The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

ll Wild Junglee Century - Celebration Time! ll

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8 Students. Ek Junglee Teacher. 

The Buddy Project.

9 characters touching the ultimate mark of realism. One show promising freshness to everything that's so "been there, seen that" and one journey of life with people worth living a life for.

The journey reached its first milestone.

100 Episodes.

But wait a sec, this is The Buddy Project. It ain't one of the usual things which goes around in the world. It's wild, it's unique, it's Junglee Cool And this Junglee show has completed its Junglee Century. 

Yups, the Junglee Journey which started on 23rd July, 2012 has completed its 100th episode on 10th January, 2013. The show which touched on the tender topic of students' relationship with their teacher, has gone through so much in these 6 months. But before we venture ourselves into 100 episodes worth of Jungleeness, let's warm up to this wild ride called The Buddy Project.

There are a few things in life which intrigue us, catch our attention, make us restless to know everything about them. The Buddy Project is the epitome of all those feelings. When the initial promo aired, it intrigued us. 

TBP Intro Promo

Then, the main characters caught our attention.


But what got us extermely restless was this question -

Just what exactly is, "The Buddy Project"?

But the answer to that question came much later. What came before it was this ensemble of great characters, each so different from other. Each one having its own shades, positive and negative. Each character which made us think, "Can TV characters be this real?" But they were. Be it their cheers or their tears, their unity or their individuality, everything about them was so close to reality that it felt like were watching a part of ourselves in them.And we were so sucked in by them, the plots and story just didn't matter. As long as we saw them, we were happy. But if there is something which set TBP apart as a show, it's that the plots and tracks didn't always drive us nuts. One Complete Package Deal, perfect words to describe The Buddy Project. 

And in these 100 episodes, we laughed. We got scared. We got the shocks of our lives. We cried. We held our breathes. We took out a moment and think about stuff that happens, stuff that matters. Inevitably, we fell in love.

So, here it is. The Junglee Century. And this is nothing but a celebration.

One Wild Junglee Celebration.

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Keshav Desai
(portrayed by Fahad Ali)

Everything has a price. But not this guy's conscience. Fondly called KD by all his school mates, he has all the qualities of being a typical Angry Young Man. But, not all Angry Young Men have the attitude which he carries. Anyway, his attitude is justified. Numero Uno student of his class, belongs to a typical lower middle class family and still studies confidently in one of the most prestigious schools of the country. He has every tit for the tat that is thrown to him. Has the brain to think of the most Junglee plans and has the will to endure every shade of life. He is like a big brother everyone looks up to. Strong, daring and as risk taking as he may be, he is still a human. He makes mistakes, sometimes small, sometimes big. But ultimately, he has the strength to accept his mistakes and rectify them. Now isn't that a gem of a person?

Kiya Gujral
(portrayed by Bharti Kumar)

She has everything a girl could ever dream of. Extremely rich and influential background, looks to die for and an attitude which kills all. But there is always more to a person which meets the eye. Behind the crowd, there is loneliness. Behind the mounds of materialistic things, there is a longing. And it takes immense strength to hide such weaknesses from the world and this girl has enough of that. Singer by birth, dancer by passion and a normal sweet girl by personality, hiding behind the veils of being an Ice Queen. But for that veil to drop down and that ice to crack, all she needs is the genuine assurance that she isn't that lonely and the world isn't that bad. And when she does get that, she'd bloom into a flower which would be unparalleled to any. 

Ranveer Shergill
(portrayed by Kunal Jaisingh)

Girls are attracted to him like magnets and why wouldn't they be? Rich, handsome and has the charm which can make the hearts flutter; he is so much more than a typical Casanova. A furiously loyal friend who can do anything, go to any lengths to be there for his friends. He isn't all that high and mighty as he acts to be and deep down, he knows it as well. He makes so many mistakes but he never lets the pain of making mistakes go to waste, he learns from them. Music is his passion but friends are his life. He is as human as human can be. Quite a smooth talker I must say. But he isn't all that nice to anyone. You gotta be patient with him, get to know him and once you get to his core, you'd know just how incredibly precious he is to have by your side.

