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{Episode 231} Stay With Me...

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Dwelling on the Details: Stay With Me...
{Episode 231}
January 7th, 2013: "Kabhi tum bhi yeh keh do na...Tumko hai meri zaroorat..."
Oh, what could be sweeter than watching this little family try to face their troubles with smiles and optimism? It is so heartwarming to see Yash Scindia, a man who once was nearly drowning in misery due to the loss of his beloved first wife and insecure about his value as a father due to the void she left behind, take up all the responsibilities that were thrust upon him by his father's punishment. Yash rises to the occasion and spreads his loving warmth over his children, truly becoming the head of his small family...
"Sab Kuch Theek Ho Jaayega..."
Ansh, Palak, and Payal question Yash about SP and Gayatri, understanding that they have been punished for something - that is why they have to live apart from everyone else. Yash does not fabricate a lie or a half-truth to appease them. He uses a relatable example to construct an analogy the kids will understand, and they do. It doesn't matter how long the punishment is because they will get through it one day at a time, together.
- It is so sweet how Yash holds Ansh close to him, but he is still reaching out to hold Palak's hand across the bed space. Awww!
- Ansh's open-mouthed, awestruck face as he listens to his superman papa speak is something that I caught after a few revisits to this episode. Ansh is so devoted to his papa, and it shows!
- Payal and Palak instantly roll over to be closer to Aarti when it is time for them to sleep, while Ansh is nestled against Yash. Little moments like these convey in an instant how much the girls love their mumma, and I love them!
As Yash puts Ansh to sleep, he looks over at the motionless figure of his wife, knowing that she is not asleep. He knows that she holds herself responsible for what has happened, and even though he tells her not to feel guilty or take the blame upon herself, she reiterates what she has been feeling...It is pointless to argue about who was more at fault, so Yash tries to reassure Aarti by looking at the situation from another perspective.
- Yash must know by now that Aarti has a tendency to think of others' happiness before her own...It is so touching that she, being devoted to her children and husband, worries about the impact that this separation is having on them; and he, knowing that Aarti will keep her sorrows bottled up for their sake, verbalizes her feelings for her. She understands how much this is hurting him, but he also can see that this is difficult for her.
- "Apne parivaar se alag ho kar aap bilkul bhi khush nahi hai..." - Ah, the way Kratika's voice cracks and dissolves into a silent sob is absolutely heartbreaking. And from the way Gurmeet looks up just as Kratika lets out that gasp of sadness, it seems as though Yash senses Aarti's pain at that exact instant, and it pushes him to reassure her even more.
- "Aap bhi toh parivaar se door nahi reh paati hai..." - There is no "your family" or "my family" anymore. For Yash and Aarti, the demarcations vanished a long time ago, but for some reason, Yash's words stood out to me a lot more during this part. Rather ironic, considering the fact that a very hurt SP is so hell-bent on designating Aarti as "that woman who turned a son against his own family..."
- Yash's look of concern while Aarti burrows deeper into her pillow...Oh, Aarti's vulnerability makes me wonder (once again) what her life must have been like as an orphaned child. Lovely camerawork, though...Capturing both of their expressions at the same time just emphasizes even more how much Yash wants to reach out to Aarti...
- Before rolling over to the empty space on the bed to be closer to Aarti, Yash checks to make sure that Ansh is asleep; he also smiles a little bit as he looks over at Aarti again, which I thought was sweet, almost like he's thinking, "Aartiji, you're still blaming yourself, aren't you?" And of course, I just had to smile when I noticed that Gurmeet's rolling and scooting on the bed went perfectly with the music in the background.
Yash places a gentle hand on Aarti's shoulder, and she turns to him...Just that one touch...and Aarti knows that Yash wants to see her, speak to her, perhaps...And so she turns, letting him see her tears, letting him wipe them away with a touch that calms her...
