WU: Episode 904 Bhoot Ka Khel (5.01.2013)

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P.S: By "ACP" I mean "ACP Pradyuman" although he wasnt the ACP of the team during the episode. 

Scene 1

Continued from Friday...

ACP falls to the ground, badly injured. Abhijeet and Daya arrive to his help. They fight the goons and take ACP to the hospital. 

Scene 2

At the hospital

Abhijeet and Daya wait outside the operation theatre, tensed. 2 other girls(the bar dancers shown in Friday episode) are also waiting. The doctor informs that ACP's  condition is serious, but allows them to meet ACP. DUo enters ACP's cabin and asks him why he didnt let THEM face the dangerous situation instead of he himself facing them all alone. ACP regrets not being able to fulfill what he had wanted to do. Duo promises him to complete the task that he had taken up and asks him to give them the details. ACP says that the father of the two bar dancers waiting outside the cabin were once a member of a criminal gang. After he was put behind bars, he had started helping the police to catch the rest of the gang members.However, He was killed by the gang with the help of some police officer in a fake encounter while he was being taken to the court for hearing. Abhijeet asks if ACP had some idea about the guilty police officer to which ACP replies that he had gone to the bungalow to meet the informer who was supposed to give him some important information about the case. But instead of the informer, he was confronted with the goons. Daya asks the name of the informer. ACP recalls the name to be Dilip and Daya promises to get hold of Dilip as soon as possible. He asks ACP to get well soon and breaks down himself.

Scene 3

Freddy's house

At night, when Freddy and his wife were sleeping, Freddy hears a noise coming from outside his window. He wakes up and goes to check, but gets scared seeing a man standing outside the window. He takes it to be an "aatma" and runs back to his bed. His wife wakes up hearing Freddy's shout and goes to check at the window but finds nothing. After she had gone off to sleep, Freddy checks the window once again and finds the words "HELP ME. CASE NO : GF98KL 765".

Scene 4


Freddy enters Bureau. Sachin asks him the reason for being late and they have a nice laugh about Freddy's wife. ACP Digvijay enters and taunts them for always talking about Pradyuman or Freddy and asks Abhijeet to meet him at his cabin and leaves.Abhijeet asks Freddy if he has been facing any problem to which Freddy denies. Before Abhijeet could ask him more, ACP Digvijay calls him once again and Abhijeet leaves passing a "pissed off" look. Freddy calls Nikhil to one corner and informs him about the incident that took place last night. Nikhil rubbishes it off initially, but then suggests inquiring about the case number in the records.

Scene 5

Nikhil's home

Nikhil drinks a glass of milk as adviced by his Daya sir. He hears a knock at his window and finds the same "aatma" whom Freddy had seen. He gets scared and locks himself in his room. 

Scene 6

Freddy's home

Freddy receives a call from Nikhil. The latter informs him that he has seen the same aatma at his house. Freddy gets scared and suggests him to go to Daya sir's house for safety. After he cuts the call, he hears a knock at his window...and finds Nikhil there. Nikhil says they must go to record room the next morning to check about the case no as written on the window the previous night.

Scene 7

With the help of their informers, Abhijeet and Daya manage to find Dilip. Dilip tries to escape seeing them but Daya catches him and they take him to ACP.

Scene 8

At the record room, Freddy and Nikhil find the case file after a lot of searching. It said that a man named Mahesh was hanged at the jail. They are shocked to see his photo as its the same man they had seen outside their houses. They drop the file and run away but then come back to take the file along with them. 

Scene 9

At the hospital

Duo brings in Dilip to ACP. Dilip pleads in front of him to let him go as he hasnt done anything. ACP orders Daya to make sure Dilip utters everything that he knows as soon as possible. Daya scares him with his gun and he finally speaks out. He says he was paid to call Atul(father of the 2 bar dancers) by his name, so that he would come out the police van as soon as the van stopped at the tea stall. He says, he had done as he was asked to...But he wasnt aware that the police officer would shoot Atul. He said he was paid by a broker named Umang who stays in Kanalwadi. 

