Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Cinderella Story or Is it? Ch 9 Pg 38 5/5 (Page 33)

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Originally posted by -Crayon-

Originally posted by palindrome

Originally posted by -Crayon-

For anyone who wants to die laughing! Mithun da's legendary movie clip! 
Awesomest brain transplant where brain is stored in the oven!! Clap

 Oven which is named as deep freezer...LOLThey have placed ice cubes in lower rack to keep the deep freezer cool...ROFL
The best part is when the girl tries to act like Mithun ji in the remaining part of the movie!Star  It's truly a toofani movie! Clap
LOLLOL..amar mere dost tu tu nahi hai..tu mar chuka hai...ROFL

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Originally posted by mayyo13

I couldn't recognise Maggie with her new account at first. Stern Smile

You couldn't because you aren't creep star oops I mean soap starStern Smile. Only he could stalk females from a female forum. What an idea sir jiClap

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18mypride IF-Rockerz

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eegeee proof no no plz..aur yeh soapstar ...uff.. dono hi problem hai geetke liye..
nice part! jane will keep awake at night hahahhahah..

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Onir IF-Rockerz

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Now this soap star guy is quite creepy... He found her out even on her secret ID... man why is he so ... I would have been so petrified with this all stalking ...
Anyways liked the bonding between M-G... quite contrast to the earlier jhatka from that creepy fellow.. LOL
He indirectly asked her out... now that was cool & easy. But never know what's in store... Smile
Proof makes her appearance... Big smile I loved it.
Looking forward to see what this Teen tigada of M-G-P  will do to bigadofy everything... LOL (Sorry but i guess i'm going quite tangent... )

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HAPPY UGADI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love!!

Chap 8 :


"Ok let us repeat this one more time so we get this straight. Jane, his lady bird is cute. Maan the guy is not. You have to learn to differentiate between the two."


Geet was pulling her hair out in frustration "Proof! I know the difference between a boy and a parrot."


Proof "Geet, just because a guy is attentive does not qualify him as attractive. Maan is not even close to the vicinity of being cute. He is a sloppy dresser, has a perpetual frown on his face, has a grungy almost beard – so not happening for a college guy. See we have discussed that. College people, guys or girls cannot have mustaches and beards."


Geet's head was pounding again. She felt like pounding Proof's head with the nearest available blunt object. The cough syrup bottle looked juicy.


Proof "Geet open your eyes and see him. His hairdo is like a nest which is full of freshly laid eggs."


Geet "Proof did it occur to you to ask me how I am doing? I am sick you know. Like almost jaundice sick."


Proof "But you don't have jaundice right? Did you ask me how my journey was? I cannot tell you how much I have suffered. Can you believe that there are lady taxi drivers in this town?"


Geet gaped "What! Seriously?"


Proof rolled her eyes "NO! I just wanted to grab your attention."


Geet "Proof, why the hell did you come here? I feel like murdering you. I had such a great thing going on here."


Proof replied with her scoffed face "Ya if you thought I was going to just sit back and let you enjoy, you are sadly mistaken. Nobody enjoys without me. Nobody."


Geet took deep breaths to calm herself down "You were just talking to me on the flight or what? How come you didn't tell me you were coming?"


Proof "You have become harebrained after coming here. It is called a surprise darling. Repeat after me. Surprise!"


Proof make a mock shock surprised face and Geet was suddenly weary. Drama queens were too expressive to keep up with. To follow the travails of not so subtle nuances on Proof's face was a hard task indeed. Geet needed a diversion.


Geet "Wait a minute. I think I have somebody I had like you to meet. He is so your type but he is out of station at the moment. I feel in my tired bones that you both are going to be chaddi buddies. He likes wearing chaddis too."


Proof "Hey! This is not a chaddi. It is Mango. Get that. It is 3k bucks."


Geet "Proof what the hell are these bras for? There is no space for your boobs inside them. It is all padded."


Proof spoke with righteous indignation "Geet you have seriously lost it after coming here. You cannot recognize a proper push up wired bra when you see it?"


Geet sighed "Proof you have not even bothered to remove the price tags yet and later you will tell me something is itching in your back and I have to hunt for a pair of scissors in the middle of nowhere to stop that price tag itch. We have to have the boundaries talk again. Repeat after me. We are not Siamese twins."


Proof sat down on the springy mattress with her frown going up and down.