- This reminded me very strongly of Kratika's description of Aarti at the beginning of the show: "She will cry (when she is) alone, but she doesn't approve of crying in front of other people." While there have been instances where Aarti has let her tears flow in front of her family members, here, once again, she does not face the children while they are awake and asking their father questions. She lets her tears flow quietly, keeping her pain to herself until Yash gently encourages her to bare her feelings to him and let everything go. I love how as soon as Yash places his hand on her shoulder, her body language alters and she instinctively turns to face him. She cannot hide her sorrows from him, and that is beautiful...To see that reassurance and the mutual understanding that they share...They are in this together...
- Yash, too, lays his feelings out in the open, sharing them with Aarti. During this part of the scene, both Gurmeet's wonderful vocal inflection and his and Kratika's expressions show Yash and Aarti's shared pain, and it is extremely touching.
"Par Aartiji...Mujhe bas aapka support chahiye..."
Aarti looks up at her husband, drawing strength from his words and the positivity he exudes. Yashji is right...They have to be strong, for their children's sakes, for each other...
- First of all, I love the music during this part of the scene! It is soft, soothing, and hopeful...Almost reflecting the growing brightness in Aarti's eyes as she looks at Yash and lets his words seep into her...
- Kratika's close-ups during Gurmeet's monologue are intriguing...Every deep breath that Aarti takes makes it seem like Aarti is trying to pull herself together, with Yash's words strengthening her again. Then, as she looks up at him, I always get the impression that she is regarding him with hope and something very close to awe...As if to ask, "How can you be so optimistic about this, Yashji...? Even when this is hurting you, still...?" And then..."You're right, Yashji...We will get through this..."
In simple gesture of support that means so much more, Aarti gently slides her hand into Yashji's own, covering their joined hands with her other one. As he looks at their hands and then at her face, she smiles very, very softly, and that is all he needs.
- It is so sweet how Aarti nestles close to their clasped hands when she snuggles into her pillow...And Yash's soft, peaceful smiles in response to Aarti's gestures and words when she says that their children were right about how they all have to be "good children" are incredibly endearing!
In response to Yash placing his free hand over their joined ones, Aarti looks at him with a mildly quizzical expression, and he proceeds to express his love for her again, presumably.
- And I guess the "Thwarted Romance" phase begins here, with Ansh falling off the bed...Hilarious! I know I shouldn't be laughing since it is NOT fun falling out of bed, can you blame me for laughing at the expression on Yash's face? I love the way Gurmeet does that look of surprise with his lips puckered like that! Too cute! And then, of course, he and Kratika jolt up from the bed at the exact same time, again. They really are very good at this, following cues with precise synchronization!
- "Ansh, Ansh, Ansh, Ansh!" - Bahaha, so cute how Gurmeet scoops Divyam up off the floor and plops him onto the bed again! Divyam and his lines - the kid is maha-adorable!
"Main neeche kaise gir gaya? Aap toh yahan par so rahe the..."
Thankfully, Ansh is too sleepy to notice the way his superman papa freezes and glances across the room at his mumma, who averts her eyes but cannot bring herself to look away for too long. Yash fumbles to come up with an excuse and the hurries to put Ansh to sleep again, taking his proper place at the edge of the bed. As he begins to lay down on his side, he catches Aarti's eye, and the two of them look at each other until Yash nearly falls off the bed himself. Aarti instinctively reaches out to him just as he is able to regain his balance, and a smile brightens her face again as he repositions himself on the bed, not breaking eye contact with her even as they reach out to put their arms around their sleeping children.
- LOL, the way Gurmeet and Kratika show Yash and Aarti's reactions when Ansh finishes speaking - gotta love the way the music changes with their expressions! Their smiles at the end of this scene are so, so cute! Aww, I love seeing them smile like this.
Bhor Takat Hai Raaha Tihaari...
Ever since Aarti sang this bhajan many, many episodes back, I wondered whether it became a ritual during the morning puja for Gayatri and her daughters-in-law to sing it together. Even if I never get an answer to that particular question, this scene from the episode is enough to make me happy because Gayatri and Aarti's duet pulled at my heartstrings! It made me think of the many times I have heard my mother singing downstairs as I sit in my room - often, when I catch a hint of the song's melody in the air, I join in and sing along, too...
