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Debate : Who is Respnsible? (Page 3)

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 9:16am | IP Logged

crazy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Well, to say about the topic first of all I want to say that with the progress of our lifestyle and technology, we are leaving behind our culture, tradition behind. Today, we claim ourselves as modern human being but we are still living in the era of stone age by mind. Is it out fault or else???

We are civilised human being, social person - everyday we are mixing with various people. If a girl goes out, she has to go through the worng remarks, or bad eyes of different people . In workplace also, she has face various challenges. Boss wants to get some physical intimacy if she wants her work recognition..everyday brings new complex challenges for her...

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-Inferno- Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 9:55am | IP Logged

This tops everything. This is the root of everything. The things that are set in the minds of some men and women can not be changed so easily. Here rapes are occurring and women are being abused yet some people think that us women are at fault. But, then again some women leaders have also sided the men and said that it's the girl who is at fault. What are we to do when our own mothers and sisters are not by our side. How can we even blame the men when the people raising them are not supporting us.
The solution lies on where and how can we change the way people think, from younger generation to the older generation. The protests help against the government, but not against the mentality. And even when people are protesting, in offices, at home, women are still being looked down upon.

Media, Video Games, Movies
Though the might not be the root of the problem, they portray the mentality of the people of India. I am not going blame the movies for the sensual scenes however, I will blame them for the way they portray women.

Law, Political System
The less I say is better about our politicians and law makers as we already know their true faces. But, the fact that the people aren't scared of the law and people within the system are sexists themselves doesn't help. If such crimes are continued, stricter laws need to be passed. Having said that, corruption is also something that plays in.

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rainaM Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 10:11am | IP Logged
First of , I'd like to (downright) object to the point that "Girls-don't-get-raped-in-US/UK!" 
Why? Because they do. Girls DO get raped is US and girls DO get raped in UK and that too more often then one thinks and I'm not just saying it, Statistics show that 27.3( Rate per 100,000 population) women got raped in US alone over a period of one year, just a single year.  And Mind you,  these are the cases that were reported. There are so many such cases that go unreported, So imagine what the total number could be...
With that established, Concluding that there is no correlation between rape( or violent crimes) and media because there is apparently more sensuality in Hollywood then there is  in Bollywood or Tellywood but there isn't as much barbarity, is obviously  way off target.  Because as we can all see the Rape statistics , or shall I say, the reported rape stats very clearly show otherwise. 

So Media is definitely , definitely  one of the major outlets that's fostering such behavior.
(Note: I said ONE of the major outlet, there are many nozzles that let barbarity out)

Why media? That can be answered in two words, Item songs. Anyone who has ever watched one of these repulsive songs , I would say, know what I'm talking about. They're degrading, aweless and uncivil. i notice how many of you brought up the point that men look at women as mere objects of pleasure, Well such item songs are actually condoning the behavior.  Because in these songs women are being used as a source of pleasure and just that, they don't have an entitiy, they don't have a motive, well actually they do and that is to please, please the men who ogle at her body. 

And when we give such songs high rating, what does that say? Well, that says it's ok for 500 men to stare at a woman and throw money at her while she flaunts her stuff, It actually must be  quite entertaining because apparently Munni Badnaam and Sheila or what not was enjoyed by a lot of us.  

Films are films, The dramas nowadays are too bold as well.  Bold not in a sense that they're showing reforming material that targets the wrong doings in society, Bold as in, It's downright vulgarity. A really good example of that is in the very signature of this one advocate of media here ( how ironic! ) where this girl and this guy are about to have thier suhaag raat.  Now how is seeing that is going to effect someone's brain? That brain could be of a jobless, sexually frustrated man or a young teenage boy whose fascinated by sex but isn't allwed to talk about it which brings me to my second point, 

Now if you still wanna compare American society or British society  ( I'll talk more about America, since I live here and I know it better) to that of India,  and say well OK there might be rape cases abroad but they are less (which they are not but still for argument's sake ) you have to keep in mind that sex is openly talked about here, It's not what I like to call it " a hawa" . 
Sex is a need, it's a physical need but once it's potrayed to you as it's this outrageous thing you're not even suppose to think about but your body demands something else, it's a difficult battle. Not just for guys but for girls also. Then the young girl or a guy starts finding secretive ways to fulfill their needs , their hunger for a bit of exotica and that could eventually  lead them to committing horrific crimes such as  rape. The journey from the first to the latter step isn't that hard to imagine and media contributes a great deal to that.
Going back to the example I gave,  This guy is not suppose to talk or discuss sex but there are bodily changes in him but no one cares about that, now the same guy watches TV and sees Arnav and khushi turning each other on ( sorry for the language) now is that guy gonna get sexually frustrated or what? So proper counseling and awareness is definitely due.

Last but not the least comes the economical and judiciary situations of the country, People don't have jobs, they don't have enough money to pay for anything , They're not getting justice, they're impatient, they're angry and that anger comes out in form of such violent crimes. 

Does that mean I'm justifying anyone? Hell no! I'm a woman and I know what rape does to one. 

But we have to keep in mind that there are many reason as to why the rapist might do what he does, and we need to approach this problem from it's basis to the latter.

