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OS~A string of pearls. Wedded Bliss p. 146 ~ 16.3.14

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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                                                    A string of Pearls



Dear readers, this is an offering of something penned originally in 2011..henceforth there will be many who would have already read this collection of own scenes of our beloved trio ,Dutta ,Naku and Baji.This time however, these have been resurfaced in particular for the enjoyment of the new Laagi forum members.. and if readers who may have read these before also whizz through , I shall consider myself doubly blessed as a writer..

I choose the specific title as it reminds me of Ltl1, for the pearl is a highly valued gem stone, the glowing white orb symbolizes perfection.. for many of us to date LTL1 remains a love story, unrivalled with any other in contemporary telly land. The pearl symbolizes the character of Nakusha, as a woman who is pure and loyal, and Dutta as a wealthy protective man with integrity, who eventually finds wisdom, luck and love after he meets Nakusha..Like the purity of the the pure love story of "Tasha"..

With this string of pearls I hope to invoke some smiles, chuckles, shaking of the heads and above all a trip down memory lane with our beloved trio..        

So the thread commences with the experiences of our beloved couple Dutta and his wife Nakusha.Their life of course is incomplete without the endearing interventions of Baji, who  completes the lovable trilogy of Dutta, Naku and Baji.The setting is Patil Nivas in Patil Vadi ,and Dutta is the unquestionable, indomitable Bhao ,otherwise Don..

Hamlet53 January 2013.



1.Washed away in love.p1   

 2. Dutta,Baji,Naku,Shopping p.4

3. Dutta's kitchen help out p.7

4. the party~  part 1 dressing up and journey p.11

5.the party~ part 2.. social interaction p.15

6.the party~part 3.. feed me the morsels of love p.20

the party~ part4 ,"if music be the food of love play on" p.25

Wedded Bliss ~part 1  p.33

Wedded Bliss ~part 2 p.38

Wedded Bliss~ part 3. p. 42

Wedded Bliss~ part 4.p.48

Wedded Bliss~ part 5. p.55

Wedded Bliss~ part 6. p.61

Wedded Bliss ~chap 7.p.66

Wedded Bliss~ chap 8 p.71

Wedded Bliss ~ 9.P.77

Wedded Bliss ~part 10.p.82

Wedded Bliss~ part 11.p.87

Wedded Bliss ~ part 12 p.92

Wedded Bliss~ part 13 p.101

Wedded Bliss~ part 14p.106

Wedded Bliss ~ part 15 p.113

Wedded Bliss ~ part 16 p.121

Wedded Bliss ~part 17p.126

Wedded Bliss~ part 18 p.131

Wedded Bliss ~ part 19p.134

Wedded Bliss ~ part 20 p.140

Wedded Bliss~part 21 p. 146



                                                Washed Away in Love                            

She moved purposefully towards his green floral wardrobe, once opened, she scanned all his outfits which hung stationary in place. Staid, uniformed singularly styled pathianis.. in equally sober hues, black the colour of night, grey the hues of overcast skies , brown of wet soils, and steel blue of brighter days.. surely her favourite one. Her Saab was clearly as temperate as the colours he wore. Yet in moments of togetherness she had seen and felt his less moderate side, where he left nothing much to be desired for, she mused as she blushed profusely. Even the fragrance of his majestic body coupled with his lemon musk, woody fragrance of Armani Emporio wafted up her nostrils and transported her into a giddy spell of intoxication where her beautiful bold green doe eyes closed heavily, weighed down by recollections of their intimate moments ; how much she adored him, almost to her death!..

Getting him to awaken from slumber was always a chore she dreaded. Not so long ago, she had reminded him to get showered, which begrudgingly, he had adhered to but not without conveying all his possible unwelcome body language. He had whined like a sleepy school boy forced to dress up for school, once he held his lofty white kurta pyjama clad frame , Naku giggled as she recalled, how he turned to face her and had narrowed his eyes at her with a stubborn jut to his lower jaw ...and finally how he had pulled his mouth firmly slightly adjacent to his stubble ridden indented chin, as he had signalled to her he was in no mood to talk to her. Naku giggled, even out of sight he never failed to titillate her, she mused coquettishly,  but still performed her good wife tasks of neatly laying out his steel grey kurta at the end of their bed. Naku moved her long slender fair neck towards the bathroom, she heard him in their bathroom, as he carried out the requisite tasks of cleanliness .. her Saab brushed his brilliant white teeth, that provided a bonus to his radiant smile whenever it rarely appeared. Every so often she heard the water gushed and sloshed and stopped. Oh good! he has started the ablution. The clink and tinkle of glass beaker sounds were audible, as she tenderly smoothed the faint creases on his kurta tenderly, she reflected love struck by him,  how even out of her sight, in the sanctuary of their bathroom, her ears, despite her being engaged in a task, were still keyed into what he was doing inside...She audibly picked up that he pottered about, then suddenly after a tiny pause it lapsed into a gentle whirring ... maybe he was grooming the contoured  stubble on his face! good.. she thought biting her lip gently!, her soft skinned cheeks bore the brunt of his over night grown bristles..  