Zahida and Kratika were lovely in this scene! Watching Gayatri's restless eyes as she begins to sing O Re Kanha, reflecting the phrase "nainan ko nahi chain" perfectly, and then seeing the peace slowly spread across Aarti's face as she hears her Mummyji singing from the downstairs altar...So sweet! But this is only the beginning...
Gayatri can't remember the next stanza...she falters...Aarti senses the break in the melody and frowns lightly, waiting to see if Mummyji will resume. She does not, so Aarti begins to sing, causing her mother-in-law's face to brighten up instantly. The two engage in a back-and-forth duet, one leading and waiting, the other taking the lead and singing on, until Gayatri sends her blessings up to the little family, finishing the bhajan.
- Aah, the way Gayatri's eyes lose their troubled haze as soon as she hears Aarti's voice from the floor above, and the way Aarti smiles sweetly as she continues singing, with a hint of playfulness in her features...Beautiful!
- "Chhup chhup chhalna chhod, o chhaliya...Ab toh chhab dikhla de..." - How apt it is that Aarti's voice rouses Yash from his sleep! And when he does open his eyes, it is with a smile already gracing his face...Yash/Gurmeet looks incredibly youthful in this scene - and that hairstyle, with that kurta...and the way he looks at Aarti/Kratika as she is singing, oblivious to everything...*sigh*
- "Lat aake suljha de..." - Yes, like I was saying...The way Yash looks at Aarti, especially here...I think I caught him taking a breath, almost like a sigh, as he continues watching her after checking on Ansh. Awww, Yash. And those amazing close-ups of Gurmeet are not doing anything to get rid of the warm, happy feelings I get every time I watch this episode! Awww, Yash!
- One more thing that I simply have to mention: I always laugh when Yash suddenly gets off the bed and rushes away...I wonder if he went into the bathroom. Knowing Yash, I wouldn't be surprised if that is exactly where he went! Seems quite plausible...[I doubt that was Yash/Gurmeet running away from Aarti/Kratika's heartfelt "rendition" of that particular stanza. I really do love the way Kratika lip-syncs, though! She always feels the music and emotes beautifully!]
- Aside: How cute is it that Palak and Payal are cuddled so close together while sleeping? They really look like sisters during moments like that. So sweet!
Aarti steps into the bathroom with clothes for the children, preparing to bathe them, speaking to Yash as she puts the clothes on the rack. They will need quite a few things from the bazaar - dal, chawal, sabzi...Aarti continues talking absent-mindedly, unaware of the fact that her husband has shifted his focus to her until she turns to him and their gazes lock...
The way Yash looks at Aarti when he turns away from the mirror to face her...Dazed, perhaps? Still trying to come to terms with the fact that she is in front of him, chattering away about dal and chawal and vegetables, while all he can do is take in the beauty he had seen every day but had never really focused on until now?
"Kya hua, Yashji? Koi confusion hai?"
She regards him with a questioning eye, and he is jolted out of his trance-like state. He looks here and there, quickly recovering, to bring up a question about the number of tiles on the bathroom walls. That will keep her there with him for quite a while, he thinks, since she likes to count each tile...and there are a lot of tiles...Aarti brushes his question away with a chuckle and proceeds to leave, but is taken by surprise when Yash blocks her path and locks the bathroom door. 
- "Aartiji...Bina bataaye toh main aapko...jaane nahi doonga, Aartiji..." - Love the way he stresses Aarti's name the first time, betraying his desperation to detain her; he pushes the door shut and locks it with a click, but if that's not enough, he stands there in front of her, preventing her from getting to the lock...God, the way Gurmeet transitions from conveying a hint of desperation in Yash's voice to the smooth, almost teasing tone afterwards as he leans against the door - quite a pleasant shock! Very well done! And the sparks begin to fly...
- Watching the change of expressions on Aarti's face is so much fun! When realization dawns on Aarti, there is a shift in Kratika's eyes and she smiles as if to say, "Oh...If this is how you're going to be...Two can play this game..." I love the "Hmm" she responds with! The atmosphere becomes even more charged with that change in expression...
