Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi


Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi


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Karan tries to bring Nandini back to consciousness. He fails to do so. Karan lifts her and rushes out. Tanya runs towards Ganga and requests her to save nandini. She is the cause of all this. Savitha confronts Mohini and enquires if she has revealed the truth to Nandini. Mohini is innocent and fails to understand. Savitha enquires if she told the truth about Tanya to Nandini. Mohini promises she is innocent and decides to pray for her recovery. Thulsi tells Mihir and he agrees that it was Karan's foolishness. Karan is driving with all kinds of thoughts. Ganga tells Saahil and he decides to go to the hospital too.

Nandini is hospitalised. Mihir & Thulsi reach the hospital too. As Mihir runs around making arrangements, Karan repents having told Nandini the truth. Thulsi consoles him saying that truth is the essence of life. Lie wont last a life time. Karan says he can lead any kind of life for Nandini. He will wipe out the truth. He will clear his memories of the past if it will help Nandini and hopes that she recovers. Tanya is a silent spectator to Karan's lamentations. He goes away when he sees her.

Karan pleads with the doctors. He says he can do anything, anything to help nandini. Why should she suffer for his mistake? Tanya again over hears that. The doctor calls a senior doctor for help. The patient is serious and will undergo a surgery

Mohini reaches the hospital. Rakesh (her assistant in her own company) asks her if she has managed to take Karan's signature. Mohini tells him that the family is in some tension and then in a flash tells him that she will get the signatures. Actually she sees a nurse carrying papers and an idea strikes her.

The senior doctor arrives at the hospital. Karan again pleads the doctor to save nandini. He cannot live without her. Tanya feels more and more miserable. The doctor (a pretty young female) promises to do her best.

Indu is at a shopping mall. Two small time thieves, with their pockets empty are looking around for a scape goat. They approach her and butter her. She is on cloud nine and overjoyed. They carry her bags, offer to give her a drop in her car; drop her mid way and drive away. Indu immediately realises her mistake and declares she is foolish.

Mohini befriends a nurse and asks her for some papers with the hospital's letterhead, because she wants to operate on the Virani's. She bribes her and takes her aside to speak to her. Mohini watches Tanya going out of the hospital and wonders why should Tanya be sad. Then decides not to bother herself as she has little time.

Thulsi is still trying to console karan. She then goes away.

Mohini use this opportunity to make him sign some documents claiming that they are consent forms for the operation. She says the earlier he signs, the better and volunteers to help him. Karan signs many documents.

Mohini is overjoyed and say people usually get money through inheritance. Here Nandini is not even dead and she has already become the owner of 60 crores. What luck.

Tanya is walking dejectedly with flashbacks of all that Karan has spoken in the hospital. She sits down on the pavement and cries a lot. She says that she cant let Karan & Nandini suffer and decides to leave them alone.

Date: 03/05/2005

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Mohini is escalated that Karan has signed the papers. She is in his room and speaks to the empty chair. She says she was afraid of him. He could throw cold water on her plans. But today she is open about the papers and is showing it to him. He toasts to herself.

In the hospital, the doctor announces that the operation is successful and is very weak. Everybody is happy and wants to rush to meet her. But the doctor stops all of them and says the patient wants to meet Tanya. They all realise that Tanya is missing. Ganga says that she saw her going out of the hospital.

Saahil discovers that some contracts have been awarded to a company unheard of before. He wonders who made the decision. He enquires with one of the managers who assures him that he would find the necessary details. He discovers that there are some files belonging to Rakesh. He strains his memory to recall that he would move around with Mohini.

At Shanthiniketan, Tanya is packing her suitcases.  Bhoomi walks in and asks her where she is going? She would also go with her. Tanya asks the child to take care of itself and always be good. The girl asks her to stop crying and promises to be good. Tanya hugs the child and wonders how she can leave her behind? She had made the tough decision to leave karan, but Bhoomi!!

Thulsi calls Tanya and updates her the condition and ask her to come back to the hospital at the earliest. She has refused to meet Karan and rest of them. Tanya promises to visit Nandini.

The doctor advises Karan to falsify all that he had told Nandini. Karan wonders how that is possible? He himself has admitted to his second marriage.Doctor says she does nt have an answer to his question. But can think of two ways. He should make nandini believe that all that he had told her was  a lie or he will have to think of separating from her. Karan confesses that he can't live without her.

Tanya meets Nandini in the hospital. Nandini pours out her heart to Tanya and asks her for a suggestion? Tanya wonders what she can advise her. Karan tries to walk in and nandini asks Tanya to throw him out.

Tanya drives him out. He says he wanted to clarify the situation. Tanya says that would be suicidal. Moreover nandini wont believe him. Tanya says that nothing is impossible. She trusts him. She asks him to say that such a thng never happened. Karan laments that it would mean grave injustice to her. Tanya says that Nandini should recover and nothing else matters.

Baa wonders why Thulsi is worried, especially when Nandini has had a successful operation. Thulsi says that the problem still remains the same. Its tough to imagine a solution without injustice being meted to at least one of them.

Tanya requests nandini to give a chance to Karan to explain. Nandini does not believe its worth it. Tanya asks her to do it for her sake. She agrees. Karan walks in and speaks to nandini very softly. He thanks for agreeing to listen to her. Then he says that it is indeed that he loved another lady, the miniature creation of nandini. He initially hated her, as he believed that she was the cause for nandini entering into coma. But her laughter, small steps and prattling drew her towards him. Nandini asks if he is referring to Bhoomi. Karan nods and she sits up and hugs him and asks for his forgiveness. Tanya is about to walk away. Nandini thanks her. Tanya says friends don't thanks each  other and she is glad that they are together again.




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Nandini & Karan re-enter Shanthiniketan. The family gathers around her and gives her a great welcome. Tanya also comes in and Mohini catches her alone and taunts her. The tears in her eyes is because of sadness or otherwise? Is she happy that her best friend has recovered or sad that her family is broken? Tanya says its neither. Its tears of relief.

Saahil looks for Mohini in the office. He fails to find her. He wonders if Rakesh is an employee or a competitor.

Tanya is carrying a glass of water and dashes against Anish. The glass breaks and Tanya is angry. He is not pleased as his shirt is ruined. Tanya angrily picks up the pieces of glass and Anish helps her. As they move forward they again dash against each other again. Nandini witness the whole scene and Anish introduces himself as Karan's business associate.

Karan comes back home and nandini is all excited about Anish. She says he has a handsome personality and a good income. He is cheerful and full of life. The loneliness which Tanya is witnessing would vanish with Anish for company. Karan is disturbed and asks what if anish is married. Nandini says she has made some enquiries and he is not married and is looking for a wife, who could take care of him and his family. Unless ofcourse Karan knows that something is wrong with him. Karan does not respond and carries on with his duties.

Saahil is still wondering about the recent problems. Thulsi joins him. She says that money was withdrawn from all accounts during the kidnapping of kids and she wants to return it now. Saahil welcomes her and says the audits her due next month. Setting the accounts right would help. Saahil asks about Mohini's contribution and Thulsi replies that it was 4 crores. Thulsi wonders if anything is wrong. Saahil replies nothing.

