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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Cinderella Story or Is it? Ch 9 Pg 38 5/5 (Page 38)

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part 7
Proof is here...
loved it so much...

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part 8
whoa Maan is angry that Geet didnt come to him or say stopped being friends with him since Proof has come?
cont soon dear...

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I am quite late this time...
I was grinning like fools during the whole chapter reading Geet-proof convo..They are so contrast in their looks,weight and views too...LOL
I think Proof is here to make Geet "maan proof"..Silly
and "Maan"..Did he actually feel "left out" after proof's arrival..or there is something else..
End was shocking for me...Doc was maan's mum????Shocked..The mother-son duo is pretty strange...LOL
Like every chapter of this story,I enjoyed this one too...
Thank you for updating,sheesh...Hug

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Hey I lub you... and you i laauu you!
Yep I laaav you all Hug
Sorry for the delay in updating.
I don't know; it is hard doing two FFs at once Cry.
I am so eager to share my stories that I cannot stop myself.
I will try updating both of them and hope all of you will provide me with your understanding if I give step-motherly treatment to one of them.

Here is the next update, njoi!!

Chapter 9:


"Hello Geet Handa."


There we go with the Betaal Soapstar again. This guy had no self-respect or what? He seemed like a serious desperate case. She began contemplating on what she could do to circumvent the scenario. Changing her online name could only get her so far. He was well versed in stalking skills and would probably fish her out. She could not threaten him without adverse consequences. For after all he knew her name.


But she would be damned if she let this guy scare her away from a place she loved so much. She had many friends online and she was not going to throw it all away for some creep. What could she do though to make him go away. She wiped the sweat of her brow and began thinking. Then a bulb flashed!


If she could not ask for help outside the forum, she would do it in the forum itself!


Geet was part of an online chat group who called themselves 'MrsPandeyjis'. She immediately drafted a PM to be sent to all of them. She clearly and concisely mentioned her exact problem and asked if any of them could help solve the issue at hand.


The answers that she received astounded her and filled her heart with warmth. It reminded her again why she loved the place so much despite all the hypocrisy and bitching.


Reply no 1: You have already taken the first step. Asking for help. I do not know much about stalkers or how to handle them. But I am sure the rest of them will come up with something. But I can vouch for this. Never ever ignore your instincts. Don't be afraid to ask for help from anyone.


Geet took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes.


Reply no 2: I had this stalker once who followed me everyday home from school. It was shit scary and I changed my route many times. But the asshole man did not relent. I was too afraid to take any measures and was so embarrassed about it that I did not tell this to anyone. Sometimes when he used to pass by me he used to grope at my breasts too. Finally I made friends with a big looking boy in class who was also a friend of the family and used to walk only with him to and from school. Gradually the stalker got frustrated and gave up. I can only tell you this, ask for help!


All these were heartfelt moving words but were not of much help unfortunately. How could she ask for help when she did not even know who the stalker was and what harm he could potentially cause. She waded through the rest of the replies which ranged from 'send a mail to the moderator and get his ID blocked' to 'ban yourself and come back with a new ID'. But Geet shook her head. None of them seemed safe enough.


Finally she came across one PM from her favorite writer who had just replied in one sentence. It gave Geet renewed hope and vigor. 


She began typing a PM to him "Hi there. What's new?"

Soapstar "I thought you wouldn't be talking to me after I pissed you off last time."


Geet "Well I don't see a point in getting worked up about it. You know my name and the fact that I am part of the forum. What can you possibly do with this kind of information?"


Soapstar "A lot of things can be done with personal information about anyone. Leave all that aside. Tell me now who is your new friend."


Geet was taken aback "What new friend?"

Soapstar "The pretty girl with the straight hair and pointy chin."


Ok now this guy wanted to know about Proof? Like Geet was going to give him any more information.


Geet "Let us leave her out of this now, shall we? You were telling me about lot of things. I am genuinely curious. Tell me what things are those."


Soapstar "LOL! You are making me look like I am some sort of spy. Don't worry, I don't intend to do anything about anyone. I only ask because I find your friend interesting."


Geet's temper was rising again. What did this guy take her for? Did he seriously think that she was going to tell him anything.


Soapstar "I can find out through other means about her too you know. I mean what is the harm in telling me who she is?"


