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ARHI~Vines With Thorns Th#Last~ EPILOGUE pg92 (Page 121)

-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by evrydayirabbave



omg! i can't believe its over!

(see, even Zayn is crying LOL Embarrassed)
i 'm crying so much! this was one of the best ff's i've ever read, and one of the most attaching ffs ever i mean seriously, this ff is really amazing!!!! thanks so much.Embarrassed

zara, you truly are a really talented writer
the fact that this is over is making my heart explode
i'm such a huge fan of yours and honestly, i hope your skills rub onto me
but can't wait for your new ffs coming up
hope you all the best of luck for your future ffs
even though this is finished, i will read this ff over again, because i love it! aww thanks. I hope you like my last two ff's too.Smile

ps: you think you could check out my ffs? i'd love it if i could get a few pointers from you Embarrassed I don't mind at all.

pps: love ya! 

(along with sexy Paul Wink Embarrassed) eeep! *faint*


Originally posted by drunkiiebabe

i open this pm with a heavy heart cant believe VWT is finally over it a sad sad day

wat a beautiful wedding and wat a wedding without family awww kushal i just adore him i remember a time when i use to want to bang a door on his head awww they give madhu authority of the cottage that very sweet trying to repent his wrong deeds n anjali the little teaser teasing her brother the photo session with khushi n raja so cute haha arnav gald raja a dog n not a human or he would be tough competition hehehe Arnav knows Raja is too much of a match for himLOL

awww arnav n khushi r too cute hahaha poor arnav all he want to do is go to his room but the ladies arent letting him it fun to see this side of kushal happy laughing having fun haha raja on arnav side arnav put the ring on her ringer haha n kushal n devayani cute banter they r so cute haha tug of war between raja n arnav n raja won cause he got 3 girls on his side hehe "all's fair in love n war of courseLOL

awww the garden scene was beautiful magical everything over the guilt is gone n now it time for happiness yep.
beautiful epilogue gonna miss this ff alot Thanks sis for all the comments you have given me. Muah!


Originally posted by ..SankiMedhz..

Awww...this has finally come to an end. It was a lovely journey with you Zara...and with Raja of course!LOL

The wedding was beautiful...and the ceremonies afterward were fun you would expect in a loving family like the Raizadas. :) yep everyone happy

Khushal gifted the house to Madhu! That's so sweet of him...and its like saying sorry for all the times he hurt Madhu n Khushi through his words.yep. a sweetheart. Bas.Embarrassed
He actually had a tug of war with Arnav...and won. I'm going to pretend the three girls behind Raja did not exist. My Raja won.LOL of course!

And their first night together...was beautiful too. And The end...where Arnav tells Khushi how much he loves her...whether she talks...or doesn't talk, because its her heart that he values...and not anything else... :) perfect ending

Lovely ending Zara...and I'm looking forward to Hierarchy! :D
And you thanked me???Shocked I need to thank you for sharing this lovely story on the forum!
Thank you Zara!Hug *hugs*

And for that...I'm giving you a gift.LOL LOL. thanks muchly.Big smile


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luvbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 10:22am | IP Logged
beautiful epilogue ... had tears in my eyes... im soo going to miss this ff... was really attached to it... i really glad i came across this ff... thanks for sharing...n i will surely check out hierarchy 

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-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arhi101