As Thulsi walks away she realises that Saahil is preoccupied and wonders if she could help him. She walks into Mohini's chamber and finds it deserted. She accidentally drops some files and as she picks them up, notices some papers which declare that Mohini Virani has 60 crores at her disposal. Thulsi initially says "Ithna bada doka, tho yeh that uska maksad". She decides that it is time to expose Mohini as she now has solid proof against her.

Tanya is playing blind man's buff with Bhoomi and Nakul. Anish walks in. Unable to find the kids she cheats a bit and Anish announces "Its cheating". Tanya is embarrassed and removes the folds around her eyes. Bhoomi says cheating is not allowed and asks her to find them again. Tanya asks him "Aapko kya zaroorat tha beeche mein bol ne ka". As they exchange some words Nandini arrives at the scene and detects that Anish is interested in tanya. Tanya takes the children with her and goes away. Nandini tells Anish that she has heard that his parents are looking for a bride. So they must be traditional and he prefers arranged marriages? Anish says it need not be and he does not know what is in store for him. Nandini informs him that they are also looking for an alliance for Tanya. The problem is she is not so beautiful and her behaviour, he has witnessed, don't know if she will adjust with her parents-in-law? Anish reacts "Yeh aap  kya keharahi hai? Tanya is beautiful………… and if my parents sets their eyes on her, they will certainly like her". Nandini starts laughing and asks him about the next course of action. Can his parents be invited for lunch? Anish just blushes.

Karan is in office and wondering how to stop Nandini from making plans? He decides to tell Anish the truth. He calls him many times and cell is on voice mail. Nandini calls and tells him that she has good news to share. Could he come home? Karan tries to explain that he is busy. Nandini says that Tanya needs him as a matter of urgency. Karan decides to rush home

Thulsi is still in Mohini's chamber wondering what to do. She decides to call up karan and even before she can dial his number, Mohini comes in. As Thulsi confronts her, she pleads innocence and says because of the pressure and sudden increase in responsibilities she may have made some mistakes. Thulsi asks her to save her explanations for the family.  Hadn't she warned her before? Now the police will decide. Mohini begs her not to says anything to others and in her  true style continues that if Thulsi reveals something then she will be left with no choice but to tell the entire truth about Tanya and karan to Nandini. Thulsi has the shock of her life!!!!

Date: 05/05/2005


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Mohini continues to taunt Thulsi saying that Nandini would be in grave trouble. Thulsi slaps her. Mohini says a slap means nothing, just answer Yes or No. Thulsi asks her if she says No, then…Mohini says nandini is young and whose knows if she will live to see another day. Thulsi is deep in thought.

Nandini is very excited. She plays around with Tanya, who tells that she is satisfied that she has friends like Karan & nandini. She asks Tanya to wear a good suit and offers to deck her.

Thulsi looks at their mutual affection and wonders what would happen in future. Mohini keeps an eye on Thulsi.

Karan walks in to Tanya's room and asks her not to get excited. The doctors suggest that…..Nandini gets angry and says that one can't always follow doctor's order. If the doctor's suggest that she should not dance in Tanya's wedding, she can't listen to their advise. Both Karan and Tanya are silenced. She says Anish is joining them for dinner and so she is excited. If everything goes well, the decision should be made to night.

Mohini taunts Thulsi to speak about her decision. Thulsi wonders why she is so hesitant. Then she thinks it is because of Nandini. She has felt and seen death in close quarters. But can she let Mohini have her way? As Thulsi is silent with these thoughts, Mohini taunts her again. Is thulsi not able to over come her lust? Is her materialistic life greater than relations? Thulsi gets very angry and tells her that relationships are most important to her and that is the reason that she won't let her family suffer. She suggests that Mohini transfer back the wealth to Virani industries and refrain from involving herself in office affairs. Would she do it on her own accord or would she want the police to force her into the situation. What does she value more her freedom or would she prefer to go to jail. Mohini says she will do as Thulsi suggested.

As Mohini is on her way out, Thulsi calls out saying she knows how to keep dirt away from her house. Mohini says she knows about cleaning up the place too (through looting)

Karan updates Saahil & Ganga. They also don't have any solutions and sympathises with karan and praise Tanya.

Anish comes in with his parents. As Saahil tries to steer the conversation towards business and all that Anish has achieved in a short frame of time, nandini brings them back to the reason that they have visited Shanthiniketan. Anish's parents like her very much and Nandini is overjoyed. Mohini also enjoys the scene. A few hours ago Thulsi had silenced her, now the whole family is silent. It's the entry for a fourth corner in a triangle.

Ganga in the kitchen tries to explain to Nandini that Tanya will have to be consulted. Nandini says she is silent and that has to be treated as consent. May be she is shy. Ganga tells her that it is one of the biggest decisions of life and Tanya is taking her time to make it. Nandini says she knows her friend very well and can actually decide for her. Anyways she will consult with others

Tanya is sitting alone and is crying. Karan tells her that he totally understands her situation, but is unable to do anything. Tears continue to flow down both their cheeks. Tanya tells him that she is married and her maang is empty. She is married and there is an active search for a groom. Karan says it will all be set right in a few days. By then both of them hear nandini calling out to karan. Tanya urges him to go soon. If nandini walks in, she might not be able to hide her tears and emotions.

Karan joins Nandini. She asks him for the suggestion about Anish & Tanya. Karan starts by saying actually…..Nandini jumps to the conclusion that they are made for each other. Anish is well educated, has good background and plenty of money. What reason does Tanya have to refuse him? Ganga just created a confusion that was non-existent.

Tanya is alone and has flashbacks of all that Karan told Thulsi when nandini was hospitalised for the second time. He could do anything to keep Nandini alive. Tanya says she is in a chakravyuh. Not even time can better her condition. She will have to console herself and her emotions. She has to leave the house. That seems to be the only option


Date: 09/05/2005


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Tanya is sitting and crying in her room. She decides to live the house. She packs her bags and leaves. While she is leaving she finds her daughter's doll. She starts crying and goes to Bhoomi's room. She sits besides her and thinks how it will be so difficult for her to live without bhoomi. But she also thinks that till she is here, bhoomi will not accept nandini full fledged. She leaves the room with a heavy heart taking that doll with her. She stops in front of nandini and karan's room. She goes inside- both of them are sleeping. She is still crying but thinks that though she is leaving, she is taking with her karan's nishani- that is the child which is inside her. She finally leaves.

Shobha is trying to put her child to sleep. Abhishek comes in, she tells him to be quiet. Abhishek talks about how he is planning to sent the child to Howard and make the biggest industrialist. Shobha laughs at her planning and they also talk about the unborn child (shobha is pregnant). Suddenly shobha gets a pain in the stomach, abhishek calls payal, and is worried. Payal is also worried and decides to take shobha to hospital.

In the morning, bhoomi is getting ready for school, can't find Tanya. Her ribbon and belt are hanging. Ganga calls her as they are getting late for the school. Nandini offers to tie but bhoomi refuses as she will get it done from Tanya. Nandini is disappointed but tries to look for nandini. Karan is also looking for Tanya and can't find her and is upset. Tulsi tries to calm her but he says that Tanya never goes without telling him and she knows that he will be worried. He tries to call her but there is no response.

