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OS~A string of pearls. Wedded Bliss p. 146 ~ 16.3.14 (Page 7)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 5:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tahera57

hi tha' great to see you mate...itsss snowinggg keep warm..

hi hammie nice pearl again, enjoyed reading about their shopping trip
 glad you enjoyed this pearl too...
baji  always aagay aagay shopping main hi saath saath.haaa hoo haan..pind da chaudaray!
 Dutta ka bas chalay toh 24/7 woh nakku ko chipka rahay, ..ummmh pyar kerta hai naku se, use buri theran chata hai.. baji  ne break laga di "bhao meeting".  haan good for Baji ,being the time keeper.

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sona89

Originally posted by Nakusha

hi hammiee
mein aa gai & u posted the 2nd part inspite of read it previously i honestly loved reading it
hammiee dutta & shoppingLOLjoh LTL ke yaad delata hai remember dutta going shopping with naku ,baji & madhu for wedding trouseau
haa hammiee ab toh doosro ke comment se pata chala u might start a FF ,why would u discuss with me Confused
ab toh aise he  surat dekho coz u don't want ur naku to smileBig smile
Hamlet awesome piece Smile
pls Hamlet start a new FF...i want smile back on nakuBig smileand all
meri sonaaa... go to the forum you may get a surprise..thanks for enjoying the OS and commenting.. with much love xx as ever yours hammie

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

hi my dearest bart... ummh i hope tu theek  hai .. shrinking violet... kuch zayeeda he delicate hai tu...Confused.. kudh ko sambhaal nehi sakte kiya...? hummh shaking me head, honestly...nooo dont bother to get up...kuch hil ne jaye..Angry 

yes presenting you with a string of pearls..the Queen mother wears it around her neck over here..LOL, haaa hooo ..hain? chale le bhi le tera pe suit karien ge..barfiii... pandey jee ke seethi...LOL
with an over load of peeeyaarrr..  as ever yours  hammie.. i ,me and myself! 
lagta hai aaj pandeyji tun hai kisiki peeyaar mein Wink

Take care.
oye,  was in splits reading this, my mouthful chai on the lappie bursting in showers, LOL  you sound as if i invite misfortune Angry

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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                                            Dutta's kitchen help out!

Dutta stirred from his nightly slumber, and stretched his arm to feel his wife's presence, with distaste he found her amiss, "ab yehri kahan chale gayi? he wondered, sleep mades his eye lids heavy so he lay back his head on the pillow...sara maaza kharab kar diya is Naku ne, he quietly griped to himself. With a deep breath he doubled one of his sinewy arms under his head, while the other fondly shuffled up and down at the space where Naku was meant to be. Dutta nibbled into his lower lip and his face flushed with the insurgence of blood to his cheeks, he pondered helplessly, aaj tu Sunday hai, Aye mandir gaye ho gein,  Baji, Roops, Leela Sudarshan, 12 baje sa pheli nahi uthaney wale!  main aur Naku  baisteer pe hi waqat guzar saktey thein  ,par is Naku ne to dahmaak ka daihe kar dala!, he fumed, and tossed in his bed and shifted his face in the  head cushions, for a while to pacify his nerves.

 Abruptly he swung his legs off the bed ,steadied himself, proceeded to the bathroom, splashed his face with water, fingered his hair in place and trudged towards the door.He consoled himself with confidence , mujhe pata hai Naku ,tu is waqat kahan hogi ,meray kamra kay bad tera mun pasand kamra ..rasoi!,he smiled at his acumen .He descended the stairs  as quietly as possible ,lest he woke people in the house from their lye in. Lazily he sauntered towards the kitchen and stood in the doorway, arms stretched across the door posts. A smile beamed across his countenance, as he viewed   his patni, his Naku. His eyes danced with glee as he feasted fully upon her beauty, while she stood  attendant at the stove in the middle of preparing something!  "Naku" he called out to her gently.His  guttural voice  reached her ears and she reeled around taken aback,"Saab ap adher?, he continued his pause at the door, but gradually in answer to her query ,he let go of the door posts and simply, replied, "haan Naku main adher ,kyon ke tu jo mera pas nehi thi" ,with a twinkled smile. Naku , gulped, "oh oh.Bappa" she mused, Saab has something up his sleeve, and she lowered her head and smiled, busily. Dutta lapped up her response, it was this smile he concluded that crucified him time and again! with its lustre. He gazed sat her and gently sucked in air but progressed towards her.Proximate to her, he turned her away from the stove to face him , helds her face gently in his large palms ,looked  with fondness into her wide eyes ,and softly planted a kiss on her forehead, and closed his eyes in bliss. His slender fingers continued to shift, as gently they felt the  soft sides of her face. The movement of his caresses instigated hot flushes on her face, and abashed she murmured, "Saab woh, yeh kya khar rahein hai aap? she asked unwisely, he  peered into her large green doe eyes, "thujhe choom raha hoon Naku ,koi shak?  patni hai tu meri", he reaffirmed, as, he moved his face close to hers. Panicked, Naku put her hand gently but firmly against his chest that thumped to stop him.."Saab koi aah  jai ga".. ,he placed his fore finger on her lips gently and with narrow eyes secured on her, he retorted as he gave her assurance, "aaj Sunday hai Naku saab soo rahein" and he attempted to come close to her again..Oh Bappa!, dreaded Naku and quickly steered away from him and the stove! Dutta watched her helplessly, with his arms hung by his sides and he rubbed his fingers in abject disappointment.

