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TheThThee Coldest Places on Earth

Andrea Leontiou, OurAmazingPlanet Staff - Dec 19, 2010 02:32 AM ET

Credit: Bolot Bochkareve/eyakutia.com
Verkhoyansk, Siberia (-93.64 Fahrenheit/-69.8 Celsius)

Verkhoyansk is also a Siberian town located near the Arctic Circle. A river port, a fur-collecting depot, and the center of a reindeer-raising area, the town was founded in 1638, and was a place of political exile until 1917.

In addition to being the third coldest place in the world, it is also officially the third smallest town in Russia. There is a bright side though; while Verkhoyansk does have some of the most frigid winters in the world it has a remarkably wide range of temperatures between the seasons. Average monthly temperatures range from minus 50.4 degrees F (minus 45.8 degrees C) in January to 62 degrees F (16.9 degrees C) in July.

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Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan

A senior advisor to the Chinese government has called for an attack on the Japanese bond market to precipitate a funding crisis and bring the country to its knees, unless Tokyo reverses its decision to nationalise the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea.

China's national flag is raised during the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at the National Stadium
Jin Baisong called on China to invoke the 'security exception' rule under the World Trade Organisation to punish Japan Photo: Reuters

8:31PM BST 18 Sep 2012

Comments1164 Comments

Jin Baisong from the Chinese Academy of International Trade – a branch of the commerce ministry – said China should use its power as Japan's biggest creditor with $230bn (141bn) of bonds to "impose sanctions on Japan in the most effective manner" and bring Tokyo's festering fiscal crisis to a head.

Writing in the Communist Party newspaper China Daily, Mr Jin called on China to invoke the "security exception" rule under the World Trade Organisation to punish Japan, rejecting arguments that a trade war between the two Pacific giants would be mutually destructive.

Separately, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reported that China is drawing up plans to cut off Japan's supplies of rare earth metals needed for hi-tech industry.

The warnings came as anti-Japanese protests spread to 85 cities across China, forcing Japanese companies to shutter factories and suspend operations.

Fitch Ratings threatened to downgrade a clutch of Japanese exporters if the clash drags on. It warned that Nissan is heavily at risk with 26pc of its global car sales in China, followed by Honda with 20pc. Sharp and Panasonic both have major exposure. Japan's exports to China were $74bn in the first half of this year. Bilateral trade reached $345bn last year.


Mr Jin said China can afford to sacrifice its "low-value-added" exports to Japan at a small cost. By contrast, Japan relies on Chinese demand to keep its economy afloat and stave off "irreversible" decline.

"It's clear that China can deal a heavy blow to the Japanese economy without hurting itself too much," he said. It is unclear whether he was speaking with the full backing of the Politburo or whether sales of Japanese debt would do much damage. The Bank of Japan could counter the move with bond purchases. Any weakening of the yen would be welcome.

A recent study by the US Defence Department concluded that a Chinese firesale of US debt was not a serious threat.

The US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, was in Beijing on Tuesday to try to stem the political crisis, calling for restraint on both sides.

Mr Panetta said the US is neutral but this is a hard balancing act, given the US nuclear umbrella for Japan and its use of military bases on Japanese soil as an "unsinkable aircraft carrier". The ambiguity of the US role was glaring after a deal with Tokyo on Monday to build a new anti-missile radar shield – ostensibly against North Korea.

Diplomats say China is calibrating the crisis to probe the strength of US ties with Japan, knowing that alliance fatigue in Washington and the clumsy handling of the dispute by Tokyo has created a rare opportunity.

The Obama administration must navigate a delicate course. A tough line against China risks putting the world's two superpowers on a collision course: a soft line risks setting off alarm bells in Japan and pushing the country towards rearmament.

Christian Le Miere from the International Institute for Strategic Studies said the crisis had become dangerous, citing Mao Zedong's aphorism from 1930 that "a single spark can start a prairie fire".

He said the region is "rife with historical enmity and chauvinism", encouraged by Tokyo's "seeming lack of contrition for wartime atrocities" and China's own well-nurtured narrative of humiliation by foreigners.

China's post-Maoist regime derives its legitimacy from nationalism, especially now that the boom is fading and China is losing some of its competitive edge.

The anti-Japanese fervour was systematically stoked by the "Patriotic Education Campaign" of Jiang Zemin in the 1990s to divert attention from party corruption and the growing gap between rich and poor.

But it is a double-edged sword for China's leaders. "Given its potency, it is difficult to control. Nationalism can turn against the government, if it is perceived as doing too little," he said.

Markets are already starting to price in an arms race in Asia. Shares of China's North Navigation Control Technology, which makes missile systems, have jumped 30pc in recent days.

China is becoming self-sufficient in defence. It was the world's biggest net importer of weapons six years ago. It fell to fourth place last year.

Japan is at the other extreme. An official report this year – "A Strategy for Survival" – said Japan's spending on its "Self-Defence Force" had shrunk by 4pc in 10 years. It called for "urgent" action to rebuild the country's military.

If there is any silver lining in an Asian arms race, it may at least soak up the region's excess savings and pull the world out of semi-slump. But be careful what you wish for.

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Boss ne Santaa ko kahaa dekho
Ye meri shirt Ultii kerke Press ( Ustri)

Do days baad boss ne kaha, are abhi
taq Bante tumne press nahin kii shirt.?

Santa : Sir, Do Din se try maar rhaa hoon
Ultii hee nahin aarahii hai. Ustrii
kaise kertaa.
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Another Nirbhaya battles for life in Rajasthan

By Shoeb Khan & Syed Intishab Ali, TNN | Jan 17, 2013, 01.51 AM IST
JAIPUR: The story of Nirbhaya shook the collective conscience of the nation. But a similar gory incident ' of an 11-year-old from Sikar in Rajasthan, who is battling for life at a hospital in Jaipur after a brutal gangrape ' is yet to be told. 