Meanwhile ganga manages to convince bhoomi and ties her ribbons. Bhoomi sees ganga's son putting his toy in the school bag and wants to take her fav doll as well. Ganga goes to Tanya's room to find that but sees that tanya's cupboard is empty and is shocked. She runs out and goes and tells tulsi and karan.

Nandini goes to Tanya's room, sees the open empty cupboard and looks around. Finds a letter on the table.

The doctor does the check up on shobha and says that she fine. Payal asks her that since today is her god bharai- should they go ahead with it. The doc says it is fine but avoid stress for her because that might cause complications.

Later in her house, shobha asks abhishek if he has invited her mother for the ceremony, he is mum. Payal enters and tells shobha that she had told abhishek not to invite tulsi because tulsi was always against abhishek and she will not give ashirwaad but only bring bad luck. Shobha tries to protest saying that tulsi is her mother and she wants her to be part of this. But payal is adamant about not calling tulsi.

Nandini comes to the living room where everybody is assembled, she tells them that Tanya has left home. Karan is surprised how did she find out and asks her. She tells him that Tanya has left a letter. Mohini tries to instigate nandini to open the letter and read it. She thinks that Tanya has gone, nandini will be gone once she finds out the real reason for tanya's leaving and that will leave only ganga whom she can handle. Tulsi  gives her a stern look.

Karan tries to take the letter but nandini reads it herself. Everybody is tense, nandini reads the letter and then gives it to karan. Karan reads it aloud. Nandini hasn't mention much but that she is sorry leaving like this but they would not have let her leave and till she leaves, somebody's life will not begin. They should not try and find her. All of them are shocked.

Dated: 10/05/2005

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Karan reads the letter, Nandini is upset- she says what happened that Tanya had to leave. She says that what could the problem be that Tanya had to leave; she should have atleast told her about the problem.

Karan is upset and leaves the room. Karan is in the room, thinking that how could Tanya do this, he is stuck where he can't do much. He says that Tanya had an important place in his life and she has left a void, which no one will be able to fill. Ganga comes in and tries to console him saying that he has to fill that void for Nandini's sake and Tanya will be happy wherever she is because she has gone because of this. Karan says but Tanya was never between him and nandini and now it will be very difficult for him but he will try. (seemed like everyone has resigned to the fact that Tanya has left and not going to come back!!! what a family!!!)

Shobha is upset, and tells abhishek that how can she be happy when on the day when she is being samman for becoming a mother, when there will be lots of people giving her blessings, she will miss that one blessing, she will be unable to give her mother that respect. Payal overhears all this and is sad.

Nandini is trying to feed bhoomi but she refuses saying that she will only eat from Tanya. Nandini tries to convince her that even she loves her but bhoomi refuses and leaves. Nandini is upset, Karan comes in. Nandini tells Karan that how could Tanya do like this, she should have atleast thought about Bhoomi. She knew that there was something wrong and that is why she was trying to get Tanya settled. Karan who was controlling himself for too long gets angry. He tells Nandini- do you want to know why Tanya left- you are the reason. Nandini is shocked. Karan tells her that he had told her that she should not force her decisions on Tanya but she was adamant. Marriage is an important decision and Tanya should have been the one to decide on that but Nandini forced it on her and that is the reason why Tanya has left. Nandini tries to defend herself but karan is upset and leaves. Mohini has been listening to all this. She comes to Nandini who is upset by Karan's words. Mohini tries to instigate her saying that karan should not have reacted like this for a friend. She tries to tell him that karan and Tanya have become very close and tries to hint her about the relationship between them. Nandini is angry and slaps her. She says that how could she talk about these two people like this. She says one of them is her best friend and the other is the person she worships and Mohini dare not talk like anything ugly like this about them. Tulsi and Karan see this and come down.

In the meanwhile, Mohini is furious and tells Nandini that she does not know the reality behind these people and what all has happened behind her back. Karan and Tulsi arrive and shut up Mohini. Nandini asks them as to why mohini was talking like this. Tulsi tells her that Tanya always pointed out the wrongs mohini did and that's why mohini is taking revenge. Nandini feels a little unwell with all the tension but is ok.

Tulsi follows Mohini and warns her that if she did not stop creating problems in her household she will have to face the consequences. She says that she still has proof against her and will give it to the police. Mohini thinks that before tulsi does that she has to do something to get rid of tulsi.

Payal calls Virani household in the night and speaks to Savita. She invited them to the ceremony. Savita asks her as to why she is having this ceremony as this is Shobha's second child, but Payal tells her that since this is Abhishek's first child they want to have the ceremony. She mentions that she did not want to invite them but is doing so.

The next morning Savita comes to tulsi and mihir's room and tells them that they have been invited and have to go. Mihir is happy but says he will be unable to come because he has some important meeting but will convey his good wishes to shobha over phone. Tulsi hesitantly asks if all of them have been invited, Savita says that yes she has been also invited. Tulsi says that this ceremony should be in mother's home, savita cuts her short and says that payal is organizing it and tulsi should not create a scene there, she has got a chance to do amends and she should not waste it. She leaves as she has to do some shopping. Tulsi thinks that she always wishes the best for shobha and will like to give blessings to her daughter but no one understands the reason behind what she had done.

Date: 11/05/2005

Updated by Deepanbh

Thulsi goes with Savitha to Payal's house. Mohini decides its the best time to settle scores with Thulsi. Payal gives a rousing welcome to all but Thulsi. Mohini instigates Payal to taunt Thulsi

Mohini informs Abhishek that Thulsi wants to meet her. Thulsi is nostalgic about her first son-in-law. Mohini tells Shobha that Thulsi was reluctant to come to the function as she still belives that Abhishek was involved in Vishal's murder. Shobha unable to believe that, goes down to see Thulsi speaking about the same to Abhishek. She develops labour pains and is angry on Thulsi.

As Payal and Abhishek are pulling Shobha in car to take her to the hospital, Savitha enquires about whats happening.
Payal asks her to question her bahu. Savitha as usual does not listen to Thulsi, but says she can never change. Thulsi says her daughter is in the hospital and she needs to go there at the earliest and leaves.

On the way to the hospital, Abhishek who is driving the car feels guilty and prays that Shobha and his kid should not suffer for his wrong doings. Payal decides never to forgive Thulsi and Shobha is in pain.

Mohini thinks that she can continue to exploit the opportunity by bringing Mihir to watch the growing disturbances between Thulsi and Savitha

Date: 12/05/2005

Updated by pmahesh

Tulsi, Shobha and Abhishek are together. Shobha tells tulsi that has she come here to tell her that she is carrying the child of a killer. She gets agitated saying all this and gets pain. Tulsi tries to calm her down and make her understand but shobha does not listen. Abhishek and Payal take her to the hospital, they are very tense.

The doc in the hospital tells payal that she had told them to take care of shobha but they could not, now they should let them do what they can. Shobha is wheeled in. Payal and Abhishek are sitting outside the room tense. Tulsi comes in, Payal stops her on the way and tells her that she cannot meet Shobha. Tulsi tries to explain that shobha is her daughter and she does not wish ill for her but Payal tells her that she had an inkling that something like this will happen and that's why she did not want to invite her. She says that she is more than being shobha's mother in law, she is her mother and that tulsi should leave them alone and spare them. Tulsi is pleading to Payal to let her be with her daughter and says please samdhanji, but payal says that don't call me by that name- people who do not know how to keep relationships (sambhand) should not use this. She blocks tulsi's way and tells her to go back. Tulsi is crying.