 Dutta sniffed gently, lowered his eyes and turned his face to one side..."Saab,"Naku whispered softly and Dutta observed her with wide, innocent baby looks ,with lips parted , giving his mouth a pout.Naku, wearied by his stare, questioned, "ap ko kuch chaiya tha Saab?, he on the other hand thought it best not to answer Naku's ridiculous question, yet fumbled an excuse ,"haan Naku chai peeni hai, milay gi?,  "haan Saab abhi banatey hai mein" obliged Naku, and she got to work as she reached for the pot to fill it with water. He cames closer to her near the sink and covered her tiny delicate hand with his, above the tap and offered gently, "aur mein teri madaat karey ga!,she giggled,"Saab ap?,Naku confirmed. He blinked his eyes and bowed his head once,"haan mein tera saath kaam kerayga," he reiterated, "pun Saab, Naku protested..."bak ,bak ,maat kar Naku,chal bata kya karna hai! ,he said ashe reared to go.She knew he was  not going to budge... "Saab gas jalaoi aur pani ,aag per rekho" she instructed and he slanted his head to one side ,"pata hai Naku ..phir dhood, cheeni, pati daloon, hai na Naku?he nodded and smiled, "tera Saab ko itni to akul hai! he announced confidently. She looked at him bemused ,he was still in his night clothes, crumpled white kurta, with his collar completely undone revealing his curly black chest hairs, she lowered her eyes shyly, as if  she recalled something!

Dutta, stood with his posterior rested against the sink, his arms folded ,as both him and Naku awaited the boil of the water.He studied her with sided glances, and mischief froliced in his eyes and a cheeky smile rested on his closed mouth, he pulled his breath in ,and  mused, ummhh,"issay pas kaise bulaoon? , suddenly he  complained Naku meri ankh mein kuch hai", and to sound credible he rubbed and gawked  his eye.."zara dekhe gi?"..."haan Saab" ,and Naku moved towards him sheepishly, and placed one hand on his head and the other underneath his  eye, tongue in cheek!, she wasn't expecting to find anything there, so she said ."kuch nahi hai Saab...and as she moved away, as she added the milk ,sugar and tea leaves to the boiling water on the stove, and lingered at the stove for a few moments...Dutta, hauled himself up and embraced her from behind and snuggled his nose in her silky tresses...Oh Baapa here he goes again ,freaked Naku..."Saab nahi bas"!,she uttered nervously. Naku he mumbled in her soft ear,as he pressed his tall frame into her tiny frame tightening his grip on her waist, "ummh kahain tu peechalay jaanam mein ustaad tu nahi thi?, hummh?  har baat pe mujhe tok detay hai",he groaned in her ear, she giggled, "nahin Saab". She swiveled  around and moved away from him and then turned off the stove!   Dutta, followed her and held her by the shoulders and  peered straight into her slightly frightened eyes, moved his face close to hers and alleged, "Naku thujhe pata hai na tera Saab ustadoon ka ustad hai!" ,she agreed, but moaned,"Pun Saab" she returned shyly "ye resoi hai, humara kamraa nahi" she reasoned with him ,but he looked at her  little shocked,by her answer and thought it fit to retort, "ghup! patni hai tu Dutta ki, Aye Naku! he continued in mock anger... "mera haq banta hai tera par, har kamare mein, her jagga ,her waqt... Dutta teray se pyar karta hai!,! he proclaimed. She smiled at his words, and stroked his face ,while he held her hand and placed it next to his lips tenderly. "Chalo Saab chai pee lo! he sipped the tea she offered him and singes his lower lip, and yelps a tiny bit.."kya hoya Saab she says... "hoont jal gaya,"he replied  innocently, oh no! she thought, she's not going to fall for his pranks, and reached out for a glass of cold water and offered it to him .."ye thurah sa pee lo Saab theek ho jaye ga! , he looked at the glass and then at her with a wicked grin, but admitted before her, to her amusement," iss se kuch nahi hoga Naku!"