Panchi Rastogi
(portrayed by Palak Jain)

One could call her an Angel, always smiling, always caring, always there for her friends. But in reality, she is a just a normal girl wanting some love in life. A little troubled by her weight but not much bothered about it, or at least pretends to be. She may seem like a sweet, innocent harmless girl but she has enough sense to not be treated as a doormat for all to step over. Not your typical girl-next-door as she has the power to kick and shout when the occasion demands. But despite that, she has a tender heart which gets hurt at stuff but you can always trust her not to show her hurt. Well, she is someone you can't help but love and respect. And it does feel like a sin to even think about harming her.

Pratham Punj
(portrayed by Nikhil Mehta)

A hyper little fella (literally) called Piddi by all his mates. Calls himself a one-woman man and lives up to it. Always wants to be the leader of any rebellious act but unfortunately, can't quite achieve that. Still, that doesn't stop him from doing anything loud. Extremely loyal to his true friends and one true love. Not the brightest of the lot and ends up creating so many troubles. His antics make others hit him, roll their eyes at him but never do they abandon him. It's because he is genuine. In his silly actions, in his senseless spite, in his furious loyalty; he shows what he really is. There is nothing fake in him. Good or bad, he is what he is. And people do accept him for all his goods than rejecting him for his bad(s). Now that is something not everyone can achieve.

(portrayed by Chestha Bhagat)

Bobby. The name is Bobby. The lady is a tomboy. And she kicks balls. Footballs...but can kick the other kinds of balls fairly well. She is never afraid of saying what's on her mind. She doesn't deem herself anything less strong than boys and the thing she hates the most is being called weaker than boys. But seeing her, no one would dare to call her that. Though she isn't the girliest of the girls, doesn't change the fact that she does like being treated specially by someone who holds her the most special in his life. But no way will she ever acknowledge that. Because if there is one thing she can never do, is follow anyone with the feeling that she is inferior to them. 

Samar Pratap Singh
(portrayed by Jattin Sharma)

 The Royal of Royal Academy. Or maybe not. Well, that's a secret. You'd never catch this guy doing two things - taking side with anyone particular based on favoritism and talk in English. Because this guy speaks the purest of Urdu/Hindi which makes other scratch their heads. True to his title of being a Royal, he is a very neutral guy. Friendly to all, enemy to none. Is sometimes controlled by his teenage hormones but he does know where his true loyalty lies. Honestly, he is no true Royal and does let his "taporiness" slip from time to time but why he does that, that's still a mystery. Oh well, it's not anyone is complaining! 

(portrayed by Krishna Patel)

Click. Click. Flash. News Flash! There is no gossip which this girl doesn't know. Has the sharp ears to hear stuff and a massive memory to remember it all, perfectly. She is the cutesy blond with black hair who loves dancing. Her questions are dumb, her reactions a little childish and her words aren't the most intellectual but all her feelings are purely sweet and straight from heart. This chatterbox might not be the biggest help in all scenarios but her presence surely brights up the day. The most harmless person in all senses!

Anirudh Jaitley
(portrayed by Manav Gohli)

The Junglee. The one who shook Royal Academy back in his days. Now, a humble Investment Banker who ended up being the mentor of the 8 students. In his Junglee avatar, he is the inspiration of all the pranksters who study in Royal Academy. In his Anirudh Jaitley avatar, he is just a teacher who no one can mess with. Always one step ahead in the game, be it any game. Never going by the conventional means to do his work and always opting for the twisted ways. Because he knows, only twisted methods work with twisted minds. But his genuine care for his students isn't twisted. He is definitely above all, the real Master Planner. To make him lose, one has to be a Junglee but there is no other Junglee in the world, except himself.

Supporting Cast 

Royal Academy.

Ramanujam Sir

The Principal of Royal Academy. Kind, sweet person holding the students' best interests in his heart. A truly gentle person who isn't in favor of making students live a caged life. Holds the school the most precious in his life.

Mrs. Naina Ramanujam

Truly Ramanujam Sir's soulmate. The one who Ramanujam loves even more than his school. A kind, motherly figure who is all love for her husband and Anirudh Jaitley. So calm yet so wild in her thoughts. Truly one unique person to know.


The villain to the students' life. Vice Principal of Royal Academy who always wants to put undue restrictions in students' life and make their life hell. He is all for the power of the mighty and will go to any length to bring Royal Academy to top, even if it means making school another version of a jail.


Banga's loyal minion. Not a very bright guy and can be fooled easily but he always tags along with Banga in whatever he does. Has a very strange tendency to turn anything into a very dirty double meaning joke which everyone catches.