Karan is at home and talking to the police about Tanya. He tells the inspector that Tanya is his wife and she has been missing. The police wants the photograph which karan promises to deliver and tells the inspector that this news should be secret as they do not want the media to find out. When he is talking, nandini comes in and karan hangs up hurriedly. Nandini tells her about the problem in shobha's godh bharai and that she had to be taken to hospital. Karan is worried about tulsi.

Tulsi is still in the hospital and is standing in a corner and crying. Abhishek comes to her and tells her that why is she after them and why did she want to spoil everything. He tells her what is his fault, the fact that he was Ansh's partner. But he never was a party to vishal's killing- he tried to stop ansh several times but ansh did not listen to him. Ansh is the one who killed Vishal and he is innocent. Tulsi tells him that if he was entirely innocent, why did he hide all this from everyone. She says that she knows that he was also involved. Abhishek that he did not reveal this because he did not want to lose Shobha and tells Tulsi to leave them alone and not interfere. Tulsi leaves.

Savita comes home, Mihir is sitting there and asks her if the ceremony went off well. Savita is quiet so mihir asks her again. Savita says that when the main bad luck is still there, how can there be good luck in the house. When Mihir asks her as to what happened, she tells him about the evening (no dialogues- flashback scenes). Savita tells him that first it was Ansh, then Gautam and now Shobha- god knows what tulsi wants-  she says that but she won't tolerate if something happens to shobha. Mihir is very upset and angry- he begins to go, savita asks him as to where he is going. He says that he has tolerated enough and now his patience has run out. He is going to the hospital, tulsi must be there, to decide one way or the other. He walks out angrily.

The doctor comes out of Shobha's room. She tells payal and abhishek that shobha is fine but there is a problem with the child. She says that there are complications, payal says that nothing can happen to the child and she will spend all the money required to get specialist.  The doctor says that there is only one way- to operate but even then there are only 50-50%chance of saving the child. She tells them that they have to tell shobha about this. Abhishek is devastated.

Savita tells mohini that she had to tell about this to Mihir. Mohini tries to instigate her and is happy and tells her that she did the right thing because mihir has the right to know because he is the father. Savita says mihir is gone to the hospital to meet tulsi, Mohini wishes that she could have been there to watch the scene, then quickly adds that so that she could tell savita about what had happened there. Tulsi walks in, mohini is disappointed and asks her if she did not meet mihir. savita asks her about shobha- tulsi tells her that she could not meet her but she is still critical. Savita is upset that even then tulsi has come back and walks out. Tulsi is alone with mohini and asks her if she had anything to do with what had happened earlier in the day. Mohini is shocked but quickly regains her composure and says she did not do anything. Tulsi tells her that the fact that payal knew she was in the guest room, the fact that abhishek came to that room and shobha knew about this cannot be a coincidence. She asks her as to what she was talking to payal about. Mohini is nervous but tells her that how could she do anything against tulsi when tulsi had her strings. Tulsi does not believe her and says that it is her bad luck that the god is using her against her and walks out. Mohini thinks that she is lucky she got saved otherwise if tulsi had any proof against her, she would have been out of this house.

Mihir is driving to the hospital, he is thinking about Savita's words-ansh's killing, gautam leaving the house….. and loses control of the car- falls into a ditch.

Abhishek and payal tell shobha about the operation and shobha is crying.

Tulsi comes to her room and misses mihir that he would have probably understood her. She tries to call him.

Mihir is lying in the car, injured when the phone rings- he tries to reach the phone. (his face is all blood- looks like the scene is set for the face change as ronit is leaving the show- I suspect this is Ronit as mihir for the last time). He inches towards the phone and in the process comes out of the car. As soon as he is little away- the car explodes- and we see mihir's face- all blood and loses conscience

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There is an accident with Mihir and as soon as Mihir is out of the car, the car explodes.

Tulsi is trying to call Mihir and when Mihir does not pick up the phone, she thinks that may be Mihir is also angry with her because of shobha and is not picking up her call deliberately.

Shobha is still in the operation theatre and abhishek and payal are anxiously waiting outside. The doc comes out and gives them the good news- shobha delivered a girl child. Both of them are very happy, payal goes inside to meet shobha, shobha is also very happy. Abhishek also comes in and they all share some happy moments.

Savita tells Mohini that she fails to understand what kind of mother Tulsi is, shobha was still critical and she came back home. Mohini instigates Savita, saying that tulsi is lucky because she came back before Mihir could reach there. While they are talking, the phone rings- savita picks up the call- there is a police inspector on the other side. Mohini is a little worried (I think she thought that tulsi has made a complain against her). Inspector asks Savita about a certain car number, which Savita says is her son Mihir's car. The inspector tells her that the car has met with an accident and has fallen into the ditch. Savita is shocked and asks him if her son is fine- the inspector tells her that they have not been able to locate the driver of the car yet. Savita is uncontrollable; Mohini tries to calm her down.

Savita and Mohini reach the accident spot, the police are still trying to get the car out from the ditch and efforts are on to search the driver. Savita is shocked and does not know what to do, she tells Mohini to call Karan and Sahil and also tells her to not tell Tulsi.

Karan and Sahil reach the spot and want to find Mihir but the police stop them as they are on it already. The police finally find a body and bring it up. The body is still alive, has got too many injuries and the police decide to send the body immediately to hospital. Savita, Mohini and Sahil also get on the standing ambulance along with Mihir's body. Sahil asks Karan also to come in, but Karan says that he has an important duty and he has to fulfill that, and then he will join them.

Karan reaches home, comes to Tulsi's room and is standing outside the room. Tulsi sees him and asks him as to why is he standing outside. Karan comes in and tells her that he has to fulfill some duty and does not know how to do it. Tulsi thinks that Karan is upset because of Tanya and tells him that Tanya has left so that he can fulfill his duty towards Nandini. Karan tells him that though he is worried about Tanya, right now he is not talking about her. There is something else on his mind- Tulsi asks him to say what is there in his mind. Karan fumbles, Tulsi is impatient, he tries to console her that the person is in hospital and will be ok, Tulsi shouts and asks him who is in the hospital- Karan tells her about Mihir's accident. Tulsi is shocked and just goes out- karan follows her (somehow seemed like there is a spell over Tulsi).

Karan and Tulsi are driving down to the hospital. Karan tries to calm her down.

Savita is in the hospital and Payal notices her (it is obviously the same hospital). Savita tells her about Mihir's accident when he was on his way to see Shobha. Payal tries to sympathizes with Savita and savita tells her that all this is because of Tulsi.

Tulsi walks in the hospital, followed by Karan. Tulsi sees Savita and comes to her and wants to know about Mihir. She is told (I think by Sahil- I am not too sure) that mihir is soon going to be taken for operation.              Tulsi is shocked and starts to go to meet mihir. Savita holds her hand and does not let her go. Tulsi is surprised, savita tells her that she cannot meet mihir.  Tulsi tries to say…Ma but… Savita says that she is not her mother but Mihir's. She tells her that she could neither be a good mother- first she killed ansh, then was responsible for gautam's leaving and then for shobha's problem, nor an ideal wife. Now her son is also suffering because of her. She had given him innumerable injuries on the heart but now there are innumerable injuries on his body as well. She gives him a lot of lecture. Karan tries to stop savita but payal stops him on the way. Tulsi has been listening to all this but she finally erups.

