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Advice Cycle..
 ( Suchi to Prabha, T & T to Kal & Mohan,Kal to Padma ,Indira to Deepa, Deepa to Prabha and finally THE GREAT GW to T & T )
Suchi's perfection certificate to Prabha.. Suchi says how could Deepa behave to him like that. She fails to forget that he married her inspite of his status nuShocked She says he always behaved so soft and kind and how could she irritate him so much nu.. Says Deepa doesnt know his value.  AngryAngry (aama periya value!)Prabha agrees. she tries to create rift between Prabha and Deepa. She says she will understand things later. Advice to him - let her take time she will be ok. He nods. Suchi asks him not to worry.She advice him to remain quiet to her and she will soon realise Prabha's worth and love.. ( to whom to deepa or to suchi??LOL)
Thuls decorating bed for Kal Mohan,TA asks if everything ready nu.. She asks his opinion on how the deco looks.. He praises Kuttima, konjals her. T gets shy. Pavi comes inside making them feel shy. Pavi comes in and asks them to continue their romance after giving the air freshner to Thuls saying spray it on TA. TA nakkals her asking if he is a house .. She says TA mama is not a house but a kovil who saved her brother's life. She leaves asking him to continue the romance. Thuls taunts him for Public display of Romance. TA asks her to call Mohan and Kal. Thuls says she is shy nu,.TA asking why .. Thuls asks him to go and talk to Mohan she will go to Kalnu.
Thuls comes to meet Kal. She tries to open topic on how not to get nervousWink..Kal says why she should get nervousROFL. She says she expected such a reaction from Padma and will make everything proper. She knows abt Mohan and she will make everyone happy at their house.Thuls astonished to see her confidence and says she came to say something else but is happy hearing her courageous words. 
TA advice to Mohan. TA says not to feel bad abt how their marriage happend. Mohan says he is happy and Kal knows how to lead life even if he does mistakes. TA surprised and says he came to advice him for somthing else but he is talking more matured talks and wishes him.. ( both of them are so romantic failed to notice that they are the only love birdsLOLLOL)
All of them arrive at hall. TA says he has bought somethings for Kal as seer as she had helped for Thuls education its a sort of exchanging love(barter system ah??Shocked). Kal says it was not necessary nu. Thuls asks to get elders blessing. They get blessings from MM and turns to Padma who goes out with anger and sits outside.
Kal calls her inside. Padma refuses to come inside. Kal stress on  her command to come inside now. Padma stares at her for her confidence and courage.. Padma comes in and shouts at her for her command. Kal tries to make her understand that she is not here to fight. She wants to lead a peaceful life and she assures happiness in their family with Pavi. MM, padma and mohan. Padma gets irritated. She tries to get her blessing who moves away .. Nostalgia of how she denied blessing to T & T . Kal requests not to show such hatred which would result in sadness. She says she can change whatever in her Padma dislike except her poverty. If she remains adamant then it would be difficult for Padma henceforth. She says sshe  will reciprocate whatever she receives be it affection or otherwise. Clap Padma gets angry and accuse her mom. She is not ready to get convinced goes inside.
Thuls advicing Kal to be cautious of her chithi and asks sorry for Padma's behaviour.. Kal says she has already made her initiative to make her understand her. She will take care of her and others from her taunts and try to move smoothly.Thul happy hearing it. She tells Mohan to support Kal. Mohan agrees and goes in. THuls sends Kal to the room and tries to leave with TA. after bidding bye to MM  TA while coming out tells that Prabha has become irresponsible now. He has not visited the carpenter in the morning as per TA's advice and now they had to pay the carpenter half day pay without any work. ( starting eh loss ah?? suthamAngry!!) Thuls asks him to call Prabha. TA says Prabha blocked his number and they can call Deepa after going home to enquire abt him. they leave.
Deepa studying at   night. Indira comes and asks her abt Prabha. Deepa tease her saying he is not yet come from school. Indira scolds her for her thimiru in answering. She scolds for her irresponsible behaviour towards her hubby.SleepySleepy She shud have asked where he is going nu.. Deepa says he is not a small kid to be pampered. She says as a wife she should know where he is going and why is he coming so late nu.. Deepa un able to hear her mom's words says he is coming within half an hr. Mom says she could have told this before itself. Deepa asks her whether she knows any info about her dad  why he is late nu.. Her mom informs that she very well know abt her husband what he is doing and where he is going nu. .She blames Deepa for her anger and fighting mode for all the prblem. She says she has made idiyappam spl for Prabha and tells her to properly serve him.( romba mukiyam !)  Deepa murmurs. Indira goes back to her advicing mode saying she should adjust to him. He says her husband is also no less for his stuborness. Deepa finally ends the advicing discourse by saying she will cook something for him when he comess back and will convince his anger towards her. Indira goes to sleep.
Late night Deepa gets up from the couch when she heard the gate opening. Prabha enters. She goes out to open the gate and asks him why he is so late nu. Prabha gets angry and asks to stop her questionnaire. Deepa gets irritated saying she wants to know why he got so angry and left without saying anything. He says she need not know anything as only Deepa's parents has the right to question him. Deepa tells about how TA had called her and told about the carpentry work being stopped because of the flaw by Prabha. Deepa says she was happy that he went to office in the morning but got really frustrated hearing TA's disappointment n how to succeed in business if he is not proper in doing work. She says she feels something wrong in this venture and asks him to stop this partnership as she doesnt want to have any rift between her and Tulasi. Prabha muzhichufy and convince her that he will not stop the partnership. He was angry at TA for mocking him at the temple so showed his anger by not doing the work he told him and blocking his number. He says he will convince TA somehow. Deepa says this wont work anymore. If he gets serious to such small teasing then how they can proceed in this partnership. He is not fit for partnership. A fool can succeed but a short tempered person cant win . she asks him to start separately which would prove good for both of them. SHe doesnt want to create any rift between TA & T because of Prabha. Prabha says not to worry about anything and asks her to go and sleep. SHe says she is not convinced. He asks him is there any more questions to ask him nu. Deepa gets irritated. He sends her to sleep. She wants to serve him dinner. But his tongue slipped saying he had while shopping. Deepa questions where ? Prabha says he had to go to shopping mall and had food. she says abt her amma's pasamana  SIL spl idiyapam. He says he cant eat for her mom and goes in. Deepa sad/
TA & T reach home late. GW with a usual kadu kadu face opens. TA enquires abt Lav. GW blames his delay his display of his affection for his pregnant sister and is more interested in roaming around with his wife. She says the carpenter came and gave the key and he told her about the problem that happend in office because of lack of tools. TA says he knows abt it and Prabha had failed to visit the office which resulted in the loss nu.. GW got the point to jump saying how can he believe in such an irresponsible guy.SHe says she knew this would happen in their partnership.. TA & T gets irritated at her talk but T seems to look more thoughtful