Geet bit her tongue "Let us talk about you instead. It is not fair that I don't know anything about you. I realize that if you had meant any harm you could have done so many things. But you are just interested in making friends. How can you make friends without opening up a little bit. It is hard to trust just a fake name for me you know."


Soapstar "ROFL! I don't see you having a hard time making friends with others here. You drool on endlessly about your favorite hero with people you don't know and you are telling me it is hard to trust a fake name. Either you are bipolar or take me for one."


What the hell was bipolar? A polar bear that lived on both poles? Now was the time to hit him where it hurt a man most. 


Geet "AH! Now I get it. You are bisexual aren't you? Are you gay. Were you doing an image search on your favorite hero and ended up on the forum page where the drool was happening. You decided to join the party silently. Oh my God! I totally get you now. Thanks so much for telling me. I have never met a gay person in my life before. It is such an honor."


The reply from her favorite writer had been simply: Lead him on and ask the bloody bas***d if he is gay.


There was silence for a few minutes. She smiled. Finally she had gotten to him. She would do everything in her power to strangle him and smoke him out into the open. She did not care if she sounded like a true bitch.


A couple of minutes later, Soapstar "I am not gay."

Geet continued "How long can you lie to yourself dear. Accept who you are and be done with it. It is nothing to be ashamed of and instead of hiding it you have to flaunt it. I believe it is legal in our country now. You can tell me about it. Come on, I don't even know who you are and what you look like. How does it matter. This is the ideal opportunity for you to shine. Seriously dude."


Soapstar "Back off, I told you I am not gay. I have kissed a girl before."


Geet "That doesn't count you know. May be you don't know it yourself. See the other day you were empathizing with the male lead instead of the female. You know where the axe murderer husband killed his wife by 'accident'. Any straight guy would have sided with the poor woman but you did not. See that should tell you something. Think about it. I am telling you boss, you are as gay as a happy spring song."


Soapstar "I just like a good touching story. That wouldn't make me gay. Stop this nonsense. You don't know anything about me."


Geet "You don't let anybody know anything about you. But you don't have to. Ok this girl you kissed, was she pretty? How was her build physically. Was she cushy-mushy feminine types or bold and dabangg."


Soapstar "Ok I think it is time for me to go now. Bye."


Geet clapped her hands in gleeful laughter leading the librarian to shush her. She couldn't believe she had managed to scare the guy off.  It was so unlike her to be so rude and blunt with anyone. But desperate times called for desperate measures. She logged off the desktop and walked back to the hostel.


She came back to her room to find Proof snoring away her open mouth to glory in the midday sun. If only guys could see the Kumbhkarni then.


"Hello Geet!"


She turned around and spotted Ganesh.


Geet smiled "Hi Ganesh. Come here dudes."


Ganesh came by and patted Geet on her shoulder and Proof chose that moment to wake up yawning like sleeping beauty. What happened after that was stuff of candy floss movies.


Ganesh clutched at his chest in pain "Ah I feel like Dushyantha who saw Sakuntala for the first time. It is not possible for a mere mortal to be so beautiful. Super Haawt Maga."


Proof was giggling groggily and it brought out her dimples.


Ganesh "She has a simple dimple also. Why did you make me ugly God! This is unfair to the unfair sex."


Geet came by and whispered in Ganesh's ear "Guess what, she is a Jain. No meat, no onion, no garlic."


Ganesh looked as if he was about to faint "You don't eat onion or garlic Priye!"

Proof was smiling "I am Proof, not Priye. Hey I do eat onion and garlic in restaurants but no meat."


Ganesh said melodramatically "In restaurants we eat our friends wallets also. That does not count. Inside your house do you cook it is what matters."


Proof could not stop laughing "Nope my dad is a strict Jain."

Ganesh "This is proof that we are made for each other Priye. I die for curd rice. Come let me show you around my humble abode."


Proof "No thanks. Geet, see now this guy is interesting. Not Maan!"


Ganesh "You had the pleasure of meeting Sadoo Singh Khurana already?"


Proof was laughing again "Sadoo? That suits him nicely. Geet tells me he is smart though. Supposed to be great in studies though his temper resides on his oily nose."


Geet frowned "He is alright Ganesh. Not that bad."

Ganesh "Yes I guess. Although for some strange reason he does not like me very much. We are like oil and shikakai."


Geet nodded "Ya anyway so I was telling Proof that you both are made for each other. Proof now you have met your equal and that means your fat is off my back."