Geet "What! Each one is 1500 bucks! Proof you have to wash these by hand and dry them in the shade. Otherwise this lace will peel. You do realize that right? Don't you think for even one second before buying something?"


Proof was on the verge of tears "You don't seem happy that I am here. I fought with Dad and came you know."


Geet went and sat by her friend "Proof, that is why I asked you to stay there. This is all not as easy as it looks. Do you know how difficult it was for me when I fell sick? I was for one moment afraid that I am going to die alone or something. Maan was sweet enough to take me to the hospital to the doctor. It is that hard. You cannot take these decisions on a whim. Go back Proof. This is not a place for you."


Proof stared at Geet "I am not going back to that Hitler's house. Not after all the drama I did. He will leave no stone unturned in saying 'I told you so'."

Geet "So? Proof he is your Dad! You have made him pay a quarter of a crore to be here. He has the right to say what he wants."


Proof "Geet I have made this decision and I am going to be here. End of story. Don't worry I am going to look for a flat or something. We are not going to be here long."


Geet "What! Proof this is not a city we know alright. We cannot just go and stay in a flat. It is not safe. You know my taxi driver warned me so much about how shady some of the city hotspots are? We have to learn to be careful."


Proof "Ya you keep being careful. I am going to make all the necessary arrangements. Don't worry your pretty head about it. And what is with this Maan anyway? One day you guys talk and suddenly movie. What does he want really?"


Geet "I suspect to watch a movie? Proof people in college are professional. The movie is a nice source of entertainment for two people. So we decided to go. It is not that big of a deal."


Proof was however circumspect "No Geet. Boys are usually not that bold. They…"


Geet "Which zamaana are you living in? Boys are bold, creepy, you name it. I am not shocked easily these days. Maan is a nice person who helps people in need and I like him. End of story."


Proof "Hmm…If you say so. Although you are innocent enough to believe what you see. Your judgment about anybody cannot be a barometer. I have to think about this guy."


Geet "Keep thinking and I am going to go to bed. Oh Shit! I had to pay him the doctors fee. I conveniently forgot about it. He must be thinking so bad about me. He did not even ask me! See he is so nice. I am going to tell him I will pay him when he calls me."


But as it turned out Maan never called. Not the next day, not the following week. It was the weekend before she saw him browsing through the programming section of the dusty library. The sunlight through the library's broken windows were making shapes on his faces and gave him a look as if he was being lit by the light from the book he was holding. Or vice versa, it was hard to tell.


She approached him with a smile "Hi Maan!"

He looked up and gave her his little smile "Hi there Geet!" and went back to his book. What that was it?


Geet "Aa…you said you would call but you never did?"

Maan shrugged "Well I figured you had company for movies now. I felt like some odd man out. I dropped the idea."

Geet "But you wanted to go for the movies actually?"

Maan shook his head "No not really. I prefer watching movies in my living room."


Which person watched movies from their living room? It was so old. Was she scenting a hint of sarcasm here.


Geet "But then why did you want to take me?"

Maan "You were sick, crying and missing home and all. I thought it would be a nice change for you."


Geet gaped "What! You were showing me sympathy!"


Maan's smile went lopsided "What else will you get if you keep crying? Chocolates and sympathy. Have fun with your friend. You don't need Maan now anymore do you? Bye."


As he went past she was reeling under shock from his caustic words. Was he saying that she had made use of him? Well it was she who had called him first; for her books. And never called him again after Proof had been there. He had expected Geet to call him and confirm the plans.


Geet "Wait! I have to pay you the doctors fee. How much is it?"


Maan did not even stop walking.


"Zero. Dr Pam Khurana is my mother."


He might have as well shown her the middle finger.


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Trouble in paradise. 
Proof's description of Maan had me laughing. 
We are so judgemental about people and their "look"
Loved Geet and Proof's convos about serious issues to mundane, just like any two friends would.
She is the best friend that everyone should have. 
Maan annoyed at being dumped. 
You are right who watches movies in the living room?
Actually I do..Embarrassed
Thanks for the update..
Thumbs Up  Happy Ugadi to you too! (Though I don't know this holiday.Confused)

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Maan is thinking Geet avoided him... Gosh this guy is really weird.. Proof is.. OMG!! She is really cute, sweet.. Gosh she called her dad Hitler..LOL
Nice update Sheesh..

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paponecon IF-Rockerz

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y maan is he jealous or what...n y geet was wtng for maans call...she could call herself also...

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