Six persons had abducted the girl on August 20 last year from a bus stand in Sikar town. They raped and thrashed her mercilessly before dumping her on the outskirts of the town. Her private parts, say doctors looking after her, had been so brutally vandalized that she had to undergo six major surgeries and eight minor surgical procedures. Even now, her condition is critical. 

Doctors recall that when she was brought to JK Lon hospital in Jaipur from Sikar on August 22, they were appalled to see the barbaric manner in which she had been violated. She had a complete perineal tear -- there was no partition of muscles left between her vagina and rectum. Surgeons had to use a portion of her large intestine to create a new rectum as well as a colostomy surgery for creating an alternative channel for fecal passage. "In the last four-and-a-half months, we have tried our best to help her. Her condition had shocked each one of us," says Dr LD Agarwal, who led the team of surgeons that performed the surgeries. 

The girl, who is from Darbhanga in Bihar, is reportedly the youngest of seven children (six sisters and one brother). She came to Sikar with her mother after her father died. They were hoping that their relatives in Sikar would help them get work. 

Now, after the incident, doctors say, the girl has virtually stopped reacting. "In the beginning, she was scared of injections but now she doesn't react to anything. Her physical and mental ability is worsening gradually," says a family member. 

Despite the brazenness and brutality of the incident, what has shocked many is the apathy of the police. Till the day after the incident, family members allege, the police were refusing to even register a case. It was only because of pressure from locals who took out a protest march that the case was registered. Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar also spoke to his Rajasthan counterpartAshok Gehlot after which the administration swung into action. 

Even though six people were arrested, two have already been granted bail as the police had allegedly booked them under milder sections of IPC. Her relatives say that the rapists are politically well-connected and that the police is going soft on them. They also allege that the actual culprits are still at large.

In the Delhi Gang rape case of 23years women, Media, Girls, Boys, politicians showed great interest in the matter. But in the
case of 11years minor none came ahead to lit a candle in her
favour and console her parents. Very sad.

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Living From A Broken- Open Heart

By Merguerite Theofil January 18 2013

There is a long way to go for most of us to become the persons of peace we would like to be. Meanwhile on the journey, there are many wise teachers who help us reflect and act in more wholesome ways.
Inner peace, personal peace is the key to outer, collective peace. There are different ways we can develop our space of inner peace. While most of them are not easy, all are effective.

In an essay, 'The Politics of the Broken-hearted' Parker Palmer talks about the need to find balance between two positions -- a corrosively cynical world view that leaves no space for hope or change on the one hand, and an over-simplified, overly optimistic approach on the other, that often ignores the grave challenges we face. Both extreme positions lead to inaction or incorrect action.
Yet, when we can learn to live wisely in that 'Tragic Gap' between what is and what can be, we are able to recognise the challenges and move to effective action. This living wisely is enabled and supported by living from a heart that's 'broken-open'.

Palmer offers this interesting, if puzzling assertion: "There is no way to be human without having one's heart, broken."

Using the word heart to refer to the core of our sense of self, and not merely the seat of the emotions, he goes on to explain that there are at least two ways for the heart to break.

One is when the heart "... can be broken into a thousand shards, sharp-edged fragments that sometimes become shrapnel aimed at the source of our pain." Often we carry the unresolved wound with us for a long time, trying again and again to make this pain go away or lessen, by seeking to hurt the one or ones who have hurt us – as individuals, groups, and nations too. Every day, we are reminded, untold numbers of people resort to this, some of them even taking grim satisfaction in the way the heart's explosion can injure their enemies.

But Palmer offers another way to visualise what a broken heart might mean: "Imagine that small, clenched fist of a heart "broken open" into largeness of life, into greater capacity to hold one's own and the world's pain and joy." This too, happens every day.

We have seen, heard of and even met people who have managed to turn their heartbreak into a source of compassion and grace, as they learn to enlarge their capacity for empathy, and to understand the roots and effects of the suffering of others – even of those who have acted against them.With a heart broken open in this manner, we can remain constantly aware of the greater goal of a better life for everyone. Hence Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan said, "God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open."When the heart is open, then we begin, step by little step, to live day by day with greater assurance, skill and confidence in the Tragic Gap – that space between the world and our environment as it currently is - which is often flawed and discouraging, not serving our true humanity in all the ways it can; and that hoped-for 'place' in which we know how things truly could and should be, a place of peace and connection.We alone can choose whether to have our hearts broken open rather than broken apart.
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                We should develop competence and ability
       which would help to utilize the opportunities
       which are now open to us.

                                             S.  Radhakrishnan

         Men with great abilities are generally of a 
         large and vigorous animal nature.

                                              Sir Henry Taylor

         As we advance in life we learn the limits of          our  abilities.

                                               J. A. Froude.               

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 Beachlors should be taxed heavyly. It is not fair that
 some men should be happier than others. 

                                                                     Oscar  Wilde.

    Don't marry for money. You can borrow it             cheaper.

                                                                                                Scottish Proverb.

    I  don't  worry about terrorism.. bcoz I had          already married two years  back.

                                                                                               Sim Kinison.

     Love is blind but marriage is eye opener.



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            Santa Singh asked his friend :
           Why Manmohan Singh Saheb goes
           for walking in the evening and not
           in the   morning ?

            Are  Yaar   he is  PM  not  AM.


             Santa Singh G  got constructed two
             two swimming Pools in his bungalow 
             One for those who swim and another
             for those who don not swim.


            Jhoney was standing  in the Swimming
            Pool for the long time.

            Tummy asked why you standing here.?

            Jhoney replied, " Doctor told me to take
             Tablets  in  Water. 

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