She tells Savita to stop it now, that she has heard a lot from her and the family. Everytime they put some kalank on her and she is trying to prove herself right. She says that it does not suit Savita to give lecture on being an ideal. She says that she has had enough of Savita's taana. She says that once she killed Ansh, was she also suppose to die, savita has not stopped living after her husband died – it does not seems so (seemed like she was pointing out the way savita dresses). She says that savita should not tell her about being an ideal mother- her son(kiran) ran away with tulsi's child- was this the kind of upbringing that savita had given to her children…and here she was talking about being an ideal mother. She says that she did kill Ansh- her own child but to save Nandini and also so that there is no injustice done to Savita's son's illegitimate son (referring to Karan). Karan is seen shocked on hearing this). Tulsi does not stop- she says that she did suffer because of the murder- she was dying in the jail everyday for three years and no one came to console her- she was staying amidst criminals but no one had any pity on her and no one came to get her out of the jail. (I think she forgot about karan trying to keep her out for so long). She says that if savita does not want to be her mother then so be it- she can be the saas because anyway she was not there with her when she needed her. Tulsi says that she has taken a lot- she has even tolerated her souten, the illegitimate child so that the society does not get a chance to raise finger against the virani family. She says that now she has had enough and will not tolerate anymore. Payal tries to stop Tulsi, but Tulsi tells her not to interfere in her family affairs- she said that just because she taught her daughter to treat her mother in law as her mother- payal took away from Tulsi the right of being shobha's mother. (there were a lot of dialogues- I am not too sure if I have been able to put down on paper everything)

Savita still tries to stop Tulsi from meeting Mihir. Tulsi says that savita might be mihir's wife but she is his wife and has done seva for many years and no one can stop him from meeting her husband. But she says that since she has a problem, she will not see Mihir.


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Tulsi says that she will not see Mihir because she does not want to embarrass the family in public (they are still in the hospital) but now she will not suffer anymore and will give it back to all the people. Savita is shocked to hear all this. Tulsi walks away, Karan tries to call her, but she leaves. Payal tells that tulsi has gone mad that she is talking like this, and tells savita to take care and let her know mihir's condition.


Tulsi reaches home to find Ba waiting, ba asks her about Mihir. Tulsi tells her that she does not know how Mihir is because she was not allowed to see him and that her bahu (Ba's Bahu) Savita Virani did not let her see Mihir. Ba is shocked and says that she will speak to Savita, Tulsi says that there is no need. She is not going to suffer anymore, people have been blaming her for everything – and she is not going to take it anymore and will give it back (Tulsi is quite agitated when she is saying all this). Ba is shocked to hear all this and Tulsi's changed attitude.


In the hospital, Mohini is still trying to instigate Savita. She tells her that Tulsi should not have talked like this- the way she talked about Savita after mansukh's death. Savita says she is concerned right now only about Mihir.

The doctor comes out from the operation theatre- karan, sahil, mohini, savita and two dadus are waiting. He tells them that Mihir is fine now and there is no danger. All of them are relieved. Savita wants to meet Mihir- the doc says that he is still under the effect of anesthesia but she can meet him. Savita goes inside, tries to call Mihir, after a couple of times he responds. She tells him that he had a very bad accident and luckily he survived. He asks her about Shobha and she tells him that shobha had a daughter. (I am not too sure but I think he asks about Tulsi but savita avoids the question.)

At the same time, at home, Tulsi is looking at Mihir's photograph and is sad. She says that now she is going to take revenge for whatever has happened to her. Ganga overhears and is surprised by Tulsi's attitude.


Karan and sahil return home, they tell ganga that mihir is fine. Karan sees Tulsi and goes upto her to tell her about Mihir but she walks away without any reaction.

Karan, Ganga and Sahil are discussing Tulsi's reaction. Karan says that tulsi has got a big shock because of mihir's accident but Sahil says that tulsi has seen enough but has never reacted like this. Karan says that they should just imagine how Ganga would have reacted if something like this happened to her and he thinks tulsi is right. He says that Tulsi has suffered a lot, she has accepted her inspite of the fact that he is her souten's son. He says that she has given him so much love that he had forgotten that she was not the one who gave him birth. Ganga tells them to rest as all of them are tired.


Himmat in the meanwhile receives a call from Junagadh, he is told that he has lost a case and if within three day he does not deposit 28 crores, he will lose the property worth 100 crores. He says that he will do something. Gayatri and her husband overhear this and gayatri tells himmat that he should speak to Mihir. Himmat says that it will not be right to disturb mihir and tulsi at this stage, he will try and do it himself and if not possible, then will speak to them.


The next morning, ganga's son- nakul and the smaller one (I have not caught the name yet) are playing and nakul has taken some toy from the other one and is making him cry. Ganga comes and sees this and tells Nakul to treat his brother better. She lifts Nakul and put him away and sits with the younger one. She is saying that nakul has been a bad guy when tulsi comes in and sees all this. She tells Ganga that is the way to behave with nakul- she is treating him like this because he is not her own son. She says that wah now that you have your own son, you have started behaving like this with Nakul. Tulsi tries to tell her side- she says that both of them are her sons and nakul was misbehaving and as a mother she has to discipline him. She says that if actually somebody measured the amount of love which both the kids got, nakul will definitely get more because he is her elder son.

Tulsi stops her (she is pretty rude) and tells her that she did a mistake in supporting her against Gautam. Ganga is shocked.


Ganga is working in the kitchen, sahil comes in and wants a glass of juice- she is a little unoccupied- sahil asks her the reason- first she keeps quiet- later she tells him about the incident in the morning (with tulsi). Tulsi overhears this and confronts them. She says that on face they are very nice to her, but behind her back they are talking against her. She says that ganga is bharaoing Sahil's ears against tulsi and sahil also is listening to her. She says all this is being done by people whom she helped so much. Both of them shell shocked. Tulsi says that from now on they should not expect anything from her.


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Tulsi tells himmat that there is no provision in the will to give any loans and hence she is sorry but they will not be able to give the money. Himmat says it is fine, jd gets upset and says that it is not fine. He tells tulsi that she was the one who always showed everybody in the family the right way and now she is taking the wrong path. He gets angry and says that when one person in the family is in need, we should help him. Tulsi sternly replies that she has not stopped him to help. Jd is very upset, himmat tries to calm him down. Himmat gets a call from the bank and is informed that his loan has been sanctioned. Himmat is happy and informs everybody- he tells tulsi that he did not mind her not giving money- anyway he wanted to do it on his own steam and now he can. Tulsi smiles and walks away (somehow I  suspect that tulsi must be behind the bank giving the loan- she must have taken the guarantee or something). Savita and gayatri are happy that the problem is solved and savitri says she is thankful that they did not have to take any favours from tulsi.

Another nonsense scene between indu and ba about the star parivaar awards.

Mihir is in the hospital thinking about Tulsi – he thinks that he is missing her  but why does she keep on making mistakes – how long can he overlook those.

