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BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 March 2012
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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
OMG! I let all my hopes on humanity go after this. This was so depressing, after letting, well, trying to let this sink in. I came to the conclusion, that there is no such thing as humanity. Which got me even more depressed and i had to sink in again.
The fact that there has to be discussed about this is so sick and shows how low people think, how there are still people around here that get to learn that the woman is less than the man and always at fault.
Even if someone wears short clothes or not traditional clothes, whatt sick person comes to the conclusion that she may get raped?
You can't blame the people of the generation. Rapes have always been there. Like the pedophile-thing of the church, it is becoming more public now. -Media and stuff-. Rapes have always been there. It is like a cat eating chocolate and assuming every cat does that. It is wrong and it is closing your eyes for the innocent people of this generation.
Not taken Seriously
I think rape has become some joke nowadays. It is something extremely serious. I really got mad at Kismat Paisa Delhi. It was disguisting. The subject was taking so lightly. PEOPLE, it is RAPE!
Raping someone already is enough proof that you are mental. I get it. People get depressed if no one gets to love you and ready to make love to you. But that is no reason to ruin someone's life. Take her life. It is sad. There are so many mentals walking out there... free.
The way of thinking.
People from so long ago till now and most probably even later will always blame the woman. I still don't get how people come to the conclusion that the girl is at fault. WHAT THE HELL? It is so frustrating. It might sound harsh, but those people should get raped and thrown out of a bus. After they survived I would like to hear their story.
So basically there must be done something on the way of thinking. That is the base. Knowledge is the greatest power. It is the light you use to see in the darkness. People should learn to respect eachother and see eahother as equals. Cause we are equel to one anther. Sad that even after having so many inventions, still things go like this. And people can live with themselfs, knowing you did not only ruin a girls life. You ruined a whole family. And not even getting punished right. No, the family has to live with that their whole life long. With those culprits, they are just getting away so easily.

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..Sana... Goldie

Joined: 03 February 2012
Posts: 2277

Posted: 12 January 2013 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
Impotant topic
According to me I think girl gets raped because of there clothing.And today's western culture people would think its actually cool and hot and all those stuff.I live in Australia and 12 year old girls show there tummy where shorts to short and have boyfriends and stuff.I think its because of there clothing because in Australian news this 13 year old got raped by her crush and she was very popular in her school.And I also think that mens get very dirty and they rape.Well it is a very important topic.Thank you for this topic.

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salta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 June 2012
Posts: 11082

Posted: 12 January 2013 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KaShSuJen

Impotant topic
According to me I think girl gets raped because of there clothing.And today's western culture people would think its actually cool and hot and all those stuff.I live in Australia and 12 year old girls show there tummy where shorts to short and have boyfriends and stuff.I think its because of there clothing because in Australian news this 13 year old got raped by her crush and she was very popular in her school.And I also think that mens get very dirty and they rape.Well it is a very important topic.Thank you for this topic.

Sana, I wanna ask one thing, there are rapes on men too(if you are aware of that) what's responsible in that case...clothes, flirting, alcohol everything, it's one's individual choice and everyone should learn to respect other's individuality...
The main reason is the mentality of men as well as women undoubtedly, which thinks that if a girl exposes then it's for you... or she is available for you, and it's not about australia or US or UK or India...all the societies and culture were patriarchal, still they are, it's patriarchy which teaches people this bullshit.
And forget the age of 12 rapes have been done with as young as 2-3 years old kid, it hardly matters what she wears...

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bAkChOd. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 September 2010
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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Being a boy i know the feeling we(the boys) get when a girl wears a very short dress & shows her body...all boys get attracted by a girl who is showing her body desperately...and girls also have to admit that they do it to attract boys or to look more attractive among other girls...this is called sex appeal...we give her attention as she wants it...till this the matter is good & cute.

But where there is good there is bad too...girls forget/ignore that there is some other BAD human beings too...who wont give them what they want...girls may get the attention of good boys whom they want to...but they r also targeted by the bad ones...

But thats not mean u can blame a girl for wearing short obviously the mental narrowness & ill-literacy that made them do such kinds of inhuman act...the people who do such kind of things like rape they will rape a girl even in salwar kamiz saree or burka !

So this kind of act can never be diminished from such a country where the women r severally dominated in every place...what is the protest for? what will it worth?..Politics politics & politics...itz too hard to change narrowness from persons who dont even want a girl to be born in their house.

And culture dont teach us what to wear but how to behave!