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shri kannan..DamonCrazy..beautiful.Sneha113-Bhavi

salta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 10:45am | IP Logged
First of all I would like to say...really good topic...Clap

and now coming to the point...directly if I have to say then it is mentality, it is rooted in our society, in our culture, our patriarchal society which induces the difference between a girl and a boy even before their birth. Clothes can provoke is completely dumb and absolutely nonsense and another excellent example how blame is shifted on women for everything wrong.

I would like to give an example for those who live in India, especially girls...everyone of us would had definitely faced the difference between a girl and a boy, if not in their family then outside for sure... it's not just about rape, but little things which we chose to ignore...many times me too bcz vulgar comments are so common that you just can't counter them everytime, but when i can, i do...and it is a real incident of my life...not any rural area, but CP...we were four girls at the metro station, and two guys passed comments and gestures on us... we countered them, ultimately they were quiet but then an enough decent looking comments... "agar itne sharif ho toh is waqt aise kapdon mein akele kya kar rahi ho..?" we felt screwed up for a moment... but it's the mentality and the ethics which parents induce in their children.
For me as an individual, it's almost impossible to even think that how can such men exist, but from my personal experience that clothes, alcohol nothing provokes... if you do have a proper mentality then you can't even think of harming anyone... I do have many guys in my life like this, and they give me hope...really...thankfully in my life all the men and guys i love are really wonderful.

Waiting for the day when we girls would be able to walk without any fear wearing whatever we want, and our parents won't worry about us at any time day or night.

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salta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 June 2012
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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 10:58am | IP Logged
I would like to say something about exposure, culture and westernization.
Our movies...I don't have any problem with exposure, even actors expose and I love it... but the way women has been portrayed in Indian cinema, that's completely despicable, and it has hardly think that it has to do anything with skin show. Even in the songs women are shown as just objects actually like sex toys, and not as a human being equal to men.

And we are the sole responsible for this... no personal attack but just an example... a completely copied movie scores 100cr mark just in single week and some wonderful movies like water, fire get banned...who's responsible...we.

And another thing about exposure, sex and skin show...Indians do have much more such stuff originally... I mean even we do have kamasutre, khajurao temples and another enough stuff. Even in our vedas stories are fulled of such things.
So it's not western culture which is responsible both are patriarchal societies and it's just that west has become much liberal now.

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Flame.Of.Rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Love ya stutz. Best topic to ever debate on...
.dream-catcher. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 March 2011
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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Mindset of the people is of course the main root of the problem but here I see is people blaming men. Let us look to this matter with a different view. Men are of course the culprit but we women/girls are no less. Just think do we respect our gender? NO! We don't. Every other minute we criticize a female. Think of the person you hate most and 90% of you will definitely think of a girl. Many girls do wrong thing, its not right but we behind their back make stories out of it and keep discussing it in open. One may think whats wrong in it but without knowing anything and just by making assumptions we almost spoil the character image of a girl. Is it right? Doing so, things pass on from a girl to boy, from women to men. Now hearing all such imaginary stories what may men think? That girls don't have a character. Its the thing. Just for instance take you have a friend group and so does you brother have one. We girls tend to less loyal and less honest as in compare to boys. We girls aren't loyal! Accept it.
In no way am I defending boys. They ARE wrong but we girls are no less.
Its about mindset, but not just of men. Its of women too. How? Because women are ready to accept that they are inferior, making men think they are superior. In our everyday we have a evidence. Our mother and we, we tend to obey every small thing we are old too. Right or wrong never matters. We see our mother asking permission from dad for every small thing but ever seen dad taking permission from mother? NO! They don't. WHY? Cause we think, its men job. It is. But women's too. Men are to decide what color curtains we put in home, but are women to decide what color of chair should their husband keep in their office? Yes they have right and they should but they DON'T.
But you all mus be think how does this encourage such inhumane activities. Then when all these happen we see it out little brothers see it, our elder brother see it. Our brother from that time onward develop a sense of superiority thinking we women are nothing but just a robot who work on their order. Gradually as they grow up and things don't work out for them they want something that should satisfy them. Finding nothing they either start taking up drugs or look out for a girl for sexual need and pleasure. Here girl does not mean females up to age of 16-25 or somewhere near but it maybe a child of 5 years or a women age somewhat similar to our grandmother. What they die for is sexual pleasure. Same goes with men. Rape is not committed by boys of age 18-28 but as we saw boys of age 13 too and men of age 45, 61 too.
So what is it leading to? Contamination. Contamination of human mind.
Other factors are of course there but I am not stating them as everyone already did. This was something I didn't saw anywhere so I thought I should put this up.
And one more thing, we girls are born with a inborn moral and that is dignity. We are expected that we maintain dignity of our family, of our nation. It doesn't mean we are not allow to wear knee-length dress but there is specific way. Comparing India and US is of no use cause what I believe is US has its own culture and India too has it own. Both countries ought to differ.

One more thing, sensual scenes in movie like kissing, just kissing doesn't provoke one. Kissing never does. What does the way women are shown. Their character, they are shown cheap. Advertisement. Just I was check my post and see it is there. Wont it make men shift their gaze from main content to this? Not men, if any of you too saw wont you shift your gaze? These are what provokes one. I forgot the name but the girl released her nude picture after KKR won. Good enough? NO!

Okay I decided not to post the adv. here maybe I may get banned due to reason but we often find such adv.

P.S. Its just my views.

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shri kannanbeautiful.Sneha113

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