I can't accept that this ff is over tooCry. I am feeling the same as I felt when Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ended. It is like going through the same phase in life againUnhappy awww don't say that! *hugs*
As usual the update was magical and beautiful. No wrods can describe how amazing the update was. Why did it have to end. Sorry for sulking like a babyCryCryCry. *double hugs*
Coming to the update:
Lovely dress for khushi, and the sherwani, I could just imagine sexy sobti in it. I was blushing uncontrollably. With all the marriage rituals complete, nothing could come between this adorable couple who were truly destined to be one. Reading their wedding update reminded me of all the hard times they went through, especially him being with Lavanya, Khushi being nearly engaged to Aman, their first time accepting their feelings, and of course who can forget the first time they made love to each other. I couldn't stop crying just remembering all those moments. So well written. Thanks so much. This is one of the reasons why i have no tissues leftLOL
The games were so cute. WOW loved how Arnav put the ring on her. That was truly the best part in the whole game. He is so cute and smart. The game also showed how restless Arnav was becoming to just get this all over and done with, so he could spend some qaulity time with his beautiful bride on their wedding nightBlushingAnd of course Khushi isn't oblivious to any of thatWink. LOL so true.
Finally for Arnav the games are all over and he can finally be with his wife. Only to see her putting Raja to sleep. Wow he made special arrangements. That was so romantic and passionate. Awesome description and very thoroughly written. thanks sis. Glad you liked it.
awww Khushi became pregnant. And they all had a happy life. So cute Beautiful ending. Can't believe it's finished. Yet I am deinitely going to read it all over again.
Can't wait for the new ff to kick start
Inshallah it will be successful like all ur stories.
thanx for the pmBig smile Thank you so much for your comments through out this ff. Hope to see you in my Hierarchy FF tooLOL


Originally posted by hmtxyz

Thanks for the PM Zara! Was so sad when it read- Last PM...

"I'm sorry to say I have run out of tissues because I have used them all up and now am using my sleeve. " Awww... Am right here with you sister! Come get your hug!!! Hug *Super hugs*

This was a fitting end to the story. And I am so glad you chose to leave Khushi without her voice than creating a cheesy "miracle" which would have ruined the essence, probably. (No offence meant to anyone) thanks.Smile

The wedding, the games.. to be honest, I was more impatient than Arnav to get through those! Hehehehe
The bond between Khushi, Raja and Arnav was described so well! Yay. Glad you liked it!Embarrassed

The garden...Oh My God! Even better than fairy lights.. I can imagine how it looked!! Ethereal!! Wow! I was worried if readers could imagine it or not. Glad you commented on it, phew lolBig smile

And..ahem...the... ummm... mature scene.. Mature, yes. But touching too! Wish I could have seen Khushi's dress, though. Do you have any pics or links for the same? The links are embedded in the writing. go read the epilogue again and click the words. They are the link to the image.

The end.. was the beginning for them and you put it just right.

I will miss this sooo much! I know I am going to come back and read the whole FF again and again.. And I am sure all of us are going to take away beautiful memories from this one, my favorite being the one where Arnav talks to the guard of the hostel and goes and meets Khushi with the rose plant, the next best being Khushi and Kushal in the secret garden..and there are so many more!!! Thanks so much for mentioning for favourite . means alot. *Hugs*

Keep writing, Zara.. You have a wonderful gift with words!!!!
Loads of Love, and thanks a lot for writing!!!

P.S.: I am not making this post fancy, as I don't have the heart to. I expressed whatever I could, plainly. I hope you understand.. Its over, Vines with Thorns is over!! *sniffles* of course. hope you read my next ff Hierarchy the first chappy is up.Smile


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-memorable- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 10:48am | IP Logged
this FF will always have special place in my heart Heart

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-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 February 2011
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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by fairy_stardust

WOW...just WOW! Here I was thinking the epilogue won't be much of a huge update but it was the sweetest and most unique after wedding functions. Raja was the hero of this update...I have never loved a dog as much I have grown fond of Raja. How he supported Arnav in the ring catching ceremony, won the tug of war with the help of 3 girls and slept on their bed, haha!!  <3  Raja is the bestLOL

I also did not expect the secret garden scene which must've looked so pretty all decorated, yaahh!  Day Dreaming Arshi were truly adorable throughout and I am so glab Madhu finally got ownership of the cottage. Again, I truly enjoyed reading this FF and I shall be following your new FF story. Choosing the best scene here would be hard as there were so many splendidly well written ones. The one that moved my heart was the day Arnav read Khushi's diary in the secret garden (if I remember correctly).  yep very correct. Thanks so much for liking.