Once he finished his tea, he offered his services to aid her, "Naku..ab aur bata kya kerna hai, she shook her head hard from side to side, "rehne do Saab" ,but seeing that he came towards her again, and seemed genuinely keen to continue to help her she accepted, "chalo aap apne laye sandwich bana lo", and she gave him two pieces of bread and passed him a knife to trim the crusts, on seeing the knife his eyes twinkled ,and with a quick flair of his knife in hand he wielded the knife on the pieces of bread... Saab! she  remarked as she checked his enthusiasm ,"dahaan se laag jai gi", he stopped and looked her in the eye and  growled back "aye Naku ab tu mujhe chakoo jalna bhi sukhai gi?! , he was happy to see that she jumped a little at his mini strop! "nehi Saab  she accepted, leaving him to it.Naku moved towards the fridge to get the butter, and with a cheeky smile he called out to her from his task, "Naku thora mukhaan mujhe bhi laga da"...she wanted to call back to him Saab ap to mukhaan ki beghaar bhi bahut chikne ho! ", but she thought it best not to give him any fancy ideas.  She came back to him and took the knife from him to butter the bread and quarter it in four triangles, just the way he liked it. Dutta watched her as she completed the job, and dusted his hands with satisfaction ..good! he contemplated, now and he ambled towards her with narrow eyes. On finding her he held her by the shoulders, and lovingly complimented her , "Naku tu duniya ki sab se sundar patni hai", she closed her eyes and he inclined his head over her upturned face, and gently brushed her shuttered eyelids with his lips..."aur tera dil  Naku, duniya mein sab se sundar dil hai", he moved his palm to trace the placement of her heart, but shyly shifted his hand back on her shoulder, as he realized that he would make her feel awkward!

 "Kya Bhao! interrupted Baji,"mein aap ke kamra mein gaya tha ,pun aap udher aach nahi thein"!

Dutta and Naku moved away from each other unexpectedly. Dutta  growled at Baji "tu yahan kya kar raha ?,Baji sniggered, "woh Bhao!" he replied cheekily, "tum ko yaad delana tha ki shaam ko Memon seth ki ghar pe party hai, tumko, Naku ko, aur mujhe ko bulaiya hai ,tu jana to hoga!" Dutta asked ,"kis cheez ka jashan hai?,  Baji replied "uske beti nein university pass ki hai issy ki party hai...kya Bhao bhaut item  hoon gay wahan par!!"

"haan sunliya hai!  growled Dutta,and ordered "abhi yahaan se ja! Baji looked at Naku and says, "chai mila gi?  Dutta glared at him," tune chai kab se peeni shoro kar dey hai Baji?..jata hai ki doon ghooma ki ultay haat ka!..nautanki salla"!

Baji makes a quick exit. Dutta turned to Naku, shyly .."kaam to khatam hogya  hai ,ab chaal kamra mein chaltein hain thora aram kar latien hain hummh... aaj Sunday hai"

Hamlet53~ revised..18.1.13



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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Dutta,s kitchen help out??  come again PLZZ???  you must be joking... for a man who does not take more than two spoonfuls what help he is doin i wonder Tongue
First tell me hammie, what is mere kamre?   objection!  he,s bein unfair, how can it be just his kamra?    gadha!    Now naku bhiii, "saab aap idhar"?   what question naku,  WHY NOT!   aur bigado usko...objection again   
saab koi ajayega?  ayega toh jayega simple hai naku,  LOL      GOD!  n what if none was there she meant it would be ok to carryon, cough ..  Big smile
aapko kuch chahiye tha saab?  With hammie err Dutta  such questions are bound to be jeered.  
chest hair is hammie,s play ground, rose.. valid point   
"ustaad "  lol.  haan, i gues for once he got the innuendo right, biwi ka kaam hai tokna, Tongue
har kamre mein, har waqt., har jagah peeyar karna hai?   besharami ki hadd hai, lol...  
isse paas kaise bulaon nahi kaise pasao,     but naku,s sixth sense on overdrive, she dodges all his efforts,  hahahaaa... 
God, he n his double meanings... hont jalgaya toh mirchi dedo nakuuu jaldiii...
Totally naughty, diehard romantic, desperate, famished lover...uff!     iska tabeeyat check karao... na usko chai chahiye, na sandwich chahiye...
"makkhan lagade "  rofl. brilliant,    naku too... "aap makkhan ke bagair hi chikane lagte ho". Clap..  
When the kitchen was gettin too hot for our comfort,  on the dot we have our baji to douse the  YES!!  you are the best antidote to his amorous thoughts.  
kitchen bhi nahi chodega, ediut!
So, hammoo aur kitna tadpayegi dutta ko..  whatever we had a delightful time with our make believe chef,   PERFECTOO!

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sona89 Goldie

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Hi hamlet
awesome OS & announcement of FF ...its going greatSmile

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dilse14 Goldie

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hi hamlet
dutta trying his cooking skillLOL
waiting for party

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