Bhoomi and mayank are talking and she is teaching him some poem when karan and nandini come into the room. The kids tell them that tomorrow is the parents day and bhoomi is going to play a flower….. Bhoomi tells karan that he has to come, anyway Tanya is not there. Nandini tells karan that we must go even though there are tensions at home. Karan is nostalgic and says that even Tanya had said the same thing last year. Nandini is a little surprised but does not pay too much attention.

Ba is in her room and sees tulsi and calls her. Ba tries to ask her how she is and is everything fine. When ba tries to tell her that she and tulsi are the thread who keep the pearl of the household together, tulsi gets upsets. She tells ba that the thread has no value- no one cares about the thread – everybody only sees the moti. She says that she has realized that inspite of the fact that for years she has tried to keep this family happy- no one cares about her and now she is not going to suffer. Ba tries to pacify her and make her understand but tulsi is not interested.

There is again some nonsense scene about star parivaar awards between mohini and her friend.

Meera comes to see mihir. She says that she just came back form Bangalore and heard about his accident. She says that she should have taken him to bangalore and he would never had this accident. Mihir laughs, just then mohini comes in. Meera wants to leave, mohini excuses herself as well saying that she has to speak to mohini about some office work. Outside the room, she warns meera – she tells her that tulsi's tevar is changed nowa days and she will fire meera as well if she found out about her and mihir. Meera ignores her and leaves. Mohini thinks that she will have fun if tulsi found out.

Gayatri and savita go to hospital to meet Mihir. Mihir asks them about the money thing regarding himmat. Savita tries to avoid it but mihir says he know about it – there is lot of talk regarding this in the market and though he is in hospital he hears about them (shows them the cell phone). Savita tells her about tulsi and the entire incident. Mihir is very angry and says that he suspected that there was something wrong when karan mentioned something about tulsi but this is too much. He says he wants to come home as soon as possible.

At home, suhasini comes and everybody is pleasantly surprised to see her- she has got gifts for everybody. She is talking when tulsi comes down. Suhasini greets her and tulsi smiles back. Gayatri goes to Tulsi and tells her that mihir wants to meet her. Tulsi is very happy to hear this (very different attitude from what she has been showing for the last few days), ganga asks her if she could come with her as she has also not been to hospital to see mihir. Tulsi says sure and both of them leave. Savita asks gayatri as to what was the conversation that tulsi was so happy. Gayatri tells her and says that when she is back from hospital – she will no longer be happy.

Tulsi and ganga reach hospital- tulsi is back in her normal self. Ganga enters the room first and mihir is glad to see her- then he sees tulsi behind and tells ganga that they have come on the wrong time- he is tired and wants to rest and not meet anybody. Ganga is shocked and says that but tulsi has come to meet her. Mihir says that he has heard about what is happening at home and is very upset and does not want to meet anybody and they should leave. Ganga and tulsi leave and the stern look in tulsi's face is back.


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Tulsi and ganga come out of mihir's room. Ganga tries to explain to tulsi that mihit is not well and probably did not mean what he said. But tulsi walks away.

At shantiniketan, rakesh calls for suhasini, she refuses to take the call. Ba and gayatri sense something and ask her. She tells them that she had a fight with rakesh and is not going to go back. All of them are upset. Suhasini is asking for advice when tulsi comes in and tells her that she should not look for advice from seniors because they will spoils their relationship, she mentions about them talking against her to mihir. Gayatri replies back saying that they did not do that and it is doing of tulsi which is affecting her relationships. Tulsi tells her that what she did was not right and walks away.

Suhasini is discussing with mohini, ganga and nandini as to the situation at home and mentions that tulsi looks a little changed. Ganga tries to defend tulsi saying that it is because mihir is not well and tulsi is upset. But mohini tries to instigate suhasini. Tulsi comes in and makes comments that everybody is discussing her and are having fun in criticizing her. Suhasini tries to  clarify but tulsi gives her some comments about she being guest should not try to talk against the bahus….

Tulsi goes to Ba and says that she is worried about suhasini and they should try to talk to rakesh to get the matter solved, ba agrees and calls rakesh. Ganga overhears the conversation and thinks that though she does not want to doubt tulsi's intention- she is doubtful this time.

Rakesh arrives…..suhasini is told and she is upset. Gayatri tells her that though ba spoke to rakesh- it was probably tulsi's idea.

In the living room, all of them are sitting with rakesh. Tulsi insults rakesh and tells him that they are grown up now and have been marries for years now- how long do they think the virani family will solve their problems, they should have sorted out their problems within themselves….everybody is upset with the way tulsi is speaking to rakesh but she does not stop. Rakesh is very upset and wants to meet suhasini. He tells her that he had told her that they should solve the problem among themselves but chose to make it public. Suhasini is sorry and decides to go with rakesh. They are leaving, everybody tries to stop them but she does not listen. At that time, mihir returns with karan from hospital. He also tries to stop rakesh and suhasini but they do not agree- on asking the reason suhasini tells him to ask tulsi.

Mihir asks tulsi, she says that she has done nothing and was only trying to help suhasini. Savita tries to comment, tulsi says that if they want to talk against her then they should go ahead and walks away. Mihir asks tulsi about it and savita tells him.

In between, there was again some silly scene between the kids, indu and ba about star parivaar performances (i think they are doing it too much)

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Baa asks Mihir to speak politely to Thulsi. Its not that Baa agrees that Thulsi is correct, but having known Thulsi for so long, she can feel that Thulsi is extremelt hurt. Now she needs to be cared and shown concern. Savitha & gayathri make faces and try to stop Baa from influencing Mihir, But Mihir agrees with Baa.

Thulsi is peeping out of the window in her room. The sky has dark clouds. Thulsi is worried that Mihir will be poisoned before she can speak to him. Mihir walks in. Thulsi says the sky is overcast with clouds. Mihir says that clouds will clear soon and ask her to clear up too. It was done in a very subtle way. Mihir says he loves her and there are no boundaries for it. Thulsi says that at every turn in the path of life, changes occur and asks him to accept her with that change. Mihir says its not possible adn can't watch his house being broken to pieces. She says that he just showed the boundaries of his love for her.

Mihir goes back to Baa and reports the happenings. Before Baa could speak, Savitha says that there is only one way to set Thulsi right and thats by being harsh and rude to her. She tells Baa that she will treat Thulsi so, whether she agrees or not. Mihir watches wordlessly.

Bhoomi is watching at the moon and clouds. Karan asks her what she is doing. She replies that she is witnessing a game between the clouds and Moon. They are playing hide and seek. When its time for the moon to sleep, the clouds enclose the moon in itself. And she adds that Tanya mummy told her that. Karan drops her to bed and goes out of the room to find Nandini weeping silently.

Nandini says she wants to love Bhoomi unconditionally. but will the child ever accept her? Karan convinces her that she will. The truth is that Nandini has given birth to bhoomi. He asks her to involve herself in all little things of Bhoomi, just as Tanya was!!. Nandini realises the importance of Tanya in Bhoomi's life, though she does not seem very pleased.

