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cc thread 4# loony bin

-B.N.K- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 October 2012
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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 6:18pm | IP Logged


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-B.N.K- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 October 2012
Posts: 32368

Posted: 08 January 2013 at 6:19pm | IP Logged

yeah we believe in fairy tale......

so  do we believe in miracle...

we also know we live in reality...

we love...

all of those 200 people ...

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-B.N.K- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 October 2012
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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 6:20pm | IP Logged
Ok be serious...

            (PS:JUST BE NICE...IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK???? )

       (PS: IF SOME ONE IS TOO MUCH THEN PLEASE REPORT TO                        THE OFFICE...)


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-B.N.K- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 October 2012
Posts: 32368

Posted: 08 January 2013 at 6:20pm | IP Logged

Name-- Aditi

Tapku date-- 14th Nov(Age nahi puchte ladkiyon se..besharamo)
Country-- India(Mera Bharaat mahan)
Fav Actor-- Barun Sobti and Salman khan
Fav Actress-- none either from bollywood or tellywood
Fav Singer-- Adele,Lady Gaga,Katy Perry,Eminem,Mohit Chauhan
Fav Food-- Chinese n any chicken dish
Fav Movie-- Harry potter franchise,Twilight franchise,Ice age, n many more
Fav Song-- Rolling in the deep,Poker Face,Spacebound,Fevicol seROFL
Fav show-- IPKKND
Fav Season- Winter
Fav Colour--Black n Blue
Fears-- Insects,reptiles,Height(scared of airjourney alsoCry)
Fav timepass-- Gossiping,Reading(How opposites they r)
Day I entered in this forum asylum-- 18 March 2012
About Myself-- simple,fun loving,mad girl.possessive for those who are close to                      me,,thts my weakness,do things in extremes..if I luv                                    sumone,luv him/her like anything..n if I hate sumone..thn                              BEWARE of me.
About this CC--I tapko here coz of craziness scattered here


Name: Well, here everyone calls me Tish which is the shortened name for my real name.
Living in: India
DOB: 17th November
My dream: is to become a succesful doctor,( but the only problem is MBBS studies...Dead) and help those poor people to get operated for free
I am: lazy and always feeling sleepy for no reason. I love hanging out with friends and my mom, who is also my friend. I get bored very easily and I am a complete chatterbox, and need someone to hear my non-sense all day long, which my friends fulfill. I am moody and if I get happy, too happy, then I can go mad as well...Tongue But I am, what I am...
My first love: At the age of 4, I fell in love with my own teddy bear...ROFL and then it was replaced by Barun Sobti...Day Dreaming
My fav color: A combo of black and white (zebra pattern) and red
I fear from: well, fire, lizards and all yucky creepy insectsDead
Fav actor: In BW, TV, Barun and Karan Tacker
Fav actress: Katrina Kaif in BW, and Sanaya Irani in TV.
Fav cuisine: Indian, Italian, Thai, Chinese...
My fav subject: I love maths and biology and geography...
My worst subject: I hate hate HATE history and particulalry civics...
My real-life friends call me: Ani (and, I don't know why)LOL
Where do I originally belong to: pure Noth-Indian, so all sorts of Indian street foods, attract me
My life-time quotation: Do what you love, love what you do.!!LOL

Name: sana
Living in: India
DOB: 3 jan
My dream: success 
I am: simple and cute.
My first love: Barun sobtiEmbarrassed
My fav colour: BlackEmbarrassed
I fear from:  lizards
Fav actor: In BW, hrithik roshanEmbarrassed, barun sobti when ever he is BW or TELLYWOOD
Fav actress: Angelina 
Fav cuisine: Chinese
My fav subject: Political Science
My worst subject: I hate Math
My nick name: princess bcoz my complexion is so fair like milkEmbarrassed i am pakistani kashmiriEmbarrassed
 MY fav show:ipkknd





friends call me gai.gayu,gaya.G3Wink

DOB :Jan 08 my mother and i share the same birth dateWink

currently dissolved in a chemistry world 
and my ambition and passion is to becum a doctor(cardiologist)
and to help the need
love everything related to science (apart from physics)
i am mad of novels 
have a huge collection!!!! but sumtimes i'm lazy 2 read

besides i like varun dhawan and imran khan
aamir khan
loved the movie 3 idiots espically because i escaped college and went
 to watch it wid ma friends
mohit chauhan and javed ali are my fav
red and white are my fav coours
crazy for IPKKND

i hate when people compare me wid others and also when i;m forced to
do things
i hate it when no one replies to my msgsWink

this is more than enough i guess!