Edited by -SuperNatural- - 13 January 2013 at 2:39am
.dream-catcher. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 March 2011
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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Mindset of the people is of course the main root of the problem but here I see is people blaming men. Let us look to this matter with a different view. Men are of course the culprit but we women/girls are no less. Just think do we respect our gender? NO! We don't. Every other minute we criticize a female. Think of the person you hate most and 90% of you will definitely think of a girl. Many girls do wrong thing, its not right but we behind their back make stories out of it and keep discussing it in open. One may think whats wrong in it but without knowing anything and just by making assumptions we almost spoil the character image of a girl. Is it right? Doing so, things pass on from a girl to boy, from women to men. Now hearing all such imaginary stories what may men think? That girls don't have a character. Its the thing. Just for instance take you have a friend group and so does you brother have one. We girls tend to less loyal and less honest as in compare to boys. We girls aren't loyal! Accept it.
In no way am I defending boys. They ARE wrong but we girls are no less.
Its about mindset, but not just of men. Its of women too. How? Because women are ready to accept that they are inferior, making men think they are superior. In our everyday we have a evidence. Our mother and we, we tend to obey every small thing we are old too. Right or wrong never matters. We see our mother asking permission from dad for every small thing but ever seen dad taking permission from mother? NO! They don't. WHY? Cause we think, its men job. It is. But women's too. Men are to decide what color curtains we put in home, but are women to decide what color of chair should their husband keep in their office? Yes they have right and they should but they DON'T.
But you all mus be think how does this encourage such inhumane activities. Then when all these happen we see it out little brothers see it, our elder brother see it. Our brother from that time onward develop a sense of superiority thinking we women are nothing but just a robot who work on their order. Gradually as they grow up and things don't work out for them they want something that should satisfy them. Finding nothing they either start taking up drugs or look out for a girl for sexual need and pleasure. Here girl does not mean females up to age of 16-25 or somewhere near but it maybe a child of 5 years or a women age somewhat similar to our grandmother. What they die for is sexual pleasure. Same goes with men. Rape is not committed by boys of age 18-28 but as we saw boys of age 13 too and men of age 45, 61 too.
So what is it leading to? Contamination. Contamination of human mind.
Other factors are of course there but I am not stating them as everyone already did. This was something I didn't saw anywhere so I thought I should put this up.
And one more thing, we girls are born with a inborn moral and that is dignity. We are expected that we maintain dignity of our family, of our nation. It doesn't mean we are not allow to wear knee-length dress but there is specific way. Comparing India and US is of no use cause what I believe is US has its own culture and India too has it own. Both countries ought to differ.

One more thing, sensual scenes in movie like kissing, just kissing doesn't provoke one. Kissing never does. What does the way women are shown. Their character, they are shown cheap. Advertisement. Just I was check my post and see it is there. Wont it make men shift their gaze from main content to this? Not men, if any of you too saw wont you shift your gaze? These are what provokes one. I forgot the name but the girl released her nude picture after KKR won. Good enough? NO!

Okay I decided not to post the adv. here maybe I may get banned due to reason but we often find such adv.

P.S. Its just my views.

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SwastikAshNi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 February 2012
Posts: 10969

Posted: 13 January 2013 at 12:22am | IP Logged
Very serious subject.Being a Male,i may miss some of the debt of its pain but i can feel it to an large extent.
Recent discussions going on Indian and Western culture.If we study enough Indian culture(History not written by biased Historians),we can see India gave huge respected status to woman and it was not at all regressive.But after a certain period of time,for survival from foreign aggression,unfortunately it went regressive and rights of woman were reduced,caste-ism increased.During the colonial era,the materialistic idea of life entered into India and as a result-womanhood became the object of pleasure but it was limited to certain sections like Rulers/Upper caste.But in a contrast,after a period,Western thoughts helped us to leave the regressive ideas though the journey isn't yet complete.However materialism  is more prominent now.We have one life and we should enjoy it anyway-this idea may be disastrous.As a result,womanhood is becoming object of pleasure.No i am not blaming short-dress etc.I am talking about our over-all mindset,to respect womanhood.In US,rapes are also high and moreover,Free Society is there which has its own very problems.So we have to find our solutions on our own way,on our roots but at the same time,rights of woman must be maintained.As far short-dress is concerned,it may have some effects but it can't be blamed.It is the commercial use of sex and our mindset grieving for it is really matter of concern.It is definitely not to blame or not responsibility of a particular gender.Someone recently rightly said we have to bring back the root mindset which respected woman like Mothers but his statement was misreported.He was not over-all blaming West,he tried to indicate the materialistic side of western culture which i fully agree.At the same time,regressive mindset still has its effect on our society which actually does not belong to our roots also must be eradicated.
Next there lies Law and Order situations and the punishments.Not only rape case,over-all court cases must be fast and punishment should be more harsh.In rape cases,it must be life imprisonment or death penalty.Law and Order depends on the respective Govt-so people have choice to vote it out.

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kiran_rati IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 February 2011
Posts: 9471

Posted: 13 January 2013 at 12:55am | IP Logged
i strongly believe our law is 80% responsible for increasing of crimes
20% society thinking towards women, disrespect.
women must change their way of thinking
one one woman is assaulted or something like rape
the other woman will try to misjudge her even though they didnt know about her like her clothing, job timings etc...

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salta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 June 2012
Posts: 11082

Posted: 13 January 2013 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Now this debate has taken somewhere turn where there is really nothing to discuss...indian culture and western culture.
Now those who think that indian culture respected women in the past, this and's nothing but a huge lie. No offense, but I'll give clearcut examples, and that too of reknowned and highly worshiped characters...
In indian mythology the person who is most perfect is Ram...he is the ideal man and sita ideal woman...a king who didn't had enough trust on his wife and he demanded an agnipariksha for her, then left her alone when a woman needs her partner most, in her pregnancy...
Indra, god of gods, a guy who is making out with every woman he like by changing his form, is the one who is assigned as the ruler of heaven.
In vishnu lakshmi, lakshmi is always sitting and massaging vishnu's legs and feet, while he's lying comfortably.
Such are the ideals of the great Indian Culture...look it's hard to criticize yourself, but that's the way you can change things.

Another point on western culture and short clothes...come on... it's just ignorance, lack of facts, and presumptions. The truth is that we used to wear much shorter clothes than them...imagine a saree without a blouse and petticoat...that's the original saree okay...blouse and petticoat were part of western dresses. Got to some tribal place and then you will see what is the original saree, and then u will see how much exposure is there.

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