Originally posted by rulama

Zara that was too good!
Arnav understanding that Raja takes the front row while he waits patiently!
Its because of Raja he comes across Khushi. Or else she would have been ravished by savages long back!
Thats why Arnav is grateful to Raja and is ready to wait in the wings!
Really sweet of Arnav to understand her so well!
Liked the way all the loops tied in both the parts.(last and epilogue)
Lovd Dadaji's acceptance and how he deals with his grandson.
Gift deed to Madhu was also touching. Its his way of atoning and making sure Madhu always keeps an eye on his grandchildren! glad you liked it. Raja is the best of courseLOL

Following your hierarchy too dear!
Zara , whenever I am getting time I am reading your earlier works too.You know your writing really matured by leaps and bounds. I am glad that you have developed it so well! 
Hope you rise to new heights with every new work of yours! thanks so much. I'm glad I'll have a reader like you for Hierarchy. thank you.


Originally posted by Enchantress

Hey Zara,

Even i had tears after reading the entire update. It was a mixture of emotions that i had, I was feeling so happy to see the entire family happily enjoying the marriage. Aww i could imagine Kushi and Raja taking different poses for the photograph and looking too sweet and cute. I love them. And, then Arnav and kushi... I love them too very much. One extraordinary effects that your fictions give is that i could really imagine everything.  so glad. I always aim to help readers see what I see.

The games , they were too enjoyable. Raja and Arnav's tug of war, Anjili,chinki and priya helping him *chuckles*. He does has a huge fan following.. of courseLOL
Hmm.. Finally they are one.. And, m too happy.
I m really going to miss this , really. It is one of my favorite stories. I m waiting for Hierarchy. to be updated. Thanks. Embarrassed



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-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nichuss

zaara...a big ang tight teddy hug...for pointing

me in the epilogue start ... you really deserve it. 

i thank my sweetheart chandana for giving me this story link...

from the prologue itself i became addict of VWT...and especially 

addict to my love RAJA Heart everyones addictedLOL

i dont have words to express how much i loved this story...

the story from the start to ending was unique...

if asked to write abt VWT...i will make it pages f essay...LOL LOL

the diary writing...f a sense...her raja would b reading it.. yep deep connection

raja protecting kushi as a hen protect her chick... very unique bond

the story proved...the voice not needed for loving...eyes n emotions talk the feelings..and loved ones can read thr mind... thanks for liking the story for this reason sis

the best part--this is difficult que... the scene i loved most are the arnie comg first time to secret garden...arshi confession...raja taking arnie to hostel wen kushi was away..kushal -muskan scenes...raja-kushi firs meeting in childhood

in short every part had lot f fav scenes...which r close to my heart... Yes I have noticed you have a whole listEmbarrassed

muskan was a dead character..but never felt she s no more... yep the soul of the story

her presence was always thr in the story one or othr way... exactly

miss u raja... Heart my love... Hug
miss u arshi...
a very gud bye rm family...u always stay in my heart... *hugs*

Heart  Heart


this is for u ZAARA


Originally posted by jahnvi.luvs.ASR

an amzing epilogue...AnimatedSmileyWithDaisy.gif (264239)

how he showed his love when he slid the ring in her finger...
raja and khushi's photographs awesome...
and then that tug of war between raja n arnav...
the love u showed everything so beautifully written...
n by the end i had goosebumps and a lump in my throat... Aww really happy you liked the epilogueEmbarrassed
111041_120_wppreview.gif (120120)
m so glad i was a part of something so beautiful...
the writing that conveys much than just sentiments... thanks so much for enjoying and commenting

sometimes i felt its more than fiction...waiting for u to update and then reading the updates almost with baited breath...and now with heavy heart have to say good bye to it... yes. heartfelt goodbyegoodbye-18.gif (239280)

i love VWT and raja n obviously arnav-khushi and dada the secret garden but most of all the person who actually made everything so wonderful and amazing... aww thanks
best20smiley_136.gif (351274)
thanks a lot zara for giving us VWT :) very welcomeBig smile


