Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

:. RaYa Express #5 :: Je Le Zaraa ::

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RaYa Express #5 :
Jee Le zaraa

Credits :
  1. Weekly Summary :  Natasha... 
  2. Scene Of The Week :SBSRocks
  3. Dialogue Of The Week : luvsakshi
  4. OMG Moment Of The Week : leena04
  5. Best Picture Of The Week : ..RamonaG...
  6. Most Romantic Moment Of The Week : -Mayu-
  7. Funniest Scene Of The Week : shilly
  8. Prediction Of The Week :veena23
  9. Biggest Disappointment of the week: ranii.sharma
  10. Best Performance of the week leena04 
  11. Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week Riddha 
  12. Most Active/Popular Post DevvivekAshNI
  13. Blooper of the Week Aruna
  14. Rating of the Week DevvivekAshNI
  15. Costume of the Week: hinz
  16. Song of the Week hinz
  17. Best OS/ FF/ SS of the week Riddha
RaYa Newsletter Banner Credits : lipshaa
Category Title Credits : -lipshaa
Winning Siggies Credits : Anamika163

Hello everyone!!!

Sorry for late this week :) OMG it's our 5th NL wow wow 
Big smile  We are always opened for views to improve, so do drop your reviews and comments.Embarrassed

- RaYa Express Team-

Edited by Natasha... - 16 January 2013 at 11:25am

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Hayeee Sweety BALHians,Iam back again with this week of Dialogue ..

Hmm so where should i start ..From the first epi ,2nd ,3rd ,4th ..
However CV's tried their best to give RAYA scenes but all were dull moments ..
Even i didnt feel RAYA expressions were magical , Somthing wasn't good ..
Upar se Ye BD's Again ..I really hardly trying to see but they haven't satisfied me ...
Although Peehu brings us a tadka dialogue ..May be may be this will reunite RAYA again ...

So the Dialogue of the week goes to Non other than Peehu to Priya 

"I miss you Mamma " Hugged priya tightly 
"I miss you too baby "She too hugged back..

It was very emotional ,Peehu did well everyone got teard after hearing this from her ..
Take a bow kiddo ...All the best for your future life...

Sad  little rockstarBroken Heart

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Hello my my lovely folks here me is back again with BALH news latter's "OMG moment of the week" section & this week I m all set with new POV on "OMG moment of the week". Because last week there was the lots of the nice moments even week went very smoothly so here without much making u bore I m starting with my "OMG moment of the week" POV.
This week's "OMG moment of the week" goes to non-other then our lovable to hate jodi of Rajat sir & Daijaan, yes yaar really I still can't digest is she is the same Daijaan who encourage Rajat to dance with Priya in presence of her husband. which made Ram made over Priya or she is someone else who is asking Rajat to stay away from RaYa for while as every couple needs their own space to clear all disputes between them. Seriously, yaar Daijaan is so confusing as she was the same person as some times she acts like new love guru of Rajat & some times sensible person even on that Rajat is more confusing person for me as sometimes he says he wants RaYa to get together & at the same time he becomes (might be unknowable) the reason of misunderstanding between them too. Therefore, for me Daijaan & Rajat's moment was the most "OMG moment of the week". CV's not just characters but also to viewers making really confuse as the story seems no where to go but now we can't do anything so I will say just wait & watch have faith hope everything got settle soon.
Therefore, this is it for this week so will meet u all next week with another POV update of "OMG moment of week". Until then enjoys with this BALH news latter's other sections. So eagerly waiting for your replies & comments so try to do it fast' thanks for reading.
Bye' bye' Shbakahir will you next week until then enjoy.

Hello my my lovely folks here u know me & I m back again with my long POV on "Best Performance of the week" of BALH news latter's. So first of all, welcome people in "Best Performance of the week" section. As u all know nothing much happen this week also but the last epi of week made me so emotional over mother daughter bond so guys this week's "Best Performances of the week" goes to our lovable Sakshi ji & Amrita (a.k.a Priya & Pihu a.k.a PriPi) really guys they just made me so emotional with thy speechless emotions. the way Pihu innocently hug Priya in her fear phase of life was amazing Sakshi ji & Amrita really lived that moment as mother & daughter affection.
Their mind-blowing bond off-screen gives so compatible compliment on screen bond too the way Priya made Pihu understand abt Ayesha's behavior is shows how easily a mother can handle her kids so well while making them strong to fight with life with positives & patience amazing yaar. Even I loved our cute Princess (a.k.a Amrita) she is such talented actress what to say abt her she is such chota bomb bada dhamaka heads off to her talent at this age. Therefore, this was the best "Best Performances of the week" by Sakshi ji & Amrita (a.k.a Priya & Pihu a.k.a PriPi) with their brilliant talented work therefore this was this week's "Best Performance of the week" moment.
So now, will meet u all lovely people next week with another new POV of "Best Performance of the week". Until then enjoys with this BALH news latter's other sections. So eagerly waiting for your replies & comments so try to do it fast' thanks for reading.
Bye' bye' Shbakahir will you next week until then enjoy.