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-B.N.K- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 October 2012
Posts: 32368

Posted: 08 January 2013 at 6:21pm | IP Logged

Hello guys,
first of all, I don't know how to give intro but I m trying
Name - Priya (Priya025)
DOB - 16 Sep,1990
Country - India
Favourite actor - Barun Sobti,  Shahrukh Khan and Varun Dhawan
Favourite actress - Sanaya Irani, Anushka Sharma and Kajol
Favourite movie - DDLJ
Favourite show - IPKKND
Favourite singer - Javed Ali
Favourite song - Deewana kar raha and Heer
Favourite color - White and Pink
Hobbies - I love reading and listening to music
Hate - I hate liars

I love cricket as much as IPKKND. Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli are my favourites.
And one thing more, as I m a Punjabi so I will not do nangu dance. I'll do my bhangraLOL


Sorry TonmoyLOL, I forgot to add why did I like I wala post?
I liked that post coz of nangu danceLOL


Congo for this season 3!PartyDancing

My Intro!
DOB: 15 March
My Nickname: My real friends call me Kedu( coz i was supposedly in love with a chinese guy whose name was KedaiLOL) and my IF friends call me Keshu!!
Country: Mauritius
Fav Actor: Barun Sobti
Fav Actress: In Bw i like Sonakshi  Sinha and Sanaya in Tv!
First crush:Is it possible to have a crush on your cousin(second cousin), coz well i didLOL. But now, its only Barun SobtiDay Dreaming
Fav colour: Black and Red
Things that i hate: Cockroach, lizards, ratsDead(they scare the hell out of me)
Dream: I want to be a pyschologist(or lawyer)Embarrassed
About me: Im a very talkative person( especially if the hot topic is IPK, then im not gonna stop easily!)
I'm so crazy about IPK, that i made my entire class crazy about it too!(im very proud of it!LOL) I used to hate Tv soaps, but that was before  IPK happened! Earlier i used to watch football(now i dnt know who is even playing in my fav team!LOL)but i stopped with foot when i started watching IPK!
My motto: Enjoy every moment thrown at you coz Zindagi milegi na dobara!!!Embarrassed


Name: Jaya (Aphrodite88)
First Cry: 31st October 1988 (yes Halloween Baby!!)
Age: 24
Live in: Singapore
About myself: a little crazy + a little mad + a little 'laughing for no reason' + a little 'haha for no reason' + a little out of the mind + very slow + a lot of talking nonsense + a little childish + a little blur + a little too many exclamation marks + a lot of confusion + a lot of making mistakes + a lot of love = ME!! :-)
Love: I love myself .. bas kehdiya! Hahaha!! Not prideful but mum always says when you love yourself, you can love everyone and anyone without prejudice Smile I love food, but i am very fussy about it...the food should be well cooked! I love HARRY POTTER (the only thing i will save from in my house if my house ever gets burnt down *touchwood*) I love IPKKND and Arshi! I love my friends - the bestest gifts from God for me! I should stop now...before this list goes on and on...
Favourite: Anything that spells fun and adventure ...count me in! I love to experiment, love colours
Hate: I hate injections, snakes, blood and raw food Dead
One thing i always get scolded for - Being lazy and bathing for very long
Happily Single! Singles Rock!!
Dream: To be a businesswoman and to travel the world to see the 7 wonders of the world (both old and new)
Totally hopeless in : Cooking, can't cook to save myself
Favourite scene: Fairy lights scene (the first ever scene of IPKKND i watched in YT)
Favourite actor: Barun Sobti..I never voted in any contest or polls for SRK or John Abraham like how i am voting for Barun to win in every poll
Favourite actress: Honestly in BW no one in particular but like Sonam Kapoor (she has an ethereal look), like Anushka Sharma and Genelia DeZousa's acting ...but Sanaya is definitely the best
First crush: Raj Malhotra from DDLJ but now replaced by ASR
Hobbies: I love reading (mystery is my favourite genre), playing sports, listening to music, dancing = jumping around in my room...but after IPKKND started, all the hobbies were put on hold
What i learnt: I never ever believed in online friendships, but IPKKND opened a whole new world of online friendships for me and now i totally believe in the concept that without meeting someone, not spending long hours on the phone, never ever hearing the voice or never knowing how the person looks like, friendship does flourish! It has no boundaries!
Dream guy: Should only love me, if not uski baal mein baachloongi LOL
Motto: Live life to the fullest and just have fun! Life is too short!
Favourite colours: White, Blue and Red
Truly believe in God
One thing i fight for: Injustice
Regrets: Nothing...i learnt something from every mistake committed
Try my best to be honest but tell the most lies to my mum (white lies)
Most comfortable in - shorts and t-shirt, and rather go to macdonalds for a date than a high class restaurant coz no matter what i need to feel relax not intimidated to be myself Embarrassed
Minus points: Take time to open up to new people, but when i am finally friends with has to ask me to shut up, don't trust anyone easily, ask too many questions