Mrs. Gujral & Aanya Gujral.

Kiya's mother and elder sister. Mrs. G is a woman of high status who holds the reputation of her family above everything and gives unfair attention and affection to her elder daughter, Aanya who is a teen pop singing sensation. Aanya is anything but a sweet caring older sister as she loves tormenting Kiya and making her personal slave.

Mr. Desai.

KD's father. An honest police constable who holds values above everything. He isn't exactly in favor of his son's high ambitions in life and never misses a chance to prove his son wrong. But deep down, he is an affectionate father who wants the best for his son.

Mrs. Rastogi.

Panchi's mother. A kinder mother could never be. Always supportive of her daughter and acting like her friend. She is just like her daughter, one could never even dream of hurting her.

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KiSha. If he is fire, she is blaze. They are just the same, yet so different. He has ego, she has attitude. And they can't stand each other. Or, they couldn't do so, in the beginning. When these Twin Flames come in contact, there is fire everywhere. And this fire pulls them to each other. They just can't stand not being with each other. Whether it's to fight and quarrel or to smile and be supportive, they want to be by each other no matter how much they say otherwise.

Their journey started with fights, never letting go of any chance to bring each other down. She taunted him, wished the worst for him and he added fuel to her fire. But, he could never stop himself from helping her. Be it giving her a handkercheif to wipe her tears or fighting with the ones who tried to harass her in a club, KD was always there to help her. But she never understood him right. But when she did, it was too late. He had begun to misunderstand her. He came to her with a plan in his mind, she reciprocated with nothing but genuine feelings. They grew closer and he got confused. Is she really what he sees or what he initially thought of her? And just when he thought that she isn't what he thought of her, another misunderstanding happened and he ended up being the reason she broke down and closed herself within a shell. And now, he wants a way to get her forgiveness and she wants a way to forget her pain.

The Stoneface and his Chicklet. They've gone through a lot and there is so much more to come in their life. They are each others; ultimate destination. All we gotta see is how they reach it.

Memorable moments:

"Kiya Gujral, losers ka wait nahin karti!"
"Mood nahin hai."
Yaaron Mujhe Maaf Karo, Main Nashe Mein Hun! [Song Sequence]
Ishq Wala Love [Song Sequence]
"Please chalo yahan se, please."


RaHi. Best friends since childhood. His Moti and Her Nonu. Perfectly trademarked for each other. He knows how to cheer her up, she knows how to get him talking to her again. He gets restless with her mad at him, she can't help talking to him despite her being angry with him. In simple words, they are totally incomplete without each other. They fit together like puzzle pieces and their real friendship is nothing short of fantasy.

They started off as best friends, him being the reckless kind and her being the always caring kind who always looked out for him. She didn't like lying but for him, she did. They had a few fights but in the end, they always found each other and were friends back in a jiffy. But when some outsider came between them, the rift appeared. More from her side than his. The ideologies on friendship changed. He kept pushing her away, she kept coming to him. Until, she couldn't take it anymore. And then he realized that he had been pushing away genuine concern while running after something so fake. Before he could apologize, it was too late. He almost lost her forever but she didn't leave. She was there but she had moved on. And now, all he wants is that his Moti should come back to him. Because now he has changed, now he won't ever hurt her again. But from her side, it's too late...

Friendship so strong as theirs, can't be just broken. Because Nonu & Moti are just meant to be. There is hope on his side and ours as well, that he'd make it alright again. And this time when they are together, they won't ever be apart again.

Memorable moments:

"Hey! Don't call her Fatty!"

Jaane Kyun, Dil Jaanta Hai...Tu Hai Tou I'll Be Alright [Song Sequence]
"Tu meri best friend hai!"
Tujhe Kyun Dekha Na...Tujhe Kyun Jaana Na [Song Sequence]
"I can't afford to lose her..."


AmBy. Well, they are quite a duo. He loves her with all his heart and she always hits him for his stupidity. To him the mere mention of her name is enough for the lovely roses to fall all over him and she? Well she just prays that he doesn't end up getting into much trouble. He'd do anything for her, literally. Just to see her happy, just to see her smile, he can go to any length. And she does appreciate it, even if she doesn't say anything about his. He is furiously devoted to her and she likes that. She gets mad when he gave attention to other girls but won't ever say it to him. If he is all heart for her, she is also warm towards him. And maybe, just maybe in future she would give her feelings some words for him. But he won't ever pressurize her. He can give her his entire life, just to hear her answer. After all, it's true love not mindless attraction. 