Hey guys as Mayu is busy with her xams so this week i will present to you the Most romantic scene of the week and i hope you will like it as have liked Mayu's to start with i guess this week due to the rahul and rehaan fighting fiasco RaYa didnt get much focus.. but still they have their own sweet moments of love  .. the thursday scene when Priya came to Ram to tell him about Pihu so thay he can give more attention to him has to be the most romantic moment.. i know that scene was not literally romantic but the way they understood each other and the way they are concerned about each other and Pihu was so pure.. only RaYa can share such a bond..Ram understood Priya's turmoil so well even today and like Priya said before when Ram says everything will be alright she becomes very relaxed... i guess that is what RaYa relation is all about.

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This week was kind of a boring week once again.. I  thought Bade Acche Lagte hai is "All about Ram-Priya" as sakshi said and Ram says too "This show is for Ram and Sakshi only" but seems as though their story line is being side-tracked due to Rehaan and Rahul and NehVik As much as I love their characters, The main story doesn't seem to be given much importance to Ram-Priya. Now I know we can't really have the story be centered around ONLY Ram, Priya and Pihu But it would be nice to see if they could balance the two than give more importance to side line characters. Anyways this weeks disappointment of the week would have to from Tuesday January 1st episode. When Kk over heard Ram talking to Rahul about how he felt about being away from his mother and then the whole scene between Ram and KK. I really loved that scene I thought it was so cute and it made me cry to finally see a heart to heart between Ram and his mom. Everything in that scene was perfect, except one thing which would have to be (and I'm sure everyone agrees) when kk told Ram that he should go and bring Priya back home where she belongs because its obvious they (RaYa) can't live without each other but Ram said as much as he wants to he cant because even though its 'for show' he did re-marry. Does this mean that because he married Ayesha 'for show' he can't break it even though it means absolutely nothing.. does that mean that because he re-married he can't be with the one person who makes him the happiest... does that mean the Ram-Priya bond means nothing at all and two people who are deeply in love with each other and have been craving for each other for the past 5 years should still not be together because Ram re-married 'for show' and Priya disappeared for the sake of ram? I was heart broken when Ram said that     And it seems as though the TRPs would have to agree that they need to Make RaYa one.. Its about time..

 Hey BALHians me back with this week's most irritating character... As we all know the sole contender and winner of this award has been Ayesha for a long time but this week i felt Ayesha's capacity to irritating has been overshadowed by some one else ( that s an OMG moment by itself) ... so without keeping you all under much suspense i reveal to you the new winner of the award...any guesses ?? this week i guess this award should go to Mr.Rahul Shergill.. the way he has been behaving from the past one week is really very irritating... first that cafe fighting with Rehaan fiasco , then blasting out on Cady and Neha... when Ram came to do some good things for him he shouted on him too... this Rahul drama is getting on the nerves now... so i gladly hand this week's trophy to Rahul for irritating us for apparently no reason at allLOL

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There were bloopers on Monday Episode [31 Dec 2012] in Rajjo-Rahul & in Priya-Kady scenes..

1)After relasing from jail,Rahul blamed Kady for the incident & left the place.
 Then we saw...Rajjo sitting beside Neha & trying to console her...

 My question's then how did Rajjo find Rahul?How did he know tht Rahul was sitting on the road-side?
 He didn't follow him & they didn't show that Rajjo was going over there & meet him accidentally.
 It looked like he already knew that rahul was there & then he took him to KM.

2)When Priya asked Kady about Rahul-Rehan incident….Then Kady said tht…She & Rahul wanted to go for a dinner…then suddenly Rehan called her & wanted to meet her!!

 But actually Rehan called her  first & aksed Kady to meet him….Kady agreed to meet him at 7 pm.
 Then suddenly Rahul comes to Kady's house & offered her to go for a dinner at 8pm.

 When Rehan called Kady then Kady didn't know that Rahul would also going to offer her for dinner..
 Either Kady lied to Priya or the Cvs forgot the Rehan-Rahul sequence

Vikram looked great in this black suit :)

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edit soon

3/5 as we gotta see Story Progressing slowly.

FF - FF raya.. journey of love. by luvbalh 32 likes
link -

OS-  OS: Calming the Sherni! by  sangautam 57 likes

link -

And here is your gift Party

*The End... We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of RaYa Express. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

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Done :) 

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wow ... nice picks! good work team!

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