DOB: 5 feb
nickname: appy , appu ,apz on IF and bala at home
country: India
Fav actor: salmannn khan and BS and ksg
Fav actress: SI and shilpa anand
first crush: noone hahhha
fav colour: white and pink

I hate: m scared of snakes too d extreme:(

dream: good engr and person
about me: very lively gals , talks a lot, love family and frns a lot. 
M crazy about DM G and IPK.
I wasnt fan of ipk much but started watching as it was summer vacs and felll in love wid it coz of FF HGHJ (a must mus t read)

motto: do what u feel correct and do



tonmoy009 (tonmoy hossain)----21 years old ,
                     date of birth --------august 10, 1991
                      about my self-------i am a math n chemistry major college student (bachelor).i have a mind of 35 years old heart of 14 years old.i dont like spending time with real people but i spend most of my time with internet people.

                      i love hrithik roshan,barun sobti,salman khan,ian somerhalder,jony deep...i should stop i m fan of a lot of people...but i was addicted to barun sobti n his show.

                       i dont like anyone telling me what to do...and i try not to tell people what to do.
                       my most favourite part of the show was when ASR was hugging LA and khushi started crying. first feelings of love ...i cried with her and then smiled all day. my fav coulur green and now red bcz of khushi...

                       only sweet i can make is jelibie.i just want to have fun.get bore easily .i believe in vampires n unicorns happy a lot of books.i try to be honest.i suck when it comes to tech stuff...

                        i was single ,is and i think will be,
                        my dream is to work less and earn more someday.i m not into cricket but im into hot cricketers.i never had hobbies other then read books. i hate when people judge u for who u r.i m me and i love it...

                        i m proud that i dont have ant regret.if i get a new life i will do what ever i did before.i m very proud of it.

                        my dream guy will be someone who loves me.i dont care if he is rich bcz i know i m gonna be rich someday.i know u guys r thinking of ASR. but i want more then that.

ab kya bollon not it too much yaar.


Hi i m minal,
i love my friends calling me mins,bcoz when u call it ,it means APNA or MINE.
i m at my sweet 16 ,date of birth 7th march .found my whole new world on india forum.
And my new friends on IF i love them.
i believe in love now bcoz of arshi ,not only that they r the reason i m here.i love my first i keep drooling my barun .
i dont think i will fall in love or anyone will fall in love with me, but still i believe in love.dont ask me about my prince charming 
i never think about such things.i believe no one is made for me.
my thinking seems to be pessimistic but i m not soo...
i like to try something creative,not related to drawings and all but related to tech.
i like doing mad things but...but 
i m not mad.ullu banana accha lagta hai,par kuch log ullu nahi
In real life,i m not kind of persons like which always impresses other. 
My frnds think that if had two option in life, my frnds and arshi ,i will choose arshi.they all know how madly i love arshi.


trying to give an introLOL
birthday- 8th February
favorite colour- red
favorite movie-jab we met
hobbies-i love to draw,paint and edit pictures.also like to listen to music in my free time
when i am angry or sad i listen to loud and fast music like khushi makes jalebis and arnav does gardening
About me-i am the kind of person that appears to be shy and quite but only my friends know i am not anything like that.

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-B.N.K- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 October 2012
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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 7:36pm | IP Logged

Producer: Tonmoy
Director:ugly man laugh emoticon
Songs and choreography: Nangu Dance
Assistant choreographer: 
Makeup artist: 

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-B.N.K- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 October 2012
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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 8:34pm | IP Logged

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SabMohMaya IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
I missed u Tonmoy. I will come tmrw at 2pm. But aaj ki tra class mein bhi aayogi mai
mera wait karna 9.30am pe

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