Again she heard the sounds of splashed water against the wash basin...interrupted by his fair rendition of "Kasie batieen, kyon thujhko chahein, yaara bata na pyain ..bataien dilon  ki..", now that was highly unlikely, him singing..for that couldn't be so! her Saab striking  his vocal  chords! that was  disparate for the sher of Patil Vadi, but what baffled her even more was how was it possible, that he even knew the song?..she willingly considered that perchance in her love he acquired this skill to appease her.Naku widened her green doe eyes and pondered as she held her tiny dainty fair hand across her neck abashed, as she heard  his ongoing  slightly out of tune notes ! her rose bud bottom lip shifted to one side, and she giggled  and blushed with supressed  smiles as she spread his pathiani bottoms on the bed ..

Naku! , Saab's guttural voice tore apart her snatched tranquil mused affection with him, heed! his so called far from live melody had ceased! ... Naku! he bellowed again when she progressed unaffected towards his cupboard to get his handkerchief... Nakushhha! he hollered for the third time.Naku rolled her eyes now she had to heed to his angered expression, it was clear that he had stumbled across some problem that needed her attention, so briskly she advanced towards the slightly ajar bathroom door.. but not without hesitation, true she was his wife, but bathing together as a couple was an act not even in her naughty dreams she had attempted!, "haan Saab,kya hai? sab theek hai? ... Naku! his holler notched down to talk level tempo, "Naku aunder ah!  Saab mein? she stuttered, what an unholy notion  ... "Naku jaldi ah! he repeated agitated clearly.She realized he sounded desperate, and was about to act upon his request, when she realized,  oooh Bappa, ! without much doubt he  would be in his birthday suit! even the thought  circulated her blood at an increased pace..."Naku"! he roared again , and she concluded she'd better go in before he loses it my Dutta Saab.  Consequently, she placed her clammy hand on the ajar door and gingerly stepped inside the bathroom, her eyes tightly shut expecting heaven knows what? she could'nt even accept the utter barefacedness of her momentary act, she  with a pure mind, yet she proceeded, as she took courage from the fact, that she was married to him... Phew! aaawh! she saw him sitting on a high stool under a trickling shower, with his smooth broad bare back to her, clad in his pyjama bottoms! "chaalahh! ab kya dekh rahi hai?he yelled irked, and Naku wrenched her adoring gazes away from his posture, with  "haan Saab", she answered highly embarrassed at her thoughts. Dutta, yanked his head as he felt her visual caresses on his back, and he turned his head backwards slightly. His narrow lion like gazed at her, and he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth contented, that she was in the bathroom with him.."chal Naku ruk kyon gai hummh?,he  questioned perplexed by her delay,"haan Saab", she responded demurely, as she slowly moved towards him ... "Naku dil tho tha ke aaj thujhay jhor ka jhatkha  doon hummh... par tera Saab itna besharam nahi hai!", he said in a mock resigned manner.Naku become beetroot red in her face and neck at his declared proposition..."ayee! ab soch nehi aur meri back per saaboon laga!" he ordered, as his hand turned on

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Hi DB,  im singing now not as besura as dutta or you, "kaise batayein kyu tujhko chahe, tu jaane naaa, TU JAANE NAAA"... But you surely know why we love you Tongue 

I was wondering what this string of pearls was... and it turns out pearls of imagination, fiction on fiction Wink

Thank Goodness! taras gaye the for some fun and frolic in the dreary dull times. WELCOME this much needed, light, fun filled, naughty take on our fav show moreso our fav jodi

Hammie you make it so easy to imagine Sharmilee nakuuu and her every nuance that i can see her folding n caressing the pathanis near the wardrobe blushing, smiling n thinking of all the ahem moments with her saab. Kapde ko dekhke itna pyar araha hai toh banda bathroom mein easily available hai, woh bhi unlocked door, lol ... now me in besharam mood totally.   Actually its even better, i was thinking on the lines of Ranbir's Sawariya towel act... n imagining dutta with his red towel doin the number for us errr i mean naku  "jabse tere [green emerald] nainaaa" 

Yes, i was wonderin when he is gonna scream for her and lo here  is.. Hahahaaa.. naku imagining the worst [or is it] visuals enters gingerly lol coverin her face, But luckily for her he's in his pyjamas spared her the blushes uff!. Im unable to write this with a straight face, its like the smile refuses to leave. This is so funny especially naku trembling and blushin and fearin for her life, akin to a deer entering a lion's den. But dutta is only wanting a rub of his back. I would have liked her to pour some cold water on him n escape. But naku is naku, dutifully rubbing and shampooin. And dutta enjoying every moment of her uneasy smile and discomfort caught in the trap.

Ofcourse he's a gentleman, otherwise he wouldnt have let her escape from his clutches now, would he?? me chuckling and shaking my head as i know sher will bide for the right time.

LUVd this hammoo.. but im not forgetting our main demand, this is the filler and im bein patient as it has its rewards.

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mirage123 Goldie

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hi hamlet
great suprise to see a OS ..Smileliked it
pls start a new FF soon

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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hi hammiee
be it new or old reader doesn't matter , u r amazing with u r work ,thanks for posting a OS was missing u . loved it as always ur amazinggg hammiee

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uwith Goldie

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hi hamlet
it reminded of PR..loved it ...pls start a new ff soon regards uviSmile

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by uwith

hi hamlet
it reminded of PR..loved it ...pls start a new ff soon regards uviSmile
word! uwith Wink

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FASSBEN Senior Member

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HI Hamlet53

I loved the OS it was beautifully written I hope you will come up with more be it OS, SS or even FF your writing is nice to read as always.

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