Its parents day at Bhoomi's school. She is dressed as a flower and Nakul is her gardner. As the program is announced, Nandini offers a prayer so that Bhoomi does not get nervous and performs well. Karan laughs and tells her that she is just like Tanya. In between the performance, BHoomi screams Mummy and runs down from the stage. Nandini expects Bhoomi to come to her. But she rushes outside. Karan and Nandini follow her out. Bhoomi says she saw Tanya Mummy in a yellow sari. karan looks for a woman in yellow only to discover that she is not tanya. Nandini thinks that Bhoom made a mistake. Karan denies and say that anybody can make a mistake in recognising tanya, but not Bhoomi. May be she is in town itself. They console Bhoomi and Nandini says they will have to find Tanya at all costs, atleast for BHoomi.

At home, Thulsi is speaking on phone to a lawyer. She tells the person on phone that she has made a big mistake by supporting Saahil & Ganga in adopting Nakul. They are illtreating her grandson. Can it be set right? Can her son Gautam get back his rights? Don't know how the person reacted at the other end. She volunteers to come and sign some papers.

Gaythri over hears the conversation and asks Thulsi what she wants to do. Thulsi replies that if Gayathri has overheard the conversation, there is nothing for her to explain. Gayathri is left wondering!!

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Thanks priti for managing it yesterday inspite of your busy schedule

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Bhoomi does not return home with nakul in the school bus. Ganga takes nakul to task. She says he should notice if she is in the bus and must have asked the driver to wait. Nakul is wordless. Nandini frantically calls the school to discover that all children have left the premises. She calls up Karan and they go around searching for her. The find her seated in a remote corner in the school garden. Bhoomi explains that she had gone away to give a packet which was acidentally with her to a friend. And by the time she came back, the bus was gone. karan is annoyed that she was not more sensible. But Nandini pacifies both of them.

At home, Nakul enquires where Bhoomi was? She takes out the doll (her favourite, which Tanya had taken when she left the house) and says she met a fairy, who gave it back to her. karan enters and asks her sternly if she had met tanya. Nakul runs out of the room. She just nods her head. Karan realises that its impossible for Tanya to stay away from BHoomi. She also asks Karan, not to say anything to Mausi Mummy

The next morning, Bhoomi is excited and enthusiastic in getting ready to go to school. Nandini is happy that her help has been sought. She hopes that bhoomi will soon depend on her, build up trust and  confidence. Karan senses that Tanya might meet her again.

Gayathri tells Ganga that she overhears Thulsi speaking about Nakul's case to a lawyer. Ganga refuses to believe her. Saahil overhears the conversation. He tells saahil that if Badi- Maa has decided to support her son, he will fight her to retain rights over his son. Ganga is shocked.

Saahil approaches Thulsi and asks he if she is getting the case reopened. She says "Yes". He says that if need be, he will fight against her. Thulsi is sarcastic and says if he really thought she was his maa, is it what he would do? He walks away quite rudely

At school, Bhoomi is in the garden and calls out for Tanya Mummy. Tanya gives her chocolates and she asks the kid "Papa, kaise hai?". karan comes forward and places his hand on Tanya's shoulder. He says they need to talk and they all go to a restaurant.

At the restaurant, Bhoomi again plays by herself. Karan asks her to give some time and he will tell the truth. Afterall they have taken the saath pehre and the promises of a wedded couple. He had accepeted her as his wife. Tanya says that all that is true, but there is another truth and promise of greater importance - "Nandini". She was, is and will be Karan's soul mate. Moreover Nandini's health is their concern and they are bided to ensure her safety. So saying she gets up from the table..karan pulls her back

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Todays episode was another boring one. Nothing much was shown.

The episode starts with Baa doing Tulsi Pooja. Mohini comes and seeing Tulsi plant she starts taunting that Tulsi has got many diseases and has become very dry and her value in shantiniketan is lessened(Nowadays Mohini is enjoying her stay in shantiniketan isnt it?).She continues telling that person with name Tulsi are also being same. Baa says tha Tulsi is that plant which removes all the diseases. Mohini pretends as if Harsh is calling and moves of from there(I loved the way she excused herself and ran away from there. Her acting was very nice). Nandini's friend Shalu calls her and invites her house for lunch but Nandini says no as she is very busy. Her friend tells her that she can go to restaurant with her husband but cant come to her house. Nandini denies but Shalu tells her that she saw Karan in restaurant today.Nandini calls Karan to verify but finds his cell switched off. So she tries office number where his secretary picks up phone and tells that Karan cancelled all the meeting and left the office long ago. Nandini becomes suspicious(Karan wants to be with both Nandini and Tanya??..) .
Mihir comes to JD and Gayatri's room. Gayatri tells Mihir that Tulsi wants to re-open Nakul's case. Mihir is dumbstruck on listening to this.Gayatri tells him that she is not happy with Gautam leaving house but if Tulsi continues same Sahil will also leave house. (Gayatri r u giving ideas to Sahil to leave house?) JD tells him that he is the only person who convince Tulsi as she is not talking properly with anyone in house. Mihir tells that he will talk to Tulsi. Ganga calls damini and tells her that Tulsi re-opened Nakuls case. She asks her not take Nakul from her. Ganga even tells that not to tell Gautam about this. Damini assures her that she wont tell this to Gautam(If the case re-opens obviously Gautam will get to he is father of Nakul. Ganga cant u get this much)
Ganga and Mohini are at dining table where Savita comes and tells that today is Ram Navmi so they need to decorate Ram and Sita's idol. Baa tells that every year Tulsi does cleaning and decoration of idol so this year also Tulsi will do the work. Ganga goes to call Tulsi. Tulsi will be still sleeping in her room(Tulsi is angry on god too...isnt she doing too much? When I saw her sleeping I remembered Mohini who used to wake up very late. But now Mohini has become good girl.) Ganga wakes her up, Tulsi asks her y did she wake her up. Ganga sayd that Baa is calling her for decoration and cleaning work. Tulsi gets angry and replied that they need not call her for such small work. They can do these work. Ganga says that she was the one who did this work every year. Tulsi cuts her tells that there is no need for her to give lecture because she knows more than her. Ganga goes out of room with tears filled in her eyes.Baa asks her why didnt Tulsi come, Ganga gives some reason for whihc Savita tells that y cant she tell Tulsi doesnt want to do such small work. Baa shouts at Savita but Ganga says that Tulsi said something similar to this.
Karan comes back home and tells Nandini that he is very tired. Nandini asks is he tired because of too many meetings. Karan says yes and Nandini tells him that for a change u could have gone to restaurant for lunch but Karan says that he was so busy that he had his lunch in office itself. Nandini is worried as who among 3 is telling lie. Is it Shalu or Secretary or Karan himself.(Karan to hide one lie how many lie u will go on telling??)

At Payal's house Payal will be making shobha's baby sleep. At same time Mihir comes up. Payal asks him to sit just for formality sake and not with whole hearted.Mihir says that he has come to meet his grandaughter. Payal says him that he better not come again to meet Shobha and her daughter. Mihir asks her to forgive Tulsi but Payal continues that the biggest mistake she did was that she invited Virani's for Shobha's Godbharai. Mihir tries to convince her that there are other family members apart from Tulsi who love Shobha more than her. Payal replies that he himself cant forgive Tulsi so how can he expect her to forgive Tulsi. Payal continues that Tulsi is a destroyer, with whomever she builds up relation she destroys them. She tells that she doesnt want to keep any type of relation with Virani's(What happened to Abhisheks parents?? There missing even when shobha was in hospital. Is the Payal only person in who takes care of Shobha and Abhishek?Who is she to break blood relationshipPayal was supposed to stay in Delhi when did she shift to Mumbai..that too permanently staying with Shobha?.) Mihir gets out from there and is very upset.