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-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chandana.s


* Here starts my final speech *
First let me talk abt the epilogue...
Fabulous..Just a fun filled atmosphere..
* Totally Enjoyed reading Hug* Yay!
Finally Arnav-Khushi got married with the blessing of there family... yep!Smile
Aww...Arnav carried Khushi inside the room as it there tradition.. * Lolz they should wisefully choose there brides * Wink LOLOLOL
Aww,Rio was shocked to see Raja with the bride LOL ofcourse first its right to click pic with Khushi...
The way Raja barked at a confused Rio to take there Pic was so funny & after Raja was satcified with the photo session he let the new wedded couple to get there photo... Wink yes its a big ask from raja.LOL
* I'm Very happy to see kushal so kind & Jolly *
The ring game was lovely...Everyone took Khushi's side where as Raja took Arnav's..Arnav is such a smart ass,He slided the ring to Khushi's finger inside the milk only...
* How sweet & romantic.. Day Dreaming * Arnav is indeed a smart ass, lol. LOL
Lolz,The tug war was fun...Poor Arnie,he though they wil let him tug war with Khushi...
 * Omg Anjali,Priya & Payal were helping Raja to pull the rope * LOL yes they can't left Arnav beat raja just becuase he's a manLOL
Arnav was also glad that Raja was a dog,otherwise he dint get a chance with Khushi.. Tongue
Raja was peacefully sleeping beside Khushi... * He is such a cutie pie Embarrassed * of courseEmbarrassed
Wow,The suprise Arnav arranged to Khushi was Awesome...
 * Plz god i also want a secret Garden & a dog like Raja Tongue ,Rest talking abt Arnav,well im just 19 so when time come il find him  Wink LOL * LOL. aww sis you shall the right man for you.Wink
The  rest was very romantic Blushing ...Arnav words regarding her voice made my happy,He loves her as she is.. Embarrassed
Then they leave Happily ever after,It was just like a Fairy Tale...
very beautifully written Clap ,Can feel all the emotions & joy while reading.. yep warm ending
* Cant believe its ended Broken Heart ...It was very close to my heart... Cry Cry *
But everything as to come to an end... Ouch But im happy i came across this one when u posted the first chapter...I'm thankful to have you as a friend sis. thanks so much.
Its a wonderful journey filled with so many emotions & drama..I gonna miss this very badly..The Story is very beautifully built around a Girl who can't speak but her cheerful,silly antics & bubbly nature can make anyone fall in love with her.. Heart yep the heart of the story.
* I cant tel whc sceen or chapter is my fav as i love each & every part of it... *
But the things that attracted me more towards it is the bonding b/e Raja-Khushi & her way of talking to him through a diary,The Mystery behind Kushal's rude behavier towards Khushi,The secret garden,he way Arnav-Khushi found there Love & There unconditional love towards eachothers,The way Arnav understands Khushi without words..Many more..  Day Dreaming aww thanks for liking my story for that. * very proud*
* I know,if i feel this bad for the ending then how u must be feelings as it ur story/imagination/plot * yeah.Cry
Thanks for such a wonderful FF,great job Clap ...Im very eagerly waiting for ur new FF Hierarchy for the story to unfold. hope you'll like it as it progresses.
* And how can i forget *
Love U Lots Hug Back at you sis.


Originally posted by sarthshru

cannot beleive have to say bi to this ff...thanx zara for this beautiful journey...feel like cryingBroken Heart...its like i lost ipkknd once againCryCry...but the diffrence is this time  there story is complete and they are living blissfuly in their worldSmileSmile...thanx 4 giving this wonderful ff to us on a time when i was on the verge of losing all hopes after the end of ipkkndClap...will dearly miss this ff and cherish it throughout the life..Embarrassed. thanks so much. Vines with thorns is in it's own league side by side with my  Price of freedom ff.

