mother and pretending it wouldn't hurt 'She got her mind off things and started painting the view of the ghat and helped her mother in the kitchen getting her mind of things .She was happy to see her parent also recovering from the day of the engagement ..They didn't get affected by the peoples gossip , all they cared about at that moment was her .

Radhika went back to California to start afresh , Susheel welcomed her with a fatherly hug and comforted her .."you want to go for ice cream?"

"right now ?"

"yes ..with me!"

Radhika heard Deepika and jumped of joy!!

"Surprise!" Deepika shouted
Radhika hugged her fondly "Deepika! When did you come ?"

"yesterday ?

Deepika was Susheel daughter and Radhika's cousin and both were very close

Hey guys hope you like it ..its A SS so max 10 parts , will post everyday until my Vacations are over ..There was lots of request so decided to write up a short story ..Smile


Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 
Part 5 
Part 6 
Part 7

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Yumna, great start. Doesn't matter whether it's FF or SS as long as it has Dev & Radhika. Waiting for your 2nd part.

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A very educated radhika .an artist.would love ti read more. i like the start. radh is a strong woman.keep going dear.

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awesome very well written love it !!!!

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its just awesome. loving it . ... 

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Beautiful beginning. Please continue

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