Proof "Ganesh, curd rice is low in fat right?"



"Knock, knock. Where is Maan! How is Maan.", Geet squeaked.


Maan's face was resting on the sofa arm covered by a book 'Let Us C'. The book moved to the side and he blinked "Geet, what are you doing here?"


Geet "May I come in? I just wanted to chat for a bit."


Maan reached out and patted the singleton next to his. Whether it was an invitation for her to sit or to rig up a few dust mites it was hard to tell. She sat down anyway.


Geet "Maan I am really sorry for my behavior since the past few days. Somehow I got it into my head that you were going to call me. You did say you were going to."


Maan "Hmm…whatever Geet. It seems kind of odd. I felt I made a fool of myself unnecessarily."


Geet shook her head "No! In hindsight I should have called and confirmed that I was still interested."


Maan "And your best friend, what's her name, she looked at me as if I had kidnapped you. I did not appreciate that. It is all so incredibly silly. I don't need all this nonsense."


Geet gulped "She was just skeptical because I had not mentioned about you to her. It's a long story. She was threatening to come here since day one and then I had to somehow convince her that it was not a good idea. Anyway why am I giving all these big boring explanations. I just wanted to say I am sorry for making you feel silly or whatever. I…."


Maan sighed "Anyway it goes to show that people change a lot after joining hostel. They become 'matlabi'. You know my mom actually asked how you were doing. I had no answer because you hadn't thought it fit to call me once."


Geet gaped. Not only had she cried like a baby in front of Maan's mom, she had come across as selfish and ungrateful too. She wanted to cry at that moment but somehow it did not seem like a good idea.


Geet "Maan I did not mean to cause so much trouble for everybody. Why didn't you tell her that we are not exactly best friends. I mean we had met the second time that day. I just had a cold! I was not bedridden. You have seen me in college many times after that I am sure. You could have told her no news was good news. Why did you…"


Apparently Maan was not in the habit of listening to others when he had set his mind to something.


Maan "I have realized people are what they are. Even Ganesh does things like this. I am sure he also has a very nice explanation for all of it. You know once he brought a few friends over. One thing led to another and next thing I know we are having this loud boozy music mayhem and the neighbors are knocking down on my door. The apartment president dragged me to the monthly meeting and I had to hear no end of it.


Our Ganesh dialogue of the century for that: Sorry maga, chill maadi, tell them you own the place no. Do they even know who you are?


I have learnt enough of it all I think. I am enlightened now. I can smell trouble like your best friend Poof from a mile away. No more making friendships with hostel peoples is my decision."


Geet "Proof."

Maan "Whatever."


She did not deserve this  "Then why did you want to make friends with me in the first place?"


Maan shrugged "I don't know. You were also from same native place. You seemed levelheaded and mature. I could talk to you about things and not feel like an alien. You were funny by targeting yourself and not others. Lot of things. I guess I forgot that people can change too. Anyway I appreciate that you stopped by to apologize. I need to leave for class now."


That was the cue for her to leave his premises. She had apparently blown it big time and did not know what to do to make it all right. Or even what to make right. 


She took a deep breath and decided to be the sane one once more "Can I have the medical bill? The warden was asking me because I came late."


Maan "I don't know where I threw it. I usually put junk inside this drawer. Let me see if is there now. Ok here it is. It is crumpled though. I hope the warden will not mind that."


She humbly accepted the piece of paper, stood up and began walking towards

the door when she heard him "Do you need a lift?"


She turned back and said "I don't want to use your car for my benefit. With your permission I will use the lift behind me to reach the lower floor. You own this place after all. Bye."


It was probably caustic and he looked displeased. But he had closed all other avenues of getting through to him. Once inside the lift she opened the bill and then found herself unexpectedly grinning ear-ear.


On it was written:


Patient first name : Geet

Patient last name : no idea




Like it, Love it, Cant get enough! Press the Like Button please

Let me know what you think at every step through your comments as well 

Your love and support means everything...

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Ganesh was hilarious!  What a flirt!
Match made in time pass heaven with Proof..
Geet getting rid of the soapstar irritating guy was cool.
Maan still pouty.  What was that theory about hostel people?  Being snobby are we?
The bill made me smile too...Smile
Thanks for updating Sheesh!
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ROFL! Everytime I read your updates, my mood lightens up :):):). Thanks for updating!

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