now coming to the update..Embarrassed.
it was simply emotional and wonderfully u gave an end to this beautiful story is worth applauds dear.Clap..loved their moment and arniee baby was really a darling to accept khushi the way she was.Thumbs Up..seeing her differently from the rest of the world...thanx 4 showing me this side of arnav... welcomeEmbarrassed

probably mah longest  comment everWacko...!!!!
 wish u all the luck and prosperity in life and may u continue to entertain  us by writing more of such intriguing stories ( do pm me if u ever do soWink) make sure you have me buddied.
with tears ( of happiness)
goodbye vines with thorns 
- shruti


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-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 February 2011
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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maddy1270

a heart-warming ending to a beautifully written story! have loved many scenes but my favourite ones have been those involving raja with khushi... arnav is second best! Awww thanks for saying so...*whispers* I think so tooLOL
lovely seeing the happiness permeating raizada mansion... arnav smirking at the thought of lifting khushi up in his arms to fulfil the raizada tradition was damn cute but not as much as raja taking precedence over arnav during the photo session and actually barking an order to teh photographer to take his and khushi's photo! mighty nice of arnav to give way in this and to acknowledge raja's importance in khushi's life... Arnav shook his head glad that Raja wasn't a human being to compete against for Khushi. He knew who would have definitely won in that case. I so agree with him! A fact Arnav has to live withLOL
khushal now being his real self was heart-warming to see... teasing an impatient arnav... the games were cute, with arnav sliding the ring on to khushi's finger while their hands were in the bowl, followed by that special tug-of-war between arnav and raja... glad that raja won with a little help from the girls! Yep of course Raja would winLOL
raja sleeping blissfully on the bed decorated for the newlyweds cracked me up... maybe arnav had an inkling this would happen which might be why he made special arrangements in their secret garden... You know Arnav too wellWink
 of course, it somehow felt very right for their wedding night to take place in this special place that held such vivid memories for them and also meant so much to arnav's parents... it was like muskaan's and abhi's blessings being with arnav and khushi as they became one! a beautifully emotional scene, especially when arnav speaks from the heart about how much khushi means to him, as she is, without having to vocalise her words as her eyes speak volumes to him! touched my heart! Awww really glad!Big smile
their love growing with the passage of time and encompassing their children is something these two beautiful souls truly deserve... liked the last lines about the portrait... raja is part of their lives and can never be separated from either one of them! thank you for taking us on this beautifully moving journey! thanks very much for commenting each time. Your comments had a very meaningful edge. Thank you. Hope you'll read my next FF hierarchy too. Embarrassed


Originally posted by penny25

MY MY MY!!!!!!!! Just bcome real emotional wen received u're Pm sayin 'd last pm of vines wid thorns'...
Wat to say wen u're fairytale wrds to decrive wat u feel wen u're sweet lovestry meets such a beautiful cudn'y have been ended just perfectly wid d rite wrds...thanks so much for thinking so.Embarrassed

D last update aka epligoue focussin on dere marriage was so nyc...dere weddin., dere dresses, dere masti, dere love, dere feelings., dere bonds alll ended so gracefully...i have no regrets except one dat kash raja ko bhi apne liye rani mil jate...but all in all dere masti was eventful nd satisfyn..den dere sahugrat,...awww...under d blanket of dere lovely secret garden...wich bonded every1... LOL raja's rani is Khushi.LOL

My fav tale has come to an end...all teary-eyed but i'm glad u ended it here end wich leaves us wanting for me is d bst end in mah opinion...lovd it...all d chracters held dere own nd yet dey were so diffrent...thanks alot.

Feeling bad dat we will ot look frwd to VWT update..though i joined in d middle but lemme tell u zara ji dat it connected wid it from d frst chptr...hats off to u introduce to go d unconventional way nd presentin d stry just so d end i wud say
...AND DEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much. I hope you read my next FF hierarchy as the first chapter is already up.

p.s just teary-eyed rite now...wanna rite so much but unable to...but a BIG HUG TO U FOR SHARING SUCH A BEAUTIGUL JOURNEY!!!!!!!!


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