Scene 10

Freddy and Nikhil visit a bunglow, the place where Mahesh was arrested from. It was the same bungalow where he had committed a murder.He had murdered Vipul. They enter the vaccant house and suddenly hear a noise coming from upstairs. Although scared, they go upstairs and find Mahesh's aatma and so, run away. 

Scene 11


Freddy and Nikhil hurry into the bureau looking for Abhijeet sir. Digvijay sees them and tells them to be more disciplined. "D for Digvijay...D for Discipline"Angry.After ACP Digvijay leaves, Abhijeet asks Freddy about the matter. Freddy tells him the story of Mahesh and his aatma. Abhijeet decides to go and check himself.

Scene 12

At the bungalow, Freddy shows Abhijeet the place where they had seen Mahesh's aatma. Abhijeet notices the shoe marks on the dust laden floor and tells them that it cannot be an aatma. They wonder how can a dead man be alive ! Abhijeet checks the case file once again and goes through the happenings of that day as written in the file. During the reconstruction of the scene, they wonder why Mahesh had left the murder weapon, his gun near the dead body as that was the most unlikely thing one would have done. Abhijeet suggest that may be some family member had stolen the gun from Mahesh's locker and put the gun at the crime spot. He tells Freddy to summon Vipul's family members to Mahesh's house.

Scene 13

At Mahesh's house

Vipul's family is annoyed with the fact that the case is being reopened. CID team enquires if anybody could have stolen Mahesh's gun from his locker to which his wife replies in a no. Abhijeet says that it means the murderer must have been Mahesh himself and so they decide  to shut the case once again.

Scene 14

Freddy's house

While he was sleeping, he hears a noise and wakes up. He again notices the aatma at his window who orders him to re-open the case.Freddy hears Abhijeet chasing the aatma..and they finally catch the man. Its none other than Mahesh's brother. On asking, he says he wanted his brother to get justice and thus wanted to reopen the case somehow. He had tried asking the police for help but no one believed that Mahesh was innocent. So he had no other way to re-open the case than by scaring people as Mahesh's aatma. Abhijeet lets him go and promises him to look into the matter.

Scene 15

While Digvijay is on his way back home, he notices Mahesh's aatma in front of his car. He gets down and looks for Mahesh but finds no one. He wonders if its really the aatma this time and gets scared.

Scene 16


Vineet and Freddy enter bureau with some information on Vipul's murder case. They say that the day Vipul was murdered, he had received 15 calls from Mahesh's wife Sneha. Daya orders them to bring Sneha and Mahesh's family to the bureau for interrogation.

Scene 17

Duo arrive at Umang(broker's) office. Daya catches him by his neck and gives a tight slap. Umang speaks out. He says he was paid by a businessman named Deepesh for the murder of Atul as the latter knew about Deepesh's illegal businesses.

Scene 18


ACP Digvijay enters. He is tensed about the previous night's incident. Abhijeet enquires about the matter but ACP refuses to say anything. He says he doubts Sneha for the murder of Vipul.He adds that he had noticed something weird at Mahesh's house. The house was in a terrible conditon, but Sneha was wearing diamond earings and golden lockets. Freddy enters with Mahesh's family and informs the team that Sneha has been missing since sometime. Mahesh's brother tells that Sneha picked up her daughter from school and dropped her at home and left. But after that, no one knows about her whereabouts anymore. Digvijay tries to talk to the child, but she gets scared and hides behind Mahesh's brother. Digvijay asks Abhijeet to do the needful. Abhijeet enquires about Sneha from his daughter but the child says she has no idea about her mother. Abhijeet sends away Mahesh's family and asks Freddy and Nikhil to track Sneha's cell phone.After the two leave, Abhijeet notices ACP Digvijay standing by the table, a little tensed. He asks him again and this time Digvijay tells them about Mahesh's aatma that he had seen the previous night.