Aarti's boldness leaves Yash mesmerized, to say the least...She begins fixing the collar of his kurta, wreaking havoc on his senses in the process, teasing him with her eyes and the lilt in her voice. She backs him into the bathroom counter until he almost stumbles, but he recovers instantly, looking up at her as she pulls her hands away.
- Kratika and Gurmeet are SO good at these silent interactions, my God. Aarti holds her hands up, feigning innocence, possibly, and Yash gives her a look of approval tinged with desire as she smiles lightly, impishly, and moves away from him once more...[Love this moment. You are killing me softly, Gurmeet and Kratika...They are just beautiful together onscreen!]
With a smirk, Yash catches Aarti's hand, stopping her from moving any further. She freezes, body tense, and something in her eyes shifts again. She feels the pressure of his fingers on her hand and turns, looking up at him slowly. As she moves closer to him, his gaze becomes more intense, radiating desire and love and warmth...In a gesture that is now familiar to both of them, he brings his hand up to her shoulder, and she responds by bringing her free hand to his chest, just like she had done the day before. Her eyes flutter shut but his gaze is unwavering, absorbing every feature of her face as they move ever closer...
Yash hears Palak call out for Aarti outside, and quietly, his voice barely a whisper, calls his wife's name. "Aartiji..." Softly, she responds, nodding slightly. Entranced still, Yash gains control of his thoughts long enough to tell his wife, with mild regret, "Palak uth gayi..." He watches, transfixed, as the tension floods out of Aarti's face in an instant. She opens her eyes slowly, taking in his features, the water droplets on his face, the way his eyes are still fixed on her even now...
Disappointment, sheepish smiles...The spell is broken, and duty calls. Aarti walks to the door and unlocks it, with Yash watching her every move, lingering long enough to leave a playful reminder: "Yashji...Chawal laana mat bhooliyega..."
- I had no idea Kratika's voice could sound like this, too...Quiet, husky, sweetly mellifluous...and yet seductively so! Such softness in her tone...Aarti is still very much affected by that moment of charged closeness, and it can be heard in her voice.
- The way Yash's desire-glazed expression changes as he becomes more aware of his surroundings...and the way his eyes sparkle and his lips tilt into an adorable smile when Aarti reminds him about the rice, implying that he might have forgotten about going to the bazaar due to their little moment - *sigh* Gurmeet, why are you so good? Just...so charming and SO adorable!
Parting thought: I've said this a million times already, and it's a never-ending mantra now: Gurmeet and Kratika are going to kill me. They're killing me softly...It's amazing how the subtle romance in this story has so much depth, and it is beautifully portrayed! *sigh* Gurmeet Choudhary and Kratika Sengar, you two are lethal together. Incomparable.

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Im dead...virtually borna..
u r the reason for it...
i love ur review dear...
each and every word...simply mindblowing...
Kratika and Gurmeet really do a marvelous job as Aarya...
There is no one like Aarya for me out there... so lovely and so adorable...
Gurmeet/Yash... his smile.. aaw.., main marjawan...
Kratika/Aarthi... her naughtiness... such a cutipie she is...

thank u so much dear for the lovely review...

waiting for the next...

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great analysis

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lovely analysis

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Beautiful takeClapClap... you made me re visit the entire episode and made it seem more beautiful than the episode itselfEmbarrassed..
Guru and Kratika are surely the death of us... they are romances are subtle yet passionate with deep conveyed feelings and desires for each otherEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Very well written. All the minute details of the scene are captured. You have rightly given words to the feelings of Aarya.

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nice analysis..really enjoy reading it..

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Every time I read your analysis, I watch the episode all over again and start noticing all the finer details you pointed out! great job!!!

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