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Thanks for the wonderful update haritha...ennamo i felt the episode to be a weird one except for the T/T/K/M scenes...
TA and T got a super reply when they started to advice M and K...Lol...both changed topic and i liked how both handled T/T...T/T thinks they are restless aana true a T/T were more restless...Tongue...ithula romantic mood added that and pavi entering on right time lol..
Prabha va thiti thiti mudiyala...He looks like a paying guest, aana w/o paying...
Why T got memories of T/T getting rejected by padma? I thought T/T will discuss about it...but hmm...
So GW pechu for once about Prabha is so true
Deepa u are perfect and un vaaila sakkara thaan podanum for asking him to break up with TA...please do that...
Prabha ku koozhukum aasai meesaikum aasa...what a stupid ego he got..grr

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Thnx Haritha akka for the wonderful update and super title!StarHug
Suchi and Prabha sceneDead
Thulasi yen ma inthe vekkamLOL
Mr.K nalla handle panni irukurar to give the same dialogue to T&TTongue
Kalyani super marumagal for Padma, iruku avakuWink
Inthe D&P problem adankatha, pfoe...
Hmm..what will happen to the businessErmm

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Thanks Haritha ka for the wonderful, elaborate update!!!

GW, you stop this partnership, kovil kati kumudu vein! Seriously! I promiseTongue!
TT, eppovumai best couple than! 
Ivanga rangeku romance panna tamil silver screenla enuma azhuthedanumLOL!
Ena advice panna pona, ena nadukuthu?ROFL
Suchi, drift pannurana, sikram pannu! Thanga mudiyala! Ivalo oru poi ana vazhuka! Cha! are cordially invited for the Friday episodeAngry! Appo vechukurein katcheriya!
Gangster with gun emoticon (Bad boys emoticons) I m waiting!

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                                        Thanks Harhem for the update.
  Prabha already behaves in an irresponsible manner UnhappyPinchThumbs DownDisapprove  and it is irritating to see Suchi encouraging his activities D'ohDisapproveOuchThumbs Down which will only turn him into a worst character which will affect Deepa a lot Broken HeartBroken HeartPinchOuch .

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Thanks haritha for the update...loved it..and loved yr cmnts and also shubba's and gisel's invitation to prabha on friday- rofl..
but actually for gw's sake, in spite of all probs feel TA shud click with prabha..otherwise TT will never stop hearing from gw...let there be probs and get prabha into big problem..then only he will realise...actually the interaction bet indira with deepa is so natural, for a mother to hv with a married daughter in her house..
Liked how TT went to advice and got adv instead...mohan and kal actually hv started more comfy with each other..they are the only ones to hv known each other with all faults, and had a long courtship..they hv been to beach, shopping, temple-what not? and this shows in kal's confident handling of the situation...she does not have a SIL like lav or sudha ..she is the only DIL n has the backing of most members as well as her mother's adv...
hv to give it to CTs to show each one handling based on their experience and situation...
why did the carpenter hv to come n give the key to gw of all people?
now waiting for tmrw...shud be anand n F*Ly...

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Thx for the update.

Poor D its so rude of Prabha to snub her always. Her mom is plain stupid and not trying to understand her situation. Phone panni nayi pidi nu advising.

D is correct he should just leave his partnership idea with TA before things get worse.

P is another classic example of dog tail like GW. Dead Kalyani it's waste talking to her. But good you tried to bring her to senses nobody can blame or point fingers on you in future.

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Thanks Haritha ka for the wonderful Update! ClapStar Nice comments LOL

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