Scene 19

Digvijay takes the team to the spot where he had seen Mahesh's aatma. Daya says that someone else might have seen Mahesh as well...and so interrogates the man at the tea stall about it. The man says that he had seen a man last night in black coat. He had bought a cup of tea and drank the tea while hiding behind a tree. The man adds that it seemed as if Mahesh had been waiting for someone to arrive there. They check the place around the tree as shown by the man at the tea stall and find a cup lying on the ground. On noticing minutely, they find marks of grease on the cup. Daya says that Mahesh once worked at a garage, so he might be found at the same garage. 

Scene 20

At the garage

CID team arrives in their car. They find Sneha running towards them..scared to have seen Mahesh somewhere in the garage. The team starts looking all around when Nikhil and Freddy find Mahesh. Freddy faints seeing him. After sometime, he comes back to his senses and Daya asks Mahesh about how cheated death ! Mahesh says that he is innocent. When was about to be hanged, he had a heart attack and people at the jail took him to be dead. At the hospital, Mahesh offered the doctor a lot of money and asked him to inform the police about his death. Also, the doctor cremated someone else's dead body claiming it to be Mahesh.Mahesh adds that Vipul was murdered by his wife as the password to his locker was known to her as well. While the interrogation was on, Daya notices someone about to shoot Mahesh but Daya saves Mahesh. The chase follows and the team catches the criminal. They were shocked to see Vipul's mother !

Confession : 

She says she was Vipul's step mother who had married Vipul's father just for money. However, after his father's death, she came to know that he had left all his belongings and property for Vipul. Daya asks her how she brought Sneha into the plan. She says that she was aware about Sneha's fake affair with Vipul for his money. So, she hired a shooter to kill Vipul and Sneha helped her to accuse Mahesh for the murder.

Scene 21

In a under-construction building

A man(Deepesh, the businessman) arrives in his car. He comes to the terrace to meet Umang, the broker. Trio catches him and interrogates him about the police officer whom he had paid for the murder of Atul. He says the name hearing which ACP is shocked.

Scene 22


Digvijay is seen applauding himself for solving the case. DCP arrives and praises him too for his success. Right then, ACP enters with Abhijeet and Daya. They accuse Digvijay of demeaning the name of CID. Daya says its shameful that someone like Digvijay has been a part of the CID team. ACP asks him if he remembers anyone named Atul. DCP asks if he was talking about the man who was killed in an encounter. ACP says that it wasnt an encounter, but a planned murder.Daya adds that Digvijay had killed Atul just for some money to which Digvijay denies. When Abhijeet says that Broker Umang, Builder Deepesh were all in their custody Digvijay is left shocked. DCP asks him again if all that is true, to which Digvijay acts to have forgotten the matter completely.DCP orders an enquiry into the matter and asks Digvijay to leave. 

Before leaving, Digvijay warns ACP Pradyuman of taking revenge someday in the future.DCP compares Digvijay and our ACP Pradyuman saying that one side we had Digvijay who murdered someone in return of money and on other side there is our ACP who didnt care for his own career just for the sake of some innocent girls. He takes out ACP's resignation letter and says that he had not sent the letter to the headquarters at all and apologizes for how he had behaved with ACP. He adds that he has been very upset about the inhuman activities that are taking place across our country on women. Saying that they should once again take an oath of fulfilling their duties properly, he leaves. ACP agrees to what DCP had just said and the episode ends with the team taking an oath to sacrifice their own lives if needed for the safety of women and to save them from such henious crimes in the future.  


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thanks for the update Smile
gr8 job Star

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Thanks for responding to the emergency LOL


Lovely update!!

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Thanks for the update

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Thanks for the lovely update Shagnika SmileHug

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Thanx Shagnika for the lovely update Clap
Good to write ACP for Sir & Digvijay for Digvijay LOL Clap

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Thanks for the lovely update Shagnika. It was a really fantastic episode
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link added to epi thread

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