HiMa. Epitome of cuteness! He likes her, he is definitely attracted towards her and she trusts him. After all, you don't ask anyone whether you can use their lap as a pillow. He has the looks and the title to attract any girl but he ended up falling for someone like her who is so clueless, naive and childish that she'd start dancing anywhere, not caring who is seeing her and he'd get all protective for her. He looks at her doing her crazy things and smiles in way as if surrendering himself to her. She turns to him with all her wacky questions and he is obliged to answer them all. They are nothing extraordinary, they are perfectly normal. It's an attraction, not quite there yet but not at the beginning point either. All they need is some time and the right moment and then they'd be together. Perfectly, normally together.

Jaitley with Rama Sir and Naina Maa

There are families which are related by blood and there are some which are made through heart felt feelings. This one is the latter kind. Jaitley was just a student of Rama Sir. He was wild, he was Junglee but he was also so much more. And Rama Sir saw it. He took Jaitley under his wing and made a man out of him. And in Rama Sir, Jaitley got a fatherly figure and in Mrs. Naina, he found a mother. That's why she is his Naina Maa and this mother-son duo often gang up against Rama Sir. They are so genuine in their feelings, so free in their love that they make it kinda obvious that family made from feelings is a lot more precious than family tied with blood relations. 


Loyalty. It's a precious blessing that not everyone has. Loyalty through thick and thin, that's what Vats has for Banga. And it seems like Banga appreciates it very well. After all, Vats can be fairly annoying at times and his timing can't be always the perfect but still, Banga makes him stick around. They do have some strong bromance going on, they just have to realize it...

All the Junglees! 

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"What's a soul mate?"

"It's, well it's like a best friend but more. It's the one person in world that knows you better than anyone else. It's the one who makes you a better person. Well, actually not make you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you. A soul mate is someone you carry with you forever. It's the one person who knew you and accepted you and...believed in you before anyone else did. Or when no one else would. And no matter what happens, you'd always love them. Nothing can ever change that."

Non-canon/Forum Special*

(* - specially dedicated to all those fans on the forum who corner a soft spot for the couples & duos which can never be)



It would've been something extremely normal had there not been a few fans with a wild desire to see this Stoneface and Angel together. There was much toying around with the idea of them and without getting one proper interaction in the show, there were quite a lot of speculations regarding them. And what was shown was exactly the way it was pictured.

He is the type who doesn't say sorry, not that easily to anyone. But she asked him to say sorry and he considered it and obliged. He is everyone's go-to-guy and he asked for her help when he wanted it. There is this special respect which he feels for her which makes him not question her and do as she wishes him to do. He cares for her, consoles her, soothes her. Him, who doesn't generally care for anyone, bends his rules for her. And she, unlike all the other girls who get a little intimidated by him, can freely talk to him like there is no issue between them at all. She is his enemy's best friend but he doesn't let them come between them. Something special...maybe?



With them, there was only dislike. But still, the idea of them played around in a few people's mind. But if there is any relationship, non-canon, which makes complete and utter sense, that's them.

She was broken and alone. He just thought it would be nice to be with her. There was no friendship, just a concern one can feel for the other. But this concern was enough to erase that prejudiced dislike they felt for each other. A little time passed, he changed, she changed. With this change, they got closer. Just as friends. Just like friends should be. And now, she feels free with him and he gives her all the chances to do so. It's all friendship, like a friendship is supposed to be. It's selfless, it's unconditional and it was formed when both of them weren't going through the best of the times. Meaning, it's true. And true friendships have the power to last a lifetime.



This was a surprise, an out of the blue surprise. Because them, they were always together but only as the neutral party of the gang which was somehow divided. There was something extremely formal between them which didn't lead to much speculations. But then, he went to her just to cheer her up, on someone else's behalf, and something clicked with the way she reacted and he smiled. And just then the feeling of "Just maybe?" was born and it's still there.

They are new, speculations are still going on, future is still a big ? 
But if one stops to think about them, they aren't that bad to savor for a while. Maybe a guilty escape? 

The Junglee Connection

8 characters and many possible character interactions! Some are friends, some are enemies while some just can't stand each other. In a hindsight, let's see what they are!

KD-Piddi - Brothers! Can't really live without each other! 