At Virani house, everyone are ready for Pooja. Raghu, servant of Virani;s while cleaning Ram and Sita idol keeps them seperate by mistake and goes away. Prajaktha comes and tells Baa who has kept these idols apart. Baa says that it is very bad sign. Savita comes and taunts that whatever Pooja u do nothing will stop Mihir and Tulsi to break their relation. Baa tells her that she is so old even then she doesnt know what to talk at what time.Mihir comes home. Baa asks for Shobha. Mihir tells that Payal disagreed to send Shobha. Mihir sits for Pooja. All the family members come but Tulsi is still in her room.Pooja starts with the sound of counch. She thinks that Pooja started yet no one called her. she is very upset. Mihir does aarthi and remembers the day where he and tulsi did aarthi together.
End of episode.

What will Mihir do next? Will Tulsi be able to help Gautam in getting his son back? Will Sahil leave house?Will Nandini get to know about Karan and Tanya?

Date: 30/05/05

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Mihir and the family are doing the pooja and tulsi is still upstairs. Ba tells mihir that we should go out and do pooja of the tulsi plant. Mihir agrees, savita makes a face. Ba says that it is necessary to do this, tulsi is the most sacred of all. Savita says that our tulsi is no longer sacred, Ba tells mihir to give tulsi some time. They all go out for the pooja, tulsi comes down. She stands in front of the ram-sita idols and says that mihir and tulsi always followed their examples, now probably is her time for agnipariksha. After doing the pooja, all of them return inside when tulsi is just leaving. Ba tells her to stay back because the path (lesson) is going to begin. Tulsi says she has got work and cannot stay back, walks away.

She is walking out of the door, thinking that this is her testing time. Next, tulsi is in a dark room, with hands folded and saying that why are you making me do this, why are you making my family suffer in my hands……..there is a lady who is coming from back. Tulsi keeps on saying that please leave me and my family alone and so on. The lady comes in front and says that you have to do what I say, otherwise your son gautam will be dead. The lady is Mandira. Now the plot is revealed. Gautam is in mandira's control and tulsi is doing all this to save gautam's life. (I wonder why can't she confide in mihir)

Mandira came back to take revenge from tulsi and found that she was going to jail for ansh's murder. She befriended aditya gujral who was mourning ansh's death, married him. When gautam left the house, they created situation whereby gautam had to come to aditya for financial help. Aditya agreed to help him if he stayed with him for some time. So gautam was in aditya's control.

Mandira tells tulsi that tulsi has to return everything she took away..her love mihir, the family, her son Karan. Tulsi says that her and mihir's pairing has been done by the lord himself and no one can break it, mandira says that tulsi should pray to that very lord to break that otherwise she will not be able to see gautam… and mandira will one by one ruin the whole family.

Mandira tells her that if she wants her son gautam alive, she has to return her son karan.

Date: 31/05/05

Updated by pmahesh

Mandira tells tulsi that there are two mothers- one who wants karan as her son and the second who wants gautam. Tulsi has to decide what she wants. Tulsi tells mandira to spare gautam as he has not done anything. She tells her that mandira has got problems with her and she should take revenge from her, not her son.

Tulsi thinks of the past- Flashback where Damini calls tulsi to say that gautam has not returned home for last two days- he had gone out saying that he will be back in two hours but has not returned and she is worried (Can't understand- why in the world damini selected tulsi, men in the family especially her great friend karan was there – why can't she tell him). Tulsi tells her as to why she did not tell her earlier and asks her if gautam had any problem with anybody. Damini says that she has been asking gautam but he never tells her anything, she says she is scared that he might be kidnapped. She tells tulsi the name of the guy with whom gautam spoke last. Tulsi meets that guy (tulsi has to do everything alone !!!), the guy tells her that why he should bother with gautam when he has got his money. Tulsi asks him as to who has paid him and the guy tells her it is aditya gujral. Tulsi is surprised and goes to meet Aditya, when she reaches his house; she is shocked to find mandira there.

Back to the present----Tulsi says that I have been doing whatever you have been telling me. I am behaving badly with everybody, what else do you want. Mandira laughs at her and says that she knows what tulsi has been doing. She did not give money to himmat chachu but kept her own property mortgage for himmat to get that money. She says is this what she calls being bad. Tulsi reminds her of the time when she behaved so badly with suhasi's husband who is damaad of the house and everybody was criticizing her for that. Mandira says that even in this her goodness was there which made suhasi go to her own house. Tulsi looks helpless. Mandira says that from outside tulsi is acting like bad but she is still doing good and she cannot fool her. She tells that tulsi has to remove the good ness from inside, she has to throw karan out of shantiniketan and also make everybody hate her and throw her out of the house. She warns tulsi to not try anything smart otherwise she should be ready to see gautam dead.


At shantiniketan, ba tells ramu kaka (I think that is what the old servant of the family called- I might be wrong) to take the plate with sindoor and some other stuff and get it immersed in the river. Mihir is sitting beside her and suddenly remembers that he left his cellphone in the car. At this very point tulsi in entering the house. Mihir in his hurry collides with ramu kaka and his hand hits the sindoor plate. Some of the sindoor falls on tulsi's forehead (maang) and some of it is on mihir's shirt. Both of them remember the several times that it has happened earlier…the first time in the temple before they got married…..second time when tulsi was getting married to anupam and mihir returned.. and the third time when mihir was getting married to mandira. (flashback scenes). Ba sees this and is happy. She asks tulsi to come but tulsi excuses herself.


Tulsi goes to gautam's room and is staring at his photograph. She thinks that she has to do all this because she loves him and does not want to lose him. She says that she will do anything to get him back….once he is back everything will be fine. She is looking at the photograph when she sees mihir's reflection on it. Mihir comes in and asks her if she is missing gautam. He tells her that gautam is gone but if she continued behaving like this, some of the others might also leave. He says that he has taken it all till now and won't be able to take it anymore and they might be go far from each other. Tulsi walks away thinking that she is sorry but she has to do it for gautam.


Savita and gayatri are discussing tulsi and her behaviour for the past few days, when mohini comes in. Mohini is happy that people are criticizing tulsi and thinks that these are so pleasant to her ear. She goes to them and tells them that they should do something and throw tulsi out of this house. She tells them about some plan (background music for us). Savita and gayatri are both angry and tell her that they might be against tulsi now and will stand against the wrongs of tulsi, but she is still part of this family and her stature is much higher that mohini. They tell mohini that they can't even think of doing anything so degrading to tulsi and she should keep her ideas to herself and tell her to get out.


Tulsi passes through karan's room where he is playing with bhoomi. Tulsi is very happy to see that and thinks that she may not have given birth to him but he is her real son. He is treating bhoomi like his own daughter though she is not his but ansh's daughter. He is treating her the same way as she had treated karan.


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