KD-Ranveer - Best Enemies Forever. Can't stand each other, won't let go of a chance to get back at each other! Can try to act all mature but the bone of content is so firmly established, it can't be taken out soon. Aaah...their Tashans are such a treat to watch.

Kiya-Bobby - Cat-fight! This dislike is way too strong to disappear anytime soon. It's just a wild guess but they have a wish to be locked up in a room and fight it all out. Maybe?

Juhi-Kiya - The Devotee & The Devoted. Kiya Gujral is all that Juhi wants to be. She follows Kiya, tries to copy her and Kiya lets her. There are times when Kiya snaps at her but Juhi doesn't mind. Instead, she always takes Kiya's side. It's just too adorable to be counted as blind following!

Juhi-Panchi - What Girlfriends Are! Figuratively and sometimes, literally.

Piddi-Samar - The Velas. Trust them to always end up doing things which involve skirt chasing. Samar does try to teach Piddi a few things but always ends up getting frustrated at him. Besides, Piddi's ecstatic kisses to Samar doesn't make Samar all that enthusiastic for his company anyway.

Samar-Ranveer - Brothers, one of a kind. Don't always have to be with each other. Their bromance is strong enough to survive the distance. But when the need comes, they are always around each other.

Piddi-Panchi - Protective Duo. She protects him when all hit him, he dies a little inside seeing her hurt. And he'd do all the silly things to make her smile and she'd just shake her head at him say, "You'd never change, would you?"

Panchi-Kiya - Friends Over Time. There are some people you need to give some time and chances to get to know them better. That's these two! Not quite close in beginning but now, they are fairly nice friends taking care of each other. Sisterly love is so nice!  

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The stage is Royal Academy. That's where it all happens. That's where it all began...with the legend of Junglee. What used to be the most prestigious school, is losing its all former glory and that is the cause of disturbance in Ramanujam Sir's life.

Banga has taken the temporary charge of the school and his wild rules have made the students rebel against him, following the footsteps of Junglee. When their prank goes out of hand, Rama Sir calls his ex-student, The Junglee and present Investment Banker, Anirudh Jaitley to give a motivational lecture to the students. The Junglees, however, kidnap JJ to fulfill their demands. JJ escapes and identifies Ranveer, KD, Bobby, Samar, Piddi and Kiya as culprits behind his kidnapping which leads them to detention. JJ is asked to look after them. The students do all kinds of stuff to get rid of him but they fail.

One party leads to many things. When KD fights some guys who were thinking of using Kiya, he gets caught in a drug fiasco and ends up going to jail. JJ stays back in India for good and helps KD get out of the jail with the help of Kiya and Piddi. When KD is out of the jail, he misunderstands Kiya that she was dating the guy who sent him to jail and swears to take revenge on her. 

On the other hand, Panchi gets mad at Ranveer for taking her to party and then trying to pair her with a random guy and she ends up lying about her sexual preferences to Ranveer that she is dating Juhi. Ranveer has met a girl online and he claims to have fallen in love with her.

Piddi throws a party in school for the teachers and to celebrate KD's return. Banga plans to sabotage it and the Junglees plan to make him pay. At the party, they get Banga drunk after all teachers have left and make him dance and cross dress. JJ catches them. Meanwhile, Ranveers "girlfriend" comes to Mumbai to meet him and he asks for Panchi's help to sneak her in the party. When JJ catches Ranveer making out with someone, he inquires Panchi about it and she tells the truth that Ranveer asked her to sneak his GF in. Ranveer gets mad hearing this and sewer ties with her.

Banga dance video goes viral and the 8 are on the verge of being expelled when JJ steps in and takes their responsibility that these 8 kids will take RA to new heights. He is given 3 months time to do so. To save them from expulsion, JJ makes them sign The Buddy Project Contract which make them JJ's slaves. Reluctantly, they agree to do so.

The Project pairs RaHi, KiSha, HiMa and AmBy up. It's purpose is to make the pairs each others' partner in all matters of life. Except KiSha, no other couple is successful in getting closer.

Alpha Plus Competition gives JJ a way to redeem the Buddies. He makes them go head-on-head against Banga's team of 8 students in APC prelims and Buddies win and are chosen to represent RA in the prestigious tri-school tournament, APC. For training, JJ takes them to a picnic and leaves them in the forest for survival to strengthen their bond. Unfortunately, it's not that much of a success.

Back in city, RaHi are still not on talking terms and KiSha are getting closer than ever. APC starts and it's revealed Ranveer's GF was only using him to gain information about APC so her school could win. Kiya is chosen to sing in APC Opening Ceremony. KD decides to forget his revenge plan but he stumbles upon Kiya sitting with the guy who sent him to jail and gets mad. He tries to sabotage Kiya's performance by spiking her drink but JJ tells him the truth that Kiya only used that guy to get information regarding KD's innocence. KD rushes to save Kiya from drinking but ends up telling her that he spiked her drink to sabotage her performance. Kiya is shattered and she breaks it off with KD. 

Panchi tries to warn Ranveer against his GF but he doesn't listen to her. APC begins but the Buddies aren't united all through out. Ranveer gets to know about his GF's intentions and breaks it off with her and in a wish to defeat her, ends up being the reason for Panchi's accident. 

Buddies lose the APC. Rama Sir is forced to resign and Banga takes over RA as the acting principal. There is a visible void in Buddies and JJ, thinking he is the reason for everything, decides to leave India but KD, Samar and Piddi stop him from going. JJ rejoins RA for the sake of the buddies.

Banga implements all kinds of new rules to take his revenge from Buddies. KD keeps asking Kiya to forgive him but she doesn't. Panchi says she is through with Ranveer's friendship. Banga terminates KD's scholarship, forcing him to take up a boxing fight which he loses. His father gives him the money for the fees. School's new rules don't allow Buddies to interact with each other or JJ and Banga's instructions to Buddies' parents doesn't allow them to meet outside of school.

Now, the Buddies are trying to get back at Banga and find their way out of these rules. 

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What Makes TBP Unique?

Aside from a ensemble of different characters and a unique story line, there are a few things which truly make TBP stand apart from everything that's going on on TV right now.

Let's list them up!

The Casanova's pet name is "Nonu". 

Everything is a dirty double meaning joke here. And it's unfortunate that we end up understanding all of the jokes. Oh, us dirty minds Tongue

A girl doesn't have to be a typical girl to be an object of someone's love.

Sweet Angelic people are over-rated. What matters is that one should have the guts enough never to let anyone attack their self-respect!

A Singer's younger sister not only can sing better but can also dance like a dream!

It doesn't matter who the person is, one nice helping of "Shahi Sharbat" can bring out the secrets of anyone!

There is no such thing as an Ultimate Hero. Unless one stumbles and falls, one can't learn.

Time goes on and people change. Even the most insensitive of the lot can turn over a new leaf and be mature if something has hit him hard enough.

Dumb people have the sharpest of memories.

Nothing spies better than a camera worthy of putting in a museum.

Laps can make good pillows! <3

Even the silliest have a place in one's heart or another.

A villain is a villain. Pungi toh banti hai boss. 

Who says tomboys can't fall in love? Can't dream? They are girls still!

Principal's wife can run the canteen. More than the principal, she is liable to know the children inside out! 

Jealousy my friend Cool

Boys can be the most sensitive. 

AND there are girls who can't think *point at myself* Sorry guys! The one's thought by Maisy are the best! Me? Moi suck. LOL 

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 1. Your feelings towards TBP so far: 
2. Forum thoughts?
3. Suniye ji ya listen? Blushing
4. Nonu ya Stoneface?
5. Singer or a dancer?
6. Royal or Junglee?
7. How would you design your buddy project? Name one activity.
8. Your thoughts on the characters. 
9. What do you want next in TBP?
10. Say 10 good things about me. Stern Smile
11. How did you find this thread? 
*cough* Maisy deserves appreciation. shuru ho jai Cool *cough*
12. What did I not ask here?
13. Aur bhi puchu? 

Let me answer that Cool Nah!! Move on to the awards thread people!!
Hope you all enjoyed the celebration. Hug Happy Junglee Century everyone <3

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And we are at the end!! 
EVERYTHING IS DONE BY MAISY!!!  She was supposed to post this but couldn't. I simply got her started with the ideas and color-coding and inserting images here as she was sleepy. Hope you had a good sleep Maisy <3  I really wanted you to post this =(

Layout + Writeup = Maisy [Mais]
Banners+Signatures+Logo's = Khushi [*Khushii*]
Ideas taken from tons of previous threads made before by other forums and evolved :P

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